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Found 24 results

  1. I am making a tall print using pla and breakaway white. The prime tower keeps falling over, even though I made the diameter wider from 20mm to 50mm. What do other people to to combat this problem? I am currently pausing the print and attempting to support the prime tower by using painters tape.
  2. I've updated the Cura software to 4.8, now the software loads and then opens to a blank white window. As soon as it opens to this window, it is immediately in a "not responding" state. I have to force close the program via the task manager. I've attempted to uninstall and reinstall the software, I've uninstalled and deleted all possible related folders/files from the computer and reinstalled. I've tried running Ultimaker Cura in compatibility mode and as an administrator. My end result is always the same, a blank not responding screen. I am running Win10 and my system s
  3. Greetings to all. I have been increasing my use of Cura 4.7 over the past months, and liking it. Recently I added 4 more gig of RAM to my laptop (HP Laptop 15-db0xxx) to give me 8gig. Cura 4.7 and my other software worked miles faster and I thought myself to be on the up and up. There have been 2 windows updates in the last week, and I also installed Fusion 360. Since Tuesday, I have been unable to use Cura at all, as it just gives me a white screen (with the Cura logo at the top of the window) and fails to respond. I tried reboot (a must-do with Windows!
  4. After a successful BETA period we are ready to launch Ultimaker Cura 4.8. With support for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect that we launched today. Download it right now to experience several new features that allow you to work faster than ever. Check this video for a quick run down of Ultimaker Cura 4.8: New features Arrange models feature improvement. An improved arrange models feature allows you to quickly organize all your CAD models on your build plate. Previously the automated orientation of multiple parts did not always utilize the full buil
  5. After installing Cura and setting up the Ultimaker S5, we notice some problems with start and end procedure. At start, some small blobs are present in the part area which does not seem to interfere with the printing, however, it leaves some brownish blobs of material in the first layer (printing white PLA). When the print finishes, the printer just stops and cools down on the spot, leaving a blob on the part. This could probably be solved by better priming of the nozzle before printing. I noticed the start and end gcode in machine settings are blank. Is it at alla handled (maybe in firmwa
  6. I cant figure out how to install the software. It doesnt look like anything i am familiar with and the software centre is not recognising the file to install it. I see no instructions on the site to do with ubuntu. I have a Create Cocoon 3d model maker and was just told via email to install software from this site
  7. This is composed of a warning, a vent, and a plea The warning: backup your custom profiles to an external folder BEFORE initiating an update of your Cura software! - It doesn't behave like typical software, where it'll just update the core software and leave your profiles and preferences intact by default! The vent: Ultimaker treats the configuration of Cura (config) and the configuration of your 3d printer (profile) as THE SAME THING! That means, when you update your software and it says "do you wish to uninstall the old version? >> [yes] >> do you wish to
  8. I can't seem to find out how to show, find and import, or otherwise get access to basic profiles to allow me to quickly switch between doing a fast draft print versus doing a slower high quality print. I can go in and alter settings line by line, but I would prefer to rely on Ultimaker's experience and have the presets they've developed that I swear I used to see years ago. I've uninstalled, re-installed...etc. Help 🙂
  9. Hi, So far I've spent about a day setting everything up to build Cura 4.8. I have followed the steps for native build of cura-build-environment which appears to work fine (no errors) and so I attempted the Ubuntu native cura-build, including the AppImage step which recommended to download a pre-built one. I have done this, renamed it to appimagetool, saved it to $HOME/Applications and added that to my $PATH. I can execute appimagetool. Now, when I run cmake .. I get the following: -- Found Python3: /usr/bin/python3.8 (found version "3.8.5") found
  10. Hi, I updated to Ultimaker Cura 4.7 on a mac today. Using an S3. The intent profiles are all gone, I have one unsupported profile, and cannot load any default profiles. How the heck do I get this back? Thx J
  11. Hello, sometimes my print just stops 1/2 or 3/4 of the way through a print. This does not happen frequently but when it does it is frustrating. I realize the best thing to do would be to prevent the print from stopping midprint but sometimes it just happens. I can open the gcode in notepad ++ and edit it with the intent to start printing where i left off. But how do I get the edited gcode back into Cura? Cura will open a .gcode file but not a .txt file. Are they not essentially the same thing? Do I have to convert the .txt into a .gcode somehow? My printer is a monoprice mini. Thanks for any s
  12. Hi there, I have attached my Cura project. I use Cura 4.6.1 with an Ender 3. With this model I have the problem, that the Inner Wall does not follow the outline and prints some lines randomly before starting to follow the outline. Is there a settings with which I change that? Here the picture of that part of the gcode: CJ.3mf CJ.gcode
  13. In video - simple model, wall width 1.2 mm, line width 0.4 mm, infill 100 % Don't understand, why infill is not solid, and not simple line as inner and outer wall. I went through a lot of settings - the issue is still there.
  14. Hi, I have an issue with cura build dimension. I have set my printer build X=235 Y=235 but my 200x200 image doesn't fit.
  15. So, I'm brand new to Cura, On my very first 3D Printer. Saw Cura in a You-Tube Video, and the guy had printer setting I wanted to apply for good prints. I have not added anything yet, just to be clear, but when I open up the Preferences Window I get a blank white pop-up Window. I'm on Win7 PC, updated as I can be. Install went well, so, what's up, a bug? I uninstaleld and reinstalled... same thing. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this, so here I am asking for a solution. Thanks in Advance.
  16. Hey all, I am running in a issue with my 3D printer. The extruder kicks out the filament from it's direct drive when the gcode calls for a G92 axis zero offset for the extruded. Basically my extruder will go to E1546 Then G92 The next block will be E0 . It's trying to set a new zero. Is there a setting in Cura that will continue the increments rather then execute the G92?
  17. I'm having trouble adding Carbon Fiber material to my Cura. I've chosen a few different ones and clicked install, for example, the E-Sun Carbon Fiber, The 3D Universe Nylon Carbon Fiber, and the Fiver Force Carbon fiber but none of them are available to be selected from the materials pull down. When i go to manage materials, none of them are listed, yet when i go to add more to see what's installed all 3 say installed. why are they not available to select when i want to print Carbon fiber? why don't they show up even though it says installed?
  18. Ultimaker Cura has hundreds of configurable slicing settings in custom mode. If you mouse hover over a particular setting, a description of what the setting does will appear. You can also search for a particular setting using the search bar to get what you need quickly and easily. In an upcoming release, we've also made each setting's description searchable for more ease-of-use. @ghostkeeper has also made a plugin that you can download from the Ultimaker Marketplace that adds even more description to each setting. BUT: Are there settings n
  19. Newer to the software. Don't understand how this works and can't find my way through the menus. Cheers.
  20. Hi guys. I just got my new ender3 V2. I am using cura version 4.6.2 and i have this weird problem. The first 2 layers looks great. However, starting from the 3rd layer, it just over extruded. I did some research online. Some said my print is too close to the print bed. Then I raised up the 1st layer but still nothing changed. Here are some photos of my test print. One of the test print had a very bad adhesion as I raised up the 1st layer a lot. The close up to the bottom shows that the first 2 layers are just fine. Do you guys know
  21. Was using Cura all day then all of a sudden I got this error message when I was opening it. "Could not probe OpenGL. This program requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher. Please check your video card drivers." Any Idea what it means?
  22. Hi, is it possible to define areas where only PVA is used as support material and areas where PLA and PVA is used as support materials (PVA only as support interface extruder)? I have a quit complicated model and for the lower part of the model the option to use PLA as support and PVA as support interface extruder is realy nice. But for the upper part of the model i just want to use the PVA Extruder to generate the complete support. I tried to place a cube at the upper part and used the "Mesh-Typ: Modify Settings for overlaps" tool but with no success. There are some options
  23. I'm a bit confused after I checked out the new Cura Version 4.6.2 you guys released yesterday. Normally I'm downloading the .MSI File you always provide at github but today I can't find it. So I heard from the new Ultimaker Essentials and in the presentation you told that one advantage of Cura Enterprise is the .MSI File you provide for the subscribers... I wondered, because normally everyone is able to download it, hopefully you're just a little bit late and not going to make the free to use software bad to sell the new subscribing product. I would like to he
  24. I am having Problems installing the latest version of Cura 4.6.1 on the latest version of Mac OS. It keeps saying "Ultimaker Cura" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. Can anyone help with this please. Thanks in advance.
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