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  1. Nach einem Filamentwechsel kratzt die Düse von Extruder 2 in die Filamentspur von Extruder 1. Was läuft hier schief?
  2. Basically the printer head will not swap between cores, it only stays on second core because it cant flip the switch, it doesnt slide into the notch it misses it and there fore cant print with 2 cores. i have a ultimaker 3
  3. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I'm not really new to 3D printing but until now I've been a silent reader. At the moment I have a problem, which I hope I can solve with your swarm knowledge: Recently, my Ultimaker 3 seems to have a problem with the limit switch. When it wants to zero the axes, it moves backwards normally and also reaches the limit switch. However, there is only a short buzzing noise afterwards and an error message is displayed that the end stop has not been reached. As already mentioned, this is not true. In the diagnostic window, I can press all the end stops and they
  4. Hi everyone, I have an UMS5 and I would like to know if anybody already uses or used a different extruder in the original Ultimaker print core (AA 0.4). I found this extruders: https://www.3djake.com/micro-swiss/coated-nozzle-for-ultimaker-3 https://www.3djake.com/brozzl/hardened-steel-nozzle-for-ultimaker-3-aa Do anyone has some experience that can share about this topic? Thanks!
  5. Hi I have some ColorFabb_XT that we got because it was food safe. It has a dia. of 2.85 and I am using a AA0.4 printhead. The material does not feed. Has anyone any clue as to what I might try? I have read that the "Processing temp is 240 - 260 and manually set 240 it in Cura. All I am getting is a very fine, un-continues feed?
  6. I have a UM3E which I've installed some buildtak print sheets on. I've turned off automatic leveling, as the nozzle would melt the print surface. This was behaving correctly for a long time, but recently it's started to misbehave. At print starts it will drive the Z axis down past the end stop. Since it's lost its Z position it will then drive the nozzle into the bed. When I turn on autoleveling and switch to a different bed material the startup sequence is a little different and it behaves normally. I'd like to go back to buildtak sheets. They worked before
  7. I have tested the limit switches by forcing it to go home then hitting the limit switches manually. Even though both stop when I hit them I still get the error which causes prints to fail. Does anyone else have this issue or have a way to solve it?
  8. So extruder settings are the same (cloned with Duplicate plugin in cura), filament is also the same (just different color). Right is extruder one, gold, and left is extrude two, orange. What could be the problem? Fucked up printcore? Last print i did i was looking at it while printing, and it seemed that things were good until the top layer. also, bottom layers are perfect. I performed the cleaning procedure with hot/cold pulls very recently. as far as i remember this extruder always had this problem.
  9. Hi all, I have had a bearing fail on a UM3, giving a grinding noise when I run freely with no belts. Aligned checked, but same problem. It is an 8mm ID, 16mm OD flanged, the traditional ultimaker resellers don't seem to stock them. Does anyone have a refence number, or know the specs so I can order one? Many thanks,
  10. Both cores of my ultimaker 3 are no longer recognized. If I put a core in its slot, the message keeps reading "empty slot". When I press with some force on either of those cores, pushing them towards the pcb in the print head, they do temporarily connect. So there must be some kind of gap between these cores and the pcb. However, the pcb is locked in place. At the bottom its "extension" is in the hole meant for this extension. At the top is is screwed to the back of the print head, as it should be. So assuming my pcb is in the correct place, what can I do about this?
  11. Hi Everyone So my usage stats are totally wrong on my U3, can anyone help as I am currently passing this machine on to a new home and it has been raised. The printer has not been used much at all in the 2-3 years I have had it as a prototyping machine. I have attached a picture here of the report and it has me really puzzled. It has to be wrong as days hot at 4568 days would mean the machine has been on for over 12 years!! Any help on this would be much appreciated, or how I can correct or reset them. Many thanks Dave
  12. So, I am turning to the forums for help. I have a UM3, normally prints flawlessly-- but after a print today it decided that it no longer wanted to autolevel. This happens sometimes so I cleaned the nozzles, cleaned the bed-- tried again. Same issue. Okay! Off to the internet. So I set my bed to 14mm. Nope. That didn't work. I manually level the bed. Nope. That failed as well. I calibrate the lever switch. Still nada. I change PrintCores (both the AA and the BB). Nope. Okay, so let's watch what it is doing. PrintCore 2 isn't touching the bed. Well th
  13. My silocone nozzle covers have started to come apart so I've ordered more, and am now trying to install them. I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended. But the metal bracket that the silocone is to be installed in on my device differs from the one in the pictures. Mine has two "Rounded Ice cream cone" shaped holes, whereas the shape in the pictures, and the shape of my new silicone nozzle covers... is just a pair of squares. The new ones are a fairly different shape, compared to the new ones I bought. The old ones had "wings" on the side and a "slot protrustion" in the center. The new
  14. Printer: Ultimaker 3 Current situation: After finishing a print and removing it, the printer requires you to push the clickwheel to confirm the "print removed" message, otherwise it is not possible to start another print. This is a sensible safety feature. The problem is that people are forgetful. It is not possible to trigger the message remotely, which means that you can't start a job remotely either without somebody being physically present to push the button. This ends up wasting a lot of valuable overnight and weekend printing time, when there is nobody present to pu
  15. Hello, We have an Ultimaker 3 that is currently being a pain. In the past few months we have printed without issues. Now, it is often displaying the axis is stuck or limit switch is broken error during the middle of a print. It has happened for both the X/Y axis and the Z-axis for numerous different sliced models (Cura 4.4). When the error occurs, the printer stops moving, extrudes a small blob of filament on the print and then shows the error and fails. I have never actually seen what happens before the failure, but it typically occurs during the first few layers of th
  16. Recently I found that we do not have connector for capacitive sensor. History: 3D printer worked before 2 years and we did not used it since then. When we started printer again it wanted to update software and we do that. After that we could not level bad either with auto level or with manual level. Blaming update I wanted to return to previous version so I used microSD to return to factory settings etc. Still problem persists. Filament does not want go out during print, maybe because bad is to close for print to start etc. Filament go through during cleaning process bu
  17. Hi I would like to re- open a know topic about the X-Y precision from ultimaker, and the way to improve it. I know that this question was already open before, but the way they ended do not satisfied me, and I really would to start an new topic, abording the subject in an other way. I already printed with my UM3, this piece multiple time ( same material, same position, same settings ) ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195604 ) that is exactly 100mm on both X et Y axis As a result, always the same result : X : 100,30 Y : 100,01 Accord
  18. Hey all, Anyone else have the filament come off the guide wheel in the Ultimaker 3 feeder? The feeder plastic has been eroded away to where the filament can shift around in the feeder, and during use the filament comes out of the lever guide wheel, stopping extrusion. The lever "closes", like there is no filament in the printer. Pushing the lever back up pops it back onto the filament and extrusion starts again. Bad news is this is happening constantly on me now, basically leaving my U3 with only feeder #2 since #1 doesn't print anymore. Any help?
  19. Hi there, Would you say this PCB is damaged and has possibly affected print head function quality, im not entirely sure on what the contact is for ? any info would be great , cheers!
  20. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended. Of late, I've been getting the error "Max Temp. Error on Build Plate. Go to Ultimaker.Com/er14". This prevents prints from going forward. Document ER14 suggests that the problem might be connection between the build plate and the wires in the back. I've pushed and worked them a bit to ensure that they are seated properly, and this has not cleared up the error, although access to these wires is tricky given their location and the fact that the tray cannot be brought up when the error is present. (Indeed, the only thing one can do is cycle the powe
  21. Hello there, I hope you can help me here. I need to print with Ultimaker PC filament with my Ultimaker 3 printer and I am getting an error message because the build plate is taking to long to reach the correct temperature that in this case is 107 degrees. I am using the advance printing kit with the front plastic cover and the room where the printer is is more than 20 degrees. Any tips and advises? Thank you in advance. Kind regards Fulvio
  22. Hello, I'm batch printing part and I would like to know if there was a way, using Gcode to get rid of the 'remove print from build plate' message appearing after each print, since my print are automatically removed with the print head. BTW I'm using the bulldozer plugin:
  23. I am using an Ultimaker3 and some FormFutura filament. Does anyone have an idea, what is wrong with my setup, that I get this distances in my print? Thanks for any help!
  24. Hello, I have recovered the printer from my company and I want to repair it because it has several problems: 1) "Low sensor performance (ER45)" when I try to diagnose the "Bed level sensor". I checked all the connectors, all the wires, and everything seems correct but I still have this error. I tried everything I found on the internet but nothing walking (clean the bed, update firmware,...) 2) My second extruder seems clogged (The extruder can't push the filament when it's inside the PrintCore and no material is extruded). It's a BB 0.4. 3) "Nozz
  25. I just noticed recently that there is an issue when printing objects that reach closely to the maximum z-height of my UM3. The thing I printed is 198mm tall. While printing everything is fine, the problem occurs when the print is finalised. The printhead moves slightly to the side, then the printer homes the z-axis that causes the build plate to raise a bit before lowering it. Since there is no extra margin the printed object crashes into the printhead. I had this happening three times recently (I don’t print that tall things often and I think it was the first time I printed something that r
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