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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. About 2 weeks ago, on my Ultimaker 2+ connected started to show this unskippable message. When pressing 'To main menu', the window closes and opens again. Just restarting the printer is cures this upon next printed model. The last available firmware is installed.
  2. Hopefully you enjoyed the onboarding course we’ve made for you. If you haven’t followed it yet, you can find it here. We recommend everyone who is just starting with an Ultimaker 2+ Connect to follow this course. In the course you will learn more about the product itself, the 3D printing workflow, Ultimaker Cura and maintenance. Did you follow the course but do you still have questions? Please feel free to write them below! We’ll try to answer them and use the input as inspiration to improve our courses. Looking forward hearing from you!
  3. Dear forum users, Ultimaker is looking for people who want to help testing the next firmware release for the UM2+ Connect printer. The upcoming v1.6 release has large internal changes and we want to ensure we keep delivering the quality you are used to. Therefor, we are looking for enthusiasts who want to help us test this software. The release has been tested internally in Ultimaker, but different usage flows might show undetected bugs. Don't test this on printers with critical print jobs! You can always revert to the current v1.5 firmware version from the update menu on the printer. The most important change is the support for 11 international languages, besides most European languages we now support the Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages. In order to implement this change, the graphical interface received a major update to be able to show the international characters. Some other changes are: - The diagnostic screen now shows the temperatures of all three temperature sensors - Changed the screen layout for multiple screens to allow for showing more text. For example, the file selection screen now can show longer file names. - Digital Factory now shows 'preparing' during initial heat-up instead of 'printing' - Fixed some security vulnerabilities - Print head in maintenance position (mid-front) now has the motors released, allowing for manual moving the print head -The Wifi setup screen was cropped on mobile phone in portrait mode Known issues: - The firmware update screen has not all texts translated When you want to help Ultimaker in testing this release, then send an email to c.kielstra@ultimaker.com and you will receive a link for downloading the firmware. You will also receive details for how to report any found issues. The test period will end June 6 2022.
  4. Hello, I just unpacked our new Ultimaker 2+ Connect and want to set everything up to be ready to print. So I've wanted to upgrade to the newest firmware, but it won't work. I downloaded the newest firmware for the Ultimaker 2 + Connect (UM2C_00100500.img) and wanted to install it via USB. I plugged the stick in and started the firmware upgrade in the maintenance menu and now it hangs for 90 min at the dialog: "Updating firmware - The updates takes +- 15 min" Never thought to get such problems with a brand new printer. The upgrade via network doesn't work either, because of issues regarding downloading the firmware files. Maybe someone can help me. Thanks best regards.
  5. Hi all, We've got new firmware for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. It is a really nice update which contains some great work from the team. You can enjoy greater integration with the Digital Factory, and we've tackled a number of bugs that were lurking behind the scenes. Check out the release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017358580-Ultimaker-2-Connect-firmware-release-notes Also, check out the video 🙂 Cheers!
  6. Dear community, I just got a damaged Ultimaker 2+ for a very good price. The Mainboard blown up on start up since then E0 is not working anymore. After dissassmbing the mainboard there are some blownup capacitors and diodes on the E0 circuit. X / Y / Z are working fine. Can I connect the E0 Extruder to the E1 Output an map the firmware? E1 looks just fine. Alternative my plan is to use a Smoothiware or DUET Wifi board. Thanks and have a nice weekend.
  7. Hi all, We've released an update to the firmware for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect. This firmware improves Digital Factory integration and material handling. Check out the full release notes on our knowledge base!
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