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  1. For a while now, our 3 Ext hasn't been able to load any of the files we have given it. We use Cura and place the gcode-file on a USB which we then put into the 3 Ext and usually it works just fine, the way it should, but it seems to not work anymore in the sense that when we try to read some of the files through the printer it keeps showing "Loading.." when hovering over a file, then when you try to start the print by clicking the file it says "preparing..." for a brief frigment of a second and then goes back to the main display. No matter how long we wait, it doesn't load, not even when looking for a firmware update, even then it just says "Checking for updates..." for literally hours and still nothing (Current version; 5.3.0) We've tried a couple of things, but none have succeeded and we aren't sure what else to do. Anyone had or heard of this problem before, and can (try to) help?
  2. Hi, My U3e acting weird recently. The Printcore 2 switching movement has some offset, it does not move to where it should click to that plastic tab, instead of it does the movement few centimeter further. Therefore it does not click/switch, just moves in the air. I tried in the diagnostic menu, switch test, the result is the same. I reset the printer loaded the firmware again and it is the same. I guess this gives me the leveling failure, because the core 2 is always retracted...but maybe not. When I send a file to the printer it starts to heat up and does the leveling. But that fails because the core2 is scratching the glass hard. I have tried manual leveling, but the rear, third leveling screw is already out of the tread, I can not raise the table more. I have Bondtech feeders installed, and after firmware update the necessary settings were changed (feed speed, tube length, step/mm) I dont think this affect the step motor movements for x,y,z, cores and bed. Can you guys help me, or tell me what should I do to have my printer back to normal? Thank you
  3. Hi, I have been printing with PVA and PLA and the powden tube popped out during the last print. Luckily the print didn't fail completely. But how can I stop this from happening?
  4. I have Ultimaker S5 and Ultimaker 3, The ultimaker 3 has problem in recognition the cores, I test the cores on the S5 no problem is the problem maybe in the um2012 board?
  5. Good morning everyone. I've seen some posts on this error, including some that resemble what I am seeing, but I didn't see a resolution, so hoping to tap someone's memory here. I have a UM3 running old firmware (4.3.3), printing ASA using (mostly) ABS settings. AA0.4 at 245C, print bed at 90C. Print speed 50 mm/s. The first print got an ER17 about 10 minutes into the print, while still laying down brim, lights shut down, head stopped moving, control panel suggested print was ongoing. No error posted until I cancelled the print. I lowered the temps a bit, tried it again, this time it stopped, same mode, part way through the first line of brim. First time encountering this error. I did have the printer wrapped to contain heat and also use a UPS (battery brick) as my power bar. I don't know if I am causing my own overheat, if the board is failing, or if the UPS is somehow starving the machine. I had a PLA print of the exact same model go fine two days ago, so will try that again and see if it's linked to higher power. Thoughts? Thanks! John
  6. Hello. I am currently using Ultimaker 3. Recently I had some problems with WiFi connection, so I upgraded the firmware to the latest version(5.3.0). After the upgrade, the WiFi function is working properly. However, when I try to connect the printer to my DigitalFactory, the 6 digit code(Step 4) is not showing up on the printer display. I also am using Ultimaker S5 and it works fine with the same feature which means there is no problem on the network port. Is anyone having similar problem as me and is there any solution for this problem? What I tried: How to connect your printers to the Digital Factory – Ultimaker Support
  7. So i had some issues with my UM3 disconnecting from wifi earlier. It seems better after doing a factory reset but now i can only see it as connected on the cloud, even though i am on the same network with my computer. My UM app on my phone can still see it as connected to the network. Is this a setting in cura i have missed or is there something wrong?
  8. I received this printer for free as it is no longer functional. I am trying to bring this unit back to life. When I power on the machine, the knob turns green, I hear one faint beep and then the bright lights come on and then nothing else happens. The LCD screen never comes on. I have taken off all of the control board covers to check for loose wires and everything seems to be in place. I have tried connecting the printer to network via LAN and no machine shows up in Cura. Does anyone else have any troubleshooting advice? Thanks in advance
  9. I print with ASA a lot and when I load filament the choice on filaments does not include ASA. So I generally choose nylon so the print head is nice and hot Is this the right thing to do? Is there a firmware update that includes ASA as a profile so that I do not get warnings THanks
  10. Hi, I noticed one of my nozzles had a broken clip. Since I have pretty much every nozzle possible twice, I sure hope no others will develop the same problem. (or someone dropped it and didn't say anything) Is this an available spare part? Can you print it yourself? is there an STL? Cheers, Richard
  11. Hello - question for those familiar with the original UM3 I was servicing my UM3 for an issue with intermittent WiFi connection problems: printer would be fine but every so often would lose connection ("Printer Unreachable" error in Cura Digital Factory monitoring screen) as well as not be able to generate a WiFi hotspot during WiFi setup on the machine. Would need to restart the machine, and then would work again for a while until it didn't. I finally opened the underside and upon examining the WiFi daughterboard that is attached on the main board via a 5-pin connector, I noticed it was very loose and assumed it must be losing contact with the pins at arrow "A" over time due to vibrations during printing and such. I did an old fanning technique on the pins to make them fit more snugly in their female receptacle on the main board and secured it with tape. Since then several days with no issues so I think the source problem has been addressed (fingers crossed). However I was surprised to see that in my machine it was ONLY this connection that was holding the board in place. I did see a hole going through standoffs at arrow "B" and my feeling is there is supposed to be a screw here? Also the circuit board trace would suggest this screw would provide a chassis ground for the board. Can anyone please confirm? And if so, what is the size of the missing screw so I can replace it? Thanking you in advance.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have ultimaker 3 Ext that I have been using since last 4 years for my R&D work. I use it only 3-4 times in a month. So its relatively new machine only. Since last two weeks I am struggling to print an important part.. The moment I print, the printer restarts after about 4-5 sec. The movement is seized immediately.. I have tried to heat the build plate & that works fine .. I have run switching test diagnostics & that runs fine.. However, when I tried to run active levelling it does give the same problem & restarts in about 4-5 secs.. Can anyone please advise some solution ? Thanks you very much
  13. After a lot of searching through Cura settings, UM support pages, and community forums, I am embarrassed to say that I'm not sure how to get my new material from Cura over to my Ultimaker 3 so that it's added to the list of recognized material types for loading new spools. Isn't Cura supposed to send new materials over to the printer somehow? This didn't happen at the time I created the new material in the Preferences -> Materials tab, and it didn't happen when I sent the print job over to the printer, either. How do I force the materials to sync? I want to use my spool of MatterHackers HIPS 2.85mm as a support filament for Extruder 2. (Extruder 1 contains MatterHackers PETG 1.75mm through a Mosaic 1.75mm->2.85mm adapter.) Here is what I did: Set my active extruder to Extruder 1 in order to be able to see 1.75mm diameter filaments in Cura Preferences -> Materials. Duplicated the "Generic HIPS" material in Cura 4.7 beta. Changed its diameter to 2.85mm and updated its name and several other settings. In order to be able to view the material again after changing its diameter, I had to switch the active extruder to Extruder 2. Changed the active extruder back to Extruder 1. Started the print. Saw the message on the printer about needing to load materials "HIPS". Placed the spool onto the printer, pressed Select Manually, scrolled through the list of available materials, and did not see HIPS. What am I doing wrong here? What's the right way to get new materials over to the printer? Thanks!
  14. I wanted to get the community's option on something. The glass bed, by itself, makes the bottom of the print shiny, Its a bit difficult to get it to stay uniformly on the bed so I add glue stick. The one thing though is if its not even, it leaves the texture on the bottom or can leave a mix of shiny and matte, looking like grease. What would you say is the best way to get either a uniform matte layer or to get the bottom layer look like the top layer of a flat print? do the adhesive sheets help with that? A different print bed? Hair spray? What do you think works best?
  15. I am asking for an acquaintance who has a UM3 Extended. The issue is that when printing lines that are parallel to the x or y axis, the printer is making a grinding noise. I am told that re-orienting the print in Cura so that the walls are at an angle (i.e., both x and y motors would be running to print a 45-degree line across the print bed) the grinding goes away. This makes no sense to me. I hope to get to check it out personally, but figured someone here might know what could cause such a condition. Thanks in advance for any help! UPDATE: I went to see the machine in action. Indeed with even a small change in the alignment of the model the machine prints as smooth and quiet as the day it came out of the box. Examining and thinking about it a bit more, my current idea is that as the slicer sets (and the hardware attempts to maintain) a print speed, when nozzle is moving strictly parallel to either x or y axis, the respective motor must move the gantry at the desired speed on it's own. When, however, the head is moving in both x and y axis, each motor can contribute a lower component velocity according to angle and the "hypotenuse" vector of print head speed. Therefor the motor has less friction to overcome and would possibly not be as noisy. The owner of the machine said she contacted Ultimakers support people and they suggest that she disassemble the machine and lubricate the motors. So that would fit with this assessment that the motors are not able to function at their peak speeds anymore. The test will be to make a print job that forces slower print speeds but maintains the orientation that is normal to the x-y axis.
  16. The parts coming off of our UM3 are different in the X and Y axis. For example. I have a round part here that's 1.255" in one axis and 1.233" in the other axis. Is there a way to correct this differently in the X versus the Y direction? I'd just update the e-steps on my DIY printer. Thanks!
  17. I'm using an Ultimaker 3 and have had some previous power supply issues (printer would restart during the plate heating up process of starting a print). I've found a work around this by setting the plate heat to 60C before starting a print. This skips the plate heating step at the beginning of the print and allows the print to begin. The print now starts, the first layer prints well and when the second layer started, the print core fans turn on normally. However, after about a minute or so into printing the second layer, the printer turns off with no warning, then slowly restarts and shows the message "Print failed. Remove the print from the build plate." So it was able to start the second layer, the print core fans were able to turn on and run while still printing, but the system was not able to complete the second layer or the print. I have cleaned the print cores, made sure my material is okay, but think it might be a power supply issue? This is already a replacement power supply because when the original is used, the printer does not initialize, no menu screen, no lights, and the fans for the print head appear to speed up and slow down continuously. The printer never shows the main menu. Thank you!
  18. I've read that they use the same chip for network and that there should not be any differences between them. Our UM3 does not want to connect, but our S5 works perfectly. We do use a school network with eduroam that sometimes needs verification. However, it is weird that it works for the S5 but not the 3. Any idea?
  19. Hi, I'm having problems with either CURA or my ultimaker S5 and UM3 printers printing parts oversized, for instance a dimension modelled at 19mm is actually coming out as 19.28mm, a dimension dimensioned at 6.36mm comes out as 6.78mm. This means nothing fits together and sliding surfaces just jam. I'm trying to develop spacecraft mechanisms and trial them with 3d printed parts, but it's just not working and in fact the metal prototype parts are being delivered before I can get the plastic models working. I'm using 0.4 nozzles, mostly standard settings. I also have access to a stratasys and makerbot method X, both of which are printing my parts more accuracy than the Ultimakers are. Is there a simple setting to tune the size of parts, obviously scale won't work. I am no 3d printing guru and I have very little time, I just need them to work. Thanks people
  20. Hello. I cant see the new print core in cura now. My problem is i want to print with Ultrafuse PAHT CF15 and insert a print core CC 0.6. Actually do i have problems with cura program that didnot knowing print core CC 0.6 and Ultimaker3 know printcore but shows that matirial is not good for this core? How can i solve this problems?
  21. Hello out there! Just a short Question, is it possible or better, has anybody Experiences to print the Support Structure with the AA-Printcore? Thanks in Advance for Posts. ;_))
  22. Hi! My school, which I am helping, currently has 5 3D printers that we use for education. Currently, the printers can only be accessed via USB however this is really slow. We've looked into setting up Digital Factory on at least our Ultimaker Printers but the network department considers it as a major security risk. We use eduroam for wifi verification. My plan is to connect a Raspberry Pi to the school network and share the internet connection via an ethernet cable hooked up to a router. The printers can then connect to the router and should have access to the school wifi without creating any security risks. Raspberry Pi -> Ethernet Cable -> Router => Printers Does this seem like a reliable option? Another idea is using a 4G modem connected to a router instead. Therefore bypassing the school network all together.
  23. Is there a way I can control the printer's control button remotely via the network, eg activate Print Removed and the like. My Ultimaker 3 extended is located in a workshop and I design in my office 50 mr. away. Of course I have to pass the printer to remove the print, but if I have aborted a print remote, for example, I also have to pass the printer to press Ok and that is quite annoying. Best Regards BGS
  24. Hello, I recently stumbled upon a problem with my Ultimaker 3 (ext) which is that the printer would not allow anyone to print over the network (using Cura), but works completely fine when using a USB and having it print that way. I When slicing and clicking "Print over network" Cura successfully loads the data and sends it to the printer, but the printer does not seem to respond in any way... I also do not get any error message. worth noting: 1. I've tried on several computers 2. I've updated the firmware on the printer and the cura software on the computers 3. The printer is assigned a static IP which was done through ssh connecting to the printer and using connman to configure the IP. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, how did you fix it?
  25. Hi, I am printing with tPLA on my S3. Used to go fine until I tried to print this. Been pulling out my hairs all day. I set temp to 225, and initial layer height at 0.15. (tried other heights too, nothing works), Supports everywhere, brim. With hand leveling the first layer does not attach, with active leveling is mostly does. But after that I get only a few poor little sprigs instead of harmonica support structure. Could anyone tell me what's going on? Filament is original UM. Thanks, Maarten
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