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  1. Hallo zusammen, kann ich im Editor für meinen UM 2+ den G-Code so ändern, dass er mir nach dem Druck, vorm abkühlen das Filament komplett entlädt? Danke im Voraus und liebe Grüße, Tobias
  2. Dear Community, I have been using 3D printers since 2012 and my Ultimaker 2+ since 2016. Recently due to unfortunate circumstances, the printer fell on the ground from 1m height, the glass plate shattered and was replaced. I reassembled the gantry and luckily it still worked fine after calibrating the build plate, or so I thought. I now printed objects that fill the entire build plate and noticed that circles aren't perfectly round, rather oval. Googling came to the conclusion that the frame was indeed bent, I can measure squares being 88.7° instead of 90°. T
  3. Hello, So i have a Ultimaker 2+ since 2015 and some weeks ago i started a normal print with 3/4h and after 1h i came to the machine and the machine was tuned off. I tried to turn on again, no luck, no signal, no lights, nothing.... Started to dig, and the power adapter was fine, 24v on output everything fine.. Started to take off the main board and searching for burned components, and after a while i noticed a little "dot" on the regulator.. I thought "the regulator was gone", so, i ordered a bunch of them from farnell, same reference, and replace them, but after turn on the but
  4. Hello, The Problem: I recently had this problem where the UM2+ would not start because of the bed not heating up. So i ended up unscrewing the heat bed had found this on the connection terminal (See attached photo). The UM2+ has a uptime of 7080h where 3078h printing, with 2258m of fillament that has gone thru, over 5 years of use. Could this be thermal fatigue of the solder? It could be when the solder broke there was still a connection but with higher resistance creating heat that melted the wire issulation? How to resolve?: Would it be a
  5. Hi, my Ultimaker 2 extended is suddenly not heating up the heatbed to the expected temperature. The bed temperature stops randomly between 30° and 45° when it should go up to 80°. When I lower the bed temperature to the actual C° and heat up the nozzle, that the print can start, the bed heats up as normally did before and the wheel for manual choice of bed temperature does work again... This is strange...anybody an idea, whats going on and how to fix it? Thanks in advance, BR Thorsten
  6. Hello, I have upgraded my Ultimaker 2 to a Ultimaker 2+ using the official kit last December. I was quite happy with the upgrade until yesterday. I had to abort a long print twice and today again due to the reason that the bowden tube has been pushed out off the feeder after some hours of printing. 😞 Please find attached a picture. When I detected the issue the first time the bowden tube was pushed much more far away from the feeder. I really don't know how to solve this problem as I never had this with the Ultimaker 2. I already tried to find a solution but the rec
  7. My Ultimaker printer just stopped dead mid-print. All the lights are out. Power supply still plugged in. Blue indicator light on power supply still on. I switched the printer on & off several times....dead as a dodo. What do i do next?....Ideas? Can someone advise on how to check the power supply output properly for example?
  8. Sometimes my printer filament gets stuck. When I investigate I see a thick plug of plastic stuck in the end of the boden tube where it attaches to the hot end. It looks as though a large amount of melted material is retracted into the tube and then cools to form a plug. Is this a setting problem? how could there be so much melted material at the hot end that gets retracted into the tube? Thanks.
  9. I have a Ultimaker 2+ that I would like to sell. Ideally I would sell it to someone locally in the US. What is a good price I should expect it to sell it at?
  10. Hello everyone, I have been plagued for quite some time by an under-extrusion issue and I am at my wit's end. Below is the Problem, My general settings, Some context, and what I have tried as a result. Problem: As shown in the attached picture, 2 of my 3 Ultimaker 2+ machines have an under-extrusion issue. They both have the exact same amount of underextrusion. And it remains consistent through the entire part it prints, regardless of print size. The first layer will print perfect. Every layer after is under-extruded. Settings: Carbon Fiber HTPLA from Protop
  11. Selling Used UM2E+ !! will come with equivalent to 3 rolls of material (opened) for 1600USD or best offer + Shipping. I am an architecture student in New York City and have been only using the printer for moderate model printing, and looking for a new owner of this printer now that I am graduating soon. I've attached the receipt of purchase, print quality of models, and the printer itself in this post; I've used this printer to print models for MOMA for the Yugoslavia Exhibition in 2018 Summer, the print quality is amazing and prints at an amazing speed. - Printer will come wit
  12. I'm having underextrusion issues ever since ive changed my block to a 3d solex block and changed my heater to a 35w. I thought that maybe the fan shroud was causing the problem so i changed it to laberns fan shroud. This seems to have fixed it somewhat but i still get underextrusion when my model cooling fans are on. Does anyone know why?
  13. Hello I own a printer Ultimaker 2+ I have been having a serious problem with the printer for the last week. While I'm trying to print a file the printer turns off on its own after a few minutes and returns almost immediately. Τhe nozzle and built plate stay where printing stopped. I tried to update the firmware without any result. (my version is 2.6.2) I also did a factory reset and tried to use older version of cura.
  14. Hi everybody. I want to replace all leds in my old UM2. It is rather easy to replace the strips on both sides but i could not find an easy way to replace the strip on top, without disasemble the whole front panel!:-( Any advice on how to do so, the easiest way, please? E.
  15. Does anyone have experience printing clear on the um2 or any 3d printer? If so, what settings and filament do you use. Any tips? Ive been getting decent results with colorfabb ht but i wanted to see is anyone else has been able to do better.
  16. Is TPU92A printable in the Ultimaker 2+?? I did read that 95A is supported
  17. Hello. My 3D printer won't heat up or sometime it will heat up and stop after the first few layers is printed. What should I check for to fix the problem? Thanks! Henry
  18. Liebe Community, ich suche die Spezifikationen der Druckfeder die im Extruder bzw. Feeder des Ultimaker 2+ (!ACHTUNG +-Variante) verbaut ist. Könnte mir die jemand von Euch die Daten zukommen lassen? Ich benötige folgende Angaben: Länge; Aussen-Durchmesser; Innen-Durchmesser Drahtstärke Falls noch jemand einen Tipp hat wo ich die Feeder-Feder ggf. sogar nachkaufen könnte wäre ich sehr dankbar. Liebe Grüße.
  19. Hello, I noticed excessive vibration on the print bed of my UM2+ when the head would be printing over the most catilevered parts of the area. Raising the buildplate, I took a look underneath at the attachment screws underneath the bed and seems I'm missing at least one? Would appreciate it if someone could please confirm how many I'm actually missing (as there seems to be more holes) and what the size / thread pitch of the missing screws are? Thank you in advance, cheers.
  20. Since this week i have a curious problem with my Ultimaker 2+... When i finish a print, let it cool down and print a new file again, the print head chrashes into the left back corner and does not stop until i flip the switch. I had this problem right now again, it looks like the endstops do not send a signal to the board, but they are all okay and work when a print is finished. I use Tinkergnome 17.10.1 since a month now and everything works great, till that happens after the cooldown phase and starting a new print without restarting the printer. After i restart the printer
  21. Hello All, I apologize in advance for my limited knowledge and limited testing, I do not have my machine in front of me so I may not be able to update as often as I want. I had a friend that was holding onto my printer for me for over a year. When I got my printer back I was excited to start printing again, however, there are some SEVERE issues with my printer. Please note: I have a UM2 with olssen block, Extruder upgrade from GR5 (3 to 1 I think) and running tinker marlin (If i recall correctly) The printer was unplugged for a year, so I'm unsure if I need
  22. I have an Ultimaker 2 and just got the Ultimaker 2 Extrusion Upgrade kit. The instructions are supposed to be at https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012098199-Extruder-Drive-upgrade-for-the-Ultimaker-Original But they aren't. Any pointer to the online instructions? Thanks, Michael
  23. I have an Ultimaker 2 and I've replaced the nozzle and the wiring that connects to the thermostat and temp sensor. Now these fight but loosely. Am I supposed to put some type of glue or compound on them to make them fit snugly? Thanks in advance for you time and attention! Scott
  24. I need to print a temperature tower with an Ultimaker 2+ Ext, which is impossible with 'ultigcode'. In order to change the temperature multiple times at custom layers, marlin or reprap are required, both of which are being completely rejected by the printer. Sometimes (but not always) the hotend fails to heat up, usually the first layer starts a full extra layer above the (levelled) bed, and it always fails to extrude anything. None of these behaviours occur with ultigcode. Something is massively wrong with how the UM2+ is reading (or refusing to) anything other than ultigcode. I have compi
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