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  1. I recently went shopping for print cores (please stop me before I shop again), and noticed that the new ones do not have the silicone ring around the nozzle. This led me to https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50885-replace-the-silicone-nozzle-ring . A couple of thoughts on this page: It's striking that Ultimaker has shifted from 'These rings are important enough that we include ten of them in the maintenance kit' to 'These rings are unnecessary and you can throw them away.' This seems worth spending a couple of paragraphs on 'Why?' What purpose was the nozzle ring intended to serve? Why is the ring no longer necessary? Saying "If you still have spare nozzle rings, you may choose to use them or throw them away." -- and leaving it at that -- seems a bit odd. If Ultimaker's position is 'Sure, if you feel like using them, that's fine,' then the instructions for how to use them should still be included. If Ultimaker's position is now 'You shouldn't use them,' then omitting the instructions is appropriate; but in that case you should probably come out and say so. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. S5 printing a model, 26 hours in, and nozzle clogged! Like to have the ability to change nozzle instead of starting from square one.. Can this feature be addressed technically? Thanks Happy New Year Printings
  3. Hi, I have recently started a new job for a company with 2 S5 printers and cabinets. Both these machine seem to have the same to issues, when the tension is centred the feeders grind badly and at any tension the motors for the extruders make a loud noise. I have managed to get one out of 4 to work properly by cleaning the print cores however this doesn't seem to fix the other 3 feeders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  4. i need help to resume my print it faild at 93mm high of an 120mm high print how do i reslice to start my print at 93mm high to finish this its still on my bed and had a clog nozzle i have done this before just cant get it to do it again i know that i can just reslice it and glue it but i want to just finish this as one peice SoulsSkull_w-CandleOpening.stl
  5. I'm working on a Windows 64 i7 Desktop computer. The last two versions of Cura have a problem with generating support structures. I had the problem in Version 5.1.1 and thought that I'll wait for the next upgrade, hopefully it would have been fixed. I downloaded Version 5.2.0 and the problem remains, although different to Version 5.1.1. In the previous version the structures seemed well formed, but it was only created halfway up to where the support was needed. This time round the support goes to the required height, but builds it where the support is not needed. I have attached photos to illustrate. It makes no difference which settings I choose. Please help.
  6. Pena

    Clear TPU

    Why is it so difficult to get a consistent print and a true clear print when using clear TPU.
  7. My 3D printer won't arrive until next week so I'd like to spend this time learning how to use Cara, but Cara won't start until it's connected to a printer. Can I use it without a printer? Or do I have to spend time learning Cara after my printer arrives and before I can do anything useful with it? Maybe I should not have given it all those permissions, but I can't undo them now. I'm using the latest version of Cara for MacOS.
  8. Hello, Very happy with my S5 pro bundle at work. It would be great to be able to turn off the printer from home. By any chance is there a mod that can make this happen?
  9. Hello everyone. I have an ultimaker S5 pro bundle. I have one question....if possible to print a part without autocalibrate before start the print? Thank you in advance
  10. Why can't I download Ultimaker Cura 5.0 from your website? I use a school computer that doesn't allow me on the website that you linked to to download it.
  11. Hello. I am an ordinary user from Russia, and I have a 3D printer from the Russian manufacturer "Vector". I have been using your Ultimaker Cura software for a long time. I really like her. I have two 3D printer profiles. These are Vector 200 and Vector A4. If you add them to your database, then I think that many users from Russia will be very happy about this. I also think that even more users of your program will be added. I can send you these files, but I don't know where. Everything is up to you. Thank you.
  12. =================gr5 - google translate (this part of the forum is supposed to be in english) ================== Dear Sir or Madam, Last weekend an important vulnerability was revealed in a widely used Java tool (log4j). Within the Haga, an inventory is now being made as soon as possible of which devices/applications are used by us (also from external suppliers) that may be sensitive to this. The following Cura devices/applications are known to us, among others: · Ultimate Maker 3 We have a number of questions, which we would like to have an answer to as soon as possible (ideally within 24 hours): 1. Does Ultimaker have an idea whether the above-mentioned devices/applications use log4j, and if so, which version? 2. If the devices/applications are sensitive, how soon will this be resolved by patching/update to version 2.15? We would like to receive an answer from you shortly (before 16 Dec 21). Arthur van der Mast hague hospital The Hague =============== original ================= Dear Sir or Madam, Afgelopen weekend is er een belangrijke kwetsbaarheid bekend geworden in een veel gebruikte Java-tool (log4j). Binnen het Haga wordt er nu op zo kort mogelijke termijn geïnventariseerd welke apparaten/applicaties bij ons gebruikt worden (ook van externe leveranciers) die hier misschien gevoelig voor zijn. Oa de volgende apparaten/applicaties van Cura zijn bij ons bekend: · Ultimaker 3 We hebben hierbij een aantal vragen, waar we graag zo snel mogelijk (idealiter binnen 24 uur) antwoord op willen hebben: 1. Heeft Ultimaker in beeld of de hierboven genoemde apparaten/applicaties gebruik maken van log4j, en zo ja, welke versie? 2. Als de apparaten/applicaties gevoelig zijn, op welke termijn zal dit verholpen zijn dmv patching/update naar versie 2.15? Wij zouden graag op korte termijn (voor 16 dec 21) een antwoord van u willen hebben. Arthur van der Mast Hagaziekhuis Den haag
  13. The new printcore has stopped working after only a few hours, the print core seems to be obstructed, and no matter how i try to clean and unblock the nozzle nothing comes out What is the problem caused by? I would not recommend to buy it, another friend with ultimaker had the same problem. We have communicated this issue rapidly to the customer to ask a refund or a substitution in warrancy but we didn't have an answer yet I think this product quality need to be checked by the producer before selling to customer at very high price Hope to receive some kind of answer and explanation soon
  14. 4 years i use my UM3 , perfect hardware dudes,..... I would like to have a bigger printer now, when ultimaker will make a 40x40x40 or 60x60x60 ??? greets from belgium
  15. I would like to request you set up a Generic in Material type for PETG that could be selected on our UM printers. I have a UM3 with the latest firmware. Thank you for your consideration.
  16. Hello everyone, how have you been? I have a question to solve that do not find nothing on net to resolve. I really have a NOZE of 1.2mm to place on extuder, and I use Cura on Ender 3 with Marlin software to slice. The problem is, my CURA don't have a preset noze of 1.2mm aloyed and i do not find where is the place to insert this. My cura is the last lauched version. can anyone helps me explainning how to insert it?! Above th prints of mi settings machine. Thanks :)
  17. Anyone have difficulty printing with TPU via the Ultimaker material station? Background: first print went fine, everything loaded up and the print was successful. I went to print a second time (same thing) and got error 56 - printer feeder filament pickup unsuccessful. note: the filament had retracted back into the material station by the time I started the second print. I tried 3 more times, checking the feeder tension, obstructions etc. Then I ran a small PLA print and it fed no problem...I'm thinking that last meter or so of the TPU filament, because it has been fed through a couple of times, is no good(?). I will try cutting off 2 meters and try again.
  18. Hello, We are keeping the virtual showroom open for a little bit longer! Not for our enjoyment, but yours! So ideally we would want you and your colleagues to visit it occasionally. Which raises the questions; What type of content or what unique event would make you visit it again? If you haven't visited our virtual showroom yet and this post made you curious? You can via this link.
  19. Hi ! I noticed when I installed Cura Arachne Beta that, there was the option variable line strategy, witch is pretty good to suppress weird lines ... However in this version I have a problem with the tab : walls ; first when I close it, a part of it stay open and can not be closed, There is also an other problem, the top/bottom lines style (zigzag ...) can not be changed (always line) because it is not show (I take all parameters in my custom selection), and also when I put the French language, not everything is in French as you can see ... In Cura 4.9 there is not the option variable line strategy so I still have problems with circular walls and it create weird lines instead of just one line... I also can not transfer my profil from Cura Arachne Beta Engine to Cura 4.9 Beta Engine. If you can help me I'll be very happy, thanks for reading !! Bye
  20. im looking for surge protection for ultimaker s5 pro bundle, for a 110v 15a grounded wall plug
  21. I love cura as it makes everything easy
  22. I just got an e-mail about a sweepstake for an Ultimaker S3. When filling out the form I noticed that the fields for company, company size and company phone are required fields. However, when checking the terms and conditions, they mention nothing about entering on behalf of a company being a requirement. Is it possible to enter the competition as a private individual, or do you have to enter on behalf of your company/employer? Thanks for any guidance.
  23. When the printer prints the calibration grid why doesn't it print the axis for each grid? I have learned which is which but have new folks that are still learning or don't use it often enough to remember. The calibration card is constantly being moved lost etc. Just a thought....
  24. I was trying to figure out what "No Skin in Z Gaps" does, and came across this page. However, the page says (Highlight mine): I presume one of them should say enable?
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