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Found 21 results

  1. I've just replaced the PTFE coupler on my Ultimaker 2 Go. I wasn't able to find instructions on how to do this for the Go, so I used the instructions for the UM2+ on this page: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50672-replace-the-tfm-coupler The print head on the Go is similar, but not exactly the same as the UM2+. Step 6 for the UM2+ says To tighten the front two thumb screws, use the calibration spacer. Place the tool in between the aluminum plates of the hot end. Tighten the front two thumb screws until the tool fits securely between the plates, but can still easily be removed. I did not get a calibration spacer with my Go. Does the Go use the same calibration spacer as the UM2+? Where can I get one? Can I print one? Thanks!
  2. The Ultimaker 2 Go is advertised as having a print volume of 120 x 120 x 115 mm, but I am frequently unable to print objects smaller than that. I get a message from Cura saying that it is unable to slice because the model doesn't fit in the print volume. I have Support and Adhesion turned off, so they shouldn't affect the print volume. I've attached an example file that won't print on my Go, even though it is significantly smaller than the Go's advertised print volume. Is the Go's print volume smaller than advertised? Or is there a bug in Cura? go_test.stl
  3. Hi, my UM2E would intermittently throw an ER3 error in the middle of a print. I've read many of the related posts and followed their suggestions. I have checked (visually, connections, moving the wires, and measured the resistance (about 25 Ohms)) the heater cartridge and it seems to be fine. If I reset the system, it would start heating up again but not always. Sometimes when I tried to preheat the nozzle and measured at the heater 1 terminals, the voltage was zero. Another time while preheating, the system would get out of the preheat mode by itself. I have tried Cura 3.3.1, 3.4.1, and 3.5.1 but the problems seem to persist. Any ideas on what's wrong and what should I do to troubleshoot next? Could there be multiple issues? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi all! Is anyone selling a used Ultimaker 2, 2+ and 3 in the UK? Looking to update my current printer. Cheers!
  5. Hallo hat die Firmware schon wer getestet? Gibt es seit November aber Pre Release. Habe einen Ultimaker 2+ und bin noch auf 17.10.1
  6. Bonsoir tout le monde ! Je passe par ici car j'aurais une petite question à propos de petits éléments qui apparaissent systématiquement sur mes objets au cours de l'impression, ce sont ces sortes de stries, mini pâté de matière. Ce n'est pas trop dérangeant, mais je n'ai pas encore de quoi faire de post traitement et j'aimerais vraiment pouvoir en faire de façn efficace, vu que je voudrais faire de la peintre après. Le modèle est un assemblage que j'ai fais via Blender (oui c'est un Canarticho, pour ceux qui connaissent, mais avec un sucre d'orge à la place du poireau x3) Serait-ce dû à un problème de température ? Je chauffe mon PLA silver (c'est celui de fournit avec l'imprimante) à 205°C environ. Après, il est toujours à l'air libre depuis que je l'ai, il fait pas relativement froid ou humide dans ma chambre, mais je pense que ça doit jouer un peu. De vitesse ? Je suis à 40mm par sec et en déplacement 150mm. Distance de rétractation ? 16mm et 20mm/sec de vitesse. Je m'inquiète ptet pour rien et c'est normal, la perfection ça existe pas ? x3 Aussi, je sais pas vraiment si c'est le meilleur endroit pour en parler, mais si jamais il y'en a qui sont là dedans. Je souhaiterais faire l'acquisition d'un outillage type dremel à main pas trop grosse, pour pouvoir faire de la finition de précision, genre comme les bijoutiers en gros; avec des limes au grain fin (parce que le papier ponce pour les petits recoins de figurine, c'est pas fastoche à atteindre... Meme mission impossible). Je compte coupler cela avec le XTC 3D qui permet d'avoir un effet lisse sur le PLA (donc d'abord je ponce, puis XTC 3D) J'ai vu la Dremel 3000, mais n'ayant jamais eu ce genre d'outil entre les mains... Si vous connaissez d'autre marque / fabricant, je serais ravi d'avoir vos conseils ! Merchi :3
  7. I installed today my new Bondtech extruder on the Ultimaker 2GO, and primarily it is working fine - first test print is currently running. But I am not sure if the position of the extruder is optimal. The extruder on the UM2 is normally on the right side (back view) and then the Bondtech extruder is on the same position as the old one and the stepper motor come out a little bit on the right side. On the UM2Go I have to mount the extruder on the left side, so the motor is right, and the feeder housing comes out on the left. I cannot turn the feeder because then the feeder latch would point to the back housing of the printer. So this position is the only one which is possible. I would say it doesn't matter if it is in that position, but I am not sure, because all installations I have seen yet, are mirrored. Has anyone an UM2GO with the Bondtech extruder and give me some feedback? Thanks!
  8. I am currently printing an print core holder on my UM2Go and saw something strange in the infill. What is it? Is this some kind of extreme stringing? It looks like the experimental tree support structure. This is the layer view, because first I thought it is a slicer issue, but it isn't Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, I bought some filament which, unfortunately, is a little abrasive. I went searching online for a stainless steel nozzle with a bigger nozzle size for the Ultimaker 2 Go, but I found out the Olsson heat block is, as far as I've looked, permanently attached to the nozzle, without any way of getting it out (maybe drilling, but that doesn't seem like a good idea), and I couldn't find any brass heat blocks for sale. So I was wondering if you guys maybe know where I can find a replacement heat block/nozzle combination, and if possible a stainless steel nozzle instead of a brass one. Have a great day, Hugo G
  10. Hi, I am new to Ultimaker printer, and I just got my hands on a lightly used Ultimaker 2 Go, which doesn't have any problems so far except one: When I try to feed it filament, it all goes fine until the step where it should slowly push filament through the nozzle until it comes out. When it comes to that step, the extruder stepper starts moving the filament forward for 0.5mm and clicks back 0.5mm. I've tried to readjust the feeder tension making it tighter and loosening it, but both don't do anything, except making the clicking slightly louder/quieter. I hope one of you what's going on and what I could do to fix it. Have a great day, Hugo G
  11. Today I wanted to restart my little 2GB which was quietly in his box until warmer weather is felt. I used a template set up a few weeks ago before putting it to sleep. So, I'm going to print via USB from the file.gcode that I had prepared and the extrusion head starts to want to print off the board, so that it has hit hard on the edges as well than the metal clips that hold the tray! I immediately stopped the affine impression of not damaging my nozzle more than that. However, I made sure that my model is the right size and comes back in the plateau area. What astonishes me is that the object is 10x10x10.0 mm while I had done on purpose to do a little less and also, the printing time is not displayed. Is this normal? I said that I have nothing to tweak on my axes. When I run a content file from the provided SD card, there is no printing problem. If you can help me, i really appreciated to understand ! Some The
  12. Hi, as part of a showcase installation we need a simple way how to start the printout of an existing .gcode file (previously created using the Cura application) on a UM2Go printer (connected via USB cable) via a batch script or program. As the print should start in the background (as soon as the .gcode-file is transferred to and stored in a defined directory), we can’t use the normal Cura application. Does anyone know of a Windows(10) executable, script or other options to start printing a .gcode-file in the way described? Thanks in advance, Kai
  13. until
    The idea behind Bobinet is to provide some help in protecting and managing your filament. The second solution that will be presented has the potential to give your older printer dual extrusion capabilities. Please come support this new technology from France! Light snacks will be provided! This is a free event! https://www.facebook.com/events/2033912206859276/
  14. Hello, I am looking for the ultimaker2go firmware. Can anyone tell me where to find it? Thanks,
  15. Hi, I am selling my UM2 Go purchased in Oct 2017. Totally, the printer is on good condition as you can see in the pics below, just a few LED stopped working in the second week after I got it. You could see the LED in the pics, it doesn’t affect use at all. If you care about it, you can also replace it, it may cost just 20 pounds. I wanna selling it because I plan to purchase another printer. I bought it for my own project, used it in my flat, so used it very carefully, it is clean and has no scratches. This printer is so small that you can bring it to anywhere you want (exhibition, classroom), the printing quality is so good with 0.06mm layer and 0.1 layer. it is a good product for starters and use to extended efficiency when your other printer is working. It is also within the warranty period, it will be expired on Oct 2018, so you can purchase it without any worries. I can provide the receipt for you if you buy it. The machine on for 738:41 hours, and printing time is 531:49 hours. All the boxes and accessories (also include backpack which value 59.95 pounds) are included. I am based in UK, Manchester. If you are interested in it, be free to send me E-mail for further information about price or shipment. Thanks here some pics my E-mail: xxsyen@gmail.com the price is ?760 including the shipping cost
  16. Hey there, i'm selling my Ultimaker 2 go, it has printed about 1100 hours of printing. I've installed an Olsson Block, and will ship incl. 0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 nozzle. Unfortunately the glass-plate is broken, i've replaced it with an PMMA-Plate. But a new glass isn't that expensive. It has been used in my company for about 1 year, and has a normal wear for this age, printing works like a charm. If you want to, I can provide you some pictures. I will ship it worldwide, but you have to pay the charge. I'm living in Germany. My expected price is around 700€, but you can make me an offer.
  17. My name is Gemma Amendola Normington. I recently started working as an art/graphic arts teacher in Waterville, Washington. There are some crazy wild fires in Washington and the air pollution at certain times of the year can be quite terrible. I am currently working with the students to 3D print vertical gardens to help clean the air! There are some great ideas and designs to play with and we would like to work with the Agriculture department here to figure out the best plants to use. Those students would like to work with the elementary kids to help grow the plants from seeds. The vertical garden will be flexible when it comes to the design on the front and we could design the back so that it fits a hydroponic system. The students have started to learn all about the engineering and the biology involved in this type of project. We would also like to incorporate recycled plastic and research sustainable alternatives. Waterville is rural community and we have just started an Agriculture program at the school. This is going to tie in very well to their program as well. I have worked with Ultimaker in the past and I know they are a great company. I started working with them to make this a more global project and they were really helpful! We got the Ultimaker 2Go in the mail last week and we have started playing with some designs. We would like to make a hydroponic garden using a system of gutters. The Ultimaker 2Go is small so we have to do the planter parts in pieces but the printer does a nice job keeping things smooth so the pieces fit together really well. Here are some of the initial ideas we designed using Blender 3D software. We are currently working to polish up the design and get all the parts working together. I will keep you posted on the progress. Once we have the design down, we will share it for others to use. Any ideas or input you all have to help us improve the process would be welcome!
  18. We got from a friend an "old" Ultimaker 2 Go. After some trial and many errors we found out that it has a .8 mm nozzle. So far no true problem, but it felt like I should better (finally) upgrade to the newest Cura, being 3.0.4. To my surprise it is not possible to set the nozzle size for The 2Go! Any suggestions? thanks a million, Lies Muller
  19. Need correct firmware for um 2 go did automatic firmware update and now there is no controls for heat on build bed
  20. modified my diy GO with the Ultimaker3 head ... because I can
  21. Do any of you have the stl files of this component so that you can do to accomplish with a lathe machine? Also you believe that it is useful to be replaced instead of the spring and the olsson block from 1,75mm?
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