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  1. I'm working on a plugin that wraps FormerLurker's command line version of the ArcWelder plugin originally developed for OctoPrint. The plugin attempts to reduce stutter by simplifying gcode. It analyses subsequent G0 or G1 movements that make up arcs and replaces these sequences with G2 or G3 lines. Gcode containing these arcs may or may not print well on your printer, depending on the type of controller and the configuration of the firmware. For more information about ArcWelder, read the description of the original plugin, and the discussion of realworld results. Gcode before
  2. Hi all, I am kind of at the end with my ideas here. My printer cannot create a smooth surface somehow. In the attached detail picture you can see how my first layer looks photographed from below. But the issue is also appearant on other layers. It seems if the head moves in one direction, it extrudes a very thin line. Then, one the way back, it extrudes a normal line but almost on top of the old one. Since my circles are also not really round, I tightened my belts as suggested in this very good article wich also metiones the "pairing" of lines: https://support.3dv
  3. So I got a SecKit SKGo2 printer. I've being playing with Cura definitions to create a custom profile for it and got something working at one point by copying data from the Creality Ender3 pro and modifying it from there. But I was never able to create custom machine qualities (Ie .: Extra Fine, Fine, Normal,Draft, etc..) So what I did is to strip down my config to the minimum and tried to add qualities from there, but without success.. Cura is not reading / adding the quality file I made even after deleting appdata/roaming/cura and appdata/localdata/cura. If anyone could help me that woul
  4. I'm using Cura 4.8.0 and printing on an Ender 3 Pro. I've looked online at various Ender 3 "best settings" and troubleshooting but I'm not sure Cura actually sends all the settings I tell it to. I know when I adjust hot end and build plate temps that they change, because I can see that on the LCD. But there are so many other settings I can't confirm. For example, I programmed the print speed slower on the first few layers and I can't tell a difference on the machine when it's printing. I also told it to turn off cooling on the first layer, but the fan always runs. Any suggest
  5. Hello I recently bought an Ender 3 V2 and I have some issues with the printing. At first, I thought that I print with the wrong temperature. Therefore I printed the temperatur tuning block from www.teachingtechyt.io with PLA. After this test, I saw that the edges on the right side were made poorly. You can see on the pictures below that the left side is really clean compared to the right side. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks for the help! I also speak German if anyone wants to respond in German.
  6. here is the link: Made a quick tutorial on how to install a Creator Pro profile for Ultimaker Cura! I couldn't find any videos out there so I thought it may help some people! let me know if you want a video to dive deeper into the .json files that I used in this tutorial and what is inside them (and possibly how you can make one on your own for another printer that is not listed in the the Cura machine library). Share this with your friends who have the Creator Pro, and if you couldn't figure it out, ask your ques
  7. Hi All, On my Tronxy X5SA Pro, I plan swap-out the stock (PL-08N), Z axis sensor for one that detects at a greater range to use a glass bed. The problem with this, is that the sensor also detects a greater range around the side. This may involve having to reposition the sensor on the other side of the carriage, making about 60mm inwards on the Y axis from where the stock sensor normally sit's. This may then make the auto level not detect on the back of the bed, as the sensor will be over hanging the bed. I've had a quick look in Cura, but I d
  8. Dear Community, I have a returning problem with infills and had no success in resolution so far, so I thought it would be wiser to ask others with much more experience. So the print nozzle is hitting the infill walls. But this does not happen universally throughout the whole build surface. Some parts (closer to the Ender 5's dual z axes) are fine, while others are catastrophic. As you can see on the image below, the left part is perfect, "collision free" and flat, however the middle-to the right part is problematic. The walls of the infill are wobbly, and when the head
  9. Hi, I can't run Cura 4.6.1 after updating MacOS Catalina to beta MacOS Big Sur. Could you help me, please? Best regards dmiba
  10. Hi I'm an architecture student that just started printing my models made in Rhino. I just printed a flat floor that is 1/8” thick and columns that are attached to the floor that rise up. They are 1/8” in diameter. For some reason the whole print went good up until like the last 4 layers. The columns got very thin, probably just the size of the nozzle and the beams that were supposed to connect the columns at the top just didn’t print at all even thought they had supports. Please help it’s for my school projects and I can’t figure this out it keeps happening because my models are 1/8”=1’ so the
  11. I have a Creality Ender 5 Pro printer ... but added another extruder. In Cura 4.8.0 I cannot seem to add another extruder or choose from 1 in the drop down menu to 2. Do I have to choose another printer and if so, which one? TIA
  12. I get to layer 3 and within about the first 1/4 of the layer, the screen on my ender 5 will say wait for user. It will continue to print for a little bit then it will stop. If I don't press the button on it quickly the print will be ruined. CE5_Arm_LH_Remix1.gcode
  13. Using Overture Petg. Trying to learn how to use it without modifying my stock printer. What is causing these rough lines?
  14. Can this glue stick be used on the stock magnetic build plate? Is it only necessary on glass?
  15. Hi all, I have a major problem with slicing the model in the attachement. It has a tiny hole in it (bottom right of the holes "section") and Cura ignores it. In the x-ray view the hole exists and returns no errors (no "red zones"). What I tried: - turned off union overlaping volumes, remove all holes, extensive stiching, - set maximum resolution to 0.05 (although I'm not sure what this does exactly). - I played with experimental "small hole max size" setting it both small (0.05) and big (3mm) - set initial layer height to 0.1 for 0.06 layer height - fill ga
  16. Greetings from Switzerland, I am using a Modix 120X large scale printer with an E3D supervolcano and a 1mm nozzle to produce a prototype using cura 4.7.1. I have been tweaking the setting for a couple of weeks to get acceptable results with sufficient printing speeds (currently ~120g/h). However, the hopefully last remaining problems remain a mystery to me. To summarize them: -irregular blobs on the inside of my object -slight blobs, like tongues at the front layers -irregular extrusion at the beginning of a new layer, as if there were bubbles in my hotend -afte
  17. Hey so my z axis on my ender 5 plus wont go up to the normal higheth anymore. If I try to print something instead of going to autohome when it heats up the bed just moves down. I have tried unplugging all the cords and plugging them back in and that hasn't done anything. I have tried telling it to go up through settings and it will only go down. It will go up but only to where it was before I moved it down. Here is a video of me trying to get my printer to go back up. It may not look like i'm touching the screen in the video but I am. 20200902_171021 (1).zip
  18. Hi I'm new in the forums and hoping for help : ) I am using Cura as my go to slicer for a heavily modified Creality Ender 3 printer. When I swapped the original board for an MKS GEN V1.4 with the TFT35 touch screen I had the option to add wifi to the printer, which I did shortly after. I installed the hardware module, downloaded the plugin for Cura and at first everything seemed to work perfectly fine - I could send gcode commands, jog the printer and set temperatures, all through Cura as expected. However when sending a print over, Cura seems not to include the starti
  19. Hi, i have just updated to Cura 4.7 and i'm having a problem. When trying to run through the setup, cura just closes! ive uninstalled 8 times, checked windows for updates, reinstalled.... but it still closes. i cant get it to work. does anybody have any idea of what can be causing this issue? Thank You Danny
  20. Hey all, I am running in a issue with my 3D printer. The extruder kicks out the filament from it's direct drive when the gcode calls for a G92 axis zero offset for the extruded. Basically my extruder will go to E1546 Then G92 The next block will be E0 . It's trying to set a new zero. Is there a setting in Cura that will continue the increments rather then execute the G92?
  21. So i have a wanhao duplicator and it only accepts gcode... how exactly do you switch from the .upf to gcode in the ultimaker program? Or even when i save a obj file is there anyway to convert these files into gcode?
  22. Hi Guys! I recently purchased an Ender 3 Pro, and I love Cura for a Slicer. But my first layer is super thin, and even though it sticks on the bed, it gets really hard to take out, and sometimes it does weird things on the first layer. It looks like it isn't enough plastic. I've adjusted the bed with the paper pinching technique, and I think I got it right. In all your expertize, who's fault it might be (in the end my fault of course), my slicer settings, my printer assembly, the rubbish plastic we can buy in Argentina, the e-steps? I don't know what else to cha
  23. Hi guys. I just got my new ender3 V2. I am using cura version 4.6.2 and i have this weird problem. The first 2 layers looks great. However, starting from the 3rd layer, it just over extruded. I did some research online. Some said my print is too close to the print bed. Then I raised up the 1st layer but still nothing changed. Here are some photos of my test print. One of the test print had a very bad adhesion as I raised up the 1st layer a lot. The close up to the bottom shows that the first 2 layers are just fine. Do you guys know
  24. Hi I have a CREALITY CR-10 V3 and have set-up CURA for CR-10 (there was option for V2 or V3). Is there something I should know or change for the print to be more specific to my printer? I am having issues with my prints so I want to make sure that I have the printer set-up covered. Thanks for your help
  25. Hello, I'm getting an odd defect in a model I'm trying to print, the shells you see in the picture are not supposed to look like this, they are supposed to be straight, as they are straight in other slicers I have loaded the model in. Since I prefer Cura, I'm curious to know what is causing this? This is using the unmodified "standard quality" profile. The result of this is the outer shell having wavy artifacts due to the way these shells are sliced. Is this just the way Cura is going to slice it? I've tried playing around with various options but nothing has helped.
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