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  1. Bonjour à tous, Vous allez vous dire, encore un nouveau qui n'a pas réglé son plateau ni regardé ses paramètres, ni regardé si un topic existait déjà... Nouveau, ici je le suis effectivement. Mais j'ai écumé pas mal de topics, forums, vidéos ici et ailleurs et je n'ai pas trouvé de solutions à mon problème. Contexte : Je suis en train de me fabriquer une CN avec de nombreuses pièces imprimées en PLA. J'ai une Ultimaker 2 (oui elle commence à dater un peu) Je n'ai jamais touché aux réglages de base. J'utilise les derniers firmwares. Et comme
  2. Hi folks im back again with another plate n polish test. And my first time with support material since cura 15 and boy what a difference. Much better printing all in one as i only spent about an hour cleaning it up and i forgot to even sand it down lightly to remove the subtle layer lines after the acetone. Slightly annoyed but hey it a test! The other was printed in loads of parts and glued which in time i see it has split and the filler has come away. It took me many hours of filler and sanding to make and a total waste of my time. Ill be printing with support from now on! No pro
  3. When I startup my Ultimaker it default temperature is 50 degrees. This causes bad extrusion of course. Do I need to buy a new temp sensor? or is something else wrong? Thanks
  4. Mark2 is an asymmetrical multi-extrusion upgrade for the Ultimaker 2, based on Foehnsturm's magnetic tool changer. It offers some unique features compared to conventional approaches. Keep it smart and simple The Mark2 upgrade doesn't require to modify or even disassemble the well-working single extrusion setup. Instead it adds a detachable second extruder. This leaves you with several benefits. Powerful - print quality on par with eg. the UM3 or BCN3D Sigma Flexible - use whatever you want: Olsson ruby, 3Dsolex block / nozzles, ... Cost-efficient - all you need is a second drive train,
  5. Hello together, after building a custom custom frame for an UM2 Link and make several test's with dual printing system's, I decided to make a test with an Cyclops extruder clone. At first I started with the firmware because i will use only 1 heater and only an resistor from the tempsensor of the second unused heater. What's done for the moment? - Printing: GCODE hotend changed with M104 and M109 changes every time the temperature of the hotend 0 independently of the temperature is set for E0 or E1. In the picture you can see that heater 1 is heating und steps o
  6. So, I'll keep this quick while giving all the necessary details, the my prints, for the past few weeks all of the sudden started making this horrible gear grinding noise, so, I googled how to fix this issue and the first time I tightened some little screw-bolts for the X-axis (which is the issue, the X-axis was shifting) it worked. Then a few days later it started up again. The print I'm showing was probably the best print I got out of the issue, but there was worse. I just didn't take a picture of them. My issue is that 1. the whole X-axis print is shifting left, only left, 2. The
  7. Hello, We upgraded the firmware on our Ultimaker 2 to the latest version as provided via Cura. Since doing this the material feed/reverse functions on the machine is doing the opposite of what they should be. Basically, when the machine tries to feed material, the material is actually reversed and likewise when the machine tries to reverse material, the material is fed forwards. Looking online, it looks like the issue maybe that the incorrect firmware has been applied - firmware for the UM2+ instead of the UM2 firmware. I would like to know what
  8. Caro25

    upgrade UM2

    Bonjour à tous, Je me pose une question existentielle: J'ai une imprimante UM2 depuis 4 ans, et je me demande si je m'offrirais le "upgrage extrusion kit"... Pour info, je viens d'achter 2 imprimantes UM3 à mon boulot. Je n'ai donc pas l'intention d'acheter une UM3 pour la maison à court terme, car, je l'avoue, si je dois imprimer quelque chose avec une UM3, je le ferai probablement avec une du boulot. Qu'en pensez-vous? Cela vaut la peine?
  9. Hallo Leute, habt ihr Erfahrungen mit Bauraumheizungen? Wenn ja, gibt es Materialen, die ohne Bauraumheizung überhaupt nicht druckbar wären? Danke
  10. As the title says: My ultimaker2 printerhead has started to crash into the frontside. Whenever I start printing everything starts ok. The printerhead moves to the "home position" as it should and stops at the right position. But when the printer head moves to the front, for extruding filament, it doesn't stop it before the end of the rail. Instead it just keeps going and grinds on the belts. After grinding for a second it moves back and starts printing and everything is fine. It stops fine in the other direction. It's only in the back-to-front direction it doesn't stop in the corre
  11. Hi. I have a UM2. I want to upgrade to UM2+. I can’t quite afford the expensive official upgrade kit , but I can see the parts are available individually for a fraction of the price online. My question is.. Is it possible to Upgrade one part at a time? I’m tempted to start with the motor & feeder and then save up a little more and then later in the year depending on affordability maybe upgrade the head and shafts. Eventually I,ll get the least important stuff like the spool holder and sticker My main concern is at what point do you update firmware. Do I have to update fi
  12. I've just been searching and am amazed that this has not been covered before.......or I have missed it! I was hoping to be able to set the end code in Cura to lower the buildplate by a smaller amount rather than all the way to the bottom. This is purely for making nice time-lapse end shots in Octoprint so there might be a better way of doing this but I have not come across that either! On the face of it this seems simple enough by just using a relative command and then lowering by 50mm but this might cause a problem if I ever print anything fairly tall and the instruction will theref
  13. Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of a UM2. I have been using this printer for five years now with very little to no problems at all. Unfortunately, yesterday morning I switched the printer ON as usual and to my surprise I received a warning message showing a "Z switch broken" error. I kind of knew from the beginning that the switch wasn't the issue. However, just to be sure, I checked the switch on both Pronterface and the multimeter. As expected it works perfectly. Now, after reading a few discussion on this forum I realised that it could be a problem with the stepper motors.
  14. Hallo Forum! Ich hoffe sehr auf die Hilfe der hier anwesenden Experten! Ich habe folgendes Problem mit meinem Ultimaker 2: Beim Drucken (PLA) hört man in unregelmäßigen Abständen (vielleicht ein, zwei Mal pro Minute) ein Ratschen/Klacken. Aus Erfahrung weiß ich und ich konnte erneut beobachten, dass in diesem Moment der Druck des Vorschubmotors auf das Filament zu stark wird und das Filament für wenige Millimeter zurückrutscht, am Schleifrad des Motors vorbei. Wenn die Düse verstopft ist, dann passiert sowas dauerhaft, das Filament wird an dieser Stelle schnel
  15. Hi All, There are probably loads of topics covering this, so if you could link them that would be great. OK, basically, the displayed temperature for the bed is reading higher than the actual temperature of the bed. What could be the cause? and how can I fix it? Cheers
  16. Hello, I have Ultimaker 2 (standard, without "+") and I have big problems with extrusion with not standard material or with fast speed. I would like to make upgrade to Bondtech or trianglelab extruder. Please let me know if Bondtech is worth to pay 4x more than trianglelab? Or triangle lab is good enough? I would like to also know if I need to buy new stepper motor to extruder (from 2+) or stock from UM2 will be enough? I can not find anywhere this stepper to buy. Please let me know how to proceed with that. By the way upgrade kit official from Ultimaker is not good enough for my n
  17. Good evening to everyone, I'm fairly new to 3D printing. I've been learning about it for about a year and I've been printing on a nice Ultimaker 2 for a couple of months now. I'm brand new to the forum so I'd appreciate any help or any references to existing threads that may have already answered the following questions. (I've done a few searches but haven't had any luck yet). I've been using Gizmo Dorks Silk Blue PLA with great results after getting a feel for the best temps and support settings. But I just switched to Gizmo Dorks Gray PLA and my first print came out w
  18. Hi, I have been using my ultimaker 2 (recently purchased) with filamentive white PLA and its been printing fine with a few minor teething issues. I have managed to solve all of these and it was printing fine again. I did use white abs at the start but that was several months ago and I have printed perfectly fine since then. However, the nozzle now appears to be blocked and the atomic method just refuses to solve this issue, its incredibly frustrating as I really need the printer working as I am in my final year as an Architecture undergrad and everything has to be done from home at the minut
  19. Hello, I am currently running Cura 4.6 and I don't seem to have the ability to edit material settings (print and build plate temperature, etc.). Maybe this is as simple as "your Ultimaker 2 doesn't support those settings" but despite my best efforts, I haven't been able to find a forum or topic that gives me an answer as clear as that. More on the issue: the material settings dropdown is there, but when I click to expand, nothing shows up, even though my setting visibility shows several of the default settings checked. I also don't have any of the de
  20. I'm a beginner! No wait, I need help. LOL I try to load a "plug in" and the base plate does not go all the way up to the nozzle. It ends up just going willie nillie on me. I bought this printer so I could make masks for family, not having any luck when I load the file. I've tried 4 times with same result. Thanks for any help. Oh, please remember, I am learning. Did I say I received this machine......yesterday. KarenB MPMU_medium_rowan3dprintedmask_v4.1 Cura.gcode
  21. Bonjour, J'ai mon capteur de température qui m'affiche toujours la dernière valeur atteinte. Savez vous si on peut le ré-etalonner ou si mon plateau est hs ? Car je peux toujours lancer la chauffe cependant pour que ça chauffe je dois monter la température au dessus de celle que le capteur m'indique, forcement ... Je pense que la résistance qui compose le capteur doit être naze, mais si il y a une solution pour me permettre de travailler en attendant mon nouveau plateau, je suis preneur. Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  22. Hi Folks, I've seen so many times that the double wire (+ and -) 24 VDC used for the heat bed become burned, this frequently occur on the heat bed connect block or on the block at main PCB. Ultimaker changed those screw terminal blocks later on in the production and I'm not sure if there is some blocks of this new spring tension blocks that has failed. However, there is a fix for anything so lets go.. Those terminal blocks are really well selected as they are designed to cope with up to 20 Ampere! So what is the problem? Well, since we are using less tha
  23. Hi all, Our UM2 is stuck/making a grinding noise on Y-travel, also can't move it manually. All good on X. None of the belts are visually slipping when the noise happens, and all are tensioned well. Any one had/fixed the same issue, or got any tips or advice? Thanks
  24. Hello, After years of useful info in this forum i end up making an account because i need help: my Ultimaker 2 is making a scratch sound, after hours of investigation i found that it is the X-axis in the hot-end-carriage that is ''scratching'' the linear bearing when moving backward? is that possible? when i look at the slider-block it is moving up and down with the past of the axis it is sliding on. I noticed the axis on the front side is also moving but just the tiniest bit. Video of the slider block and the scratching sound: all bel
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