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  1. Hallo Zusammen, ich bin etwas ratlos, woher das folgende Problem kommen könnte. Seit dem ich den UM 2+ habe, kommt es besonders bei dem Füllmuster „Gitter“ zu einem Rattern sobald sich die Druckdüse quer zum Füllmuster bewegt. Die resultierenden Vibrationen sind je nach Ausprägung an der Druckplatte aber auch am Druckobjekt zu erkennen. An dem Drucker wurde noch nichts umgebaut und ich benutzte aktuell auch erst die zweite Rolle Ultimaker PLA Silber Metallic 2,85 mm mit der 0,4 mm Düse. Was man aber noch zusätzlich erkennen kann ist, dass sich zufällige Materialanhäufungen in der Füllung und auch Spalte in z-Richtung an den Kreuzungen der Gitter zum Teil hochziehen. Ich habe in dem Anhang noch die Einstellungen aus Cura sowie ein Bilder vom Druck beigefügt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Marcus94
  2. Not looking for an "extended" version just the standard 2 or 2+ working or not. If not working or needs work please PM me and explain whats wrong with the printer and the price your asking. Looking for a reasonable price, willing to buy right away. Will only pay thru paypal.
  3. I bought it several months ago and it is well maintained. Used for very short time. The quality of each products it prints are amazing and I am very satisfied with it. It comes everything with the original box. The printer is located at West Virginia, US. Asking for 2000 USD or best offer.You are welcome to DM me with any questions and concerns. Thank you so much!
  4. (Hat noch jemand Probleme seit Installation der neuesten Cura Version?) Zumindest seit (ungefähr) diesem Zeitpunkt zeigt sich bei meinem Ultimaker 2+ etwas seltsames. Mitten im Druck wird plötzlich kein Filament mehr extrudiert. Mittlerweile habe ich - das Filament gewechselt - neu gelevelt - Bowdenschlauch gesäubert - Coupler erneuert - andere Datei probiert - Düse erneuert Der Feeder ist stark genug eingestellt. Zumindest hinterlässt er Markierungen auf dem Filament. Er arbeitet ja auch korrekt, zumindest die erste halbe Stunde bis Stunde, dann "gräbt" er sich ins Filament, statt es weiter zu fördern. Woran kann das liegen? Das trat von einem auf den anderen Tag auf, wobei die einzige Änderung zu dem ungefähren Zeitpunkt die neue Curaversion war. Andererseits erklärt das nicht das Feeder"graben" oder. Help!
  5. This is a project by a group of community members which was also involved in the Mark2 dual extrusion upgrade. More precisely, it's me coming up with an outside the box approach / weird idea for a certain unresolved problem. Smart people like @gr5, @Anders Olsson, @Dim3nsioneer, @rooiejoris throwing in ideas and @tinkergnome who implants the stuff into firmware. My impression of the current state of development when I started this was as follows. There have been filament monitor projects since the beginning of reprap. Only very few made it to some kind of product state, like the one by Aaron Tunell. Manufacturers like Prusa and others recently introduced some kind of filament monitors, with mixed success / reliability issues. The Duet3D guys set their hardware research (laser-based and rotating) on hold because they were experiencing inaccuracies of +/-20%. Well and then there was Ultimaker ... until yesterday with the S5 All these efforts have been or still are struggling to fulfill the most important objective: NO FALSE ALERTS. Otherwise any filament sensor would quickly render itself useless. What we want to achieve Objectives, the obvious part: zero false alerts detect filament runout ("nothing there") detect filament grinding ("nothing/very little moves") Objectives, the challenging part: detect first layer issues (see video below) detect when real flow leaves a certain safe process window and starts to compromise part quality (first, inter layer adhesion will suffer, then classical under extrusion will be visible) and try to counteract, that's where the real fun starts ... Current state of development We chose an encoder and there's a reliably working prototype for an easy to attach external flow sensor, mounted to the entry side of the feeder. Resolution is in the range of 0.015 mm. It's integrated in Tinkerware with a dedicated menu and we (well, he) implemented a gcode command: M591 T0 S1 E0.5000 L0.01695 R35:130 A0.3 P100.00 I leave the parameter interpretation as a little quiz here. Right now I'm working on a modified design which, besides the encoder, doesn't need some parts which cannot be printed and are in the +30€ range to have them manufactured. But most likely some parts will still not be FFF printable. How can I get this? First give us some more time to test and evaluate. If everything works like intended we might proceed like with the Mark2 project. If we should offer this as a product I'd expect a price tag between 70-100 €. And the UM3? That's the BIG question. Like @Daid recently stated their main market is already different. And indeed, has anyone seen any kind of (hardware) upgrade for the UM3 so far? Feeders are the same, mechanically our sensor fits. Electronics, not sure. Ultimaker originally wanted to use a serial interface on the UM3. For the UM2+ we simply connect the sensor's quadrature output signal to free I/O pins, there are enough left (4) for two sensors for a Mark2 dual extrusion UM2. Ultimaker won't do anything to support a sensor on the UM3. Anyway, if a large number of UM3 users would show interest, they might at least not impede a development ...
  6. So the grommet in my Ultimaker 2 plus seems to have worn down and now I believe this has been causing a lot of prints with skipped layers and under extrusion. Where can I find a replacement part and what are the grommet’s dimensions?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    After searching the net again and again, I did not found a nice Dom Tower variant to print. So I decided to create my own versions: Single piece version (20 cm tall) Duplo compatible (big colored one, 53 cm tall) Lego compatible (PLA brons fill & Glow in the dark) Christmas edition (PLA silver, optional having 3 electric candles inside) Unfortunately the electric candles are still somewhere in China so I'm still curious how this will look like.. Stl file could be found here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/architecture/dom-tower-utrecht (Single piece version only)
  8. Hey guys, I would like to share a lever action dual extrusion solution I came up with for Ultimaker 2+. The approach is based on the great effort everyone put into Mark2 and Ultimaker 3. The print head holds two hot ends, which are originally to be installed on standard UM2 head for 1.75 filament. The right nozzle move up and down for nozzle swapping. This compact dual print head can achieve single extrusion print area of 220x223x205, and dual extrusion print area of 202x223x200. Video clips: Files and instructions available at: https://github.com/yyh1002/DXU Credits: Lever lifting mechanism is inspired by Ultimaker 3. The firmware is modified based on Mark2 version of Tinkergnome firmware by @tinkergnome. CURA profiles are modified based on the Mark2 profiles by @tinkergnome and @foehnsturm. Used Mark2Tweaks plugin for CURA by Krys Lawrence.
  9. Bonjour, je suis nouvelle sur le forum et j'utilise la ultimaker 2+ depuis peu. Je voulais utiliser le feeder de Robert (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two) notamment afin d'imprimer avec du ninja flex mais aussi par ce que j'en ai lu beaucoup de bien. Néanmoins, juste avant de vouloir lancer l'impression j'ai remarqué que ce feeder a été conçu pour la UM2 et non la UM2+. Puis-je l'utiliser malgré tout ?
  10. Hello, I tried printing attached model. Every time I try it fails. I tried to print it in position shown in 5th picture. I used both ABS and PLA . Do you have any suggestions for me ? Thank you in advance Part3^Assem1.STL
  11. Hi all, I have an UM2+ (upgraded from UM2 by previous owner) in addition to 4 other 3D printers, and the Ultimaker is easily the machine that I've used the most. As per the machine stats, 3KM of filament has passed through it. But, I've started having extrusion problems in the last month on files which worked before. The machine just stops extruding, except at very slow print rates. As you can see, the machine hasn't had an easy life and it's probably time to replace some components. That's fine. I've worked through https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/11704-extrusion-problems many times in the printer's life, but it doesn't help this time. So, I've replaced or cleaned quite a lot already, it's still not working properly and I'm not sure what to replace next. What I've already done: * Atomic clean * New PTFE coupler * New PTFE bowden tube * Disassembled, cleaned, reassembled the extruder on the back of the machine, making sure the cogs are all seated correctly. There's little visible wear here, but it's a UM2+ addon, so has only been fitted for a smaller % of the machine's lifetime. Possible next items: 1. New nozzle (I can manually push material through so I don't think it's this) 2. New thermistor 3. New hot-end entirely 4. ??? So, for other long-term UM2+ owners in particular: What would you suggest as the most likely problem? Thanks! Neil
  12. I have a UM2+ (just bought it second hand). I haven't been able to get it to print right yet, but it was at least taking the filament and printing (just not well). Since updating to the 'Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2plus-17.10.1' and me accidentally doing a load filament while the filament was already loaded (lots of fun sounds). I am unable to put filament into the machine. I took the bondtech extruder off to examine and found that the large gear that connects to the stepper motor gear doesn't reach it unless it's pressed against the case of the printer (pictures to explain). So the extruder gear isn't turning. Am I missing a gear? Am I stupid, have I missed something? Never had an ultimaker before so I do not know what it should look like. Perhaps I lost a gear when taking the extruder apart, haven't been able to find it on the floor though. Anyway, I'm going mad trying to fix this, please help. Thanks.
  13. Mark2 is an asymmetrical multi-extrusion upgrade for the Ultimaker 2, based on Foehnsturm's magnetic tool changer. It offers some unique features compared to conventional approaches. Keep it smart and simple The Mark2 upgrade doesn't require to modify or even disassemble the well-working single extrusion setup. Instead it adds a detachable second extruder. This leaves you with several benefits. Powerful - print quality on par with eg. the UM3 or BCN3D Sigma Flexible - use whatever you want: Olsson ruby, 3Dsolex block / nozzles, ... Cost-efficient - all you need is a second drive train, some magnets and screws Simple - all tried-and tested standard components Smart - Z-offset managed by firmware, calibration wizards Open & scalable - a non-extrusion tool head, a 3rd extruder ... all possible Mark2 is an Ultimaker community project, we don't offer a complete kit but we can help you out with a package, including all the parts you need, besides the second drive train. See it live Probably the best way to get an impression of the usability and print quality is to watch a few videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLeNzDYMnqAqIeZHWU9iOWnj_2OaemupQG Full Cura 2.5 integration Mark2 comes with a set of Cura definition files and can be added as a pre-configured printer. Tried and tested Mark2 setups have been printing for more than 5.000 hrs now, which equals more than 500.000 tool changes. Beta-testers and co-developers include well-known guys here like Tinkergnome, Ultiarjan and many more. The Mark2 website ultimaker-mark2.com is the place where you find all the information you need for doing this upgrade. ... and The Mark2 Dual Extrusion Project Contest is still running.
  14. Hi all, I have a weird issue on my ultimaker 2. When I print a circle consisting of 2 walls those walls are slightly off as in the attached pictures. The first picture shows walls which are split, this occurred pretty much only in this area. The rest of the circle was fine. On another Ultimaker I have this is even worse. Thanks
  15. Hi all, The Goal of this topic is to bring people together who wish to print HT filaments or are printing them already, so that knowledge can be shared and more people are able to do this, I came across these HT filaments four months ago, and wanted to print these and to what i saw that there was very little data available for this, and hence i decided to research and develop the modifications myself to enable me to test these materials, on my journey i was helped by quite a few people, and i would like to name them and hope they will join this forum to help others as well, so they can help more people print these on their UM successfully their names are as follows :- "George Roberts" (the gr5 store one of the best persons i have come across and super helpful technically he connected me to tinker and helped with the firmware ) "TinkerGnome" (how can you leave this guy out of anything to do with UM all the programming hacks were his, he is the Mr Genius of UM Community) "Carl Beck" (3dsolex best nozzle maker and dear friend couldn't print without his nozzles) "Martin Bondeus" (bondtech, you cant really print these filaments beautifully and with precision without this guys feeders) "Matt" (3dxtech cause if you wanna print, you need the filaments ofcourse, and quite a helpful guy) (I also must thank my family and god they are my silent support always) TEMPERATURES Material Nozzle Bed Ultem 9085 360C 150C Ultem 1010 370C 160C PSU 370C 160C PPSU 380C 160C PEEK 400C 160C Air temperature is around 60-65C.
  16. After 2 years of trying and printing with my Ultimaker 2+ I still have issues with the print, I live in Indonesia (currently in the Netherlands) and I'm looking for some help. I would love to find someone who has an Ultimaker 2+ also, and who is prepared to print 1 drawing for me to compare if the issues are in my STL or G-code file or that my printer has a problem. Of course I'm willing to pay. Thank you
  17. Hi I recently brought a second hand U2 that hadn't been used for a while. Before using it i decided to replace all the belts as they were well past there best and upgrade it it to a U2+. I followed the instructions for the + upgrade and updated the firmware at the very end. now when you set up the bed to the print head it fails as it trys to home the bed with a z switch error ER05. this happens before the bed gets to the switch but to be on the safe side i replaced it anyway. if i try to level the bed to the heads and drop the bed rather than raise it it will then pass. the firmware is currently at 3.3.0. Any ideas please Thanks Bob
  18. I noticed recently that a few things were coming loose on the bed of one of my Ultimaker 2+ Extended machines while printing and I just couldn't understand it. But then I happened to touch the glass plate while running a print and it was warm, but not near the 60c i had it set to(its displays 60c in the menu). So sure enough I got my thermometer out and measure then bed at about 40c, not 60c. If i increase the set temp to 75c I'm getting around 60c. My thermometer is a bit crappy so it could be off by 5c. I use hair spray on the glass plate usually which is why the things were coming loose, it needs around 50-55c to hold PLA down. I use it more as a release mechanism rather than to hold the print in place. Anyway, I checked all the connections and everything looks fine and I'm not getting any errors. Its the newer print bed as I purchased and installed it late last year. Any ideas as to what it might be? I mean i can print fine if i just tell it to heat the bed to 75c, but i really dont understand whats going on.
  19. Hi, My Ultimaker 2+ (upgraded from 2), showed the following message: ERROR - STOPPED Z switch broken Go to: ultimaker.com/ER05 As you can see on the following pictures the Print Head has suffered. Could you please advise me on how to repair this Ultimaker 2+ ? Best regards, Gwendoline Erard
  20. first of all: hi to all! coming from another 3D-Printer I finally made the step for the Ultimaker 2+ and I'm really glad I did! one thing I need help or a good advice though is how to deal when the filament spool gets empty and I'm not around. I like to start a 3D print either over-night or during the day when I'm out at work. my previous printer had a device to detect if there is no more filament and paused the print. but the Ultimaker 2+ just continues without the filament and it's quite a hustle to get the last bit of filament out of the bowden tube. how do you guys deal with this problem? is there something I missed to prevent that the Ultimaker 2+ keeps printing without filament? BIG thanks in advance to get this single inconvenient Ultimaker 2+ problem solved!
  21. I was able to successfully convert my UM2 to a UM2+ then a UM2+ Mark2 with magnetic docking second head. Now I have hacked in the UM3 print head !. cool now I have a Mark2 system with quick change UM3 print cores ! I totally destroyed the UM3 print head PCB lol. I had to remove all IC's and resistors form the board, then I "hot wired" the CORE connections to the main cable header lol. LED's do not currently work, but they will soon show the active extruder, only 1 color though. Capacitive Z sensor is non operational since I am using the Original UM2 electronics coupled with Mark2 firmware. I started off by going off the deep end buying the UM3 electronics etc. then I found out that all I needed to do was use everything I already had. at first I wanted the autoleveling, RGB core LED's etc. Anyway, this is very simple to do if you don't mind killing a UM3 print head 😉 and already have Mark2 operational 🙂 Here is a quick video showing the Mark2 Docking sequence adjusted to hit the nozzle shift lever bracket. Mark2 Print core swap Enoy, Dave
  22. Hi My Cura 4.2.1. crashes whenever I try to open or do anything. I have Windows 10 64bit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Bonjour, J'ai un bug avec l'écran de mon UM2+, l’écran de l'imprimante se fige et je n'ai plus aucun contrôle avec la "molette". Malgré tout l'impression va à son terme mais une fois terminé le plateau ne descend plus et la buse ne revient pas à sa place initiale, elle reste en contacte avec la pièce imprimé. Pareil quand je souhaite changer de bobine de matière, l'imprimante ainsi que l’écran se fige pendant le processus. Savez de quoi il s'agit ? un bug programme sûrement ? Merci Cura version 4.0 UM2+ version 3.3.0
  24. Howdy every one, I upgrade the UM2 firmware to Marlin 1.1.x version, so I could have access to BLtouch and some other extra features. The printer is working fine except for two things: The Hotend auto fan will not work, no matter what I do. (same issue as here : ) The controller leds behind the nob will not turn on. Is there anyone who have a fully working UM2 with BLtouch able to share the firmware files or help? Thank you in advance,
  25. Hallo Miteinander Ich habe ein kleines Problem, die Nachbearbeitung des Gcodes mit Pause at Heigth funktioniert nicht so wie gewollt. Habe alle drei Versionen einmal durchprobiert, bei einer hat er einen kurzen Stopp eingelegt, aber dann weiter in der Luft gedruckt. Also kann man sagen, das Pause at Height nicht funktioniert. Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen was schief läuft oder ob es bei euch überhaut funktioniert? Getestet habe ich das ganze auf einem Ultimaker 2+ Mark 2 mir der Software vom @tinkergnome. Im Cura 4.2.1 Grüsse zpm3atlantis
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