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  1. My Ultimaker 3 Extended is having trouble printing with printcore 2. I have auto leveled twice with the same result. The nozzle is so close to the build plate that filament won't extrude. It does not scratch the glass but the glue is wiped clean. I have verified the nozzle is not blocked - it extrudes when changing or loading filament and I have done a cold pull with a clean filament end coming out. Printcore 1 prints fine. How do I fix this?
  2. Hi everybody, I had this nag message that I should not print tPLA on a BB printcore. Cool, but I am not doing that so stop reminding me. Then I "changed printcores" . I took out the AA, waited, and put it back in. UM3 says a BB printcore was inserted. So UM3 thinks I have an AA printcore at extruder1, while really there is an AA present. Someone knows whats going on? BTW, prints fine. best rtegards, Maarten
  3. My printheads seem to be drastically off right now -- you can see that most easily in the priming tower (upper right) where the circles are off in both the X and Y directions. Running a calibration shows the same sort of offset, although I haven't tried enter the "17s" and "18s" it would take to straighten this out. This happened after my upgrade to Cura 4.12.1. My prints over the last few weeks have been single head prints, so it's possible this happened before, but it seems like quite a coincidence. I also did 3 straight cold pull cleanings on printhead 2 (The first 2 tries the filament broke. Third was a hard pull, but I've done many cold pulls in the past without seeing this kind of offset problem) before this print. Is anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions other than trying the crazy offsets?
  4. This is really a two part question. 1. Does it make sense to give my UM3 Extended printer abrasive material capability? 2. Will Cura recognize the new PrintCore CC with my UM3 Extended printer? I already have a Bondtech extruder. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I have UM3 and am looking to service it soon, one thing that I have noticed is the capacitive sensor red wire has frayed holding on by one or two strands of wire. I will need to replace the capacitive sensor and wires, and while at it replace the linear bearings and a few other items i.e. nozzle silicone pads. I have been trying to find UK Ultimaker partners that sell the full range of spares, I found a few in the Netherlands that do not ship to the UK. Can anybody list the suppliers in the UK?
  6. Hi there, I'm having an issue with the active leveling of my UM3. The active leveling sequence goes completely as planned, no abnormal behaviour whatsover. However, when I then start a print the printer seems to have "forgotten" the data because the nozzles gets pushed into the bed (about as far as it does when active leveling). because of this the nozzles doesn't extrude any filament whatsover. This happens every time I try active leveling. About a year and a half ago I replaced the capacitive board & cable because I thought it broke (wasn't there when it happened but the active leveling actually shattered my bed). After that it worked fine for a few months but then the active leveling started acting up. At the time I didn't want to do anything about it because the manual leveling worked fine but now I just want the active leveling to work. btw, I have tried active leveling and printing with the front fan disconnected (read on the ultimaker support website that it could cause interference) but that did not help unfortunately. Thanks in advance!
  7. I print with ASA a lot and when I load filament the choice on filaments does not include ASA. So I generally choose nylon so the print head is nice and hot Is this the right thing to do? Is there a firmware update that includes ASA as a profile so that I do not get warnings THanks
  8. Turned on my UM3 and updated to Firmware 5.3 Spent the next couple of days trying to troubleshoot a nozzle offset issue (Another bag worms I'll get to, if I can get the printer to respond) After a few hours of "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat".... the printer no longer responded to "Print over Network" command. Cura gave the "successfully sent to the printer" message but nothing showed up in the queue and the printer didn't budge! I was on my home wifi so I decided to hardwire into the router. Made the necessary changes to give a new IP and reconnected through Cura. That allowed me to continue "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat" for a few hours..... and then the same thing happened. The "Print over Network" command stopped registering. Again, Cura gave the "successfully sent" message but nothing in the queue and the printer didn't budge. I was more concerned with the nozzle issue so I started saving the gcode to a flash drive and printing from there. I continued the "print/watch it fail/adjust Cura settings/repeat" cycle .... until the printer started being picky about the jobs it would start. Example: I saved gcode to the flash drive called "1LayerAA.gcode", and "2LayerBB.gcode" From the printer menu I'd select "1LayerAA.gcode" and it would start printing. But if I tried to select "2LayerBB.gcode" the screen would go to the "Printing" screen for half a second and then return to the main menu. After a few of these go arounds, I decided to delete all the files from my flash drive and generate new gcodes. Now it wont print anything! It always goes to Printing X.gcode screen for a split second then out to the main menu. In the Ultimaker "Digital factory" I can see the printer and it's print jobs queue (empty) AND I can even select "Identify Printer" and my UM3 will flash it's lights and blink! I downgraded to 5.2.16 through the printer (Maintenance - Update Firmware - Test Version) Still no response to print jobs. I RE-upgraded back to 5.3 through the printer. After it was done installing it stayed on a blank (black) screen but it was connected to the network because I could see it through Cura and "Digital Factory" AND I could Identify it! I turned off the power. Disconnected the IEC power cable from the power supply for ten minutes. (Read somewhere something about that) Reconnected. Powered UM3 back up. Still nothing...... Is this Hardware, Firmware,or Software?!? Suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello. Hopefully someone can help me. I bought a used ultimaker 3 about a month ago. I replaced the led light strips as they were turning yellow. Also replaced the front screen due to burn in. All has been well since with many prints successfully. Last night I turned the printer off, and now today it wont turn back on. I checked the following: Made sure all cables were secure Tested power supply for 24v No signs of burn marks on white control board Green led on white board and red led on olimex board come on Tried plugging in a HDMI cable to my TV, nothing Tried making a boot disk per gr5 instructions, nothing Fan comes on for 3 seconds after switching power, but nothing else works, completely dead I just ordered an olimex cable but not confident that will help anything
  10. From yesterday I cannot print anymore on my UM3x: every time I start a new print (even - tried - some cloud prints that worked perfectly some months ago), while heating up the cores or - in some (latest) cases - during the subsequent auto levelling, the printer resets. I've done a sample video of the behaviour (during heat up): Tried yesterday and today... 10 times, same behaviour. The very last time it seemed to have managed to finish the auto levelling but... on the last check, it did reset. My UM3 and Cura are up to date to the very latest versions (as of yesterday). To note, it's the first time I was printing after the latest UM3x firmware update (5.3.0, coming from 5.2.16). I tried to keep the power adapter detached for 1 hour, to understand if there's a problem with the power brick. But no positive changes. During the heat up I see the led lights "blinking a bit", as if there was some power problem. I'm afraid there's something bad on electronics... How might I do? I saved my UM3 log files on attached ZIP file. Any ideas... really welcome! UM3x_Logs-2021-11-14.zip
  11. I ran into an issue today that stumped me. The print core cooling fan stopped working today and I assumed I would have to replace it as I have before. But when I plug it into one of the part cooling fan ports it powers without issue. So I assume its not receiving enough power from the board? Additionally when it is plugged into the correct port it doesn't start to spin on its own, but if I manually spin it it will continue to spin on its own power at an extremely low RPM which makes this a bit more confusing for me. Thanks for any input you guys have!
  12. Along with the bottom end of the head unit. Printing ASA, and lost bed adhesion. Melted filament got pushed up into the silicone shield, pushed it out of the way, and encased the hotend. Had to take the whole head assembly apart to get it out, which also required destroying some sensor wires (encased in ASA). I cannot get the hotend out of the metal bottom plate. Does anyone have any ideas on what I might try? I guess I should write off the hotend, and just cut it out or something? Or maybe put it in the oven to heat up the ASA and pull it out with pliers?
  13. After a lot of searching through Cura settings, UM support pages, and community forums, I am embarrassed to say that I'm not sure how to get my new material from Cura over to my Ultimaker 3 so that it's added to the list of recognized material types for loading new spools. Isn't Cura supposed to send new materials over to the printer somehow? This didn't happen at the time I created the new material in the Preferences -> Materials tab, and it didn't happen when I sent the print job over to the printer, either. How do I force the materials to sync? I want to use my spool of MatterHackers HIPS 2.85mm as a support filament for Extruder 2. (Extruder 1 contains MatterHackers PETG 1.75mm through a Mosaic 1.75mm->2.85mm adapter.) Here is what I did: Set my active extruder to Extruder 1 in order to be able to see 1.75mm diameter filaments in Cura Preferences -> Materials. Duplicated the "Generic HIPS" material in Cura 4.7 beta. Changed its diameter to 2.85mm and updated its name and several other settings. In order to be able to view the material again after changing its diameter, I had to switch the active extruder to Extruder 2. Changed the active extruder back to Extruder 1. Started the print. Saw the message on the printer about needing to load materials "HIPS". Placed the spool onto the printer, pressed Select Manually, scrolled through the list of available materials, and did not see HIPS. What am I doing wrong here? What's the right way to get new materials over to the printer? Thanks!
  14. My Ultimaker 3 started to randomly abort print jobs and melts the printcore onto the object which is printed. After that the Printer just display that the print is failed and ask to clean out the print. (No error messages or similiar) I already tried different objects to print and different ways of printing so via Network or USB. I also already reseted the printer via a sd-card. But the problem keeps appearing with no recognizable pattern and with all print jobs Can anybody help me or has some tips how to solve this problem ? I also added the logs of the last failures at the attachment. Thanks already, Lucas ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004478.5.3.0.boot-2.log ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004478.5.3.0.boot-1.log
  15. Hello, I have recieved olimex board for my ultimaker 3, but now in cura it recognize as ultimker 3 extended, may be anybody know how to fix it ?
  16. We have a 3 Extended. The short Y-axis linear bearing has gone bad. It is a LMK6. All of the replacement bearings I have found seem to have a 12mm OD. The one on the machine has a 10mm OD. Has anyone found a replacement for these 10mm OD bearings? TIA
  17. Hi All, There where several issues with the printer so the complete PrintHead has been changed. After doing the auto Z-Calibration , the Printer was printing about 5mm above the bed. Then I did the manual calibration with the 1mm calibration card, same error. Also loosen the screws of the bed to the maximum does not help, the distance between the nozzle and the bed still about 5mm. Spindle of the bed is not loose ! is there a solution here, apart from loosening the screws after calibrating? Thank you
  18. Hello together I have a Problem with my Ultimaker 3. He doesn't boot anymoore. I try a recovery Image but it doesn't work. I oped the 3D printer and i saw a Olimex Board was bulid in. I boot the board with a Serial connection and i only see in the console "U-Boot SPL 2016.05-ultimaker-00017-g68b3b1c (Apr 09 2018 - 14:28:14) CPU: 912000000Hz, AXI/AHB/APB: 3/2/2 DRAM: " The Board stop now every time after DRAM: Do you have any idea how to fix the problem without replacing the board?
  19. I was printing stuff just fine, but all of a sudden my prints come out like garbage, and i cant figure out why, the support doesnt print like it should, the warpping is biblical and every one out there seems to only print in PLA which has no warping. Im printing Nylon. also the corners are not sharp at all the top of the print is off even though i use auto leveling. obviously im doing everything wrong. so where do i start , to the belts need to be replaced or what? i will print a cube to show u the results. thanks for reading my incoherent rant!
  20. Hi there I tried to omission an older Ultimaker 3 I've took over from my predecessor. After many failed try outs with the existing print cores and materials I did a general maintenance. I ordered a maintenance kit and new AA & BB Print cores. I did all the maintenance steps suggested under https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003440320-Maintenance despite the exchange of the axial Fan and the manual leveling wit the calibration card. I ordered new Printing Material Ultimaker dark grey CPE and Ultimaker natural PVA. After all that and installing the material according to the manual it tired a test print with a file from the net. The out come is very disappointing. The PVA is crumbling (and I used a new batch to make sure there's no moisture or sunlight damage). The CPE stopped printing soon, the bowden tube jumped out (the AA core is totally plugged) and the CPE was winding up outside the printers back. I used the standard setting's for this material, at least I think that. I attached the project file. CPE Temperature 240°C PVA Temperature 215°C On the picture you'll see the debris created by the PVA. The support structure in front is not properly attached to the grey ground layer. The CPE itself should be on the same height like the PVA, but it stopped due plugging very early. What else can I do? (I invested quite some working hours in that machine in I considering to light it on fire by now....) Thanks in advance Pascal UM3_3D_Printer_test_fixed_stl_3rd_gen.3mf
  21. After not using my UM 3 for about 3 months i switched on my UM3 this morning. Directly after switching on i can hear the fan running for about a second but the printer does not switch on. Any suggestions?
  22. Hello everyone, I first need to say I'm a full beginner with 3D impression. I set my hands on a printer that was working properly, I tried changing material, and that was the beginning of the end... After having unclogged the print core, I thought I could resend impressions with the initial PLA, the one that worked well. Well it doesn't anymore, while the first printcore is extruding, when the second crosses over the material that has been laid on the plate, it scratches it and messes everything up. I tried setting up the temperature of the hotbed, using a bit of fixative, diminishing printing velocity....Last I tried downloading the latest firmware, because in the meantime I downloaded Cura 4.11 so I figured maybe the new version of Cura did not work well with the old version of the Ultimkaer 3 firmware. I was wondering if I had repositioned print core 1 neatly after dismounting it, but I looked at a few pictures, and it seems that Ultimaker 3 does have a slight height difference between print core 1 and print core 2, right ? If you have advices, I would be very happy :)
  23. Hi everyone, I am a beginner in 3D printing and recently encountered an issue with slicing my model. I have to enable only extruder 2 as extruder 1 is damaged. The printer model is Ultimaker-3 extended. However, I am constantly encountering the issue: "Unable to slice, Please review your settings and check if your models: 1) Fit within the build volume 2) Are assigned to an enabled extruder 3) Are not all set as modifier meshes. I have been playing around with the settings menu and changing the orientation but to no avail as I am still rather new to 3D printing. Seeking everyone's kind guidance on this matter.
  24. I have an UM3 and my display started to loose intensity. I therefore got a replacement display I put in last night. The display apparently came up fine with a crisp clear image, but I was only able to operate the menu 3-5s after the bootup had finished before the menus froze. When I put back the old display everything was fine (except the display intensity) and nothing froze. The two displays are apparently identical in terms of mfg part number. So, a replacement display makes my UM3 freeze. Defect display of anything steps to countermeasure this?
  25. Hi, so you know when you send a job the to the printer, it calibrates, then heats up the print cores etc. but when it starts the "poop" does not stop coming. I do not know why but I need quite a lot of help here. Kind regards, Max.
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