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  1. Hi all. I am currently working on a project at my job where I am trying to print using HDPE. The full-scale version I am trying to mimic is made out of HDPE. However, I have read that the HDPE material is extremely hard to print. Are there any alternatives that have similar leachable properties (i.e., very stable). I am not looking at strength properties, only the chemical properties of the material. Any suggestions of Ultimaker materials (or 3rd party) which is similar in this way to HDPE? Or is there any good Cura recipe out ther for HDPE printing using Ulitmaker S3? Thanks in advance, Siggi
  2. I have installed a bondtech QR extruder to my ultimaker 2 extended. I have updated the firmware to the bondtech firmware and have then factory reset the machine as instructed but the filament is only being pushed half way through when it restarts and asks to insert the material. It seems that the speed or esteps are only at 50%. Has anyone had any issues with this set up? Or have any advice as to what I can do to fix it. I think I can amend the esteps but it says I shouldn't have to do that so why would it be happening?
  3. I'm working on a plugin that wraps FormerLurker's command line version of the ArcWelder plugin originally developed for OctoPrint. The plugin attempts to reduce stutter by simplifying gcode. It analyses subsequent G0 or G1 movements that make up arcs and replaces these sequences with G2 or G3 lines. Gcode containing these arcs may or may not print well on your printer, depending on the type of controller and the configuration of the firmware. For more information about ArcWelder, read the description of the original plugin, and the discussion of realworld results. Gcode before and after GCode processing by Arc Welder. The image above is gcode created with PrusaSlicer with and visualized with ncviewer. Image by FormerLurker An early development version of the plugin for Cura 4.4 and later can be downloaded here: Cura-ArcWelderPlugin Cura-ArcWelderPlugin (once available from the Marketplace, the plugin will be compatible with Cura 3.5 and newer). You can install it by dropping the file onto the Cura buildplate as if you were opening a 3d model. The plugin adds settings to the "Special Modes" category. You can easily find these settings by typing `Arc Welder` in the search field on top of the Custom settings panel. The plugin has not had extensive testing, and is fairly barebones at the moment. I have not personally tested printing with curve commands yet. When discussing results, it helps to include what printer you use, how you print (via USB or SD), and if you have customised the electronics or firmware at all. Edit: updated link to newer development snapshot Edit 2: the plugin is now available from the Ultimaker Marketplace; no need to manually install development snapshots.
  4. Hallo liebe Ultimaker Profis, ich habe in der Arbeit einen Ultimaker S3. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit einen anderen Slicer zu verwenden? Die Materialverwaltung unter Cura ist für mich irgendwie nicht verständlich und die Ergebnisse die er ausspuckt nicht wirklich gut. Da schafft der Ender 3 der direkt daneben steht mit Prusa Slicer deutlich bessere Ergebnisse in kürzerer Zeit! Die Frage ist halt jetzt ob es möglich ist dem Ultimaker S3 irgendwie beizubringen dass er .gcode versteht und nicht auf das .ufp angewiesen ist? Ich finde das ist leider eine sehr große Einschränkung wenn man nicht frei in der Wahl des Slicers ist. Liebe Grüße ans Forum paeppi
  5. Cuq

    Et de 10

    Finalement ca prend plus de temps que prévu. le dixième à la soumission on verra les retours Ultimaker
  6. Hi all. I have an UM2+ and wanted to upgrade it with dual extrusion and found the Mark2 project interesting. I purchased the needed parts and started printing the parts, but this morning https://magnetic-tool-changer.com/ seems to have disappeared. So I am left without instructions on how to actually build assemble, update and calibrate my printer. Hard-cheese. Does anybody know if the project has died? Does anybody know if this is just a fluke in the internet? Does anybody have a copy of the instructions? Cheers, Morten - who is a tad sad right now.
  7. Hi all, Just acquired a UM3 regular and looking to make some changes to it. I'm specifically interested in upgrading the drivers to TMC2208. I've only seen maybe 1-2 threads on this forum discussing that but without any guides. I'm somewhat experienced in EE and have no problem soldering QFNs or other small parts. However, there is only one shot at this, since if I connect something the wrong way, it will possibly fry the board. Has anyone here attempted to replace the allegro drivers with TMC2208? I've seen some aliexpress boards that offer TMC2208 drop in replacement for ultimakers, but I think that is for UM2 and I also don't trust aliexpress board designs. I know I can just get a newer duet or other board with TMC2208, but I'd like to preserve the Ultimaker LCD and camera functionality. I've found the schematic of UM3 here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker3/blob/master/PCB files/1548-I Ultimainboard/Schematics and layout pdf/Schematic Prints.PDF and here is a TMC2208 schematic for the driver: https://github.com/watterott/SilentStepStick/blob/master/hardware/SilentStepStick-TMC2208_v20.pdf My understanding is that both drivers' pins are fully compatible, just some resistors/caps might need modifications. Is this correct? How would you go about setting the power to the 2208 driver? And I also read that you need to pre-program the driver before soldering it to put it in legacy mode? Is this true? Any suggestions on how to go about this would be super helpful!
  8. With the release of the Cura 5.0 beta, a lot has changed in the core of Cura. So much so, that in order to be compatible with Cura 5.0, all plugin need to be updated and resubmitted to the Marketplace. I maintain a number of plugins, and you can imagine that it takes a while for me to update the plugins but also for the Ultimaker dev team to review them. I will use this post to share with you a growing set of pre-release versions of my plugins so you can test them with Cura 5.0 beta. OctoPrint Connection: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Mesh Tools: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MeshTools/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Sidebar GUI: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-SidebarGUIPlugin/releases/tag/v4.3.0-DEV Measure Tool: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MeasureTool/releases/tag/v1.1.0-DEV Z Offset: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ZOffsetPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Linear Advance: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-LinearAdvanceSettingPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 4/23: OctoPrint Connection: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV (updated) Arc Welder: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ArcWelderPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Start Optimiser: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-StartOptimiser/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Titlebar Info: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-VersionInTitlebarPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Automatic Slicing Toggle: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-PauseBackendPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 4/25: Printjob Naming: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-CustomJobPrefix/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Material Cost Tools: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MaterialCostTools/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Setting Visibility Set Creator: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-SettingVisibilityProfileCreator/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Printer Settings: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-PrinterSettingsPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 5/6: Material Settings: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MaterialSettingsPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit: The following plugins are now in the Marketplace, and the prereleases for these plugins above should no longer be used (but will remain available on github): Mesh Tools Material Cost Tools Setting Visibility Set Creator Startup Optimiser Z Offset Printer Settings Automatic Slicing Toggle Measure Tool OctoPrint Connection Titlebar Info Printjob Naming I will update this list with prereleases of other plugins, or when a new prerelease is necessary to fix a bug. To download these prerelease versions, go to the linked page and scroll down to the 'Assets' section. There you will see curapackages compatible with different versions of Cura. For Cura 5.0 you will need to download the file ending with `Cura5.0.curapackage`. After downloading that file, drop it onto the 3d viewport in Cura 5.0 as if you were opening a 3d model. You will then be prompted to restart Cura. You can drop multiple curapackages one after the other without restarting each time if you want to install multiple plugins. If you want to test these updated release in an older version of Cura, please download the curapackage labeled for that version. It is quite early days, and some of the plugins required extensive work to make them compatible with Cura 5.0. Feedback is welcome, either here or in the issue queue for the respective plugins.
  9. I'm working on a new plugin that adds a simple measuring aid to Cura: In its current incarnation, the tool lets you pick (and drag) two points and shows the distance between these points. A test-version can be downloaded here: MeasureTool Download the file and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. Then restart Cura as instructed. The plugin is now available in the Marketplace.
  10. I would like to consider myself not a newbie to 3D printing, but I have come across an issue that I have not managed to resolve. My printer is an Anet A8 custom build with extrusion frame and linear rails. The extruder and housing design is taken from the Voron 2. I am using Klipper as my choice of firmware and have dialled in all the setup parameters, such as extrusion, pid for print head temp, bed screw levelling and mesh bed levelling. I started off printing a calibration cube and the results were disappointing. (please see attached photos) The edges, in particular on one side of the Y axis, seem to be distorted, the opposite side seems fine, apart from the elephant foot at the base. I have ensured there was no play at the print head and all belts were correctly tightened. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  11. Hello, I’m having the following problem every time I start a print. The cooling fans don’t start automatically. I have to turn them on from the printer’s menu. Is there a bug in cura or in printer’s firmware? I use cura 4.8 and marlin firmware. Thank you.
  12. Is there a way to "unblock" all materials in Cura? We have several Ultimaker 2+ printers that we have modified with Bondtec extruders, magnetic build plates and aftermarket nozzles specifically to print "non-standard" materials. We still use Cura for slicing but the default Ultimaker 2+ machine profile has a number of materials disabled. We run custom profiles so it's not that big of a deal but materials like Generic PETG and a number of other materials from the marketplace are disabled. I've tried creating a custom machine with the same specs as the UM2+ but by doing that I loose the nozzle size selection.
  13. Hi guys, Did someone manage to run FlashForge AD1 on Cura?
  14. Hi, Last night I tried to print the base of a case to display my wings on the wall. Unfortunately there are two major printing errors present the part. There is a line on the entire circumference at about 2mm high where the outside dimension is smaller than it should be: There is also a hole at one end in the wall, the material was there but it was present like a blob and could be removed using my nail. (It is located at the nearest point to the camera at the bottom of the part) The printer I used is a Creality Ender 3Pro. PETG: 230 degrees hot-end temp, 70 degrees bed temp. 0.2mm layer height, 5 wall line count, 8 top- bottom layers, 10% infill, 50 mm/s speed 6mm retraction (this could be a thing, should have set that to 4mm), brim The bottom where the badge lies on sits heigher than the "line" at the circumference. What beside wrong retraction value could have caused this and why not over the entire height? Thanks, Leo
  15. Hey, I recently started working with the Ultimaker 5S, and one of the materials I have to use is Ultrafuse BVOH (2.85mm, 350g), made by BASF. When I tried adding the BVOH to the printer I noticed the material station doesn't have this material listed as a useable material, and my question is how do I add it (and other materials I might come across) to the list of useable materials in the material station?
  16. Hi all, Today is calibration day over here! I have calibrated my dual extruder to 415 steps/mm. Now with flow set to 85% and horizontal expansion set to 0.05mm the 20x20x20mm test cubes come out pretty decent. The wall thickness varies from 0,39 to 0,4mm and the X- and Y-width is between 19,94 and 20,01mm. The print surface even looks decent also. I have one reoccuring issue, you can see on the bottom right of the cube there is no connection between the bottom layers and the wall. There is a small string of filament where the non adhering slit starts, I have watched it using a magnifying glass, the string is not formed on the initial layer so I think it is the material that should have been where the slit is. What could case this? (I have replaced the PTFE tube and 0,4mm nozzle today with new ones.) KR, Leo PS: Is the flow percentage used to affect the E-calibration like X% times E-steps?
  17. here is the link: Made a quick tutorial on how to install a Creator Pro profile for Ultimaker Cura! I couldn't find any videos out there so I thought it may help some people! let me know if you want a video to dive deeper into the .json files that I used in this tutorial and what is inside them (and possibly how you can make one on your own for another printer that is not listed in the the Cura machine library). Share this with your friends who have the Creator Pro, and if you couldn't figure it out, ask your questions in the comment section and the community will help!
  18. My set-up: Ender 3 Pro with an SKR V1.3 mainboard, TTMC2208 drivers. Octoprint, relatively fresh install, Version 1.7.3 Cura version 4.13.1 Expected behaviour: Heatsink fan turns on automatically when hotend temperature > ~60C or so Parts Cooling fan turn on automatically after layer 4 or so (set in Cura) Actual behaviour: Heatsink fan does NOT turn on on its own, ever. However, sending m106 p0 s255 through octoprint turns it on. Navigating to it on the LCD menu also works. Same for the Parts Cooling fan, it requires a m106 p1 s255 to turn on. Navigating to it on the LCD menu also works. Probably related, but since I've set Parts Cooling fan to only turn on after Layer 4, it inserts a m107 after "Start G-Code". However, this is also applying to my Heatsink fan. So if I send m106 p0 s255 during the initial heating phase (before drawing the purge lines), it also gets turned off, and I need to send m106 p0 s255 again. Hardware Info Fans connection on my my mainboard: Red (P2_03) = Heatsink fan Blue (P2_04) = Parts Cooling (duct) fan My pins_BTT_SKR_common.h lines ~90-102: // // Heaters / Fans // #ifndef HEATER_0_PIN #define HEATER_0_PIN P2_07 #endif #ifndef FAN1_PIN #define FAN1_PIN P2_04 #endif //#else // #ifndef HEATER_1_PIN // #define HEATER_1_PIN P2_04 // #endif //#endif #ifndef FAN_PIN #define FAN_PIN P2_03 #endif #ifndef HEATER_BED_PIN #define HEATER_BED_PIN P2_05 #endif However, seeing that the correct GCode are correctly adjusting each fan's speed, the problem is probably not in the hardware/firmware/pin assignments. The Start G-Code in Cura M104 S{material_print_temperature} ; Start heating hot end without waiting M140 S{material_bed_temperature} ; Start heating bed without waiting M109 S{material_print_temperature} ; Wait for hot end to reach temp before proceeding M190 S{material_bed_temperature} ; Wait for bed to reach temp before proceeding ; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G28 ; Home all axes G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X0.1 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to start position G1 X0.1 Y200.0 Z0.3 F1500.0 E15 ; Draw the first line G1 X0.4 Y200.0 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to side a little G1 X0.4 Y20 Z0.3 F1500.0 E30 ; Draw the second line G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish And an example of a generated G-Code ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:409 ;Filament used: 0.34589m ;Layer height: 0.24 ;MINX:104.1 ;MINY:110.3 ;MINZ:0.2 ;MAXX:130.9 ;MAXY:124.7 ;MAXZ:8.84 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.13.1 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode M104 S200 ; Start heating hot end without waiting M140 S50 ; Start heating bed without waiting M109 S200 ; Wait for hot end to reach temp before proceeding M190 S50 ; Wait for bed to reach temp before proceeding ; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G28 ; Home all axes G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X0.1 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to start position G1 X0.1 Y200.0 Z0.3 F1500.0 E15 ; Draw the first line G1 X0.4 Y200.0 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to side a little G1 X0.4 Y20 Z0.3 F1500.0 E30 ; Draw the second line G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish G92 E0 G92 E0 G1 F1800 E-0.6 ;LAYER_COUNT:34 ;LAYER:0 M107 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X104.443 Y110.66 Z0.2 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIRT G1 F1800 E0 G1 F1200 X104.686 Y110.469 E0.01234 G1 X104.97 Y110.346 E0.02469 G1 X105.3 Y110.3 E0.03799 G1 X129.7 Y110.3 E1.01184 G1 X130.007 Y110.34 E1.0242 G1 X130.293 Y110.457 E1.03653 G1 X130.54 Y110.643 E1.04887 G1 X130.731 Y110.886 E1.06121 G1 X130.854 Y111.17 E1.07356 G1 X130.9 Y111.5 E1.08686 G1 X130.9 Y117.9 E1.3423 G1 X130.86 Y118.207 E1.35466 G1 X130.743 Y118.493 E1.36699 G1 X130.557 Y118.74 E1.37933 G1 X130.314 Y118.931 E1.39167 G1 X130.03 Y119.054 E1.40402 G1 X129.7 Y119.1 E1.41732 G1 X130.007 Y119.14 E1.42967 G1 X130.293 Y119.257 E1.44201 G1 X130.54 Y119.443 E1.45435 G1 X130.731 Y119.686 E1.46668 G1 X130.854 Y119.97 E1.47904 G1 X130.9 Y120.3 E1.49233 G1 X130.9 Y123.5 E1.62005 G1 X130.86 Y123.807 E1.63241 G1 X130.743 Y124.093 E1.64474 G1 X130.557 Y124.34 E1.65708 G1 X130.314 Y124.531 E1.66942 G1 X130.03 Y124.654 E1.68177 G1 X129.7 Y124.7 E1.69507 G1 X105.3 Y124.7 E2.66893 G1 X104.993 Y124.66 E2.68128 G1 X104.707 Y124.543 E2.69362 G1 X104.46 Y124.357 E2.70596 G1 X104.269 Y124.114 E2.71829 G1 X104.146 Y123.83 E2.73065 G1 X104.1 Y123.5 E2.74394 G1 X104.1 Y120.3 E2.87166 G1 X104.14 Y119.993 E2.88402 G1 X104.257 Y119.707 E2.89635 G1 X104.443 Y119.46 E2.90869 G1 X104.686 Y119.269 E2.92103 G1 X104.97 Y119.146 E2.93338 G1 X105.3 Y119.1 E2.94668 G1 X104.993 Y119.06 E2.95904 G1 X104.707 Y118.943 E2.97137 G1 X104.46 Y118.757 E2.98371 G1 X104.269 Y118.514 E2.99605 G1 X104.146 Y118.23 E3.0084 G1 X104.1 Y117.9 E3.0217 G1 X104.1 Y111.5 E3.27714 G1 X104.134 Y111.24 E3.2876 G0 F1080 X104.14 Y111.193 G0 X104.257 Y110.907 G0 X104.443 Y110.66 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X104.735 Y111.054 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X104.912 Y110.894 E3.29712 G1 X105.132 Y110.8 E3.30667 G1 X105.3 Y110.78 E3.31343 G1 X129.7 Y110.78 E4.28728 G1 X129.936 Y110.82 E4.29684 G1 X130.146 Y110.935 E4.30639 G1 X130.306 Y111.112 E4.31591 G1 X130.4 Y111.332 E4.32546 G1 X130.42 Y111.5 E4.33222 G1 X130.42 Y117.9 E4.58765 G1 X130.38 Y118.136 E4.59721 G1 X130.265 Y118.346 E4.60676 G1 X130.088 Y118.506 E4.61629 G1 X129.868 Y118.6 E4.62584 G1 X129.7 Y118.62 E4.63259 G1 X105.3 Y118.62 E5.60644 G1 X105.064 Y118.58 E5.616 G1 X104.854 Y118.465 E5.62555 G1 X104.694 Y118.288 E5.63508 G1 X104.6 Y118.068 E5.64463 G1 X104.58 Y117.9 E5.65138 G1 X104.58 Y111.688 E5.89931 G0 F1080 X104.58 Y111.5 G0 X104.62 Y111.264 G0 X104.735 Y111.054 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X105.099 Y111.369 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X105.204 Y111.28 E5.90481 G1 X105.3 Y111.26 E5.90872 G1 X129.7 Y111.26 E6.88258 G1 X129.831 Y111.299 E6.88803 G1 X129.92 Y111.404 E6.89353 G1 X129.94 Y111.5 E6.89744 G1 X129.94 Y117.9 E7.15288 G1 X129.901 Y118.031 E7.15833 G1 X129.796 Y118.12 E7.16383 G1 X129.7 Y118.14 E7.16774 G1 X105.3 Y118.14 E8.1416 G1 X105.169 Y118.101 E8.14705 G1 X105.08 Y117.996 E8.15255 G1 X105.06 Y117.9 E8.15646 G1 X105.06 Y112.03 E8.39074 G0 F1080 X105.06 Y111.5 G0 X105.099 Y111.369 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E7.79074 G0 F6000 X104.835 Y111.369 G0 X104.847 Y118.353 G0 X105.3 Y119.58 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E8.39074 G1 F1200 X129.7 Y119.58 E9.3646 G1 X129.936 Y119.62 E9.37415 G1 X130.146 Y119.735 E9.38371 G1 X130.306 Y119.912 E9.39323 G1 X130.4 Y120.132 E9.40278 G1 X130.42 Y120.3 E9.40953 G1 X130.42 Y123.5 E9.53725 G1 X130.38 Y123.736 E9.54681 G1 X130.265 Y123.946 E9.55636 G1 X130.088 Y124.106 E9.56589 G1 X129.868 Y124.2 E9.57544 G1 X129.7 Y124.22 E9.58219 G1 X105.3 Y124.22 E10.55604 G1 X105.064 Y124.18 E10.5656 G1 X104.854 Y124.065 E10.57515 G1 X104.694 Y123.888 E10.58468 G1 X104.6 Y123.668 E10.59423 G1 X104.58 Y123.5 E10.60098 G1 X104.58 Y120.3 E10.7287 G1 X104.62 Y120.064 E10.73825 G1 X104.726 Y119.871 E10.74704 G0 F1080 X104.735 Y119.854 G0 X104.912 Y119.694 G0 X105.132 Y119.6 G0 X105.3 Y119.58 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X105.3 Y120.06 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X129.7 Y120.06 E11.7209 G1 X129.831 Y120.099 E11.72635 G1 X129.92 Y120.204 E11.73184 G1 X129.94 Y120.3 E11.73576 G1 X129.94 Y123.5 E11.86348 G1 X129.901 Y123.631 E11.86893 G1 X129.796 Y123.72 E11.87443 G1 X129.7 Y123.74 E11.87834 G1 X105.3 Y123.74 E12.8522 G1 X105.169 Y123.701 E12.85765 G1 X105.08 Y123.596 E12.86315 G1 X105.06 Y123.5 E12.86706 G1 X105.06 Y120.595 E12.983 G0 F1080 X105.06 Y120.3 G0 X105.099 Y120.169 G0 X105.204 Y120.08 G0 X105.3 Y120.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E12.383 ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G0 F6000 X105.3 Y119.835 G0 X104.847 Y119.847 G0 X104.847 Y123.953 G0 X129.26 Y123.965 G0 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E12.983 G1 F1200 X105.74 Y123.06 E13.92174 G1 X105.74 Y120.74 E14.01433 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E14.95307 G1 X129.26 Y122.394 E15.01908 G0 F1080 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1200 X106.22 Y122.58 E15.9195 G1 X106.22 Y121.22 E15.97378 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E16.8742 G1 X128.78 Y121.914 E16.9019 G0 F1080 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X128.3 Y122.1 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X106.7 Y122.1 E17.764 G1 X106.7 Y121.7 E17.77997 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E18.49989 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E18.51585 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E17.91585 G0 F6000 X130.165 Y122.1 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X129.26 Y118.365 G0 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E18.51585 G1 F1200 X105.74 Y117.46 E19.45459 G1 X105.74 Y111.94 E19.6749 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E20.61363 G1 X129.26 Y116.794 E20.80737 G0 F1080 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E20.20737 G0 F6000 X126.699 Y116.152 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E20.80737 G1 F1200 X127.066 Y116.052 E20.82255 G1 X127.293 Y115.932 E20.8328 G1 X127.495 Y115.776 E20.84298 G1 X127.667 Y115.586 E20.85321 G1 X127.827 Y115.321 E20.86557 G1 X127.931 Y115.011 E20.87862 G1 X127.964 Y114.759 E20.88876 G1 X127.952 Y114.501 E20.89907 G1 X127.852 Y114.134 E20.91425 G1 X127.732 Y113.907 E20.9245 G1 X127.576 Y113.705 E20.93469 G1 X127.386 Y113.533 E20.94492 G1 X127.054 Y113.343 E20.96018 G1 X126.811 Y113.269 E20.97032 G1 X126.557 Y113.236 E20.98055 G1 X126.301 Y113.248 E20.99077 G1 X125.934 Y113.348 E21.00596 G1 X125.653 Y113.504 E21.01878 G1 X125.415 Y113.715 E21.03148 G1 X125.262 Y113.918 E21.04162 G1 X125.143 Y114.146 E21.05189 G1 X125.069 Y114.389 E21.06203 G1 X125.036 Y114.643 E21.07225 G1 X125.048 Y114.899 E21.08248 G1 X125.148 Y115.266 E21.09766 G1 X125.304 Y115.547 E21.11049 G1 X125.515 Y115.785 E21.12318 G1 X125.715 Y115.937 E21.13321 G1 X125.947 Y116.057 E21.14363 G1 X126.057 Y116.091 E21.14823 G0 F1080 X126.189 Y116.131 G0 X126.443 Y116.164 G0 X126.699 Y116.152 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X126.774 Y116.629 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1200 X127.243 Y116.501 E21.16763 G1 X127.554 Y116.337 E21.18167 G1 X127.822 Y116.13 E21.19518 G1 X128.054 Y115.874 E21.20897 G1 X128.265 Y115.524 E21.22528 G1 X128.401 Y115.12 E21.2423 G1 X128.445 Y114.779 E21.25602 G1 X128.429 Y114.426 E21.27012 G1 X128.301 Y113.957 E21.28953 G1 X128.137 Y113.646 E21.30356 G1 X127.93 Y113.378 E21.31707 G1 X127.67 Y113.142 E21.33109 G1 X127.246 Y112.9 E21.35057 G1 X126.913 Y112.798 E21.36447 G1 X126.577 Y112.755 E21.37799 G1 X126.226 Y112.771 E21.39202 G1 X125.752 Y112.9 E21.41162 G1 X125.374 Y113.11 E21.42888 G1 X125.061 Y113.388 E21.44559 G1 X124.855 Y113.661 E21.45924 G1 X124.697 Y113.963 E21.47284 G1 X124.598 Y114.287 E21.48637 G1 X124.555 Y114.623 E21.49989 G1 X124.571 Y114.974 E21.51391 G1 X124.7 Y115.448 E21.53352 G1 X124.91 Y115.826 E21.55077 G1 X125.187 Y116.139 E21.56746 G1 X125.458 Y116.344 E21.58102 G1 X125.765 Y116.503 E21.59482 G1 X126.087 Y116.602 E21.60826 G1 X126.11 Y116.605 E21.60919 G0 F1080 X126.423 Y116.645 G0 X126.774 Y116.629 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E21.00919 G0 F6000 X126.479 Y115.26 G0 X114.67 Y115.233 G0 X114.699 Y116.152 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E21.60919 G1 F1200 X115.066 Y116.052 E21.62437 G1 X115.347 Y115.896 E21.6372 G1 X115.585 Y115.685 E21.64989 G1 X115.737 Y115.485 E21.65992 G1 X115.857 Y115.253 E21.67034 G1 X115.931 Y115.011 E21.68044 G1 X115.964 Y114.759 E21.69059 G1 X115.952 Y114.501 E21.7009 G1 X115.852 Y114.134 E21.71608 G1 X115.732 Y113.907 E21.72633 G1 X115.576 Y113.705 E21.73651 G1 X115.386 Y113.533 E21.74674 G1 X115.121 Y113.373 E21.7591 G1 X114.811 Y113.269 E21.77215 G1 X114.557 Y113.236 E21.78237 G1 X114.301 Y113.248 E21.7926 G1 X113.934 Y113.348 E21.80778 G1 X113.653 Y113.504 E21.82061 G1 X113.415 Y113.715 E21.8333 G1 X113.262 Y113.918 E21.84345 G1 X113.143 Y114.146 E21.85371 G1 X113.069 Y114.389 E21.86385 G1 X113.036 Y114.643 E21.87408 G1 X113.048 Y114.899 E21.8843 G1 X113.148 Y115.266 E21.89949 G1 X113.304 Y115.547 E21.91231 G1 X113.515 Y115.785 E21.92501 G1 X113.715 Y115.937 E21.93503 G1 X113.947 Y116.057 E21.94546 G1 X114.057 Y116.091 E21.95005 G0 F1080 X114.189 Y116.131 G0 X114.443 Y116.164 G0 X114.699 Y116.152 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X114.774 Y116.629 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1200 X115.248 Y116.5 E21.96966 G1 X115.626 Y116.29 E21.98692 G1 X115.939 Y116.013 E22.0036 G1 X116.144 Y115.742 E22.01716 G1 X116.303 Y115.435 E22.03096 G1 X116.402 Y115.113 E22.04441 G1 X116.445 Y114.779 E22.05785 G1 X116.429 Y114.426 E22.07195 G1 X116.301 Y113.957 E22.09136 G1 X116.137 Y113.646 E22.10539 G1 X115.93 Y113.378 E22.1189 G1 X115.674 Y113.146 E22.13269 G1 X115.324 Y112.935 E22.149 G1 X114.919 Y112.799 E22.16606 G1 X114.577 Y112.755 E22.17982 G1 X114.226 Y112.771 E22.19384 G1 X113.752 Y112.9 E22.21345 G1 X113.374 Y113.11 E22.23071 G1 X113.061 Y113.388 E22.24742 G1 X112.855 Y113.661 E22.26107 G1 X112.697 Y113.963 E22.27467 G1 X112.598 Y114.287 E22.28819 G1 X112.555 Y114.623 E22.30171 G1 X112.571 Y114.974 E22.31573 G1 X112.7 Y115.448 E22.33534 G1 X112.91 Y115.826 E22.3526 G1 X113.187 Y116.139 E22.36928 G1 X113.458 Y116.344 E22.38284 G1 X113.765 Y116.503 E22.39664 G1 X114.087 Y116.602 E22.41009 G1 X114.11 Y116.605 E22.41101 G0 F1080 X114.423 Y116.645 G0 X114.774 Y116.629 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E21.81101 G0 F6000 X114.67 Y115.233 G0 X128.78 Y118.365 G0 X128.78 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E22.41101 G1 F1200 X127.243 Y116.98 E22.47236 G1 X126.423 Y116.98 E22.50163 G1 X125.765 Y116.98 E22.52282 G1 X114.423 Y116.98 E22.97551 G1 X113.765 Y116.98 E22.9967 G1 X106.22 Y116.98 E23.29783 G1 X106.22 Y112.42 E23.47983 G1 X114.226 Y112.42 E23.79937 G1 X114.919 Y112.42 E23.82177 G1 X126.226 Y112.42 E24.27107 G1 X126.913 Y112.42 E24.29327 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E24.36778 G1 X128.78 Y114.426 E24.44785 G1 X128.78 Y115.12 E24.47273 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E24.54697 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X128.3 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X128.149 Y116.484 E24.55303 G1 X128.3 Y116.317 E24.55656 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E24.55723 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X124.868 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X116.113 Y116.5 E24.90666 G1 X116.293 Y116.341 E24.91625 G1 X116.551 Y115.999 E24.93335 G1 X116.749 Y115.617 E24.95052 G1 X116.873 Y115.215 E24.96731 G1 X116.926 Y114.799 E24.98405 G1 X116.906 Y114.351 E25.00195 G1 X116.75 Y113.78 E25.02557 G1 X116.542 Y113.385 E25.04339 G1 X116.284 Y113.051 E25.06023 G1 X116.117 Y112.9 E25.06922 G1 X124.888 Y112.9 E25.41929 G1 X124.707 Y113.061 E25.42896 G1 X124.448 Y113.403 E25.44608 G1 X124.251 Y113.78 E25.46306 G1 X124.127 Y114.186 E25.48 G1 X124.074 Y114.603 E25.49678 G1 X124.094 Y115.049 E25.5146 G1 X124.252 Y115.63 E25.53863 G1 X124.449 Y115.985 E25.55483 G0 F1080 X124.516 Y116.105 G0 X124.859 Y116.493 G0 X124.868 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E24.95483 G0 F6000 X126.125 Y115.117 G0 X126.916 Y114.325 G0 X128.284 Y113.051 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E25.55483 G1 F1200 X128.118 Y112.9 E25.56379 G1 X128.3 Y112.9 E25.56445 G1 X128.284 Y113.051 E25.56503 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E24.96503 G0 F6000 X126.874 Y114.282 G0 X114.153 Y115.14 G0 X112.868 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E25.56503 G1 F1200 X106.7 Y116.5 E25.81121 G1 X106.7 Y112.9 E25.95489 G1 X112.888 Y112.9 E26.20187 G1 X112.707 Y113.061 E26.21154 G1 X112.448 Y113.403 E26.22866 G1 X112.251 Y113.78 E26.24564 G1 X112.127 Y114.186 E26.26258 G1 X112.074 Y114.603 E26.27936 G1 X112.094 Y115.049 E26.29717 G1 X112.252 Y115.63 E26.32121 G1 X112.449 Y115.985 E26.33741 G0 F1080 X112.516 Y116.105 G0 X112.859 Y116.493 G0 X112.868 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X111.937 Y116.03 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1200 X107.17 Y116.03 E26.52767 G1 X107.17 Y113.37 E26.63384 G1 X111.935 Y113.37 E26.82402 G1 X111.814 Y113.601 E26.83443 G1 X111.665 Y114.086 E26.85468 G1 X111.602 Y114.584 E26.87471 G1 X111.626 Y115.122 E26.89621 G1 X111.705 Y115.411 E26.90816 G0 F1080 X111.813 Y115.808 G0 X111.937 Y116.03 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X111.601 Y113.638 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X111.524 Y113.561 E26.91251 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X111.46 Y114.175 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X110.846 Y113.561 E26.94717 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X110.167 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X111.419 Y114.813 E27.01784 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X111.568 Y115.64 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X109.488 Y113.561 E27.13521 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X108.809 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X111.085 Y115.837 E27.26368 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X110.406 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X108.13 Y113.561 E27.39215 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X107.451 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X109.728 Y115.837 E27.52064 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X109.049 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X107.361 Y114.149 E27.61592 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X107.361 Y114.828 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X108.37 Y115.837 E27.67287 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X107.691 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X107.361 Y115.507 E27.6915 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E27.0915 G0 F6000 X104.835 Y115.507 G0 X114.981 Y114.988 G0 X117.064 Y116.03 M104 S200 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E27.6915 G1 F1200 X117.186 Y115.795 E27.70207 G1 X117.334 Y115.315 E27.72211 G1 X117.398 Y114.819 E27.74207 G1 X117.374 Y114.278 E27.76369 G1 X117.19 Y113.606 E27.7915 G1 X117.066 Y113.37 E27.80214 G1 X123.935 Y113.37 E28.07629 G1 X123.814 Y113.601 E28.0867 G1 X123.665 Y114.086 E28.10695 G1 X123.602 Y114.584 E28.12699 G1 X123.626 Y115.122 E28.14848 G1 X123.813 Y115.808 E28.17686 G1 X123.937 Y116.03 E28.18701 G1 X117.73 Y116.03 E28.43474 G0 F1080 X117.064 Y116.03 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X117.49 Y115.453 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X117.873 Y115.837 E28.45639 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X118.552 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X117.584 Y114.868 E28.51106 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X117.535 Y114.141 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X119.231 Y115.837 E28.60679 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X119.91 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X117.634 Y113.562 E28.73522 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X118.313 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X120.589 Y115.837 E28.86366 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X121.268 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X118.992 Y113.562 E28.9921 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X119.671 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X121.946 Y115.837 E29.12051 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X122.625 Y115.837 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X120.35 Y113.562 E29.24892 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X121.029 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X123.304 Y115.837 E29.37734 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X123.485 Y115.339 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X121.707 Y113.562 E29.47767 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X122.386 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X123.409 Y114.584 E29.53538 M204 S500 G0 F6000 X123.492 Y113.989 M204 S800 G1 F1200 X123.065 Y113.562 E29.55948 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E28.95948 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X123.065 Y113.562 Z0.48 G0 F6000 X123.065 Y111.035 G0 X130.153 Y111.047 G0 X130.153 Y118.353 G0 X128.3 Y119.835 G0 X128.3 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:50.597628 ;LAYER:1 M140 S50 M106 S127.5 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E29.55948 G1 F2100 X106.7 Y122.1 E30.76642 G1 X106.7 Y121.7 E30.78878 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E31.79666 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E31.81901 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X106.22 Y122.58 E33.0796 G1 X106.22 Y121.22 E33.15559 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E34.41618 G1 X128.78 Y122.105 E34.46563 G0 F1890 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2100 X105.74 Y123.06 E35.77986 G1 X105.74 Y120.74 E35.90949 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E37.22372 G1 X129.26 Y122.585 E37.32681 G0 F1890 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E36.72681 G0 F10500 X130.165 Y123.06 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X126.266 Y118.365 G0 X126.266 Y116.634 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E37.32681 G1 F2100 X126.765 Y116.631 E37.35469 G1 X127.115 Y116.547 E37.37481 G1 X127.538 Y116.347 E37.40095 G1 X127.816 Y116.135 E37.42049 G1 X128.064 Y115.863 E37.44105 G1 X128.31 Y115.425 E37.46912 G1 X128.433 Y114.939 E37.49714 G1 X128.439 Y114.512 E37.521 G1 X128.35 Y114.091 E37.54504 G1 X128.147 Y113.662 E37.57156 G1 X127.935 Y113.384 E37.5911 G1 X127.663 Y113.136 E37.61167 G1 X127.225 Y112.89 E37.63974 G1 X126.757 Y112.771 E37.66672 G1 X126.573 Y112.755 E37.67704 G1 X126.225 Y112.772 E37.69651 G1 X125.885 Y112.853 E37.71604 G1 X125.462 Y113.053 E37.74218 G1 X125.184 Y113.265 E37.76172 G1 X124.936 Y113.537 E37.78228 G1 X124.69 Y113.975 E37.81035 G1 X124.566 Y114.466 E37.83865 G1 X124.569 Y114.965 E37.86653 G1 X124.653 Y115.315 E37.88665 G1 X124.853 Y115.738 E37.91279 G1 X125.065 Y116.016 E37.93233 G1 X125.337 Y116.264 E37.95289 G1 X125.775 Y116.51 E37.98096 G1 X125.806 Y116.518 E37.98275 G0 F1890 X126.266 Y116.634 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X126.324 Y116.154 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2100 X126.707 Y116.151 E38.00415 G1 X126.955 Y116.092 E38.0184 G1 X127.287 Y115.935 E38.03892 G1 X127.49 Y115.78 E38.05319 G1 X127.672 Y115.58 E38.0683 G1 X127.86 Y115.245 E38.08977 G1 X127.954 Y114.876 E38.11104 G1 X127.958 Y114.559 E38.12876 G1 X127.892 Y114.245 E38.14669 G1 X127.735 Y113.913 E38.16721 G1 X127.58 Y113.71 E38.18148 G1 X127.38 Y113.528 E38.19659 G1 X127.045 Y113.34 E38.21805 G1 X126.676 Y113.246 E38.23933 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E38.24567 G1 X126.293 Y113.249 E38.26077 G1 X126.045 Y113.308 E38.27502 G1 X125.713 Y113.465 E38.29554 G1 X125.51 Y113.62 E38.30981 G1 X125.328 Y113.82 E38.32492 G1 X125.14 Y114.155 E38.34639 G1 X125.046 Y114.524 E38.36766 G1 X125.049 Y114.907 E38.38906 G1 X125.108 Y115.155 E38.40331 G1 X125.265 Y115.487 E38.42383 G1 X125.42 Y115.69 E38.4381 G1 X125.62 Y115.872 E38.45321 G1 X125.873 Y116.014 E38.46942 G0 F1890 X125.955 Y116.06 G0 X126.324 Y116.154 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X126.261 Y116.678 G1 F1800 E37.86942 G0 F10500 X126.345 Y115.238 G0 X114.528 Y115.26 G0 X114.266 Y116.634 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E38.46942 G1 F2100 X114.765 Y116.631 E38.49731 G1 X115.115 Y116.547 E38.51742 G1 X115.538 Y116.347 E38.54356 G1 X115.816 Y116.135 E38.5631 G1 X116.064 Y115.863 E38.58367 G1 X116.31 Y115.425 E38.61174 G1 X116.433 Y114.939 E38.63975 G1 X116.439 Y114.512 E38.66361 G1 X116.35 Y114.091 E38.68765 G1 X116.147 Y113.662 E38.71417 G1 X115.935 Y113.384 E38.73371 G1 X115.663 Y113.136 E38.75428 G1 X115.225 Y112.89 E38.78235 G1 X114.757 Y112.771 E38.80933 G1 X114.573 Y112.755 E38.81965 G1 X114.225 Y112.772 E38.83912 G1 X113.885 Y112.853 E38.85865 G1 X113.462 Y113.053 E38.88479 G1 X113.184 Y113.265 E38.90433 G1 X112.936 Y113.537 E38.9249 G1 X112.69 Y113.975 E38.95297 G1 X112.566 Y114.466 E38.98126 G1 X112.569 Y114.965 E39.00915 G1 X112.653 Y115.315 E39.02926 G1 X112.853 Y115.738 E39.0554 G1 X113.065 Y116.016 E39.07494 G1 X113.337 Y116.264 E39.09551 G1 X113.775 Y116.51 E39.12358 G1 X113.806 Y116.518 E39.12536 G0 F1890 X114.266 Y116.634 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X114.324 Y116.154 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2100 X114.707 Y116.151 E39.14677 G1 X114.955 Y116.092 E39.16101 G1 X115.287 Y115.935 E39.18153 G1 X115.49 Y115.78 E39.1958 G1 X115.672 Y115.58 E39.21091 G1 X115.86 Y115.245 E39.23238 G1 X115.954 Y114.876 E39.25365 G1 X115.958 Y114.559 E39.27137 G1 X115.892 Y114.245 E39.2893 G1 X115.735 Y113.913 E39.30982 G1 X115.58 Y113.71 E39.32409 G1 X115.38 Y113.528 E39.3392 G1 X115.045 Y113.34 E39.36067 G1 X114.676 Y113.246 E39.38194 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E39.38828 G1 X114.293 Y113.249 E39.40339 G1 X114.045 Y113.308 E39.41763 G1 X113.713 Y113.465 E39.43815 G1 X113.51 Y113.62 E39.45242 G1 X113.328 Y113.82 E39.46753 G1 X113.14 Y114.155 E39.489 G1 X113.046 Y114.524 E39.51027 G1 X113.049 Y114.907 E39.53168 G1 X113.108 Y115.155 E39.54592 G1 X113.265 Y115.487 E39.56644 G1 X113.42 Y115.69 E39.58071 G1 X113.62 Y115.872 E39.59582 G1 X113.873 Y116.014 E39.61203 G0 F1890 X113.955 Y116.06 G0 X114.324 Y116.154 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X114.261 Y116.678 G0 X111.925 Y116.02 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2100 X107.18 Y116.02 E39.87717 G1 X107.18 Y113.38 E40.02469 G1 X111.923 Y113.38 E40.28971 G1 X111.79 Y113.617 E40.3049 G1 X111.606 Y114.35 E40.34712 G1 X111.609 Y115.081 E40.38797 G1 X111.732 Y115.587 E40.41707 G0 F1890 X111.743 Y115.636 G0 X111.925 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X112.883 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X106.7 Y116.5 E40.76256 G1 X106.7 Y112.9 E40.96371 G1 X112.871 Y112.9 E41.30853 G1 X112.858 Y112.91 E41.30945 G1 X112.544 Y113.254 E41.33547 G1 X112.24 Y113.796 E41.3702 G1 X112.086 Y114.408 E41.40546 G1 X112.089 Y115.023 E41.43982 G1 X112.198 Y115.475 E41.4658 G1 X112.441 Y115.989 E41.49757 G1 X112.564 Y116.15 E41.50889 G0 F1890 X112.71 Y116.342 G0 X112.883 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E40.90889 G0 F10500 X114.166 Y115.15 G0 X126.88 Y114.288 G0 X128.29 Y113.058 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E41.50889 G1 F2100 X128.117 Y112.9 E41.52198 G1 X128.3 Y112.9 E41.52313 G1 X128.29 Y113.058 E41.52394 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E40.92394 G0 F10500 X126.917 Y114.326 G0 X126.003 Y114.96 G0 X123.925 Y116.02 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E41.52394 G1 F2100 X117.078 Y116.02 E41.90653 G1 X117.21 Y115.784 E41.92164 G1 X117.391 Y115.065 E41.96307 G1 X117.401 Y114.418 E41.99923 G1 X117.266 Y113.782 E42.03556 G1 X117.075 Y113.38 E42.06043 G1 X123.923 Y113.38 E42.44307 G1 X123.79 Y113.617 E42.45826 G1 X123.606 Y114.35 E42.50049 G1 X123.609 Y115.081 E42.54133 G1 X123.732 Y115.587 E42.57043 G0 F1890 X123.743 Y115.636 G0 X123.925 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X124.883 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X116.129 Y116.5 E43.05958 G1 X116.142 Y116.49 E43.06049 G1 X116.456 Y116.146 E43.08652 G1 X116.76 Y115.605 E43.12119 G1 X116.912 Y115.002 E43.15594 G1 X116.92 Y114.465 E43.18595 G1 X116.808 Y113.937 E43.21611 G1 X116.559 Y113.411 E43.24863 G1 X116.29 Y113.058 E43.27343 G1 X116.117 Y112.9 E43.28652 G1 X124.871 Y112.9 E43.77567 G1 X124.858 Y112.91 E43.77658 G1 X124.544 Y113.254 E43.80261 G1 X124.24 Y113.796 E43.83733 G1 X124.086 Y114.408 E43.87259 G1 X124.089 Y115.023 E43.90696 G1 X124.198 Y115.475 E43.93294 G1 X124.441 Y115.989 E43.96471 G1 X124.564 Y116.15 E43.97603 G0 F1890 X124.71 Y116.342 G0 X124.883 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X128.3 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X128.142 Y116.49 E43.98488 G1 X128.3 Y116.317 E43.98993 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E43.99069 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X128.78 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X126.765 Y116.98 E44.10328 G1 X126.266 Y116.98 E44.12351 G1 X125.775 Y116.98 E44.14685 G1 X114.765 Y116.98 E44.76205 G1 X114.266 Y116.98 E44.78228 G1 X113.775 Y116.98 E44.80562 G1 X106.22 Y116.98 E45.22777 G1 X106.22 Y112.42 E45.48257 G1 X114.225 Y112.42 E45.92987 G1 X115.225 Y112.42 E45.97635 G1 X126.225 Y112.42 E46.58825 G1 X127.225 Y112.42 E46.63473 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E46.72162 G1 X128.78 Y114.091 E46.81499 G1 X128.78 Y114.939 E46.85544 G1 X128.78 Y115.425 E46.87857 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E46.96546 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2100 X105.74 Y117.46 E48.27969 G1 X105.74 Y111.94 E48.58813 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E49.90236 G1 X129.26 Y116.985 E50.18426 G0 F1890 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E49.58426 G0 F10500 X129.26 Y118.365 G0 X125.969 Y114.877 G0 X123.239 Y115.55 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1800 E50.18426 G1 F2100 X117.754 Y115.55 E50.49074 G1 X117.861 Y115.127 E50.51512 G1 X117.871 Y114.373 E50.55726 G1 X117.76 Y113.85 E50.58713 G1 X123.247 Y113.85 E50.89373 G1 X123.136 Y114.293 E50.91925 G1 X123.139 Y115.086 E50.96356 G0 F1890 X123.139 Y115.138 G0 X123.239 Y115.55 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X122.977 Y115.288 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X122.908 Y115.358 E50.96905 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X122.229 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X122.944 Y114.643 E51.02555 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X122.866 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X121.55 Y115.358 E51.12954 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X120.872 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X122.188 Y114.042 E51.23354 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X121.509 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X120.193 Y115.358 E51.33753 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X119.514 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X120.83 Y114.042 E51.44152 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X120.151 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X118.835 Y115.358 E51.54552 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X118.156 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X119.472 Y114.042 E51.64951 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X118.793 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X118.057 Y114.778 E51.70767 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X118.017 Y114.139 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X118.115 Y114.042 E51.71537 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E51.11537 G0 F10500 X115.046 Y114.572 G0 X113.965 Y114.537 G0 X111.247 Y113.85 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E51.71537 G1 F2100 X111.136 Y114.293 E51.74089 G1 X111.139 Y115.138 E51.78811 G1 X111.239 Y115.55 E51.8118 G1 X107.65 Y115.55 E52.01234 G1 X107.65 Y113.85 E52.10733 G1 X110.772 Y113.85 E52.28178 G0 F1890 X111.247 Y113.85 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X110.945 Y115.102 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X110.69 Y115.357 E52.30193 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X110.011 Y115.357 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X110.943 Y114.425 E52.37558 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X110.648 Y114.041 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X109.332 Y115.357 E52.47957 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X108.654 Y115.357 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X109.969 Y114.041 E52.58353 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X109.291 Y114.041 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X107.975 Y115.357 E52.68752 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X107.842 Y114.811 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X108.612 Y114.041 E52.74837 M204 S500 G0 F10500 X107.933 Y114.041 M204 S800 G1 F2100 X107.842 Y114.132 E52.75556 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E52.15556 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X107.842 Y114.132 Z0.84 G0 F10500 X104.835 Y114.132 G0 X104.847 Y118.353 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X130.153 Y123.953 G0 X128.3 Y123.965 G0 X128.3 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:71.396306 ;LAYER:2 M106 S255 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E52.75556 G1 F2724.5 X106.7 Y122.1 E54.30734 G1 X106.7 Y121.7 E54.33608 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E55.63193 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E55.66067 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X106.22 Y122.58 E57.28142 G1 X106.22 Y121.22 E57.37913 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E58.99988 G1 X128.78 Y122.212 E59.07115 G0 F2452.1 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2724.5 X105.74 Y123.06 E60.76087 G1 X105.74 Y120.74 E60.92754 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E62.61726 G1 X129.26 Y122.692 E62.7575 G0 F2452.1 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E62.1575 G0 F15000 X130.165 Y123.06 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X128.572 Y119.838 G0 X126.29 Y115.219 G0 X125.524 Y116.387 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E62.7575 G1 F2724.5 X125.911 Y116.555 E62.78781 G1 X126.245 Y116.631 E62.81242 G1 X126.585 Y116.645 E62.83686 G1 X126.922 Y116.6 E62.86129 G1 X127.245 Y116.499 E62.8856 G1 X127.546 Y116.341 E62.91002 G1 X127.815 Y116.136 E62.93432 G1 X128.045 Y115.886 E62.95873 G1 X128.228 Y115.6 E62.98312 G1 X128.357 Y115.284 E63.00764 G1 X128.432 Y114.947 E63.03244 G1 X128.438 Y114.49 E63.06528 G1 X128.332 Y114.038 E63.09863 G1 X128.145 Y113.659 E63.12899 G1 X127.936 Y113.385 E63.15375 G1 X127.686 Y113.155 E63.17816 G1 X127.4 Y112.972 E63.20255 G1 X127.084 Y112.843 E63.22707 G1 X126.765 Y112.772 E63.25055 G1 X126.573 Y112.755 E63.2644 G1 X126.245 Y112.769 E63.28798 G1 X125.915 Y112.844 E63.31229 G1 X125.595 Y112.975 E63.33714 G1 X125.224 Y113.229 E63.36944 G1 X124.984 Y113.479 E63.39433 G1 X124.772 Y113.799 E63.42191 G1 X124.643 Y114.116 E63.4465 G1 X124.569 Y114.445 E63.47073 G1 X124.555 Y114.785 E63.49517 G1 X124.6 Y115.122 E63.5196 G1 X124.703 Y115.451 E63.54437 G1 X124.923 Y115.843 E63.57666 G1 X125.155 Y116.11 E63.60207 G1 X125.23 Y116.166 E63.60879 G0 F2452.1 X125.524 Y116.387 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.767 Y115.969 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2724.5 X126.061 Y116.097 E63.63183 G1 X126.309 Y116.153 E63.6501 G1 X126.563 Y116.164 E63.66836 G1 X126.818 Y116.13 E63.68684 G1 X127.06 Y116.054 E63.70507 G1 X127.287 Y115.935 E63.72348 G1 X127.49 Y115.78 E63.74183 G1 X127.663 Y115.592 E63.76018 G1 X127.8 Y115.378 E63.77844 G1 X127.897 Y115.14 E63.7969 G1 X127.953 Y114.891 E63.81524 G1 X127.957 Y114.543 E63.84024 G1 X127.877 Y114.201 E63.86547 G1 X127.735 Y113.913 E63.88854 G1 X127.58 Y113.71 E63.90689 G1 X127.392 Y113.537 E63.92525 G1 X127.178 Y113.4 E63.9435 G1 X126.94 Y113.303 E63.96196 G1 X126.691 Y113.247 E63.9803 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E63.98953 G1 X126.309 Y113.247 E64.00779 G1 X126.06 Y113.303 E64.02613 G1 X125.824 Y113.4 E64.04446 G1 X125.536 Y113.597 E64.06953 G1 X125.36 Y113.78 E64.08777 G1 X125.199 Y114.024 E64.10877 G1 X125.103 Y114.26 E64.12707 G1 X125.047 Y114.509 E64.14541 G1 X125.036 Y114.763 E64.16368 G1 X125.07 Y115.018 E64.18216 G1 X125.146 Y115.26 E64.20038 G1 X125.317 Y115.565 E64.2255 G1 X125.475 Y115.746 E64.24276 G0 F2452.1 X125.484 Y115.756 G0 X125.767 Y115.969 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.502 Y116.425 G1 F1800 E63.64276 G0 F15000 X126.176 Y115.157 G0 X114.785 Y115.183 G0 X115.251 Y116.497 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E64.24276 G1 F2724.5 X115.643 Y116.277 E64.27506 G1 X115.91 Y116.045 E64.30047 G1 X116.187 Y115.676 E64.33361 G1 X116.355 Y115.289 E64.36392 G1 X116.432 Y114.947 E64.38911 G1 X116.438 Y114.49 E64.42194 G1 X116.332 Y114.038 E64.4553 G1 X116.145 Y113.659 E64.48566 G1 X115.936 Y113.385 E64.51042 G1 X115.686 Y113.155 E64.53482 G1 X115.4 Y112.972 E64.55921 G1 X115.084 Y112.843 E64.58374 G1 X114.765 Y112.772 E64.60721 G1 X114.573 Y112.755 E64.62106 G1 X114.245 Y112.769 E64.64465 G1 X113.915 Y112.844 E64.66896 G1 X113.595 Y112.975 E64.6938 G1 X113.224 Y113.229 E64.7261 G1 X112.984 Y113.479 E64.751 G1 X112.772 Y113.799 E64.77858 G1 X112.643 Y114.116 E64.80316 G1 X112.569 Y114.445 E64.82739 G1 X112.555 Y114.785 E64.85184 G1 X112.6 Y115.122 E64.87626 G1 X112.703 Y115.451 E64.90103 G1 X112.923 Y115.843 E64.93332 G1 X113.155 Y116.11 E64.95874 G1 X113.524 Y116.387 E64.99188 G1 X113.911 Y116.555 E65.02219 G1 X114.245 Y116.631 E65.0468 G1 X114.585 Y116.645 E65.07125 G1 X114.899 Y116.603 E65.09401 G0 F2452.1 X114.922 Y116.6 G0 X115.251 Y116.497 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.06 Y116.054 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2724.5 X115.365 Y115.883 E65.11913 G1 X115.556 Y115.716 E65.13736 G1 X115.769 Y115.433 E65.1628 G1 X115.897 Y115.139 E65.18584 G1 X115.953 Y114.891 E65.2041 G1 X115.957 Y114.543 E65.22911 G1 X115.877 Y114.201 E65.25434 G1 X115.735 Y113.913 E65.27741 G1 X115.58 Y113.71 E65.29576 G1 X115.392 Y113.537 E65.31411 G1 X115.178 Y113.4 E65.33237 G1 X114.94 Y113.303 E65.35083 G1 X114.691 Y113.247 E65.36917 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E65.3784 G1 X114.309 Y113.247 E65.39666 G1 X114.06 Y113.303 E65.415 G1 X113.824 Y113.4 E65.43333 G1 X113.536 Y113.597 E65.45839 G1 X113.36 Y113.78 E65.47664 G1 X113.199 Y114.024 E65.49764 G1 X113.103 Y114.26 E65.51594 G1 X113.047 Y114.509 E65.53428 G1 X113.036 Y114.763 E65.55254 G1 X113.07 Y115.018 E65.57102 G1 X113.146 Y115.26 E65.58925 G1 X113.317 Y115.565 E65.61437 G1 X113.484 Y115.756 E65.63259 G1 X113.767 Y115.969 E65.65804 G1 X114.061 Y116.097 E65.68108 G1 X114.309 Y116.153 E65.69934 G1 X114.563 Y116.164 E65.71761 G1 X114.704 Y116.145 E65.72783 G0 F2452.1 X114.818 Y116.13 G0 X115.06 Y116.054 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.269 Y116.538 G0 X112.875 Y116.5 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2724.5 X106.7 Y116.5 E66.17145 G1 X106.7 Y112.9 E66.43008 G1 X112.875 Y112.9 E66.87371 G1 X112.608 Y113.178 E66.9014 G1 X112.345 Y113.574 E66.93555 G1 X112.183 Y113.972 E66.96642 G1 X112.091 Y114.382 E66.99661 G1 X112.074 Y114.807 E67.02717 G1 X112.13 Y115.226 E67.05754 G1 X112.26 Y115.642 E67.08885 G1 X112.528 Y116.121 E67.12828 G1 X112.625 Y116.232 E67.13887 G0 F2452.1 X112.826 Y116.463 G0 X112.875 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E66.53887 G0 F15000 X114.176 Y115.157 G0 X126.874 Y114.283 G0 X128.292 Y113.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E67.13887 G1 F2724.5 X128.118 Y112.9 E67.15585 G1 X128.3 Y112.9 E67.15726 G1 X128.292 Y113.06 E67.15828 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E66.55828 G0 F15000 X126.917 Y114.326 G0 X126.114 Y115.106 G0 X124.875 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E67.15828 G1 F2724.5 X116.118 Y116.5 E67.7874 G1 X116.263 Y116.374 E67.8012 G1 X116.605 Y115.919 E67.84209 G1 X116.813 Y115.439 E67.87967 G1 X116.911 Y115.003 E67.91178 G1 X116.919 Y114.438 E67.95237 G1 X116.787 Y113.875 E67.99392 G1 X116.555 Y113.405 E68.03157 G1 X116.292 Y113.06 E68.06274 G1 X116.118 Y112.9 E68.07972 G1 X124.875 Y112.9 E68.70884 G1 X124.608 Y113.178 E68.73653 G1 X124.345 Y113.574 E68.77068 G1 X124.183 Y113.972 E68.80155 G1 X124.091 Y114.382 E68.83174 G1 X124.074 Y114.807 E68.8623 G1 X124.13 Y115.226 E68.89267 G1 X124.26 Y115.642 E68.92398 G1 X124.528 Y116.121 E68.96341 G1 X124.625 Y116.232 E68.974 G0 F2452.1 X124.826 Y116.463 G0 X124.875 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.3 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X128.14 Y116.492 E68.98551 G1 X128.3 Y116.318 E68.992 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E68.99287 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.78 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X126.585 Y116.98 E69.15056 G1 X125.911 Y116.98 E69.18856 G1 X114.585 Y116.98 E70.00224 G1 X113.911 Y116.98 E70.04025 G1 X106.22 Y116.98 E70.59278 G1 X106.22 Y112.42 E70.92038 G1 X114.245 Y112.42 E71.49691 G1 X115.084 Y112.42 E71.55185 G1 X126.245 Y112.42 E72.35031 G1 X127.084 Y112.42 E72.40011 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E72.52196 G1 X128.78 Y114.49 E72.67067 G1 X128.78 Y115.284 E72.71514 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E72.83698 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2724.5 X105.74 Y117.46 E74.5267 G1 X105.74 Y111.94 E74.92327 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E76.61299 G1 X129.26 Y117.092 E76.98312 G0 F2452.1 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E76.38312 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y118.365 G0 X126.017 Y114.985 G0 X123.939 Y116.03 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1800 E76.98312 G1 F2724.5 X117.069 Y116.03 E77.47668 G1 X117.262 Y115.586 E77.51146 G1 X117.381 Y115.058 E77.55034 G1 X117.389 Y114.387 E77.59855 G1 X117.232 Y113.715 E77.64813 G1 X117.062 Y113.37 E77.67576 G1 X123.921 Y113.37 E78.16852 G1 X123.733 Y113.831 E78.20429 G1 X123.623 Y114.321 E78.24037 G1 X123.602 Y114.829 E78.2769 G1 X123.67 Y115.328 E78.31308 G1 X123.786 Y115.698 E78.34093 G0 F2452.1 X123.826 Y115.828 G0 X123.939 Y116.03 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.499 Y113.995 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X123.065 Y113.562 E78.38498 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.386 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X123.419 Y114.594 E78.48988 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.477 Y115.331 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X121.707 Y113.562 E78.66966 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.029 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X123.305 Y115.838 E78.9009 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.626 Y115.838 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X120.35 Y113.562 E79.13214 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.671 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X121.947 Y115.838 E79.36338 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.268 Y115.838 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X118.992 Y113.562 E79.59462 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.313 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X120.589 Y115.838 E79.82587 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.911 Y115.838 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X117.634 Y113.562 E80.05716 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.524 Y114.13 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X119.232 Y115.838 E80.23069 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.553 Y115.838 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X117.574 Y114.858 E80.33021 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.487 Y115.451 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X117.874 Y115.838 E80.36953 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E79.76953 G0 F15000 X117.874 Y118.365 G0 X114.017 Y114.985 G0 X111.939 Y116.03 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E80.36953 G1 F2724.5 X107.17 Y116.03 E80.71214 G1 X107.17 Y113.37 E80.90324 G1 X111.921 Y113.37 E81.24456 G1 X111.733 Y113.831 E81.28033 G1 X111.623 Y114.321 E81.31641 G1 X111.602 Y114.829 E81.35293 G1 X111.67 Y115.328 E81.38911 G1 X111.786 Y115.698 E81.41697 G0 F2452.1 X111.826 Y115.828 G0 X111.939 Y116.03 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.604 Y113.64 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X111.524 Y113.561 E81.42505 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.459 Y114.174 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X110.846 Y113.561 E81.48733 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.167 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X111.41 Y114.804 E81.61362 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.567 Y115.64 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X109.488 Y113.561 E81.82484 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.809 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X111.085 Y115.836 E82.05603 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.406 Y115.836 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X108.13 Y113.561 E82.28722 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.451 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X109.727 Y115.836 E82.51841 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.048 Y115.836 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X107.361 Y114.149 E82.68981 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.361 Y114.828 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X108.369 Y115.836 E82.79223 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.69 Y115.836 M204 S800 G1 F2724.5 X107.361 Y115.507 E82.82565 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E82.22565 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X107.361 Y115.507 Z1.2 G0 F15000 X107.361 Y118.365 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X130.153 Y123.953 G0 X128.3 Y123.965 G0 X128.3 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:90.744489 ;LAYER:3 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E82.82565 G1 F2709 X106.7 Y122.1 E84.37744 G1 X106.7 Y121.7 E84.40617 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E85.70203 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E85.73076 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X106.22 Y122.58 E87.35152 G1 X106.22 Y121.22 E87.44922 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E89.06997 G1 X128.78 Y122.212 E89.14124 G0 F2438.1 X128.78 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2709 X105.74 Y123.06 E90.83096 G1 X105.74 Y120.74 E90.99764 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E92.68736 G1 X129.26 Y122.692 E92.82759 G0 F2438.1 X129.26 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E92.22759 G0 F15000 X130.165 Y123.06 G0 X130.153 Y119.847 G0 X127.093 Y118.365 G0 X127.093 Y116.554 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E92.82759 G1 F2709 X127.513 Y116.363 E92.86074 G1 X127.794 Y116.155 E92.88586 G1 X128.044 Y115.888 E92.91213 G1 X128.228 Y115.6 E92.93669 G1 X128.357 Y115.284 E92.96121 G1 X128.433 Y114.944 E92.98624 G1 X128.433 Y114.455 E93.02137 G1 X128.354 Y114.107 E93.047 G1 X128.163 Y113.687 E93.08015 G1 X127.955 Y113.406 E93.10527 G1 X127.688 Y113.156 E93.13155 G1 X127.4 Y112.972 E93.1561 G1 X127.084 Y112.843 E93.18062 G1 X126.765 Y112.772 E93.2041 G1 X126.573 Y112.755 E93.21795 G1 X126.245 Y112.769 E93.24153 G1 X125.911 Y112.845 E93.26614 G1 X125.521 Y113.015 E93.2967 G1 X125.145 Y113.299 E93.33056 G1 X124.862 Y113.648 E93.36284 G1 X124.701 Y113.955 E93.38774 G1 X124.6 Y114.278 E93.41205 G1 X124.555 Y114.615 E93.43648 G1 X124.569 Y114.955 E93.46093 G1 X124.645 Y115.289 E93.48553 G1 X124.815 Y115.679 E93.5161 G1 X125.099 Y116.055 E93.54995 G1 X125.448 Y116.338 E93.58223 G1 X125.755 Y116.499 E93.60714 G1 X126.078 Y116.6 E93.63145 G1 X126.415 Y116.645 E93.65587 G1 X126.733 Y116.631 E93.67874 G0 F2438.1 X126.755 Y116.631 G0 X127.093 Y116.554 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.939 Y116.097 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2709 X127.268 Y115.947 E93.70472 G1 X127.473 Y115.795 E93.72305 G1 X127.663 Y115.592 E93.74303 G1 X127.8 Y115.378 E93.76128 G1 X127.897 Y115.14 E93.77975 G1 X127.953 Y114.891 E93.79808 G1 X127.953 Y114.509 E93.82553 G1 X127.897 Y114.261 E93.84379 G1 X127.747 Y113.932 E93.86977 G1 X127.595 Y113.727 E93.8881 G1 X127.392 Y113.537 E93.90808 G1 X127.178 Y113.4 E93.92633 G1 X126.94 Y113.303 E93.9448 G1 X126.691 Y113.247 E93.96313 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E93.97236 G1 X126.309 Y113.247 E93.99063 G1 X126.061 Y113.303 E94.00889 G1 X125.765 Y113.432 E94.03209 G1 X125.481 Y113.647 E94.05768 G1 X125.265 Y113.913 E94.0823 G1 X125.146 Y114.14 E94.10071 G1 X125.07 Y114.382 E94.11893 G1 X125.036 Y114.637 E94.13741 G1 X125.047 Y114.891 E94.15568 G1 X125.103 Y115.139 E94.17394 G1 X125.232 Y115.435 E94.19714 G1 X125.447 Y115.719 E94.22273 G1 X125.713 Y115.935 E94.24735 G1 X125.94 Y116.054 E94.26576 G1 X126.182 Y116.13 E94.28398 G1 X126.437 Y116.164 E94.30247 G1 X126.577 Y116.157 E94.31254 G0 F2438.1 X126.691 Y116.153 G0 X126.939 Y116.097 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.107 Y116.597 G1 F1800 E93.71254 G0 F15000 X126.575 Y115.255 G0 X114.85 Y115.137 G0 X115.479 Y116.385 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E94.31254 G1 F2709 X115.855 Y116.101 E94.34639 G1 X116.138 Y115.752 E94.37867 G1 X116.299 Y115.445 E94.40357 G1 X116.4 Y115.123 E94.42782 G1 X116.445 Y114.786 E94.45224 G1 X116.431 Y114.445 E94.47676 G1 X116.354 Y114.107 E94.50167 G1 X116.163 Y113.687 E94.53481 G1 X115.955 Y113.406 E94.55993 G1 X115.688 Y113.156 E94.58621 G1 X115.4 Y112.972 E94.61076 G1 X115.084 Y112.843 E94.63528 G1 X114.765 Y112.772 E94.65876 G1 X114.573 Y112.755 E94.67261 G1 X114.245 Y112.769 E94.69619 G1 X113.911 Y112.845 E94.7208 G1 X113.521 Y113.015 E94.75137 G1 X113.145 Y113.299 E94.78522 G1 X112.862 Y113.648 E94.8175 G1 X112.701 Y113.955 E94.8424 G1 X112.6 Y114.278 E94.86672 G1 X112.555 Y114.615 E94.89114 G1 X112.569 Y114.955 E94.91559 G1 X112.645 Y115.289 E94.9402 G1 X112.815 Y115.679 E94.97076 G1 X113.099 Y116.055 E95.00461 G1 X113.448 Y116.338 E95.03689 G1 X113.755 Y116.499 E95.0618 G1 X114.078 Y116.6 E95.08611 G1 X114.415 Y116.645 E95.11054 G1 X114.755 Y116.631 E95.13498 G1 X115.089 Y116.555 E95.15959 G1 X115.142 Y116.532 E95.16374 G0 F2438.1 X115.479 Y116.385 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.235 Y115.968 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2709 X115.519 Y115.753 E95.18933 G1 X115.735 Y115.487 E95.21395 G1 X115.854 Y115.26 E95.23236 G1 X115.93 Y115.018 E95.25059 G1 X115.964 Y114.764 E95.269 G1 X115.953 Y114.509 E95.28733 G1 X115.897 Y114.261 E95.3056 G1 X115.747 Y113.932 E95.33158 G1 X115.595 Y113.727 E95.34991 G1 X115.392 Y113.537 E95.36988 G1 X115.178 Y113.4 E95.38814 G1 X114.94 Y113.303 E95.4066 G1 X114.691 Y113.247 E95.42494 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E95.43417 G1 X114.309 Y113.247 E95.45243 G1 X114.061 Y113.303 E95.4707 G1 X113.765 Y113.432 E95.4939 G1 X113.481 Y113.647 E95.51949 G1 X113.265 Y113.913 E95.5441 G1 X113.146 Y114.14 E95.56252 G1 X113.07 Y114.382 E95.58074 G1 X113.036 Y114.637 E95.59922 G1 X113.047 Y114.891 E95.61749 G1 X113.103 Y115.139 E95.63575 G1 X113.232 Y115.435 E95.65895 G1 X113.447 Y115.719 E95.68454 G1 X113.713 Y115.935 E95.70916 G1 X113.94 Y116.054 E95.72757 G1 X114.182 Y116.13 E95.74579 G1 X114.437 Y116.164 E95.76427 G1 X114.691 Y116.153 E95.78254 G1 X114.895 Y116.107 E95.79756 G0 F2438.1 X114.939 Y116.097 G0 X115.235 Y115.968 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.501 Y116.423 G0 X111.917 Y116.02 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2709 X107.18 Y116.02 E96.13788 G1 X107.18 Y113.38 E96.32754 G1 X111.919 Y113.38 E96.668 G1 X111.811 Y113.586 E96.68471 G1 X111.66 Y114.07 E96.72113 G1 X111.593 Y114.571 E96.75745 G1 X111.613 Y115.083 E96.79426 G1 X111.729 Y115.59 E96.83162 G1 X111.77 Y115.683 E96.83892 G0 F2438.1 X111.917 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.886 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X106.7 Y116.5 E97.28334 G1 X106.7 Y112.9 E97.54197 G1 X112.877 Y112.9 E97.98574 G1 X112.809 Y112.951 E97.99184 G1 X112.459 Y113.383 E98.03179 G1 X112.256 Y113.77 E98.06318 G1 X112.13 Y114.174 E98.09358 G1 X112.074 Y114.593 E98.12395 G1 X112.091 Y115.019 E98.15458 G1 X112.187 Y115.439 E98.18553 G1 X112.398 Y115.923 E98.22347 G1 X112.634 Y116.236 E98.25163 G0 F2438.1 X112.751 Y116.391 G0 X112.886 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E97.65163 G0 F15000 X114.15 Y115.138 G0 X126.893 Y114.302 G0 X128.3 Y113.071 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E98.25163 G1 F2709 X128.117 Y112.9 E98.26962 G1 X128.3 Y112.9 E98.27088 G1 X128.3 Y113.071 E98.27192 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E97.67192 G0 F15000 X126.923 Y114.333 G0 X125.999 Y114.954 G0 X123.917 Y116.02 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E98.27192 G1 F2709 X117.081 Y116.02 E98.76303 G1 X117.189 Y115.815 E98.77967 G1 X117.34 Y115.331 E98.8161 G1 X117.407 Y114.83 E98.85241 G1 X117.387 Y114.317 E98.88929 G1 X117.268 Y113.799 E98.92748 G1 X117.078 Y113.38 E98.96053 G1 X123.919 Y113.38 E99.452 G1 X123.811 Y113.586 E99.46871 G1 X123.66 Y114.07 E99.50513 G1 X123.593 Y114.571 E99.54145 G1 X123.613 Y115.083 E99.57826 G1 X123.729 Y115.59 E99.61562 G1 X123.77 Y115.683 E99.62293 G0 F2438.1 X123.917 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X124.886 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X116.123 Y116.5 E100.25248 G1 X116.191 Y116.449 E100.25858 G1 X116.541 Y116.017 E100.29853 G1 X116.744 Y115.63 E100.32992 G1 X116.87 Y115.227 E100.36026 G1 X116.926 Y114.808 E100.39063 G1 X116.909 Y114.381 E100.42133 G1 X116.811 Y113.953 E100.45287 G1 X116.579 Y113.442 E100.49319 G1 X116.315 Y113.085 E100.52509 G1 X116.117 Y112.9 E100.54455 G1 X124.877 Y112.9 E101.17389 G1 X124.809 Y112.951 E101.18 G1 X124.459 Y113.383 E101.21994 G1 X124.256 Y113.77 E101.25133 G1 X124.13 Y114.174 E101.28174 G1 X124.074 Y114.593 E101.31211 G1 X124.091 Y115.019 E101.34274 G1 X124.187 Y115.439 E101.37369 G1 X124.398 Y115.923 E101.41162 G1 X124.634 Y116.236 E101.43978 G0 F2438.1 X124.751 Y116.391 G0 X124.886 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.3 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X128.129 Y116.5 E101.45207 G1 X128.3 Y116.317 E101.45879 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E101.45935 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.78 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X126.755 Y116.98 E101.60483 G1 X126.078 Y116.98 E101.64302 G1 X114.755 Y116.98 E102.45481 G1 X114.078 Y116.98 E102.49299 G1 X106.22 Y116.98 E103.05753 G1 X106.22 Y112.42 E103.38513 G1 X114.245 Y112.42 E103.96166 G1 X115.084 Y112.42 E104.0166 G1 X126.245 Y112.42 E104.81506 G1 X127.084 Y112.42 E104.86485 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E104.9867 G1 X128.78 Y114.455 E105.1329 G1 X128.78 Y115.284 E105.17941 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E105.30125 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2709 X105.74 Y117.46 E106.99097 G1 X105.74 Y111.94 E107.38754 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E109.07726 G1 X129.26 Y117.092 E109.44739 G0 F2438.1 X129.26 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E108.84739 G0 F15000 X129.26 Y118.365 G0 X125.966 Y114.868 G0 X123.238 Y115.55 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1800 E109.44739 G1 F2709 X117.764 Y115.55 E109.84065 G1 X117.8 Y115.433 E109.84945 G1 X117.879 Y114.852 E109.89157 G1 X117.855 Y114.255 E109.9345 G1 X117.762 Y113.85 E109.96435 G1 X123.237 Y113.85 E110.35768 G1 X123.2 Y113.968 E110.36657 G1 X123.121 Y114.549 E110.40869 G1 X123.145 Y115.145 E110.45154 G1 X123.156 Y115.191 E110.45494 G0 F2438.1 X123.238 Y115.55 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.979 Y115.287 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X122.908 Y115.358 E110.46216 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.229 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X122.931 Y114.655 E110.53353 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.866 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X121.55 Y115.358 E110.66723 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.872 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X122.188 Y114.042 E110.80094 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.509 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X120.193 Y115.358 E110.93465 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.514 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X120.83 Y114.042 E111.06835 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.151 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X118.835 Y115.358 E111.20206 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.156 Y115.358 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X119.472 Y114.042 E111.33576 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.793 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X118.067 Y114.768 E111.40952 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.023 Y114.134 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X118.115 Y114.042 E111.41887 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E110.81887 G0 F15000 X115.047 Y114.58 G0 X113.953 Y114.58 G0 X111.237 Y113.85 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E111.41887 G1 F2709 X111.2 Y113.968 E111.42775 G1 X111.121 Y114.549 E111.46988 G1 X111.145 Y115.145 E111.51273 G1 X111.238 Y115.55 E111.54258 G1 X107.65 Y115.55 E111.80035 G1 X107.65 Y113.85 E111.92248 G1 X110.869 Y113.85 E112.15374 G0 F2438.1 X111.237 Y113.85 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.95 Y115.097 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X110.69 Y115.357 E112.18016 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.011 Y115.357 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X110.943 Y114.425 E112.27485 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.649 Y114.04 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X109.332 Y115.357 E112.40866 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.654 Y115.357 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X109.97 Y114.04 E112.54241 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.291 Y114.04 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X107.975 Y115.357 E112.67617 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.842 Y114.811 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X108.613 Y114.04 E112.7545 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.934 Y114.04 M204 S800 G1 F2709 X107.842 Y114.132 E112.76385 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E112.16385 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X107.842 Y114.132 Z1.4 G0 F15000 X104.835 Y114.132 G0 X104.847 Y118.353 G0 X106.9 Y119.835 G0 X106.9 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:109.212956 ;LAYER:4 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E112.76385 G1 F2217.3 X106.9 Y121.7 E112.77981 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E113.63393 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E113.6499 G1 X106.9 Y122.1 E114.36315 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.42 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2217.3 X106.42 Y121.22 E114.41743 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E115.30987 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E115.36415 G1 X107.086 Y122.58 E116.23 G0 F1995.5 X106.42 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X105.94 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2217.3 X105.94 Y120.74 E116.3226 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E117.25335 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E117.34595 G1 X106.606 Y123.06 E118.25012 G0 F1995.5 X105.94 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E117.65012 G0 F15000 X105.94 Y123.965 G0 X105.047 Y123.953 G0 X105.047 Y119.847 G0 X115.566 Y119.859 G0 X126.38 Y115.247 G0 X126.415 Y116.645 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E118.25012 G1 F2217.3 X126.755 Y116.631 E118.2637 G1 X127.084 Y116.557 E118.27716 G1 X127.4 Y116.428 E118.29078 G1 X127.686 Y116.245 E118.30433 G1 X127.936 Y116.015 E118.31789 G1 X128.141 Y115.747 E118.33136 G1 X128.299 Y115.446 E118.34493 G1 X128.4 Y115.122 E118.35847 G1 X128.445 Y114.785 E118.37204 G1 X128.431 Y114.445 E118.38562 G1 X128.357 Y114.116 E118.39908 G1 X128.228 Y113.8 E118.41271 G1 X128.045 Y113.514 E118.42626 G1 X127.815 Y113.264 E118.43982 G1 X127.546 Y113.059 E118.45331 G1 X127.245 Y112.901 E118.46688 G1 X126.922 Y112.8 E118.48039 G1 X126.585 Y112.755 E118.49396 G1 X126.245 Y112.769 E118.50754 G1 X125.916 Y112.843 E118.521 G1 X125.6 Y112.972 E118.53462 G1 X125.314 Y113.155 E118.54817 G1 X125.064 Y113.385 E118.56173 G1 X124.859 Y113.654 E118.57523 G1 X124.701 Y113.955 E118.5888 G1 X124.6 Y114.278 E118.60231 G1 X124.555 Y114.615 E118.61588 G1 X124.569 Y114.955 E118.62946 G1 X124.643 Y115.284 E118.64292 G1 X124.772 Y115.6 E118.65654 G1 X124.955 Y115.886 E118.67009 G1 X125.185 Y116.136 E118.68365 G1 X125.453 Y116.341 E118.69712 G1 X125.754 Y116.499 E118.71068 G1 X125.766 Y116.503 E118.71119 G0 F1995.5 X126.078 Y116.6 G0 X126.415 Y116.645 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.437 Y116.164 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2217.3 X126.691 Y116.153 E118.72134 G1 X126.94 Y116.097 E118.73152 G1 X127.178 Y116 E118.74178 G1 X127.392 Y115.863 E118.75192 G1 X127.58 Y115.69 E118.76212 G1 X127.735 Y115.488 E118.77228 G1 X127.854 Y115.261 E118.78251 G1 X127.93 Y115.018 E118.79267 G1 X127.964 Y114.763 E118.80294 G1 X127.953 Y114.509 E118.81309 G1 X127.897 Y114.26 E118.82327 G1 X127.8 Y114.022 E118.83353 G1 X127.663 Y113.808 E118.84367 G1 X127.49 Y113.62 E118.85387 G1 X127.287 Y113.465 E118.86406 G1 X127.06 Y113.346 E118.87429 G1 X126.818 Y113.27 E118.88442 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E118.89469 G1 X126.309 Y113.247 E118.90483 G1 X126.06 Y113.303 E118.91502 G1 X125.822 Y113.4 E118.92528 G1 X125.608 Y113.537 E118.93542 G1 X125.42 Y113.71 E118.94562 G1 X125.265 Y113.913 E118.95581 G1 X125.146 Y114.14 E118.96604 G1 X125.07 Y114.382 E118.97616 G1 X125.036 Y114.637 E118.98643 G1 X125.047 Y114.891 E118.99658 G1 X125.103 Y115.14 E119.00676 G1 X125.2 Y115.378 E119.01702 G1 X125.337 Y115.592 E119.02716 G1 X125.51 Y115.78 E119.03736 G1 X125.712 Y115.935 E119.04752 G1 X125.807 Y115.985 E119.05181 G0 F1995.5 X125.939 Y116.054 G0 X126.182 Y116.13 G0 X126.437 Y116.164 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.414 Y116.691 G1 F1800 E118.45181 G0 F15000 X126.38 Y115.247 G0 X114.665 Y115.235 G0 X114.755 Y116.631 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E119.05181 G1 F2217.3 X115.084 Y116.557 E119.06527 G1 X115.4 Y116.428 E119.07889 G1 X115.686 Y116.245 E119.09244 G1 X115.936 Y116.015 E119.106 G1 X116.141 Y115.747 E119.11947 G1 X116.299 Y115.446 E119.13303 G1 X116.4 Y115.122 E119.14658 G1 X116.445 Y114.785 E119.16015 G1 X116.431 Y114.445 E119.17373 G1 X116.357 Y114.116 E119.18719 G1 X116.228 Y113.8 E119.20081 G1 X116.045 Y113.514 E119.21436 G1 X115.815 Y113.264 E119.22792 G1 X115.547 Y113.059 E119.24139 G1 X115.246 Y112.901 E119.25496 G1 X114.922 Y112.8 E119.2685 G1 X114.585 Y112.755 E119.28207 G1 X114.245 Y112.769 E119.29565 G1 X113.916 Y112.843 E119.30911 G1 X113.6 Y112.972 E119.32274 G1 X113.314 Y113.155 E119.33629 G1 X113.064 Y113.385 E119.34985 G1 X112.859 Y113.654 E119.36335 G1 X112.701 Y113.955 E119.37691 G1 X112.6 Y114.278 E119.39042 G1 X112.555 Y114.615 E119.40399 G1 X112.569 Y114.955 E119.41757 G1 X112.643 Y115.284 E119.43103 G1 X112.772 Y115.6 E119.44465 G1 X112.955 Y115.886 E119.45821 G1 X113.185 Y116.136 E119.47176 G1 X113.453 Y116.341 E119.48523 G1 X113.754 Y116.499 E119.4988 G1 X114.078 Y116.6 E119.51234 G1 X114.091 Y116.602 E119.51287 G0 F1995.5 X114.415 Y116.645 G0 X114.755 Y116.631 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.691 Y116.153 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2217.3 X114.94 Y116.097 E119.52306 G1 X115.178 Y116 E119.53331 G1 X115.392 Y115.863 E119.54345 G1 X115.58 Y115.69 E119.55365 G1 X115.735 Y115.488 E119.56381 G1 X115.854 Y115.261 E119.57404 G1 X115.93 Y115.018 E119.58421 G1 X115.964 Y114.763 E119.59447 G1 X115.953 Y114.509 E119.60462 G1 X115.897 Y114.26 E119.61481 G1 X115.8 Y114.022 E119.62506 G1 X115.663 Y113.808 E119.63521 G1 X115.49 Y113.62 E119.6454 G1 X115.288 Y113.465 E119.65557 G1 X115.061 Y113.346 E119.66579 G1 X114.818 Y113.27 E119.67596 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E119.68622 G1 X114.309 Y113.247 E119.69637 G1 X114.06 Y113.303 E119.70656 G1 X113.822 Y113.4 E119.71682 G1 X113.608 Y113.537 E119.72696 G1 X113.42 Y113.71 E119.73715 G1 X113.265 Y113.913 E119.74735 G1 X113.146 Y114.14 E119.75758 G1 X113.07 Y114.382 E119.7677 G1 X113.036 Y114.637 E119.77797 G1 X113.047 Y114.891 E119.78812 G1 X113.103 Y115.14 E119.7983 G1 X113.2 Y115.378 E119.80856 G1 X113.337 Y115.592 E119.8187 G1 X113.51 Y115.78 E119.8289 G1 X113.712 Y115.935 E119.83906 G1 X113.939 Y116.054 E119.84929 G1 X114.04 Y116.086 E119.85352 G0 F1995.5 X114.182 Y116.13 G0 X114.437 Y116.164 G0 X114.691 Y116.153 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.76 Y116.676 G1 F1800 E119.25352 G0 F15000 X114.665 Y115.235 G0 X126.848 Y114.26 G0 X128.129 Y112.9 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E119.85352 G1 F2217.3 X128.3 Y112.9 E119.86034 G1 X128.3 Y113.082 E119.86761 G1 X128.129 Y112.9 E119.87097 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.118 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2217.3 X128.3 Y116.33 E119.88091 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E119.88099 G1 X128.118 Y116.5 E119.88168 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E119.28168 G0 F15000 X124.247 Y116.249 G0 X116.77 Y116.16 G1 F1800 E119.88168 G0 F15000 X116.118 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2217.3 X116.292 Y116.34 E119.89111 G1 X116.547 Y116.006 E119.90788 G1 X116.744 Y115.63 E119.92482 G1 X116.87 Y115.226 E119.94171 G1 X116.926 Y114.807 E119.95859 G1 X116.909 Y114.382 E119.97556 G1 X116.817 Y113.972 E119.99233 G1 X116.656 Y113.578 E120.00932 G1 X116.427 Y113.22 E120.02628 G1 X116.14 Y112.908 E120.0432 G1 X116.13 Y112.9 E120.04371 G1 X124.882 Y112.9 E120.39303 G1 X124.708 Y113.06 E120.40246 G1 X124.453 Y113.395 E120.41926 G1 X124.256 Y113.77 E120.43617 G1 X124.13 Y114.174 E120.45306 G1 X124.074 Y114.593 E120.46993 G1 X124.091 Y115.018 E120.48691 G1 X124.183 Y115.428 E120.50368 G1 X124.344 Y115.822 E120.52067 G1 X124.573 Y116.18 E120.53763 G1 X124.86 Y116.492 E120.55455 G1 X124.87 Y116.5 E120.55506 G1 X116.784 Y116.5 E120.87779 G0 F1995.5 X116.118 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E120.27779 G0 F15000 X116.77 Y116.16 G0 X114.94 Y115.048 G0 X114.047 Y115.029 G0 X112.247 Y116.249 G0 X107.24 Y116.19 G1 F1800 E120.87779 G0 F15000 X106.9 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2217.3 X106.9 Y112.9 E121.02147 G1 X112.882 Y112.9 E121.26023 G1 X112.708 Y113.06 E121.26966 G1 X112.453 Y113.395 E121.28647 G1 X112.256 Y113.77 E121.30337 G1 X112.13 Y114.174 E121.32026 G1 X112.074 Y114.593 E121.33713 G1 X112.091 Y115.018 E121.35411 G1 X112.183 Y115.428 E121.37088 G1 X112.344 Y115.822 E121.38787 G1 X112.573 Y116.18 E121.40483 G1 X112.86 Y116.492 E121.42175 G1 X112.87 Y116.5 E121.42226 G1 X107.566 Y116.5 E121.63396 G0 F1995.5 X106.9 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.42 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2217.3 X106.42 Y112.42 E121.81596 G1 X114.245 Y112.42 E122.12827 G1 X114.922 Y112.42 E122.15245 G1 X126.245 Y112.42 E122.60243 G1 X126.922 Y112.42 E122.62432 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E122.69848 G1 X128.78 Y114.445 E122.7793 G1 X128.78 Y115.122 E122.80348 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E122.87764 G1 X126.755 Y116.98 E122.95846 G1 X126.078 Y116.98 E122.97968 G1 X114.755 Y116.98 E123.43067 G1 X114.078 Y116.98 E123.45188 G1 X106.42 Y116.98 E123.75753 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X105.94 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2217.3 X105.94 Y111.94 E123.97785 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E124.9086 G1 X129.26 Y117.46 E125.12891 G1 X106.606 Y117.46 E126.03308 G0 F1995.5 X105.94 Y117.46 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.21 Y116.19 G0 X107.52 Y116.16 G0 X107.52 Y116.308 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F4434.5 X107.092 Y115.566 E126.06727 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.24 Y115.566 G0 X111.182 Y116.16 G0 X111.182 Y116.308 M204 S800 G1 F4434.5 X111.903 Y115.06 E126.1248 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E125.5248 G0 F15000 X111.759 Y115.09 G0 X111.933 Y115.504 G0 X113.985 Y114.92 G0 X114.94 Y115.048 G0 X116.702 Y116.25 G0 X119.33 Y116.16 G1 F1800 E126.1248 G0 F15000 X119.33 Y116.308 M204 S800 G1 F4434.5 X121.187 Y113.092 E126.27302 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.96 Y113.092 M204 S800 G1 F4434.5 X123.818 Y116.308 E126.42126 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.587 Y115.873 G1 F1800 E125.82126 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X123.587 Y115.873 Z1.6 G0 F15000 X116.702 Y116.25 G0 X116.702 Y118.365 G0 X105.047 Y119.847 G0 X105.047 Y123.953 G0 X107.1 Y123.965 G0 X107.1 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:126.274866 ;LAYER:5 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E126.42126 G1 F2413.5 X107.1 Y121.7 E126.43722 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E127.28336 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E127.29932 G1 X107.1 Y122.1 E128.00591 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.62 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X106.62 Y121.22 E128.06019 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E128.94464 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E128.99893 G1 X107.286 Y122.58 E129.8568 G0 F2172.2 X106.62 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.14 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2413.5 X106.14 Y120.74 E129.94939 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E130.87216 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E130.96476 G1 X106.806 Y123.06 E131.86095 G0 F2172.2 X106.14 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E131.26095 G0 F15000 X106.14 Y123.965 G0 X105.247 Y123.953 G0 X105.247 Y119.847 G0 X115.699 Y119.859 G0 X126.42 Y115.255 G0 X126.579 Y116.646 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E131.86095 G1 F2413.5 X126.922 Y116.6 E131.87476 G1 X127.244 Y116.499 E131.88823 G1 X127.546 Y116.342 E131.90181 G1 X127.815 Y116.135 E131.91536 G1 X128.049 Y115.882 E131.92911 G1 X128.263 Y115.528 E131.94562 G1 X128.382 Y115.199 E131.95959 G1 X128.446 Y114.793 E131.97599 G1 X128.43 Y114.432 E131.99042 G1 X128.304 Y113.965 E132.00972 G1 X128.142 Y113.654 E132.02372 G1 X127.935 Y113.385 E132.03726 G1 X127.686 Y113.155 E132.05079 G1 X127.4 Y112.972 E132.06434 G1 X127.084 Y112.843 E132.07797 G1 X126.765 Y112.772 E132.09101 G1 X126.573 Y112.755 E132.0987 G1 X126.236 Y112.77 E132.11217 G1 X125.759 Y112.897 E132.13187 G1 X125.385 Y113.103 E132.14891 G1 X125.068 Y113.38 E132.16571 G1 X124.859 Y113.654 E132.17947 G1 X124.701 Y113.955 E132.19303 G1 X124.6 Y114.278 E132.20654 G1 X124.555 Y114.615 E132.22011 G1 X124.57 Y114.964 E132.23405 G1 X124.697 Y115.441 E132.25376 G1 X124.903 Y115.815 E132.2708 G1 X125.179 Y116.131 E132.28754 G1 X125.454 Y116.343 E132.3014 G1 X125.821 Y116.526 E132.31777 G1 X125.922 Y116.554 E132.32195 G0 F2172.2 X126.162 Y116.618 G0 X126.579 Y116.646 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.563 Y116.164 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2413.5 X126.818 Y116.13 E132.33222 G1 X127.06 Y116.054 E132.34234 G1 X127.287 Y115.936 E132.35255 G1 X127.49 Y115.78 E132.36277 G1 X127.663 Y115.592 E132.37297 G1 X127.828 Y115.32 E132.38567 G1 X127.915 Y115.079 E132.39589 G1 X127.964 Y114.766 E132.40854 G1 X127.953 Y114.506 E132.41892 G1 X127.854 Y114.14 E132.43406 G1 X127.736 Y113.913 E132.44427 G1 X127.58 Y113.71 E132.45449 G1 X127.392 Y113.537 E132.46468 G1 X127.178 Y113.4 E132.47483 G1 X126.94 Y113.303 E132.48508 G1 X126.691 Y113.247 E132.49527 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E132.5004 G1 X126.309 Y113.247 E132.51054 G1 X125.94 Y113.346 E132.52579 G1 X125.662 Y113.499 E132.53846 G1 X125.42 Y113.71 E132.55127 G1 X125.265 Y113.913 E132.56147 G1 X125.146 Y114.14 E132.5717 G1 X125.07 Y114.382 E132.58182 G1 X125.036 Y114.637 E132.59209 G1 X125.047 Y114.891 E132.60223 G1 X125.146 Y115.26 E132.61748 G1 X125.299 Y115.538 E132.63015 G1 X125.51 Y115.78 E132.64296 G1 X125.71 Y115.934 E132.65304 G1 X125.92 Y116.039 E132.66241 G0 F2172.2 X125.992 Y116.075 G0 X126.241 Y116.142 G0 X126.563 Y116.164 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.579 Y116.691 G1 F1800 E132.06241 G0 F15000 X126.42 Y115.255 G0 X114.615 Y115.248 G0 X114.579 Y116.646 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E132.66241 G1 F2413.5 X114.922 Y116.6 E132.67622 G1 X115.249 Y116.498 E132.68989 G1 X115.615 Y116.297 E132.70656 G1 X115.931 Y116.021 E132.7233 G1 X116.143 Y115.746 E132.73716 G1 X116.326 Y115.379 E132.75353 G1 X116.416 Y115.044 E132.76737 G1 X116.447 Y114.7 E132.78116 G1 X116.402 Y114.283 E132.7979 G1 X116.299 Y113.956 E132.81158 G1 X116.142 Y113.654 E132.82517 G1 X115.935 Y113.385 E132.83872 G1 X115.682 Y113.151 E132.85247 G1 X115.328 Y112.937 E132.86898 G1 X114.998 Y112.818 E132.88298 G1 X114.59 Y112.754 E132.89946 G1 X114.236 Y112.77 E132.91361 G1 X113.759 Y112.897 E132.93331 G1 X113.385 Y113.103 E132.95035 G1 X113.068 Y113.38 E132.96715 G1 X112.859 Y113.654 E132.98091 G1 X112.701 Y113.955 E132.99448 G1 X112.6 Y114.278 E133.00798 G1 X112.555 Y114.615 E133.02155 G1 X112.57 Y114.964 E133.03549 G1 X112.697 Y115.441 E133.0552 G1 X112.903 Y115.815 E133.07224 G1 X113.179 Y116.131 E133.08898 G1 X113.454 Y116.343 E133.10284 G1 X113.821 Y116.526 E133.11921 G1 X113.922 Y116.554 E133.12339 G0 F2172.2 X114.162 Y116.618 G0 X114.579 Y116.646 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.563 Y116.164 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2413.5 X114.818 Y116.13 E133.13366 G1 X115.06 Y116.054 E133.14378 G1 X115.338 Y115.901 E133.15645 G1 X115.58 Y115.69 E133.16926 G1 X115.734 Y115.49 E133.17934 G1 X115.875 Y115.208 E133.19192 G1 X115.942 Y114.959 E133.20221 G1 X115.965 Y114.704 E133.21243 G1 X115.93 Y114.382 E133.22536 G1 X115.854 Y114.14 E133.23548 G1 X115.736 Y113.913 E133.24569 G1 X115.58 Y113.71 E133.25591 G1 X115.392 Y113.537 E133.26611 G1 X115.12 Y113.372 E133.27881 G1 X114.879 Y113.285 E133.28903 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E133.3018 G1 X114.309 Y113.247 E133.31194 G1 X113.94 Y113.346 E133.32719 G1 X113.662 Y113.499 E133.33986 G1 X113.42 Y113.71 E133.35267 G1 X113.265 Y113.913 E133.36287 G1 X113.146 Y114.14 E133.3731 G1 X113.07 Y114.382 E133.38322 G1 X113.036 Y114.637 E133.39349 G1 X113.047 Y114.891 E133.40363 G1 X113.146 Y115.26 E133.41888 G1 X113.299 Y115.538 E133.43155 G1 X113.51 Y115.78 E133.44436 G1 X113.71 Y115.934 E133.45444 G1 X113.92 Y116.039 E133.46381 G0 F2172.2 X113.992 Y116.075 G0 X114.241 Y116.142 G0 X114.563 Y116.164 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.579 Y116.691 G1 F1800 E132.86381 G0 F15000 X114.615 Y115.248 G0 X126.848 Y114.26 G0 X128.117 Y112.9 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E133.46381 G1 F2413.5 X128.3 Y112.9 E133.47111 G1 X128.291 Y113.06 E133.47751 G1 X128.117 Y112.9 E133.48043 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.14 Y116.491 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X128.3 Y116.318 E133.48984 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E133.49034 G1 X128.14 Y116.491 E133.49092 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E132.89092 G0 F15000 X126.838 Y115.147 G0 X125.984 Y114.917 G0 X123.53 Y115.768 G0 X117.54 Y115.68 G1 F1800 E133.49092 G0 F15000 X117.079 Y116.02 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X117.228 Y115.721 E133.50425 G1 X117.364 Y115.212 E133.52528 G1 X117.411 Y114.692 E133.54612 G1 X117.346 Y114.085 E133.57048 G1 X117.189 Y113.588 E133.59129 G1 X117.081 Y113.38 E133.60064 G1 X123.919 Y113.38 E133.87356 G1 X123.811 Y113.585 E133.88281 G1 X123.66 Y114.07 E133.90308 G1 X123.593 Y114.571 E133.92326 G1 X123.616 Y115.11 E133.94479 G1 X123.799 Y115.801 E133.97332 G1 X123.92 Y116.02 E133.9833 G1 X117.745 Y116.02 E134.22976 G0 F2172.2 X117.079 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.54 Y115.72 G0 X116.112 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X116.282 Y116.351 E134.23878 G1 X116.552 Y116.002 E134.2564 G1 X116.777 Y115.55 E134.27655 G1 X116.89 Y115.128 E134.29398 G1 X116.929 Y114.696 E134.3113 G1 X116.874 Y114.184 E134.33185 G1 X116.744 Y113.772 E134.34909 G1 X116.548 Y113.395 E134.36605 G1 X116.291 Y113.06 E134.3829 G1 X116.118 Y112.9 E134.39231 G1 X124.888 Y112.9 E134.74234 G1 X124.716 Y113.05 E134.75145 G1 X124.453 Y113.395 E134.76876 G1 X124.256 Y113.77 E134.78567 G1 X124.13 Y114.174 E134.80256 G1 X124.074 Y114.593 E134.81943 G1 X124.093 Y115.037 E134.83717 G1 X124.248 Y115.621 E134.86128 G1 X124.507 Y116.092 E134.88274 G1 X124.849 Y116.482 E134.90344 G1 X124.872 Y116.5 E134.9046 G1 X116.778 Y116.5 E135.22765 G0 F2172.2 X116.112 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E134.62765 G0 F15000 X117.54 Y115.68 G0 X115.026 Y114.893 G0 X113.973 Y114.888 G0 X111.53 Y115.768 G0 X107.92 Y115.71 G1 F1800 E135.22765 G0 F15000 X107.58 Y116.02 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X107.58 Y113.38 E135.33302 G1 X111.919 Y113.38 E135.5062 G1 X111.811 Y113.585 E135.51545 G1 X111.66 Y114.07 E135.53572 G1 X111.593 Y114.571 E135.5559 G1 X111.616 Y115.11 E135.57743 G1 X111.799 Y115.801 E135.60596 G1 X111.92 Y116.02 E135.61594 G1 X108.246 Y116.02 E135.76258 G0 F2172.2 X107.58 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.1 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X107.1 Y112.9 E135.90627 G1 X112.888 Y112.9 E136.13728 G1 X112.716 Y113.05 E136.14639 G1 X112.453 Y113.395 E136.1637 G1 X112.256 Y113.77 E136.18061 G1 X112.13 Y114.174 E136.1975 G1 X112.074 Y114.593 E136.21437 G1 X112.093 Y115.037 E136.23211 G1 X112.248 Y115.621 E136.25622 G1 X112.507 Y116.092 E136.27768 G1 X112.849 Y116.482 E136.29838 G1 X112.872 Y116.5 E136.29954 G1 X107.766 Y116.5 E136.50334 G0 F2172.2 X107.1 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.62 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2413.5 X106.62 Y112.42 E136.68534 G1 X114.236 Y112.42 E136.98931 G1 X114.998 Y112.42 E137.01421 G1 X126.236 Y112.42 E137.46181 G1 X127.084 Y112.42 E137.49281 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E137.5605 G1 X128.78 Y114.432 E137.64081 G1 X128.78 Y115.199 E137.66498 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E137.73607 G1 X126.579 Y116.98 E137.82391 G1 X125.821 Y116.98 E137.84775 G1 X114.579 Y116.98 E138.29645 G1 X113.821 Y116.98 E138.32029 G1 X106.62 Y116.98 E138.60769 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.14 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2413.5 X106.14 Y111.94 E138.82801 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E139.75078 G1 X129.26 Y117.46 E139.97109 G1 X106.806 Y117.46 E140.86728 G0 F2172.2 X106.14 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E140.26728 G0 F15000 X106.14 Y118.365 G0 X115.008 Y114.937 G0 X117.476 Y115.768 G0 X119.771 Y115.68 G1 F1800 E140.86728 G0 F15000 X119.771 Y115.828 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F4827.1 X121.073 Y113.572 E140.97124 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.073 Y113.72 G0 X122.075 Y113.72 G0 X122.075 Y113.572 M204 S800 G1 F4827.1 X123.378 Y115.828 E141.07522 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.951 Y115.413 G1 F1800 E140.47522 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.951 Y115.413 Z1.8 G0 F15000 X117.476 Y115.768 G0 X115.008 Y114.937 G0 X107.3 Y119.835 G0 X107.3 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:143.547501 ;LAYER:6 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E141.07522 G1 F2224.5 X107.3 Y121.7 E141.09119 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E141.92934 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E141.94531 G1 X107.3 Y122.1 E142.64523 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.82 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2224.5 X106.82 Y121.22 E142.69951 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E143.57598 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E143.63026 G1 X107.486 Y122.58 E144.48015 G0 F2002.1 X106.82 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.34 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2224.5 X106.34 Y120.74 E144.57275 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E145.48753 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E145.58013 G1 X107.006 Y123.06 E146.46834 G0 F2002.1 X106.34 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E145.86834 G0 F15000 X106.34 Y123.965 G0 X105.447 Y123.953 G0 X105.447 Y119.847 G0 X115.778 Y119.858 G0 X126.38 Y115.247 G0 X126.415 Y116.645 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E146.46834 G1 F2224.5 X126.755 Y116.631 E146.48192 G1 X127.084 Y116.557 E146.49538 G1 X127.4 Y116.428 E146.509 G1 X127.686 Y116.245 E146.52255 G1 X127.936 Y116.015 E146.53611 G1 X128.141 Y115.746 E146.54961 G1 X128.299 Y115.445 E146.56318 G1 X128.4 Y115.122 E146.57668 G1 X128.445 Y114.785 E146.59025 G1 X128.431 Y114.445 E146.60383 G1 X128.357 Y114.116 E146.61729 G1 X128.228 Y113.8 E146.63092 G1 X128.045 Y113.514 E146.64447 G1 X127.815 Y113.264 E146.65803 G1 X127.546 Y113.059 E146.67153 G1 X127.245 Y112.901 E146.68509 G1 X126.922 Y112.8 E146.6986 G1 X126.585 Y112.755 E146.71217 G1 X126.245 Y112.769 E146.72575 G1 X125.916 Y112.843 E146.73921 G1 X125.6 Y112.972 E146.75283 G1 X125.314 Y113.155 E146.76639 G1 X125.064 Y113.385 E146.77994 G1 X124.859 Y113.654 E146.79344 G1 X124.701 Y113.955 E146.80701 G1 X124.6 Y114.278 E146.82052 G1 X124.555 Y114.615 E146.83409 G1 X124.569 Y114.955 E146.84767 G1 X124.643 Y115.284 E146.86113 G1 X124.772 Y115.6 E146.87475 G1 X124.955 Y115.886 E146.8883 G1 X125.185 Y116.136 E146.90186 G1 X125.454 Y116.341 E146.91536 G1 X125.755 Y116.499 E146.92893 G1 X125.766 Y116.503 E146.9294 G0 F2002.1 X126.078 Y116.6 G0 X126.415 Y116.645 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.437 Y116.164 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2224.5 X126.691 Y116.153 E146.93954 G1 X126.94 Y116.097 E146.94973 G1 X127.178 Y116 E146.95999 G1 X127.392 Y115.863 E146.97013 G1 X127.58 Y115.69 E146.98032 G1 X127.735 Y115.487 E146.99052 G1 X127.854 Y115.26 E147.00075 G1 X127.93 Y115.018 E147.01087 G1 X127.964 Y114.763 E147.02114 G1 X127.953 Y114.509 E147.03129 G1 X127.897 Y114.26 E147.04147 G1 X127.8 Y114.022 E147.05173 G1 X127.663 Y113.808 E147.06187 G1 X127.49 Y113.62 E147.07207 G1 X127.287 Y113.465 E147.08226 G1 X127.06 Y113.346 E147.09249 G1 X126.818 Y113.27 E147.10262 G1 X126.563 Y113.236 E147.11288 G1 X126.309 Y113.247 E147.12303 G1 X126.06 Y113.303 E147.13322 G1 X125.822 Y113.4 E147.14348 G1 X125.608 Y113.537 E147.15362 G1 X125.42 Y113.71 E147.16381 G1 X125.265 Y113.913 E147.17401 G1 X125.146 Y114.14 E147.18424 G1 X125.07 Y114.382 E147.19436 G1 X125.036 Y114.637 E147.20463 G1 X125.047 Y114.891 E147.21478 G1 X125.103 Y115.14 E147.22496 G1 X125.2 Y115.378 E147.23522 G1 X125.337 Y115.592 E147.24536 G1 X125.51 Y115.78 E147.25556 G1 X125.713 Y115.935 E147.26575 G1 X125.807 Y115.985 E147.27 G0 F2002.1 X125.94 Y116.054 G0 X126.182 Y116.13 G0 X126.437 Y116.164 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X126.414 Y116.691 G1 F1800 E146.67 G0 F15000 X126.38 Y115.247 G0 X114.665 Y115.235 G0 X114.755 Y116.631 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E147.27 G1 F2224.5 X115.084 Y116.557 E147.28346 G1 X115.4 Y116.428 E147.29708 G1 X115.686 Y116.245 E147.31064 G1 X115.936 Y116.015 E147.32419 G1 X116.141 Y115.746 E147.33769 G1 X116.299 Y115.445 E147.35126 G1 X116.4 Y115.122 E147.36477 G1 X116.445 Y114.785 E147.37834 G1 X116.431 Y114.445 E147.39192 G1 X116.357 Y114.116 E147.40538 G1 X116.228 Y113.8 E147.419 G1 X116.045 Y113.514 E147.43255 G1 X115.815 Y113.264 E147.44611 G1 X115.546 Y113.059 E147.45961 G1 X115.245 Y112.901 E147.47318 G1 X114.922 Y112.8 E147.48669 G1 X114.585 Y112.755 E147.50026 G1 X114.245 Y112.769 E147.51384 G1 X113.916 Y112.843 E147.5273 G1 X113.6 Y112.972 E147.54092 G1 X113.314 Y113.155 E147.55447 G1 X113.064 Y113.385 E147.56803 G1 X112.859 Y113.654 E147.58153 G1 X112.701 Y113.955 E147.5951 G1 X112.6 Y114.278 E147.6086 G1 X112.555 Y114.615 E147.62217 G1 X112.569 Y114.955 E147.63575 G1 X112.643 Y115.284 E147.64921 G1 X112.772 Y115.6 E147.66284 G1 X112.955 Y115.886 E147.67639 G1 X113.185 Y116.136 E147.68995 G1 X113.454 Y116.341 E147.70345 G1 X113.755 Y116.499 E147.71701 G1 X114.078 Y116.6 E147.73052 G1 X114.091 Y116.602 E147.73105 G0 F2002.1 X114.415 Y116.645 G0 X114.755 Y116.631 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.691 Y116.153 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2224.5 X114.94 Y116.097 E147.74123 G1 X115.178 Y116 E147.75149 G1 X115.392 Y115.863 E147.76163 G1 X115.58 Y115.69 E147.77183 G1 X115.735 Y115.487 E147.78202 G1 X115.854 Y115.26 E147.79225 G1 X115.93 Y115.018 E147.80238 G1 X115.964 Y114.763 E147.81264 G1 X115.953 Y114.509 E147.82279 G1 X115.897 Y114.26 E147.83298 G1 X115.8 Y114.022 E147.84323 G1 X115.663 Y113.808 E147.85338 G1 X115.49 Y113.62 E147.86357 G1 X115.287 Y113.465 E147.87377 G1 X115.06 Y113.346 E147.884 G1 X114.818 Y113.27 E147.89412 G1 X114.563 Y113.236 E147.90439 G1 X114.309 Y113.247 E147.91453 G1 X114.06 Y113.303 E147.92472 G1 X113.822 Y113.4 E147.93498 G1 X113.608 Y113.537 E147.94512 G1 X113.42 Y113.71 E147.95532 G1 X113.265 Y113.913 E147.96551 G1 X113.146 Y114.14 E147.97574 G1 X113.07 Y114.382 E147.98586 G1 X113.036 Y114.637 E147.99613 G1 X113.047 Y114.891 E148.00628 G1 X113.103 Y115.14 E148.01647 G1 X113.2 Y115.378 E148.02672 G1 X113.337 Y115.592 E148.03687 G1 X113.51 Y115.78 E148.04706 G1 X113.713 Y115.935 E148.05726 G1 X113.94 Y116.054 E148.06749 G1 X114.04 Y116.086 E148.07168 G0 F2002.1 X114.182 Y116.13 G0 X114.437 Y116.164 G0 X114.691 Y116.153 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.76 Y116.676 G1 F1800 E147.47168 G0 F15000 X114.665 Y115.235 G0 X126.848 Y114.26 G0 X128.129 Y112.9 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E148.07168 G1 F2224.5 X128.3 Y112.9 E148.0785 G1 X128.3 Y113.082 E148.08577 G1 X128.129 Y112.9 E148.08912 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X128.118 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2224.5 X128.3 Y116.329 E148.09909 G1 X128.3 Y116.5 E148.09919 G1 X128.118 Y116.5 E148.09987 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E147.49987 G0 F15000 X124.247 Y116.249 G0 X116.77 Y116.16 G1 F1800 E148.09987 G0 F15000 X116.118 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2224.5 X116.292 Y116.34 E148.1093 G1 X116.547 Y116.005 E148.1261 G1 X116.744 Y115.63 E148.14301 G1 X116.87 Y115.226 E148.1599 G1 X116.926 Y114.807 E148.17677 G1 X116.909 Y114.382 E148.19375 G1 X116.817 Y113.972 E148.21052 G1 X116.656 Y113.578 E148.22751 G1 X116.427 Y113.22 E148.24447 G1 X116.14 Y112.908 E148.26139 G1 X116.129 Y112.9 E148.26193 G1 X124.882 Y112.9 E148.61128 G1 X124.708 Y113.06 E148.62072 G1 X124.453 Y113.395 E148.63752 G1 X124.256 Y113.77 E148.65443 G1 X124.13 Y114.174 E148.67132 G1 X124.074 Y114.593 E148.68819 G1 X124.091 Y115.018 E148.70517 G1 X124.183 Y115.428 E148.72194 G1 X124.344 Y115.822 E148.73892 G1 X124.573 Y116.18 E148.75589 G1 X124.86 Y116.492 E148.77281 G1 X124.871 Y116.5 E148.77335 G1 X116.784 Y116.5 E149.09612 G0 F2002.1 X116.118 Y116.5 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E148.49612 G0 F15000 X116.77 Y116.16 G0 X114.94 Y115.048 G0 X114.06 Y115.048 G0 X112.247 Y116.249 G0 X107.64 Y116.19 G1 F1800 E149.09612 G0 F15000 X107.3 Y116.5 M204 S800 G1 F2224.5 X107.3 Y112.9 E149.2398 G1 X112.882 Y112.9 E149.46259 G1 X112.708 Y113.06 E149.47203 G1 X112.453 Y113.395 E149.48883 G1 X112.256 Y113.77 E149.50574 G1 X112.13 Y114.174 E149.52263 G1 X112.074 Y114.593 E149.5395 G1 X112.091 Y115.018 E149.55648 G1 X112.183 Y115.428 E149.57325 G1 X112.344 Y115.822 E149.59023 G1 X112.573 Y116.18 E149.6072 G1 X112.86 Y116.492 E149.62412 G1 X112.871 Y116.5 E149.62466 G1 X107.966 Y116.5 E149.82043 G0 F2002.1 X107.3 Y116.5 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.82 Y116.98 M204 S800 G1 F2224.5 X106.82 Y112.42 E150.00243 G1 X114.245 Y112.42 E150.29877 G1 X114.922 Y112.42 E150.32296 G1 X126.245 Y112.42 E150.77395 G1 X126.922 Y112.42 E150.79813 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E150.87229 G1 X128.78 Y114.445 E150.95311 G1 X128.78 Y115.122 E150.97729 G1 X128.78 Y116.98 E151.05145 G1 X126.755 Y116.98 E151.13227 G1 X126.078 Y116.98 E151.15348 G1 X114.755 Y116.98 E151.60447 G1 X114.078 Y116.98 E151.62569 G1 X106.82 Y116.98 E151.91537 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.34 Y117.46 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2224.5 X106.34 Y111.94 E152.13569 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E153.05047 G1 X129.26 Y117.46 E153.27079 G1 X107.006 Y117.46 E154.159 G0 F2002.1 X106.34 Y117.46 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X107.61 Y116.19 G0 X107.492 Y116.228 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F4449.1 X112.301 Y116.228 E154.35093 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.509 Y116.308 M204 S800 G1 F4449.1 X111.994 Y115.468 E154.38965 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E153.78965 G0 F15000 X111.85 Y115.498 G0 X112.247 Y116.249 G0 X114.06 Y115.048 G0 X114.94 Y115.048 G0 X116.702 Y116.25 G1 F1800 E154.38965 G0 F15000 X116.648 Y116.228 M204 S800 G1 F4449.1 X124.301 Y116.228 E154.69509 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.491 Y116.308 M204 S800 G1 F4449.1 X121.634 Y113.092 E154.84331 G1 X121.514 Y113.092 G1 X119.657 Y116.308 E154.99153 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.657 Y115.78 G1 F1800 E154.39153 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X119.657 Y115.78 Z1.92 G0 F15000 X116.702 Y116.25 G0 X116.702 Y118.365 G0 X105.447 Y119.847 G0 X105.447 Y123.953 G0 X107.42 Y123.965 G0 X107.42 Y122.1 ;TIME_ELAPSED:160.482185 ;LAYER:7 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E154.99153 G1 F2198.4 X107.42 Y121.7 E155.00111 G1 X128.3 Y121.7 E155.50113 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E155.51071 G1 X107.42 Y122.1 E155.92826 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.94 Y122.58 M204 S800 G1 F2198.4 X106.94 Y121.22 E155.96083 G1 X128.78 Y121.22 E156.48384 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E156.51641 G1 X108.05 Y122.58 E157.01284 G0 F1978.5 X106.94 Y122.58 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X106.46 Y123.06 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2198.4 X106.46 Y120.74 E157.06839 G1 X129.26 Y120.74 E157.61439 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E157.66995 G1 X107.57 Y123.06 E158.18937 G0 F1978.5 X106.46 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E157.58937 G0 F15000 X106.46 Y123.965 G0 X105.567 Y123.953 G0 X105.567 Y119.847 G0 X115.039 Y119.857 G0 X127.686 Y113.804 G0 X128.78 Y112.954 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E158.18937 G1 F2198.4 X128.525 Y112.666 E158.19858 G1 X128.246 Y112.42 E158.20749 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E158.21281 G1 X128.78 Y112.954 E158.21805 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E157.61805 G0 F15000 X127.757 Y113.909 G0 X127.709 Y115.563 G0 X128.78 Y116.446 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E158.21805 G1 F2198.4 X128.78 Y116.98 E158.23083 G1 X128.246 Y116.98 E158.24362 G1 X128.534 Y116.725 E158.24633 G1 X128.78 Y116.446 E158.24881 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E157.64881 G0 F15000 X127.692 Y115.588 G0 X125.599 Y113.518 G0 X124.754 Y112.42 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E158.24881 G1 F2198.4 X124.466 Y112.675 E158.25802 G1 X124.218 Y112.956 E158.267 G1 X124.014 Y113.263 E158.27582 G1 X123.844 Y113.61 E158.28508 G1 X123.725 Y113.964 E158.29402 G1 X123.653 Y114.331 E158.30298 G1 X123.629 Y114.706 E158.31198 G1 X123.654 Y115.083 E158.32102 G1 X123.728 Y115.449 E158.32997 G1 X123.85 Y115.803 E158.33893 G1 X124.016 Y116.14 E158.34793 G1 X124.225 Y116.453 E158.35694 G1 X124.475 Y116.734 E158.36595 G1 X124.754 Y116.98 E158.37486 G1 X116.246 Y116.98 E158.5786 G1 X116.534 Y116.725 E158.58781 G1 X116.782 Y116.444 E158.59679 G1 X116.986 Y116.137 E158.60561 G1 X117.156 Y115.79 E158.61487 G1 X117.275 Y115.436 E158.62381 G1 X117.347 Y115.069 E158.63277 G1 X117.371 Y114.694 E158.64177 G1 X117.346 Y114.317 E158.65081 G1 X117.272 Y113.951 E158.65976 G1 X117.15 Y113.597 E158.66872 G1 X116.984 Y113.26 E158.67772 G1 X116.775 Y112.947 E158.68673 G1 X116.525 Y112.666 E158.69574 G1 X116.246 Y112.42 E158.70465 G1 X123.644 Y112.42 E158.88181 G0 F1978.5 X124.754 Y112.42 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.554 Y113.632 G0 X123.679 Y112.9 M204 S800 G1 F2198.4 X123.597 Y113.024 E158.88537 G1 X123.399 Y113.427 E158.89612 G1 X123.26 Y113.841 E158.90658 G1 X123.176 Y114.269 E158.91702 G1 X123.148 Y114.707 E158.92753 G1 X123.177 Y115.147 E158.93809 G1 X123.264 Y115.575 E158.94855 G1 X123.406 Y115.988 E158.95901 G1 X123.599 Y116.38 E158.96947 G1 X123.679 Y116.5 E158.97293 G1 X117.321 Y116.5 E159.12519 G1 X117.403 Y116.376 E159.12875 G1 X117.601 Y115.973 E159.1395 G1 X117.74 Y115.559 E159.14996 G1 X117.824 Y115.131 E159.1604 G1 X117.852 Y114.693 E159.17091 G1 X117.823 Y114.253 E159.18147 G1 X117.736 Y113.825 E159.19193 G1 X117.594 Y113.412 E159.20239 G1 X117.401 Y113.02 E159.21285 G1 X117.321 Y112.9 E159.21631 G1 X122.569 Y112.9 E159.34198 G0 F1978.5 X123.679 Y112.9 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.908 Y113.38 M204 S800 G1 F2198.4 X122.795 Y113.718 E159.35052 G1 X122.699 Y114.207 E159.36245 G1 X122.667 Y114.707 E159.37445 G1 X122.7 Y115.211 E159.38654 G1 X122.8 Y115.701 E159.39852 G1 X122.909 Y116.02 E159.40659 G1 X118.092 Y116.02 E159.52195 G1 X118.205 Y115.682 E159.53048 G1 X118.301 Y115.193 E159.54241 G1 X118.333 Y114.693 E159.55441 G1 X118.3 Y114.189 E159.56651 G1 X118.2 Y113.699 E159.57848 G1 X118.091 Y113.38 E159.58656 G1 X121.823 Y113.38 E159.67593 G0 F1978.5 X122.908 Y113.38 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E159.07593 G0 F15000 X122.492 Y113.72 G0 X122.406 Y114.713 G0 X125.015 Y114.758 G0 X126.361 Y116.179 G0 X126.505 Y117.09 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E159.67593 G1 F2198.4 X126.819 Y117.069 E159.68346 G1 X127.123 Y117.008 E159.69089 G1 X127.418 Y116.906 E159.69836 G1 X127.7 Y116.767 E159.70589 G1 X127.959 Y116.594 E159.71335 G1 X128.193 Y116.386 E159.72085 G1 X128.4 Y116.151 E159.72835 G1 X128.569 Y115.897 E159.73565 G1 X128.711 Y115.607 E159.74339 G1 X128.81 Y115.313 E159.75082 G1 X128.87 Y115.007 E159.75828 G1 X128.89 Y114.695 E159.76577 G1 X128.869 Y114.381 E159.77331 G1 X128.808 Y114.077 E159.78073 G1 X128.706 Y113.782 E159.78821 G1 X128.567 Y113.5 E159.79574 G1 X128.394 Y113.241 E159.80319 G1 X128.186 Y113.007 E159.81069 G1 X127.951 Y112.8 E159.81819 G1 X127.697 Y112.631 E159.8255 G1 X127.407 Y112.489 E159.83323 G1 X127.113 Y112.39 E159.84066 G1 X126.807 Y112.33 E159.84813 G1 X126.495 Y112.31 E159.85561 G1 X126.181 Y112.331 E159.86315 G1 X125.877 Y112.392 E159.87057 G1 X125.582 Y112.494 E159.87805 G1 X125.3 Y112.633 E159.88558 G1 X125.041 Y112.806 E159.89304 G1 X124.807 Y113.014 E159.90053 G1 X124.6 Y113.249 E159.90803 G1 X124.431 Y113.503 E159.91534 G1 X124.289 Y113.793 E159.92307 G1 X124.19 Y114.087 E159.9305 G1 X124.13 Y114.393 E159.93797 G1 X124.11 Y114.705 E159.94546 G1 X124.131 Y115.019 E159.95299 G1 X124.192 Y115.323 E159.96042 G1 X124.294 Y115.618 E159.96789 G1 X124.433 Y115.9 E159.97542 G1 X124.606 Y116.159 E159.98288 G1 X124.814 Y116.393 E159.99038 G1 X125.049 Y116.6 E159.99788 G1 X125.303 Y116.769 E160.00518 G1 X125.457 Y116.844 E160.00928 G0 F1978.5 X125.593 Y116.911 G0 X125.887 Y117.01 G0 X126.193 Y117.07 G0 X126.505 Y117.09 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E159.40928 G0 F15000 X126.322 Y116.175 G0 X113.084 Y115.148 G0 X110.557 Y115.768 G1 F1800 E160.00928 G0 F15000 X110.909 Y116.02 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2198.4 X107.9 Y116.02 E160.08134 G1 X107.9 Y113.38 E160.14456 G1 X110.908 Y113.38 E160.2166 G1 X110.795 Y113.718 E160.22513 G1 X110.699 Y114.207 E160.23706 G1 X110.667 Y114.707 E160.24906 G1 X110.7 Y115.211 E160.26116 G1 X110.744 Y115.427 E160.26644 G0 F1978.5 X110.8 Y115.701 G0 X110.909 Y116.02 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.406 Y115.988 M204 S800 G1 F2198.4 X111.599 Y116.38 E160.2769 G1 X111.679 Y116.5 E160.28035 G1 X107.42 Y116.5 E160.38235 G1 X107.42 Y112.9 E160.46856 G1 X111.679 Y112.9 E160.57055 G1 X111.597 Y113.024 E160.57411 G1 X111.399 Y113.427 E160.58486 G1 X111.26 Y113.841 E160.59532 G1 X111.176 Y114.269 E160.60576 G1 X111.148 Y114.707 E160.61627 G1 X111.162 Y114.909 E160.62112 G0 F1978.5 X111.177 Y115.147 G0 X111.264 Y115.575 G0 X111.406 Y115.988 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.85 Y115.803 M204 S800 G1 F2198.4 X112.016 Y116.14 E160.63012 G1 X112.225 Y116.453 E160.63913 G1 X112.475 Y116.734 E160.64814 G1 X112.754 Y116.98 E160.65705 G1 X106.94 Y116.98 E160.79628 G1 X106.94 Y112.42 E160.90548 G1 X112.754 Y112.42 E161.0447 G1 X112.466 Y112.675 E161.05392 G1 X112.218 Y112.956 E161.06289 G1 X112.014 Y113.263 E161.07172 G1 X111.844 Y113.61 E161.08097 G1 X111.725 Y113.964 E161.08992 G1 X111.653 Y114.331 E161.09887 G1 X111.629 Y114.706 E161.10787 G1 X111.63 Y114.72 E161.10821 G0 F1978.5 X111.654 Y115.083 G0 X111.728 Y115.449 G0 X111.85 Y115.803 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E160.50821 G0 F15000 X110.458 Y115.723 G0 X113.084 Y115.148 G0 X114.361 Y116.179 G0 X114.505 Y117.09 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E161.10821 G1 F2198.4 X114.819 Y117.069 E161.11574 G1 X115.123 Y117.008 E161.12317 G1 X115.418 Y116.906 E161.13064 G1 X115.7 Y116.767 E161.13817 G1 X115.959 Y116.594 E161.14563 G1 X116.193 Y116.386 E161.15313 G1 X116.4 Y116.151 E161.16063 G1 X116.569 Y115.897 E161.16793 G1 X116.711 Y115.607 E161.17567 G1 X116.81 Y115.313 E161.18309 G1 X116.87 Y115.007 E161.19056 G1 X116.89 Y114.695 E161.19805 G1 X116.869 Y114.381 E161.20559 G1 X116.808 Y114.077 E161.21301 G1 X116.706 Y113.782 E161.22049 G1 X116.567 Y113.5 E161.22801 G1 X116.394 Y113.241 E161.23547 G1 X116.186 Y113.007 E161.24297 G1 X115.951 Y112.8 E161.25047 G1 X115.697 Y112.631 E161.25778 G1 X115.407 Y112.489 E161.26551 G1 X115.113 Y112.39 E161.27294 G1 X114.807 Y112.33 E161.2804 G1 X114.495 Y112.31 E161.28789 G1 X114.181 Y112.331 E161.29543 G1 X113.877 Y112.392 E161.30285 G1 X113.582 Y112.494 E161.31033 G1 X113.3 Y112.633 E161.31786 G1 X113.041 Y112.806 E161.32532 G1 X112.807 Y113.014 E161.33281 G1 X112.6 Y113.249 E161.34031 G1 X112.431 Y113.503 E161.34762 G1 X112.289 Y113.793 E161.35535 G1 X112.19 Y114.087 E161.36278 G1 X112.13 Y114.393 E161.37025 G1 X112.11 Y114.705 E161.37773 G1 X112.131 Y115.019 E161.38527 G1 X112.192 Y115.323 E161.3927 G1 X112.294 Y115.618 E161.40017 G1 X112.433 Y115.9 E161.4077 G1 X112.606 Y116.159 E161.41516 G1 X112.814 Y116.393 E161.42266 G1 X113.049 Y116.6 E161.43015 G1 X113.303 Y116.769 E161.43746 G1 X113.457 Y116.844 E161.44156 G0 F1978.5 X113.593 Y116.911 G0 X113.887 Y117.01 G0 X114.193 Y117.07 G0 X114.505 Y117.09 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E160.84156 G0 F15000 X114.322 Y116.175 G0 X106.46 Y118.365 G0 X106.46 Y117.46 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E161.44156 G1 F2198.4 X106.46 Y111.94 E161.57375 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E162.11975 G1 X129.26 Y117.46 E162.25194 G1 X107.57 Y117.46 E162.77136 G0 F1978.5 X106.46 Y117.46 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E162.17136 G0 F15000 X106.46 Y118.365 G0 X115.921 Y115.128 G0 X118.446 Y115.768 G0 X120.032 Y115.68 G1 F1800 E162.77136 G0 F15000 X120.032 Y115.828 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F4396.7 X121.335 Y113.572 E162.83375 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.813 Y113.572 M204 S800 G1 F4396.7 X122.474 Y114.716 E162.86539 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.947 Y114.751 G1 F1800 E162.26539 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X121.947 Y114.751 Z2.04 G0 F15000 X118.446 Y115.768 G0 X115.898 Y115.25 G0 X114.67 Y118.365 G0 X114.67 Y118.05 ;TIME_ELAPSED:177.453151 ;LAYER:8 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E162.86539 G1 F2869.9 X115.229 Y117.974 E162.87889 G1 X115.664 Y117.844 E162.88977 G1 X116.062 Y117.664 E162.90023 G1 X116.433 Y117.439 E162.91062 G1 X116.772 Y117.165 E162.92106 G1 X117.154 Y116.75 E162.93456 G1 X117.416 Y116.355 E162.94591 G1 X117.647 Y115.855 E162.9591 G1 X117.776 Y115.408 E162.97025 G1 X117.839 Y114.977 E162.98068 G1 X117.85 Y114.53 E162.99138 G1 X117.774 Y113.971 E163.00489 G1 X117.644 Y113.536 E163.01577 G1 X117.464 Y113.138 E163.02623 G1 X117.32 Y112.9 E163.03289 G1 X123.68 Y112.9 E163.18519 G1 X123.584 Y113.045 E163.18936 G1 X123.353 Y113.545 E163.20255 G1 X123.224 Y113.992 E163.21369 G1 X123.161 Y114.423 E163.22412 G1 X123.15 Y114.87 E163.23483 G1 X123.226 Y115.429 E163.24834 G1 X123.356 Y115.864 E163.25921 G1 X123.536 Y116.262 E163.26967 G1 X123.761 Y116.633 E163.28006 G1 X124.035 Y116.972 E163.2905 G1 X124.181 Y117.106 E163.29524 G1 X124.096 Y117.165 E163.29542 G1 X123.765 Y117.497 E163.30665 G1 X123.502 Y117.873 E163.31764 G1 X123.3 Y118.304 E163.32904 G1 X123.17 Y118.844 E163.34234 G1 X123.149 Y119.314 E163.35361 G1 X123.207 Y119.771 E163.36464 G1 X123.352 Y120.23 E163.37617 G1 X123.625 Y120.725 E163.3897 G1 X124.004 Y121.156 E163.40345 G1 X124.46 Y121.491 E163.417 G1 X124.904 Y121.7 E163.42875 G1 X125.444 Y121.83 E163.44205 G1 X125.914 Y121.851 E163.45332 G1 X126.371 Y121.793 E163.46435 G1 X126.83 Y121.648 E163.47587 G1 X127.325 Y121.375 E163.48941 G1 X127.756 Y120.996 E163.50316 G1 X128.094 Y120.537 E163.51681 G1 X128.3 Y120.096 E163.52846 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E163.57645 G1 X126.371 Y122.1 E163.62265 G1 X125.444 Y122.1 E163.63789 G1 X124.904 Y122.1 E163.64691 G1 X107.54 Y122.1 E164.06273 G1 X107.541 Y112.9 E164.28304 G1 X111.68 Y112.9 E164.38216 G1 X111.584 Y113.045 E164.38632 G1 X111.353 Y113.545 E164.39951 G1 X111.224 Y113.992 E164.41066 G1 X111.161 Y114.423 E164.42109 G1 X111.15 Y114.87 E164.43179 G1 X111.226 Y115.429 E164.4453 G1 X111.356 Y115.864 E164.45618 G1 X111.536 Y116.262 E164.46664 G1 X111.761 Y116.633 E164.47703 G1 X112.035 Y116.972 E164.48747 G1 X112.45 Y117.354 E164.50097 G1 X112.845 Y117.616 E164.51232 G1 X113.345 Y117.847 E164.52551 G1 X113.573 Y117.913 E164.5312 G0 F2582.9 X113.792 Y117.976 G0 X114.223 Y118.039 G0 X114.67 Y118.05 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.643 Y117.569 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X115.127 Y117.503 E164.5429 G1 X115.496 Y117.393 E164.55212 G1 X115.838 Y117.239 E164.5611 G1 X116.156 Y117.045 E164.57002 G1 X116.443 Y116.814 E164.57884 G1 X116.775 Y116.453 E164.59059 G1 X116.996 Y116.12 E164.60016 G1 X117.196 Y115.687 E164.61158 G1 X117.306 Y115.306 E164.62108 G1 X117.36 Y114.936 E164.63003 G1 X117.369 Y114.557 E164.63911 G1 X117.303 Y114.073 E164.65081 G1 X117.193 Y113.704 E164.66003 G1 X117.039 Y113.362 E164.66901 G1 X116.845 Y113.044 E164.67793 G1 X116.614 Y112.757 E164.68675 G1 X116.253 Y112.425 E164.6985 G1 X116.245 Y112.42 E164.69872 G1 X124.77 Y112.42 E164.90287 G1 X124.56 Y112.582 E164.90923 G1 X124.225 Y112.947 E164.92109 G1 X124.004 Y113.28 E164.93066 G1 X123.804 Y113.713 E164.94208 G1 X123.694 Y114.094 E164.95158 G1 X123.64 Y114.464 E164.96053 G1 X123.631 Y114.843 E164.96961 G1 X123.697 Y115.327 E164.98131 G1 X123.807 Y115.696 E164.99053 G1 X123.961 Y116.038 E164.99951 G1 X124.155 Y116.356 E165.00843 G1 X124.386 Y116.643 E165.01726 G1 X124.747 Y116.975 E165.029 G1 X125.037 Y117.168 E165.03734 G1 X124.712 Y117.32 E165.04121 G1 X124.406 Y117.534 E165.05015 G1 X124.134 Y117.806 E165.05937 G1 X123.919 Y118.114 E165.06836 G1 X123.755 Y118.464 E165.07762 G1 X123.647 Y118.912 E165.08865 G1 X123.63 Y119.294 E165.09781 G1 X123.678 Y119.668 E165.10684 G1 X123.795 Y120.04 E165.11618 G1 X124.02 Y120.447 E165.12732 G1 X124.33 Y120.8 E165.13857 G1 X124.707 Y121.077 E165.14977 G1 X125.064 Y121.245 E165.15922 G1 X125.512 Y121.353 E165.17025 G1 X125.894 Y121.37 E165.17941 G1 X126.268 Y121.322 E165.18844 G1 X126.64 Y121.205 E165.19778 G1 X127.047 Y120.98 E165.20891 G1 X127.4 Y120.67 E165.22017 G1 X127.679 Y120.291 E165.23144 G1 X127.845 Y119.936 E165.24082 G1 X127.953 Y119.488 E165.25186 G1 X127.97 Y119.106 E165.26101 G1 X127.922 Y118.732 E165.27004 G1 X127.805 Y118.36 E165.27938 G1 X127.58 Y117.953 E165.29052 G1 X127.27 Y117.6 E165.30177 G1 X127.135 Y117.501 E165.30578 G1 X127.496 Y117.393 E165.31075 G1 X127.838 Y117.239 E165.31973 G1 X128.156 Y117.045 E165.32865 G1 X128.443 Y116.814 E165.33748 G1 X128.775 Y116.453 E165.34922 G1 X128.78 Y116.445 E165.34945 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E165.49636 G1 X107.06 Y122.58 E166.0165 G1 X107.061 Y112.42 E166.2598 G1 X112.77 Y112.42 E166.39652 G1 X112.56 Y112.582 E166.40287 G1 X112.225 Y112.947 E166.41473 G1 X112.004 Y113.28 E166.4243 G1 X111.804 Y113.713 E166.43573 G1 X111.694 Y114.094 E166.44522 G1 X111.64 Y114.464 E166.45418 G1 X111.631 Y114.843 E166.46326 G1 X111.697 Y115.327 E166.47495 G1 X111.807 Y115.696 E166.48417 G1 X111.961 Y116.038 E166.49316 G1 X112.155 Y116.356 E166.50208 G1 X112.386 Y116.643 E166.5109 G1 X112.747 Y116.975 E166.52264 G1 X113.08 Y117.196 E166.53222 G1 X113.513 Y117.396 E166.54364 G1 X113.55 Y117.407 E166.54456 G0 F2582.9 X113.894 Y117.506 G0 X114.264 Y117.56 G0 X114.643 Y117.569 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.616 Y117.088 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2869.9 X115.026 Y117.032 E166.55447 G1 X115.329 Y116.942 E166.56204 G1 X115.614 Y116.814 E166.56952 G1 X115.879 Y116.652 E166.57696 G1 X116.114 Y116.463 E166.58418 G1 X116.396 Y116.156 E166.59416 G1 X116.576 Y115.885 E166.60196 G1 X116.745 Y115.519 E166.61161 G1 X116.836 Y115.204 E166.61946 G1 X116.881 Y114.896 E166.62692 G1 X116.888 Y114.584 E166.63439 G1 X116.832 Y114.174 E166.6443 G1 X116.742 Y113.871 E166.65187 G1 X116.614 Y113.586 E166.65935 G1 X116.452 Y113.321 E166.66679 G1 X116.263 Y113.086 E166.67401 G1 X115.956 Y112.804 E166.68399 G1 X115.685 Y112.624 E166.69178 G1 X115.319 Y112.455 E166.70144 G1 X115.004 Y112.364 E166.70929 G1 X114.696 Y112.319 E166.71674 G1 X114.49 Y112.31 E166.72168 G1 X114.174 Y112.331 E166.72926 G1 X113.87 Y112.395 E166.7367 G1 X113.491 Y112.533 E166.74636 G1 X113.207 Y112.69 E166.75413 G1 X112.886 Y112.937 E166.76383 G1 X112.604 Y113.244 E166.77382 G1 X112.424 Y113.515 E166.78161 G1 X112.255 Y113.881 E166.79126 G1 X112.164 Y114.196 E166.79911 G1 X112.119 Y114.504 E166.80657 G1 X112.112 Y114.816 E166.81404 G1 X112.168 Y115.226 E166.82395 G1 X112.258 Y115.529 E166.83152 G1 X112.386 Y115.814 E166.839 G1 X112.548 Y116.079 E166.84644 G1 X112.737 Y116.314 E166.85366 G1 X113.044 Y116.596 E166.86364 G1 X113.315 Y116.776 E166.87143 G1 X113.565 Y116.892 E166.87803 G0 F2582.9 X113.681 Y116.945 G0 X113.996 Y117.036 G0 X114.304 Y117.081 G0 X114.616 Y117.088 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.645 Y117.615 G1 F1800 E166.27803 G0 F15000 X114.683 Y116.175 G0 X127.593 Y113.694 G0 X128.78 Y112.963 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E166.87803 G1 F2869.9 X128.614 Y112.757 E166.88437 G1 X128.253 Y112.425 E166.89611 G1 X128.245 Y112.42 E166.89634 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E166.89976 G1 X128.78 Y112.963 E166.90517 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E166.30517 G0 F15000 X127.706 Y113.832 G0 X126.647 Y116.179 G0 X126.616 Y117.088 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E166.90517 G1 F2869.9 X127.026 Y117.032 E166.91508 G1 X127.329 Y116.942 E166.92265 G1 X127.614 Y116.814 E166.93013 G1 X127.879 Y116.652 E166.93757 G1 X128.114 Y116.463 E166.94479 G1 X128.396 Y116.156 E166.95477 G1 X128.576 Y115.885 E166.96256 G1 X128.745 Y115.519 E166.97222 G1 X128.836 Y115.204 E166.98007 G1 X128.881 Y114.896 E166.98752 G1 X128.888 Y114.584 E166.995 G1 X128.832 Y114.174 E167.00491 G1 X128.742 Y113.871 E167.01248 G1 X128.614 Y113.586 E167.01996 G1 X128.452 Y113.321 E167.0274 G1 X128.263 Y113.086 E167.03462 G1 X127.956 Y112.804 E167.0446 G1 X127.685 Y112.624 E167.05239 G1 X127.319 Y112.455 E167.06204 G1 X127.004 Y112.364 E167.0699 G1 X126.696 Y112.319 E167.07735 G1 X126.49 Y112.31 E167.08229 G1 X126.174 Y112.331 E167.08987 G1 X125.87 Y112.395 E167.09731 G1 X125.491 Y112.533 E167.10697 G1 X125.207 Y112.69 E167.11474 G1 X124.886 Y112.937 E167.12444 G1 X124.604 Y113.244 E167.13442 G1 X124.424 Y113.515 E167.14221 G1 X124.255 Y113.881 E167.15187 G1 X124.164 Y114.196 E167.15972 G1 X124.119 Y114.504 E167.16717 G1 X124.112 Y114.816 E167.17465 G1 X124.168 Y115.226 E167.18456 G1 X124.258 Y115.529 E167.19213 G1 X124.386 Y115.814 E167.19961 G1 X124.548 Y116.079 E167.20705 G1 X124.737 Y116.314 E167.21427 G1 X125.044 Y116.596 E167.22425 G1 X125.315 Y116.776 E167.23204 G1 X125.565 Y116.892 E167.23864 G0 F2582.9 X125.681 Y116.945 G0 X125.996 Y117.036 G0 X126.304 Y117.081 G0 X126.616 Y117.088 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E166.63864 G0 F15000 X126.096 Y118.471 G0 X125.698 Y119.978 G0 X125.58 Y120.876 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E167.23864 G1 F2869.9 X125.873 Y120.889 E167.24567 G1 X126.164 Y120.851 E167.25269 G1 X126.45 Y120.761 E167.25987 G1 X126.77 Y120.585 E167.26862 G1 X127.044 Y120.344 E167.27736 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E167.28625 G1 X127.39 Y119.776 E167.29336 G1 X127.476 Y119.42 E167.30213 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E167.30915 G1 X127.451 Y118.836 E167.31618 G1 X127.361 Y118.55 E167.32336 G1 X127.185 Y118.23 E167.33211 G1 X126.944 Y117.956 E167.34085 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E167.34974 G1 X126.376 Y117.61 E167.35685 G1 X126.02 Y117.524 E167.36562 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E167.36915 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E167.37618 G1 X125.224 Y117.61 E167.38495 G1 X124.953 Y117.737 E167.39212 G1 X124.716 Y117.903 E167.39904 G1 X124.503 Y118.116 E167.40626 G1 X124.336 Y118.355 E167.41324 G1 X124.21 Y118.624 E167.42035 G1 X124.124 Y118.98 E167.42912 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E167.43615 G1 X124.149 Y119.564 E167.44318 G1 X124.239 Y119.85 E167.45036 G1 X124.415 Y120.17 E167.4591 G1 X124.656 Y120.444 E167.46784 G1 X124.875 Y120.605 E167.47435 G0 F2582.9 X124.954 Y120.663 G0 X125.224 Y120.79 G0 X125.58 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.507 Y121.398 G1 F1800 E166.87435 G0 F15000 X125.599 Y119.959 G0 X106.58 Y123.965 G0 X106.58 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E167.47435 G1 F2869.9 X106.581 Y111.94 E167.74064 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E168.28374 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E168.55004 G1 X107.69 Y123.06 E169.06658 G0 F2582.9 X106.58 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E168.46658 G0 F15000 X106.58 Y123.965 G0 X126.445 Y118.75 G0 X127.988 Y117.698 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E169.06658 G1 F2869.9 X128.062 Y117.664 E169.06853 G1 X128.3 Y117.52 E169.07519 G1 X128.3 Y118.335 E169.09471 G1 X128.248 Y118.17 E169.09885 G1 X127.988 Y117.698 E169.10398 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E168.50398 G0 F15000 X127.019 Y116.091 G0 X125.189 Y115.398 G0 X123.208 Y116.249 G1 F1800 E169.10398 G0 F15000 X123.279 Y116.279 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F5739.7 X121.439 Y113.092 E169.19211 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.71 Y113.092 M204 S800 G1 F5739.7 X119.853 Y116.308 E169.28104 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.853 Y116.16 G0 X117.931 Y116.099 G0 X117.79 Y116.058 M204 S800 G1 F5739.7 X123.214 Y116.058 E169.41093 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E168.81093 G0 F15000 X123.072 Y116.098 G0 X117.797 Y116.248 G0 X115.825 Y115.37 G0 X113.155 Y115.331 G0 X111.208 Y116.249 G1 F1800 E169.41093 G0 F15000 X111.214 Y116.058 M204 S800 G1 F5739.7 X107.733 Y116.058 E169.49429 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.011 Y116.49 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2869.9 X111.124 Y116.49 E169.56884 G1 X111.375 Y116.903 E169.58041 G1 X111.691 Y117.295 E169.59247 G1 X112.159 Y117.725 E169.60769 G1 X112.615 Y118.027 E169.62079 G1 X113.18 Y118.289 E169.6357 G1 X113.692 Y118.436 E169.64846 G1 X114.184 Y118.509 E169.66037 G1 X114.696 Y118.52 E169.67263 G1 X115.329 Y118.434 E169.68793 G1 X115.829 Y118.285 E169.70042 G1 X116.281 Y118.081 E169.7123 G1 X116.703 Y117.825 E169.72412 G1 X117.095 Y117.509 E169.73618 G1 X117.525 Y117.041 E169.7514 G1 X117.827 Y116.584 E169.76451 G1 X117.871 Y116.49 E169.767 G1 X123.124 Y116.49 E169.8928 G1 X123.375 Y116.904 E169.90439 G1 X123.517 Y117.079 E169.90979 G1 X123.403 Y117.194 E169.91366 G1 X123.093 Y117.636 E169.92659 G1 X122.854 Y118.148 E169.94012 G1 X122.702 Y118.778 E169.95564 G1 X122.677 Y119.334 E169.96897 G1 X122.746 Y119.873 E169.98198 G1 X122.917 Y120.416 E169.99562 G1 X123.238 Y120.997 E170.01151 G1 X123.685 Y121.505 E170.02772 G1 X123.855 Y121.63 E170.03277 G1 X108.01 Y121.63 E170.41222 G1 X108.011 Y117.6 E170.50872 G0 F2582.9 X108.011 Y116.49 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E169.90872 G0 F15000 X108.011 Y116.16 G0 X105.675 Y116.26 G0 X105.675 Y121.437 G0 X108.54 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E170.50872 G1 F2869.9 X108.202 Y121.099 E170.52017 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.202 Y120.42 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X109.219 Y121.437 E170.55461 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.897 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X108.202 Y119.742 E170.61202 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.202 Y119.063 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X110.576 Y121.437 E170.69242 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.255 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X108.202 Y118.384 E170.79581 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.202 Y117.705 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X111.934 Y121.437 E170.9222 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.613 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X108.202 Y117.026 E171.07159 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.535 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X113.291 Y121.437 E171.23266 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.97 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X109.214 Y116.681 E171.39372 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.892 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X114.649 Y121.437 E171.55481 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.328 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X110.571 Y116.681 E171.7159 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E171.1159 G0 F15000 X110.571 Y116.16 G0 X111.208 Y116.249 G0 X112.973 Y118.404 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E171.7159 G1 F2869.9 X116.007 Y121.437 E171.81863 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.686 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X113.911 Y118.663 E171.91259 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.637 Y118.71 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X117.364 Y121.437 E172.00495 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.043 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X115.244 Y118.638 E172.09974 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.782 Y118.497 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X118.722 Y121.437 E172.19931 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.401 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X116.262 Y118.298 E172.30562 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.695 Y118.053 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X120.08 Y121.437 E172.42024 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.758 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X117.085 Y117.764 E172.54463 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.429 Y117.429 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X121.437 Y121.437 E172.68037 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.116 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X117.74 Y117.061 E172.82857 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.04 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X122.795 Y121.437 E172.9896 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123 Y120.964 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X118.718 Y116.682 E173.13462 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.397 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X122.547 Y119.831 E173.24128 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.494 Y119.1 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X120.076 Y116.682 E173.32317 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.755 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X122.571 Y118.498 E173.38467 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.723 Y117.971 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X121.434 Y116.682 E173.42833 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.113 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X122.943 Y117.513 E173.45645 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.223 Y117.114 M204 S800 G1 F2869.9 X122.791 Y116.682 E173.47108 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.597 Y115.837 G1 F1800 E172.87108 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.597 Y115.837 Z2.24 G0 F15000 X117.797 Y116.248 G0 X114.532 Y118.533 ;TIME_ELAPSED:198.053092 ;LAYER:9 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E173.47108 G1 F2937.2 X115.031 Y118.495 E173.49106 G1 X115.525 Y118.395 E173.51118 G1 X115.993 Y118.23 E173.53098 G1 X116.422 Y118.017 E173.5501 G1 X116.858 Y117.723 E173.57109 G1 X117.233 Y117.386 E173.59121 G1 X117.561 Y117.008 E173.61118 G1 X117.838 Y116.585 E173.63136 G1 X118.053 Y116.138 E173.65116 G1 X118.204 Y115.685 E173.67022 G1 X118.303 Y115.17 E173.69115 G1 X118.333 Y114.668 E173.71122 G1 X118.295 Y114.169 E173.7312 G1 X118.195 Y113.675 E173.75131 G1 X118.091 Y113.38 E173.7638 G1 X122.908 Y113.38 E173.95605 G1 X122.796 Y113.715 E173.97015 G1 X122.697 Y114.23 E173.99108 G1 X122.667 Y114.732 E174.01115 G1 X122.705 Y115.231 E174.03113 G1 X122.805 Y115.725 E174.05124 G1 X122.97 Y116.193 E174.07105 G1 X123.183 Y116.622 E174.09017 G1 X123.477 Y117.058 E174.11116 G1 X123.5 Y117.083 E174.11251 G1 X123.393 Y117.19 E174.11855 G1 X123.072 Y117.649 E174.14091 G1 X122.811 Y118.242 E174.16677 G1 X122.69 Y118.795 E174.18936 G1 X122.668 Y119.338 E174.21105 G1 X122.739 Y119.881 E174.23291 G1 X122.911 Y120.422 E174.25556 G1 X123.23 Y121.004 E174.28205 G1 X123.679 Y121.513 E174.30914 G1 X123.825 Y121.62 E174.31637 G1 X108.22 Y121.62 E174.9392 G1 X108.221 Y113.38 E175.26807 G1 X110.908 Y113.38 E175.37532 G1 X110.796 Y113.715 E175.38941 G1 X110.697 Y114.23 E175.41035 G1 X110.667 Y114.732 E175.43042 G1 X110.705 Y115.231 E175.45039 G1 X110.805 Y115.725 E175.47051 G1 X110.97 Y116.193 E175.49031 G1 X111.183 Y116.622 E175.50943 G1 X111.477 Y117.058 E175.53042 G1 X111.814 Y117.433 E175.55054 G1 X112.192 Y117.761 E175.57052 G1 X112.615 Y118.038 E175.5907 G1 X113.062 Y118.253 E175.61049 G1 X113.515 Y118.404 E175.62955 G1 X113.869 Y118.473 E175.64395 G0 F2643.5 X114.03 Y118.503 G0 X114.532 Y118.533 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.528 Y118.052 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X114.965 Y118.019 E175.66144 G1 X115.397 Y117.931 E175.67903 G1 X115.806 Y117.787 E175.69634 G1 X116.18 Y117.601 E175.71301 G1 X116.562 Y117.344 E175.73139 G1 X116.89 Y117.049 E175.74899 G1 X117.177 Y116.718 E175.76648 G1 X117.419 Y116.349 E175.78409 G1 X117.607 Y115.957 E175.80144 G1 X117.739 Y115.563 E175.81803 G1 X117.826 Y115.11 E175.83644 G1 X117.852 Y114.672 E175.85395 G1 X117.819 Y114.235 E175.87144 G1 X117.731 Y113.803 E175.88904 G1 X117.587 Y113.394 E175.90634 G1 X117.401 Y113.02 E175.92302 G1 X117.32 Y112.9 E175.92879 G1 X123.68 Y112.9 E176.18264 G1 X123.581 Y113.051 E176.18984 G1 X123.393 Y113.443 E176.20719 G1 X123.261 Y113.837 E176.22378 G1 X123.174 Y114.29 E176.24219 G1 X123.148 Y114.728 E176.2597 G1 X123.181 Y115.165 E176.27719 G1 X123.269 Y115.597 E176.29479 G1 X123.413 Y116.006 E176.3121 G1 X123.599 Y116.38 E176.32877 G1 X123.856 Y116.762 E176.34714 G1 X124.151 Y117.09 E176.36475 G1 X124.175 Y117.11 E176.366 G1 X124.094 Y117.167 E176.36795 G1 X123.762 Y117.499 E176.38669 G1 X123.493 Y117.885 E176.40547 G1 X123.27 Y118.392 E176.42758 G1 X123.168 Y118.857 E176.44658 G1 X123.149 Y119.317 E176.46495 G1 X123.209 Y119.776 E176.48343 G1 X123.354 Y120.232 E176.50253 G1 X123.625 Y120.726 E176.52501 G1 X124.005 Y121.157 E176.54795 G1 X124.474 Y121.501 E176.57116 G1 X124.993 Y121.73 E176.5938 G1 X125.457 Y121.832 E176.61277 G1 X125.917 Y121.851 E176.63114 G1 X126.376 Y121.791 E176.64962 G1 X126.832 Y121.646 E176.66871 G1 X127.326 Y121.375 E176.6912 G1 X127.757 Y120.995 E176.71414 G1 X128.101 Y120.526 E176.73735 G1 X128.3 Y120.074 E176.75706 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E176.83792 G1 X126.832 Y122.1 E176.89651 G1 X125.917 Y122.1 E176.92744 G1 X124.993 Y122.1 E176.9516 G1 X107.74 Y122.1 E177.64021 G1 X107.741 Y112.9 E178.0074 G1 X111.68 Y112.9 E178.16461 G1 X111.581 Y113.051 E178.17182 G1 X111.393 Y113.443 E178.18917 G1 X111.261 Y113.837 E178.20575 G1 X111.174 Y114.29 E178.22417 G1 X111.148 Y114.728 E178.24168 G1 X111.181 Y115.165 E178.25917 G1 X111.269 Y115.597 E178.27676 G1 X111.413 Y116.006 E178.29407 G1 X111.599 Y116.38 E178.31074 G1 X111.856 Y116.762 E178.32912 G1 X112.151 Y117.09 E178.34673 G1 X112.482 Y117.377 E178.36421 G1 X112.851 Y117.619 E178.38182 G1 X113.243 Y117.807 E178.39917 G1 X113.637 Y117.939 E178.41576 G1 X113.866 Y117.983 E178.42507 G0 F2643.5 X114.09 Y118.026 G0 X114.528 Y118.052 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.524 Y117.571 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X114.899 Y117.543 E178.44008 G1 X115.269 Y117.467 E178.45515 G1 X115.619 Y117.344 E178.46996 G1 X115.938 Y117.185 E178.48418 G1 X116.266 Y116.964 E178.49997 G1 X116.547 Y116.712 E178.51503 G1 X116.793 Y116.428 E178.53003 G1 X117 Y116.113 E178.54507 G1 X117.161 Y115.776 E178.55998 G1 X117.274 Y115.441 E178.57409 G1 X117.349 Y115.05 E178.58998 G1 X117.371 Y114.676 E178.60493 G1 X117.343 Y114.301 E178.61994 G1 X117.267 Y113.931 E178.63502 G1 X117.144 Y113.581 E178.64983 G1 X116.985 Y113.262 E178.66405 G1 X116.764 Y112.934 E178.67984 G1 X116.512 Y112.653 E178.6949 G1 X116.243 Y112.42 E178.70911 G1 X124.758 Y112.42 E179.04896 G1 X124.734 Y112.436 E179.05011 G1 X124.453 Y112.688 E179.06517 G1 X124.207 Y112.972 E179.08017 G1 X124 Y113.287 E179.09521 G1 X123.839 Y113.624 E179.11012 G1 X123.726 Y113.959 E179.12423 G1 X123.651 Y114.35 E179.14012 G1 X123.629 Y114.724 E179.15507 G1 X123.657 Y115.099 E179.17008 G1 X123.733 Y115.469 E179.18516 G1 X123.856 Y115.819 E179.19997 G1 X124.015 Y116.138 E179.21419 G1 X124.236 Y116.466 E179.22998 G1 X124.488 Y116.747 E179.24504 G1 X124.772 Y116.993 E179.26004 G1 X125.038 Y117.168 E179.27275 G1 X124.709 Y117.321 E179.27946 G1 X124.404 Y117.536 E179.29436 G1 X124.132 Y117.808 E179.30971 G1 X123.914 Y118.121 E179.32493 G1 X123.729 Y118.542 E179.34329 G1 X123.646 Y118.919 E179.35869 G1 X123.63 Y119.296 E179.37375 G1 X123.679 Y119.671 E179.38885 G1 X123.797 Y120.042 E179.40439 G1 X124.02 Y120.448 E179.42288 G1 X124.331 Y120.801 E179.44165 G1 X124.715 Y121.083 E179.46067 G1 X125.143 Y121.271 E179.47932 G1 X125.519 Y121.354 E179.49469 G1 X125.896 Y121.37 E179.50975 G1 X126.271 Y121.321 E179.52485 G1 X126.642 Y121.203 E179.54039 G1 X127.048 Y120.98 E179.55887 G1 X127.401 Y120.669 E179.57765 G1 X127.683 Y120.284 E179.5967 G1 X127.871 Y119.858 E179.61528 G1 X127.954 Y119.481 E179.63069 G1 X127.97 Y119.104 E179.64575 G1 X127.921 Y118.729 E179.66084 G1 X127.803 Y118.358 E179.67638 G1 X127.58 Y117.952 E179.69487 G1 X127.269 Y117.599 E179.71365 G1 X127.128 Y117.496 E179.72062 G1 X127.269 Y117.467 E179.72132 G1 X127.619 Y117.344 E179.73036 G1 X127.938 Y117.185 E179.74459 G1 X128.266 Y116.964 E179.76037 G1 X128.547 Y116.712 E179.77544 G1 X128.78 Y116.443 E179.78964 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E180.03458 G1 X107.26 Y122.58 E180.89349 G1 X107.261 Y112.42 E181.299 G1 X112.758 Y112.42 E181.5184 G1 X112.734 Y112.436 E181.51955 G1 X112.453 Y112.688 E181.53461 G1 X112.207 Y112.972 E181.54961 G1 X112 Y113.287 E181.56465 G1 X111.839 Y113.624 E181.57956 G1 X111.726 Y113.959 E181.59367 G1 X111.651 Y114.35 E181.60956 G1 X111.629 Y114.724 E181.62451 G1 X111.657 Y115.099 E181.63952 G1 X111.733 Y115.469 E181.6546 G1 X111.856 Y115.819 E181.66941 G1 X112.015 Y116.138 E181.68363 G1 X112.236 Y116.466 E181.69942 G1 X112.488 Y116.747 E181.71448 G1 X112.772 Y116.993 E181.72948 G1 X113.087 Y117.2 E181.74452 G1 X113.424 Y117.361 E181.75943 G1 X113.759 Y117.474 E181.77354 G1 X113.864 Y117.494 E181.7778 G0 F2643.5 X114.15 Y117.549 G0 X114.524 Y117.571 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.52 Y117.09 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2937.2 X114.832 Y117.067 E181.79029 G1 X115.14 Y117.003 E181.80285 G1 X115.432 Y116.901 E181.81519 G1 X115.695 Y116.77 E181.82692 G1 X115.97 Y116.584 E181.84017 G1 X116.204 Y116.375 E181.85269 G1 X116.409 Y116.138 E181.8652 G1 X116.581 Y115.876 E181.87771 G1 X116.716 Y115.595 E181.89015 G1 X116.809 Y115.319 E181.90177 G1 X116.872 Y114.991 E181.9151 G1 X116.89 Y114.68 E181.92754 G1 X116.867 Y114.368 E181.94002 G1 X116.803 Y114.06 E181.95258 G1 X116.701 Y113.768 E181.96493 G1 X116.57 Y113.505 E181.97665 G1 X116.384 Y113.23 E181.9899 G1 X116.175 Y112.996 E182.00243 G1 X115.938 Y112.791 E182.01493 G1 X115.676 Y112.619 E182.02744 G1 X115.395 Y112.484 E182.03988 G1 X115.119 Y112.391 E182.05151 G1 X114.791 Y112.328 E182.06484 G1 X114.48 Y112.31 E182.07727 G1 X114.168 Y112.333 E182.08976 G1 X113.86 Y112.397 E182.10231 G1 X113.568 Y112.499 E182.11466 G1 X113.305 Y112.63 E182.12639 G1 X113.03 Y112.816 E182.13964 G1 X112.796 Y113.025 E182.15216 G1 X112.591 Y113.262 E182.16467 G1 X112.419 Y113.524 E182.17717 G1 X112.284 Y113.805 E182.18962 G1 X112.191 Y114.081 E182.20124 G1 X112.128 Y114.409 E182.21457 G1 X112.11 Y114.72 E182.22701 G1 X112.133 Y115.032 E182.23949 G1 X112.197 Y115.34 E182.25205 G1 X112.299 Y115.632 E182.26439 G1 X112.43 Y115.895 E182.27612 G1 X112.616 Y116.17 E182.28937 G1 X112.825 Y116.404 E182.30189 G1 X113.062 Y116.609 E182.3144 G1 X113.324 Y116.781 E182.32691 G1 X113.605 Y116.916 E182.33935 G1 X113.861 Y117.002 E182.35013 G0 F2643.5 X113.881 Y117.009 G0 X114.209 Y117.072 G0 X114.52 Y117.09 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.524 Y117.618 G1 F1800 E181.75013 G0 F15000 X114.63 Y116.18 G0 X127.632 Y113.739 G0 X128.78 Y112.958 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E182.35013 G1 F2937.2 X128.764 Y112.934 E182.35128 G1 X128.512 Y112.653 E182.36634 G1 X128.243 Y112.42 E182.38055 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E182.38992 G1 X128.78 Y112.958 E182.39959 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E181.79959 G0 F15000 X127.717 Y113.849 G0 X126.38 Y116.181 G0 X126.209 Y117.072 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E182.39959 G1 F2937.2 X126.52 Y117.09 E182.41202 G1 X126.832 Y117.067 E182.42451 G1 X127.14 Y117.003 E182.43707 G1 X127.432 Y116.901 E182.44941 G1 X127.695 Y116.77 E182.46114 G1 X127.97 Y116.584 E182.47439 G1 X128.204 Y116.375 E182.48691 G1 X128.409 Y116.138 E182.49942 G1 X128.581 Y115.876 E182.51193 G1 X128.716 Y115.595 E182.52437 G1 X128.809 Y115.319 E182.53599 G1 X128.872 Y114.991 E182.54932 G1 X128.89 Y114.68 E182.56176 G1 X128.867 Y114.368 E182.57424 G1 X128.803 Y114.06 E182.5868 G1 X128.701 Y113.768 E182.59914 G1 X128.57 Y113.505 E182.61087 G1 X128.384 Y113.23 E182.62412 G1 X128.175 Y112.996 E182.63664 G1 X127.938 Y112.791 E182.64915 G1 X127.676 Y112.619 E182.66166 G1 X127.395 Y112.484 E182.6741 G1 X127.119 Y112.391 E182.68573 G1 X126.791 Y112.328 E182.69906 G1 X126.48 Y112.31 E182.71149 G1 X126.168 Y112.333 E182.72398 G1 X125.86 Y112.397 E182.73653 G1 X125.568 Y112.499 E182.74888 G1 X125.305 Y112.63 E182.7606 G1 X125.03 Y112.816 E182.77386 G1 X124.796 Y113.025 E182.78638 G1 X124.591 Y113.262 E182.79888 G1 X124.419 Y113.524 E182.81139 G1 X124.284 Y113.805 E182.82384 G1 X124.191 Y114.081 E182.83546 G1 X124.128 Y114.409 E182.84879 G1 X124.11 Y114.72 E182.86122 G1 X124.133 Y115.032 E182.87371 G1 X124.197 Y115.34 E182.88627 G1 X124.299 Y115.632 E182.89861 G1 X124.43 Y115.895 E182.91034 G1 X124.616 Y116.17 E182.92359 G1 X124.825 Y116.404 E182.93611 G1 X125.062 Y116.609 E182.94862 G1 X125.324 Y116.781 E182.96113 G1 X125.568 Y116.898 E182.97193 G0 F2643.5 X125.605 Y116.916 G0 X125.881 Y117.009 G0 X126.209 Y117.072 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E182.37193 G0 F15000 X125.977 Y118.435 G0 X125.563 Y119.949 G0 X125.292 Y120.812 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E182.97193 G1 F2937.2 X125.582 Y120.876 E182.98378 G1 X125.875 Y120.889 E182.99549 G1 X126.166 Y120.851 E183.0072 G1 X126.452 Y120.76 E183.01918 G1 X126.77 Y120.585 E183.03366 G1 X127.045 Y120.343 E183.04829 G1 X127.265 Y120.043 E183.06313 G1 X127.412 Y119.708 E183.07773 G1 X127.476 Y119.418 E183.08959 G1 X127.489 Y119.125 E183.10129 G1 X127.451 Y118.834 E183.11301 G1 X127.36 Y118.548 E183.12499 G1 X127.185 Y118.23 E183.13947 G1 X126.943 Y117.955 E183.15409 G1 X126.643 Y117.735 E183.16894 G1 X126.308 Y117.588 E183.18354 G1 X126.018 Y117.524 E183.1954 G1 X125.871 Y117.511 E183.20129 G1 X125.578 Y117.524 E183.21299 G1 X125.223 Y117.611 E183.22758 G1 X124.951 Y117.738 E183.23956 G1 X124.714 Y117.905 E183.25113 G1 X124.502 Y118.117 E183.2631 G1 X124.335 Y118.357 E183.27477 G1 X124.188 Y118.692 E183.28937 G1 X124.124 Y118.982 E183.30122 G1 X124.111 Y119.275 E183.31293 G1 X124.149 Y119.566 E183.32464 G1 X124.24 Y119.852 E183.33662 G1 X124.415 Y120.17 E183.35111 G1 X124.657 Y120.445 E183.36573 G1 X124.715 Y120.488 E183.36861 G0 F2643.5 X124.956 Y120.665 G0 X125.292 Y120.812 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.129 Y121.314 G1 F1800 E182.76861 G0 F15000 X125.447 Y119.902 G0 X106.78 Y123.965 G0 X106.78 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E183.36861 G1 F2937.2 X106.781 Y111.94 E183.81243 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E184.70962 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E185.15344 G1 X107.446 Y123.06 E186.02408 G0 F2643.5 X106.78 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E185.42408 G0 F15000 X106.78 Y123.965 G0 X126.248 Y119.846 G0 X127.774 Y121.62 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E186.02408 G1 F2937.2 X127.82 Y121.579 E186.02654 G1 X127.82 Y121.62 G1 X127.774 Y121.62 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.987 Y117.697 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X128.3 Y117.52 E186.0409 G1 X128.3 Y118.338 E186.07354 G1 X128.246 Y118.168 E186.08066 G1 X127.987 Y117.697 E186.08932 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E185.48932 G0 F15000 X127.072 Y116.071 G0 X125.129 Y115.272 G0 X122.723 Y116.249 G0 X122.528 Y115.964 G1 F1800 E186.08932 G0 F15000 X122.668 Y115.917 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F5874.3 X118.329 Y115.917 E186.2625 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.47 Y115.964 G0 X120.016 Y116.16 G0 X120.016 Y116.308 M204 S800 G1 F5874.3 X121.596 Y113.572 E186.3886 G1 X121.552 Y113.572 G1 X122.513 Y115.236 E186.46529 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E185.86529 G0 F15000 X122.365 Y115.245 G0 X118.282 Y116.249 G0 X115.846 Y115.326 G0 X113.129 Y115.272 G0 X110.723 Y116.249 G0 X110.528 Y115.964 G1 F1800 E186.46529 G0 F15000 X110.668 Y115.917 M204 S800 G1 F5874.3 X108.413 Y115.917 E186.5553 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.691 Y116.49 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2937.2 X110.593 Y116.49 E186.63121 G1 X110.776 Y116.859 E186.64765 G1 X111.105 Y117.348 E186.67117 G1 X111.483 Y117.769 E186.69375 G1 X111.908 Y118.137 E186.71619 G1 X112.384 Y118.448 E186.73889 G1 X112.885 Y118.69 E186.76109 G1 X113.396 Y118.86 E186.78259 G1 X113.971 Y118.971 E186.80596 G1 X114.536 Y119.005 E186.82855 G1 X115.096 Y118.961 E186.85097 G1 X115.65 Y118.849 E186.87353 G1 X116.177 Y118.663 E186.89583 G1 X116.659 Y118.424 E186.91731 G1 X117.148 Y118.095 E186.94083 G1 X117.569 Y117.717 E186.96341 G1 X117.937 Y117.292 E186.98585 G1 X118.248 Y116.816 E187.00854 G1 X118.405 Y116.49 E187.02299 G1 X122.593 Y116.49 E187.19014 G1 X122.776 Y116.859 E187.20658 G1 X122.911 Y117.059 E187.21621 G1 X122.661 Y117.418 E187.23367 G1 X122.362 Y118.095 E187.26321 G1 X122.222 Y118.734 E187.28932 G1 X122.196 Y119.359 E187.31428 G1 X122.279 Y119.983 E187.33941 G1 X122.477 Y120.608 E187.36557 G1 X122.774 Y121.15 E187.39024 G1 X108.69 Y121.15 E187.95236 G1 X108.691 Y117.156 E188.11177 G0 F2643.5 X108.691 Y116.49 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.883 Y117.164 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X109.366 Y116.681 E188.13904 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.045 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X108.883 Y117.843 E188.20462 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.883 Y118.522 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X110.556 Y116.849 E188.29906 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.818 Y117.265 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X108.882 Y119.201 E188.40833 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.882 Y119.88 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X111.115 Y117.647 E188.53437 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.449 Y117.992 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X108.882 Y120.559 E188.67926 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.163 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X111.815 Y118.305 E188.82895 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.226 Y118.573 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X109.841 Y120.957 E188.96355 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.52 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X112.677 Y118.801 E189.08527 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.171 Y118.986 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X111.199 Y120.957 E189.19655 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.878 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X113.719 Y119.117 E189.30043 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.33 Y119.184 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X112.557 Y120.957 E189.40051 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.236 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X115.037 Y119.156 E189.50217 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.913 Y118.959 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X113.914 Y120.957 E189.61497 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.593 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X117.642 Y117.908 E189.78707 G1 X117.753 Y117.797 G1 X118.869 Y116.681 E189.85006 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.548 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X115.272 Y120.957 E190.09142 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.951 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X120.227 Y116.681 E190.33277 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.906 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X116.63 Y120.957 E190.57413 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.309 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X121.584 Y116.681 E190.81546 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.263 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X117.987 Y120.957 E191.05681 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.666 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X122.632 Y116.991 E191.28067 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.632 Y116.16 G0 X122.152 Y116.16 G0 X122.152 Y118.15 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X119.345 Y120.957 E191.43911 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.024 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X122.019 Y118.962 E191.55172 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.036 Y119.624 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X120.703 Y120.957 E191.62696 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.381 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X122.144 Y120.195 E191.67 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.311 Y120.707 M204 S800 G1 F2937.2 X122.06 Y120.957 E191.68413 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E191.08413 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.06 Y120.957 Z2.44 G0 F15000 X125.07 Y119.491 G0 X114.83 Y116.149 G0 X114.941 Y118.024 ;TIME_ELAPSED:218.851902 ;LAYER:10 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E191.68413 G1 F2819.4 X115.403 Y117.928 E191.70297 G1 X115.788 Y117.794 E191.71924 G1 X116.211 Y117.581 E191.73814 G1 X116.575 Y117.333 E191.75572 G1 X116.896 Y117.043 E191.77299 G1 X117.16 Y116.74 E191.78903 G1 X117.404 Y116.374 E191.80658 G1 X117.612 Y115.947 E191.82554 G1 X117.739 Y115.564 E191.84164 G1 X117.824 Y115.139 E191.85894 G1 X117.852 Y114.667 E191.87781 G1 X117.824 Y114.256 E191.89426 G1 X117.728 Y113.797 E191.91297 G1 X117.594 Y113.412 E191.92924 G1 X117.381 Y112.989 E191.94814 G1 X117.32 Y112.9 E191.95245 G1 X123.68 Y112.9 E192.20629 G1 X123.596 Y113.026 E192.21234 G1 X123.388 Y113.453 E192.23129 G1 X123.261 Y113.836 E192.2474 G1 X123.176 Y114.259 E192.26462 G1 X123.148 Y114.698 E192.28218 G1 X123.176 Y115.141 E192.29989 G1 X123.272 Y115.603 E192.31873 G1 X123.406 Y115.988 E192.335 G1 X123.619 Y116.411 E192.3539 G1 X123.867 Y116.775 E192.37148 G1 X124.157 Y117.096 E192.38874 G1 X124.09 Y117.17 E192.39273 G1 X123.761 Y117.503 E192.41141 G1 X123.5 Y117.879 E192.42968 G1 X123.301 Y118.304 E192.44841 G1 X123.17 Y118.851 E192.47086 G1 X123.149 Y119.319 E192.48956 G1 X123.21 Y119.78 E192.50812 G1 X123.355 Y120.233 E192.5271 G1 X123.627 Y120.729 E192.54968 G1 X124.007 Y121.159 E192.57258 G1 X124.465 Y121.496 E192.59528 G1 X124.903 Y121.701 E192.61458 G1 X125.451 Y121.83 E192.63705 G1 X125.919 Y121.851 E192.65575 G1 X126.377 Y121.79 E192.67419 G1 X126.824 Y121.65 E192.69288 G1 X127.225 Y121.439 E192.71097 G1 X127.609 Y121.144 E192.73029 G1 X127.973 Y120.727 E192.75239 G1 X128.206 Y120.319 E192.77114 G1 X128.3 Y120.059 E192.78217 G1 X128.3 Y120.727 E192.79653 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E192.85133 G1 X126.377 Y122.1 E192.92808 G1 X125.451 Y122.1 E192.95353 G1 X124.903 Y122.1 E192.96876 G1 X107.94 Y122.1 E193.64579 G1 X107.941 Y112.9 E194.01298 G1 X111.68 Y112.9 E194.16221 G1 X111.596 Y113.026 E194.16826 G1 X111.388 Y113.453 E194.18721 G1 X111.261 Y113.836 E194.20332 G1 X111.176 Y114.259 E194.22054 G1 X111.148 Y114.698 E194.2381 G1 X111.176 Y115.141 E194.25581 G1 X111.272 Y115.603 E194.27465 G1 X111.406 Y115.988 E194.29092 G1 X111.619 Y116.411 E194.30982 G1 X111.867 Y116.775 E194.3274 G1 X112.157 Y117.096 E194.34466 G1 X112.46 Y117.36 E194.3607 G1 X112.826 Y117.604 E194.37826 G1 X113.253 Y117.812 E194.39722 G1 X113.636 Y117.939 E194.41332 G1 X114.059 Y118.024 E194.43054 G1 X114.275 Y118.038 E194.43918 G0 F2537.4 X114.498 Y118.052 G0 X114.941 Y118.024 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.877 Y117.547 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X115.275 Y117.464 E194.45541 G1 X115.601 Y117.351 E194.46918 G1 X115.967 Y117.167 E194.48553 G1 X116.277 Y116.955 E194.50052 G1 X116.553 Y116.706 E194.51535 G1 X116.778 Y116.448 E194.52902 G1 X116.987 Y116.135 E194.54404 G1 X117.166 Y115.766 E194.56041 G1 X117.274 Y115.441 E194.57408 G1 X117.347 Y115.077 E194.58889 G1 X117.371 Y114.669 E194.60521 G1 X117.347 Y114.322 E194.61909 G1 X117.264 Y113.925 E194.63528 G1 X117.151 Y113.599 E194.64905 G1 X116.967 Y113.233 E194.6654 G1 X116.755 Y112.923 E194.68039 G1 X116.506 Y112.647 E194.69522 G1 X116.245 Y112.42 E194.70903 G1 X124.76 Y112.42 E195.04888 G1 X124.723 Y112.445 E195.05066 G1 X124.447 Y112.694 E195.0655 G1 X124.222 Y112.952 E195.07916 G1 X124.013 Y113.265 E195.09418 G1 X123.834 Y113.634 E195.11055 G1 X123.726 Y113.959 E195.12422 G1 X123.653 Y114.322 E195.139 G1 X123.629 Y114.698 E195.15404 G1 X123.653 Y115.077 E195.16919 G1 X123.736 Y115.475 E195.18542 G1 X123.849 Y115.801 E195.19919 G1 X124.033 Y116.167 E195.21554 G1 X124.245 Y116.477 E195.23053 G1 X124.494 Y116.753 E195.24537 G1 X124.752 Y116.978 E195.25903 G1 X125.037 Y117.168 E195.2727 G1 X124.708 Y117.322 E195.27935 G1 X124.401 Y117.538 E195.29434 G1 X124.131 Y117.811 E195.30966 G1 X123.917 Y118.119 E195.32463 G1 X123.756 Y118.463 E195.33979 G1 X123.647 Y118.918 E195.35846 G1 X123.63 Y119.298 E195.37364 G1 X123.68 Y119.674 E195.38878 G1 X123.798 Y120.043 E195.40425 G1 X124.022 Y120.451 E195.42282 G1 X124.333 Y120.803 E195.44157 G1 X124.711 Y121.081 E195.4603 G1 X125.062 Y121.245 E195.47576 G1 X125.518 Y121.353 E195.49446 G1 X125.898 Y121.37 E195.50965 G1 X126.273 Y121.32 E195.52475 G1 X126.639 Y121.205 E195.54006 G1 X126.965 Y121.033 E195.55477 G1 X127.279 Y120.792 E195.57057 G1 X127.58 Y120.447 E195.58884 G1 X127.769 Y120.117 E195.60402 G1 X127.9 Y119.754 E195.61942 G1 X127.971 Y119.295 E195.63796 G1 X127.953 Y118.906 E195.6535 G1 X127.843 Y118.46 E195.67184 G1 X127.678 Y118.108 E195.68735 G1 X127.462 Y117.801 E195.70233 G1 X127.189 Y117.531 E195.71766 G1 X127.135 Y117.493 E195.72029 G1 X127.275 Y117.464 E195.72222 G1 X127.601 Y117.351 E195.73111 G1 X127.967 Y117.167 E195.74746 G1 X128.277 Y116.955 E195.76245 G1 X128.553 Y116.706 E195.77728 G1 X128.78 Y116.445 E195.79109 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E196.03595 G1 X107.46 Y122.58 E196.88688 G1 X107.461 Y112.42 E197.29239 G1 X112.76 Y112.42 E197.50388 G1 X112.723 Y112.445 E197.50566 G1 X112.447 Y112.694 E197.5205 G1 X112.222 Y112.952 E197.53416 G1 X112.013 Y113.265 E197.54918 G1 X111.834 Y113.634 E197.56555 G1 X111.726 Y113.959 E197.57922 G1 X111.653 Y114.322 E197.594 G1 X111.629 Y114.698 E197.60904 G1 X111.653 Y115.077 E197.62419 G1 X111.736 Y115.475 E197.64042 G1 X111.849 Y115.801 E197.65419 G1 X112.033 Y116.167 E197.67054 G1 X112.245 Y116.477 E197.68553 G1 X112.494 Y116.753 E197.70037 G1 X112.752 Y116.978 E197.71403 G1 X113.065 Y117.187 E197.72905 G1 X113.434 Y117.366 E197.74542 G1 X113.759 Y117.474 E197.75909 G1 X114.122 Y117.547 E197.77387 G1 X114.211 Y117.553 E197.77743 G0 F2537.4 X114.498 Y117.571 G0 X114.877 Y117.547 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.812 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2819.4 X115.147 Y117 E197.79109 G1 X115.414 Y116.908 E197.80236 G1 X115.722 Y116.753 E197.81612 G1 X115.979 Y116.577 E197.82855 G1 X116.21 Y116.369 E197.84096 G1 X116.396 Y116.156 E197.85225 G1 X116.569 Y115.896 E197.86471 G1 X116.72 Y115.585 E197.87851 G1 X116.809 Y115.317 E197.88978 G1 X116.87 Y115.015 E197.90208 G1 X116.89 Y114.672 E197.91579 G1 X116.87 Y114.388 E197.92715 G1 X116.8 Y114.053 E197.94081 G1 X116.708 Y113.786 E197.95208 G1 X116.553 Y113.478 E197.96584 G1 X116.377 Y113.221 E197.97828 G1 X116.169 Y112.99 E197.99068 G1 X115.956 Y112.804 E198.00197 G1 X115.696 Y112.631 E198.01443 G1 X115.385 Y112.48 E198.02823 G1 X115.117 Y112.391 E198.0395 G1 X114.815 Y112.33 E198.0518 G1 X114.502 Y112.31 E198.06432 G1 X114.188 Y112.33 E198.07688 G1 X113.853 Y112.4 E198.09054 G1 X113.586 Y112.492 E198.10181 G1 X113.278 Y112.647 E198.11557 G1 X113.021 Y112.823 E198.128 G1 X112.79 Y113.031 E198.14041 G1 X112.604 Y113.244 E198.15169 G1 X112.431 Y113.504 E198.16416 G1 X112.28 Y113.815 E198.17796 G1 X112.191 Y114.083 E198.18923 G1 X112.13 Y114.385 E198.20152 G1 X112.11 Y114.698 E198.21404 G1 X112.13 Y115.012 E198.2266 G1 X112.2 Y115.347 E198.24026 G1 X112.292 Y115.614 E198.25153 G1 X112.447 Y115.922 E198.26529 G1 X112.623 Y116.179 E198.27773 G1 X112.831 Y116.41 E198.29013 G1 X113.044 Y116.596 E198.30142 G1 X113.304 Y116.769 E198.31388 G1 X113.615 Y116.92 E198.32768 G1 X113.883 Y117.009 E198.33895 G1 X114.147 Y117.063 E198.34971 G0 F2537.4 X114.185 Y117.07 G0 X114.498 Y117.09 G0 X114.812 Y117.07 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.882 Y117.593 G1 F1800 E197.74971 G0 F15000 X114.851 Y116.144 G0 X127.664 Y113.778 G0 X128.78 Y112.96 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E198.34971 G1 F2819.4 X128.755 Y112.923 E198.35149 G1 X128.506 Y112.647 E198.36633 G1 X128.245 Y112.42 E198.38013 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E198.3897 G1 X128.78 Y112.96 E198.39988 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E197.79988 G0 F15000 X127.719 Y113.851 G0 X126.36 Y116.18 G0 X126.185 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E198.39988 G1 F2819.4 X126.498 Y117.09 E198.4124 G1 X126.812 Y117.07 E198.42496 G1 X127.147 Y117 E198.43862 G1 X127.414 Y116.908 E198.44989 G1 X127.722 Y116.753 E198.46365 G1 X127.979 Y116.577 E198.47608 G1 X128.21 Y116.369 E198.48849 G1 X128.396 Y116.156 E198.49977 G1 X128.569 Y115.896 E198.51224 G1 X128.72 Y115.585 E198.52604 G1 X128.809 Y115.317 E198.53731 G1 X128.87 Y115.015 E198.54961 G1 X128.89 Y114.672 E198.56332 G1 X128.87 Y114.388 E198.57468 G1 X128.8 Y114.053 E198.58834 G1 X128.708 Y113.786 E198.59961 G1 X128.553 Y113.478 E198.61337 G1 X128.377 Y113.221 E198.62581 G1 X128.169 Y112.99 E198.63821 G1 X127.956 Y112.804 E198.6495 G1 X127.696 Y112.631 E198.66196 G1 X127.385 Y112.48 E198.67576 G1 X127.117 Y112.391 E198.68703 G1 X126.815 Y112.33 E198.69933 G1 X126.502 Y112.31 E198.71185 G1 X126.188 Y112.33 E198.72441 G1 X125.853 Y112.4 E198.73806 G1 X125.586 Y112.492 E198.74934 G1 X125.278 Y112.647 E198.7631 G1 X125.021 Y112.823 E198.77553 G1 X124.79 Y113.031 E198.78794 G1 X124.604 Y113.244 E198.79922 G1 X124.431 Y113.504 E198.81169 G1 X124.28 Y113.815 E198.82549 G1 X124.191 Y114.083 E198.83676 G1 X124.13 Y114.385 E198.84905 G1 X124.11 Y114.698 E198.86157 G1 X124.13 Y115.012 E198.87413 G1 X124.2 Y115.347 E198.88779 G1 X124.292 Y115.614 E198.89906 G1 X124.447 Y115.922 E198.91282 G1 X124.623 Y116.179 E198.92525 G1 X124.831 Y116.41 E198.93766 G1 X125.044 Y116.596 E198.94895 G1 X125.304 Y116.769 E198.96141 G1 X125.547 Y116.887 E198.97219 G0 F2537.4 X125.615 Y116.92 G0 X125.883 Y117.009 G0 X126.185 Y117.07 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E198.37219 G0 F15000 X125.972 Y118.434 G0 X125.691 Y119.978 G0 X125.585 Y120.876 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E198.97219 G1 F2819.4 X125.877 Y120.889 E198.98386 G1 X126.168 Y120.85 E198.99558 G1 X126.453 Y120.76 E199.00751 G1 X126.705 Y120.627 E199.01888 G1 X126.949 Y120.44 E199.03115 G1 X127.187 Y120.167 E199.0456 G1 X127.332 Y119.914 E199.05724 G1 X127.433 Y119.635 E199.06909 G1 X127.489 Y119.269 E199.08386 G1 X127.476 Y118.975 E199.09561 G1 X127.388 Y118.621 E199.11017 G1 X127.261 Y118.35 E199.12211 G1 X127.094 Y118.112 E199.13372 G1 X126.881 Y117.901 E199.14568 G1 X126.641 Y117.734 E199.15735 G1 X126.378 Y117.611 E199.16894 G1 X126.015 Y117.524 E199.18384 G1 X125.869 Y117.511 E199.18969 G1 X125.575 Y117.524 E199.20144 G1 X125.221 Y117.612 E199.21599 G1 X124.95 Y117.739 E199.22794 G1 X124.712 Y117.906 E199.23954 G1 X124.501 Y118.119 E199.25151 G1 X124.334 Y118.359 E199.26318 G1 X124.211 Y118.622 E199.27477 G1 X124.124 Y118.985 E199.28967 G1 X124.111 Y119.277 E199.30133 G1 X124.15 Y119.568 E199.31305 G1 X124.241 Y119.853 E199.32499 G1 X124.417 Y120.173 E199.33957 G1 X124.659 Y120.447 E199.35416 G1 X124.957 Y120.666 E199.36892 G0 F2537.4 X125.221 Y120.789 G0 X125.585 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.512 Y121.398 G1 F1800 E198.76892 G0 F15000 X125.61 Y119.963 G0 X106.98 Y123.965 G0 X106.98 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E199.36892 G1 F2819.4 X106.981 Y111.94 E199.81274 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E200.70194 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E201.14577 G1 X107.646 Y123.06 E202.00843 G0 F2537.4 X106.98 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E201.40843 G0 F15000 X106.98 Y123.965 G0 X126.443 Y118.747 G0 X127.977 Y117.699 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E202.00843 G1 F2819.4 X128.211 Y117.581 E202.01889 G1 X128.3 Y117.52 E202.0232 G1 X128.298 Y118.299 E202.05429 G1 X128.095 Y117.866 G1 X127.977 Y117.699 E202.05762 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E201.45762 G0 F15000 X127.071 Y116.07 G0 X125.191 Y115.403 G0 X123.231 Y116.249 G0 X122.969 Y116.16 G1 F1800 E202.05762 G0 F15000 X122.969 Y116.308 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F5638.7 X121.112 Y113.092 E202.20584 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.036 Y113.092 M204 S800 G1 F5638.7 X120.18 Y116.308 E202.35404 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.18 Y116.16 G0 X118.011 Y115.822 G0 X117.871 Y115.775 M204 S800 G1 F5638.7 X123.129 Y115.775 E202.5639 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E201.9639 G0 F15000 X122.988 Y115.821 G0 X117.779 Y116.249 G0 X115.821 Y115.38 G0 X113.164 Y115.349 G0 X111.231 Y116.249 G0 X110.988 Y115.821 G1 F1800 E202.5639 G0 F15000 X111.129 Y115.775 M204 S800 G1 F5638.7 X108.133 Y115.775 E202.68348 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.411 Y116.49 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2819.4 X111.133 Y116.49 E202.79212 G1 X111.213 Y116.65 E202.79926 G1 X111.497 Y117.066 E202.81936 G1 X111.828 Y117.432 E202.83906 G1 X112.174 Y117.734 E202.85739 G1 X112.591 Y118.013 E202.87741 G1 X113.075 Y118.249 E202.8989 G1 X113.515 Y118.394 E202.91739 G1 X113.998 Y118.491 E202.93706 G1 X114.498 Y118.522 E202.95705 G1 X115.004 Y118.491 E202.97728 G1 X115.528 Y118.382 E202.99865 G1 X115.972 Y118.227 E203.01742 G1 X116.45 Y117.987 E203.03876 G1 X116.866 Y117.703 E203.05887 G1 X117.232 Y117.372 E203.07856 G1 X117.534 Y117.026 E203.09689 G1 X117.813 Y116.609 E203.11692 G1 X117.871 Y116.49 E203.1222 G1 X123.133 Y116.49 E203.33222 G1 X123.213 Y116.65 E203.33936 G1 X123.497 Y117.067 E203.3595 G1 X123.398 Y117.201 E203.36614 G1 X123.091 Y117.644 E203.38766 G1 X122.855 Y118.148 E203.40987 G1 X122.702 Y118.785 E203.43602 G1 X122.677 Y119.339 E203.45815 G1 X122.75 Y119.884 E203.4801 G1 X122.921 Y120.419 E203.50251 G1 X123.24 Y121.001 E203.529 G1 X123.688 Y121.508 E203.55601 G1 X123.854 Y121.63 E203.56423 G1 X108.41 Y121.63 E204.18063 G1 X108.411 Y117.156 E204.3592 G0 F2537.4 X108.411 Y116.49 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E203.7592 G0 F15000 X108.411 Y116.16 G0 X106.075 Y116.26 G0 X106.087 Y123.953 G0 X109.218 Y123.965 G0 X109.218 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E204.3592 G1 F2819.4 X108.601 Y120.82 E204.39402 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.601 Y120.141 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X109.897 Y121.437 E204.46718 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.575 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X108.601 Y119.462 E204.57863 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.602 Y118.784 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X111.254 Y121.437 E204.72834 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.933 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X108.602 Y118.105 E204.91639 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.602 Y117.427 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X112.612 Y121.437 E205.14273 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.291 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X108.602 Y116.748 E205.4074 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.214 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X113.97 Y121.437 E205.67585 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.648 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X109.893 Y116.681 E205.94427 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.572 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X115.327 Y121.437 E206.21269 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.006 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X112.991 Y118.422 E206.38287 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.918 Y118.67 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X116.685 Y121.437 E206.53905 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.364 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X114.632 Y118.705 E206.69326 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.242 Y118.636 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X118.042 Y121.437 E206.85133 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.721 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X115.781 Y118.496 E207.0173 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.259 Y118.296 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X119.4 Y121.437 E207.19459 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.079 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X116.694 Y118.052 E207.38566 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.084 Y117.763 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X120.758 Y121.437 E207.59303 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.437 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X117.432 Y117.432 E207.81909 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.739 Y117.06 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X122.115 Y121.437 E208.06612 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.794 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X118.039 Y116.681 E208.33454 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.718 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X122.999 Y120.963 E208.57621 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.548 Y119.833 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X119.397 Y116.681 E208.75409 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.075 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X122.494 Y119.1 E208.89063 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.572 Y118.499 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X120.754 Y116.681 E208.99325 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.433 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X122.724 Y117.972 E209.06612 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.945 Y117.514 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X122.112 Y116.681 E209.11314 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.791 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2819.4 X123.223 Y117.114 E209.13755 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.642 Y115.981 G1 F1800 E208.53755 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.642 Y115.981 Z2.64 G0 F15000 X117.779 Y116.249 G0 X115.329 Y118.443 ;TIME_ELAPSED:239.353286 ;LAYER:11 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E209.13755 G1 F2888.6 X115.94 Y118.253 E209.16309 G1 X116.328 Y118.067 E209.18026 G1 X116.701 Y117.837 E209.19775 G1 X117.087 Y117.527 E209.21751 G1 X117.438 Y117.164 E209.23766 G1 X117.73 Y116.761 E209.25753 G1 X117.975 Y116.323 E209.27756 G1 X118.153 Y115.858 E209.29743 G1 X118.257 Y115.454 E209.31408 G1 X118.323 Y114.973 E209.33346 G1 X118.326 Y114.475 E209.35333 G1 X118.272 Y114.018 E209.3717 G1 X118.138 Y113.497 E209.39317 G1 X118.092 Y113.38 E209.39819 G1 X122.909 Y113.38 E209.59045 G1 X122.847 Y113.542 E209.59737 G1 X122.743 Y113.947 E209.61406 G1 X122.68 Y114.42 E209.6331 G1 X122.669 Y114.885 E209.65167 G1 X122.757 Y115.529 E209.67761 G1 X122.947 Y116.14 E209.70315 G1 X123.133 Y116.528 E209.72032 G1 X123.363 Y116.901 E209.73781 G1 X123.506 Y117.079 E209.74692 G1 X123.296 Y117.31 E209.75938 G1 X122.963 Y117.866 E209.78525 G1 X122.766 Y118.408 E209.80827 G1 X122.665 Y119.058 E209.83452 G1 X122.694 Y119.638 E209.8577 G1 X122.854 Y120.279 E209.88407 G1 X123.15 Y120.879 E209.91077 G1 X123.498 Y121.33 E209.93351 G1 X123.817 Y121.62 E209.95071 G1 X108.62 Y121.62 E210.55726 G1 X108.621 Y113.38 E210.88614 G1 X110.909 Y113.38 E210.97746 G1 X110.847 Y113.542 E210.98438 G1 X110.743 Y113.947 E211.00107 G1 X110.68 Y114.42 E211.02011 G1 X110.669 Y114.885 E211.03868 G1 X110.757 Y115.529 E211.06462 G1 X110.947 Y116.14 E211.09016 G1 X111.133 Y116.528 E211.10733 G1 X111.363 Y116.901 E211.12482 G1 X111.673 Y117.287 E211.14458 G1 X112.036 Y117.638 E211.16473 G1 X112.439 Y117.93 E211.1846 G1 X112.877 Y118.175 E211.20463 G1 X113.342 Y118.353 E211.2245 G1 X113.747 Y118.457 E211.24119 G1 X114.22 Y118.52 E211.26023 G1 X114.668 Y118.531 E211.27812 G0 F2599.8 X114.685 Y118.531 G0 X115.329 Y118.443 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.225 Y117.973 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X115.764 Y117.805 E211.30065 G1 X116.098 Y117.645 E211.31543 G1 X116.424 Y117.444 E211.33072 G1 X116.763 Y117.172 E211.34807 G1 X117.069 Y116.855 E211.36565 G1 X117.325 Y116.502 E211.38306 G1 X117.539 Y116.119 E211.40057 G1 X117.695 Y115.712 E211.41796 G1 X117.785 Y115.361 E211.43243 G1 X117.843 Y114.939 E211.44943 G1 X117.846 Y114.502 E211.46687 G1 X117.799 Y114.106 E211.48279 G1 X117.681 Y113.646 E211.50174 G1 X117.532 Y113.27 E211.51788 G1 X117.318 Y112.9 E211.53494 G1 X123.674 Y112.9 E211.78862 G1 X123.461 Y113.281 E211.80604 G1 X123.305 Y113.688 E211.82344 G1 X123.215 Y114.039 E211.8379 G1 X123.159 Y114.457 E211.85474 G1 X123.15 Y114.858 E211.87074 G1 X123.227 Y115.425 E211.89358 G1 X123.395 Y115.964 E211.91612 G1 X123.555 Y116.298 E211.9309 G1 X123.756 Y116.624 E211.94618 G1 X124.028 Y116.963 E211.96353 G1 X124.18 Y117.11 E211.97197 G1 X123.997 Y117.252 E211.97611 G1 X123.683 Y117.598 E211.99476 G1 X123.398 Y118.073 E212.01687 G1 X123.233 Y118.528 E212.03619 G1 X123.147 Y119.083 E212.0586 G1 X123.171 Y119.567 E212.07795 G1 X123.307 Y120.113 E212.1004 G1 X123.559 Y120.624 E212.12314 G1 X123.852 Y121.003 E212.14226 G1 X124.198 Y121.317 E212.16091 G1 X124.667 Y121.6 E212.18277 G1 X125.127 Y121.767 E212.20231 G1 X125.683 Y121.853 E212.22476 G1 X126.167 Y121.829 E212.2441 G1 X126.713 Y121.693 E212.26656 G1 X127.224 Y121.441 E212.2893 G1 X127.603 Y121.148 E212.30842 G1 X127.917 Y120.802 E212.32707 G1 X128.202 Y120.327 E212.34918 G1 X128.3 Y120.057 E212.36064 G1 X128.3 Y120.802 E212.37794 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E212.42974 G1 X126.713 Y122.1 E212.49308 G1 X126.167 Y122.1 E212.50846 G1 X125.683 Y122.1 E212.5189 G1 X125.127 Y122.1 E212.53232 G1 X108.14 Y122.1 E213.2103 G1 X108.141 Y112.9 E213.5775 G1 X111.674 Y112.9 E213.71851 G1 X111.461 Y113.281 E213.73593 G1 X111.305 Y113.688 E213.75332 G1 X111.215 Y114.039 E213.76779 G1 X111.159 Y114.457 E213.78462 G1 X111.15 Y114.858 E213.80063 G1 X111.227 Y115.425 E213.82347 G1 X111.395 Y115.964 E213.846 G1 X111.555 Y116.298 E213.86078 G1 X111.756 Y116.624 E213.87607 G1 X112.028 Y116.963 E213.89341 G1 X112.345 Y117.269 E213.911 G1 X112.698 Y117.525 E213.9284 G1 X113.081 Y117.739 E213.94591 G1 X113.488 Y117.895 E213.96331 G1 X113.839 Y117.985 E213.97777 G1 X114.257 Y118.041 E213.9946 G1 X114.564 Y118.048 E214.00686 G0 F2599.8 X114.658 Y118.05 G0 X115.225 Y117.973 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.121 Y117.503 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X115.588 Y117.357 E214.02639 G1 X115.868 Y117.223 E214.03878 G1 X116.147 Y117.051 E214.05186 G1 X116.439 Y116.817 E214.06679 G1 X116.7 Y116.546 E214.08181 G1 X116.92 Y116.243 E214.09676 G1 X117.103 Y115.915 E214.11175 G1 X117.237 Y115.566 E214.12667 G1 X117.313 Y115.269 E214.1389 G1 X117.363 Y114.904 E214.15361 G1 X117.366 Y114.529 E214.16858 G1 X117.326 Y114.194 E214.18204 G1 X117.224 Y113.795 E214.19848 G1 X117.099 Y113.48 E214.212 G1 X116.855 Y113.058 E214.23146 G1 X116.617 Y112.761 E214.24665 G1 X116.346 Y112.5 E214.26167 G1 X116.236 Y112.42 E214.2671 G1 X124.764 Y112.42 E214.60747 G1 X124.561 Y112.583 E214.61786 G1 X124.3 Y112.854 E214.63287 G1 X124.08 Y113.157 E214.64782 G1 X123.897 Y113.485 E214.66281 G1 X123.763 Y113.834 E214.67773 G1 X123.687 Y114.131 E214.68997 G1 X123.638 Y114.494 E214.70459 G1 X123.631 Y114.831 E214.71804 G1 X123.697 Y115.321 E214.73777 G1 X123.843 Y115.788 E214.7573 G1 X123.977 Y116.068 E214.76969 G1 X124.149 Y116.347 E214.78277 G1 X124.383 Y116.639 E214.79771 G1 X124.654 Y116.9 E214.81272 G1 X124.957 Y117.12 E214.82767 G1 X125.04 Y117.166 E214.83146 G1 X124.632 Y117.368 E214.84351 G1 X124.324 Y117.606 E214.85904 G1 X124.07 Y117.886 E214.87413 G1 X123.833 Y118.28 E214.89248 G1 X123.7 Y118.647 E214.90806 G1 X123.629 Y119.108 E214.92668 G1 X123.648 Y119.497 E214.94222 G1 X123.76 Y119.947 E214.96073 G1 X123.968 Y120.368 E214.97947 G1 X124.206 Y120.676 E214.99501 G1 X124.486 Y120.93 E215.0101 G1 X124.875 Y121.165 E215.02824 G1 X125.247 Y121.3 E215.04403 G1 X125.708 Y121.371 E215.06265 G1 X126.097 Y121.352 E215.07819 G1 X126.547 Y121.24 E215.0967 G1 X126.968 Y121.032 E215.11544 G1 X127.276 Y120.794 E215.13098 G1 X127.53 Y120.514 E215.14607 G1 X127.767 Y120.12 E215.16442 G1 X127.9 Y119.753 E215.18 G1 X127.971 Y119.292 E215.19861 G1 X127.952 Y118.903 E215.21416 G1 X127.84 Y118.453 E215.23267 G1 X127.632 Y118.032 E215.25141 G1 X127.394 Y117.724 E215.26694 G1 X127.143 Y117.496 E215.28048 G1 X127.588 Y117.357 E215.29115 G1 X127.868 Y117.223 E215.30354 G1 X128.147 Y117.051 E215.31662 G1 X128.439 Y116.817 E215.33156 G1 X128.7 Y116.546 E215.34657 G1 X128.78 Y116.436 E215.352 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E215.59722 G1 X107.66 Y122.58 E216.44017 G1 X107.661 Y112.42 E216.84568 G1 X112.764 Y112.42 E217.04935 G1 X112.561 Y112.583 E217.05974 G1 X112.3 Y112.854 E217.07475 G1 X112.08 Y113.157 E217.0897 G1 X111.897 Y113.485 E217.10469 G1 X111.763 Y113.834 E217.11961 G1 X111.687 Y114.131 E217.13185 G1 X111.638 Y114.494 E217.14647 G1 X111.631 Y114.831 E217.15992 G1 X111.697 Y115.321 E217.17965 G1 X111.843 Y115.788 E217.19918 G1 X111.977 Y116.068 E217.21157 G1 X112.149 Y116.347 E217.22465 G1 X112.383 Y116.639 E217.23959 G1 X112.654 Y116.9 E217.2546 G1 X112.957 Y117.12 E217.26955 G1 X113.285 Y117.303 E217.28454 G1 X113.634 Y117.437 E217.29946 G1 X113.931 Y117.513 E217.3117 G1 X114.294 Y117.562 E217.32632 G1 X114.459 Y117.566 E217.3329 G0 F2599.8 X114.631 Y117.569 G0 X115.121 Y117.503 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.017 Y117.033 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2888.6 X115.412 Y116.909 E217.34943 G1 X115.638 Y116.801 E217.35943 G1 X115.87 Y116.658 E217.3703 G1 X116.115 Y116.462 E217.38282 G1 X116.331 Y116.237 E217.39527 G1 X116.515 Y115.984 E217.40776 G1 X116.667 Y115.711 E217.42023 G1 X116.779 Y115.42 E217.43268 G1 X116.841 Y115.177 E217.44268 G1 X116.883 Y114.869 E217.45509 G1 X116.886 Y114.556 E217.46758 G1 X116.853 Y114.283 E217.47856 G1 X116.766 Y113.943 E217.49257 G1 X116.666 Y113.689 E217.50346 G1 X116.458 Y113.33 E217.52002 G1 X116.262 Y113.085 E217.53254 G1 X116.037 Y112.869 E217.54499 G1 X115.784 Y112.685 E217.55748 G1 X115.511 Y112.533 E217.56995 G1 X115.22 Y112.421 E217.5824 G1 X114.977 Y112.359 E217.5924 G1 X114.669 Y112.317 E217.60481 G1 X114.564 Y112.311 E217.60901 G1 X114.254 Y112.323 E217.62139 G1 X113.983 Y112.367 E217.63235 G1 X113.588 Y112.491 E217.64887 G1 X113.362 Y112.599 E217.65887 G1 X113.13 Y112.742 E217.66975 G1 X112.885 Y112.938 E217.68227 G1 X112.669 Y113.163 E217.69472 G1 X112.485 Y113.416 E217.7072 G1 X112.333 Y113.689 E217.71968 G1 X112.221 Y113.98 E217.73212 G1 X112.159 Y114.223 E217.74213 G1 X112.117 Y114.531 E217.75454 G1 X112.112 Y114.804 E217.76543 G1 X112.167 Y115.217 E217.78206 G1 X112.291 Y115.612 E217.79859 G1 X112.399 Y115.838 E217.80858 G1 X112.542 Y116.07 E217.81946 G1 X112.738 Y116.315 E217.83198 G1 X112.963 Y116.531 E217.84443 G1 X113.216 Y116.715 E217.85692 G1 X113.489 Y116.867 E217.86939 G1 X113.78 Y116.979 E217.88183 G1 X114.023 Y117.041 E217.89184 G1 X114.331 Y117.083 E217.90425 G1 X114.354 Y117.084 E217.90517 G0 F2599.8 X114.604 Y117.088 G0 X115.017 Y117.033 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.131 Y117.548 G1 F1800 E217.30517 G0 F15000 X114.974 Y116.108 G0 X127.664 Y113.777 G0 X128.78 Y112.964 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E217.90517 G1 F2888.6 X128.617 Y112.761 E217.91556 G1 X128.346 Y112.5 E217.93058 G1 X128.236 Y112.42 E217.93601 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E217.94498 G1 X128.78 Y112.964 E217.95404 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E217.35404 G0 F15000 X127.717 Y113.847 G0 X126.649 Y116.178 G0 X126.604 Y117.088 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E217.95404 G1 F2888.6 X127.017 Y117.033 E217.97067 G1 X127.412 Y116.909 E217.9872 G1 X127.638 Y116.801 E217.99719 G1 X127.87 Y116.658 E218.00807 G1 X128.115 Y116.462 E218.02059 G1 X128.331 Y116.237 E218.03304 G1 X128.515 Y115.984 E218.04553 G1 X128.667 Y115.711 E218.058 G1 X128.779 Y115.42 E218.07044 G1 X128.841 Y115.177 E218.08045 G1 X128.883 Y114.869 E218.09286 G1 X128.886 Y114.556 E218.10535 G1 X128.853 Y114.283 E218.11633 G1 X128.766 Y113.943 E218.13034 G1 X128.666 Y113.689 E218.14123 G1 X128.458 Y113.33 E218.15779 G1 X128.262 Y113.085 E218.17031 G1 X128.037 Y112.869 E218.18276 G1 X127.784 Y112.685 E218.19525 G1 X127.511 Y112.533 E218.20772 G1 X127.22 Y112.421 E218.22016 G1 X126.977 Y112.359 E218.23017 G1 X126.669 Y112.317 E218.24258 G1 X126.564 Y112.311 E218.24678 G1 X126.254 Y112.323 E218.25916 G1 X125.983 Y112.367 E218.27012 G1 X125.588 Y112.491 E218.28664 G1 X125.362 Y112.599 E218.29664 G1 X125.13 Y112.742 E218.30752 G1 X124.885 Y112.938 E218.32004 G1 X124.669 Y113.163 E218.33249 G1 X124.485 Y113.416 E218.34497 G1 X124.333 Y113.689 E218.35744 G1 X124.221 Y113.98 E218.36989 G1 X124.159 Y114.223 E218.3799 G1 X124.117 Y114.531 E218.3923 G1 X124.112 Y114.804 E218.4032 G1 X124.167 Y115.217 E218.41983 G1 X124.291 Y115.612 E218.43636 G1 X124.399 Y115.838 E218.44635 G1 X124.542 Y116.07 E218.45723 G1 X124.738 Y116.315 E218.46975 G1 X124.963 Y116.531 E218.4822 G1 X125.216 Y116.715 E218.49469 G1 X125.489 Y116.867 E218.50716 G1 X125.78 Y116.979 E218.5196 G1 X125.943 Y117.021 E218.52632 G0 F2599.8 X126.023 Y117.041 G0 X126.331 Y117.083 G0 X126.604 Y117.088 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E217.92632 G0 F15000 X126.091 Y118.47 G0 X125.772 Y119.985 G0 X125.733 Y120.889 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E218.52632 G1 F2888.6 X126.027 Y120.875 E218.53807 G1 X126.381 Y120.787 E218.55263 G1 X126.712 Y120.623 E218.56737 G1 X126.949 Y120.44 E218.57932 G1 X127.143 Y120.226 E218.59085 G1 X127.332 Y119.912 E218.60548 G1 X127.433 Y119.634 E218.61728 G1 X127.489 Y119.267 E218.6321 G1 X127.475 Y118.973 E218.64385 G1 X127.387 Y118.619 E218.65841 G1 X127.223 Y118.288 E218.67315 G1 X127.04 Y118.051 E218.6851 G1 X126.826 Y117.857 E218.69663 G1 X126.512 Y117.668 E218.71126 G1 X126.234 Y117.567 E218.72306 G1 X125.867 Y117.511 E218.73788 G1 X125.573 Y117.525 E218.74963 G1 X125.219 Y117.613 E218.76419 G1 X124.888 Y117.777 E218.77893 G1 X124.651 Y117.96 E218.79088 G1 X124.457 Y118.174 E218.80241 G1 X124.268 Y118.488 E218.81704 G1 X124.167 Y118.766 E218.82884 G1 X124.111 Y119.133 E218.84366 G1 X124.125 Y119.427 E218.85541 G1 X124.213 Y119.781 E218.86997 G1 X124.377 Y120.112 E218.88471 G1 X124.56 Y120.349 E218.89666 G1 X124.774 Y120.543 E218.90819 G1 X125.083 Y120.73 E218.9226 G1 X125.089 Y120.733 E218.92287 G0 F2599.8 X125.366 Y120.833 G0 X125.733 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.706 Y121.416 G1 F1800 E218.32287 G0 F15000 X125.622 Y119.965 G0 X107.18 Y123.965 G0 X107.18 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E218.92287 G1 F2888.6 X107.181 Y111.94 E219.3667 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E220.24792 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E220.69174 G1 X107.846 Y123.06 E221.54642 G0 F2599.8 X107.18 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E220.94642 G0 F15000 X107.18 Y123.965 G0 X126.238 Y119.853 G0 X127.777 Y121.62 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E221.54642 G1 F2888.6 X127.82 Y121.587 E221.54858 G1 X127.82 Y121.62 G1 X127.777 Y121.62 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.982 Y117.7 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X128.3 Y117.52 E221.56317 G1 X128.293 Y118.287 E221.59378 G1 X128.041 Y117.776 E221.5975 G1 X127.982 Y117.7 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E220.9975 G0 F15000 X127.077 Y116.069 G0 X125.153 Y115.328 G0 X122.717 Y116.249 G1 F1800 E221.5975 G0 F15000 X122.79 Y116.282 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F5777.3 X121.225 Y113.572 E221.7224 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.922 Y113.572 M204 S800 G1 F5777.3 X120.343 Y116.308 E221.84848 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.343 Y116.16 G0 X118.552 Y115.671 G0 X118.41 Y115.634 M204 S800 G1 F5777.3 X122.589 Y115.634 E222.01527 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E221.41527 G0 F15000 X122.448 Y115.676 G0 X118.275 Y116.249 G0 X115.849 Y115.321 G0 X113.153 Y115.328 G0 X110.717 Y116.249 G0 X110.448 Y115.676 G1 F1800 E222.01527 G0 F15000 X110.589 Y115.634 M204 S800 G1 F5777.3 X108.813 Y115.634 E222.08616 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.091 Y116.49 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2888.6 X110.594 Y116.49 E222.14614 G1 X110.72 Y116.753 E222.15778 G1 X110.979 Y117.173 E222.17748 G1 X111.325 Y117.604 E222.19954 G1 X111.733 Y117.999 E222.2222 G1 X112.186 Y118.327 E222.24452 G1 X112.677 Y118.602 E222.26699 G1 X113.199 Y118.802 E222.2893 G1 X113.657 Y118.919 E222.30816 G1 X114.183 Y118.99 E222.32935 G1 X114.711 Y119.001 E222.35043 G1 X115.431 Y118.903 E222.37943 G1 X116.112 Y118.692 E222.40788 G1 X116.553 Y118.48 E222.42741 G1 X116.973 Y118.221 E222.44711 G1 X117.404 Y117.875 E222.46917 G1 X117.799 Y117.467 E222.49183 G1 X118.127 Y117.014 E222.51415 G1 X118.402 Y116.523 E222.53661 G1 X118.415 Y116.49 E222.53803 G1 X122.594 Y116.49 E222.70482 G1 X122.72 Y116.753 E222.71646 G1 X122.903 Y117.05 E222.73039 G1 X122.536 Y117.663 E222.7589 G1 X122.308 Y118.291 E222.78557 G1 X122.193 Y119.033 E222.81554 G1 X122.226 Y119.707 E222.84247 G1 X122.41 Y120.442 E222.87271 G1 X122.749 Y121.13 E222.90332 G1 X122.764 Y121.15 E222.90432 G1 X109.09 Y121.15 E223.45008 G1 X109.091 Y117.156 E223.60949 G0 F2599.8 X109.091 Y116.49 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.283 Y116.764 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X109.366 Y116.681 E223.61417 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.045 Y116.681 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X109.283 Y117.443 E223.65718 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.283 Y118.122 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X110.554 Y116.85 E223.72895 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.813 Y117.27 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X109.283 Y118.801 E223.81534 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.282 Y119.48 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X111.114 Y117.649 E223.91872 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.449 Y117.992 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X109.282 Y120.159 E224.04103 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.282 Y120.838 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X111.821 Y118.298 E224.18437 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.229 Y118.57 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X109.841 Y120.957 E224.31913 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.52 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X112.673 Y118.805 E224.44063 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.166 Y118.99 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X111.199 Y120.957 E224.55166 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.878 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X113.716 Y119.119 E224.6554 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.33 Y119.184 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X112.557 Y120.957 E224.75548 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.236 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X115.046 Y119.146 E224.85767 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.922 Y118.95 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X113.914 Y120.957 E224.97098 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.593 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X118.868 Y116.682 E225.21228 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.547 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X115.272 Y120.957 E225.45358 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.951 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X120.226 Y116.682 E225.69488 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.905 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X116.63 Y120.957 E225.93618 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.309 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X121.584 Y116.682 E226.17748 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.263 Y116.682 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X117.987 Y120.957 E226.41881 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.666 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X122.637 Y116.987 E226.64292 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.637 Y116.16 G0 X122.153 Y116.16 G0 X122.153 Y118.149 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X119.345 Y120.957 E226.80141 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.024 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X122.005 Y118.976 E226.91323 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.028 Y119.631 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X120.703 Y120.957 E226.98805 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.381 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X122.148 Y120.191 E227.03131 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.32 Y120.697 M204 S800 G1 F2888.6 X122.06 Y120.957 E227.04599 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E226.44599 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.06 Y120.957 Z2.84 G0 F15000 X125.069 Y119.489 G0 X114.569 Y116.184 G0 X114.276 Y118.045 ;TIME_ELAPSED:260.052112 ;LAYER:12 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E227.04599 G1 F1789.4 X114.709 Y118.045 E227.06327 G1 X115.086 Y117.999 E227.07843 G1 X115.504 Y117.899 E227.09558 G1 X115.848 Y117.768 E227.11027 G1 X116.229 Y117.57 E227.12741 G1 X116.539 Y117.36 E227.14235 G1 X116.818 Y117.12 E227.15704 G1 X117.108 Y116.807 E227.17407 G1 X117.324 Y116.503 E227.18896 G1 X117.509 Y116.179 E227.20385 G1 X117.692 Y115.719 E227.22361 G1 X117.786 Y115.354 E227.23865 G1 X117.845 Y114.924 E227.25597 G1 X117.845 Y114.491 E227.27326 G1 X117.799 Y114.114 E227.28841 G1 X117.699 Y113.696 E227.30557 G1 X117.568 Y113.352 E227.32026 G1 X117.37 Y112.971 E227.3374 G1 X117.322 Y112.9 E227.34082 G1 X123.674 Y112.9 E227.59434 G1 X123.491 Y113.221 E227.60909 G1 X123.308 Y113.681 E227.62885 G1 X123.214 Y114.046 E227.64389 G1 X123.155 Y114.476 E227.66121 G1 X123.155 Y114.909 E227.6785 G1 X123.201 Y115.286 E227.69365 G1 X123.301 Y115.704 E227.71081 G1 X123.432 Y116.048 E227.7255 G1 X123.63 Y116.429 E227.74264 G1 X123.84 Y116.739 E227.75758 G1 X124.08 Y117.018 E227.77227 G1 X124.179 Y117.109 E227.77764 G1 X124.086 Y117.172 E227.77886 G1 X123.695 Y117.581 E227.80145 G1 X123.4 Y118.065 E227.82407 G1 X123.228 Y118.537 E227.84412 G1 X123.147 Y119.087 E227.86631 G1 X123.171 Y119.558 E227.88513 G1 X123.272 Y120.008 E227.90354 G1 X123.45 Y120.438 E227.92211 G1 X123.772 Y120.914 E227.94505 G1 X124.181 Y121.305 E227.96763 G1 X124.665 Y121.6 E227.99025 G1 X125.137 Y121.772 E228.01031 G1 X125.687 Y121.853 E228.03249 G1 X126.158 Y121.829 E228.05132 G1 X126.604 Y121.73 E228.06955 G1 X126.982 Y121.576 E228.08584 G1 X127.346 Y121.358 E228.10278 G1 X127.766 Y120.986 E228.12517 G1 X128.102 Y120.527 E228.14787 G1 X128.3 Y120.074 E228.1676 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E228.24847 G1 X126.604 Y122.1 E228.31616 G1 X125.687 Y122.1 E228.34374 G1 X125.137 Y122.1 E228.3569 G1 X108.34 Y122.1 E229.0273 G1 X108.341 Y112.9 E229.39449 G1 X111.674 Y112.9 E229.52752 G1 X111.491 Y113.221 E229.54227 G1 X111.308 Y113.681 E229.56203 G1 X111.214 Y114.046 E229.57707 G1 X111.155 Y114.476 E229.59439 G1 X111.155 Y114.909 E229.61167 G1 X111.201 Y115.286 E229.62683 G1 X111.301 Y115.704 E229.64399 G1 X111.432 Y116.048 E229.65868 G1 X111.63 Y116.429 E229.67582 G1 X111.84 Y116.739 E229.69076 G1 X112.08 Y117.018 E229.70545 G1 X112.393 Y117.308 E229.72248 G1 X112.697 Y117.524 E229.73736 G1 X113.021 Y117.709 E229.75225 G1 X113.481 Y117.892 E229.77201 G1 X113.621 Y117.928 E229.77778 G0 F1610.4 X113.846 Y117.986 G0 X114.276 Y118.045 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.309 Y117.565 M204 S800 G1 F1789.4 X114.68 Y117.565 E229.79259 G1 X115.001 Y117.526 E229.8055 G1 X115.362 Y117.439 E229.82032 G1 X115.652 Y117.329 E229.8327 G1 X115.983 Y117.157 E229.84759 G1 X116.247 Y116.978 E229.86032 G1 X116.484 Y116.774 E229.8728 G1 X116.735 Y116.503 E229.88754 G1 X116.919 Y116.245 E229.90019 G1 X117.075 Y115.97 E229.91281 G1 X117.235 Y115.57 E229.93 G1 X117.314 Y115.261 E229.94273 G1 X117.365 Y114.891 E229.95764 G1 X117.365 Y114.52 E229.97244 G1 X117.326 Y114.199 E229.98535 G1 X117.239 Y113.838 E230.00017 G1 X117.129 Y113.548 E230.01255 G1 X116.957 Y113.217 E230.02744 G1 X116.778 Y112.953 E230.04017 G1 X116.574 Y112.716 E230.05265 G1 X116.303 Y112.465 E230.06739 G1 X116.24 Y112.42 E230.07048 G1 X124.265 Y112.42 E230.39078 G1 X124.755 Y112.42 E230.41033 G1 X124.516 Y112.626 E230.41291 G1 X124.265 Y112.897 E230.42313 G1 X124.081 Y113.155 E230.43578 G1 X123.925 Y113.43 E230.4484 G1 X123.765 Y113.83 E230.46559 G1 X123.686 Y114.139 E230.47832 G1 X123.635 Y114.509 E230.49323 G1 X123.635 Y114.88 E230.50804 G1 X123.674 Y115.201 E230.52094 G1 X123.761 Y115.562 E230.53576 G1 X123.871 Y115.852 E230.54814 G1 X124.043 Y116.183 E230.56303 G1 X124.222 Y116.447 E230.57576 G1 X124.426 Y116.684 E230.58824 G1 X124.697 Y116.935 E230.60299 G1 X124.955 Y117.119 E230.61563 G1 X125.045 Y117.17 E230.61976 G1 X124.791 Y117.275 E230.62505 G1 X124.397 Y117.541 E230.64402 G1 X124.078 Y117.875 E230.66246 G1 X123.835 Y118.274 E230.6811 G1 X123.696 Y118.655 E230.69729 G1 X123.629 Y119.11 E230.71565 G1 X123.648 Y119.493 E230.73095 G1 X123.731 Y119.862 E230.74605 G1 X123.875 Y120.209 E230.76104 G1 X124.141 Y120.603 E230.78002 G1 X124.475 Y120.922 E230.79845 G1 X124.874 Y121.165 E230.81709 G1 X125.255 Y121.304 E230.83328 G1 X125.71 Y121.371 E230.85164 G1 X126.093 Y121.352 E230.86694 G1 X126.46 Y121.27 E230.88195 G1 X126.767 Y121.145 E230.89518 G1 X127.061 Y120.969 E230.90886 G1 X127.409 Y120.661 E230.92741 G1 X127.683 Y120.286 E230.94594 G1 X127.87 Y119.859 E230.96455 G1 X127.955 Y119.471 E230.9804 G1 X127.97 Y119.096 E230.99538 G1 X127.92 Y118.728 E231.0102 G1 X127.805 Y118.363 E231.02548 G1 X127.575 Y117.946 E231.04448 G1 X127.261 Y117.591 E231.0634 G1 X127.13 Y117.495 E231.06988 G1 X127.362 Y117.439 E231.07349 G1 X127.652 Y117.329 E231.08166 G1 X127.983 Y117.157 E231.09655 G1 X128.247 Y116.978 E231.10928 G1 X128.484 Y116.774 E231.12176 G1 X128.735 Y116.503 E231.13651 G1 X128.78 Y116.44 E231.1396 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E231.38466 G1 X107.86 Y122.58 E232.21962 G1 X107.861 Y112.42 E232.62513 G1 X112.265 Y112.42 E232.8009 G1 X112.755 Y112.42 E232.82046 G1 X112.516 Y112.626 E232.82304 G1 X112.265 Y112.897 E232.83505 G1 X112.081 Y113.155 E232.8477 G1 X111.925 Y113.43 E232.86031 G1 X111.765 Y113.83 E232.87751 G1 X111.686 Y114.139 E232.89024 G1 X111.635 Y114.509 E232.90515 G1 X111.635 Y114.88 E232.91995 G1 X111.674 Y115.201 E232.93286 G1 X111.761 Y115.562 E232.94768 G1 X111.871 Y115.852 E232.96006 G1 X112.043 Y116.183 E232.97495 G1 X112.222 Y116.447 E232.98768 G1 X112.426 Y116.684 E233.00016 G1 X112.697 Y116.935 E233.0149 G1 X112.955 Y117.119 E233.02755 G1 X113.23 Y117.275 E233.04017 G1 X113.63 Y117.435 E233.05736 G1 X113.875 Y117.498 E233.06746 G0 F1610.4 X113.939 Y117.514 G0 X114.309 Y117.565 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.342 Y117.085 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1789.4 X114.651 Y117.085 E233.07979 G1 X114.915 Y117.053 E233.09041 G1 X115.22 Y116.979 E233.10293 G1 X115.456 Y116.89 E233.113 G1 X115.737 Y116.744 E233.12564 G1 X115.955 Y116.596 E233.13615 G1 X116.15 Y116.428 E233.14643 G1 X116.362 Y116.199 E233.15888 G1 X116.514 Y115.986 E233.16933 G1 X116.642 Y115.761 E233.17966 G1 X116.778 Y115.421 E233.19427 G1 X116.842 Y115.169 E233.20465 G1 X116.885 Y114.858 E233.21718 G1 X116.885 Y114.549 E233.22951 G1 X116.853 Y114.285 E233.24013 G1 X116.779 Y113.98 E233.25265 G1 X116.69 Y113.744 E233.26272 G1 X116.544 Y113.463 E233.27536 G1 X116.396 Y113.245 E233.28588 G1 X116.228 Y113.05 E233.29615 G1 X115.999 Y112.838 E233.3086 G1 X115.786 Y112.686 E233.31905 G1 X115.561 Y112.558 E233.32938 G1 X115.221 Y112.422 E233.344 G1 X114.969 Y112.358 E233.35437 G1 X114.658 Y112.315 E233.3669 G1 X114.5 Y112.31 E233.37321 G1 X114.242 Y112.323 E233.38352 G1 X113.935 Y112.378 E233.39597 G1 X113.639 Y112.472 E233.40837 G1 X113.353 Y112.603 E233.42092 G1 X113.045 Y112.804 E233.4356 G1 X112.85 Y112.972 E233.44587 G1 X112.638 Y113.201 E233.45833 G1 X112.486 Y113.414 E233.46877 G1 X112.358 Y113.639 E233.47911 G1 X112.222 Y113.979 E233.49372 G1 X112.158 Y114.231 E233.5041 G1 X112.115 Y114.542 E233.51663 G1 X112.115 Y114.851 E233.52896 G1 X112.147 Y115.115 E233.53958 G1 X112.221 Y115.42 E233.5521 G1 X112.31 Y115.656 E233.56217 G1 X112.456 Y115.937 E233.57481 G1 X112.604 Y116.155 E233.58532 G1 X112.772 Y116.35 E233.5956 G1 X113.001 Y116.562 E233.60805 G1 X113.214 Y116.714 E233.6185 G1 X113.439 Y116.842 E233.62883 G1 X113.693 Y116.944 E233.63975 G0 F1610.4 X113.779 Y116.978 G0 X114.031 Y117.042 G0 X114.342 Y117.085 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.306 Y117.611 G1 F1800 E233.03975 G0 F15000 X114.201 Y118.377 G0 X115.138 Y118.275 G0 X115.881 Y118.048 G0 X122.959 Y113.998 G0 X125.067 Y114.307 G0 X127.675 Y113.791 G0 X128.78 Y112.956 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E233.63975 G1 F1789.4 X128.574 Y112.716 E233.65238 G1 X128.303 Y112.465 E233.66712 G1 X128.24 Y112.42 E233.67021 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E233.67927 G1 X128.78 Y112.956 E233.6881 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E233.0881 G0 F15000 X127.746 Y113.892 G0 X126.499 Y116.184 G0 X126.342 Y117.085 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E233.6881 G1 F1789.4 X126.651 Y117.085 E233.70044 G1 X126.915 Y117.053 E233.71105 G1 X127.22 Y116.979 E233.72358 G1 X127.456 Y116.89 E233.73364 G1 X127.737 Y116.744 E233.74628 G1 X127.955 Y116.596 E233.7568 G1 X128.15 Y116.428 E233.76707 G1 X128.362 Y116.199 E233.77953 G1 X128.514 Y115.986 E233.78997 G1 X128.642 Y115.761 E233.8003 G1 X128.778 Y115.421 E233.81492 G1 X128.842 Y115.169 E233.82529 G1 X128.885 Y114.858 E233.83782 G1 X128.885 Y114.549 E233.85016 G1 X128.853 Y114.285 E233.86077 G1 X128.779 Y113.98 E233.8733 G1 X128.69 Y113.744 E233.88336 G1 X128.544 Y113.463 E233.896 G1 X128.396 Y113.245 E233.90652 G1 X128.228 Y113.05 E233.91679 G1 X127.999 Y112.838 E233.92925 G1 X127.786 Y112.686 E233.93969 G1 X127.561 Y112.558 E233.95002 G1 X127.221 Y112.422 E233.96464 G1 X126.969 Y112.358 E233.97502 G1 X126.658 Y112.315 E233.98755 G1 X126.5 Y112.31 E233.99386 G1 X126.242 Y112.323 E234.00417 G1 X125.935 Y112.378 E234.01662 G1 X125.639 Y112.472 E234.02901 G1 X125.353 Y112.603 E234.04157 G1 X125.045 Y112.804 E234.05624 G1 X124.85 Y112.972 E234.06652 G1 X124.638 Y113.201 E234.07897 G1 X124.486 Y113.414 E234.08942 G1 X124.358 Y113.639 E234.09975 G1 X124.222 Y113.979 E234.11436 G1 X124.158 Y114.231 E234.12474 G1 X124.115 Y114.542 E234.13727 G1 X124.115 Y114.851 E234.14961 G1 X124.147 Y115.115 E234.16022 G1 X124.221 Y115.42 E234.17275 G1 X124.31 Y115.656 E234.18281 G1 X124.456 Y115.937 E234.19545 G1 X124.604 Y116.155 E234.20597 G1 X124.772 Y116.35 E234.21624 G1 X125.001 Y116.562 E234.2287 G1 X125.214 Y116.714 E234.23914 G1 X125.439 Y116.842 E234.24947 G1 X125.693 Y116.944 E234.2604 G0 F1610.4 X125.779 Y116.978 G0 X126.031 Y117.042 G0 X126.342 Y117.085 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E233.6604 G0 F15000 X125.938 Y118.427 G0 X125.202 Y119.71 G0 X123.572 Y121.08 G0 X123.99 Y121.591 G1 F1800 E234.2604 G0 F15000 X125.373 Y120.836 M204 S800 G1 F1789.4 X125.734 Y120.889 E234.27496 G1 X126.028 Y120.875 E234.28671 G1 X126.316 Y120.81 E234.29849 G1 X126.552 Y120.714 E234.30866 G1 X126.776 Y120.58 E234.31908 G1 X127.052 Y120.336 E234.33378 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E234.34815 G1 X127.411 Y119.71 E234.36275 G1 X127.477 Y119.409 E234.37505 G1 X127.489 Y119.119 E234.38663 G1 X127.45 Y118.833 E234.39815 G1 X127.362 Y118.553 E234.40987 G1 X127.18 Y118.224 E234.42488 G1 X126.936 Y117.948 E234.43958 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E234.45395 G1 X126.31 Y117.589 E234.46855 G1 X126.009 Y117.523 E234.48085 G1 X125.866 Y117.511 E234.48658 G1 X125.572 Y117.525 E234.49832 G1 X125.284 Y117.59 E234.51011 G1 X125.02 Y117.7 E234.52152 G1 X124.708 Y117.91 E234.53653 G1 X124.461 Y118.169 E234.55082 G1 X124.27 Y118.483 E234.56549 G1 X124.164 Y118.773 E234.57781 G1 X124.111 Y119.134 E234.59237 G1 X124.125 Y119.428 E234.60412 G1 X124.19 Y119.716 E234.6159 G1 X124.3 Y119.98 E234.62732 G1 X124.51 Y120.292 E234.64233 G1 X124.769 Y120.539 E234.65661 G1 X124.777 Y120.544 E234.65699 G0 F1610.4 X125.083 Y120.73 G0 X125.373 Y120.836 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.244 Y121.347 G1 F1800 E234.05699 G0 F15000 X124.003 Y121.579 G0 X108.65 Y121.79 G1 F1800 E234.65699 G0 F15000 X107.38 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1789.4 X107.381 Y111.94 E235.10081 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E235.97405 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E236.41787 G1 X108.046 Y123.06 E237.26457 G0 F1610.4 X107.38 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E236.66457 G0 F15000 X108.68 Y121.79 G0 X123.164 Y117.955 G0 X125.118 Y118.811 G0 X126.444 Y118.749 G0 X127.986 Y117.696 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E237.26457 G1 F1789.4 X128.229 Y117.57 E237.2755 G1 X128.3 Y117.522 E237.27892 G1 X128.3 Y118.338 E237.31149 G1 X128.248 Y118.173 E237.31839 G1 X127.986 Y117.696 E237.32716 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E236.72716 G0 F15000 X126.393 Y118.684 G0 X125.286 Y118.605 G0 X123.809 Y117.095 G0 X123.298 Y117.582 G1 F1800 E237.32716 G0 F15000 X123.423 Y117.66 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F3578.7 X120.785 Y113.092 E237.5377 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.785 Y113.24 G0 X122.363 Y113.24 G0 X122.363 Y113.092 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X117.273 Y121.908 E237.944 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.727 Y121.908 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X115.524 Y118.092 E238.11987 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.558 Y118.236 G0 X116.709 Y117.583 G0 X117.324 Y116.987 G0 X117.679 Y116.429 G0 X118.092 Y115.529 G0 X117.948 Y115.493 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X123.052 Y115.493 E238.32358 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.908 Y115.527 G0 X115.583 Y118.168 G0 X114.728 Y118.324 G0 X113.794 Y118.261 G0 X112.903 Y117.963 G0 X111.787 Y117.199 G0 X111.899 Y117.103 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X109.125 Y121.908 E238.54502 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.579 Y121.908 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X108.532 Y120.094 E238.62861 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X108.68 Y120.095 G0 X108.68 Y115.494 G0 X108.533 Y115.493 M204 S800 G1 F3578.7 X111.052 Y115.493 E238.72915 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.538 Y115.616 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X110.538 Y115.616 Z3.04 G0 F15000 X111.878 Y117.211 G0 X112.545 Y117.759 G0 X113.307 Y118.119 G0 X115.002 Y118.501 ;TIME_ELAPSED:275.753159 ;LAYER:13 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F2096.4 X115.486 Y118.404 E238.74886 G1 X115.895 Y118.269 E238.76605 G1 X116.277 Y118.095 E238.7828 G1 X116.692 Y117.843 E238.80218 G1 X117.031 Y117.576 E238.8194 G1 X117.327 Y117.288 E238.83588 G1 X117.596 Y116.958 E238.85288 G1 X117.824 Y116.609 E238.86951 G1 X118.041 Y116.164 E238.88927 G1 X118.204 Y115.693 E238.90917 G1 X118.301 Y115.199 E238.92926 G1 X118.333 Y114.7 E238.94922 G1 X118.301 Y114.198 E238.96929 G1 X118.204 Y113.714 E238.989 G1 X118.094 Y113.38 E239.00303 G1 X122.909 Y113.38 E239.19521 G1 X122.796 Y113.707 E239.20902 G1 X122.699 Y114.201 E239.22911 G1 X122.667 Y114.7 E239.24907 G1 X122.699 Y115.202 E239.26914 G1 X122.796 Y115.686 E239.28884 G1 X122.931 Y116.095 E239.30603 G1 X123.105 Y116.477 E239.32279 G1 X123.357 Y116.892 E239.34217 G1 X123.507 Y117.083 E239.35186 G1 X123.236 Y117.391 E239.36823 G1 X122.953 Y117.888 E239.39106 G1 X122.766 Y118.405 E239.413 G1 X122.665 Y119.061 E239.43949 G1 X122.694 Y119.644 E239.46279 G1 X122.856 Y120.293 E239.48949 G1 X123.157 Y120.889 E239.51614 G1 X123.513 Y121.345 E239.53923 G1 X123.827 Y121.62 E239.55589 G1 X109.02 Y121.62 E240.14687 G1 X109.021 Y113.38 E240.47574 G1 X110.909 Y113.38 E240.5511 G1 X110.796 Y113.707 E240.56491 G1 X110.699 Y114.201 E240.585 G1 X110.667 Y114.7 E240.60496 G1 X110.699 Y115.202 E240.62503 G1 X110.796 Y115.686 E240.64473 G1 X110.931 Y116.095 E240.66192 G1 X111.105 Y116.477 E240.67868 G1 X111.357 Y116.892 E240.69806 G1 X111.624 Y117.231 E240.71528 G1 X111.912 Y117.527 E240.73176 G1 X112.242 Y117.796 E240.74875 G1 X112.591 Y118.024 E240.76539 G1 X113.036 Y118.241 E240.78515 G1 X113.507 Y118.404 E240.80505 G1 X114.001 Y118.501 E240.82514 G1 X114.338 Y118.523 E240.83862 G0 F1886.8 X114.5 Y118.533 G0 X115.002 Y118.501 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.939 Y118.024 M204 S800 G1 F2096.4 X115.363 Y117.939 E240.85588 G1 X115.72 Y117.821 E240.87088 G1 X116.052 Y117.67 E240.88544 G1 X116.418 Y117.448 E240.90253 G1 X116.714 Y117.215 E240.91756 G1 X116.972 Y116.963 E240.93196 G1 X117.208 Y116.674 E240.94685 G1 X117.406 Y116.371 E240.96129 G1 X117.597 Y115.98 E240.97866 G1 X117.739 Y115.568 E240.99606 G1 X117.824 Y115.137 E241.01359 G1 X117.852 Y114.7 E241.03107 G1 X117.824 Y114.261 E241.04862 G1 X117.739 Y113.837 E241.06588 G1 X117.621 Y113.48 E241.08089 G1 X117.47 Y113.148 E241.09545 G1 X117.32 Y112.9 E241.10701 G1 X123.678 Y112.9 E241.36078 G1 X123.594 Y113.029 E241.36692 G1 X123.403 Y113.42 E241.38429 G1 X123.261 Y113.832 E241.40168 G1 X123.176 Y114.263 E241.41921 G1 X123.148 Y114.7 E241.43669 G1 X123.176 Y115.139 E241.45425 G1 X123.261 Y115.563 E241.47151 G1 X123.379 Y115.92 E241.48652 G1 X123.53 Y116.252 E241.50107 G1 X123.752 Y116.618 E241.51816 G1 X123.985 Y116.914 E241.53319 G1 X124.179 Y117.113 E241.54428 G1 X123.987 Y117.263 E241.54819 G1 X123.629 Y117.671 E241.56986 G1 X123.39 Y118.09 E241.58911 G1 X123.233 Y118.524 E241.60753 G1 X123.147 Y119.086 E241.63022 G1 X123.171 Y119.573 E241.64968 G1 X123.309 Y120.125 E241.67239 G1 X123.564 Y120.631 E241.69501 G1 X123.863 Y121.014 E241.7144 G1 X124.267 Y121.367 E241.73581 G1 X124.645 Y121.589 E241.75331 G1 X125.13 Y121.768 E241.77394 G1 X125.686 Y121.853 E241.79639 G1 X126.171 Y121.829 E241.81577 G1 X126.718 Y121.693 E241.83827 G1 X127.143 Y121.488 E241.8571 G1 X127.516 Y121.225 E241.87532 G1 X127.845 Y120.892 E241.894 G1 X128.098 Y120.525 E241.91179 G1 X128.3 Y120.097 E241.93068 G1 X128.3 Y120.892 E241.94847 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E241.99669 G1 X126.718 Y122.1 E242.05983 G1 X126.171 Y122.1 E242.07523 G1 X125.686 Y122.1 E242.0857 G1 X125.13 Y122.1 E242.09909 G1 X108.54 Y122.1 E242.76123 G1 X108.541 Y112.9 E243.12842 G1 X111.678 Y112.9 E243.25363 G1 X111.594 Y113.029 E243.25977 G1 X111.403 Y113.42 E243.27714 G1 X111.261 Y113.832 E243.29453 G1 X111.176 Y114.263 E243.31207 G1 X111.148 Y114.7 E243.32954 G1 X111.176 Y115.139 E243.3471 G1 X111.261 Y115.563 E243.36436 G1 X111.379 Y115.92 E243.37937 G1 X111.53 Y116.252 E243.39392 G1 X111.752 Y116.618 E243.41101 G1 X111.985 Y116.914 E243.42604 G1 X112.237 Y117.172 E243.44044 G1 X112.526 Y117.408 E243.45533 G1 X112.829 Y117.606 E243.46978 G1 X113.22 Y117.797 E243.48714 G1 X113.632 Y117.939 E243.50454 G1 X114.063 Y118.024 E243.52207 G1 X114.273 Y118.038 E243.53047 G0 F1886.8 X114.5 Y118.052 G0 X114.939 Y118.024 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.876 Y117.547 M204 S800 G1 F2096.4 X115.24 Y117.474 E243.54529 G1 X115.545 Y117.373 E243.55811 G1 X115.828 Y117.245 E243.57051 G1 X116.144 Y117.053 E243.58527 G1 X116.397 Y116.854 E243.59811 G1 X116.617 Y116.639 E243.61039 G1 X116.82 Y116.39 E243.62321 G1 X116.988 Y116.133 E243.63547 G1 X117.153 Y115.796 E243.65044 G1 X117.274 Y115.443 E243.66534 G1 X117.347 Y115.075 E243.68031 G1 X117.371 Y114.7 E243.69531 G1 X117.347 Y114.324 E243.71035 G1 X117.274 Y113.96 E243.72516 G1 X117.173 Y113.655 E243.73799 G1 X117.045 Y113.372 E243.75038 G1 X116.853 Y113.056 E243.76514 G1 X116.654 Y112.803 E243.77799 G1 X116.439 Y112.583 E243.79027 G1 X116.239 Y112.42 E243.80056 G1 X124.763 Y112.42 E244.14078 G1 X124.603 Y112.546 E244.1489 G1 X124.383 Y112.761 E244.16118 G1 X124.18 Y113.01 E244.174 G1 X124.012 Y113.267 E244.18626 G1 X123.847 Y113.604 E244.20123 G1 X123.726 Y113.957 E244.21613 G1 X123.653 Y114.325 E244.2311 G1 X123.629 Y114.7 E244.2461 G1 X123.653 Y115.076 E244.26114 G1 X123.726 Y115.44 E244.27595 G1 X123.827 Y115.745 E244.28878 G1 X123.955 Y116.028 E244.30117 G1 X124.147 Y116.344 E244.31593 G1 X124.346 Y116.597 E244.32878 G1 X124.561 Y116.817 E244.34106 G1 X124.81 Y117.02 E244.35388 G1 X125.034 Y117.166 E244.36455 G1 X124.627 Y117.371 E244.3753 G1 X124.318 Y117.613 E244.39097 G1 X124.022 Y117.951 E244.4089 G1 X123.827 Y118.292 E244.42458 G1 X123.7 Y118.643 E244.43948 G1 X123.629 Y119.111 E244.45837 G1 X123.648 Y119.502 E244.47399 G1 X123.762 Y119.957 E244.49271 G1 X123.971 Y120.373 E244.5113 G1 X124.213 Y120.682 E244.52696 G1 X124.549 Y120.976 E244.54478 G1 X124.851 Y121.154 E244.55877 G1 X125.25 Y121.301 E244.57574 G1 X125.711 Y121.371 E244.59435 G1 X126.101 Y121.352 E244.60994 G1 X126.554 Y121.239 E244.62857 G1 X126.899 Y121.073 E244.64385 G1 X127.205 Y120.857 E244.6588 G1 X127.474 Y120.585 E244.67407 G1 X127.681 Y120.285 E244.68862 G1 X127.845 Y119.937 E244.70397 G1 X127.955 Y119.475 E244.72293 G1 X127.97 Y119.094 E244.73815 G1 X127.918 Y118.715 E244.75341 G1 X127.771 Y118.287 E244.77148 G1 X127.568 Y117.938 E244.78759 G1 X127.262 Y117.592 E244.80603 G1 X127.13 Y117.496 E244.81254 G1 X127.24 Y117.474 E244.81259 G1 X127.545 Y117.373 E244.81882 G1 X127.828 Y117.245 E244.83121 G1 X128.144 Y117.053 E244.84597 G1 X128.397 Y116.854 E244.85882 G1 X128.617 Y116.639 E244.8711 G1 X128.78 Y116.439 E244.8814 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E245.1265 G1 X108.06 Y122.58 E245.95348 G1 X108.061 Y112.42 E246.35898 G1 X112.763 Y112.42 E246.54665 G1 X112.603 Y112.546 E246.55478 G1 X112.383 Y112.761 E246.56706 G1 X112.18 Y113.01 E246.57988 G1 X112.012 Y113.267 E246.59213 G1 X111.847 Y113.604 E246.60711 G1 X111.726 Y113.957 E246.622 G1 X111.653 Y114.325 E246.63698 G1 X111.629 Y114.7 E246.65197 G1 X111.653 Y115.076 E246.66701 G1 X111.726 Y115.44 E246.68183 G1 X111.827 Y115.745 E246.69465 G1 X111.955 Y116.028 E246.70705 G1 X112.147 Y116.344 E246.72181 G1 X112.346 Y116.597 E246.73465 G1 X112.561 Y116.817 E246.74693 G1 X112.81 Y117.02 E246.75975 G1 X113.067 Y117.188 E246.77201 G1 X113.404 Y117.353 E246.78698 G1 X113.757 Y117.474 E246.80188 G1 X114.125 Y117.547 E246.81685 G1 X114.21 Y117.553 E246.82025 G0 F1886.8 X114.5 Y117.571 G0 X114.876 Y117.547 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.813 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2096.4 X115.117 Y117.009 E246.83263 G1 X115.371 Y116.925 E246.84331 G1 X115.604 Y116.82 E246.85351 G1 X115.87 Y116.658 E246.86594 G1 X116.08 Y116.493 E246.8766 G1 X116.262 Y116.315 E246.88676 G1 X116.432 Y116.106 E246.89751 G1 X116.57 Y115.895 E246.90757 G1 X116.709 Y115.612 E246.92016 G1 X116.809 Y115.318 E246.93255 G1 X116.87 Y115.012 E246.945 G1 X116.89 Y114.7 E246.95748 G1 X116.87 Y114.387 E246.97 G1 X116.809 Y114.083 E246.98237 G1 X116.725 Y113.829 E246.99305 G1 X116.62 Y113.596 E247.00325 G1 X116.458 Y113.33 E247.01568 G1 X116.293 Y113.12 E247.02634 G1 X116.115 Y112.938 E247.0365 G1 X115.906 Y112.768 E247.04726 G1 X115.695 Y112.63 E247.05732 G1 X115.412 Y112.491 E247.0699 G1 X115.118 Y112.391 E247.0823 G1 X114.812 Y112.33 E247.09475 G1 X114.5 Y112.31 E247.10723 G1 X114.187 Y112.33 E247.11975 G1 X113.883 Y112.391 E247.13212 G1 X113.629 Y112.475 E247.1428 G1 X113.396 Y112.58 E247.153 G1 X113.13 Y112.742 E247.16543 G1 X112.92 Y112.907 E247.17609 G1 X112.738 Y113.085 E247.18625 G1 X112.568 Y113.294 E247.197 G1 X112.43 Y113.505 E247.20707 G1 X112.291 Y113.788 E247.21965 G1 X112.191 Y114.082 E247.23204 G1 X112.13 Y114.388 E247.2445 G1 X112.11 Y114.7 E247.25698 G1 X112.13 Y115.013 E247.26949 G1 X112.191 Y115.317 E247.28187 G1 X112.275 Y115.571 E247.29255 G1 X112.38 Y115.804 E247.30275 G1 X112.542 Y116.07 E247.31518 G1 X112.707 Y116.28 E247.32584 G1 X112.885 Y116.462 E247.336 G1 X113.094 Y116.632 E247.34675 G1 X113.305 Y116.77 E247.35681 G1 X113.588 Y116.909 E247.3694 G1 X113.882 Y117.009 E247.38179 G1 X114.148 Y117.062 E247.39262 G0 F1886.8 X114.188 Y117.07 G0 X114.5 Y117.09 G0 X114.813 Y117.07 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.881 Y117.593 G1 F1800 E246.79262 G0 F15000 X114.958 Y118.843 G0 X116.002 Y118.528 G0 X116.24 Y118.401 G0 X122.408 Y114.7 G0 X125.016 Y114.7 G0 X127.684 Y113.802 G0 X128.78 Y112.963 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E247.39262 G1 F2096.4 X128.654 Y112.803 E247.40074 G1 X128.439 Y112.583 E247.41302 G1 X128.239 Y112.42 E247.42332 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E247.43394 G1 X128.78 Y112.963 E247.44324 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E246.84324 G0 F15000 X127.709 Y113.836 G0 X126.406 Y116.182 G0 X126.188 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E247.44324 G1 F2096.4 X126.5 Y117.09 E247.45572 G1 X126.813 Y117.07 E247.46824 G1 X127.117 Y117.009 E247.48061 G1 X127.371 Y116.925 E247.49129 G1 X127.604 Y116.82 E247.50149 G1 X127.87 Y116.658 E247.51392 G1 X128.08 Y116.493 E247.52458 G1 X128.262 Y116.315 E247.53474 G1 X128.432 Y116.106 E247.54549 G1 X128.57 Y115.895 E247.55556 G1 X128.709 Y115.612 E247.56814 G1 X128.809 Y115.318 E247.58054 G1 X128.87 Y115.012 E247.59299 G1 X128.89 Y114.7 E247.60547 G1 X128.87 Y114.387 E247.61799 G1 X128.809 Y114.083 E247.63036 G1 X128.725 Y113.829 E247.64104 G1 X128.62 Y113.596 E247.65124 G1 X128.458 Y113.33 E247.66367 G1 X128.293 Y113.12 E247.67433 G1 X128.115 Y112.938 E247.68449 G1 X127.906 Y112.768 E247.69524 G1 X127.695 Y112.63 E247.7053 G1 X127.412 Y112.491 E247.71789 G1 X127.118 Y112.391 E247.73028 G1 X126.812 Y112.33 E247.74274 G1 X126.5 Y112.31 E247.75521 G1 X126.187 Y112.33 E247.76773 G1 X125.883 Y112.391 E247.78011 G1 X125.629 Y112.475 E247.79078 G1 X125.396 Y112.58 E247.80098 G1 X125.13 Y112.742 E247.81342 G1 X124.92 Y112.907 E247.82407 G1 X124.738 Y113.085 E247.83424 G1 X124.568 Y113.294 E247.84499 G1 X124.43 Y113.505 E247.85505 G1 X124.291 Y113.788 E247.86763 G1 X124.191 Y114.082 E247.88003 G1 X124.13 Y114.388 E247.89248 G1 X124.11 Y114.7 E247.90496 G1 X124.13 Y115.013 E247.91748 G1 X124.191 Y115.317 E247.92985 G1 X124.275 Y115.571 E247.94053 G1 X124.38 Y115.804 E247.95073 G1 X124.542 Y116.07 E247.96316 G1 X124.707 Y116.28 E247.97382 G1 X124.885 Y116.462 E247.98398 G1 X125.094 Y116.632 E247.99473 G1 X125.305 Y116.77 E248.0048 G1 X125.549 Y116.89 E248.01565 G0 F1886.8 X125.588 Y116.909 G0 X125.882 Y117.009 G0 X126.188 Y117.07 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E247.41565 G0 F15000 X125.974 Y118.434 G0 X125.771 Y119.985 G0 X125.736 Y120.889 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E248.01565 G1 F2096.4 X126.031 Y120.875 E248.02744 G1 X126.39 Y120.785 E248.04221 G1 X126.655 Y120.658 E248.05394 G1 X126.893 Y120.49 E248.06557 G1 X127.103 Y120.277 E248.0775 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E248.08877 G1 X127.389 Y119.778 E248.10054 G1 X127.477 Y119.409 E248.11568 G1 X127.489 Y119.117 E248.12735 G1 X127.449 Y118.827 E248.13903 G1 X127.332 Y118.487 E248.15338 G1 X127.177 Y118.22 E248.1657 G1 X126.937 Y117.949 E248.18015 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E248.19458 G1 X126.378 Y117.611 E248.20634 G1 X126.009 Y117.523 E248.22148 G1 X125.864 Y117.511 E248.22729 G1 X125.569 Y117.525 E248.23908 G1 X125.211 Y117.615 E248.25381 G1 X124.885 Y117.779 E248.26838 G1 X124.649 Y117.963 E248.28032 G1 X124.415 Y118.231 E248.29452 G1 X124.264 Y118.494 E248.30662 G1 X124.168 Y118.761 E248.31795 G1 X124.111 Y119.136 E248.33309 G1 X124.125 Y119.431 E248.34487 G1 X124.215 Y119.789 E248.35961 G1 X124.379 Y120.115 E248.37417 G1 X124.563 Y120.351 E248.38612 G1 X124.831 Y120.585 E248.40032 G1 X125.058 Y120.719 E248.41084 G1 X125.092 Y120.732 E248.41229 G0 F1886.8 X125.37 Y120.834 G0 X125.736 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.71 Y121.416 G1 F1800 E247.81229 G0 F15000 X125.633 Y119.967 G0 X107.58 Y123.965 G0 X107.58 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E248.41229 G1 F2096.4 X107.581 Y111.94 E248.85611 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E249.72137 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E250.16519 G1 X108.246 Y123.06 E251.00391 G0 F1886.8 X107.58 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E250.40391 G0 F15000 X107.58 Y123.965 G0 X126.248 Y119.845 G0 X127.789 Y121.62 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E251.00391 G1 F2096.4 X127.82 Y121.598 E251.00542 G1 X127.82 Y121.62 G1 X127.789 Y121.62 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.985 Y117.7 M204 S800 G1 F2096.4 X128.052 Y117.67 E251.00835 G1 X128.3 Y117.52 E251.01992 G1 X128.3 Y118.349 E251.05301 G1 X128.21 Y118.086 E251.0641 G1 X127.985 Y117.7 E251.0725 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E250.4725 G0 F15000 X126.392 Y118.683 G0 X125.201 Y118.691 G0 X123.17 Y117.08 G0 X122.933 Y117.239 G1 F1800 E251.0725 G0 F15000 X123.06 Y117.313 M204 S800 ;TYPE:FILL G1 F4192.9 X120.9 Y113.572 E251.24492 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.9 Y113.72 G0 X122.249 Y113.72 G0 X122.249 Y113.572 M204 S800 G1 F4192.9 X117.714 Y121.428 E251.60696 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.287 Y121.428 M204 S800 G1 F4192.9 X115.63 Y118.558 E251.73923 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.676 Y118.699 G0 X114.5 Y118.812 G0 X113.437 Y118.675 G0 X112.639 Y118.344 G0 X111.647 Y117.74 G0 X111.753 Y117.638 M204 S800 G1 F4192.9 X109.564 Y121.428 E251.91391 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.564 Y121.28 G0 X109.36 Y115.352 G0 X109.213 Y115.351 M204 S800 G1 F4192.9 X110.533 Y115.351 E251.9666 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.388 Y115.379 G0 X110.856 Y116.606 G0 X111.419 Y117.422 G0 X112.079 Y118.024 G0 X112.93 Y118.499 G0 X113.959 Y118.779 G0 X115.044 Y118.777 G0 X116.002 Y118.528 G0 X116.844 Y118.078 G0 X117.53 Y117.48 G0 X118.066 Y116.749 G0 X118.181 Y116.47 G0 X118.613 Y115.38 G0 X118.468 Y115.351 M204 S800 G1 F4192.9 X122.533 Y115.351 E252.12884 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.014 Y115.452 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X122.014 Y115.452 Z3.24 G0 F15000 X116.002 Y118.528 G0 X114.927 Y118.845 G0 X114.877 Y118.033 ;TIME_ELAPSED:292.103392 ;LAYER:14 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F2952.3 X115.327 Y117.948 E252.14712 G1 X115.869 Y117.762 E252.16999 G1 X116.374 Y117.48 E252.19307 G1 X116.764 Y117.174 E252.21286 G1 X117.07 Y116.851 E252.23062 G1 X117.325 Y116.503 E252.24784 G1 X117.54 Y116.115 E252.26554 G1 X117.694 Y115.712 E252.28276 G1 X117.792 Y115.331 E252.29846 G1 X117.846 Y114.895 E252.316 G1 X117.839 Y114.415 E252.33516 G1 X117.774 Y113.979 E252.35275 G1 X117.651 Y113.555 E252.37037 G1 X117.494 Y113.192 E252.38616 G1 X117.321 Y112.9 E252.3997 G1 X123.673 Y112.9 E252.65322 G1 X123.46 Y113.285 E252.67079 G1 X123.306 Y113.688 E252.688 G1 X123.209 Y114.069 E252.7037 G1 X123.152 Y114.511 E252.72148 G1 X123.167 Y115.077 E252.74408 G1 X123.252 Y115.527 E252.76236 G1 X123.438 Y116.069 E252.78523 G1 X123.72 Y116.574 E252.80832 G1 X124.026 Y116.964 E252.8281 G1 X124.179 Y117.109 E252.83651 G1 X124.088 Y117.17 E252.83687 G1 X123.754 Y117.509 E252.85587 G1 X123.495 Y117.883 E252.87402 G1 X123.272 Y118.392 E252.8962 G1 X123.168 Y118.855 E252.91514 G1 X123.149 Y119.318 E252.93364 G1 X123.212 Y119.792 E252.95272 G1 X123.355 Y120.233 E252.97123 G1 X123.563 Y120.628 E252.98904 G1 X123.865 Y121.018 E253.00873 G1 X124.28 Y121.378 E253.03066 G1 X124.65 Y121.591 E253.0477 G1 X125.121 Y121.767 E253.06777 G1 X125.692 Y121.853 E253.09081 G1 X126.164 Y121.828 E253.10968 G1 X126.613 Y121.726 E253.12805 G1 X127.04 Y121.549 E253.1465 G1 X127.51 Y121.23 E253.16917 G1 X127.846 Y120.891 E253.18822 G1 X128.105 Y120.517 E253.20638 G1 X128.3 Y120.072 E253.22577 G1 X128.3 Y120.891 E253.24417 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E253.29242 G1 X126.613 Y122.1 E253.35975 G1 X125.692 Y122.1 E253.38759 G1 X125.121 Y122.1 E253.40136 G1 X108.74 Y122.1 E254.05516 G1 X108.741 Y112.9 E254.42235 G1 X111.673 Y112.9 E254.53938 G1 X111.46 Y113.285 E254.55694 G1 X111.306 Y113.688 E254.57416 G1 X111.209 Y114.069 E254.58985 G1 X111.152 Y114.511 E254.60764 G1 X111.167 Y115.077 E254.63023 G1 X111.252 Y115.527 E254.64851 G1 X111.438 Y116.069 E254.67138 G1 X111.72 Y116.574 E254.69447 G1 X112.026 Y116.964 E254.71425 G1 X112.349 Y117.27 E254.73201 G1 X112.697 Y117.525 E254.74923 G1 X113.085 Y117.74 E254.76693 G1 X113.488 Y117.894 E254.78415 G1 X113.869 Y117.991 E254.79985 G1 X114.212 Y118.036 E254.81365 G0 F2657.1 X114.311 Y118.048 G0 X114.877 Y118.033 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.826 Y117.554 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X115.204 Y117.483 E254.829 G1 X115.672 Y117.322 E254.84876 G1 X116.107 Y117.079 E254.86864 G1 X116.44 Y116.818 E254.88553 G1 X116.701 Y116.543 E254.90066 G1 X116.92 Y116.244 E254.91545 G1 X117.104 Y115.912 E254.9306 G1 X117.236 Y115.567 E254.94535 G1 X117.319 Y115.241 E254.95877 G1 X117.366 Y114.868 E254.97378 G1 X117.36 Y114.454 E254.9903 G1 X117.304 Y114.082 E255.00532 G1 X117.198 Y113.718 E255.02045 G1 X117.065 Y113.41 E255.03384 G1 X116.875 Y113.089 E255.04873 G1 X116.618 Y112.76 E255.06539 G1 X116.343 Y112.499 E255.08052 G1 X116.235 Y112.42 E255.08586 G1 X124.767 Y112.42 E255.42639 G1 X124.56 Y112.582 E255.43689 G1 X124.299 Y112.857 E255.45202 G1 X124.08 Y113.156 E255.46681 G1 X123.896 Y113.488 E255.48196 G1 X123.764 Y113.833 E255.4967 G1 X123.681 Y114.159 E255.51013 G1 X123.633 Y114.535 E255.52526 G1 X123.646 Y115.026 E255.54486 G1 X123.717 Y115.404 E255.56021 G1 X123.878 Y115.872 E255.57997 G1 X124.121 Y116.307 E255.59985 G1 X124.382 Y116.64 E255.61674 G1 X124.657 Y116.901 E255.63187 G1 X124.956 Y117.12 E255.64666 G1 X125.046 Y117.17 E255.65077 G1 X124.778 Y117.283 E255.65663 G1 X124.397 Y117.541 E255.67499 G1 X124.125 Y117.817 E255.69046 G1 X123.916 Y118.118 E255.70509 G1 X123.73 Y118.542 E255.72357 G1 X123.646 Y118.918 E255.73894 G1 X123.63 Y119.296 E255.75404 G1 X123.682 Y119.685 E255.76971 G1 X123.799 Y120.046 E255.78485 G1 X123.968 Y120.367 E255.79933 G1 X124.215 Y120.686 E255.81543 G1 X124.56 Y120.985 E255.83366 G1 X124.855 Y121.155 E255.84725 G1 X125.242 Y121.3 E255.86374 G1 X125.715 Y121.371 E255.88283 G1 X126.098 Y121.351 E255.89814 G1 X126.467 Y121.267 E255.91324 G1 X126.811 Y121.124 E255.92811 G1 X127.202 Y120.859 E255.94696 G1 X127.475 Y120.583 E255.96246 G1 X127.684 Y120.282 E255.97708 G1 X127.87 Y119.858 E255.99556 G1 X127.954 Y119.482 E256.01094 G1 X127.97 Y119.104 E256.02604 G1 X127.918 Y118.715 E256.0417 G1 X127.801 Y118.354 E256.05685 G1 X127.632 Y118.033 E256.07133 G1 X127.385 Y117.714 E256.08743 G1 X127.134 Y117.496 E256.1007 G1 X127.204 Y117.483 G1 X127.672 Y117.322 E256.12045 G1 X128.107 Y117.079 E256.14034 G1 X128.44 Y116.818 E256.15723 G1 X128.701 Y116.543 E256.17236 G1 X128.78 Y116.435 E256.1777 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E256.42296 G1 X108.26 Y122.58 E257.24196 G1 X108.261 Y112.42 E257.64746 G1 X112.767 Y112.42 E257.82731 G1 X112.56 Y112.582 E257.8378 G1 X112.299 Y112.857 E257.85293 G1 X112.08 Y113.156 E257.86772 G1 X111.896 Y113.488 E257.88287 G1 X111.764 Y113.833 E257.89762 G1 X111.681 Y114.159 E257.91104 G1 X111.633 Y114.535 E257.92617 G1 X111.646 Y115.026 E257.94578 G1 X111.717 Y115.404 E257.96113 G1 X111.878 Y115.872 E257.98088 G1 X112.121 Y116.307 E258.00077 G1 X112.382 Y116.64 E258.01765 G1 X112.657 Y116.901 E258.03279 G1 X112.956 Y117.12 E258.04758 G1 X113.288 Y117.304 E258.06273 G1 X113.633 Y117.436 E258.07747 G1 X113.959 Y117.519 E258.0909 G1 X114.162 Y117.545 E258.09907 G0 F2657.1 X114.335 Y117.567 G0 X114.826 Y117.554 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.775 Y117.075 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2952.3 X115.081 Y117.018 E258.11149 G1 X115.475 Y116.882 E258.12813 G1 X115.84 Y116.678 E258.14481 G1 X116.116 Y116.462 E258.1588 G1 X116.332 Y116.235 E258.17131 G1 X116.515 Y115.985 E258.18367 G1 X116.668 Y115.709 E258.19627 G1 X116.778 Y115.421 E258.20857 G1 X116.847 Y115.151 E258.2197 G1 X116.886 Y114.841 E258.23217 G1 X116.881 Y114.494 E258.24602 G1 X116.834 Y114.186 E258.25845 G1 X116.745 Y113.881 E258.27113 G1 X116.636 Y113.628 E258.28213 G1 X116.478 Y113.36 E258.29455 G1 X116.262 Y113.084 E258.30853 G1 X116.035 Y112.868 E258.32104 G1 X115.785 Y112.685 E258.33341 G1 X115.509 Y112.532 E258.346 G1 X115.221 Y112.422 E258.35831 G1 X114.951 Y112.353 E258.36943 G1 X114.641 Y112.314 E258.3819 G1 X114.501 Y112.31 E258.38749 G1 X114.225 Y112.325 E258.39852 G1 X113.919 Y112.382 E258.41094 G1 X113.525 Y112.518 E258.42758 G1 X113.16 Y112.722 E258.44427 G1 X112.884 Y112.938 E258.45826 G1 X112.668 Y113.165 E258.47076 G1 X112.485 Y113.415 E258.48313 G1 X112.332 Y113.691 E258.49572 G1 X112.222 Y113.979 E258.50803 G1 X112.153 Y114.249 E258.51915 G1 X112.114 Y114.559 E258.53162 G1 X112.125 Y114.975 E258.54823 G1 X112.182 Y115.281 E258.56065 G1 X112.318 Y115.675 E258.57729 G1 X112.522 Y116.04 E258.59398 G1 X112.738 Y116.316 E258.60797 G1 X112.965 Y116.532 E258.62047 G1 X113.215 Y116.715 E258.63284 G1 X113.491 Y116.868 E258.64543 G1 X113.779 Y116.978 E258.65774 G1 X114.049 Y117.047 E258.66886 G1 X114.111 Y117.055 E258.67136 G0 F2657.1 X114.359 Y117.086 G0 X114.775 Y117.075 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.83 Y117.6 G1 F1800 E258.07136 G0 F15000 X114.855 Y116.142 G0 X127.646 Y113.754 G0 X128.78 Y112.967 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E258.67136 G1 F2952.3 X128.618 Y112.76 E258.68185 G1 X128.343 Y112.499 E258.69698 G1 X128.235 Y112.42 E258.70232 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E258.71123 G1 X128.78 Y112.967 E258.72028 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E258.12028 G0 F15000 X127.718 Y113.851 G0 X126.507 Y116.185 G0 X126.359 Y117.086 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E258.72028 G1 F2952.3 X126.775 Y117.075 E258.73688 G1 X127.081 Y117.018 E258.74931 G1 X127.475 Y116.882 E258.76594 G1 X127.84 Y116.678 E258.78263 G1 X128.116 Y116.462 E258.79662 G1 X128.332 Y116.235 E258.80913 G1 X128.515 Y115.985 E258.82149 G1 X128.668 Y115.709 E258.83409 G1 X128.778 Y115.421 E258.84639 G1 X128.847 Y115.151 E258.85751 G1 X128.886 Y114.841 E258.86999 G1 X128.881 Y114.494 E258.88384 G1 X128.834 Y114.186 E258.89627 G1 X128.745 Y113.881 E258.90895 G1 X128.636 Y113.628 E258.91995 G1 X128.478 Y113.36 E258.93236 G1 X128.262 Y113.084 E258.94635 G1 X128.035 Y112.868 E258.95886 G1 X127.785 Y112.685 E258.97122 G1 X127.509 Y112.532 E258.98382 G1 X127.221 Y112.422 E258.99612 G1 X126.951 Y112.353 E259.00725 G1 X126.641 Y112.314 E259.01972 G1 X126.501 Y112.31 E259.02531 G1 X126.225 Y112.325 E259.03634 G1 X125.919 Y112.382 E259.04876 G1 X125.525 Y112.518 E259.0654 G1 X125.16 Y112.722 E259.08209 G1 X124.884 Y112.938 E259.09607 G1 X124.668 Y113.165 E259.10858 G1 X124.485 Y113.415 E259.12095 G1 X124.332 Y113.691 E259.13354 G1 X124.222 Y113.979 E259.14585 G1 X124.153 Y114.249 E259.15697 G1 X124.114 Y114.559 E259.16944 G1 X124.125 Y114.975 E259.18605 G1 X124.182 Y115.281 E259.19847 G1 X124.318 Y115.675 E259.21511 G1 X124.522 Y116.04 E259.2318 G1 X124.738 Y116.316 E259.24578 G1 X124.965 Y116.532 E259.25829 G1 X125.215 Y116.715 E259.27066 G1 X125.491 Y116.868 E259.28325 G1 X125.708 Y116.951 E259.29252 G0 F2657.1 X125.779 Y116.978 G0 X126.049 Y117.047 G0 X126.359 Y117.086 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E258.69252 G0 F15000 X126.009 Y118.444 G0 X125.597 Y119.959 G0 X125.363 Y120.833 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E259.29252 G1 F2952.3 X125.738 Y120.889 E259.30766 G1 X126.032 Y120.874 E259.31941 G1 X126.32 Y120.808 E259.3312 G1 X126.582 Y120.699 E259.34253 G1 X126.894 Y120.488 E259.35756 G1 X127.104 Y120.275 E259.3695 G1 X127.263 Y120.046 E259.38062 G1 X127.412 Y119.708 E259.39537 G1 X127.476 Y119.419 E259.40718 G1 X127.489 Y119.126 E259.41889 G1 X127.448 Y118.822 E259.43113 G1 X127.357 Y118.541 E259.44292 G1 X127.227 Y118.294 E259.45406 G1 X127.035 Y118.046 E259.46658 G1 X126.76 Y117.808 E259.48109 G1 X126.436 Y117.634 E259.49577 G1 X126.166 Y117.55 E259.50706 G1 X125.862 Y117.511 E259.51929 G1 X125.568 Y117.526 E259.53104 G1 X125.28 Y117.592 E259.54283 G1 X125.008 Y117.707 E259.55462 G1 X124.706 Y117.912 E259.56919 G1 X124.496 Y118.125 E259.58112 G1 X124.337 Y118.354 E259.59225 G1 X124.188 Y118.692 E259.60699 G1 X124.124 Y118.981 E259.61881 G1 X124.111 Y119.274 E259.63051 G1 X124.152 Y119.578 E259.64276 G1 X124.243 Y119.859 E259.65455 G1 X124.373 Y120.106 E259.66569 G1 X124.565 Y120.354 E259.6782 G1 X124.773 Y120.534 E259.68918 G0 F2657.1 X124.84 Y120.592 G0 X125.061 Y120.72 G0 X125.363 Y120.833 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.231 Y121.344 G1 F1800 E259.08918 G0 F15000 X125.533 Y119.939 G0 X107.78 Y123.965 G0 X107.78 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E259.68918 G1 F2952.3 X107.781 Y111.94 E260.13301 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E260.99028 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E261.4341 G1 X108.446 Y123.06 E262.26483 G0 F2657.1 X107.78 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E261.66483 G0 F15000 X107.78 Y123.965 G0 X126.445 Y118.751 G0 X127.981 Y117.7 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E262.26483 G1 F2952.3 X128.3 Y117.521 E262.27943 G1 X128.3 Y118.337 E262.312 G1 X128.245 Y118.167 E262.31913 G1 X128.037 Y117.772 E262.32371 G1 X127.981 Y117.7 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.83 Y121.575 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2952.3 X127.83 Y121.63 E262.32591 G1 X127.757 Y121.63 E262.32882 G1 X127.821 Y121.582 E262.33202 G0 F2657.1 X127.83 Y121.575 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.854 Y121.63 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.21 Y121.63 E262.91649 G1 X109.211 Y113.37 E263.24616 G1 X110.924 Y113.37 E263.31453 G1 X110.857 Y113.545 E263.32201 G1 X110.747 Y113.981 E263.33996 G1 X110.682 Y114.487 E263.36032 G1 X110.699 Y115.127 E263.38587 G1 X110.796 Y115.648 E263.40702 G1 X111.007 Y116.261 E263.4329 G1 X111.328 Y116.835 E263.45915 G1 X111.677 Y117.281 E263.48175 G1 X112.047 Y117.632 E263.50211 G1 X112.443 Y117.922 E263.5217 G1 X112.886 Y118.167 E263.5419 G1 X113.345 Y118.343 E263.56152 G1 X113.781 Y118.453 E263.57947 G1 X114.287 Y118.518 E263.59983 G1 X114.927 Y118.501 E263.62538 G1 X115.448 Y118.404 E263.64653 G1 X116.061 Y118.193 E263.67241 G1 X116.635 Y117.872 E263.69866 G1 X117.081 Y117.523 E263.72126 G1 X117.432 Y117.153 E263.74162 G1 X117.722 Y116.757 E263.76121 G1 X117.967 Y116.314 E263.78141 G1 X118.143 Y115.855 E263.80103 G1 X118.254 Y115.419 E263.81899 G1 X118.316 Y114.921 E263.83902 G1 X118.309 Y114.376 E263.86077 G1 X118.234 Y113.879 E263.88083 G1 X118.094 Y113.396 E263.9009 G1 X118.083 Y113.37 E263.90203 G1 X122.924 Y113.37 E264.09525 G1 X122.857 Y113.545 E264.10273 G1 X122.747 Y113.981 E264.12067 G1 X122.682 Y114.487 E264.14103 G1 X122.699 Y115.127 E264.16659 G1 X122.796 Y115.648 E264.18774 G1 X123.007 Y116.261 E264.21361 G1 X123.328 Y116.835 E264.23986 G1 X123.518 Y117.078 E264.25217 G1 X123.39 Y117.208 E264.25945 G1 X123.082 Y117.652 E264.28102 G1 X122.823 Y118.245 E264.30685 G1 X122.7 Y118.794 E264.3293 G1 X122.677 Y119.34 E264.35112 G1 X122.752 Y119.896 E264.37351 G1 X122.92 Y120.417 E264.39536 G1 X123.166 Y120.883 E264.41639 G1 X123.383 Y121.163 E264.43053 G0 F2657.1 X123.522 Y121.343 G0 X123.854 Y121.63 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E263.83053 G0 F15000 X125.273 Y119.782 G0 X125.038 Y114.439 G0 X122.601 Y113.776 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E264.43053 G1 F2952.3 X122.386 Y113.562 E264.44263 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.707 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.504 Y114.358 E264.48759 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.504 Y115.037 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X121.029 Y113.562 E264.57085 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.35 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.675 Y115.887 E264.70208 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.222 Y117.113 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X119.671 Y113.562 E264.90251 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.992 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.943 Y117.512 E265.1255 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.728 Y117.977 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X118.351 Y113.599 E265.37258 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.501 Y114.428 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.569 Y118.496 E265.6022 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.494 Y119.1 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X118.486 Y115.092 E265.82843 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.385 Y115.67 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.549 Y119.834 E266.06346 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.978 Y120.942 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X118.221 Y116.184 E266.33199 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.002 Y116.645 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X122.794 Y121.437 E266.60248 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.115 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X117.738 Y117.059 E266.84956 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.431 Y117.431 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X121.437 Y121.437 E267.07568 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.758 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X117.084 Y117.762 E267.28308 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.698 Y118.055 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X120.079 Y121.437 E267.47395 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.4 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X116.263 Y118.299 E267.65104 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.778 Y118.493 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X118.721 Y121.437 E267.81719 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.042 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X115.242 Y118.636 E267.97526 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.627 Y118.7 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X117.364 Y121.437 E268.12975 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.685 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X113.91 Y118.662 E268.28638 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.975 Y118.405 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X116.006 Y121.437 E268.45749 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.327 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y115.512 E268.79192 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.402 Y114.833 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X110.791 Y116.222 E268.87032 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.534 Y115.285 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y114.154 E268.93419 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.488 Y113.561 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X110.492 Y114.565 E268.99086 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.557 Y113.951 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X110.167 Y113.561 E269.01287 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.402 Y116.191 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X114.648 Y121.437 E269.30898 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.97 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y116.869 E269.56682 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.402 Y117.548 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X113.291 Y121.437 E269.78633 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.612 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y118.226 E269.96754 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.402 Y118.905 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X111.933 Y121.437 E270.11043 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.254 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y119.584 E270.215 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.402 Y120.263 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X110.575 Y121.437 E270.28123 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.897 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2952.3 X109.402 Y120.942 E270.30917 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E269.70917 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X109.402 Y120.942 Z3.44 G0 F15000 X106.875 Y120.942 G0 X114.4 Y116.182 G0 X114.628 Y118.532 ;TIME_ELAPSED:312.402478 ;LAYER:15 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E270.30917 G1 F2909.9 X115.274 Y118.455 E270.33514 G1 X115.807 Y118.304 E270.35725 G1 X116.27 Y118.101 E270.37743 G1 X116.695 Y117.843 E270.39727 G1 X117.073 Y117.542 E270.41656 G1 X117.507 Y117.08 E270.44186 G1 X117.819 Y116.619 E270.46407 G1 X118.042 Y116.167 E270.48419 G1 X118.201 Y115.694 E270.50411 G1 X118.304 Y115.192 E270.52456 G1 X118.332 Y114.572 E270.54933 G1 X118.255 Y113.926 E270.5753 G1 X118.104 Y113.393 E270.59741 G1 X118.098 Y113.38 E270.59798 G1 X122.909 Y113.38 E270.79 G1 X122.799 Y113.706 E270.80373 G1 X122.696 Y114.208 E270.82418 G1 X122.668 Y114.828 E270.84895 G1 X122.745 Y115.474 E270.87492 G1 X122.896 Y116.007 E270.89703 G1 X123.099 Y116.47 E270.91721 G1 X123.357 Y116.895 E270.93705 G1 X123.503 Y117.078 E270.94639 G1 X123.395 Y117.186 E270.95249 G1 X123.075 Y117.645 E270.97482 G1 X122.814 Y118.242 E271.00083 G1 X122.69 Y118.792 E271.02333 G1 X122.668 Y119.337 E271.0451 G1 X122.739 Y119.894 E271.06751 G1 X122.952 Y120.513 E271.09364 G1 X123.233 Y121.004 E271.11622 G1 X123.599 Y121.431 E271.13866 G1 X123.824 Y121.62 E271.15039 G1 X109.42 Y121.62 E271.72529 G1 X109.421 Y113.38 E272.05416 G1 X110.909 Y113.38 E272.11355 G1 X110.799 Y113.706 E272.12728 G1 X110.696 Y114.208 E272.14774 G1 X110.668 Y114.828 E272.17251 G1 X110.745 Y115.474 E272.19847 G1 X110.896 Y116.007 E272.22058 G1 X111.099 Y116.47 E272.24076 G1 X111.357 Y116.895 E272.2606 G1 X111.658 Y117.273 E272.27989 G1 X112.12 Y117.707 E272.30519 G1 X112.581 Y118.019 E272.32741 G1 X113.033 Y118.242 E272.34752 G1 X113.506 Y118.401 E272.36744 G1 X113.963 Y118.495 E272.38606 G0 F2618.9 X114.008 Y118.504 G0 X114.628 Y118.532 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.61 Y118.051 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X115.179 Y117.983 E272.40893 G1 X115.644 Y117.851 E272.42823 G1 X116.048 Y117.674 E272.44583 G1 X116.42 Y117.448 E272.4632 G1 X116.747 Y117.188 E272.47988 G1 X117.131 Y116.779 E272.50227 G1 X117.403 Y116.377 E272.52164 G1 X117.597 Y115.983 E272.53917 G1 X117.737 Y115.569 E272.55661 G1 X117.826 Y115.133 E272.57437 G1 X117.851 Y114.59 E272.59607 G1 X117.783 Y114.021 E272.61894 G1 X117.651 Y113.556 E272.63823 G1 X117.474 Y113.152 E272.65583 G1 X117.321 Y112.9 E272.6676 G1 X123.68 Y112.9 E272.9214 G1 X123.597 Y113.023 E272.92733 G1 X123.403 Y113.417 E272.94485 G1 X123.263 Y113.831 E272.9623 G1 X123.174 Y114.267 E272.98006 G1 X123.149 Y114.81 E273.00175 G1 X123.217 Y115.379 E273.02462 G1 X123.349 Y115.844 E273.04392 G1 X123.526 Y116.248 E273.06152 G1 X123.752 Y116.62 E273.07889 G1 X124.012 Y116.947 E273.09557 G1 X124.182 Y117.106 E273.10486 G1 X124.08 Y117.178 E273.10555 G1 X123.765 Y117.495 E273.12338 G1 X123.496 Y117.881 E273.14216 G1 X123.272 Y118.392 E273.16443 G1 X123.168 Y118.855 E273.18337 G1 X123.149 Y119.316 E273.20179 G1 X123.209 Y119.784 E273.22062 G1 X123.391 Y120.314 E273.24298 G1 X123.627 Y120.726 E273.26193 G1 X123.938 Y121.089 E273.28101 G1 X124.274 Y121.371 E273.29852 G1 X124.647 Y121.591 E273.3158 G1 X125.121 Y121.767 E273.33598 G1 X125.676 Y121.853 E273.3584 G1 X126.176 Y121.828 E273.37838 G1 X126.728 Y121.69 E273.40109 G1 X127.231 Y121.438 E273.42355 G1 X127.681 Y121.072 E273.4467 G1 X127.981 Y120.714 E273.46534 G1 X128.25 Y120.224 E273.48765 G1 X128.3 Y120.065 E273.4943 G1 X128.3 Y120.714 E273.50585 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E273.56117 G1 X126.728 Y122.1 E273.62391 G1 X126.176 Y122.1 E273.63955 G1 X125.676 Y122.1 E273.65036 G1 X125.121 Y122.1 E273.66375 G1 X108.94 Y122.1 E274.30956 G1 X108.941 Y112.9 E274.67676 G1 X111.68 Y112.9 E274.78608 G1 X111.597 Y113.023 E274.792 G1 X111.403 Y113.417 E274.80953 G1 X111.263 Y113.831 E274.82697 G1 X111.174 Y114.267 E274.84473 G1 X111.149 Y114.81 E274.86643 G1 X111.217 Y115.379 E274.8893 G1 X111.349 Y115.844 E274.90859 G1 X111.526 Y116.248 E274.92619 G1 X111.752 Y116.62 E274.94357 G1 X112.012 Y116.947 E274.96024 G1 X112.421 Y117.331 E274.98263 G1 X112.823 Y117.603 E275.002 G1 X113.217 Y117.797 E275.01953 G1 X113.631 Y117.937 E275.03697 G1 X113.947 Y118.002 E275.04985 G0 F2618.9 X114.067 Y118.026 G0 X114.61 Y118.051 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.593 Y117.57 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X115.084 Y117.511 E275.06959 G1 X115.481 Y117.398 E275.08606 G1 X115.826 Y117.247 E275.10109 G1 X116.145 Y117.053 E275.116 G1 X116.421 Y116.834 E275.13006 G1 X116.755 Y116.478 E275.14954 G1 X116.987 Y116.136 E275.16604 G1 X117.152 Y115.799 E275.18101 G1 X117.273 Y115.443 E275.19602 G1 X117.348 Y115.074 E275.21105 G1 X117.37 Y114.607 E275.22971 G1 X117.311 Y114.116 E275.24944 G1 X117.198 Y113.719 E275.26592 G1 X117.047 Y113.374 E275.28095 G1 X116.853 Y113.055 E275.29585 G1 X116.634 Y112.779 E275.30991 G1 X116.278 Y112.445 E275.3294 G1 X116.241 Y112.42 E275.33118 G1 X124.763 Y112.42 E275.67131 G1 X124.579 Y112.566 E275.68069 G1 X124.245 Y112.922 E275.70017 G1 X124.013 Y113.264 E275.71666 G1 X123.848 Y113.601 E275.73164 G1 X123.727 Y113.957 E275.74665 G1 X123.652 Y114.326 E275.76168 G1 X123.63 Y114.793 E275.78033 G1 X123.689 Y115.284 E275.80007 G1 X123.802 Y115.681 E275.81655 G1 X123.953 Y116.026 E275.83158 G1 X124.147 Y116.345 E275.84648 G1 X124.366 Y116.621 E275.86054 G1 X124.722 Y116.955 E275.88003 G1 X125.034 Y117.167 E275.89508 G1 X124.712 Y117.32 E275.90144 G1 X124.391 Y117.546 E275.91711 G1 X124.135 Y117.804 E275.93162 G1 X123.917 Y118.117 E275.94684 G1 X123.73 Y118.542 E275.96537 G1 X123.646 Y118.918 E275.98075 G1 X123.63 Y119.295 E275.99581 G1 X123.679 Y119.674 E276.01106 G1 X123.83 Y120.115 E276.02967 G1 X124.021 Y120.448 E276.04499 G1 X124.277 Y120.747 E276.0607 G1 X124.552 Y120.978 E276.07503 G1 X124.854 Y121.156 E276.08902 G1 X125.242 Y121.3 E276.10554 G1 X125.701 Y121.371 E276.12408 G1 X126.105 Y121.351 E276.14022 G1 X126.56 Y121.237 E276.15895 G1 X126.969 Y121.032 E276.17721 G1 X127.343 Y120.728 E276.19644 G1 X127.583 Y120.442 E276.21134 G1 X127.806 Y120.035 E276.22987 G1 X127.921 Y119.669 E276.24518 G1 X127.971 Y119.277 E276.26095 G1 X127.951 Y118.895 E276.27622 G1 X127.838 Y118.445 E276.29474 G1 X127.68 Y118.112 E276.30945 G1 X127.454 Y117.791 E276.32512 G1 X127.196 Y117.535 E276.33962 G1 X127.139 Y117.495 E276.3424 G1 X127.481 Y117.398 E276.34997 G1 X127.826 Y117.247 E276.365 G1 X128.145 Y117.053 E276.3799 G1 X128.421 Y116.834 E276.39396 G1 X128.755 Y116.478 E276.41345 G1 X128.78 Y116.441 E276.41523 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E276.66025 G1 X108.46 Y122.58 E277.47126 G1 X108.461 Y112.42 E277.87677 G1 X112.763 Y112.42 E278.04847 G1 X112.579 Y112.566 E278.05785 G1 X112.245 Y112.922 E278.07733 G1 X112.013 Y113.264 E278.09383 G1 X111.848 Y113.601 E278.1088 G1 X111.727 Y113.957 E278.12381 G1 X111.652 Y114.326 E278.13884 G1 X111.63 Y114.793 E278.1575 G1 X111.689 Y115.284 E278.17724 G1 X111.802 Y115.681 E278.19371 G1 X111.953 Y116.026 E278.20874 G1 X112.147 Y116.345 E278.22364 G1 X112.366 Y116.621 E278.2377 G1 X112.722 Y116.955 E278.25719 G1 X113.064 Y117.187 E278.27368 G1 X113.401 Y117.352 E278.28866 G1 X113.757 Y117.473 E278.30366 G1 X113.931 Y117.509 E278.31076 G0 F2618.9 X114.126 Y117.548 G0 X114.593 Y117.57 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.576 Y117.089 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2909.9 X114.989 Y117.039 E278.32736 G1 X115.318 Y116.945 E278.34102 G1 X115.604 Y116.82 E278.35347 G1 X115.87 Y116.658 E278.36591 G1 X116.095 Y116.48 E278.37736 G1 X116.379 Y116.177 E278.39393 G1 X116.571 Y115.894 E278.40758 G1 X116.708 Y115.615 E278.41999 G1 X116.809 Y115.318 E278.43251 G1 X116.87 Y115.015 E278.44484 G1 X116.889 Y114.624 E278.46047 G1 X116.839 Y114.211 E278.47707 G1 X116.745 Y113.882 E278.49073 G1 X116.62 Y113.596 E278.50318 G1 X116.458 Y113.33 E278.51562 G1 X116.28 Y113.105 E278.52707 G1 X115.977 Y112.821 E278.54364 G1 X115.694 Y112.629 E278.55729 G1 X115.415 Y112.492 E278.5697 G1 X115.118 Y112.391 E278.58222 G1 X114.815 Y112.33 E278.59455 G1 X114.424 Y112.311 E278.61018 G1 X114.011 Y112.361 E278.62678 G1 X113.682 Y112.455 E278.64044 G1 X113.396 Y112.58 E278.65289 G1 X113.13 Y112.742 E278.66533 G1 X112.905 Y112.92 E278.67678 G1 X112.621 Y113.223 E278.69335 G1 X112.429 Y113.506 E278.707 G1 X112.292 Y113.785 E278.71941 G1 X112.191 Y114.082 E278.73193 G1 X112.13 Y114.385 E278.74426 G1 X112.111 Y114.776 E278.75989 G1 X112.161 Y115.189 E278.77649 G1 X112.255 Y115.518 E278.79015 G1 X112.38 Y115.804 E278.8026 G1 X112.542 Y116.07 E278.81504 G1 X112.72 Y116.295 E278.82649 G1 X113.023 Y116.579 E278.84306 G1 X113.306 Y116.771 E278.85671 G1 X113.585 Y116.908 E278.86912 G1 X113.882 Y117.009 E278.88164 G1 X113.916 Y117.016 E278.88302 G0 F2618.9 X114.185 Y117.07 G0 X114.576 Y117.089 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.594 Y117.616 G1 F1800 E278.28302 G0 F15000 X114.676 Y116.176 G0 X127.603 Y113.704 G0 X128.78 Y112.963 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E278.88302 G1 F2909.9 X128.634 Y112.779 E278.8924 G1 X128.278 Y112.445 E278.91188 G1 X128.241 Y112.42 E278.91366 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E278.91952 G1 X128.78 Y112.963 E278.92866 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E278.32866 G0 F15000 X127.709 Y113.836 G0 X126.645 Y116.179 G0 X126.576 Y117.089 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E278.92866 G1 F2909.9 X126.989 Y117.039 E278.94526 G1 X127.318 Y116.945 E278.95892 G1 X127.604 Y116.82 E278.97138 G1 X127.87 Y116.658 E278.98381 G1 X128.095 Y116.48 E278.99526 G1 X128.379 Y116.177 E279.01183 G1 X128.571 Y115.894 E279.02548 G1 X128.708 Y115.615 E279.03789 G1 X128.809 Y115.318 E279.05041 G1 X128.87 Y115.015 E279.06274 G1 X128.889 Y114.624 E279.07837 G1 X128.839 Y114.211 E279.09497 G1 X128.745 Y113.882 E279.10863 G1 X128.62 Y113.596 E279.12109 G1 X128.458 Y113.33 E279.13352 G1 X128.28 Y113.105 E279.14497 G1 X127.977 Y112.821 E279.16154 G1 X127.694 Y112.629 E279.17519 G1 X127.415 Y112.492 E279.1876 G1 X127.118 Y112.391 E279.20012 G1 X126.815 Y112.33 E279.21245 G1 X126.424 Y112.311 E279.22808 G1 X126.011 Y112.361 E279.24468 G1 X125.682 Y112.455 E279.25834 G1 X125.396 Y112.58 E279.2708 G1 X125.13 Y112.742 E279.28323 G1 X124.905 Y112.92 E279.29468 G1 X124.621 Y113.223 E279.31125 G1 X124.429 Y113.506 E279.3249 G1 X124.292 Y113.785 E279.33731 G1 X124.191 Y114.082 E279.34983 G1 X124.13 Y114.385 E279.36216 G1 X124.111 Y114.776 E279.37779 G1 X124.161 Y115.189 E279.39439 G1 X124.255 Y115.518 E279.40805 G1 X124.38 Y115.804 E279.42051 G1 X124.542 Y116.07 E279.43294 G1 X124.72 Y116.295 E279.44439 G1 X125.023 Y116.579 E279.46096 G1 X125.306 Y116.771 E279.47461 G1 X125.585 Y116.908 E279.48702 G1 X125.882 Y117.009 E279.49954 G1 X125.916 Y117.016 E279.50092 G0 F2618.9 X126.185 Y117.07 G0 X126.576 Y117.089 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E278.90092 G0 F15000 X126.107 Y118.478 G0 X125.77 Y119.985 G0 X125.726 Y120.889 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E279.50092 G1 F2909.9 X126.034 Y120.874 E279.51323 G1 X126.392 Y120.784 E279.52796 G1 X126.707 Y120.626 E279.54203 G1 X127.005 Y120.384 E279.55735 G1 X127.185 Y120.17 E279.56851 G1 X127.362 Y119.846 E279.58325 G1 X127.45 Y119.566 E279.59496 G1 X127.489 Y119.259 E279.60731 G1 X127.474 Y118.966 E279.61902 G1 X127.384 Y118.608 E279.63375 G1 X127.264 Y118.355 E279.64493 G1 X127.086 Y118.102 E279.65728 G1 X126.887 Y117.905 E279.66845 G1 X126.647 Y117.737 E279.68015 G1 X126.308 Y117.588 E279.69493 G1 X126.019 Y117.524 E279.70674 G1 X125.859 Y117.511 E279.71315 G1 X125.566 Y117.526 E279.72486 G1 X125.208 Y117.616 E279.73959 G1 X124.955 Y117.736 E279.75077 G1 X124.702 Y117.914 E279.76311 G1 X124.505 Y118.113 E279.77429 G1 X124.337 Y118.353 E279.78598 G1 X124.188 Y118.692 E279.80076 G1 X124.124 Y118.981 E279.81257 G1 X124.111 Y119.274 E279.82428 G1 X124.149 Y119.564 E279.83595 G1 X124.269 Y119.916 E279.8508 G1 X124.415 Y120.17 E279.86249 G1 X124.616 Y120.405 E279.87483 G1 X124.83 Y120.585 E279.88599 G1 X125.061 Y120.721 E279.89669 G1 X125.083 Y120.729 E279.89763 G0 F2618.9 X125.363 Y120.833 G0 X125.726 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.699 Y121.416 G1 F1800 E279.29763 G0 F15000 X125.654 Y119.971 G0 X107.98 Y123.965 G0 X107.98 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E279.89763 G1 F2909.9 X107.981 Y111.94 E280.34145 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E281.19074 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E281.63456 G1 X108.646 Y123.06 E282.45731 G0 F2618.9 X107.98 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E281.85731 G0 F15000 X107.98 Y123.965 G0 X126.227 Y119.86 G0 X127.768 Y121.62 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E282.45731 G1 F2909.9 X127.82 Y121.577 E282.46001 G1 X127.82 Y121.62 G1 X127.768 Y121.62 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.98 Y117.704 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X128.048 Y117.674 E282.46297 G1 X128.3 Y117.521 E282.47474 G1 X128.292 Y118.282 E282.50511 G1 X128.096 Y117.869 G1 X127.98 Y117.704 E282.50791 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E281.90791 G0 F15000 X126.393 Y118.686 G0 X125.195 Y118.698 G0 X122.909 Y117.062 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1800 E282.50791 G1 F2909.9 X122.663 Y117.414 E282.52505 G1 X122.365 Y118.095 E282.55472 G1 X122.222 Y118.731 E282.58074 G1 X122.196 Y119.357 E282.60574 G1 X122.279 Y120.001 E282.63166 G1 X122.522 Y120.708 E282.6615 G1 X122.775 Y121.15 E282.68182 G1 X109.89 Y121.15 E283.19609 G1 X109.891 Y113.85 E283.48745 G1 X110.29 Y113.85 E283.50338 G1 X110.228 Y114.149 E283.51556 G1 X110.196 Y114.846 E283.54341 G1 X110.283 Y115.566 E283.57236 G1 X110.453 Y116.166 E283.59725 G1 X110.681 Y116.687 E283.61995 G1 X110.971 Y117.165 E283.64226 G1 X111.311 Y117.592 E283.66404 G1 X111.826 Y118.075 E283.69223 G1 X112.344 Y118.426 E283.7172 G1 X112.853 Y118.677 E283.73985 G1 X113.383 Y118.855 E283.76216 G1 X113.949 Y118.972 E283.78523 G1 X114.646 Y119.004 E283.81308 G1 X115.366 Y118.917 E283.84203 G1 X115.966 Y118.747 E283.86692 G1 X116.487 Y118.519 E283.88961 G1 X116.965 Y118.229 E283.91193 G1 X117.392 Y117.889 E283.93371 G1 X117.875 Y117.374 E283.96189 G1 X118.226 Y116.856 E283.98687 G1 X118.477 Y116.347 E284.00952 G1 X118.655 Y115.817 E284.03183 G1 X118.772 Y115.251 E284.0549 G1 X118.804 Y114.554 E284.08275 G1 X118.719 Y113.85 E284.11105 G1 X122.29 Y113.85 E284.25358 G1 X122.228 Y114.149 E284.26577 G1 X122.196 Y114.846 E284.29361 G1 X122.283 Y115.566 E284.32256 G1 X122.453 Y116.166 E284.34745 G1 X122.59 Y116.478 E284.36105 G0 F2618.9 X122.681 Y116.687 G0 X122.909 Y117.062 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.315 Y120.703 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.06 Y120.958 E284.37544 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.381 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.142 Y120.197 E284.4184 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.036 Y119.624 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X120.702 Y120.958 E284.49369 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.023 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.019 Y118.962 E284.60636 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.154 Y118.148 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X119.344 Y120.958 E284.76497 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.665 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.637 Y116.987 E284.98913 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.405 Y116.539 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X117.987 Y120.958 E285.23853 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.308 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.219 Y116.047 E285.51573 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.081 Y115.506 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X116.629 Y120.958 E285.82347 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.951 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X122.007 Y114.901 E286.16529 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.032 Y114.197 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X115.272 Y120.957 E286.54686 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.593 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X117.519 Y118.032 E286.71198 G1 X117.546 Y118.004 G1 X121.509 Y114.042 E286.93564 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.83 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X118.757 Y116.114 E287.05263 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.965 Y115.228 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X120.151 Y114.042 E287.11957 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.472 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X118.993 Y114.521 E287.14661 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.911 Y118.96 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X113.914 Y120.957 E287.25932 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.236 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X115.045 Y119.148 E287.36143 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.334 Y119.18 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X112.557 Y120.957 E287.46173 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.878 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X113.716 Y119.119 E287.56548 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.171 Y118.985 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X111.199 Y120.957 E287.67679 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.52 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X112.676 Y118.802 E287.79845 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.224 Y118.574 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.082 Y120.717 E287.91938 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.082 Y120.038 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X111.819 Y118.301 E288.01743 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.454 Y117.987 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.082 Y119.359 E288.09487 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.082 Y118.68 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X111.112 Y117.65 E288.15301 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.812 Y117.272 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.083 Y118.001 E288.19416 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.083 Y117.322 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.555 Y116.85 E288.2208 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.339 Y116.386 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.083 Y116.643 E288.23528 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.083 Y115.964 M204 S800 G1 F2909.9 X110.171 Y115.876 E288.24024 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E287.64024 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X110.171 Y115.876 Z3.64 G0 F15000 X113.08 Y115.133 G0 X114.434 Y116.184 G0 X114.624 Y118.051 ;TIME_ELAPSED:332.016120 ;LAYER:16 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E288.24024 G1 F2885.3 X115.081 Y118.001 E288.25859 G1 X115.508 Y117.897 E288.27613 G1 X115.918 Y117.739 E288.29367 G1 X116.302 Y117.525 E288.31121 G1 X116.652 Y117.269 E288.32852 G1 X116.972 Y116.966 E288.34611 G1 X117.246 Y116.62 E288.36373 G1 X117.473 Y116.249 E288.38109 G1 X117.65 Y115.847 E288.39862 G1 X117.774 Y115.424 E288.41621 G1 X117.839 Y114.993 E288.43361 G1 X117.851 Y114.576 E288.45026 G1 X117.801 Y114.119 E288.46861 G1 X117.697 Y113.692 E288.48615 G1 X117.539 Y113.282 E288.50368 G1 X117.326 Y112.9 E288.52114 G1 X123.681 Y112.9 E288.77478 G1 X123.527 Y113.151 E288.78653 G1 X123.35 Y113.553 E288.80407 G1 X123.226 Y113.976 E288.82166 G1 X123.161 Y114.407 E288.83906 G1 X123.149 Y114.824 E288.85571 G1 X123.199 Y115.281 E288.87405 G1 X123.303 Y115.708 E288.8916 G1 X123.461 Y116.118 E288.90913 G1 X123.675 Y116.502 E288.92668 G1 X123.931 Y116.852 E288.94398 G1 X124.175 Y117.11 E288.95816 G1 X124.094 Y117.164 G1 X123.694 Y117.582 E288.98125 G1 X123.395 Y118.076 E289.0043 G1 X123.21 Y118.617 E289.02712 G1 X123.147 Y119.107 E289.04683 G1 X123.172 Y119.572 E289.06542 G1 X123.277 Y120.02 E289.08379 G1 X123.45 Y120.435 E289.10173 G1 X123.764 Y120.906 E289.12432 G1 X124.182 Y121.306 E289.14741 G1 X124.676 Y121.605 E289.17046 G1 X125.217 Y121.79 E289.19328 G1 X125.707 Y121.853 E289.213 G1 X126.172 Y121.828 E289.23159 G1 X126.62 Y121.723 E289.24995 G1 X127.035 Y121.55 E289.2679 G1 X127.506 Y121.236 E289.29049 G1 X127.906 Y120.818 E289.31358 G1 X128.205 Y120.324 E289.33663 G1 X128.3 Y120.046 E289.34835 G1 X128.3 Y120.818 E289.36646 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E289.41763 G1 X126.62 Y122.1 E289.48468 G1 X125.707 Y122.1 E289.51234 G1 X125.217 Y122.1 E289.52369 G1 X124.709 Y122.1 E289.54084 G1 X109.14 Y122.1 E290.16223 G1 X109.141 Y112.9 E290.52943 G1 X111.681 Y112.9 E290.6308 G1 X111.527 Y113.151 E290.64256 G1 X111.35 Y113.553 E290.66009 G1 X111.226 Y113.976 E290.67768 G1 X111.161 Y114.407 E290.69508 G1 X111.149 Y114.824 E290.71173 G1 X111.199 Y115.281 E290.73008 G1 X111.303 Y115.708 E290.74762 G1 X111.461 Y116.118 E290.76515 G1 X111.675 Y116.502 E290.7827 G1 X111.931 Y116.852 E290.80001 G1 X112.234 Y117.172 E290.8176 G1 X112.58 Y117.446 E290.83521 G1 X112.951 Y117.673 E290.85257 G1 X113.353 Y117.85 E290.8701 G1 X113.776 Y117.974 E290.88769 G1 X113.961 Y118.002 E290.89516 G0 F2596.8 X114.207 Y118.039 G0 X114.624 Y118.051 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.605 Y117.57 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X114.998 Y117.527 E290.91094 G1 X115.364 Y117.438 E290.92597 G1 X115.714 Y117.303 E290.94095 G1 X116.043 Y117.12 E290.95597 G1 X116.344 Y116.9 E290.97085 G1 X116.617 Y116.641 E290.98587 G1 X116.852 Y116.345 E291.00096 G1 X117.047 Y116.026 E291.01588 G1 X117.198 Y115.682 E291.03087 G1 X117.304 Y115.32 E291.04593 G1 X117.36 Y114.95 E291.06086 G1 X117.37 Y114.595 E291.07504 G1 X117.327 Y114.202 E291.09082 G1 X117.238 Y113.836 E291.10585 G1 X117.103 Y113.486 E291.12082 G1 X116.92 Y113.157 E291.13585 G1 X116.7 Y112.856 E291.15073 G1 X116.441 Y112.583 E291.16575 G1 X116.236 Y112.42 E291.1762 G1 X124.765 Y112.42 E291.51661 G1 X124.656 Y112.5 E291.52201 G1 X124.383 Y112.759 E291.53703 G1 X124.148 Y113.055 E291.55211 G1 X123.953 Y113.374 E291.56704 G1 X123.802 Y113.718 E291.58203 G1 X123.696 Y114.08 E291.59708 G1 X123.64 Y114.45 E291.61202 G1 X123.63 Y114.805 E291.6262 G1 X123.673 Y115.198 E291.64197 G1 X123.762 Y115.564 E291.65701 G1 X123.897 Y115.914 E291.67198 G1 X124.08 Y116.243 E291.68701 G1 X124.3 Y116.544 E291.70189 G1 X124.559 Y116.817 E291.71691 G1 X124.855 Y117.052 E291.73199 G1 X125.046 Y117.169 E291.74093 G1 X124.793 Y117.275 E291.74515 G1 X124.404 Y117.534 E291.7638 G1 X124.077 Y117.876 E291.78268 G1 X123.832 Y118.28 E291.80154 G1 X123.68 Y118.726 E291.82035 G1 X123.629 Y119.125 E291.8364 G1 X123.649 Y119.504 E291.85155 G1 X123.735 Y119.872 E291.86663 G1 X123.875 Y120.207 E291.88113 G1 X124.134 Y120.596 E291.89978 G1 X124.476 Y120.923 E291.91866 G1 X124.88 Y121.168 E291.93752 G1 X125.326 Y121.32 E291.95633 G1 X125.725 Y121.371 E291.97238 G1 X126.104 Y121.351 E291.98753 G1 X126.472 Y121.265 E292.00261 G1 X126.807 Y121.125 E292.0171 G1 X127.196 Y120.866 E292.03576 G1 X127.523 Y120.524 E292.05464 G1 X127.768 Y120.12 E292.0735 G1 X127.92 Y119.674 E292.09231 G1 X127.971 Y119.275 E292.10836 G1 X127.951 Y118.896 E292.12351 G1 X127.865 Y118.528 E292.13859 G1 X127.725 Y118.193 E292.15308 G1 X127.466 Y117.804 E292.17173 G1 X127.14 Y117.492 E292.18975 G1 X127.364 Y117.438 E292.19161 G1 X127.714 Y117.303 E292.20658 G1 X128.043 Y117.12 E292.22161 G1 X128.344 Y116.9 E292.23649 G1 X128.617 Y116.641 E292.2515 G1 X128.78 Y116.436 E292.26196 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E292.50718 G1 X108.66 Y122.58 E293.31021 G1 X108.661 Y112.42 E293.71572 G1 X112.765 Y112.42 E293.87952 G1 X112.656 Y112.5 E293.88491 G1 X112.383 Y112.759 E293.89993 G1 X112.148 Y113.055 E293.91502 G1 X111.953 Y113.374 E293.92994 G1 X111.802 Y113.718 E293.94494 G1 X111.696 Y114.08 E293.95999 G1 X111.64 Y114.45 E293.97493 G1 X111.63 Y114.805 E293.9891 G1 X111.673 Y115.198 E294.00488 G1 X111.762 Y115.564 E294.01991 G1 X111.897 Y115.914 E294.03489 G1 X112.08 Y116.243 E294.04991 G1 X112.3 Y116.544 E294.06479 G1 X112.559 Y116.817 E294.07981 G1 X112.855 Y117.052 E294.0949 G1 X113.174 Y117.247 E294.10982 G1 X113.518 Y117.398 E294.12481 G1 X113.88 Y117.504 E294.13987 G1 X113.943 Y117.514 E294.14241 G0 F2596.8 X114.25 Y117.56 G0 X114.605 Y117.57 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.585 Y117.089 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2885.3 X114.915 Y117.053 E294.15566 G1 X115.22 Y116.979 E294.16819 G1 X115.51 Y116.867 E294.1806 G1 X115.784 Y116.715 E294.1931 G1 X116.036 Y116.531 E294.20556 G1 X116.262 Y116.316 E294.21801 G1 X116.458 Y116.07 E294.23056 G1 X116.62 Y115.804 E294.24299 G1 X116.746 Y115.517 E294.2555 G1 X116.834 Y115.216 E294.26802 G1 X116.881 Y114.907 E294.28049 G1 X116.889 Y114.615 E294.29215 G1 X116.853 Y114.285 E294.3054 G1 X116.779 Y113.98 E294.31793 G1 X116.667 Y113.69 E294.33033 G1 X116.515 Y113.416 E294.34284 G1 X116.331 Y113.164 E294.35529 G1 X116.116 Y112.938 E294.36774 G1 X115.87 Y112.742 E294.3803 G1 X115.604 Y112.58 E294.39273 G1 X115.317 Y112.454 E294.40524 G1 X115.016 Y112.366 E294.41775 G1 X114.707 Y112.319 E294.43023 G1 X114.415 Y112.311 E294.44189 G1 X114.085 Y112.347 E294.45514 G1 X113.78 Y112.421 E294.46766 G1 X113.49 Y112.533 E294.48007 G1 X113.216 Y112.685 E294.49258 G1 X112.964 Y112.869 E294.50503 G1 X112.738 Y113.084 E294.51748 G1 X112.542 Y113.33 E294.53003 G1 X112.38 Y113.596 E294.54246 G1 X112.254 Y113.883 E294.55497 G1 X112.166 Y114.184 E294.56749 G1 X112.119 Y114.493 E294.57997 G1 X112.111 Y114.785 E294.59162 G1 X112.147 Y115.115 E294.60487 G1 X112.221 Y115.42 E294.6174 G1 X112.333 Y115.71 E294.62981 G1 X112.485 Y115.984 E294.64231 G1 X112.669 Y116.236 E294.65477 G1 X112.884 Y116.462 E294.66722 G1 X113.13 Y116.658 E294.67977 G1 X113.396 Y116.82 E294.6922 G1 X113.683 Y116.946 E294.70471 G1 X113.925 Y117.017 E294.71478 G0 F2596.8 X113.984 Y117.034 G0 X114.293 Y117.081 G0 X114.585 Y117.089 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.606 Y117.616 G1 F1800 E294.11478 G0 F15000 X114.68 Y116.175 G0 X127.646 Y113.754 G0 X128.78 Y112.965 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E294.71478 G1 F2885.3 X128.7 Y112.856 E294.72017 G1 X128.441 Y112.583 E294.73519 G1 X128.236 Y112.42 E294.74565 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E294.75473 G1 X128.78 Y112.965 E294.76445 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E294.16445 G0 F15000 X127.708 Y113.836 G0 X126.644 Y116.179 G0 X126.585 Y117.089 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E294.76445 G1 F2885.3 X126.915 Y117.053 E294.77769 G1 X127.22 Y116.979 E294.79022 G1 X127.51 Y116.867 E294.80263 G1 X127.784 Y116.715 E294.81513 G1 X128.036 Y116.531 E294.82759 G1 X128.262 Y116.316 E294.84004 G1 X128.458 Y116.07 E294.85259 G1 X128.62 Y115.804 E294.86502 G1 X128.746 Y115.517 E294.87753 G1 X128.834 Y115.216 E294.89005 G1 X128.881 Y114.907 E294.90252 G1 X128.889 Y114.615 E294.91418 G1 X128.853 Y114.285 E294.92743 G1 X128.779 Y113.98 E294.93996 G1 X128.667 Y113.69 E294.95237 G1 X128.515 Y113.416 E294.96487 G1 X128.331 Y113.164 E294.97733 G1 X128.116 Y112.938 E294.98977 G1 X127.87 Y112.742 E295.00233 G1 X127.604 Y112.58 E295.01476 G1 X127.317 Y112.454 E295.02727 G1 X127.016 Y112.366 E295.03979 G1 X126.707 Y112.319 E295.05226 G1 X126.415 Y112.311 E295.06392 G1 X126.085 Y112.347 E295.07717 G1 X125.78 Y112.421 E295.08969 G1 X125.49 Y112.533 E295.1021 G1 X125.216 Y112.685 E295.11461 G1 X124.964 Y112.869 E295.12706 G1 X124.738 Y113.084 E295.13951 G1 X124.542 Y113.33 E295.15207 G1 X124.38 Y113.596 E295.1645 G1 X124.254 Y113.883 E295.17701 G1 X124.166 Y114.184 E295.18952 G1 X124.119 Y114.493 E295.202 G1 X124.111 Y114.785 E295.21366 G1 X124.147 Y115.115 E295.22691 G1 X124.221 Y115.42 E295.23943 G1 X124.333 Y115.71 E295.25184 G1 X124.485 Y115.984 E295.26435 G1 X124.669 Y116.236 E295.2768 G1 X124.884 Y116.462 E295.28925 G1 X125.13 Y116.658 E295.3018 G1 X125.396 Y116.82 E295.31423 G1 X125.683 Y116.946 E295.32674 G1 X125.925 Y117.017 E295.33681 G0 F2596.8 X125.984 Y117.034 G0 X126.293 Y117.081 G0 X126.585 Y117.089 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E294.73681 G0 F15000 X126.105 Y118.477 G0 X125.622 Y119.964 G0 X125.434 Y120.85 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E295.33681 G1 F2885.3 X125.743 Y120.889 E295.34924 G1 X126.037 Y120.874 E295.36099 G1 X126.324 Y120.807 E295.37275 G1 X126.579 Y120.7 E295.38379 G1 X126.886 Y120.496 E295.3985 G1 X127.14 Y120.23 E295.41318 G1 X127.331 Y119.916 E295.42785 G1 X127.45 Y119.566 E295.4426 G1 X127.489 Y119.257 E295.45503 G1 X127.474 Y118.963 E295.46678 G1 X127.407 Y118.676 E295.47855 G1 X127.3 Y118.421 E295.48958 G1 X127.096 Y118.114 E295.5043 G1 X126.83 Y117.86 E295.51898 G1 X126.516 Y117.669 E295.53364 G1 X126.166 Y117.55 E295.5484 G1 X125.857 Y117.511 E295.56083 G1 X125.563 Y117.526 E295.57258 G1 X125.276 Y117.593 E295.58434 G1 X125.021 Y117.7 E295.59538 G1 X124.714 Y117.904 E295.61009 G1 X124.46 Y118.17 E295.62477 G1 X124.269 Y118.484 E295.63944 G1 X124.15 Y118.834 E295.65419 G1 X124.111 Y119.143 E295.66662 G1 X124.126 Y119.437 E295.67837 G1 X124.193 Y119.724 E295.69014 G1 X124.3 Y119.979 E295.70117 G1 X124.504 Y120.286 E295.71588 G1 X124.77 Y120.54 E295.73056 G1 X124.83 Y120.577 E295.73338 G0 F2596.8 X125.084 Y120.731 G0 X125.434 Y120.85 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.316 Y121.364 G1 F1800 E295.13338 G0 F15000 X125.493 Y119.922 G0 X108.18 Y123.965 G0 X108.18 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E295.73338 G1 F2885.3 X108.181 Y111.94 E296.1772 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E297.01851 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E297.46233 G1 X108.846 Y123.06 E298.2771 G0 F2596.8 X108.18 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E297.6771 G0 F15000 X108.18 Y123.965 G0 X126.441 Y118.744 G0 X127.977 Y117.706 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E298.2771 G1 F2885.3 X128.3 Y117.526 E298.29186 G1 X128.3 Y118.325 E298.32375 G1 X128.15 Y117.965 G1 X127.977 Y117.706 E298.32772 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.83 Y121.577 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2885.3 X127.83 Y121.63 E298.32983 G1 X127.762 Y121.63 E298.33255 G1 X127.822 Y121.583 E298.33559 G0 F2596.8 X127.83 Y121.577 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.84 Y121.63 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.61 Y121.63 E298.90354 G1 X109.611 Y113.37 E299.23321 G1 X110.918 Y113.37 E299.28538 G1 X110.908 Y113.392 E299.28634 G1 X110.766 Y113.874 E299.3064 G1 X110.692 Y114.366 E299.32626 G1 X110.679 Y114.843 E299.3453 G1 X110.735 Y115.363 E299.36617 G1 X110.853 Y115.849 E299.38614 G1 X111.034 Y116.318 E299.4062 G1 X111.279 Y116.756 E299.42623 G1 X111.569 Y117.154 E299.44589 G1 X111.916 Y117.519 E299.46599 G1 X112.31 Y117.832 E299.48607 G1 X112.733 Y118.09 E299.50584 G1 X113.192 Y118.292 E299.52586 G1 X113.674 Y118.434 E299.54592 G1 X114.166 Y118.508 E299.56577 G1 X114.643 Y118.521 E299.58482 G1 X115.163 Y118.465 E299.60569 G1 X115.649 Y118.347 E299.62565 G1 X116.118 Y118.166 E299.64572 G1 X116.556 Y117.921 E299.66575 G1 X116.954 Y117.631 E299.6854 G1 X117.319 Y117.284 E299.7055 G1 X117.632 Y116.89 E299.72559 G1 X117.89 Y116.467 E299.74536 G1 X118.092 Y116.008 E299.76538 G1 X118.234 Y115.526 E299.78543 G1 X118.308 Y115.034 E299.80529 G1 X118.321 Y114.557 E299.82434 G1 X118.265 Y114.037 E299.84521 G1 X118.147 Y113.551 E299.86517 G1 X118.077 Y113.37 E299.87292 G1 X122.918 Y113.37 E300.06613 G1 X122.908 Y113.392 E300.0671 G1 X122.766 Y113.874 E300.08715 G1 X122.692 Y114.366 E300.10701 G1 X122.679 Y114.843 E300.12605 G1 X122.735 Y115.363 E300.14693 G1 X122.853 Y115.849 E300.16689 G1 X123.034 Y116.318 E300.18695 G1 X123.279 Y116.756 E300.20698 G1 X123.519 Y117.085 E300.22324 G1 X123.318 Y117.294 E300.23481 G1 X122.966 Y117.876 E300.26196 G1 X122.75 Y118.51 E300.28869 G1 X122.675 Y119.089 E300.31199 G1 X122.704 Y119.639 E300.33397 G1 X122.828 Y120.165 E300.35554 G1 X123.033 Y120.658 E300.37685 G1 X123.369 Y121.161 E300.401 G0 F2596.8 X123.402 Y121.21 G0 X123.84 Y121.63 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E299.801 G0 F15000 X125.271 Y119.781 G0 X125.039 Y114.435 G0 X122.596 Y113.771 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E300.401 G1 F2885.3 X122.386 Y113.562 E300.41282 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.707 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.499 Y114.353 E300.4575 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.506 Y115.039 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X121.029 Y113.562 E300.54087 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.35 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.659 Y115.871 E300.6712 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.223 Y117.114 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X119.671 Y113.562 E300.87169 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.992 Y113.562 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.953 Y117.523 E301.09526 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.727 Y117.975 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X118.358 Y113.606 E301.34187 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.497 Y114.424 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.559 Y118.486 E301.57114 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.482 Y119.088 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X118.492 Y115.097 E301.79639 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.389 Y115.674 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.552 Y119.837 E302.03136 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X123.018 Y120.981 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X118.222 Y116.186 E302.30204 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.003 Y116.645 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X122.795 Y121.437 E302.57252 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.116 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X117.739 Y117.06 E302.81958 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.437 Y117.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X121.437 Y121.437 E303.04536 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.758 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X117.089 Y117.767 E303.25248 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.697 Y118.055 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X120.08 Y121.437 E303.4434 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.401 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X116.266 Y118.303 E303.62033 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.785 Y118.5 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X118.722 Y121.437 E303.7861 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.043 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X115.247 Y118.641 E303.94392 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.638 Y118.711 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X117.364 Y121.437 E304.09779 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X116.686 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X113.912 Y118.664 E304.25434 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.976 Y118.407 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X116.006 Y121.437 E304.42536 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.327 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y115.911 E304.73725 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y115.232 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X110.79 Y116.22 E304.79301 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.533 Y115.285 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y114.554 E304.83428 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y113.875 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X110.494 Y114.567 E304.87333 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.559 Y113.953 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X110.167 Y113.561 E304.89546 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y116.59 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X114.648 Y121.437 E305.16902 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.97 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y117.269 E305.40428 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y117.948 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X113.291 Y121.437 E305.60121 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.612 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y118.627 E305.75982 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y119.305 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X111.933 Y121.437 E305.88013 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.254 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y119.984 E305.96212 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y120.663 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X110.575 Y121.437 E306.00578 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X109.897 Y121.437 M204 S800 G1 F2885.3 X109.802 Y121.342 E306.01114 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E305.41114 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X109.802 Y121.342 Z3.84 G0 F15000 X109.802 Y123.965 G0 X114.644 Y116.179 G0 X115.003 Y118.501 ;TIME_ELAPSED:352.185671 ;LAYER:17 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E306.01114 G1 F2863.3 X115.494 Y118.401 E306.03114 G1 X115.964 Y118.243 E306.05093 G1 X116.404 Y118.027 E306.07049 G1 X116.834 Y117.743 E306.09106 G1 X117.21 Y117.41 E306.11111 G1 X117.542 Y117.034 E306.13113 G1 X117.822 Y116.613 E306.15131 G1 X118.042 Y116.165 E306.17123 G1 X118.201 Y115.695 E306.19103 G1 X118.301 Y115.206 E306.21095 G1 X118.333 Y114.71 E306.23079 G1 X118.301 Y114.198 E306.25126 G1 X118.201 Y113.706 E306.2713 G1 X118.091 Y113.38 E306.28503 G1 X122.909 Y113.38 E306.47733 G1 X122.799 Y113.705 E306.49102 G1 X122.699 Y114.196 E306.51102 G1 X122.667 Y114.7 E306.53118 G1 X122.699 Y115.203 E306.5513 G1 X122.799 Y115.694 E306.57129 G1 X122.957 Y116.164 E306.59109 G1 X123.173 Y116.604 E306.61065 G1 X123.457 Y117.034 E306.63122 G1 X123.504 Y117.087 E306.63404 G1 X123.29 Y117.316 E306.64655 G1 X122.95 Y117.89 E306.67318 G1 X122.759 Y118.429 E306.696 G1 X122.665 Y119.054 E306.72123 G1 X122.695 Y119.652 E306.74513 G1 X122.85 Y120.262 E306.77025 G1 X123.084 Y120.769 E306.79253 G1 X123.425 Y121.25 E306.81607 G1 X123.82 Y121.62 E306.83767 G1 X109.82 Y121.62 E307.39644 G1 X109.821 Y113.38 E307.72531 G1 X110.909 Y113.381 E307.76874 G1 X110.799 Y113.705 E307.78239 G1 X110.699 Y114.196 E307.80239 G1 X110.667 Y114.7 E307.82255 G1 X110.699 Y115.203 E307.84267 G1 X110.799 Y115.694 E307.86267 G1 X110.957 Y116.164 E307.88246 G1 X111.173 Y116.604 E307.90202 G1 X111.457 Y117.034 E307.92259 G1 X111.79 Y117.41 E307.94263 G1 X112.166 Y117.742 E307.96265 G1 X112.587 Y118.022 E307.98283 G1 X113.035 Y118.242 E308.00275 G1 X113.505 Y118.401 E308.02256 G1 X113.996 Y118.501 E308.04256 G1 X114.339 Y118.523 E308.05627 G0 F2576.9 X114.5 Y118.533 G0 X115.003 Y118.501 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.94 Y118.024 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X115.369 Y117.937 E308.07374 G1 X115.781 Y117.798 E308.0911 G1 X116.165 Y117.61 E308.10816 G1 X116.541 Y117.361 E308.12616 G1 X116.87 Y117.07 E308.14369 G1 X117.16 Y116.741 E308.1612 G1 X117.405 Y116.373 E308.17884 G1 X117.597 Y115.981 E308.19626 G1 X117.737 Y115.569 E308.21363 G1 X117.824 Y115.142 E308.23102 G1 X117.852 Y114.709 E308.24834 G1 X117.824 Y114.261 E308.26626 G1 X117.737 Y113.831 E308.28377 G1 X117.598 Y113.419 E308.30112 G1 X117.41 Y113.035 E308.31819 G1 X117.321 Y112.9 E308.32464 G1 X123.68 Y112.9 E308.57844 G1 X123.595 Y113.027 E308.58454 G1 X123.403 Y113.419 E308.60196 G1 X123.263 Y113.831 E308.61933 G1 X123.176 Y114.259 E308.63676 G1 X123.148 Y114.7 E308.6544 G1 X123.176 Y115.14 E308.672 G1 X123.263 Y115.569 E308.68947 G1 X123.402 Y115.981 E308.70682 G1 X123.59 Y116.365 E308.72388 G1 X123.839 Y116.741 E308.74188 G1 X124.13 Y117.07 E308.75941 G1 X124.177 Y117.111 E308.7619 G1 X124.067 Y117.189 E308.76451 G1 X123.676 Y117.606 E308.78732 G1 X123.387 Y118.094 E308.80996 G1 X123.227 Y118.546 E308.82909 G1 X123.147 Y119.078 E308.85057 G1 X123.172 Y119.58 E308.87063 G1 X123.304 Y120.101 E308.89208 G1 X123.501 Y120.527 E308.91081 G1 X123.789 Y120.933 E308.93068 G1 X124.204 Y121.322 E308.95338 G1 X124.678 Y121.607 E308.97546 G1 X125.217 Y121.79 E308.99817 G1 X125.708 Y121.853 E309.01793 G1 X126.182 Y121.828 E309.03688 G1 X126.705 Y121.696 E309.0584 G1 X127.148 Y121.486 E309.07797 G1 X127.517 Y121.224 E309.09603 G1 X127.924 Y120.796 E309.11961 G1 X128.213 Y120.306 E309.14231 G1 X128.3 Y120.06 E309.15273 G1 X128.3 Y120.796 E309.16912 G1 X128.3 Y122.1 E309.22117 G1 X126.705 Y122.1 E309.28483 G1 X125.708 Y122.1 E309.31566 G1 X125.217 Y122.1 E309.32704 G1 X124.706 Y122.1 E309.34428 G1 X109.34 Y122.1 E309.95757 G1 X109.341 Y112.9 E310.32476 G1 X111.679 Y112.901 E310.41808 G1 X111.595 Y113.027 E310.42412 G1 X111.403 Y113.419 E310.44154 G1 X111.263 Y113.831 E310.45891 G1 X111.176 Y114.259 E310.47634 G1 X111.148 Y114.7 E310.49398 G1 X111.176 Y115.14 E310.51158 G1 X111.263 Y115.569 E310.52905 G1 X111.402 Y115.981 E310.5464 G1 X111.59 Y116.365 E310.56347 G1 X111.839 Y116.741 E310.58147 G1 X112.13 Y117.07 E310.599 G1 X112.459 Y117.36 E310.6165 G1 X112.827 Y117.605 E310.63414 G1 X113.219 Y117.797 E310.65157 G1 X113.631 Y117.937 E310.66893 G1 X114.059 Y118.024 E310.68637 G1 X114.274 Y118.038 E310.69496 G0 F2576.9 X114.5 Y118.052 G0 X114.94 Y118.024 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.877 Y117.547 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X115.244 Y117.473 E310.70991 G1 X115.598 Y117.353 E310.72483 G1 X115.926 Y117.193 E310.73939 G1 X116.248 Y116.979 E310.75482 G1 X116.53 Y116.73 E310.76984 G1 X116.779 Y116.448 E310.78485 G1 X116.988 Y116.134 E310.79991 G1 X117.152 Y115.798 E310.81483 G1 X117.273 Y115.443 E310.8298 G1 X117.347 Y115.078 E310.84466 G1 X117.371 Y114.708 E310.85946 G1 X117.347 Y114.324 E310.87482 G1 X117.273 Y113.956 E310.8898 G1 X117.153 Y113.602 E310.90472 G1 X116.993 Y113.274 E310.91928 G1 X116.779 Y112.952 E310.93472 G1 X116.53 Y112.67 E310.94973 G1 X116.246 Y112.42 E310.96483 G1 X124.754 Y112.42 E311.3044 G1 X124.47 Y112.67 E311.3195 G1 X124.221 Y112.952 E311.33452 G1 X124.012 Y113.266 E311.34957 G1 X123.848 Y113.602 E311.3645 G1 X123.727 Y113.957 E311.37947 G1 X123.653 Y114.322 E311.39433 G1 X123.629 Y114.7 E311.40945 G1 X123.653 Y115.077 E311.42453 G1 X123.727 Y115.444 E311.43947 G1 X123.847 Y115.798 E311.45439 G1 X124.007 Y116.126 E311.46895 G1 X124.221 Y116.448 E311.48438 G1 X124.47 Y116.73 E311.4994 G1 X124.752 Y116.979 E311.51441 G1 X125.037 Y117.169 E311.52808 G1 X124.715 Y117.318 E311.53441 G1 X124.384 Y117.553 E311.55061 G1 X124.062 Y117.896 E311.56939 G1 X123.824 Y118.298 E311.58804 G1 X123.695 Y118.663 E311.60349 G1 X123.629 Y119.102 E311.62121 G1 X123.649 Y119.509 E311.63747 G1 X123.758 Y119.94 E311.65521 G1 X123.918 Y120.285 E311.67039 G1 X124.153 Y120.616 E311.68659 G1 X124.495 Y120.937 E311.70532 G1 X124.881 Y121.169 E311.72329 G1 X125.326 Y121.32 E311.74205 G1 X125.726 Y121.371 E311.75814 G1 X126.11 Y121.351 E311.77349 G1 X126.542 Y121.242 E311.79127 G1 X126.905 Y121.07 E311.8073 G1 X127.201 Y120.86 E311.82179 G1 X127.538 Y120.505 E311.84132 G1 X127.776 Y120.102 E311.86 G1 X127.905 Y119.737 E311.87545 G1 X127.971 Y119.298 E311.89317 G1 X127.951 Y118.891 E311.90944 G1 X127.842 Y118.46 E311.92718 G1 X127.682 Y118.115 E311.94236 G1 X127.447 Y117.784 E311.95856 G1 X127.138 Y117.494 E311.97547 G1 X127.244 Y117.473 G1 X127.598 Y117.353 E311.98477 G1 X127.926 Y117.193 E311.99933 G1 X128.248 Y116.979 E312.01476 G1 X128.53 Y116.73 E312.02978 G1 X128.78 Y116.446 E312.04488 G1 X128.78 Y122.58 E312.2897 G1 X108.86 Y122.58 E313.08475 G1 X108.861 Y112.42 E313.49026 G1 X112.752 Y112.421 E313.64556 G1 X112.47 Y112.67 E313.66057 G1 X112.221 Y112.952 E313.67559 G1 X112.012 Y113.266 E313.69064 G1 X111.848 Y113.602 E313.70556 G1 X111.727 Y113.957 E313.72053 G1 X111.653 Y114.322 E313.7354 G1 X111.629 Y114.7 E313.75051 G1 X111.653 Y115.077 E313.76559 G1 X111.727 Y115.444 E313.78053 G1 X111.847 Y115.798 E313.79545 G1 X112.007 Y116.126 E313.81002 G1 X112.221 Y116.448 E313.82545 G1 X112.47 Y116.73 E313.84047 G1 X112.752 Y116.979 E313.85548 G1 X113.066 Y117.188 E313.87053 G1 X113.402 Y117.352 E313.88546 G1 X113.757 Y117.473 E313.90043 G1 X114.122 Y117.547 E313.91529 G1 X114.211 Y117.553 E313.91885 G0 F2576.9 X114.5 Y117.571 G0 X114.877 Y117.547 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.814 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F2863.3 X115.119 Y117.009 E313.93127 G1 X115.414 Y116.908 E313.94371 G1 X115.687 Y116.775 E313.95583 G1 X115.955 Y116.597 E313.96867 G1 X116.19 Y116.39 E313.98117 G1 X116.397 Y116.155 E313.99367 G1 X116.571 Y115.894 E314.00619 G1 X116.708 Y115.614 E314.01863 G1 X116.809 Y115.318 E314.03111 G1 X116.87 Y115.015 E314.04345 G1 X116.89 Y114.707 E314.05577 G1 X116.87 Y114.386 E314.06861 G1 X116.809 Y114.081 E314.08102 G1 X116.708 Y113.786 E314.09346 G1 X116.575 Y113.513 E314.10559 G1 X116.397 Y113.245 E314.11843 G1 X116.19 Y113.01 E314.13093 G1 X115.955 Y112.803 E314.14342 G1 X115.694 Y112.629 E314.15594 G1 X115.414 Y112.492 E314.16839 G1 X115.118 Y112.391 E314.18087 G1 X114.815 Y112.33 E314.1932 G1 X114.5 Y112.31 E314.2058 G1 X114.186 Y112.33 E314.21836 G1 X113.881 Y112.391 E314.23077 G1 X113.586 Y112.492 E314.24322 G1 X113.313 Y112.625 E314.25534 G1 X113.045 Y112.803 E314.26818 G1 X112.81 Y113.01 E314.28068 G1 X112.603 Y113.245 E314.29318 G1 X112.429 Y113.506 E314.3057 G1 X112.292 Y113.786 E314.31814 G1 X112.191 Y114.082 E314.33062 G1 X112.13 Y114.385 E314.34296 G1 X112.11 Y114.7 E314.35556 G1 X112.13 Y115.014 E314.36811 G1 X112.191 Y115.319 E314.38053 G1 X112.292 Y115.614 E314.39297 G1 X112.425 Y115.887 E314.40509 G1 X112.603 Y116.155 E314.41793 G1 X112.81 Y116.39 E314.43043 G1 X113.045 Y116.597 E314.44293 G1 X113.306 Y116.771 E314.45545 G1 X113.586 Y116.908 E314.46789 G1 X113.882 Y117.009 E314.48038 G1 X114.149 Y117.063 E314.49125 G0 F2576.9 X114.185 Y117.07 G0 X114.5 Y117.09 G0 X114.814 Y117.07 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.882 Y117.593 G1 F1800 E313.89125 G0 F15000 X114.827 Y116.149 G0 X127.646 Y113.754 G0 X128.779 Y112.952 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E314.49125 G1 F2863.3 X128.53 Y112.67 E314.50626 G1 X128.246 Y112.42 E314.52137 G1 X128.78 Y112.42 E314.53007 G1 X128.779 Y112.952 E314.53877 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E313.93877 G0 F15000 X127.708 Y113.836 G0 X126.356 Y116.179 G0 X126.185 Y117.07 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 E314.53877 G1 F2863.3 X126.5 Y117.09 E314.55136 G1 X126.814 Y117.07 E314.56392 G1 X127.119 Y117.009 E314.57634 G1 X127.414 Y116.908 E314.58878 G1 X127.687 Y116.775 E314.6009 G1 X127.955 Y116.597 E314.61374 G1 X128.19 Y116.39 E314.62624 G1 X128.397 Y116.155 E314.63874 G1 X128.571 Y115.894 E314.65126 G1 X128.708 Y115.614 E314.6637 G1 X128.809 Y115.318 E314.67618 G1 X128.87 Y115.015 E314.68852 G1 X128.89 Y114.707 E314.70084 G1 X128.87 Y114.386 E314.71368 G1 X128.809 Y114.081 E314.72609 G1 X128.708 Y113.786 E314.73853 G1 X128.575 Y113.513 E314.75066 G1 X128.397 Y113.245 E314.7635 G1 X128.19 Y113.01 E314.776 G1 X127.955 Y112.803 E314.78849 G1 X127.694 Y112.629 E314.80101 G1 X127.414 Y112.492 E314.81346 G1 X127.118 Y112.391 E314.82594 G1 X126.815 Y112.33 E314.83827 G1 X126.5 Y112.31 E314.85087 G1 X126.186 Y112.33 E314.86343 G1 X125.881 Y112.391 E314.87584 G1 X125.586 Y112.492 E314.88829 G1 X125.313 Y112.625 E314.90041 G1 X125.045 Y112.803 E314.91325 G1 X124.81 Y113.01 E314.92575 G1 X124.603 Y113.245 E314.93825 G1 X124.429 Y113.506 E314.95077 G1 X124.292 Y113.786 E314.96321 G1 X124.191 Y114.082 E314.97569 G1 X124.13 Y114.385 E314.98803 G1 X124.11 Y114.7 E315.00063 G1 X124.13 Y115.014 E315.01318 G1 X124.191 Y115.319 E315.0256 G1 X124.292 Y115.614 E315.03804 G1 X124.425 Y115.887 E315.05016 G1 X124.603 Y116.155 E315.063 G1 X124.81 Y116.39 E315.0755 G1 X125.045 Y116.597 E315.088 G1 X125.306 Y116.771 E315.10052 G1 X125.546 Y116.889 E315.1112 G0 F2576.9 X125.586 Y116.908 G0 X125.882 Y117.009 G0 X126.185 Y117.07 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E314.5112 G0 F15000 X125.938 Y118.427 G0 X125.622 Y119.964 G0 X125.434 Y120.85 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E315.1112 G1 F2863.3 X125.744 Y120.889 E315.12367 G1 X126.038 Y120.874 E315.13542 G1 X126.379 Y120.788 E315.14945 G1 X126.662 Y120.654 E315.16195 G1 X126.885 Y120.496 E315.17286 G1 X127.152 Y120.214 E315.18836 G1 X127.339 Y119.898 E315.20301 G1 X127.437 Y119.62 E315.21478 G1 X127.489 Y119.274 E315.22874 G1 X127.474 Y118.962 E315.24121 G1 X127.388 Y118.621 E315.25525 G1 X127.265 Y118.357 E315.26687 G1 X127.083 Y118.101 E315.27941 G1 X126.814 Y117.848 E315.29415 G1 X126.498 Y117.661 E315.3088 G1 X126.22 Y117.563 E315.32057 G1 X125.874 Y117.511 E315.33453 G1 X125.562 Y117.526 E315.347 G1 X125.221 Y117.612 E315.36103 G1 X124.957 Y117.735 E315.37266 G1 X124.701 Y117.917 E315.38519 G1 X124.448 Y118.186 E315.39993 G1 X124.261 Y118.502 E315.41459 G1 X124.163 Y118.78 E315.42635 G1 X124.111 Y119.126 E315.44032 G1 X124.126 Y119.438 E315.45278 G1 X124.212 Y119.779 E315.46682 G1 X124.335 Y120.043 E315.47844 G1 X124.517 Y120.299 E315.49098 G1 X124.786 Y120.552 E315.50572 G1 X124.829 Y120.578 E315.50773 G0 F2576.9 X125.084 Y120.731 G0 X125.434 Y120.85 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.316 Y121.364 G1 F1800 E314.90773 G0 F15000 X125.501 Y119.926 G0 X108.38 Y123.965 G0 X108.38 Y123.06 M204 S800 G1 F1800 E315.50773 G1 F2863.3 X108.381 Y111.94 E315.95155 G1 X129.26 Y111.94 E316.78488 G1 X129.26 Y123.06 E317.2287 G1 X109.046 Y123.06 E318.03548 G0 F2576.9 X108.38 Y123.06 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E317.43548 G0 F15000 X108.38 Y123.965 G0 X126.251 Y119.843 G0 X127.788 Y121.62 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1800 E318.03548 G1 F2863.3 X127.82 Y121.597 E318.03706 G1 X127.82 Y121.62 G1 X127.788 Y121.62 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X127.978 Y117.702 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X128.3 Y117.521 E318.0518 G1 X128.296 Y118.299 E318.08285 G1 X128.099 Y117.873 G1 X127.978 Y117.702 E318.0842 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E317.4842 G0 F15000 X126.4 Y118.693 G0 X125.176 Y118.724 G0 X122.903 Y117.048 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F1800 E318.0842 G1 F2863.3 X122.523 Y117.69 E318.11398 G1 X122.301 Y118.315 E318.14045 G1 X122.193 Y119.031 E318.16935 G1 X122.228 Y119.722 E318.19696 G1 X122.405 Y120.42 E318.2257 G1 X122.675 Y121.006 E318.25146 G1 X122.777 Y121.15 E318.2585 G1 X110.29 Y121.15 E318.75688 G1 X110.291 Y115.554 E318.98023 G1 X110.344 Y115.816 E318.9909 G1 X110.522 Y116.344 E319.01314 G1 X110.764 Y116.838 E319.03509 G1 X111.083 Y117.32 E319.05816 G1 X111.457 Y117.743 E319.0807 G1 X111.878 Y118.116 E319.10315 G1 X112.352 Y118.431 E319.12586 G1 X112.855 Y118.677 E319.14821 G1 X113.382 Y118.856 E319.17042 G1 X113.934 Y118.968 E319.1929 G1 X114.5 Y119.003 E319.21554 G1 X115.065 Y118.968 E319.23813 G1 X115.616 Y118.856 E319.26057 G1 X116.144 Y118.678 E319.28281 G1 X116.638 Y118.436 E319.30477 G1 X117.12 Y118.117 E319.32784 G1 X117.543 Y117.743 E319.35037 G1 X117.916 Y117.322 E319.37282 G1 X118.231 Y116.848 E319.39554 G1 X118.477 Y116.345 E319.41788 G1 X118.655 Y115.818 E319.44009 G1 X118.768 Y115.269 E319.46246 G1 X118.803 Y114.71 E319.48481 G1 X118.768 Y114.136 E319.50776 G1 X118.71 Y113.85 E319.51941 G1 X122.29 Y113.85 E319.6623 G1 X122.232 Y114.134 E319.67387 G1 X122.197 Y114.7 E319.6965 G1 X122.232 Y115.265 E319.71909 G1 X122.344 Y115.816 E319.74153 G1 X122.522 Y116.344 E319.76377 G1 X122.582 Y116.466 E319.7692 G0 F2576.9 X122.764 Y116.838 G0 X122.903 Y117.048 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.32 Y120.698 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.06 Y120.958 E319.78387 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X121.381 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.148 Y120.191 E319.82717 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.029 Y119.631 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X120.702 Y120.958 E319.90207 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.023 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.004 Y118.977 E320.01389 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.155 Y118.147 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X119.344 Y120.958 E320.17255 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.665 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.633 Y116.99 E320.39652 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.403 Y116.541 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X117.987 Y120.958 E320.64581 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X117.308 Y120.958 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.218 Y116.048 E320.92295 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.083 Y115.504 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X116.629 Y120.958 E321.2308 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.951 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X122.015 Y114.893 E321.57307 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X122.034 Y114.195 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X115.272 Y120.957 E321.95475 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.593 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X117.632 Y117.919 E322.12626 G1 X117.725 Y117.825 G1 X121.509 Y114.042 E322.33981 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X120.83 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X118.757 Y116.115 E322.45682 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X118.961 Y115.232 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X120.151 Y114.042 E322.52399 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X119.472 Y114.042 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X118.984 Y114.53 E322.55154 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X115.915 Y118.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X113.914 Y120.957 E322.66445 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.236 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X115.032 Y119.161 E322.76583 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X114.331 Y119.183 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X112.557 Y120.957 E322.86596 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.878 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X113.717 Y119.118 E322.96976 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X113.171 Y118.986 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X111.199 Y120.957 E323.08104 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.52 Y120.957 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X112.676 Y118.802 E323.20271 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X112.224 Y118.575 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.482 Y120.317 E323.30103 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.482 Y119.638 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X111.816 Y118.304 E323.37633 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X111.449 Y117.992 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.482 Y118.959 E323.43091 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.482 Y118.28 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X111.116 Y117.647 E323.46667 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.817 Y117.266 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.482 Y117.601 E323.48558 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.482 Y116.922 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.552 Y116.852 E323.48953 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.37 Y115.337 M204 S800 ;TYPE:SKIN G1 F2863.3 X110.507 Y115.201 E323.49338 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.486 Y114.882 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.013 Y115.355 E323.50673 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.013 Y115.016 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.484 Y114.544 E323.52004 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.507 Y114.182 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.013 Y114.677 E323.53399 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.013 Y114.337 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.591 Y113.759 E323.55031 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.439 Y113.571 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.013 Y113.998 E323.56234 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X110.013 Y113.658 M204 S800 G1 F2863.3 X110.1 Y113.571 E323.5648 M204 S500 G1 F1800 E322.9648 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X110.1 Y113.571 Z4.04 G0 F15000 X110.1 Y111.035 G0 X113.935 Y113.25 G0 X115.949 Y114.373 G0 X125.481 Y119.917 G0 X125.363 Y120.833 ;TIME_ELAPSED:372.234044 ;LAYER:18 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F1800 E323.5648 G1 F600 X125.746 Y120.889 E323.58025 G1 X126.02 Y120.876 E323.59119 G1 X126.398 Y120.782 E323.60674 G1 X126.646 Y120.663 E323.61772 G1 X126.886 Y120.495 E323.62941 G1 X127.139 Y120.231 E323.64401 G1 X127.332 Y119.915 E323.65878 G1 X127.433 Y119.637 E323.67059 G1 X127.489 Y119.254 E323.68604 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E323.69699 G1 X127.382 Y118.602 E323.71253 G1 X127.226 Y118.293 E323.72635 G1 X127.03 Y118.042 E323.73906 G1 X126.831 Y117.861 E323.7498 G1 X126.515 Y117.668 E323.76457 G1 X126.237 Y117.567 E323.77638 G1 X125.854 Y117.511 E323.79183 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E323.80278 G1 X125.202 Y117.618 E323.81832 G1 X124.893 Y117.774 E323.83214 G1 X124.642 Y117.97 E323.84485 G1 X124.461 Y118.169 E323.85559 G1 X124.268 Y118.485 E323.87036 G1 X124.167 Y118.763 E323.88217 G1 X124.111 Y119.146 E323.89762 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E323.90857 G1 X124.218 Y119.798 E323.92411 G1 X124.374 Y120.107 E323.93793 G1 X124.57 Y120.358 E323.95064 G1 X124.769 Y120.539 E323.96137 G0 F540 X125.085 Y120.732 G0 X125.363 Y120.833 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.539 Y121.194 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.277 Y121.14 E323.97205 G1 X125.025 Y121.055 E323.98267 G1 X124.79 Y120.938 E323.99314 G1 X124.578 Y120.797 E324.00331 G1 X124.375 Y120.618 E324.01411 G1 X124.202 Y120.42 E324.0246 G1 X124.061 Y120.209 E324.03473 G1 X123.943 Y119.97 E324.04537 G1 X123.858 Y119.716 E324.05606 G1 X123.808 Y119.47 E324.06608 G1 X123.791 Y119.113 E324.08034 G1 X123.821 Y118.847 E324.09103 G1 X123.885 Y118.589 E324.10164 G1 X123.977 Y118.354 E324.11171 G1 X124.107 Y118.116 E324.12253 G1 X124.263 Y117.904 E324.13304 G1 X124.446 Y117.714 E324.14357 G1 X124.643 Y117.556 E324.15365 G1 X124.876 Y117.415 E324.16452 G1 X125.108 Y117.313 E324.17463 G1 X125.372 Y117.236 E324.18561 G1 X125.628 Y117.198 E324.19594 G1 X125.887 Y117.191 E324.20628 G1 X126.153 Y117.221 E324.21696 G1 X126.411 Y117.285 E324.22757 G1 X126.646 Y117.377 E324.23764 G1 X126.884 Y117.507 E324.24847 G1 X127.096 Y117.663 E324.25897 G1 X127.286 Y117.846 E324.2695 G1 X127.444 Y118.043 E324.27958 G1 X127.58 Y118.266 E324.29 G1 X127.687 Y118.508 E324.30057 G1 X127.764 Y118.772 E324.31154 G1 X127.802 Y119.028 E324.32187 G1 X127.809 Y119.281 E324.33197 G1 X127.779 Y119.553 E324.34289 G1 X127.716 Y119.809 E324.35342 G1 X127.623 Y120.046 E324.36358 G1 X127.585 Y120.124 E324.36704 G1 X127.444 Y120.357 E324.37791 G1 X127.286 Y120.554 E324.38799 G1 X127.096 Y120.737 E324.39852 G1 X126.884 Y120.893 E324.40902 G1 X126.646 Y121.023 E324.41985 G1 X126.411 Y121.115 E324.42992 G1 X126.202 Y121.167 E324.43852 G0 F540 X126.154 Y121.179 G0 X125.895 Y121.208 G0 X125.539 Y121.194 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.539 Y121.194 Z4.32 G0 F15000 X125.362 Y120.833 ;TIME_ELAPSED:374.814427 ;LAYER:19 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.727 Y120.889 E324.45915 G1 X126.02 Y120.876 E324.47554 G1 X126.306 Y120.813 E324.4919 G1 X126.603 Y120.687 E324.50993 G1 X126.903 Y120.48 E324.5303 G1 X127.14 Y120.23 E324.54954 G1 X127.332 Y119.915 E324.57016 G1 X127.433 Y119.638 E324.58663 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E324.60727 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E324.62365 G1 X127.413 Y118.694 E324.64002 G1 X127.287 Y118.397 E324.65805 G1 X127.08 Y118.097 E324.67841 G1 X126.83 Y117.86 E324.69766 G1 X126.515 Y117.668 E324.71827 G1 X126.238 Y117.567 E324.73475 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E324.75538 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E324.77177 G1 X125.294 Y117.587 E324.78813 G1 X124.997 Y117.713 E324.80616 G1 X124.697 Y117.92 E324.82653 G1 X124.46 Y118.17 E324.84578 G1 X124.268 Y118.485 E324.86639 G1 X124.167 Y118.762 E324.88286 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E324.9035 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E324.91989 G1 X124.187 Y119.706 E324.93625 G1 X124.313 Y120.003 E324.95428 G1 X124.52 Y120.303 E324.97464 G1 X124.77 Y120.54 E324.99389 G1 X124.931 Y120.639 E325.00445 G0 F540 X125.065 Y120.722 G0 X125.362 Y120.833 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.539 Y121.193 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.207 Y121.121 E325.02344 G1 X124.954 Y121.023 E325.0386 G1 X124.716 Y120.893 E325.05375 G1 X124.504 Y120.737 E325.06846 G1 X124.314 Y120.554 E325.0832 G1 X124.156 Y120.357 E325.09731 G1 X124.015 Y120.124 E325.11252 G1 X123.91 Y119.884 E325.12716 G1 X123.835 Y119.625 E325.14223 G1 X123.798 Y119.372 E325.15652 G1 X123.791 Y119.119 E325.17066 G1 X123.819 Y118.856 E325.18544 G1 X123.877 Y118.612 E325.19945 G1 X123.977 Y118.354 E325.21491 G1 X124.107 Y118.116 E325.23007 G1 X124.263 Y117.904 E325.24477 G1 X124.446 Y117.714 E325.25951 G1 X124.643 Y117.556 E325.27362 G1 X124.876 Y117.415 E325.28884 G1 X125.108 Y117.313 E325.303 G1 X125.375 Y117.235 E325.31855 G1 X125.628 Y117.198 E325.33283 G1 X125.881 Y117.191 E325.34698 G1 X126.151 Y117.22 E325.36215 G1 X126.572 Y117.344 E325.38667 G1 X126.81 Y117.462 E325.40152 G1 X127.02 Y117.602 E325.41562 G1 X127.218 Y117.775 E325.43031 G1 X127.392 Y117.972 E325.445 G1 X127.538 Y118.19 E325.45966 G1 X127.655 Y118.425 E325.47433 G1 X127.765 Y118.775 E325.49483 G1 X127.802 Y119.028 E325.50911 G1 X127.809 Y119.281 E325.52326 G1 X127.781 Y119.544 E325.53804 G1 X127.723 Y119.788 E325.55205 G1 X127.623 Y120.046 E325.56751 G1 X127.585 Y120.124 E325.57236 G1 X127.444 Y120.357 E325.58758 G1 X127.286 Y120.554 E325.60169 G1 X127.096 Y120.737 E325.61643 G1 X126.884 Y120.893 E325.63113 G1 X126.646 Y121.023 E325.64629 G1 X126.408 Y121.116 E325.66057 G1 X126.154 Y121.179 E325.67519 G1 X126.013 Y121.195 E325.68312 G0 F540 X125.895 Y121.208 G0 X125.539 Y121.193 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.539 Y121.193 Z4.68 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:377.349207 ;LAYER:20 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E325.70419 G1 X126.265 Y120.825 E325.72217 G1 X126.513 Y120.732 E325.7412 G1 X126.792 Y120.568 E325.76445 G1 X127.046 Y120.343 E325.78882 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E325.81535 G1 X127.373 Y119.82 E325.83331 G1 X127.451 Y119.565 E325.85247 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E325.87362 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E325.89469 G1 X127.425 Y118.735 E325.91267 G1 X127.332 Y118.487 E325.9317 G1 X127.168 Y118.208 E325.95495 G1 X126.943 Y117.954 E325.97933 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E326.00585 G1 X126.42 Y117.627 E326.02381 G1 X126.165 Y117.549 E326.04297 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E326.06413 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E326.0852 G1 X125.335 Y117.575 E326.10318 G1 X125.087 Y117.668 E326.1222 G1 X124.808 Y117.832 E326.14545 G1 X124.554 Y118.057 E326.16983 G1 X124.336 Y118.355 E326.19636 G1 X124.227 Y118.58 E326.21432 G1 X124.149 Y118.835 E326.23348 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E326.25463 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E326.2757 G1 X124.175 Y119.665 E326.29368 G1 X124.268 Y119.913 E326.31271 G1 X124.432 Y120.192 E326.33596 G1 X124.657 Y120.446 E326.36034 G1 X124.955 Y120.664 E326.38686 G1 X125.18 Y120.773 E326.40482 G1 X125.365 Y120.83 E326.41873 G0 F540 X125.435 Y120.851 G0 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.37 Y121.164 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.108 Y121.087 E326.43835 G1 X124.874 Y120.984 E326.45672 G1 X124.643 Y120.844 E326.47612 G1 X124.446 Y120.686 E326.49427 G1 X124.259 Y120.491 E326.51368 G1 X124.107 Y120.283 E326.53218 G1 X123.977 Y120.046 E326.5516 G1 X123.882 Y119.801 E326.57048 G1 X123.819 Y119.544 E326.58949 G1 X123.792 Y119.295 E326.60749 G1 X123.798 Y119.028 E326.62667 G1 X123.835 Y118.774 E326.64511 G1 X123.91 Y118.516 E326.66441 G1 X124.015 Y118.276 E326.68323 G1 X124.156 Y118.043 E326.7028 G1 X124.314 Y117.846 E326.72094 G1 X124.504 Y117.663 E326.73989 G1 X124.716 Y117.507 E326.7588 G1 X124.954 Y117.377 E326.77829 G1 X125.198 Y117.282 E326.7971 G1 X125.446 Y117.221 E326.81545 G1 X125.705 Y117.192 E326.83417 G1 X125.972 Y117.198 E326.85336 G1 X126.23 Y117.236 E326.87209 G1 X126.492 Y117.313 E326.89171 G1 X126.724 Y117.415 E326.90992 G1 X126.957 Y117.556 E326.92948 G1 X127.154 Y117.714 E326.94762 G1 X127.337 Y117.904 E326.96658 G1 X127.493 Y118.116 E326.98549 G1 X127.623 Y118.354 E327.00497 G1 X127.718 Y118.598 E327.02378 G1 X127.779 Y118.846 E327.04213 G1 X127.808 Y119.103 E327.06071 G1 X127.802 Y119.372 E327.08004 G1 X127.765 Y119.626 E327.09848 G1 X127.69 Y119.884 E327.11778 G1 X127.585 Y120.124 E327.1366 G1 X127.444 Y120.357 E327.15617 G1 X127.286 Y120.554 E327.17431 G1 X127.096 Y120.737 E327.19326 G1 X126.884 Y120.893 E327.21217 G1 X126.646 Y121.023 E327.23165 G1 X126.402 Y121.118 E327.25046 G1 X126.154 Y121.179 E327.26881 G1 X125.895 Y121.208 E327.28754 G1 X125.736 Y121.204 E327.29896 G0 F540 X125.628 Y121.202 G0 X125.37 Y121.164 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.37 Y121.164 Z5.04 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:379.891459 ;LAYER:21 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E327.32003 G1 X126.268 Y120.824 E327.33824 G1 X126.581 Y120.699 E327.36245 G1 X126.884 Y120.497 E327.38861 G1 X127.115 Y120.262 E327.41229 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E327.4312 G1 X127.374 Y119.817 E327.44938 G1 X127.451 Y119.565 E327.46831 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E327.48947 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E327.51054 G1 X127.424 Y118.732 E327.52874 G1 X127.299 Y118.419 E327.55296 G1 X127.097 Y118.116 E327.57912 G1 X126.862 Y117.885 E327.60279 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E327.6217 G1 X126.417 Y117.626 E327.63989 G1 X126.165 Y117.549 E327.65882 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E327.67997 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E327.70105 G1 X125.332 Y117.576 E327.71925 G1 X125.019 Y117.701 E327.74346 G1 X124.716 Y117.903 E327.76962 G1 X124.485 Y118.138 E327.7933 G1 X124.336 Y118.355 E327.81221 G1 X124.226 Y118.583 E327.8304 G1 X124.149 Y118.835 E327.84933 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E327.87048 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E327.89155 G1 X124.176 Y119.668 E327.90976 G1 X124.301 Y119.981 E327.93397 G1 X124.503 Y120.284 E327.96013 G1 X124.738 Y120.515 E327.9838 G1 X124.954 Y120.664 E328.00266 G1 X125.183 Y120.774 E328.02091 G1 X125.365 Y120.83 E328.03459 G0 F540 X125.435 Y120.851 G0 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.628 Y121.203 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.37 Y121.164 E328.05333 G1 X125.117 Y121.09 E328.07227 G1 X124.874 Y120.984 E328.09132 G1 X124.643 Y120.844 E328.11072 G1 X124.446 Y120.686 E328.12887 G1 X124.259 Y120.491 E328.14828 G1 X124.107 Y120.283 E328.16678 G1 X123.977 Y120.046 E328.1862 G1 X123.882 Y119.802 E328.20501 G1 X123.819 Y119.544 E328.22409 G1 X123.792 Y119.288 E328.24259 G1 X123.797 Y119.028 E328.26127 G1 X123.835 Y118.774 E328.27972 G1 X123.91 Y118.516 E328.29902 G1 X124.015 Y118.276 E328.31784 G1 X124.156 Y118.043 E328.33741 G1 X124.314 Y117.846 E328.35555 G1 X124.504 Y117.663 E328.3745 G1 X124.716 Y117.507 E328.39341 G1 X124.954 Y117.377 E328.4129 G1 X125.198 Y117.282 E328.43171 G1 X125.446 Y117.221 E328.45005 G1 X125.712 Y117.192 E328.46928 G1 X125.972 Y117.197 E328.48796 G1 X126.23 Y117.236 E328.50671 G1 X126.484 Y117.31 E328.52571 G1 X126.724 Y117.415 E328.54453 G1 X126.957 Y117.556 E328.5641 G1 X127.154 Y117.714 E328.58224 G1 X127.337 Y117.904 E328.60119 G1 X127.493 Y118.116 E328.6201 G1 X127.623 Y118.354 E328.63958 G1 X127.718 Y118.598 E328.6584 G1 X127.779 Y118.846 E328.67674 G1 X127.808 Y119.112 E328.69597 G1 X127.803 Y119.372 E328.71465 G1 X127.765 Y119.626 E328.7331 G1 X127.69 Y119.884 E328.7524 G1 X127.585 Y120.124 E328.77122 G1 X127.444 Y120.357 E328.79079 G1 X127.286 Y120.554 E328.80893 G1 X127.096 Y120.737 E328.82788 G1 X126.884 Y120.893 E328.84679 G1 X126.646 Y121.023 E328.86627 G1 X126.402 Y121.118 E328.88509 G1 X126.154 Y121.179 E328.90343 G1 X125.995 Y121.197 E328.91493 G0 F540 X125.888 Y121.208 G0 X125.628 Y121.203 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.628 Y121.203 Z5.4 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:382.417400 ;LAYER:22 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E328.936 G1 X126.271 Y120.824 E328.95441 G1 X126.582 Y120.699 E328.97849 G1 X126.886 Y120.496 E329.00476 G1 X127.14 Y120.23 E329.03118 G1 X127.332 Y119.915 E329.05768 G1 X127.433 Y119.638 E329.07886 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E329.10539 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E329.12646 G1 X127.424 Y118.729 E329.14488 G1 X127.299 Y118.418 E329.16896 G1 X127.096 Y118.114 E329.19522 G1 X126.83 Y117.86 E329.22164 G1 X126.515 Y117.668 E329.24815 G1 X126.238 Y117.567 E329.26933 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E329.29586 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E329.31693 G1 X125.329 Y117.576 E329.33534 G1 X125.018 Y117.701 E329.35942 G1 X124.714 Y117.904 E329.38568 G1 X124.46 Y118.17 E329.41211 G1 X124.268 Y118.485 E329.43861 G1 X124.167 Y118.762 E329.45979 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E329.48632 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E329.50739 G1 X124.176 Y119.671 E329.52581 G1 X124.301 Y119.982 E329.54989 G1 X124.504 Y120.286 E329.57615 G1 X124.77 Y120.54 E329.60257 G1 X125.085 Y120.732 E329.62907 G1 X125.362 Y120.833 E329.65026 G1 X125.363 Y120.834 E329.65036 G0 F540 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.391 Y121.168 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.048 Y121.064 E329.67611 G1 X124.79 Y120.938 E329.69673 G1 X124.456 Y120.695 E329.72641 G1 X124.223 Y120.447 E329.75085 G1 X124.061 Y120.209 E329.77154 G1 X123.945 Y119.975 E329.7903 G1 X123.857 Y119.713 E329.81016 G1 X123.806 Y119.455 E329.82905 G1 X123.791 Y119.145 E329.85135 G1 X123.832 Y118.791 E329.87695 G1 X123.936 Y118.448 E329.9027 G1 X124.062 Y118.19 E329.92333 G1 X124.305 Y117.856 E329.953 G1 X124.55 Y117.626 E329.97714 G1 X124.79 Y117.462 E329.99803 G1 X125.025 Y117.345 E330.01689 G1 X125.277 Y117.26 E330.03599 G1 X125.535 Y117.207 E330.05491 G1 X125.856 Y117.191 E330.078 G1 X126.209 Y117.232 E330.10353 G1 X126.552 Y117.336 E330.12928 G1 X126.81 Y117.462 E330.14991 G1 X127.144 Y117.705 E330.17959 G1 X127.374 Y117.95 E330.20373 G1 X127.538 Y118.19 E330.22461 G1 X127.654 Y118.422 E330.24325 G1 X127.74 Y118.677 E330.26258 G1 X127.792 Y118.93 E330.28113 G1 X127.809 Y119.255 E330.30452 G1 X127.768 Y119.609 E330.33012 G1 X127.664 Y119.951 E330.3558 G1 X127.539 Y120.209 E330.37639 G1 X127.4 Y120.417 E330.39437 G1 X127.225 Y120.618 E330.41351 G1 X126.951 Y120.848 E330.43921 G1 X126.726 Y120.984 E330.4581 G1 X126.437 Y121.106 E330.48064 G1 X126.065 Y121.193 E330.50808 G1 X125.757 Y121.209 E330.53024 G0 F540 X125.744 Y121.209 G0 X125.391 Y121.168 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.391 Y121.168 Z5.76 G0 F15000 X125.58 Y120.876 ;TIME_ELAPSED:384.951002 ;LAYER:23 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.873 Y120.889 E330.55131 G1 X126.132 Y120.857 E330.57006 G1 X126.448 Y120.761 E330.59379 G1 X126.678 Y120.645 E330.61229 G1 X126.886 Y120.495 E330.63072 G1 X127.14 Y120.23 E330.65709 G1 X127.282 Y120.012 E330.67578 G1 X127.412 Y119.707 E330.6996 G1 X127.476 Y119.42 E330.72072 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E330.74179 G1 X127.457 Y118.868 E330.76054 G1 X127.361 Y118.551 E330.78434 G1 X127.244 Y118.322 E330.80281 G1 X127.095 Y118.114 E330.82119 G1 X126.83 Y117.86 E330.84756 G1 X126.612 Y117.718 E330.86626 G1 X126.307 Y117.588 E330.89007 G1 X126.02 Y117.524 E330.9112 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E330.9218 G1 X125.581 Y117.524 E330.9428 G1 X125.255 Y117.6 E330.96685 G1 X125.02 Y117.7 E330.9852 G1 X124.714 Y117.905 E331.01166 G1 X124.46 Y118.17 E331.03803 G1 X124.318 Y118.388 E331.05672 G1 X124.188 Y118.693 E331.08054 G1 X124.124 Y118.98 E331.10166 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E331.12273 G1 X124.143 Y119.532 E331.14148 G1 X124.239 Y119.849 E331.16528 G1 X124.356 Y120.078 E331.18375 G1 X124.505 Y120.286 E331.20213 G1 X124.77 Y120.54 E331.22851 G1 X124.988 Y120.682 E331.2472 G1 X125.225 Y120.783 E331.2657 G0 F540 X125.293 Y120.812 G0 X125.58 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.57 Y121.198 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.233 Y121.128 E331.29043 G1 X124.907 Y121.001 E331.31557 G1 X124.681 Y120.87 E331.33433 G1 X124.462 Y120.7 E331.35425 G1 X124.224 Y120.447 E331.37921 G1 X124.073 Y120.228 E331.39832 G1 X123.94 Y119.963 E331.41962 G1 X123.837 Y119.631 E331.44459 G1 X123.792 Y119.287 E331.46951 G1 X123.802 Y118.97 E331.4923 G1 X123.872 Y118.633 E331.51703 G1 X123.999 Y118.308 E331.5421 G1 X124.13 Y118.081 E331.56092 G1 X124.3 Y117.862 E331.58084 G1 X124.544 Y117.631 E331.60498 G1 X124.772 Y117.473 E331.62491 G1 X125.037 Y117.34 E331.64621 G1 X125.369 Y117.237 E331.67118 G1 X125.713 Y117.192 E331.69611 G1 X125.858 Y117.19 E331.70653 G1 X126.148 Y117.22 E331.72747 G1 X126.452 Y117.299 E331.75004 G1 X126.692 Y117.399 E331.76872 G1 X126.919 Y117.53 E331.78754 G1 X127.138 Y117.7 E331.80746 G1 X127.369 Y117.944 E331.8316 G1 X127.527 Y118.172 E331.85153 G1 X127.66 Y118.437 E331.87283 G1 X127.762 Y118.763 E331.89737 G1 X127.808 Y119.113 E331.92273 G1 X127.798 Y119.43 E331.94552 G1 X127.728 Y119.767 E331.97024 G1 X127.601 Y120.092 E331.99531 G1 X127.47 Y120.319 E332.01414 G1 X127.302 Y120.535 E332.0338 G1 X127.056 Y120.769 E332.05819 G1 X126.831 Y120.925 E332.07786 G1 X126.563 Y121.06 E332.09942 G1 X126.231 Y121.163 E332.12439 G1 X125.937 Y121.202 E332.1457 G0 F540 X125.887 Y121.208 G0 X125.57 Y121.198 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.57 Y121.198 Z6.12 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:387.477083 ;LAYER:24 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E332.16677 G1 X126.28 Y120.821 E332.18586 G1 X126.528 Y120.726 E332.20494 G1 X126.83 Y120.54 E332.23042 G1 X127.024 Y120.366 E332.24914 G1 X127.185 Y120.17 E332.26737 G1 X127.332 Y119.915 E332.28851 G1 X127.433 Y119.638 E332.30969 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E332.33622 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E332.35729 G1 X127.421 Y118.72 E332.37639 G1 X127.331 Y118.485 E332.39446 G1 X127.159 Y118.196 E332.41863 G1 X126.942 Y117.954 E332.44198 G1 X126.734 Y117.792 E332.46092 G1 X126.515 Y117.668 E332.479 G1 X126.238 Y117.567 E332.50018 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E332.52671 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E332.54778 G1 X125.32 Y117.579 E332.56687 G1 X125.085 Y117.669 E332.58495 G1 X124.796 Y117.841 E332.60911 G1 X124.554 Y118.058 E332.63246 G1 X124.392 Y118.266 E332.6514 G1 X124.268 Y118.485 E332.66948 G1 X124.167 Y118.762 E332.69067 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E332.7172 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E332.73827 G1 X124.179 Y119.68 E332.75736 G1 X124.269 Y119.915 E332.77544 G1 X124.441 Y120.204 E332.7996 G1 X124.658 Y120.446 E332.82295 G1 X124.866 Y120.608 E332.84189 G1 X125.085 Y120.732 E332.85997 G1 X125.362 Y120.833 E332.88115 G1 X125.363 Y120.834 E332.88125 G0 F540 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.889 Y121.208 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.619 Y121.201 E332.90066 G1 X125.361 Y121.162 E332.9194 G1 X125.063 Y121.07 E332.94181 G1 X124.788 Y120.937 E332.96375 G1 X124.542 Y120.767 E332.98524 G1 X124.312 Y120.552 E333.00786 G1 X124.103 Y120.277 E333.03267 G1 X123.942 Y119.967 E333.05777 G1 X123.835 Y119.626 E333.08344 G1 X123.792 Y119.289 E333.10785 G1 X123.799 Y119.019 E333.12725 G1 X123.839 Y118.758 E333.14622 G1 X123.93 Y118.463 E333.1684 G1 X124.063 Y118.188 E333.19035 G1 X124.231 Y117.944 E333.21163 G1 X124.448 Y117.712 E333.23445 G1 X124.726 Y117.501 E333.25953 G1 X125.033 Y117.342 E333.28436 G1 X125.371 Y117.236 E333.30981 G1 X125.711 Y117.192 E333.33444 G1 X125.84 Y117.19 E333.34371 G1 X126.101 Y117.212 E333.36253 G1 X126.359 Y117.27 E333.38153 G1 X126.609 Y117.36 E333.40061 G1 X126.884 Y117.507 E333.42302 G1 X127.123 Y117.687 E333.44451 G1 X127.335 Y117.902 E333.4662 G1 X127.497 Y118.123 E333.48589 G1 X127.658 Y118.433 E333.51098 G1 X127.765 Y118.774 E333.53666 G1 X127.808 Y119.105 E333.56064 G1 X127.801 Y119.381 E333.58047 G1 X127.762 Y119.638 E333.59915 G1 X127.67 Y119.937 E333.62162 G1 X127.539 Y120.208 E333.64325 G1 X127.369 Y120.456 E333.66485 G1 X127.155 Y120.685 E333.68737 G1 X126.877 Y120.897 E333.71248 G1 X126.567 Y121.058 E333.73758 G1 X126.253 Y121.157 E333.76123 G0 F540 X126.229 Y121.164 G0 X125.889 Y121.208 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.889 Y121.208 Z6.48 G0 F15000 X126.019 Y120.876 ;TIME_ELAPSED:390.006521 ;LAYER:25 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.377 Y120.789 E333.7877 G1 X126.684 Y120.64 E333.81222 G1 X126.977 Y120.413 E333.83884 G1 X127.168 Y120.193 E333.85977 G1 X127.332 Y119.914 E333.88302 G1 X127.433 Y119.637 E333.90421 G1 X127.481 Y119.375 E333.92334 G1 X127.476 Y118.981 E333.95165 G1 X127.389 Y118.623 E333.97812 G1 X127.278 Y118.379 E333.99738 G1 X127.095 Y118.114 E334.02051 G1 X126.908 Y117.923 E334.03972 G1 X126.707 Y117.774 E334.05769 G1 X126.378 Y117.611 E334.08407 G1 X126.094 Y117.535 E334.10519 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E334.12116 G1 X125.581 Y117.524 E334.14216 G1 X125.223 Y117.611 E334.16863 G1 X124.979 Y117.722 E334.18789 G1 X124.714 Y117.905 E334.21102 G1 X124.523 Y118.092 E334.23023 G1 X124.374 Y118.293 E334.2482 G1 X124.211 Y118.622 E334.27458 G1 X124.135 Y118.906 E334.2957 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E334.32212 G1 X124.144 Y119.539 E334.34138 G1 X124.257 Y119.891 E334.36794 G1 X124.417 Y120.172 E334.39117 G1 X124.587 Y120.377 E334.4103 G1 X124.807 Y120.568 E334.43123 G1 X125.086 Y120.732 E334.45448 G1 X125.363 Y120.833 E334.47566 G1 X125.625 Y120.881 E334.4948 G1 X125.651 Y120.88 E334.49667 G0 F540 X126.019 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.675 Y121.206 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.322 Y121.153 E334.52231 G1 X125.074 Y121.075 E334.54099 G1 X124.842 Y120.967 E334.55937 G1 X124.621 Y120.828 E334.57813 G1 X124.354 Y120.596 E334.60354 G1 X124.179 Y120.387 E334.62313 G1 X124.038 Y120.166 E334.64196 G1 X123.881 Y119.798 E334.6707 G1 X123.821 Y119.554 E334.68875 G1 X123.792 Y119.295 E334.70748 G1 X123.808 Y118.93 E334.73373 G1 X123.885 Y118.587 E334.75898 G1 X123.993 Y118.319 E334.77974 G1 X124.129 Y118.083 E334.79931 G1 X124.312 Y117.848 E334.8207 G1 X124.506 Y117.662 E334.84001 G1 X124.749 Y117.487 E334.86153 G1 X124.993 Y117.36 E334.88129 G1 X125.375 Y117.235 E334.91016 G1 X125.631 Y117.198 E334.92875 G1 X125.925 Y117.194 E334.94987 G1 X126.278 Y117.247 E334.97551 G1 X126.526 Y117.325 E334.99419 G1 X126.758 Y117.433 E335.01258 G1 X126.979 Y117.572 E335.03133 G1 X127.244 Y117.802 E335.05654 G1 X127.421 Y118.013 E335.07633 G1 X127.56 Y118.23 E335.09484 G1 X127.718 Y118.598 E335.12361 G1 X127.778 Y118.841 E335.14159 G1 X127.808 Y119.105 E335.16068 G1 X127.792 Y119.47 E335.18693 G1 X127.716 Y119.809 E335.21189 G1 X127.607 Y120.081 E335.23294 G1 X127.471 Y120.317 E335.25251 G1 X127.288 Y120.552 E335.27391 G1 X127.094 Y120.738 E335.29322 G1 X126.851 Y120.913 E335.31473 G1 X126.607 Y121.04 E335.33449 G1 X126.225 Y121.165 E335.36337 G1 X126.042 Y121.192 E335.37666 G0 F540 X125.969 Y121.202 G0 X125.675 Y121.206 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.675 Y121.206 Z6.84 G0 F15000 X125.085 Y120.731 ;TIME_ELAPSED:392.567129 ;LAYER:26 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.434 Y120.85 E335.40315 G1 X125.727 Y120.889 E335.42438 G1 X126.02 Y120.876 E335.44545 G1 X126.285 Y120.819 E335.46493 G1 X126.579 Y120.7 E335.48771 G1 X126.886 Y120.495 E335.51423 G1 X127.126 Y120.248 E335.53897 G1 X127.331 Y119.915 E335.56707 G1 X127.45 Y119.566 E335.59356 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E335.61479 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E335.63586 G1 X127.419 Y118.715 E335.65534 G1 X127.3 Y118.421 E335.67812 G1 X127.095 Y118.114 E335.70464 G1 X126.848 Y117.874 E335.72939 G1 X126.515 Y117.669 E335.75748 G1 X126.166 Y117.55 E335.78397 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E335.8052 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E335.82628 G1 X125.315 Y117.581 E335.84575 G1 X125.021 Y117.7 E335.86853 G1 X124.714 Y117.905 E335.89506 G1 X124.474 Y118.152 E335.9198 G1 X124.269 Y118.485 E335.94789 G1 X124.15 Y118.834 E335.97438 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E335.99562 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E336.01669 G1 X124.181 Y119.685 E336.03616 G1 X124.3 Y119.979 E336.05895 G1 X124.505 Y120.286 E336.08547 G1 X124.752 Y120.526 E336.11021 G1 X124.772 Y120.539 E336.11192 G0 F540 X125.085 Y120.731 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.769 Y121.21 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.451 Y121.18 E336.13487 G1 X125.195 Y121.117 E336.15381 G1 X124.876 Y120.985 E336.17861 G1 X124.578 Y120.796 E336.20396 G1 X124.373 Y120.615 E336.22361 G1 X124.154 Y120.354 E336.24809 G1 X124.013 Y120.12 E336.26771 G1 X123.91 Y119.884 E336.28621 G1 X123.832 Y119.605 E336.30703 G1 X123.792 Y119.287 E336.33005 G1 X123.808 Y118.929 E336.3558 G1 X123.881 Y118.601 E336.37994 G1 X124.015 Y118.276 E336.40519 G1 X124.201 Y117.982 E336.43019 G1 X124.385 Y117.773 E336.45019 G1 X124.646 Y117.554 E336.47467 G1 X124.876 Y117.415 E336.49398 G1 X125.116 Y117.31 E336.5128 G1 X125.395 Y117.232 E336.53361 G1 X125.713 Y117.192 E336.55663 G1 X126.068 Y117.208 E336.58216 G1 X126.405 Y117.283 E336.60697 G1 X126.724 Y117.415 E336.63177 G1 X127.022 Y117.604 E336.65712 G1 X127.227 Y117.785 E336.67677 G1 X127.446 Y118.046 E336.70124 G1 X127.587 Y118.28 E336.72087 G1 X127.69 Y118.516 E336.73937 G1 X127.767 Y118.79 E336.75982 G1 X127.808 Y119.106 E336.78271 G1 X127.792 Y119.468 E336.80874 G1 X127.717 Y119.805 E336.83354 G1 X127.585 Y120.124 E336.85835 G1 X127.399 Y120.418 E336.88334 G1 X127.215 Y120.627 E336.90334 G1 X126.954 Y120.846 E336.92782 G1 X126.724 Y120.985 E336.94713 G1 X126.486 Y121.089 E336.96579 G1 X126.324 Y121.14 E336.97799 G1 X126.135 Y121.178 E336.99184 G0 F540 X126.056 Y121.193 G0 X125.769 Y121.21 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.769 Y121.21 Z7.2 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:395.119935 ;LAYER:27 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E337.01291 G1 X126.288 Y120.818 E337.03261 G1 X126.582 Y120.698 E337.05542 G1 X126.886 Y120.495 E337.08168 G1 X127.128 Y120.246 E337.10663 G1 X127.332 Y119.915 E337.13456 G1 X127.433 Y119.637 E337.15581 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E337.18227 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E337.20334 G1 X127.418 Y118.712 E337.22304 G1 X127.274 Y118.373 E337.2495 G1 X127.094 Y118.112 E337.27228 G1 X126.846 Y117.872 E337.29707 G1 X126.515 Y117.668 E337.325 G1 X126.237 Y117.567 E337.34625 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E337.37271 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E337.39378 G1 X125.312 Y117.582 E337.41348 G1 X124.973 Y117.726 E337.43994 G1 X124.712 Y117.906 E337.46272 G1 X124.472 Y118.154 E337.48751 G1 X124.268 Y118.485 E337.51545 G1 X124.167 Y118.763 E337.5367 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E337.56315 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E337.58422 G1 X124.182 Y119.688 E337.60392 G1 X124.326 Y120.027 E337.63038 G1 X124.506 Y120.288 E337.65316 G1 X124.754 Y120.528 E337.67796 G1 X125.085 Y120.732 E337.70589 G1 X125.363 Y120.833 E337.72714 G0 F540 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.774 Y121.21 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.419 Y121.174 E337.75277 G1 X125.168 Y121.108 E337.77142 G1 X124.926 Y121.01 E337.79018 G1 X124.694 Y120.878 E337.80935 G1 X124.484 Y120.719 E337.82828 G1 X124.304 Y120.541 E337.84646 G1 X124.142 Y120.336 E337.86523 G1 X123.977 Y120.045 E337.88927 G1 X123.882 Y119.802 E337.90801 G1 X123.816 Y119.519 E337.92889 G1 X123.79 Y119.178 E337.95346 G1 X123.826 Y118.819 E337.97938 G1 X123.893 Y118.565 E337.99825 G1 X123.992 Y118.321 E338.01717 G1 X124.122 Y118.094 E338.03596 G1 X124.281 Y117.884 E338.05488 G1 X124.459 Y117.704 E338.07307 G1 X124.664 Y117.542 E338.09184 G1 X124.951 Y117.379 E338.11555 G1 X125.198 Y117.282 E338.13462 G1 X125.476 Y117.217 E338.15513 G1 X125.826 Y117.19 E338.18035 G1 X126.181 Y117.226 E338.20598 G1 X126.432 Y117.292 E338.22463 G1 X126.674 Y117.39 E338.24338 G1 X126.906 Y117.522 E338.26256 G1 X127.116 Y117.681 E338.28148 G1 X127.296 Y117.859 E338.29967 G1 X127.458 Y118.064 E338.31844 G1 X127.621 Y118.351 E338.34215 G1 X127.715 Y118.59 E338.3606 G1 X127.783 Y118.876 E338.38172 G1 X127.81 Y119.222 E338.40666 G1 X127.774 Y119.581 E338.43258 G1 X127.708 Y119.832 E338.45122 G1 X127.61 Y120.074 E338.46998 G1 X127.478 Y120.306 E338.48916 G1 X127.32 Y120.514 E338.50792 G1 X127.141 Y120.696 E338.52626 G1 X126.936 Y120.858 E338.54503 G1 X126.649 Y121.021 E338.56874 G1 X126.402 Y121.118 E338.58781 G1 X126.14 Y121.18 E338.60715 G0 F540 X126.124 Y121.183 G0 X125.774 Y121.21 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.774 Y121.21 Z7.56 G0 F15000 X125.58 Y120.876 ;TIME_ELAPSED:397.648822 ;LAYER:28 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.873 Y120.889 E338.62822 G1 X126.166 Y120.851 E338.64945 G1 X126.5 Y120.739 E338.67475 G1 X126.771 Y120.584 E338.69718 G1 X127.046 Y120.342 E338.7235 G1 X127.263 Y120.047 E338.74981 G1 X127.408 Y119.723 E338.77531 G1 X127.474 Y119.435 E338.79654 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E338.81869 G1 X127.451 Y118.834 E338.83992 G1 X127.339 Y118.5 E338.86523 G1 X127.184 Y118.229 E338.88765 G1 X126.942 Y117.954 E338.91397 G1 X126.647 Y117.737 E338.94028 G1 X126.323 Y117.592 E338.96578 G1 X126.035 Y117.526 E338.98701 G1 X125.874 Y117.511 E338.99863 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E339.01977 G1 X125.309 Y117.583 E339.03969 G1 X125.017 Y117.702 E339.06235 G1 X124.716 Y117.903 E339.08835 G1 X124.462 Y118.168 E339.11472 G1 X124.3 Y118.421 E339.1363 G1 X124.192 Y118.677 E339.15626 G1 X124.126 Y118.965 E339.17749 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E339.19964 G1 X124.149 Y119.566 E339.22087 G1 X124.261 Y119.9 E339.24618 G1 X124.416 Y120.171 E339.26861 G1 X124.658 Y120.446 E339.29492 G1 X124.953 Y120.663 E339.32123 G1 X125.222 Y120.789 E339.34257 G0 F540 X125.58 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.889 Y121.208 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.536 Y121.193 E339.36796 G1 X125.256 Y121.135 E339.3885 G1 X124.874 Y120.984 E339.41801 G1 X124.627 Y120.832 E339.43885 G1 X124.426 Y120.666 E339.45757 G1 X124.245 Y120.473 E339.47658 G1 X124.098 Y120.269 E339.49465 G1 X123.944 Y119.971 E339.51875 G1 X123.837 Y119.633 E339.54422 G1 X123.792 Y119.289 E339.56914 G1 X123.807 Y118.936 E339.59452 G1 X123.862 Y118.666 E339.61432 G1 X123.946 Y118.422 E339.63286 G1 X124.072 Y118.174 E339.65284 G1 X124.214 Y117.966 E339.67094 G1 X124.387 Y117.77 E339.68972 G1 X124.595 Y117.592 E339.70939 G1 X124.816 Y117.448 E339.72834 G1 X125.198 Y117.282 E339.75826 G1 X125.464 Y117.219 E339.7779 G1 X125.818 Y117.19 E339.80341 G1 X126.168 Y117.224 E339.82868 G1 X126.428 Y117.29 E339.84795 G1 X126.726 Y117.416 E339.87119 G1 X126.973 Y117.568 E339.89203 G1 X127.174 Y117.734 E339.91076 G1 X127.355 Y117.927 E339.92977 G1 X127.502 Y118.131 E339.94783 G1 X127.653 Y118.422 E339.97138 G1 X127.763 Y118.767 E339.9974 G1 X127.808 Y119.106 E340.02197 G1 X127.793 Y119.464 E340.04771 G1 X127.738 Y119.734 E340.0675 G1 X127.654 Y119.978 E340.08604 G1 X127.528 Y120.226 E340.10603 G1 X127.432 Y120.373 E340.11864 G1 X127.271 Y120.569 E340.13686 G1 X127.073 Y120.755 E340.15638 G1 X126.869 Y120.902 E340.17444 G1 X126.571 Y121.056 E340.19854 G1 X126.254 Y121.157 E340.22244 G0 F540 X126.233 Y121.163 G0 X125.889 Y121.208 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.889 Y121.208 Z7.92 G0 F15000 X125.279 Y120.808 ;TIME_ELAPSED:400.206665 ;LAYER:29 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.582 Y120.876 E340.24475 G1 X125.873 Y120.889 E340.26568 G1 X126.164 Y120.851 E340.28676 G1 X126.447 Y120.762 E340.30808 G1 X126.77 Y120.585 E340.33454 G1 X127.046 Y120.342 E340.36096 G1 X127.263 Y120.047 E340.38727 G1 X127.408 Y119.721 E340.4129 G1 X127.476 Y119.418 E340.43521 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E340.45613 G1 X127.451 Y118.836 E340.47722 G1 X127.361 Y118.55 E340.49876 G1 X127.185 Y118.23 E340.525 G1 X126.942 Y117.954 E340.55141 G1 X126.647 Y117.737 E340.57772 G1 X126.321 Y117.592 E340.60336 G1 X126.018 Y117.524 E340.62567 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E340.63612 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E340.65719 G1 X125.224 Y117.61 E340.68351 G1 X124.953 Y117.737 E340.70501 G1 X124.716 Y117.903 E340.72579 G1 X124.468 Y118.16 E340.75145 G1 X124.3 Y118.421 E340.77375 G1 X124.192 Y118.679 E340.79385 G1 X124.124 Y118.982 E340.81616 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E340.83708 G1 X124.149 Y119.564 E340.85817 G1 X124.239 Y119.85 E340.87971 G1 X124.415 Y120.17 E340.90594 G1 X124.658 Y120.446 E340.93236 G1 X124.944 Y120.656 E340.95785 G0 F540 X124.953 Y120.663 G0 X125.279 Y120.808 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.887 Y121.208 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.525 Y121.192 E340.98388 G1 X125.264 Y121.137 E341.00305 G1 X124.862 Y120.978 E341.0341 G1 X124.641 Y120.842 E341.05275 G1 X124.436 Y120.677 E341.07165 G1 X124.25 Y120.479 E341.09117 G1 X124.095 Y120.264 E341.11021 G1 X123.944 Y119.971 E341.13389 G1 X123.835 Y119.625 E341.15995 G1 X123.792 Y119.287 E341.18443 G1 X123.807 Y118.931 E341.21003 G1 X123.863 Y118.664 E341.22963 G1 X124.02 Y118.266 E341.26037 G1 X124.158 Y118.041 E341.27933 G1 X124.321 Y117.838 E341.29803 G1 X124.521 Y117.65 E341.31775 G1 X124.736 Y117.495 E341.33679 G1 X125.029 Y117.344 E341.36047 G1 X125.37 Y117.236 E341.38617 G1 X125.713 Y117.192 E341.41101 G1 X125.813 Y117.19 E341.4182 G1 X126.075 Y117.208 E341.43707 G1 X126.336 Y117.263 E341.45623 G1 X126.738 Y117.422 E341.48729 G1 X126.959 Y117.558 E341.50593 G1 X127.162 Y117.721 E341.52463 G1 X127.35 Y117.921 E341.54435 G1 X127.505 Y118.136 E341.56339 G1 X127.656 Y118.429 E341.58708 G1 X127.765 Y118.775 E341.61314 G1 X127.808 Y119.106 E341.63712 G1 X127.793 Y119.469 E341.66322 G1 X127.737 Y119.736 E341.68282 G1 X127.58 Y120.134 E341.71355 G1 X127.442 Y120.359 E341.73252 G1 X127.279 Y120.562 E341.75122 G1 X127.079 Y120.75 E341.77094 G1 X126.865 Y120.905 E341.78992 G1 X126.571 Y121.056 E341.81367 G1 X126.251 Y121.158 E341.8378 G0 F540 X126.23 Y121.164 G0 X125.887 Y121.208 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.887 Y121.208 Z8.28 G0 F15000 X125.582 Y120.876 ;TIME_ELAPSED:402.763497 ;LAYER:30 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.873 Y120.889 E341.85872 G1 X126.164 Y120.851 E341.87981 G1 X126.449 Y120.761 E341.90128 G1 X126.705 Y120.627 E341.92204 G1 X126.944 Y120.444 E341.94366 G1 X127.138 Y120.232 E341.96431 G1 X127.3 Y119.979 E341.98589 G1 X127.411 Y119.711 E342.00673 G1 X127.476 Y119.418 E342.02829 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E342.04922 G1 X127.451 Y118.836 E342.0703 G1 X127.361 Y118.55 E342.09184 G1 X127.231 Y118.301 E342.11202 G1 X127.044 Y118.056 E342.13416 G1 X126.832 Y117.862 E342.15481 G1 X126.579 Y117.7 E342.17639 G1 X126.311 Y117.589 E342.19723 G1 X126.018 Y117.524 E342.21879 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E342.22925 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E342.25032 G1 X125.224 Y117.61 E342.27663 G1 X124.901 Y117.769 E342.3025 G1 X124.656 Y117.956 E342.32464 G1 X124.462 Y118.168 E342.34529 G1 X124.3 Y118.421 E342.36687 G1 X124.189 Y118.689 E342.38771 G1 X124.124 Y118.982 E342.40927 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E342.4302 G1 X124.149 Y119.564 E342.45128 G1 X124.239 Y119.85 E342.47282 G1 X124.369 Y120.099 E342.493 G1 X124.556 Y120.344 E342.51514 G1 X124.768 Y120.538 E342.53579 G1 X125.021 Y120.7 E342.55737 G1 X125.227 Y120.785 E342.57338 G0 F540 X125.289 Y120.811 G0 X125.582 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.701 Y121.208 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.442 Y121.178 E342.59211 G1 X125.186 Y121.115 E342.61105 G1 X124.952 Y121.022 E342.62914 G1 X124.711 Y120.89 E342.64888 G1 X124.503 Y120.735 E342.66752 G1 X124.318 Y120.558 E342.68591 G1 X124.153 Y120.352 E342.70487 G1 X124.014 Y120.121 E342.72424 G1 X123.885 Y119.812 E342.7483 G1 X123.82 Y119.541 E342.76832 G1 X123.792 Y119.287 E342.78668 G1 X123.798 Y119.022 E342.80572 G1 X123.837 Y118.766 E342.82432 G1 X123.942 Y118.431 E342.84955 G1 X124.065 Y118.185 E342.8693 G1 X124.265 Y117.903 E342.89414 G1 X124.44 Y117.72 E342.91233 G1 X124.648 Y117.553 E342.9315 G1 X124.879 Y117.414 E342.95086 G1 X125.188 Y117.285 E342.97492 G1 X125.459 Y117.22 E342.99494 G1 X125.713 Y117.192 E343.0133 G1 X125.978 Y117.198 E343.03234 G1 X126.234 Y117.237 E343.05095 G1 X126.573 Y117.344 E343.07649 G1 X126.815 Y117.465 E343.09592 G1 X127.097 Y117.665 E343.12076 G1 X127.28 Y117.84 E343.13895 G1 X127.447 Y118.048 E343.15812 G1 X127.586 Y118.279 E343.17748 G1 X127.714 Y118.585 E343.20131 G1 X127.779 Y118.852 E343.22106 G1 X127.808 Y119.113 E343.23992 G1 X127.802 Y119.378 E343.25896 G1 X127.793 Y119.468 E343.26546 G1 X127.741 Y119.722 E343.28409 G1 X127.658 Y119.969 E343.30281 G1 X127.536 Y120.214 E343.32247 G1 X127.397 Y120.422 E343.34044 G1 X127.221 Y120.622 E343.35958 G1 X127.02 Y120.797 E343.37873 G1 X126.807 Y120.94 E343.39716 G1 X126.565 Y121.059 E343.41654 G1 X126.227 Y121.164 E343.44196 G1 X126.068 Y121.188 E343.45351 G0 F540 X125.966 Y121.202 G0 X125.701 Y121.208 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.701 Y121.208 Z8.64 G0 F15000 X125.58 Y120.876 ;TIME_ELAPSED:405.292551 ;LAYER:31 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X125.873 Y120.889 E343.47459 G1 X126.163 Y120.852 E343.49559 G1 X126.511 Y120.734 E343.52199 G1 X126.77 Y120.585 E343.54345 G1 X127.044 Y120.344 E343.56967 G1 X127.264 Y120.045 E343.59634 G1 X127.389 Y119.778 E343.61752 G1 X127.476 Y119.42 E343.64399 G1 X127.489 Y119.127 E343.66506 G1 X127.452 Y118.837 E343.68606 G1 X127.334 Y118.489 E343.71246 G1 X127.185 Y118.23 E343.73393 G1 X126.944 Y117.956 E343.76014 G1 X126.645 Y117.736 E343.78681 G1 X126.378 Y117.611 E343.80799 G1 X126.02 Y117.524 E343.83446 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E343.84506 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E343.86613 G1 X125.295 Y117.587 E343.8871 G1 X124.955 Y117.736 E343.91377 G1 X124.716 Y117.903 E343.93471 G1 X124.503 Y118.116 E343.95636 G1 X124.336 Y118.355 E343.9773 G1 X124.211 Y118.622 E343.99848 G1 X124.124 Y118.98 E344.02495 G1 X124.111 Y119.273 E344.04602 G1 X124.148 Y119.563 E344.06702 G1 X124.266 Y119.911 E344.09342 G1 X124.415 Y120.17 E344.11489 G1 X124.656 Y120.444 E344.1411 G1 X124.955 Y120.664 E344.16777 G1 X125.222 Y120.789 E344.18895 G0 F540 X125.58 Y120.876 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.888 Y121.168 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.629 Y121.162 E344.20756 G1 X125.379 Y121.125 E344.22572 G1 X125.107 Y121.043 E344.24613 G1 X124.871 Y120.937 E344.26472 G1 X124.579 Y120.745 E344.28982 G1 X124.337 Y120.517 E344.31371 G1 X124.138 Y120.259 E344.33712 G1 X124.01 Y120.02 E344.3566 G1 X123.917 Y119.775 E344.37542 G1 X123.845 Y119.438 E344.40018 G1 X123.832 Y119.105 E344.42412 G1 X123.875 Y118.779 E344.44774 G1 X123.957 Y118.507 E344.46815 G1 X124.063 Y118.271 E344.48674 G1 X124.255 Y117.979 E344.51185 G1 X124.483 Y117.737 E344.53573 G1 X124.741 Y117.538 E344.55914 G1 X124.98 Y117.41 E344.57862 G1 X125.225 Y117.317 E344.59745 G1 X125.562 Y117.245 E344.6222 G1 X125.892 Y117.232 E344.64593 G1 X126.147 Y117.26 E344.66436 G1 X126.407 Y117.327 E344.68365 G1 X126.725 Y117.461 E344.70844 G1 X127.021 Y117.655 E344.73386 G1 X127.263 Y117.883 E344.75775 G1 X127.465 Y118.146 E344.78158 G1 X127.59 Y118.38 E344.80064 G1 X127.683 Y118.625 E344.81946 G1 X127.755 Y118.962 E344.84422 G1 X127.768 Y119.292 E344.86795 G1 X127.725 Y119.621 E344.89178 G1 X127.643 Y119.893 E344.91219 G1 X127.492 Y120.206 E344.93716 G1 X127.345 Y120.421 E344.95587 G1 X127.117 Y120.663 E344.97976 G1 X126.859 Y120.862 E345.00316 G1 X126.62 Y120.99 E345.02264 G1 X126.454 Y121.058 E345.03553 G1 X126.252 Y121.115 E345.05061 G0 F540 X126.203 Y121.128 G0 X125.888 Y121.168 M204 S500 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X125.888 Y121.168 Z8.84 G0 F15000 X125.727 Y120.889 ;TIME_ELAPSED:407.766200 ;LAYER:32 M204 S800 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:RS_Fan-Housing-Clamp-Rev1.stl G1 F600 X126.02 Y120.876 E345.06231 G1 X126.374 Y120.791 E345.07684 G1 X126.704 Y120.628 E345.09153 G1 X126.944 Y120.444 E345.1036 G1 X127.185 Y120.17 E345.11817 G1 X127.33 Y119.917 E345.12981 G1 X127.432 Y119.64 E345.14159 G1 X127.489 Y119.273 E345.15641 G1 X127.476 Y118.98 E345.16812 G1 X127.391 Y118.626 E345.18265 G1 X127.228 Y118.296 E345.19734 G1 X127.044 Y118.056 E345.20941 G1 X126.77 Y117.815 E345.22397 G1 X126.517 Y117.67 E345.23561 G1 X126.24 Y117.568 E345.24739 G1 X125.873 Y117.511 E345.26222 G1 X125.58 Y117.524 E345.27392 G1 X125.226 Y117.609 E345.28845 G1 X124.896 Y117.772 E345.30314 G1 X124.656 Y117.956 E345.31521 G1 X124.415 Y118.23 E345.32978 G1 X124.27 Y118.483 E345.34142 G1 X124.168 Y118.76 E345.3532 G1 X124.111 Y119.127 E345.36802 G1 X124.124 Y119.42 E345.37973 G1 X124.209 Y119.774 E345.39426 G1 X124.372 Y120.104 E345.40895 G1 X124.556 Y120.344 E345.42102 G1 X124.83 Y120.585 E345.43558 G1 X125.083 Y120.73 E345.44722 G0 F540 X125.36 Y120.832 G0 X125.727 Y120.889 M204 S500 G0 F15000 X125.506 Y120.946 M204 S800 G1 F600 X125.237 Y120.876 E345.45831 G1 X124.91 Y120.73 E345.47261 G1 X124.61 Y120.51 E345.48745 G1 X124.424 Y120.311 E345.49833 G1 X124.269 Y120.088 E345.50917 G1 X124.137 Y119.805 E345.52163 G1 X124.067 Y119.551 E345.53214 G1 X124.032 Y119.283 E345.54293 G1 X124.046 Y118.959 E345.55588 G1 X124.107 Y118.682 E345.5672 G1 X124.27 Y118.31 E345.58341 G1 X124.488 Y118.012 E345.59814 G1 X124.689 Y117.824 E345.60913 G1 X124.91 Y117.67 E345.61988 G1 X125.191 Y117.539 E345.63225 G1 X125.449 Y117.467 E345.64294 G1 X125.717 Y117.432 E345.65373 G1 X126.04 Y117.446 E345.66663 G1 X126.323 Y117.509 E345.67821 G1 X126.688 Y117.669 E345.69411 G1 X126.988 Y117.888 E345.70894 G1 X127.176 Y118.089 E345.71992 G1 X127.33 Y118.31 E345.73067 G1 X127.461 Y118.591 E345.74305 G1 X127.533 Y118.849 E345.75374 G1 X127.568 Y119.117 E345.76452 G1 X127.554 Y119.44 E345.77743 G1 X127.493 Y119.718 E345.78879 G1 X127.331 Y120.088 E345.80491 G1 X127.112 Y120.388 E345.81973 G1 X126.911 Y120.576 E345.83072 G1 X126.69 Y120.73 E345.84147 G1 X126.409 Y120.861 E345.85384 G1 X126.151 Y120.933 E345.86453 G1 X125.883 Y120.968 E345.87532 G1 X125.8 Y120.97 E345.87863 G1 X125.506 Y120.946 E345.89041 ;TIME_ELAPSED:409.996997 G1 F1800 E345.29041 M140 S0 M204 S500 M107 G91 ;Relative positioning G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out G1 Z10 ;Raise Z more G90 ;Absolute positioning G1 X0 Y235 ;Present print M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed M84 X Y E ;Disable all steppers but Z M82 ;absolute extrusion mode M104 S0 ;End of Gcode ;SETTING_3 {"global_quality": "[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Ender 3 Direct D ;SETTING_3 rive\\ndefinition = creality_ender3pro\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type ;SETTING_3 = standard\\nsetting_version = 19\\ntype = quality_changes\\n\\n[val ;SETTING_3 ues]\\nacceleration_enabled = True\\nadaptive_layer_height_enabled = ;SETTING_3 True\\nadaptive_layer_height_threshold = 0.24\\nadaptive_layer_height ;SETTING_3 _variation = 0.12\\nadaptive_layer_height_variation_step = 0.08\\nadh ;SETTING_3 esion_type = brim\\njerk_enabled = False\\nlayer_height = 0.24\\nmate ;SETTING_3 rial_bed_temperature = 50\\nmaterial_bed_temperature_layer_0 = 60\\nr ;SETTING_3 etraction_combing = infill\\nsupport_enable = True\\nsupport_structur ;SETTING_3 e = tree\\nsupport_type = buildplate\\n\\n", "extruder_quality": ["[g ;SETTING_3 eneral]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Ender 3 Direct Drive\\ndefinition = cr ;SETTING_3 eality_ender3pro\\n\\n[metadata]\\nquality_type = standard\\nsetting_ ;SETTING_3 version = 19\\ntype = quality_changes\\nintent_category = default\\np ;SETTING_3 osition = 0\\n\\n[values]\\nacceleration_print = 800.0\\nalternate_ex ;SETTING_3 tra_perimeter = True\\nbrim_gap = 0.2\\nbrim_line_count = 3\\ncoastin ;SETTING_3 g_enable = True\\ncool_fan_speed = 100.0\\nfill_outline_gaps = True\\ ;SETTING_3 nfilter_out_tiny_gaps = True\\ninfill_overlap = 10.0\\ninfill_pattern ;SETTING_3 = cubicsubdiv\\ninfill_sparse_density = 25\\nline_width = 0.48\\nmat ;SETTING_3 erial_print_temperature = 200\\nmaterial_print_temperature_layer_0 = ;SETTING_3 210\\nretraction_amount = 0.6\\nretraction_extrusion_window = 1.2\\nr ;SETTING_3 etraction_retract_speed = =retraction_speed\\nretraction_speed = 30\\ ;SETTING_3 nspeed_print = 100\\nsupport_angle = 70\\nsupport_interface_material_ ;SETTING_3 flow = 70\\nsupport_material_flow = 75\\nwall_line_count = 3\\n\\n"]} Does anyone know what's happening?
  19. Hello all, I am relatively new to tuning 3d printers and despite researching possible fixes to my problem I have been unable to fix it. When printing on my Flashforge Dreamer, a direct driver dual extruding printer, I haver been experiencing inconsistent extrusion in my prints and can pin point the cause. Attached is a photos showing the extrusion that I am experiencing, this was a bed leveling print that was a bit too close but the outside edge shows the artifact that I am trying to fix. This extrudsion also happens through the rest of the print but the outside shows it the best. Modification that I have made to my printer that I have made are: adding a glass bed, switching out the hot end, all metal hot end, switching to a stainless steel nozzle. However, all these changes were made before the inconstant extrusion began to occur. I have also flashed the firmware to marlin form Flashforge's original firmware. The inconstant extrusion started after this change so I am pretty sure that this is the cause I just do not what setting would cause this. I also have the original "human word" marlin for the printer, the mother board doesn't seem to be in the marlin library, however I haven't gotten the marlin writer that is in Visual Studio Code tool to compile the marlin script yet. Also attached is a project file for the bed level print as I have seen them being useful for other troubleshooting that I may have missed flashforge bed level test.3MF
  20. Okay, so I'm doing a test print this morning. And I hear this weird clicking noise from the extruder. Every 4-8 seconds (give or take). I've heard something similar before, having spent a lot of time messing with the firmware. I'd sometimes discover the bloody config tool defaulted the e-steps to the wrong number. Only it was much more obvious back then with the weird clicking noise (which is likely bad for the filament and the gear inside). This problem should all be past tense after the fixes that have been made. But... It is still around, only with a longer delay. So I have to ask is 311 really the right number for e-Steps? Or am I missing numbers to get this working right (see second screenshot)? I was trying to avoid calibrating eSteps through the manual method, but I feel I have no choice now. Help me out here. What went wrong? Has this happened to you?
  21. Ever since I got my printer and set up OctoPrint with Cura, it has been this way - I click "Print with OctoPrint", it seems to do nothing (although it does upload the file correctly to OctoPrint, as visible on the web interface) - A subsequent second or third click successfully starts the print. I'm asking here (in case anyone knows), but I'm not entirely sure if it's a Cura issue or an OctoPrint/OctoPi issue. Any ideas?
  22. i bought an ender 3d v2. i know how to print the basic designs that came with the printer but i cant seem to properly download and transfer the prints. sites i've used ultimaker and tinkercad
  23. Hello, I recently bought a material called FlourX PDVF made using Arkema Kynar. It can be found in Cura Marketplace so it should work with my Ultimaker S5. As glue I use Nano Polymer adhisive. I set the printing temperature and build plate temperature initial layer 10°C up. I set bulit plate adhision type as raft. Nothing is working. The material starts to warp after 2h of printing. What could be the solution to my problem?
  24. Funny I did an oopsy, just bought a locally made shiny new 1.75mm filament in excitement and it came very quickly in post as well. As I was about to put the filament in my wonderful and highly engineered 3d printer S5 bundle pro material station, I realized that the printer is not designed to handle the filament! I have tried googling it and checking the Ultimaker Community for this but seems like I have come across some old topics. The attachments by the provider are not available anymore: https://www.dynamism.com/mosaic/mosaic-palette-ultimakerconversionkit-ums3-s5.html I want to use standard Ultimaker Tough Black PLA along with 1.75mm (different color) filament using dual extruder for my project. Anyone has solved this problem? Or does it mean and end to a wide range of filaments that are only available in 1.75mm and I will have to buy a cheap china made 3d printer for it. It's shame such a high quality almost fully automated printer is beaten by just the width of filament. PS: tried adding custom material with 1.75mm dia, but it throws a warning: Does anyone know if there is a compatible extruder for this?
  25. I am trying to get my Pulse XE to work with Cura. It prints and communicates with Cura but the problem is it wants to print above the bed. When I go to the monitor and type the G-Code G1 Z0 it sends the nozzle tip to Z0 which is about 2.1mm above the print bed (this is normal because Z0 is the same in the Matterhackers slicer). I tried dowloading the Z-Offset plugin but it wont allow me to set the offset to the value of -2.1mm. I tried changing the Start G-code and everything works fine until the nozzle moves to the center to start printing and the nozzle moves back to 2.1mm above the bed. I tried sending the command M851 Z-2.1; M500, that didn't work so I tried putting it into the start G-code and that didn't work either. I sliced a file and looked at the G-code and after the start G-code it moves to Z0.3 on the G0 command. I decided to just move the model down -2.1mm below the print bed and sliced it, same Z movement on the first G0 command. I thought maybe if I added an auto bed leveling command it would save the probe offset but it wont even run a G28, and when I tried a G30 the probe didn't deploy and it just ran it down through the build plate. I'm at a loss as to how to fix this problem, I even tried to trick the slicer into thinking my Z build volume was bigger than it is (210mm is normal, i set it to 220mm) even that didn't work. If anyone knows how I can fix this z-offset problem please let me know. I want to use Cura so bad with this printer.
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