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  1. Hi, I am new to 3d printing and in the process of purchasing s5, will take a month or so. In the interim I am exploring my options to ensure what I am trying to achieve is possible in Cura. This might sound unusual, but I want to print single layer of artwork and want to make sure that the layer path is not line by line in x or y axis, but continuous line path defined by shape I want to print. See photo. Once that is achieved, I will stack multiple layers of the same in z axis. Want to make the whole process automated. So once set, it should print the whole stack. Once p
  2. Hello, I try to install Cura to my computer Win10. After i choose my printer from the list i click on next and programme closes itself. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thank you
  3. I'm working on a new plugin that adds a simple measuring aid to Cura: In its current incarnation, the tool lets you pick (and drag) two points and shows the distance between these points. A test-version can be downloaded here: MeasureTool Download the file and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. Then restart Cura as instructed. The plugin is now available in the Marketplace.
  4. Ultimaker Cura 4.9 We are happy to announce that the Ultimaker Cura 4.9 is here. This release contains a bundle of bug fixes and feature improvements. This will increase software stability, simplifying and streamlining print preparation so you can continuously strive for first-time right results. Download it now to experience print slicing at its most seamless, thanks to new workflow integration with the Digital Library in Ultimaker Digital Factory – which is available in our which is now available for any Ultimaker Digital Factory user with an Ultimaker 3D printer. Wh
  5. I installed and used Cura 4.9 yesterday with no problems but today when i try to open i get the attached error. I tried to uninstall and empty config files. Then reinstall and i am still getting the same issue. Anyone know what can be causing this error????
  6. Hello all, I've just ordered my first 3d printer (Ender 3) and wanted to familiarize myself with Cura before it arrives. After download, during set up, I wasn't able to click the link (nothing happened when clicked) to create an Ultimaker account, so I went directly to the website to do so. After the program was finished setting up, I tried again signing in, but every time I click the link, nothing happens. There's no prompt, no new window, nothing. I'm using an Asus i5 laptop with Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome is this helps at all.
  7. I own two UM3's, normal and extended. I rely on being able to select the specific printer I send my files to since each runs different filaments. Now in 4.9, I cannot choose which printer to send the file to. The selection is disabled for anything besides "Automatic". Worse, I can't seem to target a specific printer from the web manager. Help? How am I supposed to manage targeting a specific printer? I had to spend hours connecting and disconnecting printers to get this workflow figured out in the first place, it's very unintuitive. Cura and digital factory are always y
  8. Part of wing shell is not 100% filled. What parameter to set fill gaps between lines?
  9. I don't normally ask questions on boards, because most of the answers are already out there, or I figure it out myself. This one has stumped me. I like Cura and don't want to change. I have already asked about this on the Fusion 360 board (https://forums.autodesk.com >> multiple-components-to-stl-have-shell-walls-between-components), the response was: For completeness, I've included the information from that post: I've been struggling to work out how to export multiple components to STL, and I hope someone can help me. I've searched extensively o
  10. I'm putting this in the Cura section for lack of a better section, and due to the fact that the travel path for the support material was indeed plotted using Cura. Here's something I've never seen before. Has anyone seen anything like it? Nothing appears to be wrong, just interesting. This print is the bottom part of a case which has four round 'feet' a few millimeters high on the bottom surface. As expected, only the bottoms of the feet are actually touching the build plate and the rest of the bottom surface of the print is supported by a 'raft' (for the lack of a b
  11. Hey there, so basically I'm trying to print a round object with a diameter of 210mm on my Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Problem now is that Cura is unable to slice my object because "It doesn't fit the build volume". According to the spec. sheet of the Ultimaker 3 Extended, the build volume for single extrusion should be 215x215x300 so I should be able to slice and print this without any problem, since I'm not even close to some safety margin. I have already disabled my skirt/build adhesion and checked the machine settings for the correct plate dimensions. I have also tr
  12. Hello, I recently had to do a factory reset on our Ultimaker S3. And now when I open an stl in Cura there is a grey circle in the top left corner of the build plate. I read somewhere that the grey border on the build plate is because of the raft or brim settings. So i've been trying to find if this circle is there because some setting is checked, and I have been unable to determine if it is. If I just print the file with the grey circle there it will print it like it was a model, and you end up with a tube. The stl was made in Rhino I tried it with various files and they all have t
  13. Created a model in Blender say 20cm by 15cm and Cura does not convert to same size like 100 x smaller then scale model up cuz too small. When importing model Cura gives the warning, model too small, scaling model to fit, and displayed on build plate. it size is about 50mm by 100 mm. What's the trick to convert it right ......I am brand new to Cura..... Just bought S5 delivery in a few days....Also can Units be changed to imperial instead of mm? Thanks for the help Bill
  14. While I'm printing on my UM3+ I go to Tune, Extruder1, Material Flow and reduce it say from 100% to 95%, what changes in Cura do I make so I don't have to do that while it's printing? Thanks for the help Ken
  15. The beta version of Ultimaker Cura 4.9 is here. This release contains a bundle of bug fixes and feature improvements increasing software stability, and further simplifying and streamlining print preparation as you continuously strive for first-time right results.  What’s new? The Z-seam is now clearly shown in Preview mode.  This ensures that you will know whether the seam will be sufficiently hidden in the end product. This will also indicate the starting point of the print. Thanks to BasF0 for contribut
  16. This topic is all over the place clear back to 2012. I just can't get it to work for me. The usual solution being "Check Union Overlapping Volumes" This isn't working for me. Attached is the file. It is a corner piece for a plastic door. It has 2 screw holes and an internal void for a magnet. I already printed the internal cylinder and it is perfect fit for my magnet. The grey spot shows up in Cura but when i click slice the void doesn't exist, cura does regular infill. Any ideas on how to get this cavity to work? This was made in sketchup. I have that file i
  17. Is it possible to import a cura profile using CuraCLI.exe? I have computers that multiple users access and I'd like to be able to import the profile for everyone or the entire computer.
  18. Don’t know if my thoughts bounced forward or it’s just people still trying on it yet. there’s heat treating method on 3d printing called annealing, which saids will shrink the print size by 5% and make it much stronger. then than that, I was thinking about, can the annealing just build into the printer, for it don’t need high temperature, I checked the maximum bed temperature, it’s 120°C, and it’s just enough for it. the things need to make this method appear, is just a case, which other stuff already exists. The programming just need a special default setting, increasing the size by
  19. I have a Monoprie IIIp 3D printer. The instructions came with the printer to use Cura. The bed that is loaded in Cura is a square. The Monoprice IIIP bed is like a 5"x7" bed. What settings do I need to change to get the bed to be the rectangular 5x7? Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, We are very happy to announce our Arachne engine beta release. This release is more stable than the alpha that was released in December. If you are new to Arachne please read this post about our alpha release. So what is new in Arachne engine beta? Line width color scheme: A new color scheme has been added that shows the line width of individual lines in layer view. Model credit: By asimomagic is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license Static Outer Wall: The outer wall will no longer adjust its widt
  21. Hello, how can i able to print a model partially in cura ? Is it possible to cut the model in cura and able to print the balance of it. Below i attached the photos of my model. The figure 3.PNG is the model which i need to make changes. The fig 2.PNG is adjusted with the help of z offset. So using the z offset adjustment i can able to print top/bottom parts of the model. To check the right sizes of holes, i dont need to print the entire model. So is there is any method in cura to print the fig 1.PNG model, only the centre part of the model wihch is inside red marking?
  22. Hi I have a problem in Cura where it looks like it's printing the bottom 10 mm as double layer height what setting can do this? Side note. Why can't i remove the doblet pictur?
  23. TLDR; With any setting less than 100% CURA modifies the layers under some letters and generates holes for some reason. Small holes and lettering added to the underside of where the lettering is actually located. 0-90% infill causes this Same layer with 100% Loaded a few different profiles, they all do the same thing. CURA 4.8 Other than splicing in the 100% infill gcode into the lower % gcode to make it "right" any ideas? STL attached and located Do Not Dumb by welchomatic - Thingiverse DoNotDumb.stl
  24. I am new to 3D printing and your software was recommended from a friend, I just purchased an Ender 6 printer, but its not listed in the setup as available printers. How do you add a new printer ?
  25. I have tried printing an object yesterday and once finished I noticed it wasn't straight. I ran the XY calibration this morning and they are both in line. But it still prints on an angle. I have checked the design software and the print should have been straight. Is the something that I have missed/can try?
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