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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I've just bought a brand new UM2C, coming from UM2GO. I'm very happy with the print quality, it's a real gap. But I'm quite disapointed by the software : there are way less options that on my previous printer, and it's heavily slow. Some details : 1. I've added a Ziflex on the plate, but unfortunately I can't use my printer anymore because the calibration is only physical (using screws) and I've reach the end before teh right settings. On the Ultimaker 2 Go there is a 'software' calibration first where you can move the plate up and done, which woul
  2. Hi there, received my UM2+ Connect few days ago. I made a dozen of prints without any problem. My last few prints failed though. The nozzle carries away the 1st layer or so. I believe the plate is either too high or the nozzle too low. I thought this might be due to me changing the material and moving the printer a bit. I then try to level the plate but somehow now, no matter how I play with the plate screws, the nozzle stay stuck to the plate. I can't push under the calibration card. Any suggestion?
  3. Hi, even though I'm still new to 3D printing I know my way around Linux relatively well. I purchased the UM2+ Connect based on my requirement for openness and tinkering. I understand the printer is new but still despite some searches I didn't manage to find information on developer mode. I tried to applied what worked for other models (maintenance, diagnostic, enable dev mode) with the hope to get ssh access, if not root. Unfortunately I didn't see the option there. Did anybody manage to connect (pun intended) and if so how? PS: scanned ports with nmap and didn't notice
  4. Today we are launching a new and improved printer; the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. Following in the gigantic footsteps of the workhorse that is the Ultimaker 2+, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect has quite a legacy to live up to. Ultimaker Cura data tells us that since 2015, over 6 million prints have been prepared for the Ultimaker 2+. So where do we start to improve such a renowned printer? Network connectivity. As the name suggests, and technology of this day and age demands, you can now create a connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Sending print jobs to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect via the Digital
  5. Hello Everyone, at our department we purchased a 2+ Connect to print via the network rather then running around with a USB stick. However, I can't find the MAC address of the printer to enable it in the company network. There is a support page where it is written that the MAC address can be found in the printer settings on the display, but that appears to be not valid for the 2+ connect. I can only find a network status page, where 'no connection' is written. Menu is looking a bit different, too comparing to the screenshot in the description. Am I too stupid? :( Thanks for
  6. Hi, I have just installed the Ultimaker 2+ connect firmware 1.1 , and when I load the filament , the feeder loading speed is not fast as it should be , it is loading the filament very slowly as if it is loading filament for printing anyone can help?
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