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  1. I'm using cura for paste extrusion profile and when i load the model it shows the message " unable to slice due to some per model settings. the following settings have error on ne or more models; Retraction Retract speed, Retraction Speed, Retraction Prime speed" I already change the settings for Retraction Retract speed, Retraction Speed, Retraction Prime speed, but it doesn't work. plz suggest what to do? its urgent.
  2. Hey guys, I would like to share a lever action dual extrusion solution I came up with for Ultimaker 2+. The approach is based on the great effort everyone put into Mark2 and Ultimaker 3. The print head holds two hot ends, which are originally to be installed on standard UM2 head for 1.75 filament. The right nozzle move up and down for nozzle swapping. This compact dual print head can achieve single extrusion print area of 220x223x205, and dual extrusion print area of 202x223x200. Video clips:
  3. I am running Cura 3.6 and it says that under material should be the Build Plate Temperature but I can't see it to change. It is checked in the Setting Visibility window but when you hover over it a window says it's hidden and why, but I don't know what it means. Any clarity would be appreciated. Oh and I know I can do it right on the UM2E+. See screen shots for message.
  4. Möchte meinen Ultimaker 2+ mit dem Bondtech DDG Extruder Upgrade versehen. Dieser Extruder benötigt eine Anpassung der E-Schritte auf 311. Um dies zu machen möchte ich die TinkerGnome Firmware verwenden. Wenn ich die Downloadnamen der Tinker Software richtig deute, sollte für meinen Ultimaker 2+ die Firmware mit dem Namen Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2plus-18.11.1.hex die richtige sein. Dann habe ich noch eine weitere Frage. Wenn ich diese Firmware installiere, kann ich dann nach wie vor aus Cura heraus Dateien im Gcode-Format auf SD-K
  5. Mark2 is an asymmetrical multi-extrusion upgrade for the Ultimaker 2, based on Foehnsturm's magnetic tool changer. It offers some unique features compared to conventional approaches. Keep it smart and simple The Mark2 upgrade doesn't require to modify or even disassemble the well-working single extrusion setup. Instead it adds a detachable second extruder. This leaves you with several benefits. Powerful - print quality on par with eg. the UM3 or BCN3D Sigma Flexible - use whatever you want: Olsson ruby, 3Dsolex block / nozzles, ... Cost-efficient - all you need is a second drive train,
  6. I am selling my Ultimaker 2+, including: - all the original accessories - XTC-3D brush-on coating - UM 2+ Advanced 3D Printing Kit (2x0,4mm nozzle + 2 TFM coupler + 22x adhesion sheet + 1x door) - assorted fillament materials Great condition. Located in Portugal, shipping all over EU. Contact me with any questions. regards, Ana
  7. Hey, Yesterday I was going through every step from the maintenance guide from Ultimaker's website and i can't find any guide to calibrate your printhead. The topic related is this one: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011802280-Check-for-play-on-the-Ultimaker-2-axles. I've printed the calibration tool but idk how to use it. PD: Do you know which part of the printer must be changed after using it through the years? It's been 3 years since I've got the printer and it still prints like the first day (4.500 hours of printing). And I've only changed PTFE a
  8. Hallo, Ik heb een probleempje met het printen van object in bijlage (Deksel voor een RPi 4 Rack doosje) In de zijkanten heb ik ventilatieopeningen voorzien en daar situeert zich het probleem. Deze zijn op 45° gemaakt zodat in principe de overhang geen probleem zou mogen zijn. Nu in een deel van de gevallen is dit zo, een ander deel zit er niet uit. Als je alleen al de linker en rechterzijde vergelijkt dan zie meteen dat de kant waar ook de uitsparingen zitten voor de aansluitingen erg ruw is. Op de foto's heb ik dan zelfs al een deel van de rommel weg geschraapt. De
  9. I am selling my Ultimaker 2+. The printer includes all the original accessories and packaging. It has been rarely used since I bought it new. I live in south west England if you want to collect. Price is £1,400 plus shipping contact me with any questions. regards, Jon
  10. Hi! a while ago I have made this 8mm film scanner. Since I printed the parts on my UM2+ I thought I post it here. You can find the files and a more detailed article here: https://hackaday.io/project/167426-8mm-film-scanner In case you wonder why I used (Ultimaker) ABS and PLA - I originally printed all parts in PLA, but after some time figured out that the stepper motor gets too warm for the nearby parts, especially the cogwheel, and they start to deform slightly. So I switched to ABS for some of the parts and the problem was solved. In this project I learned a lot a
  11. Hallo zusammen, nutze einen UM 2+ und habe von Cura 4.6 auf Version 4.62 gewechselt. Bei Cura 4.6 und verschiedenen Versionen davor, hat der Drucker zu Beginn vorne links etwas Material ausgegeben und ist dann direkt (diagonal) zum Startpunkt für den Druck gefahren. Mit Version 4.62 wird jetzt ebenfalls vorne links etwas Material ausgegeben, aber dann fährt der Druckkopf erst zurück und dann seitlich zum Startpunkt. Der Verfahrweg beschreibt somit eine Art "L". Ist grundsätzlich kein Problem, nur ist es mir jetzt mehrfach bei Objekten d
  12. Hallo zusammen, ich habe meinen Drucker schon länger, aber selten in Benutzung, bin also nicht besonders firm darin. Nun würde ich gern die Stützstruktur mit wasserlöslichem Material drucken können. Also mal zumindest einen 2.Extruder dranbauen. Geht das? Hat jemand Erfahrung, ob das dann auch mit dem wasserlöslichen Material funktioniert? Für eure Tips vielen Dank im voraus!
  13. Good night, I am having this error in pieces, only in one part of the bed. I understand that it may be a leveling error. But I already leveled it several times. What else can you think of that could be? It is only the first layer. I have rotated the piece 45 degrees the piece and discovered that it is only in that point of the bed. Thx so much.
  14. Hallo Leute, habt ihr Erfahrungen mit Bauraumheizungen? Wenn ja, gibt es Materialen, die ohne Bauraumheizung überhaupt nicht druckbar wären? Danke
  15. Hi All, I have a work project where we are using UV ink in conjuction with some 3D printed parts (currently in PLA). The UV ink is sticking to the PLA Parts I was curious to know if there's a Filament out there for a UM2 that would cause the ink not to stick to the 3D print. I can find out more information about the ink if required. Thanks in Advance, Kiran
  16. I know that there are several threads on under-extrusion that I could attach my problem to but I also don't want to distract from other users problem - how similar their issue might be so pardon me for starting yet another thread on the topic of under-extrusion To begin - I have an Ultimaker 2+ and has had it for a couple of years - printing on and off. Lately I've been printing a lot and almost exclusively used PLA. I've been printing several things and my problem started as few layers experiencing what I consider under-extrusion. I've attached a single picture of this. A fe
  17. I bought it several months ago and it has been well maintained. Used for very short time and has no defects. The quality of each products it prints are amazing and I am very satisfied with it. It comes everything with the original box. The printer is located at West Virginia, US. Looking for 1000USD or best offer.You are welcome to contact with me for any questions and concerns. Thank you so much!
  18. Hello everyone, I notice that I cannot print on my Ultimaker 2+ two times in row, it will always failed the second print by either printing the first layer then failed or cannot ... each time I have to remove the filament which is always stuck between bowden tube and the isolator and wait 1 hour or so for the printer to cool down. Gr5 Moderator mentioned an underextrusion issue which falls in my case I guess: I notice that sometimes the rear fan is not working at the beginning of the first print and then is always one, is it the normal behaviour ? Should I buy a new fan ?
  19. After the first layer of a print, the extruder has some kind of offset and prints the next one displaced a few centimeters from where it should. Every new layer is displaced the same distance as I show you on this photo. After searching about this I tried to fix it by tightening the belts of the ultimaker and updating the firmware, but nothing works, why is this happening and how can I solve it? Thanks.
  20. Hi! I'm aware that the title isn't very clear - but I'm not sure how to describe it - hence the "strange" 🙂 As you can see on the photo, my first layer shows these patterns. There is no problem with layer adhesion or whatsoever - the layer comes out flat and shiny, but with these patterns. Has anyone seen this before? Any idea how to fix this? Printed on an U2+ with U Silver metallic PLA. Standard settings for the material. thanks, Anton
  21. Hello, I am trying to print out a dumbel design with the handle being a sort of progressbar. so you have some empy spacing in between. The original print time was well over 8 hours. I managed to get it to 6. However i noticed while chanigng so many settings that part of my model is greyed out. Does this mean that it wont print this part? How can i solve this? I tried reverting the changes are repositioning the model but i cant seem to figure it out. To give you an idea of what my model looks like, finished, priting it vertically seemed most logical to
  22. This is a project by a group of community members which was also involved in the Mark2 dual extrusion upgrade. More precisely, it's me coming up with an outside the box approach / weird idea for a certain unresolved problem. Smart people like @gr5, @Anders Olsson, @Dim3nsioneer, @rooiejoris throwing in ideas and @tinkergnome who implants the stuff into firmware. My impression of the current state of development when I started this was as follows. There have been filament monitor projects since the beginning of reprap. Only very few made it to some kind of product state, like t
  23. Hi Guys, Have been trying to figure out why our printer keeps on printing inconsistently. The material used is PLA through a 0.4mm nozzle. Adhesion to the new Buildtak looks good as the first layer goes down well on the footprint of each part and the skirt - bed has been calibrated many times and I think this is good due to how well the first layer goes down. From the first layer onward is when the issues start but I can't see to figure out what or why it is doing this: The models are raised 3mm from the bed to try and prevent warping also Appreciate the help - bit of a
  24. Hi, My UM2+ is having sudden shut down at various stages. 1. shut down when the head and plates are homing. 2. shut down when nozzle start heating up after the build plate has heating 3. shut down after nozzle and plate are hot and it start the print 4. shut down mid print. Sometimes when I unplug the power supply from the main and leave over night and plug it back the day after I can have successful print. What is causing this issue? And how can I fix it?
  25. Hi. I have a UM2. I want to upgrade to UM2+. I can’t quite afford the expensive official upgrade kit , but I can see the parts are available individually for a fraction of the price online. My question is.. Is it possible to Upgrade one part at a time? I’m tempted to start with the motor & feeder and then save up a little more and then later in the year depending on affordability maybe upgrade the head and shafts. Eventually I,ll get the least important stuff like the spool holder and sticker My main concern is at what point do you update firmware. Do I have to update fi
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