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  1. I recently purchased a UM2+ Connect and have found a few "quirks" with it. I have owned and used many UM2+'s over the years and figured it would be a good upgrade. However, I've been feeling conflicted after a couple weeks of using it. There are many things that I like about it. The air manager is great, especially since I use the printer in my home office. The ability to upload files via the cloud is really convenient, no more fiddling with SD cards. The model preview when selecting a file from USB is helpful. The touch screen is good too but could be more responsive, it seems to not register my taps sometimes. First major annoyance is the new material loading/unloading procedure. Why do we have to manually feed material now? This is a huge pain for me because of where I have my printer located I basically have to hug the printer, load the spool onto the holder, insert the end into the feeder and push it all the way in basically by feel. The automated load/unload is a feature for all the other machines even the current S3/S5 which has the same feeder housing with the locking lever. Is this an attempt to make the Connect feel "cheaper" compared to others in UM's lineup? Second is the new buildplate adjustment. The old procedure initially did a rough adjustment at three points and then went around again with your calibration card or feeler gauge. But now the nozzle simply moves to the fine adjustment points, no rough adjustment. Which is fine in a perfect world, quicker and easier. But on my particular machine, the front right nut bottomed out and the nozzle was still pushing down on the glass (other UM2C users have posted about this before as well). I ended up swapping the limit switch screw with a shorter one to address this. But this wouldn't be an issue in the first place if the rough adjustment step was still there. I wanted to add a BuildTak magnetic base but that easily adds another 6-8mm of thickness and I don't think I can use a screw short enough to accommodate that without the adjustment knobs colliding with the floor of the machine. Third is the UI which has been discussed here before as well. I understand many users don't want to fiddle with different settings, which is fine but at least with the UM2+ the tune menu was there if you needed it. These are all issues that could be addressed in firmware updates but unlike the older UM2+ which at least has options like the Tinker FW, it's up to UM now to fix...
  2. Hello there. Does the UM2+C have hardened extruder gears like the UMS3 and S5 for abrasive materials? I know I can upgrade the nozzle of the UM2+C with a Rubin nozzle but can the rest of the printer handle abrasive materials as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. The Ultimaker 2+ Connect unfortunately doesn't have active bed leveling. When I was performing the build-in manual leveling procedure, I ran into issues with the front-right screw. It was impossible to lower the buildplate further since the screw is tightened all the way. Hence printing the first layer goes poorly due to the small space on this side of the bed. I suspect that I have to adjust the small Z-Limit screw (to lower the complete buildplate) which is in the back under the buildplate, but I couldn't find any instructions on how to do this. How can I open up the white cover on the back without breaking anything?
  4. Hi, I'm new to the whole 3D printing thing and have been setting up a new Ultimate 2+ Connect. However I've run into an issue with bed levelling, The instructions tell me to use the screws to adjust the relative height to the nozzle. However the front right (looking from the front) screw doesn't have enough travel to get clearance from the nozzle. The full range goes from so close it's barely possible to squeeze the calibration card into the gap, to locked solidly together. Dropping the whole bed a millimetre would allow for much better clearance, but the bed levelling functionality on the printer doesn't seem to offer this. Is it possible to perform gross adjustments like this, or are the screws the only mechanism available?
  5. Hi everyone, We have purchased a UM2+ connect for our school. We have tried to install both via wi-fi and via LAN but the printer does not connect either way. Wi-fi: we have connected through a smart phone and had a success message on the phone, the printer however says connection failed. LAN: we are given an IP address but then cannot connect through Digital factory. With the error message to plug in an ethernet cable. We have gone through all the steps suggested on the Ultimaker support. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  6. Hi, I'm a french teacher and i've bought a Ultimaker 2+ Connect. In our school, we use a Proxy (Gateway) to go to the Internet. I want to add the printer in the school network but i can't configure the proxy in the options. I see that other printers (the S5 by exemple) can be configured with a config file that can be placed on USB Stick. But it don't work with 2+. Is there any solution ? Thanks, Johan
  7. I specified a correct layer (e.g layer 8 of a 10 layers print) using Cura 4.11.0 on an up to date UM2+ Connect. The print finished without error but there was no pause or prompt to change the filament. I verified by sitting in front of the printer for a smaller print. I diff the the generate GCODE with and without the plugin and get : M600 E30.00 L300.00 X0.00 Y0.00 ; Generated by FilamentChange plugin which seems correct. Does the UM2+ Connect firmware support the M600 instruction? If not (which based on previous discussions here wouldn't be surprising) is there a practical alternative to do so using less specific instructions?
  8. Hello, I recently bought an UM2+ and I'm printing with Fiberflex 40D, so far so good but the external walls do not seem to touch. I have increased extrusion % but still nothing. See photo attached. What do I need to change on Cura so the walls are joined? I have successfully printed using Fiberflex 40D on other brand of printers so I'm sure is a matter of getting the right setting.
  9. Hi there, At our school we have a couple of Ultimaker 2+ and an Ultimaker 3. I need to install an extraction or filter system to all of them, and was looking at the Air Manager. Obviously this is designed to fit the 2+ Connect, but will it work on the base 2+ and 3? Thanks
  10. I've been printing from an SD card on a UM2+ successfully. We just got a new UM2+ Connect. All I see is a USB port. I don't want to hook this up to our network. I just want to print from the USB. (Why is there no SD card slot on this??!!) Anyway, when I use Cura to slice my file, save my file to the USB and put it in the 2+ Connect, the display reads that it's ready to print, but the Select From USB option is there, but grayed out. I've done the factory reset, turned it on, turned it off. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  11. Hey guys, after I updated firmware for my ultimaker 2connect it started to throw out an error about build plate heating. Tried a official sites help but id didnt work
  12. Hello, Having been having a number of issues with our UM2+ connects. Current issue is one of our printers crashes everytime we try to load a print from usb, firmware is 1.5.0 and I tried a factory reset and that did not help. We can plug in a usb and select a file to print, it will start preparing (heating up nozzle + bed etc) then will turn itself on and off again. the same files work fine in other UM2+ connects. We have also been having issues with bowden tubes popping off, clogged printcores, and extrusion problems that have led to a number of failed prints. Especially annoying considering these printers are brand new and our other printers (UMS5,UMS3 and UM3) have not been having any of these issues. If anyone has any ideas/tips/can link me to any solutions for these problems it would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Something I really like about Ultimaker printers is the frame lighting, they help to see what's printing very well. But I don't need it to be on all the time. That is why I like that on printers such as UM3 and S5 there is an option to have the frame light on only while printing. However, this is no option at the UM2+ connect. It can only be set on and off continuously and it cannot even be toggled during printing (no options in GUI during printing). This results in me being unable to switch on the frame light if I didn't do so before starting a print. 1. Can there be an option to have the UM2+Connect frame lighting on only while printing? 2. While we're at it, I know through the API that the LEDs are RGB and can be set to a different color and intensity in this API. It would be great if this is also possible in for example the digital factory.
  14. Hi, even though I'm still new to 3D printing I know my way around Linux relatively well. I purchased the UM2+ Connect based on my requirement for openness and tinkering. I understand the printer is new but still despite some searches I didn't manage to find information on developer mode. I tried to applied what worked for other models (maintenance, diagnostic, enable dev mode) with the hope to get ssh access, if not root. Unfortunately I didn't see the option there. Did anybody manage to connect (pun intended) and if so how? PS: scanned ports with nmap and didn't notice anything helpful.
  15. HI, I need help with the bed temperature. The printer starts to heat up the bed, but stops at about 40°C and starts printing. It totally ignores the set temperature (75°C). I tried meassure the PT 100 - it has 116 ohms, so it looks be ok. The heated bed has a resistance of 3.4 ohms. Anyone have any idea where the problem is? Thank you
  16. Since the UM2+ Connect is incompatible with the previous UM2+ model, we are looking for a way to avoid reslicing hundreds of STL models for the Connect so we can expand our production capacity like we used to do with adding UM2+ printers. Does anyone have an idea whether it would work to replace the Connect controller and control panel with the controller of an UM2+? I would think that, if the motors, heaters and sensors are the same, this should work. We can print an enclosure for the UM2+ display panel.
  17. Long story short, the print quality on my new Ultimaker 2+ Connect is... bad, and I'm not sure what the issue is. Plastic appears... wispy? Strands all over the place. I uploaded some pictures that do far more justice than what I can describe. If you need the individual photos let me know, but my Ultimaker 2+ seems to print perfectly and the 2+ connect seems to have issues I haven't encountered before. Photos.zip
  18. The Ultimaker 2+ is a 3D production workhorse in many companies as it provides a reliable, flexible and tunable machine. Production capacity was always easily expanded by adding more machines and copying SD cards. The UM2+ is also GCODE compatible with most other Ultimaker printers so we can have a mix of printers. The introduction of the UM2+ Connect, and discontinuance of the UM2+, disrupts the existing workflow completely. The UM2+C does not print anything for the UM2+. This means reslicing all STL files for the UM2+C. However, Cura doesn't accept UM2+ profiles for the UM2+C so all profiles have to be redeveloped before reslicing over 150 STL objects. Also, since the material profiles are now moved into the sliced objects, when using a new material, or a material from another brand, the designs have to be resliced for the new material. With the UM2+ only a material profile on the printer itself needs to be added. This creates a jungle of files that need to be maintained during design changes. This is an R&D and production nightmare. In addition, the UM2+ allows tuning parameters like temperatatures, flow rate, retract settings etcetera on the fly, seeing what the effect is and working towards optimized settings that can be used in the print or material profile. The UM2+C does nothing like that and shows nothing about the current print job except the remaining time. Settings can not be verified during printing, not even the current material settings. This feature request proposes a UM2+ compatibility mode for the UM2+C. We propose to have the option to switch the printer over to full functional and visual compatibility with the UM2+, including its (text) screen layout (the dancing filenames on the UM2+C are dizzying and make it very time consuming to select a file from a long list). The rotary button can be emulated with some kind of slider on the touch screen. With this UM2+ compatibility mode we can continue our hassle free production process without having to spend a lot of resources on R&D, debugging and changing production procedures. At the very least, we request that the UM2+C can print existing UM2+ GCODE with material profiles stored on the printer. Without this compatibility we have to explore other avenues such as replacing the hardware in the UM2+C with UM2+ hardware, or take our loss on the UM printers and moving to other printers altogether.
  19. Longtime user and lover of ultimakers here since the start: I personally own an original, X2 UM2gos (the best ones IMO) and a UM3 and at work I manage a large fleet of X2 UMs5, X2 UM3, X2 UM2go, X8 UM2+ and now we just got X4 UM2+ Connects. We also have about 10 other "pro level" (expensive) printers. We have around 30 printers total. We run the Tinkergnome firmware (ver16, anything newer has a fatal bug, please fix that Mr. Tinkergnome) on all the 2+ versions, this firmware makes them my most used printers out of all of them, yes including the ones that cost between 30k and 80k. This is because with tinkergnome everything is visible and tunable, it feels like a professional tool such as a CNC machine, not a toy. Ive had the UM2+ connects for over a week and the Hardware is a great upgrade, but the firmware is like a child's toy. To us this is a MAJOR step back and is a total deal breaker for me, Where is the tune menu? Wheres the printing data? For example: when the machine is warming up the screen just has text that says "the machine is warming up" and nothing else, no number, no status bar. When we got the S5 I was disappointed by how few options are in the menus but with the UM2+ connects you cant even change temps or feed rates while the machine is running, let alone see any data at all. ......Even my cheap 200 dollar Ender3 shows me this So am I missing something? Help me out because Im ready to throw these glorified toys in the trash and get old UM2+ machines on Ebay Is this thing even running Marlin?? REQUEST: Pro level firmware for the UM2+ Connect that has ALL options and shows ALL data, even options that will crash/break the machine if used improperly by an idiot. Rant over, Thank you.
  20. Ok, so I decided to finally add my Air Manager that has been sitting in its box for a while to my UM2+C. Maybe that was a bad idea. The printer has been printing flawless the last month or two, until I added the Air Manager. I am on latest Firmware 1.50. When I check the Diagnostics page on the printer, it reports Air Manager present, shows 23°C as ambient temperature (close enough) and I can turn the fan on and off. I started up Cura, sliced a test cube and tried to print using the Print via Cloud Option, as usual.. Looked good, nothing abnormal.. Cura says it uploaded the file successfully, but nothing happened. Print never started. The printer status remained "idle", regardless what I tried to do, no prints would start. Eventually after messing around for a while not getting anywhere, I decided to remove the printer from Cura, disconnect it from the Digital factory, delete the printer from digital factory.. and added everything back in. Good news: it is now printing again. Bad news: Air Manager does absolutely nothing. Fan is not spinning. Do I have to tell Cura that the Air Manager has been installed? I noticed that in Cura > Machine settings the box for Heated Chamber is not checked. Do I need to check this? I also noticed a checkbox "Chamber Loop" in the Cooling section. Am I supposed to check this box? Anybody got a clue what I am supposed to do?
  21. 3D-Printer: Ultimaker 2+ Connect Firmware Version: 1.5 Cura Version: 4.10 TLDR: Does Ultimaker 2+ Connect (Firmware 1.5 / Cura 4.10) support the g-code M0? Pause at height does not pause. ----------- I added the "Pause at height" post processing script with the following settings. With the method Marlin the printer correctly moves the print head to the configured coordinates, moves the build plate down and retracts the material BUT will immediately resume the printing process, meaning build plate goes up again, the print head moves to the last location and it continues to print. The pause is not happening. With the method griffin (default setting when opening the dialog the first time) you couldn't even tell if the script was doing anything since no movement commands are executed. The print simply continued without any interruptions since the pause command is the only thing that would have had an effect. After several hours of troubleshooting I didn't find an answer to this. I tried about 20 prints with different settings and methods. None of them where pausing the print. The machine settings for my printer are looking like this. Since I'm not familiar with g-code I at least tried to understand the g-code pause command M0. As far as I understood both flavors griffin and marlin use the M0 code to pause the print. During the troubleshooting I saw some posts/comments concerning Pause at height and Ultimaker printers that said to use Marlin for the pause at height method. Therefore I also changed the G-code flavor in the machine settings to marlin. With this setting the print didn't even start so I reverted back to griffin. When slicing the print with marlin and griffin methods both of them had the M0 command in the file. (attached are both g-code-files). Snippet from marlin g-code-file Snippet from griffin g-code-file In addition M300 and M117 also didn't seem to have any effect. I didn't hear a beep and the display on the printer also didn't change. I'm just mentioning it because I don't know if these issues are connected. These commands are not important to me, therefore I'm only focusing on the pause issue 🙂 I mainly print via digital factory cloud directly from Cura. To be sure I also saved the files to an USB flash drive where I was sure that the g-code commands are in the files. Same result - Printer didn't pause. Do you have any advice or hint what I'm doing wrong? Is the pause command even supported by UM2+ Connect? Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Have a great day! UM2C_PauseAtHeightTest_grifin.gcode UM2C_PauseAtHeightTest_marlin.gcode
  22. Hi all does enyone know if the printbed springs are the same for all these Ultimaker printers? I can order springs (DR2160) for UM2 / 3 but wonder if they fit in the S-line and 2+C. Thanks in advance - Yvonne Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2+ Extended Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5 Ultimaker 2+ Connected
  23. I am having some small adhesion problem in the upper layers with technical materials I wonder if anyone has tried to somehow heat the inside of the printer (I currently have it fully closed) to improve adhesion Thanks
  24. Wierd problem that's been bugging me all afternoon: our new UM2+ Connect is showing a persistent error (picture attached) where, after selecting a print, it homes and displays: ''An error has occured while reading the print file. Please reslice your print.'' Well, I tried reslicing. Didn't work. Same error. I tried updating Cura to 4.9.1 (coming from 4.9.0). Didn't work. Tried exporting in .GCode or .3MF instead of .UPF. Didn't work. Tried a different file, a simple Benchy. Didn't work. Tried a different laptop with a fresh 4.9.1 install. Didn't work. Tried a different USB stick, then another, then the one that came with the machine. Didn't work. In my past four years working with Ultimakers I haven't really had an issue I couldn't solve or at least troubleshoot myself (or with some helpful colleagues), but this one has me stumped. Any ideas what this could be?
  25. Hi, I have a display monitor of 1.5 Kg. I plan to make a vesa mount bracket to wall mount the monitor. Which compatible filament able to carry such weight of 1.5kg? Thank you.
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