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  1. Hallo zusammen, ich sitze hier vor meinem U2E+ und verzweifel mit der Kiste nur noch... Angefangen hat alles damit, dass die Außenwände nicht mehr gut waren. Sie sahen grauenvoll aus. Nach etwas Recherche habe ich dann die Zahnriemen, die Gleitdingers (Kupferröhrchen) und die Gleitlager im Druckkopf getauscht. Doch leider macht der Drucker nach wie vor Zicken... Dazu kommt noch, dass es den Anschein hat, als käme nun eine Unterextrusion dazu kommt. Die von heute auf Morgen einfach da war und ich mir nicht erklären kann woher das kommt. Ich weiß nun wirklich nich
  2. Hallo, ich versuche grade mit meinem UM2+ mit einem Extruder ein zweifarbiges Bauteil zu drucken und habe dafür das Cura-Skript "Change filament at height 3.4" verwendet. Der Code wird auch in den gcode eingefügt, aber mir ist nicht klar wie das dann funktionieren soll. Der Drucker hält an der entsprechenden Stelle an und fährt den Druckkopf weg und im Display steht "heating extruder". Aber wie soll ich denn jetzt das Filament wechseln? Dazu müsste ich ja ins Menü gehen, aber wie sag ich dem Drucker dann, dass er an der alten Stelle weitermachen soll. Irgendwie check i
  3. Hallo, ich habe vor ein paar Wochen einen neuen Topic mit einem Problem geöffnet, vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Dieses Problem habe ich vermeintlich besiegt. Die Löcher zwischen den Wandlinien und den Füllinien konnten durch konstante Geschwindigkeit und erhöhten Materialfluss gelöst werden. Die Teile sehen super aus. Das Problem ist: Wenn ich ein Teil drucke sieht das ganze gut aus, wenn ich jedoch 40 Drucke ist der letzte total kaputt. Ich habe ein Foto beigefügt mit den Nummern der Druckreihenfolge. Die Qualität nimmt von Teil 1 - Teil 40 ab. P
  4. Beste Allen, Ik kan plots geen nozzles meer in draaien. Ze blijven door draaien en ik kan ze niet goed vast schroeven. Ik heb verschillende nozzles geprobeerd, dus het zal wss aan de schroefdraad in de olsson block liggen gok ik. Deze is pas een kleine 3 maanden geleden vervangen. Weten jullie wat het probleem zou kunnen zijn of hoe ik in de toekomst kan vermijden dat de olsson block zo snel verslijt? Ik heb al een paar keer de olsson block moeten vervangen. Bedankt alvast voor jullie hulp. Mvg. Paulien
  5. Hallo, ich habe mir vor ein paar Tagen einen Ultimaker 2 Extended+ gekauft. Schon nach den ersten Testdrucks fiel auf, dass Oberfläche Löcher aufweist. Diese sind immer beim Übergang der Wandlinien zur Innenfläche. Anschließend habe ich die Datei mit dem Ultimaker 3 und dem Ultimaker S5 ausgedruckt, die Testteile waren makellos. Ich habe die Einstellung "Außenhaut überlappen" erhöht, dies hat das Problem aber nicht verbessert. Ebenfalls habe ich die kompletten Einstellungen des UM3 auf den UM2E+ übertragen. Dies hat auch nicht geholfen. Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen?(Anbei ein
  6. Hi! Using my Ultimaker 2 Ext. + for 3 years now with more or less no problems but now everytime i start a print everything looks fine first but after aprox. 20min of printing the error appears and the printer kind of freezes in its current position and is not reacting on any command... -i then have to turn it off and pull the power cable to get this error away. I disassembled the printer now for the 3rd time but everything looks fine: i am messureing 108 Ohm on the solder-pads on the board (betw. point "TP73" and "TP74") and all the way up to the sensor no matter how i st
  7. Dear All on the forum, Would anybody be at help for the following? I would like to print a mesh with a cutted hole inside (the model is good, watertight and so on) There is a setting in Mesh Fixes, stating "union overlapping volumes". I would like to have this ON (for another reason). If I turn the model, I can print it fine; wíth the cutted hole (see image 1) If I print the model in the preferred position, I have a problem printing the hole with this setting ON (see image 2). The hole gets visible again with the setting "union overlapping volumes" OFF (see image 3) The r
  8. I have made a coat hanger part from nylon (gcode attached), for my engineering part drawing what would the tolerances (linear and angular) be as well as the surface finish (I'm thinking sanding grit level between 200-600). Are these parameters set by Ultima? if so how do I view or change them? UM2E_chris franklin 3d print.gcode UM2E_chris franklin 3d print.3mf
  9. Hi everyone, my printer started printing bad infill and then it prints in the air. How do I get this fixed? thanks for the help
  10. Hello everybody, I don't know why, my um2e+ recently started to fail at the end of the prints. Almost every time. The printer print perfectly until the last layer, and then purge the head on the print, causing a "blob" of plastic on top of it then go to the zero position without moving the z axis down, causing damage to the print, an it also take back the filament way to much in the bowden tube, wich forces me to re-feed everytime the print head. It's appening very often since then and I'm out of ideas : I did a factory reset Installed new
  11. Hi, Like most Universities, we have pooled our 3D printing resources and are producing PPE items. One of the Ulimakers that has come from a different department and it is behaving a little oddly. We are printing a shield design that needs the full bed of the Ultimaker and one one printer, it prints about 15mm forward in the Y-direction. This results in part of the design being flattened (at the extremity of the part) which is not a huge problem but occasionally we are seeing a layer shift. Amongst the printers, we are running 2 UM2+ and 3 UM2ex machines and they are all sharing the
  12. Hey there! I've been hoping to laser cut a custom Ultimaker Original Plus frame with the dimensions of an UM2 Extended, but I'm having issues sourcing the right materials. I'm in the US, and finding the right metric stuff is difficult. I think I may be able to get away with 1/4" thickness instead of 6mm, but I can't seem to find anything that's the right quality. The closest that I can find is some MDF, and I'd really prefer not to go down that route (moisture, not structurally great, etc). I'd also like to avoid acrylic, though I am making the side panels in frosted acrylic to
  13. Hi, it is not a problem yet because the prints are still coming out great but our U2E+ is making a strange «grinding» noise when traveling to the x direction. Here's a video of how it sounds. Although I oiled the axles a lot to try to get rid of the sound, it is still here. Any clue on why it makes that and how to resolve to problem? Thank you! :) Sandrine
  14. Hello, I bought an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ via eBay. As they are clones for this machine available which looks just the same as the original I want to make sure I buy an original one. How can I verify that? Thanks and all the best, Cornelius
  15. I inherited a UM2+ when we acquired another small company. I wiped it clean, lubricated, installed Cura 4.x on Win10, updated the firmware, and did an Atomic Clean. When I try to load the feeder I see no signs the feeder is functioning. I squeeze the tension relief lever and load filament until it is visible in the tube, but the Move Material command doesn't move the material. I don't see or feel any sign the knurled feeder is rotating. Any help appreciated, thanks!
  16. Hi to all The 2016 year had inspired some of us in 3D field, we are always looking to improve our jobs and our equipement. For a long time I wanted to print with ultra-flexible filament without meeting all the difficulties due to the bowden tube on the one hand and the disadvantages of weight and power of the direct drive with the stepper motor on the head of printing on the other hand The flexible shaft is an interesting solution but also has some disadvantages and requires a significant addition of adjustments in a specific software to remove them. I tried to find a compromise between th
  17. Dear all, Would anyone know what is the problem here? I made 3 times a good 15 hr print on my UM2E+ The 4th time the print suddenly showed a shift on the Y-axis, almost at the end of the print I marked the pulleys, the belts seem tight (so I did not change anything) The 5th print, came out good. The 6th print showed again a shift on the Y-axis, the same way as the 4th print, also the same height At the moment when it happened, I heard a sound, different from normal; a sound like what you hear when you connect with a usb to upgrade the firmware. (
  18. Dear all, I made 3 times a good 15 hr print on my UM2E+ The 4th time the print suddenly showed a shift on the Y-axis, almost at the end of the print I marked the pulleys, the belts seem tight (so I did not change anything) The 5th print, came out good. The 6th print showed again a shift on the Y-axis, the same way as the 4th print, also the same height At the moment when it happened, I heard a sound, different from normal; a sound like what you hear when you connect with a usb to upgrade the firmware. ( I paused the print, and continued after a while, but th
  19. Hallo zusammen, ich bräuchte eure Hilfe, da ich etwas am verzweifeln bin. Seit Jahren drucke ich mit meinem Ultimaker 2 Extended + gerne, nicht viel, aber immer wieder mal etwas. Heute früh habe ich einen Druck gestartet und warum auch immer sieht die hintere Wand so wellig aus. Was mir aufgefallen ist, das Druckbett wackelt wenn der Druckkopf an der hinteren Wand entlang saust. Könnte das davon kommen? Wenn ja, was muss ich tun, damit ich wieder eine saubere Wand habe? Würde mich sehr für hilfreiche Tipps freuen.
  20. We got a problem with printing a big cilindercal shape (100x100x300mm). In the appendix some picture of the printing and end-result! The build platform is vibrating a lot! About 4 to 5mm on the end of the build platform. We don't have this problem before with other prints. We are printing with PLA at 204 degrees. If you want more information please let me know!
  21. My nozzle in UM2E+ keeps clogging after few hours of printing, I checked the nozzle and it seems fine , I also checked and cleaned the extruder mechanism. The cooling fan to cool the heat break runs very slowly. Also there seems to be a leak of filament above the nozzle. Could someone point me in the right direction about what needs to be done, I have attached a picture for reference.
  22. Hi everybody, We've just bought an Ultimaker 2 extended + and being new to the 3D printing world we are trying to print out simple objects with different filaments. I couldn't figure out the right settings to print out a micro catapult from Thingiverse with FormFutura TitanX filament (datasheet). Here are the settings of my last try : - Material : FormFutura TitanX White - Printing T° : 260°C - Build Plate T° : 85°C - Fan Speed : 20% - Regular fan speed : 5% - Max. fan speed : 20% - Nozzle Ø: 0.4 mm - Layer Height :
  23. New owner here so please go easy on me - Ive only had the printer a week, i decided to try Verbatim PLA white (fancied a change from the UM Silver Pla that was installed at purchase). Having all sorts of trouble under extrusion etc.. Cura Update to 4.3 Offered Firmware update which i opted to do (hoping this would correct said issues). Ok this is were it gets interesting. Since firmware update i have noticed the following changed: Start print -> Head zero's in back left -> bed rises -> head moves to front left -> 50mm of extrusion fast then it slows down....
  24. I just received these parts from www.goprint3d.co.uk. They are sold as genuine Ultimaker replacement glass bed (part 1154) and genuine Ultimaker bowden (part 1266). On their site the pics are of the real deal(as are the part numbers), but what i got seems like cheap and nasty 3rd party parts. The glass bed is not rounded, light weight and doesn't feel like borosilicate glass and the bowden just looks a bit off. Now I've got many replacement glass beds for my Ultimakers over the years and its always been the same high quality glass bed we all know and love. They usually come shrink wrapped
  25. Guys I need help from the collective once again. I have built my own version of the UM2E+ but for the life of me cannot get one print right yet! The printer is running of of Tinker firmware (kudos to the genius who created it!!!) but problem has persisted over various firmware updates. I have been trying to print calibration cubes sliced with Cura & Repetier but every time I seem to have the same problem (the first layer or 2 come out perfectly). At different stages of the print but normally around the 4-8th layer the printer extrudes a very large blob and then the Z axis d
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