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  1. I like to use "One at a Time" print sequence, when printing multiple objects in the same job. It reduces travel time and avoids "hairs" spanning between parts. There are a few issues. CURA does not automatically figure out where to place objects to avoid the gantry toppling them over. It only works if the objects are less than the gantry height. My usual workaround is to temporarily lie about the gantry height and then manually place the objects to avoid the gantry. This should be a simple thing for CURA to figure out, at least in the case of exactly two parts -- just place one part toward the front and the other part toward the back with a gantry-width amount of space between the parts (which is what I do manually). Likely an RFE here that the printer definition needs to capture the X/Y size of the gantry and/or print-head, not just the gantry Z-height. CURA 4.x blocks the use of "One at a Time" if extruder count is >1. I can't see the reason for this. I used to use "One at a Time" with great success with two extruders in CURA 3.x (caveat being #1 above). This restrictions means I can't print two color parts, nor can I print a bunch of different one-color parts, from two different extruders. I got a new IDEX printer and the two extruders are mounted on the front of the gantry, quite some distance forward. This leads to a preference to print parts at the front of bed first, then at the rear. I don't see a way to specify the print-order for the objects. My workaround is to see what CURA intends to do, then swap the parts if necessary. Any solutions to the above? Bugs / RFE's already documented somewhere?
  2. Hello,I have an A20M 3D Printer and I'm using Cura for the controls. It's a dual extrusion printer as well. I'm trying to make use of the dual extrusion feature but I keep running into issues related to the temperature. When it's printing from Extruder #2 the temperature changes for seemingly no reason. I have the material temperature set to 200c and yet I see it changing the print to 185 and 195 throughout the print, disrupting things in the process. I can't figure out what's causing it. GCode for the print attached. Thoughts? Test.gcode
  3. I had modified my Ultimaker 2+ printer to be able to print with 1.75mm filament. I used the kit from Dynamism (https://www.dynamism.com/mosaic-palette-ultimakerconversionkit.html) to replace the extruder arm, Bowden tube and add a short hot-end PTFE sleeve in the print head. After couple of tweaks I was able to move the 1.75mm filament freely through the feeder to reach the nozzle. The problem that I have now is that after reaching the nozzle the filament does not flow through the nozzle as can be seen in the video included. During the run, the filament does get slightly grounded at the feed point which I think should not be a big problem. The issue is that though the tip of the filament is inside the very hot nozzle (220 C) it still retained its original structure without melting. The nozzle is a new one hence there is no blockage in it. I wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion as to how to resolve this issue? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am using Cura 4.12.1 and having some trouble with one of my prints and I've spend almost 2 weeks on it but just can't figure out what went wrong. All the prints are done with 60mm/s, Inner/Outer wall at 30mm/s, same temperature(200 nozzle, 60 bed) The defects always happen on the same spot even with different printer(Anycubic Vyper and Creality Ender3 Pro) After tried lots of calibration/firmware/turning the defects just won't go away. So I tried a different slicer with their default settings, it seems the defects does not show up in PrusaSlicer or IdeaMaker(Although they have other problems since I haven't got much time to change their settings yet) I looked into the GCode preview where the defects happens, but can't find any problem with it, they looked like straight line in the preview. Since PrusaSlicer and IdeaMaker does not having this issue, I guess this might be some setting I used in Cura causing this, it will be greatful if anyone can help me find the right setting. Thank you. I've attached the STL model "hueca cisne.zip" if it helps the diagnosis, I enlarged the model by increased the model Z axis to 70mm when slicing hueca cisne.zip
  5. I have an idea for a plugin but currently do not feel confident enough to create this plugin on my own. I have not started work on any part of this yet but have found existing plugin wiki that exists and have taken a glance at the different example codes that it has. The idea is as follows: In either the printer settings window and/or somewhere in the print settings adding a area where you can setup and save post-processing scripts. The idea being that they will be saved and will be automatically applied when slicing your g-code but do not have to be entered each time you switch printers. Any help would be appreciated because I really don't know how to approach making this plugin.
  6. here is the link: Made a quick tutorial on how to install a Creator Pro profile for Ultimaker Cura! I couldn't find any videos out there so I thought it may help some people! let me know if you want a video to dive deeper into the .json files that I used in this tutorial and what is inside them (and possibly how you can make one on your own for another printer that is not listed in the the Cura machine library). Share this with your friends who have the Creator Pro, and if you couldn't figure it out, ask your questions in the comment section and the community will help!
  7. Hallo Forum, ich bin neu hier und auch neu beim Thema 3d Druck. Ich möchte meinen QiDi X-Plus in Cura benutzen, dazu habe ich das Plugin im Marketplace installiert. Dort wird QiDi print auch als installiert angezeigt. Wie aktiviert man nun den QiDi Drucker als aktiven Drucker? Vielleicht kann mir jemand hier weiterhelfen?
  8. hi to all... is printcore cc 0.4 compatible with um3? is it red by cura for um3? i ve bondtech qr with steel seeder!!
  9. I'm trying to calibrate my printer by printing a testcube and print walls with 2 or 4 lines and measure the walls. I print with a 0.6 nozzle and 0.75 line width To be short my question is: if I have a wall with 2 line counts, is my wall then 1.5 mm ? I ask this because in Prusaslicer this is not the case because of some overlap to fill the rounded sides: https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/layers-and-perimeters_1748/#recommended-thin-wall-thickness Does Cura do this in the same way is ? Thanks in advance!
  10. My Ender 3 v2 has some dimensional innacuracies I would like to fix, but I am unable to find the steps per millimeter controls in Cura. I printed a standart calibration cube, but the z and y axis wre scaled down by approximately a tenth of a millimeter,from 20 mm to 19.9. I am unable to find the current steps per millimeter.How can I fix these innacuracies in Cura?
  11. Hey there I've been trying to restart this print in progress all day but no matter what I do I cannot get rid of the first layer. (i know from previous tests that it will try to print the first layer no matter what's in the way) I hand edited the g-code deleting the first 70 layers. I have tried deleting each line by line before the layer count to see if that had any affect and it did not. also turning off first later horizontal expansion did nothing to help either. unfortunately I don't have an ultimaker machine, I'm using my ender 3 pro. But I love Curas interface much more than others However I don't think that should effect the g-code. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  12. Hello, I'm using an Ender 3 V2 connect to my M1 Mac via Micro-USB cable and then USB-C dock. I have installed the drivers that came with the SD card as well as trying to find the latest ones on the Chip Manufactures Website such as the FTDI one as well as the CH34x Driver although at some parts in the installation it said it couldn't be added to the system extensions due to the developer needing to update something. The printer does pick up though as the serial ports are listed ('/dev/cu.usbserial-110') and I can specify GCODES through an app called 'Serial Tools'. Pronterface is also able to pick up on it as I can specify the usb serial port. Cura although does not have an option to specify the serial port and cannot pickup on it although I think maybe it's trying to pick up on one called '/dev/cu.wlan-debug' which I've seen happen in other programs. Any help is much appreciated. Many Thanks.
  13. Hello, I recently installed a BLTouch on my Ender 3 Pro. However, I am unsure what firmware to use and how to install it. Anyone done this recently? Thanks!
  14. Hi, i have a huge problem with a (almost) closed body print and its support. I want to print a case for my Zigbee Lan Gateway (attached). The walls are printed really good but as it gets to the support the whole print it getting a chaos. The printer tried to print the support in the air (about 1mm from the ground) but i set the "Support Z Distance to 0.2 mm. I'm not printing that much, but till now the supports where printed ok. So i have no clue what's the problem. I tried 5 prints with a little different settings and changed to a new nozzle. I leveled the printer (Artillery X1) 3 times but the result was every time the same. I attached the whole profile. Does anyone have a hint? Best Regards. Protheus Body by Alex.F.stl PETG (Geetech) Cura Profile.curaprofile
  15. Hi Yes, I am new to 3d. It is awesome, when it works. I would like to know if I can take a portion of a model and print it separately. I downloaded the Red Rocket gas station. There are no sections. It printed the whole thing at once, well not at once, it took over 18 hours. Would there be a way to take the rocket on the roof, for example and print it without the rest of the model? I think this would save me time and use less supports. When I printed it, it was more support then gas station. And in removing them, I broke the model quite a bit. If this can be done, please let me know. I am using Cura and an Anet ET 4. Thank you in advance. Tim
  16. hi there, is BASF Ultrafuse ABS available in Marketplace? Unfortunatly I can't find it among the BASF materials available. I guess generic ABS settings will work as well - just wondering why it's not there. cheers, Jan
  17. Hallo zusammen, ich habe einen Anycubic I3 Mega S, mein erster 3D-Drucker. Ich habe von thingyverse Dateien geladen und sie mit Cura gesliced und ins gcode Format gebracht, die ich dann auf eine SD-Karte kopiert habe. Als ich das Ding gedruckt habe, wurde der Druck bei ca. 6mm Höhe verschoben, wie im Bild ersichtlich. Die Einstellungen habe ich auch mal als Bild angehängt. Das ist jetzt schon die zweite Datei, mit der das passiert. Der Probedruck mit der vorinstallierten Eulen-Datei ging sauber durch. Ich hab leider keine Ahnung, wo ich anfangen soll zu suchen, ich hoffe, ihr habt ein paar Tipps, danke. 🙂 Viele Grüße Michael
  18. I am trying to use Octoprint on my Ultimaker 2+, in order to perform my extruder's estep calibration. When I try to extrude 100 mm, only about 35 mm are extruded. I guess there is something I missed when setting up the machine in Octoprint, what could it be? The octoprint terminal says: Send: G91 Recv: ok Send: M83 Recv: ok Send: G1 E100 F300 Recv: ok Send: M82 Recv: ok Send: G90 Recv: ok
  19. Hi, I am not sure that this the right place to be asking this question. I have installed the Custom Support Plugin from the Marketplace, I closed Cura and reloaded it. Custom Supports does not show in the extensions dropdown, how can I remedy this? All help will be appreciated. See attached
  20. I am trying to setup my Adventurer 4 with Cura and I thought I got it working, but when I tried printing a calibration cube the printer started struggling and so I stopped it. In the picture I attached, the one on the left is with Flashprint and the one on the right is with Cura.
  21. Hi We have a several month old Ultimaker S5, and have been trying to use ReFlow RPLA on some long print jobs (1.5-2.5 days). After a period of time (1 day, 3 hours, or even just 1 hour) the print pauses giving the error that the material is empty, though it is clearly not. Normally, the job can be restarted and continue with small errors (minor issue for these prototypes, but wouldn't be acceptable for a product) at the pause line until it happens again. These are our guesses for the problem so far: feed motor (best guess) - now used both nozzles with similar problem. though one is worse that then, perhaps because it's been used more (?). at time of error location the filament in the motor is rougher than elsewhere flow sensor - ultimaker suggests to turn it off, but this allowed for catastrophic errors for the print job when turned off flow rate - turned it up to 105%. seems to help. errored less often impurities in the material - difficult to judge cardboard spool causing friction that the S5 sensors detect - loosened filament on spool. still had error Does anyone have experience with this? Or have the same problem? Or is it a more general flow problem? Thanks for your help and thoughts! Rob
  22. Dear, I am trying to link my UM3 to repetier server through TCP/IP , but repetier does not find the printer.... Is this not possible ??
  23. C'est avec regret que nous apprenons le décès de Sanjay Mortimer survenu le 27 novembre. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas, il était un des cofondateurs de E3D et a grandement participer au développement des imprimantes 3D. https://e3d-online.com/blogs/news/sanjaymortimer
  24. Hello Everyone, I’m new to the forums, so I apologize in advance for my level of familiarity with Cura (which is really basic), but I’m here to learn! I have been using Cura from the Lulzbot fork for a long time, but the more I use it and the more I modify the machines to use custom firmware, the more I find myself needing a new slicer. I have tried using Simplify 3D and Prusaslicer, but I’m so much more familiar with Cura and makes the most sense to me right now. As I work with the latest version of Ulitmaker Cura, I see there are two Lulzbot printers in the manufactures section, however I wanted to see if it was possible to make an installation package (sorry I don’t know the right terminology) for a custom printer. Something where the parameters and machine STL can be unpacked and be in Cura. Next I wanted to export some of the material profiles from the Lulzbot Cura (many I have optimized for my materials) and import them into the latest version. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If there is a tutorial somewhere that would be even better. Thank you very much
  25. Hi ... I guess this is one of the most asked questions in the help forum ... bed leveling... it's driving me mad... I have read the sticky post on adhesion (or lack of it). However, there seem to be so may variables, I thought I would get your opinion base of the results I am getting. I have just cleaned the printer and replaced the PLA with a new AnyCubic White 1K Spool. I have successfully used AnyCubic PLA previously with only minor tuning. However, I am having a nightmare with this reel. The main issue is that the PLA will not adhere to the bed (set to 60C and the extruder is set to 200C). The attached image is my best attempt thus far. What do you guys think? I think the bed is still a bit low. All attempts thus far (higher or lower) end up with the PLA melted around the nozzle as nothing seems to stick to the bed. I have an AnyCubic i3 Mega S, with a glass bed. Yesterday, I learned to write my own G-Code script to move to the four corners of the bed so that I can apply the magic 'bit of paper' technique (basically, zero the machine. Not move the Z axis and move the X & Y to each corner. I then cleaned the bed with Isopropanol and printed the typical 'calibration squares'. - However, I just cannot get this new spool to print... Any help will be gratefully received...Harold
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