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Found 10 results

  1. Hello there. Does the UM2+C have hardened extruder gears like the UMS3 and S5 for abrasive materials? I know I can upgrade the nozzle of the UM2+C with a Rubin nozzle but can the rest of the printer handle abrasive materials as well? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All I have just updated my Ultimaker 2+ Connect to the v1.3 firmware and have seen that we can now add custom material profiles to the printer via USB. But for the life of me cannot work out how to export the material in .ufp (As stated here https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017358580) and when I follow the on screen instructions it points me to a page that is a 404... https://ultimaker.com/materialprofiles Is anyone able to help me work out how I add custom material profiles directly to the printer? I have tried: Exporting the profile with the
  3. hey guys. I rock the Ultimaker 2 connect . but i am having real issues getting it perfectly level due to the front right screw does not go any futher, thus leaving that side slightly closer to the nozzle and causing the issue you see in the pictures in every print i do.. it works , but id rather not have this isse. can you assisst ?
  4. Heyhey I assume that the exchangeable EPA Filter Unit for the Airmanger UM 2+ Connect is the same as for the S5 AM. Is that correct? have a nice day Yvonne
  5. Hello, I've just bought a brand new UM2C, coming from UM2GO. I'm very happy with the print quality, it's a real gap. But I'm quite disapointed by the software : there are way less options that on my previous printer, and it's heavily slow. Some details : 1. I've added a Ziflex on the plate, but unfortunately I can't use my printer anymore because the calibration is only physical (using screws) and I've reach the end before teh right settings. On the Ultimaker 2 Go there is a 'software' calibration first where you can move the plate up and done, which woul
  6. Hi there, received my UM2+ Connect few days ago. I made a dozen of prints without any problem. My last few prints failed though. The nozzle carries away the 1st layer or so. I believe the plate is either too high or the nozzle too low. I thought this might be due to me changing the material and moving the printer a bit. I then try to level the plate but somehow now, no matter how I play with the plate screws, the nozzle stay stuck to the plate. I can't push under the calibration card. Any suggestion?
  7. Hi, even though I'm still new to 3D printing I know my way around Linux relatively well. I purchased the UM2+ Connect based on my requirement for openness and tinkering. I understand the printer is new but still despite some searches I didn't manage to find information on developer mode. I tried to applied what worked for other models (maintenance, diagnostic, enable dev mode) with the hope to get ssh access, if not root. Unfortunately I didn't see the option there. Did anybody manage to connect (pun intended) and if so how? PS: scanned ports with nmap and didn't notice
  8. Today we are launching a new and improved printer; the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. Following in the gigantic footsteps of the workhorse that is the Ultimaker 2+, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect has quite a legacy to live up to. Ultimaker Cura data tells us that since 2015, over 6 million prints have been prepared for the Ultimaker 2+. So where do we start to improve such a renowned printer? Network connectivity. As the name suggests, and technology of this day and age demands, you can now create a connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Sending print jobs to the Ultimaker 2+ Connect via the Digital
  9. Hello Everyone, at our department we purchased a 2+ Connect to print via the network rather then running around with a USB stick. However, I can't find the MAC address of the printer to enable it in the company network. There is a support page where it is written that the MAC address can be found in the printer settings on the display, but that appears to be not valid for the 2+ connect. I can only find a network status page, where 'no connection' is written. Menu is looking a bit different, too comparing to the screenshot in the description. Am I too stupid? :( Thanks for
  10. Hi, I have just installed the Ultimaker 2+ connect firmware 1.1 , and when I load the filament , the feeder loading speed is not fast as it should be , it is loading the filament very slowly as if it is loading filament for printing anyone can help?
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