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  1. So, I am turning to the forums for help. I have a UM3, normally prints flawlessly-- but after a print today it decided that it no longer wanted to autolevel. This happens sometimes so I cleaned the nozzles, cleaned the bed-- tried again. Same issue. Okay! Off to the internet. So I set my bed to 14mm. Nope. That didn't work. I manually level the bed. Nope. That failed as well. I calibrate the lever switch. Still nada. I change PrintCores (both the AA and the BB). Nope. Okay, so let's watch what it is doing. PrintCore 2 isn't touching the bed. Well th
  2. Hello, I'm batch printing part and I would like to know if there was a way, using Gcode to get rid of the 'remove print from build plate' message appearing after each print, since my print are automatically removed with the print head. BTW I'm using the bulldozer plugin:
  3. I am using an Ultimaker3 and some FormFutura filament. Does anyone have an idea, what is wrong with my setup, that I get this distances in my print? Thanks for any help!
  4. Hello, I have recovered the printer from my company and I want to repair it because it has several problems: 1) "Low sensor performance (ER45)" when I try to diagnose the "Bed level sensor". I checked all the connectors, all the wires, and everything seems correct but I still have this error. I tried everything I found on the internet but nothing walking (clean the bed, update firmware,...) 2) My second extruder seems clogged (The extruder can't push the filament when it's inside the PrintCore and no material is extruded). It's a BB 0.4. 3) "Nozz
  5. I just noticed recently that there is an issue when printing objects that reach closely to the maximum z-height of my UM3. The thing I printed is 198mm tall. While printing everything is fine, the problem occurs when the print is finalised. The printhead moves slightly to the side, then the printer homes the z-axis that causes the build plate to raise a bit before lowering it. Since there is no extra margin the printed object crashes into the printhead. I had this happening three times recently (I don’t print that tall things often and I think it was the first time I printed something that r
  6. Hi Everyone, Love my UM3 but the last few months there always seems to be a problem that I have to post about. Currently getting the "Difference between detected height of both PrintCores exceeds realistic values" error message. This led to the realization that the white wire to the capacitive sensor board is broken off. Any advice would be welcome? Best, John
  7. Things are progressing with the UM3X. Active levelling was an issue, I think at least partially corrected going to the current firmware. But a new issue is emerged. Printing a simple, flat design, 0.2 layer height, 0.4 mm AA core, Ultimaker PLA. Bed at 60C and imaged at that temp, so correct (but slow to heat). Active levelling appeared to complete. The pictures tell the story. transparent in the middle, much too thick at the sides, as if overextruded. Eventually things settle down, but the final product has an uneven top layer. I'm aware the print head
  8. After some 20--30 minutes the printer just stopped. The nozzle was not moving. Display showed only info about remaining time. I tried to pause and restart the job -- nothing happened. After cancelling, the printer didn't drowe any axis. eventually it displayed error ER16, which is for Z-axis limiting. I drowe the axis manually and could hear the "click" nicely and clear. Just to be sure I cleaned and lubricated z-axis. 2 days later the same error. Any ideas how to search for the reason of this error? best regards UM3
  9. While the UM3X' project printer' is now passing all diagnostics and active levelling, I notice a significant difference in time to target heat for its bed vs my UM3 (non extended). My initial inspection doesn't show up any connection problems or signs of arcing, but I would like to be able to observe as much as I can. I'll have an imager on the unit for the next test, but as I also have a watt meter that I can put inline between the power supply and the mains outlet, I wondered if it would make sense to compare each of my printers' wattage during a heating cycle. Would it make se
  10. As part of the rebuilding of this printer I noticed the wires to the capacitive sensor were frayed. The white wire in the photo was down to one strand. Replacing the wire looks to be relatively straightforward, but given the nature of this sensor, I wanted to cross check if there is a specific gauge and type of wire needed for this link. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why our UMS5 would have a significantly worse print quality than our UM3 Extended? As shown in the picture (sorry if it is a little blurry), there are visible horizontal lines along the whole height of the print in the UM5 along with a vertical seam, whereas in the UM3E neither is present. Also, the indent in the cone towards the top is part of the print. I have double checked every setting in the advanced settings tab and they are the exact same on each printer, aside from I think the travel speed and one of the material temperat
  12. Hey Guys, I have a really strange issue. My UM3 second extruder will not load filament or move filament up it always pushes filment out. Even when i go to "move filament", no matter which way i turn the dial it always pushes filament down. Its very strange and I cant work out why.... I opened up the feeder box and there isnt any issues in there its all clean etc.. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Do Ultimakers have a thermal gradient in the build area? If i have an enlongated part to print, and i align it along the Y axis, should i expect warping in the back? (that's what i'm getting, w/o cooling). I tried to lower temperature, print outer walls before inner walls, the situation improved, and i believe the difference between front and back became even more apparent, as the front is now perfect and the back gets some warping, and it looks, also from the side, that there's even some curling of the layers. Side question: might this be also caused/exacerbated by enclosing the printer
  14. It started recently, it happens when the head move along the front to back axis. It happens around a specific position (see https://ufile.io/y60q1agm , roughly in the middle ), and more prominently when the head goes toward the back. Is this something known? I tried to lube the rails today, but it did not help for this issue. video.zip
  15. I would like to greet everyone in the forum! This is my first post. Our UM3 printer is struggling with the issue mentioned in the topic. (It was in service, the Ultimainboard was already replaced, but it didn't solved the problem.) The printing stops randomly after 12-13 hours printing time. The error message is misleading as there is no problem with the printhead. The problem is in the background that the +24V power line is switched off. I've put the printer in developer mode, so I could log in and check the logs while the printer is working and even when it is locked
  16. My ultimaker 3 extended is making a cracking sound right at the start of printing. I have a video of it in the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18QAjhxYC2Xy78odw2MmHF-RyHaRjvn3W/view?usp=sharing Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, Ibnul.
  17. Hi so i've been successfully printing (pretty much since print 1) with my ultimaker, quite intensly for a couple of weeks. Then i stopped using for a while, simply unplugged (with filament left in), and parked. Today, after a bit (4-5 weeks) i switched on again and tried to print. First thing i noticed is a slightly different sound and a somewhat slightly different autocalibration pattern. Then i notice that, while it used to autocalibrate with the (unused) printcore 2, now it uses the first printcore to calibrate. It also produces the print blob differently, making a much larger pu
  18. Hello, we had our UM3 Extended under maintenance at IGO3D. The printhead was replaced. As it turned out, this is a new version of the Silicon Nozzle Cover. The old ones don't fit anymore. There is a new version for the UM3 series. Contrary to a first statement, those from the UMS3 do not fit. Now ours is broken and we have not been able to produce for three weeks because Ultimaker cannot deliver this new cover. I think that's impossible !! We then bought a UM2 + Connect as a backup. But with its possibilities it does not come close to the UM3. Print image is worse! Th
  19. Hi guys, I have an Ultimaker 3 extend here and after a couple failed print with dual extrutions, the BB0.4 nozzle is blocked by the botched up PVAs and I cannot flush out the block with hot pull even after multiple attempts. Here are the photos showing how far the cleaning fillament will go in marked with a black marker. Any chance I can unblock the nozzle? thanks
  20. Another day, another adventure with this UM3X 'rescue printer'. I think I found at least some of what was causing failures with the 0.25 printcore, the axial fan was affected by debris wrapped around the shaft. I spent an hour removing what I could get at from the outside, it is better but still intermittent. Worse when the printer is hot, which suggests to me there is still something in there that is swelling or sticking when hot. I can't see anything further without removing the fan blade. Has anyone tried this? Would rather not break the thing entirely, at least
  21. I hope this finds everyone well! I've inherited an AA 0.25 print core, I don't know what material it was printing before I got it, but it seems unable to print with Ultimaker PLA, essentially behaving as though it is clogged. I've run through cleaning filaments, hot and cold pulls several times. The filament that I do get is much finer than I am used to seeing on my other .25, so I think something is still in there. Is it possible that some of the high temp filaments aren't cleared by the cleaning filament? Thanks for your thoughts!
  22. Hi Folks, 1. UM3+ connected to LAN via Wifi. Works great. Printing many jobs over network. 2. Cura app on both Mac and PC connect to printer just fine. I can manage printer and see camera stream via Cura AND web browser. 3. Apps on both iphone and iPad find the printer just fine. Clicking on the printer in the list on either device produces error: Can't connect to *my printer name* Your iPhone is connected to "Wi-Fi". 4. Verified the IP address of printer is within local device DHCP range of IP's. 5. Verified the iPhone and iPad are also within DHCP range of IP's.
  23. Hello, I would like to know witch parameters are affected when the print speed is modified on the fly while printing in the tune menu.
  24. Hallo i have a Ultimaker 3 Extended with a white Board I did not find the SD card slot. I tried to install a Bondtech extruder an after the restart I get this issue. The issue is that the printer stacks at the logo. I have a manual for the red board. But I nee one for the white. Who hat the same issue and know how to fix it. thanks a lot ronald
  25. The screen on my UM3 is totally black, but, I feel confident saying the board isn't bad since I can still navigate and hear the beep and response on the menu. Therefore, I've narrowed it down to the screen. However, it appears everyone sells everything except the screen for replacement parts yet I found tutorials with people who have them. Any help?
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