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  1. I've seen this topic posted numerous times before however none of the answers have seemed to work. I'm trying to print a model for a figure, but when slicing it puts a hole in the model that causes the print to fail. It has a small notch in the model to attach to another piece, and when zoomed into the top right corner (the tip of the triangle) there's nothing out of the ordinary. However, when slicing even on the Super Quality profile, it puts a hole straight through the model. I've attached the model, but it doesn't have the two supports I placed with a plugin
  2. Hi, I have two problems with my setup. I have an Anycubic i3 Mega-S running with the Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0, on Mac OS X Big Sur 11.2.1 (20D74). 1) Preview not appearing Sometimes (See my attachment) I have the problem, that the objects do not appear in the preview. After a restart the problem is in the most cases gone. How can I fix that? Of course, Extruder 1 and everything is activated. 2) Objects not moveable Sometimes I have the problems after importing a .stl-File, that I can't move the object on the printbed with the cursor. I can click it,
  3. Hello, I’m having the following problem every time I start a print. The cooling fans don’t start automatically. I have to turn them on from the printer’s menu. Is there a bug in cura or in printer’s firmware? I use cura 4.8 and marlin firmware. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I would like to know how to run Cura software on Ubuntu 20.04. Hardware is an Ultimaker 2+. Anyone know how to do this? Regards, Matti
  5. Having some issue with the PauseAtHeight.py in that, after slicing, printing either via OctoPrint or TF Card, the Ender 3Pro fails to pause and completes the print. What has been tried: Versions of CURA: 4.8 4.5 3.6 (per YouTube video on topic. Ender 3Pro Board: 32b - 4.2.2 Firmware Version: Marlin-bugfix-2.0. (compiled) I am curious if there is anything else I could attempt. I have reviewed the gCode, and the code is there. I would think that rolling back the firmware and bypassing the OctoPrint it should h
  6. Hi All, My next project is printed in parts. One part needs to be added to the part that is in the printer. So, I manually pause the printer, so I can add the other part. Then, I continue printing. Question: is there a GCode Command that I can add in the GCode file, so that the printers pauses automatically at the right line? Or is there a function in Cura or a plugin that can do that? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm still using cura 14 because every time I try cura 4.x the printing time is much longer. Without taking into account the estimated time and speaking of the actual printing time: With the same design and apparently the same configuration, I have printed the same piece in cure 14 in 39 minutes and in cure 4.8 in 56 minutes. Another design goes from 44 real minutes to 56 minutes. The difference in the estimated time is almost double. I have an anet a6 with original firmware This is normal?
  8. Hello everyone, We don't often release an alpha version of Ultimaker Cura... So what's different this time? Well, this Ultimaker Cura alpha contains such a huge slicing engine overhaul that we really need your help! We want to give users the chance to test this early release as soon as possible. Your feedback is vital to help us release the very best stable version of Ultimaker Cura in 2021. So what's the big change? The Ultimaker Cura slicing algorithm is enhanced with the Arachne code library. This fundamentally changes how Ultimaker Cu
  9. Hi all, Newbie to 3D printers, using a Creality Ender 3 V2. In the attached file below, I am having an issue where supports on the triangles openings are appearing mid-air (starting layer 40). I tried printing at .2mm quality on a .4mm nozzle and the supports just fall apart and the print cannot continue. I have tried a bunch of different settings along with adding a ton of supports but I was wondering if there is a way to add a connection so I don't have to have a ton of support material in the inside. Any help would be greatly appreciate, thank you in advance. Base 1.s
  10. I have an Anycubic Mega X printer, and it is not listed on the scroll down menu under the Anycubic section. Is there any way to import a profile for it? Thanks!
  11. Hello friends, I'm trying to print the spring for the butterfly box for my granddaughter's birthday. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2977908 The instructions indicate that the walls are only one shell thick. Cura spits out only one layer. The details: Cura 4.8.0 Windows 10 GCode and .3mf Files attached. Thank you in advance for your help. Best, Dan SBFB-SPRING.gcode SBFB-SPRING.3mf
  12. I've searched all over, and this must seem like a stupid question, but is there a way to set the quantity of what you're slicing? I.E. If I am printing a roll pin, how do I get it to print 2, besides running the print gcode twice?
  13. When i export predefined printer profile like normal or extra fine, values that are not changed won't be written in the files inside .curaprofile. I'm using CuraEngine and I read setting values and pass them to slicing command. There is "quality_type" parameter but from my understanding, CuraEngine will read default values in fdmprinter.def.json no matter of passed quality. Is there any plugin or workaround that allows me to export all setting parameters in file that I can read and then pass to CuraEngine in a command? Thanks
  14. Hi, I use Cura 4.8.0 on my Windows 10 machine. I have a small part to print. I used the draft settings, changed 'wall line count' from 2 to 3, changed infill from 20% to 40%. If I slice I get a small gaps in the top layer of the lower part, see image: If I set wall count back to 2 then the gap disappears: How to get rid of the gap if 'wall line count' is set to 3? The *.3mf file is attached. Thanks for any help... CuraSmallGapInTopLayer.3mf
  15. Let's say I have been given an STL model to print (i.e. I am not the designer of the model and don't have access to the original design files). This model is supposed to be printed in two colors, and the instructions say to do a filament change at a certain height. I know I can do an actual filament change (using the post-processing plugins), but since I have an Ultimaker 3 with dual extruders, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use Cura to slice the model such that it uses one print core for the first X layers, and then uses the other print core for the remaining layer
  16. Trying to get my head around why this 3D model I've created in Rhino won't slice in cura. Every time I import it into cura and slice the object for 3D printing it keeps only showing the first and last layers (as shown in the image) Any suggestions on what to try would be much appreciated. chair.stl
  17. I have the BIBO Pro. I have red in one nozzle and black in the other. I have printed a model fine, but if I attempt to print it on nozzle 2 the software won't slice. The complaint is out of the print area or 'assigned to a disabled extruder.' Since I'm printing the model with nozzle one, it's not out of the build area and the error only occurs when I disable nozzle one and enable nozzle two. The error message says to enable a nozzle. I have enabled number 2, but it isn't recognized. How would it know (or care) which nozzle it's using? Assuming the fix is probable how it's con
  18. After a successful BETA period we are ready to launch Ultimaker Cura 4.8. With support for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect that we launched today. Download it right now to experience several new features that allow you to work faster than ever. Check this video for a quick run down of Ultimaker Cura 4.8: New features Arrange models feature improvement. An improved arrange models feature allows you to quickly organize all your CAD models on your build plate. Previously the automated orientation of multiple parts did not always utilize the full buil
  19. Hey Everyone thanks for taking the time to read this. I have created a model using fusion and when imported into cura its too large I scale this down to 10% to print out (fit on build plate) however I get a few error messages. I have also attached the model (i think this may be the issue and a screen shot.) Can anyone help? final test.stl
  20. The STL of a house I made in Blender (simple_house.stl) will not appear, and the Slice button grays out after clicking it. The blend file I made is in simple_house.blend.zip, and here is a Cura screenshot after adding the model and clicking Slice: (Printer: Ender 5 Pro)
  21. I've seen this topic before, however I have not seen a resolution. Is there a way to hide or remove the materials that come with Cura? I'm interested in decluttering the materials UI and would like to remove them. Please see attached photos. Mac OS Catalina
  22. Hello, I wanted to know when will the 4.8.1 for the Ultimaker Cura comes out. I made a Pull request a couple of months ago to add a new printer and it's been checked succesfully. I wanted to know when will the new features come out in the new update (i think it will be the 4.8.1) . Also, how often the pull requests from github are merged in the main branch? I'm new to this forum, i'm sorry if i'm not following the rules correctly. Thanks in advanced.
  23. 167/5000 Hello, everyone. I've added a feature to Cura-4.8.0, and I'm trying to package it in pyinstaller. Exe running error, I do not know if I pack the way is right, would like to ask cura-4.8.0 how to pack into the installation of Windows?
  24. My father just launched the instance of Cura I set up for him and was prompted to update. In the process of updating, it was suggested that he uninstall the previous version. He thought that was reasonable and so clicked through the uninstaller that the updater ran. In his haste, he just clicked "Yes" (as so many do) to the popup that, slightly criptically, said would erase the current settings not thinking anything of it. The installer finished and, of course, now he's lost all the saved profiles. These are profiles that we've spent years slowly tweaking. It should be difficult to
  25. Vase mode (spiralize) does not seem to be a prioritized function i Cura. In fact, it seems to have been degraded during the years. I'm not sure about the latter, but based on some reading it seems that really old versions of Cura had better vase mode. I have tried to go back in versions as fas as the dowload archives permit. None of these versions can make vases without a seam, so I suppose I'd need an even older version. It seems odd to even call it "spiralize" when there is in fact not an unbroken spiral. The nozzle makes funny jumps every 360 degrees which makes a very visible s
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