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Found 23 results

  1. I have an Ultimaker 3 extended and when I send a job to print, it starts well, until some time passes and the printer suddenly restarts and says that there has been an error with the printing, but I don't see any error code. I have noticed that before it restarts, the leds on the printer frame start to flash. This has also started to happen after upgrading to the latest firmware. Any idea what might happen and how to fix it? Thank you
  2. I have got a second handed ultimaker 3 extended printer and while running prints which take more than 7 to 8 hrs sometimes the filament is not extruding from the printcore and sometimes the filament is extruding but the printing of component is stopped in the middle and filament is just extruding and making a bush full of threads.The printcore i am using is AA 0.4 and i want to figure out the problem and i have done many changes in cura app.Can anybody give me any tips. Thanks in advance.
  3. Which spare parts for the 3/S3/S5 printers do people typically keep on hand? I'm not talking about things like build plates or print cores, but things like fans and other little odds and ends that can fail. I have to replace the axial (hot end) fan on my S5, so of course the printer is down until the new fan shows up later this week.
  4. My Printer is visible on the network you click on the printer to connect it shows connected to for about 10 seconds and drops off. it never goes away from being available as a connected to printer. the ability to print over network drops off. I have tried all the the updates and reboots. I don't know what to do. I have ultimaker 4.7.1 and 3 extended firmware
  5. Hi, I recently bought a used UM3, and I have two questions. First one is how long schould heating the build plate take. I think it takes very long, and if I want to print cpe+ it sometimes even times out stating it takes too long to heat the build plate. Second is about auto bedleveling. When the printer probes the bed, the nozzle doesnt just gently touch the buildplate, but the buildplate moves up against the nozzle so that the nozzle pushes the bed down into the springs by at least one mm. When printing after auto bedleveling the buildplate is far too high, causing the
  6. Hi guys, I have an Ultimaker 3 extend here and after a couple failed print with dual extrutions, the BB0.4 nozzle is blocked by the botched up PVAs and I cannot flush out the block with hot pull even after multiple attempts. Here are the photos showing how far the cleaning fillament will go in marked with a black marker. Any chance I can unblock the nozzle? thanks
  7. Hallo, Seit ein paar tagen habe ich ein Problem mit meinem UM3. Manchmal haftet der Druck nicht, Manchmal extrudert der Drucker nicht mehr. Ich hab Drucker bereits neu gestartet, hat Kurz Funktioniert und dann nicht mehr. Ausserdem Funtioniert der 2. Extruder nicht richtig, er druckt nur dünnere Fäden als normal. Was soll ich tun?
  8. HI, I do have issue with auto leveling in ultimaker extended. 1 of 3 times is OK, but other 2 times keeps getting this message. please see pix. Its happen in very beginning of leveling. First ultimaker measure 2nd head, and once it starting move z axis for 1st head it give that fault. but bed has not even touch bed. Hoe to fix or what is the reason ? Thank you
  9. Hallo everyone. I would like to ask you. I printed such a big object on my Ultimaker 3 with both extruders. In extruder 1 is PLA, Extruder 2 is PVA, because I will need de-solve the printed parts. Printed areas with Extruder 2 are really small comparing to areas printed by Extruder 1. I noticed, that PVA is not melted enough. So I checked the temperature on display and there is interesting thing. When printer print with Extruder 1, temperature on Extruder 2 is stable around 200 degrees. Only couple seconds before, when start to print Extruder 2, temperature start to increase to defined 240 deg
  10. It happens when jumps to another surface, that the direction the nozzle goes in, build up some piece of “stick”, which I tried to change a lot of settings with no help. It made some great mess on the hard angle printing. It still works pretty good on regular printing. Cleaning nozzle has no help on this issue.
  11. Just an idea. I don’t really like the glue bedding way. Thinking the pla can do bedding much better than nylon, so I used it as brims for the nylon bedding.. works pretty well! At least it holds it. Wondering if any material stick to the bed much better, that can be used as a better mix-bedding way. Otherwise, don’t know if there’s some material does not stick together well, and then it can be used on holding up the shape. Well, I don’t have any knowledge about it, just an idea...
  12. I love my Ultimaker 3E and I print mostly abrasive materials (Nylon CF). I have been happily running a Mosaic 1.75mm conversion kit in my #1 Extruder, stock 2.85mm in #2. Due to the abrasive materials I sent with dual Solex Hardcore AA and BB print cores using their ruby nozzles. Problem is, after about a year of use one print core I got a broken plastic body, the other a broken heat break. I have sent many emails and made many phone calls seeking to BUY replacement parts. No success and I don’t know what the status of their business is; TERRIBLE.
  13. I have now printed 2 of the same file and both time and only on this file the print has lost position, I am unsure whether it has hit something during the print, whether there is a motor/gear issue or whether it is a G-code issue. please see the pictures below. Any help would be massively appreciated, we have a critical job on and we need to figure out what is happened ASAP. Print was a 15 hour build using PET orange material with BASF material settings on the machine - not generic PET Feeder and gears have been tightened, we do have a a slightly rough bearing in the
  14. I updated to the latests Cura & the firmware from my S3 extended today & now Cura cant see the networked printer. I have been through the netwroking trouble shooting page twice now but no joy. The printer just doesnt show up even when its IP address is put directly into Cura. Any else seeing this problem with the latest updates?
  15. Hello everybody, this morning after a few weeks from my last print, I resumed operations with my UM3 again. Unfortunately as soon as it started to heat up the print bed, the printer rebooted itself. I tried a factory reset but nothing changed... then I found a similar topic on this forum suggesting to reduce the power budget parameter in the um3.json file from 221 to 200 (available via ssh in developer mode). After this change, the printer started to work again... btw the point of this topic is to better understand which are the pros and cons of this tweak. A
  16. Hello. I have the problem you see in the picture Those "jerkings", "Jumps", are afecting not only the looks, but the final size of the printing, and making it very hard to create components with the right tolerance. Even on square pieces, when it gets to the corners I get this kind of "niple". I don't get a straight angle. In this circles you can see, that every side, when ends, instead of moving smooth to the next segment/side, it has a jerk/overshooting like finishing. I have checked belts and they seem to be tight. Might be there any setting that I should look
  17. Hi All, I'm encountering calibration problems. I tried to calibrate manually, but at the moment I need to adjust the gap with the calibration card I'm confronted with a gap>4.0mm. For the record: when calibrating automatically, the endresult is a message to check my nozzle or the buildplate. the glass plate is shiny clean and the nozzle is empty and clean. Reading and searching for similar problems/topics with solutions, is not getting me very happy with all of the SW problems. And even when I want to load an older version it seems not to be possible, is it? I realy
  18. After a lot of searching through Cura settings, UM support pages, and community forums, I am embarrassed to say that I'm not sure how to get my new material from Cura over to my Ultimaker 3 so that it's added to the list of recognized material types for loading new spools. Isn't Cura supposed to send new materials over to the printer somehow? This didn't happen at the time I created the new material in the Preferences -> Materials tab, and it didn't happen when I sent the print job over to the printer, either. How do I force the materials to sync? I want to use my sp
  19. About a year ago, the company I work for got a Ultimaker 3 (E), but until about a month ago it was used and maintained by the IT guy. He recently left and I was put in charge of it. I didn't have any issues until I tried to do PVA with the BB 0.4 core. Right away, the print head started making a noise and nothing extruded. I've tried hot pulls and cold pulls for hours, but this clog doesn't seem to budge. Now, I got some cleaning filament to extrude from it, but it bubbles and stays on the nozzle. We've only ever used Ultimaker filament, but I'm not sure what material the old IT guy used with
  20. Recently purchased a refurbished ultimaker 3 (first 3d printer) and went to welcome setup. The first thing it did was bash into the back left corner. So I looked it up, performed the steps and found out it's the y limit switch. It makes the click but doesn't register. There doesn't seem to be any further information on how to resolve this on any of the other forum posts, and this website only redirects you to the troubleshooting page (with no solution in there) or the forums... anyone know how to actually get help with this?
  21. Hello Ultimaker community, I am relatively new to 3D printing and I am having trouble solving this problem! Below is an image of an assistive device I am trying to print but i am having trouble trying to print the support material! Within the blue circle there is supposed to be a layer of support material but for some reason it will not stick to the initial layer, and in red on the upper half of the green boarder the support material is very blobbled and not working well where on the lower half its working great! MY original print worked well then i made some edits and tried to rep
  22. Hello! I am relatively new to the 3D printing industry and am having trouble with my Ultimaker 3 2nd nozzle. I am almost certain it is clogged as no filament that comes out of it. I tried to do a hot and cold pull, as well as poking a needle in the end to try and break up any hardened filament and both do not appear to be working. Does anyone know how to unclog the nozzle?? i also read online that you can remove it, however most cites also say that you need to have the print nozzle clean before you can remove it so I am confused and stuck!
  23. Hi. Our compagny use a Ultimaker 3 ex for la long time (2 years) and this morning I witness a weird problem. I sent a 22 hours job print yesterday (small print). This morning, I was in front on the printer then suddently, it stop. Stop, meaning the the head stop moving, the top light shut down, the screen still continue his countdown too. I think it was still remaining 15 minutes to end the job. I think that LED of the head was OFF, so no heating too. So, for 10 minutes I let the countdown go. Just before the end I did touch the bed and found out that the Z-axi
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