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  1. My Ultimaker 3 Extended behaves strangely when I print tall prints (about 290mm and up to its maximum height measurement.) Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Watch the video I shot and you'll see what I mean.
  2. I have my computer connected by Ethernet cable to the apartment wifi. I have the printer connected by Ethernet cable as well to the same apartment. (In different rooms if it matters) With this configuration, I get the "Print via cloud" option on Ultimaker Cura, which means it is connected and good. However, when i go to my computer or phone browser and type in "http://153.33.XXX.XX:8080/?action=stream"(replace the x's with the correct numbers in my ip address) it doesn't show a camera preview, but it does show a preview when i use a VPN or cellular data. Is it possible to see the camera preview when on the same wifi network?
  3. Hello there, I have a UM3, his name is Lucas. He's quite old for its age. However, it worked as it should like the dear UM3 that it is. But last week, I left it unattended and PLA clogged up one of its extruders so bad that I had to take the print head apart completely. It is my fault I know, I thought I could put my UM3 back together, (just like how I do with the feeders at the back) but now I CAN'T! 😪 Is there a manual somewhere that I can follow on how to put a UM3 printhead together? I have attached an image of my crime scene. 😞 Thank you! Terri
  4. Good morning, do you know if it is possible to replace only the nozzle of the Print Core AA of an Ultimaker 3? If so, what would be the best procedure? Thank you very much
  5. As part of the rebuilding of this printer I noticed the wires to the capacitive sensor were frayed. The white wire in the photo was down to one strand. Replacing the wire looks to be relatively straightforward, but given the nature of this sensor, I wanted to cross check if there is a specific gauge and type of wire needed for this link. Thanks!
  6. Hi, so a question from a first timer in dual extrusions here: I tried to print a model of mine setting a cutting mesh for using the second extruder. First extruder is PLA, second extruder is TPU. The final result is pretty good, however i feel a misalignment between the two extruders: Cura shows perfect alignment in the preview, yet in the final model there seems to be a shift in the TPU part, leaving some sort of step on one side, and spilling out on the other. Is this a known problem of any sort? I thought of maybe printing it in another orientation, to see if that shift is also present in a different direction.. The printer is configured to do calibration before every print. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/6WBm8OC (somehow ffox/linux messes up with images uploaded directly to the forum) Edit: should i perhaps do XY calibration? (never done..) Edit2: I see that the calibration submenu has a "change xy offset" where i have +14 xoffset and +0 yoffset. Not sure if these are factory default or what. I will try to change the xoffset and try again. I assume these values in millimeters?
  7. We have a UM3 at work that I'm trying to get working. I think I've nailed down one of our issues to the front fan not running. If I heat a print core to 60 degrees via the menu, the fan does not start, and I measure 0 V at the connector on the back of the print head If I plug the front fan into a connector for one of the side fans, the fan spins up when I manually set the fan speed in the menu The front fan spins freely if I blow on it Should I just go ahead and order a new print head board, or is there something else I can try?
  8. Does anybody have advice My printer keeps saying "The build plate is taking too long to warm up" when I try to print CPE+ It is an ultimaker 3 I tried a new heatbed but it made no difference
  9. I need to replace the bed levelling spring (I lost one...) don't ask me how! where i can buy a new one?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm currently using Cura's timelapse feature (extensions > post-processing > modify g-code) to capture one camera image per layer. Since stringing occurs when the print head moves into the corner, I have set a retraction of 3mm within the timelapse function. Now, unfortunately, a strange behavior occurs during printing with no discernible pattern. After the print head moves back to the original position (after the photo is taken) the printer starts pulling the filament half way back to the feeder, only to move it back to the print head and continue printing. Sometimes this happens several layers in a row, sometimes not at all. In addition to higher completion times, the print head sometimes loses contact with the filament in the process because it does not push the filament back far enough, which means the print has to be aborted. I tested this on 2 UM3s - the problem occurs on both. Deleting the retraction in the timelapse function solves the issue, but it results in heavy stringing again, when the print head moves to the parking position. So I think the problem is either with the cura timelapse function (which I think is unlikely, since the problem does not occur with every layer) or the reason is some kind of exception handling of the printer, but I dont unterstand why ... BTW: The function insert this into the G-Code after every layer (I removed the command for triggering the internal camera, because i am using an external one): M83 ;Extrude Relative G1 F3000 E-3 ;Retract filament M82 ;Extrude Absolute M400 ;Wait for moves to finish G1 F3000 Z1.47 ;Z-Hop ;TimeLapse Begin G1 F9000 X0 Y190 ;Park print head M400 ;Wait for moves to finish ;Snap Photo G4 P700 ;Wait for camera G0 X91.72 Y82.72 Z0.47; Restore position M400 ;Wait for moves to finish M83 ;Extrude Relative G1 F3000 E3 ;Retract filament M82 ;Extrude Absolute Do you guys have any ideas why this happens? Do you have different solutions for retracting the filament? I am open to any idea. Best regards
  11. I can't do the active bed leveling I keep getting this message "The build plate is taking too long to warm up" I even installed a new heat bed but it did not help I have a door on the printer This was not a problem last winter We are in Knoxville Tennessee
  12. Hi, I am curently using an Ultimaker 3 EX at home and I have an issue with the camera not working (I don't know if it ever worked, the people who used it before me don't know if it worked). I installed the latest firmware, tried putting the printer on a DMZ in my router, I tried with LAN and Wifi and all I get is a black screen. Is there a way to debug the issue? UM3logs.zip
  13. Hi all, I recently started working with an ultimaker 3 extended and it works good overall, except that the display malfunctions very often. I attached a picture of the problem, but basicly what happens is that the interface shifts in the display (in the picture upwards, but this also occurs in left-right direction). Because I thought it might be a firmware error I tried updating from 5.0.3 to 7.0.3 via USB (wifi not possible), but the update crashes (picture of the frozen screen attached). It would be nice if the display would remain centered so I was wondering if anyone had any idea what the prblem could be and how i can update the firmware. Thanks in advance, M
  14. Hi All My Ultimaker 3 crashes at the start of bed levelling procedure. The printer starts up ok but as soon as the head starts to move towards the centre for the bed checking/levelling procedure it crashes badly, meaning complete shut down with power loss. I can move the bed up and down fine and there is no problem with charging filament. I have also have carried out the axis speed test - which was also fine. I have done a factory reset and also updated to the latest firmware. I would be really grateful for any ideas on what could be wrong. Cheers Tavs
  15. I have a couple of things, 1) what kind of part is the captured nut that holds on the filament drivers to the outside of the back of my UM3? Where could I get one/some? 2) I have a flanged up extruder that I can't get out. Images below. The filament is Amazon Basics PLA, and I pulled some of the excess filament off before it cooled. Yes it is an orange/red filament. Once I already had the problem I don't think there was a silicon cover for around the hole on extruder 1, and their was one on the second extruder that came off and I set aside after this happened. Any assistance is really appreciated. This is my printer at home, being retired, it is fun but frustrating to use!
  16. Hey there! I have been using Ultimakers for several years, and am having some trouble downloading my print data from the digital factory- At the bottom of the 'Analytics' page in the digital factory, I am trying to download my CSV file. When I open it, the data cuts off in January of this year. How can I get access to those 9 months on date between now and January? Is this a bug, or has this data been restricted to the enterprise subscription option? Thanks!
  17. Hello, my UM3 suddenly Won't Turn On. If i push the power button on i hear the fun working for 2-3 second and after that nothing happends. My display is off and the led on the round button also. I have checked the power supply. It seams to be ok. Also i open the motherboard case and i see the led indicator is on. Please some advise. Thanks
  18. After a few years of usage, the LCD display seems to have burn damage of being too much time idling in the main menu screen. I've seen the LCD modules for sale. Has anybody ever exchanged the LCD themselves? My question is if the LCD is easily changed and if there are some instructions to be found.
  19. I have a 4 year old Ultimaker 3 Extended printer that isn't clearing the Print finished screen if the option PRINT REMOVED is pressed. The button is lit and it makes the usual beep when pressed. I have tried turning off the printer for some time and restarting it, no effect. Basically I can't use the printer.
  20. Hi, My Ultimaker 3 has been producing inconsistent prints and my local print shop recommended I calibrate the E steps. The problem is that every single guide on E step calibrations is for other printers. with settings the Ultimaker 3 doesn't have. So how do I go about calibrating the E steps on my Ultimaker 3?
  21. Hi, Yesterday I bought a used Ultimaker 3 extended. As the seller wanted to show me the Printer, he accidently but in the power upside down. The Mainboard was damaged. Anyhow I bought the printer (for a reduced price) Some parts near the power switch burned. At least the Q4 = its4200s-me-n an some other parts - Multifuse F1. Maybe also Q5 As it look changing the board will be the fastest way. If I buy an Board (about € 250), I read, that I have to install the firmware and do some settings. => Where can I find the files and the description what to do? => Does a company sell a preconfigured MB? (can I order from Ultimaker or an UM-reseller) => What I have to take care? => Any chance to repair the board? The parts may cost € 10 And yes, I have the electronic double zero = license to drill (In Deutsch: Die Lizenz zum Löten) Thanks
  22. Hello, Is it possible to print using three materials (2.85 mm) or more with Ultimaker 3? I would like to print PLA of two different colors and PVA without manually pausing the print and changing filament. Is there any technique for this?. Also does the Ultimaker material station work for ultimaker 3 ?, because I know it supports the S5.
  23. Hello, I've use in the past UMS3 and had no problem see webcam feedback on local network and Digital Factory. Now on my UM3 i'm unable to see any image on local or Digital Factory. I've tested directly Cura + on different web browser but i only have a loading screen. I've followed few topic on this same problem but nothing resolve my problem. - I have a local IP, can connect to local webpage but no image stream - Keep showing loading with a blue circle moving. - Firmware 5.3.0 - Factory reset change nothing - Digital Factory reset, nothing change - Not working on iPhone app - Tested on Firefox, Chrome and Edge - Unplugged printer electrically Thank you!
  24. I don't expect a solution but I figured I would lay out what I have happening and see if anyone has suggestions. I manage a makerspace at a university and we have a workgroup of 4 UM3 connected through LAN, each with their own dedicated IP address. I have managed this group for about 5 years with only an occasional issue, until this week. The group of 4 UM3, initially they were on a mix of older firmware but with the issues, I updated them all to the latest "maintenance" firmware to rule out any incompatibility problems. I first noticed an issue when a printer was labeled as "Unreachable" in Cura 4.13.1 under the monitor tab. I restarted the printer and it would initially boot, show the Ultimaker logo, and then just a black screen and green ring around the controller circle. I let it sit for an hour but nothing. Eventually after a lot of experimenting, I realized that if I unplugged the LAN cable, the printer would start up as normal. I then plugged the LAN cable back in and it showed up in Cura, but...later it was unreachable again. That is when I thought maybe it was the differing firmware so I updated them all to 5.3.0. After the updates, they still wont boot with the LAN cables plugged in but I can unplug the LAN, boot them and plug them back in. Now they are all unreachable in CURA BUT I can still click on the camera and get a live video from each printer so the network must be working somewhat?!?! If I click on Manage Printer button in Cura, it launches a web browser and then I choose "Print Jobs" tab in Ultimaker Digital Factory, they all show "This printer currently can't be reached" but once in a while, one will connect and then disconnect again almost immediately. My next step is to maybe take them home or somewhere where I can put them on another network to see if it's a network issue or a printer group but I really don't want to go through that amount of troubleshooting if someone had a better idea. I plugged my laptop into the LAN cable and my computer got out into the network without an issue so I don't think it's that. I was also thinking of trying to use the WIFI grouping but setting up that in the University is a bit of an issue since me have to register each device and I don't think I could keep a specific IP address for each printer or at least the amount of work it would entail seems greater than figuring out why the LAN that was rock solid for 5 years now won't work.
  25. I am getting a few UM3's back up and running after a year hiatus. I have gotten all but 1 back up. Print core does not go up/down enough. I found that the stationary plastic bit that the switch rides on top of inside the printhead had broken off. Is there a way to fix this issue without replacing the whole printhead? IMG_6727 is from a working unit and IMG_6728 is from the one that does not work.
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