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  1. C'est avec regret que nous apprenons le décès de Sanjay Mortimer survenu le 27 novembre. Pour ceux qui ne le connaissent pas, il était un des cofondateurs de E3D et a grandement participer au développement des imprimantes 3D. https://e3d-online.com/blogs/news/sanjaymortimer
  2. Hello Everyone, I’m new to the forums, so I apologize in advance for my level of familiarity with Cura (which is really basic), but I’m here to learn! I have been using Cura from the Lulzbot fork for a long time, but the more I use it and the more I modify the machines to use custom firmware, the more I find myself needing a new slicer. I have tried using Simplify 3D and Prusaslicer, but I’m so much more familiar with Cura and makes the most sense to me right now. As I work with the latest version of Ulitmaker Cura, I see there are two Lulzbot printers in the manufactures section, however I wanted to see if it was possible to make an installation package (sorry I don’t know the right terminology) for a custom printer. Something where the parameters and machine STL can be unpacked and be in Cura. Next I wanted to export some of the material profiles from the Lulzbot Cura (many I have optimized for my materials) and import them into the latest version. Any help would be greatly appreciated! If there is a tutorial somewhere that would be even better. Thank you very much
  3. Hi ... I guess this is one of the most asked questions in the help forum ... bed leveling... it's driving me mad... I have read the sticky post on adhesion (or lack of it). However, there seem to be so may variables, I thought I would get your opinion base of the results I am getting. I have just cleaned the printer and replaced the PLA with a new AnyCubic White 1K Spool. I have successfully used AnyCubic PLA previously with only minor tuning. However, I am having a nightmare with this reel. The main issue is that the PLA will not adhere to the bed (set to 60C and the extruder is set to 200C). The attached image is my best attempt thus far. What do you guys think? I think the bed is still a bit low. All attempts thus far (higher or lower) end up with the PLA melted around the nozzle as nothing seems to stick to the bed. I have an AnyCubic i3 Mega S, with a glass bed. Yesterday, I learned to write my own G-Code script to move to the four corners of the bed so that I can apply the magic 'bit of paper' technique (basically, zero the machine. Not move the Z axis and move the X & Y to each corner. I then cleaned the bed with Isopropanol and printed the typical 'calibration squares'. - However, I just cannot get this new spool to print... Any help will be gratefully received...Harold
  4. Hi! Hello guys, happy to join the community! Have you ever encountered problem with added elements in cura in starts layer? I have attached how the elements look like in cura and after printing. The stl is generated from Autodesk Inventor - for sure there is no error in stl. Thanks for your help!
  5. Anyone else having issues with the solid works integration plugin after upgrading to 4.12? It only works like 10% of the time for me now.
  6. I'm working on a new plugin that adds a simple measuring aid to Cura: In its current incarnation, the tool lets you pick (and drag) two points and shows the distance between these points. A test-version can be downloaded here: MeasureTool Download the file and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. Then restart Cura as instructed. The plugin is now available in the Marketplace.
  7. I noticed leveling my bed one day that the filament was a bit taut (had tension on it) and when I relieved that tension the head dropped against my feeler gauge tighter. I had a few long print jobs that had layer separations, etc. I noticed that while printing that tension on the filament changes all the time and has quite a bit of drag against it at certain moments. So I decided to make hubs for us to smoothly spool our filament as it should be. Cheap solution too, the screws, washers, etc. were only about $12 at Home depot, and the spinners are $2 each at Meier for the bearings. I have a dual extruder so your single extruder mount should cost less. The STL file is the final version with a recess for a washer and the bearing flipped to the other side for better balance in both hub scenarios and less plastic usage. Spent several days chewing up the bugs. NEW edit: I massaged things for a bit to reduce plastic consumption. It works without the washer and bearing as well, although they make it very smooth. My spools spin freely now. No more occasional unknown strain on the filament. More pictures here, previous versions, etc. : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ce5yir8kcrvgd/Dual_Filament_Spool_Hub 8 spoke dual hub v3.stl
  8. Dear, I have PET blue transparent from ICE , In Cura I used Tqulman T-glase profile to slice the part. It sliced and mentioned file successfully send to Ultimaker 3. On the Ultimaker, I can't choose PET so i loaded the PET as PETG. The Ultimaker does not react on the send from Cura, I tried a few times. Sometimes it mentions it receeived a file but when pressing ok, nothing happens. I guess it looks for the ID chip on the filament roll or whatever.... I can only start the print by putting it on a usb stick and select it at the printer from usb stick, then it mentions material not same as defined, stop or ignore. By ignoring it starts the print finallly. But: I can;t send the fiel over wifi ??? in this case ?? Best Regards Alex JAspers Jtronicx
  9. Hello Is there an extension or configuration I could use to batch generate gcode files from a number of stl files. The optimum solution for me would be to point Cura to a folder of stl files and the program would slice each one using the settings in the project I currently have open and save a gcode file for each either to the same or different folder.
  10. Hello everyone, I am a new user to 3D printing, having bought my Ender 3 pro about 4 months ago, I have printed about 30 parts so far in pla and all came out well. These were parts with horizontal and vertical surfaces. The latest part I am trying to print is all curved and there are serious problems in the lamination of the pla on the horizontal curves See first picture, inside the cup at the bottom. The item was printed with the rim on this picutre on the hotbed - as you can see the rest of the cup was printed fine. The settings I am using are: Low quality Layer hight 0.3 Line width 0.5 Wall line count 3 Infill 30% Grid Support overhang 39 degrees This is not so much a problem in this part, as it is intended to hold liquid, so I will be coating it in layers of epoxy resin. But I would like a better finish!
  11. C'est un sujet déjà abordé ... Comme tout évolue avec le temps, qu'utilisez vous comme solution pour que les grandes pièces 15/15 cm sur la base que les coins ne se lèvent pas.... J'utilise du colorfab XT. Après avoir tester différent système comme gecko, j'en suis revenu à la vitre en verre avec une couche de produit "printafix" Mais ce n'est vraiment pas terrible... Question : quelles truc utilisez vous actuellement ? merci Alain
  12. Hey, Are there any plans or existing working profiles for the Creator 2 (Not the original one!) for Cura? I can only find one and it isn't very good. Also, why don't ultimaker offer a profile within Cura? I've read before that it's because Flashforge printers can't read gcode and use another format, but I can literally drag a gcode file onto the SD card and it prints from it, so is there another reason? I got it working on the Adventurer 3 and it's all I use now, would love to ditch Flashprint for the creator 2 as well!
  13. Has anyone bought or tried this printer? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001412815588.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.2d903c00Zt7imv&mp=1
  14. Hello, I would like to know what is the correct printcore to use with Mowiflex 3D 2000 (PVOH) filament. I guess it should be BB, but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks in advance!
  15. Dear all, after the hacker attack to thingiverse database, the plugin installed in Cura 4.11. is not working anymore. When I go to browseThingiverse it is asking a new log-In, but actually in that window is not possible to re-login. When you press the button log-out and then log-in only the website MyMiniFactory is relogged, but Thingiverse no. Any of you has the same problem? Any suggestion? Thanks MakerNik
  16. I use brass or hardened steel nozzle nozzle always want to wrap material, many, even can not finish printing, there is no big brother understand, help me to see what is the problem
  17. Hello, Does anyone have experience with chemical resistant materials, specifically against amines? I want to print an epoxy extruder and the amines in the hardener are quite destructive to most plastics. I've been systematically reaching out to many of the third party suppliers on the Ultimaker Marketplace but wanted to query the community to see if anyone has some specific recommendations. Thank you!
  18. I've had my Ultimaker 2 going on 6+ years now. I upgraded to the Olsen block ~5 years ago (long before Ultimaker offered the + kit). Things have been fine for years, but beginning to get a lot of random issues with stripping filament, abs warping, etc. Overall things are working, but larger prints are never successful. Since I need to do an overhaul anyway, I'm thinking of upgrading the stock extruder to an e3d titan. I'm pretty sure the firmware will need some tweaks with the 3:1 ratio of the Titan? Already running tinkergnome's firmware, so ok making the modifications myself. Thoughts? I could also buy the + kit, but would rather spend less on the e3d (and they make good stuff 🙂)
  19. Hi. I am using Ultimaker Cura V 4.11.0 to print some parts. However, I am facing a problem with minimum layer height. The minimum allowed height in software is 1um, but I need to set it bellow 200 nm for my application. Would you please help me if there is anyway that I can manually change minimum allowed height on the software?
  20. I would like to extend cables for Creality CR10 S5. I have extension cables but cable fo Y axis makes problem - priner fails when auto home. So I use it now without. But the original cable is too short. There is a challenge how to place controller - with filament on top, it is too tight. ALSO, there is a BLtouch installed and this has too short cable too! Can you help me how I can extend those cables - if there is a correct cable to buy and where (I am in Denmark, so EU shop would be best)? Also I am a little bit afraid to extend BLtouch cable, some people have video showing that the cables are switched and the printer will burn if I dont do it correctly. I have anyway multimeter so I can measure connectors, but anyway I am too careful because I cant afford purchase a new printer 🙂. And one more thing: I measured extension cable for Z axis and it is corerctly made, so correct pin connect, they are not crosswired or anything, but anyway it is a problem. Some people recommend to take cable out of the sleeve? Any guru here to help me? Katarina
  21. Hi guys, I just purchased a Creatbot F160 Peek edition. It clearly states under "software bundle": that its compatible with software such as Cura. https://www.creatbot.com/en/creatbot-f160.html Yet when I install Cura, its not listed as a brand of printer.. am I missing something? Do I have to make a custom profile to make it work? If so....I think thats a bit misleading. The Creatbot slicer software is hopeless! and missing alot of of basic options (yes I am on advanced mode). Cant even remove individual supports or choose infill patterns etc. Please help! I paid good money for an upgrade and at this stage its a downgrade!
  22. Can more than 1 version of Cura be installed and ran on the same PC? I have a printer that is compatible with version 3.2.1, and am considering buying a printer with a larger build area, that will likely require a newer version of the software. Any thoughts? I may want to continue using my current printer along with the new one...
  23. Hi, i am trying to add a custom printer to cura´ s config by adding and modifying the files in the recourses folder. I want a machine definition which has printsettings for profiles: 0.025mm ,0.05, 0.1 and 0.2 mm layerheights. Also I need to have nosslesizes 0.05, 0.06, 0.067, 0.07 and 0.08. I started by modifying a copy of the tronxy D1 definition and moved from there to the tronxy_x (base) profile and on to the FDMprinter def. Then I added a new material based on the generic abs profile, added a dedicated extruder and finally set up variants for nosslesizes and quality. But I can not figure out where I set the layer heights for the profiles...
  24. I'm trying to use Cura 4.11 with my Lulzbot Taz 6. I can't even really get started though because the starter code uses gcode variables that Cura apparently ignores now. For my start gcode, I have : M109 R{material_wipe_temperature} ; wait for extruder to reach wiping temp Which should replace the variable with the extruder temp as below: M109 R140 ; wait for extruder to reach wiping temp But it doesn't... It just prints exactly that line, curly brackets and all in my final gcode. There are several other areas where variables are used and they are all ignored. Is there a special setting I should turn on somewhere? Were these variables removed at some point? I can't imagine why they would have as they are really useful.
  25. Hello, I have Creality 10 S5 printer. I see that most people use Cura slicer so I also downloaded and tried to slice some of models. But every time when I slice with Cura, the print is not finished. Mostly it happens that filament is broken somewhere at or before extruder. I dont know what I am doing wrong. When I slice with Creality slicer v 1.2.3, the very old one which came with printer, it always finishes print correctly. Cura and also the new Creality slicer, ALWAYS fail. Can anyone help me with the issue? I am new at 3D printing, have this printer for 2 weeks only. I attached an example, file with CCR1 is made by Cura and the other one made by Creality slicer. Thank you CableClip_NoHole.gcode CCR1_CableClipX1.gcode
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