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  1. Hello, I recently purchased a Matterhackers Pulse XE. It's an upgrade from my previous Monoprice. It was nice that there was a Monoprice definition included in Cura, but there isn't for the Pulse XE. So I wrote one. It's probably still overly complicated and I'm still working out the kinks. I still have to do some more testing. But I'll happily share once its tested. You can get the Pulse XE with an E3D lite extruder or an E3D V6 extruder. I wrote (started to write) definitions for both. The problem is that the definitions are essentially the same, I
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been trying to print this portafilter dosing cup model (for an espresso machine) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4648455 And for the life of me, I've been having problems trying to support the small lip sticking out around the edges without causing issues with the surface quality on the outside of the cup. I'm using Cura 4.6 and currently setup simple supports using the Cross type with walls to keep them from collapsing. The cross type creates four gaps in the support material to allow airflow between the outside walls and support wa
  3. Hi, I have two problems with my setup. I have an Anycubic i3 Mega-S running with the Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0, on Mac OS X Big Sur 11.2.1 (20D74). 1) Preview not appearing Sometimes (See my attachment) I have the problem, that the objects do not appear in the preview. After a restart the problem is in the most cases gone. How can I fix that? Of course, Extruder 1 and everything is activated. 2) Objects not moveable Sometimes I have the problems after importing a .stl-File, that I can't move the object on the printbed with the cursor. I can click it,
  4. Hi! I just started to develop plugins for Cura as I would need a shrinkage ratio that scales up the model. I would like to add a setting that would be called XY shrinkage percentage that shoud be between 0 and 3% and I would add the multiplication of this percentage by the resizing of the model so that it would scale silently in X and Y and the user would still be able to resize his model using the tools on the left. Sadly, I am still a beginner in the development world but I have been able to create the plugin so that it would be displayed in Cura. Now, I am in trouble f
  5. Hello, I’m having the following problem every time I start a print. The cooling fans don’t start automatically. I have to turn them on from the printer’s menu. Is there a bug in cura or in printer’s firmware? I use cura 4.8 and marlin firmware. Thank you.
  6. I'm working on a plugin that wraps FormerLurker's command line version of the ArcWelder plugin originally developed for OctoPrint. The plugin attempts to reduce stutter by simplifying gcode. It analyses subsequent G0 or G1 movements that make up arcs and replaces these sequences with G2 or G3 lines. Gcode containing these arcs may or may not print well on your printer, depending on the type of controller and the configuration of the firmware. For more information about ArcWelder, read the description of the original plugin, and the discussion of realworld results. Gcode before
  7. Hi All, New user and first time poster here. I just purchased a Tenlog TLD3Pro IDEX printer. They are a chinese company I know...But the printer is actually nice for the money. So the problem statement is that no matter what printer profile I use the slicer outputs the same start and end Gcode which my printer cannot use. The test prints are working great(these came on a SD card from the mfg and have the correct start and end gcode) and now I am attempting to slice files of my own in the CURA 4.8 engine that they provided an installer for, it has all the
  8. I am trying Cura looking for better quality prints on my Duplicator 4 printer. I am using a simple model I have printed with other software before. I have added Wanhao Duplicator 4s from the ADD a printer list. I prepare and slice the model and save it as X3G file. then copy it to a SD card. Once my extruder & printer bed have heated I set the printer to run from the SD card, the process starts as the printer LCD screen changes and shows progress as 0%, filament used as 0 and elapsed time starts counting. Beyond that the extruder does not extrude or even move. Nothing happens except t
  9. Hi everyone ! I am having trouble to identify an issue I am having with my 3d prints. I have put some picture so you can see what I am talking about. As you can see on the bottle, the print quality seems to be pretty good, however as you turn it arround, there is some weird stuff happening. I believe it is right before and right after the printer finished its line. To test this theory, I have designed an extremely simple piece and decided to put the seam line on the round part. You can see in blue that the seam line is prominent, I cannot put it in a corner
  10. Having some issue with the PauseAtHeight.py in that, after slicing, printing either via OctoPrint or TF Card, the Ender 3Pro fails to pause and completes the print. What has been tried: Versions of CURA: 4.8 4.5 3.6 (per YouTube video on topic. Ender 3Pro Board: 32b - 4.2.2 Firmware Version: Marlin-bugfix-2.0. (compiled) I am curious if there is anything else I could attempt. I have reviewed the gCode, and the code is there. I would think that rolling back the firmware and bypassing the OctoPrint it should h
  11. Hi everyone ! I have just received my anycubic chiron which is my first 3D printer. I have set it up and print some calibration parts, and since then, I cannot solve an issue I am having on each print. At first I have looked and tweak a lot of settings on Cura such as speed, layer height, printing strategy and other. The prints have become better and better but I am having an issue that I cannot fix. It seems that the printer is doing wider or thinner section, this issue is happening every time at the same height. I have also tried to print other parts and they al
  12. I am trying to print a ~125mm diameter hollow cylinder with 3 walls on my custom coreXY printer. It is setup with a 0.6mm nozzle and a V6 volcano hot end. I am trying to print a 2.7mm wall with three 0.9mm wide 0.45mm high layers. No matter what combination of line width and many other settings I have tried I always end up with 4 walls including an inner wall with little or no extrusion. With PLA this just adds time to the print. However, with PETG there is a little oozing leaving small specks and then a gap when the next wall begins. How do I eliminate this useless extra inner wall? I have tr
  13. Hi, I am using Cura with a Snapmaker 2.0 printer to print parts that are typically 200 x 200 mm at the base by say, 120 mm tall. Each of these parts are sections of the hull of a model ship and are roughly a 'U' or 'V' shape. At the top and bottom of the parts (direction as printed) there is a 3mm thick flange (or "lip") which will be the seam where adjacent sections get glued together. These flanges seem to cause my parts to curl or warp outward at the top edge as shown in the attached photos. I experimented with making the flanges thinner (1.5 mm) and it seems to reduce the effect, b
  14. Hi All, I've got a UM2+ running TinkerFW 19.03 connected to Octoprint 1.5.3. It's loaded onto an older Raspberry Pi 2. I've been using it for awhile without any issues. But lately I've noticed that printing from Octoprint will cause blobs/zits to appear on outer walls. I've watched it happen, the printhead will pause momentarily, depositing a small amount of material. Same g-code printed from the SD does not cause this issue. Sliced with Cura 4.2. An initial search shows that this is due to a buffer issue, that Cura creates a lot of small move commands which basically overwhelms t
  15. Hello all, I have a CraftBot Flow IDEX & I am looking to add it's parameters for use with Cura Slicing Software. My computer is a M1 Mac Mini & the program seems to be running just fine. Though I really could use a potential vid on how to add in a 3D printer that isn't listed in the "Add a Printer" prompt Thank you very much for reading this, all the best, Cheers, -LgHammer
  16. Dear Community! I would like to write a python script , which influence values of the E-parameter. my question is how can i import the E parameter in a python script and how can i re-export it after the editing? Or maybe somebody know such a script, so i should't invent the cycle again. Many Thanks Otto
  17. With my last subtmission this is the 50th plugin avalaible in the market place . This is an opportunity for me to sincerely thank @Ultimaker for the service provided even to non-customers. I would also like to thank especially @nallath and @ahoeben for the help brought on these developments and for the bases of several of these plugins which allowed me to concretize some of my ideas. Cuq
  18. Hi, I'm using a Creality CR-10 and Ultimaker Cura and, I have been encountering some print issues. When I start printing something, it doesn't extrude at the start. I have tried priming it more with up to 10 skirts, but I still have the same problem. I have also read that you can edit the Z-Coordinate offset, but I don't know how to do that. Any suggestions? CCR10_45-single-adapter-OohDie.gcode
  19. Hello! I recently added a new printer to personal print farm. I already had a LulzBot Mini using Cura LulzBot Edition. I want to import all the great profiles to 4.8 with out having to manually input tons of different printer settings and material profiles. Is there away to bring them all in even if it's a little bit of a round about way?
  20. How to use CURA with Zmorph VX 3D printer ?
  21. Hey guys, Im really new to 3D printing and im tasked with setting up this Taz bot 6 for our company. Its been sitting in storage for about 3 years and now im trying to get it to print with PLA 3mm. Right now the PLA wont stick to the bed and it looks like its extruding to high up. In my settings i have initial layer and normal layer height set to .1mm however the nozzle is about 3mm off the bed. Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Hello, so I've been printing some cookie cutters with a 0.2 nozzle. I chamfer it so it goes from big to small, and on the top part where its the thinnest (where you would be slicing it with) it always breaks off, i think this is because it is too thin. It is 2mm thick with the chamfer starting from the bottom going to the top until it is 0.2mm. Is there any recommendations with what I could do to still keep this sharp edge but not have it break off? Thanks!
  23. Hello, I have had an ender 3 for over a year. It will not start a print. All functions seem to work with no problem. ex: auto home disable steppers, preheat pla. Once i select a file to print it does nothing. I have searched through the forum and have not found the problem I have Thank you Jeff * when i first had this problem i unplugged the printer and it worked one time. I tried that again and it has worked again
  24. I installed the 3DPrintLog.com extension in Cura 4.8 and I find it very annoying. It pops up a query box every time I save a file. Also I thought it was a local data save. Instead you have to open an account and on and on. Not interested. I saw post somewhere that said to go to the plugins directory and delete the folder with the appropriate name. Cannot find a folder with the same name. Two other folders have similar names, don't want to delete something important. Uninstalled and reinstalled Cura a couple times, deleting settings and not deleting settings. Neither worked.
  25. Hello guys. Some time ago I made a little Python application to visualize the results of a FEM study, and now I'm integrating it into a Cura plugin. However, the resulting SceneNode's mesh looks completely gray/colorless: The steps followed to prepare the mesh are: 1) Calculate the coordinates and color of every square. The algorithm is pretty much the same as in the old application so I didn't change much. 2) Create a SceneNode object. Make it a child of the Root SceneNode. 3) Use addQuad() to actually build the mesh by drawing each little square. More
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