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  1. Bonsoir à tous, Il y a environ deux ou trois semaines, j’ai changé ma buse de 0,4 mm pour une buse de 0,8 mm. J’ai en effet changé de buse afin d’obtenir des gains de temps sur mes impressions sans pour autant sacrifier totalement la qualité de celles-ci — bien que l’utilisation d’une telle taille de buse puisse impacter un peu l’aspect visuel des pièces. Seulement voilà, j’ai vite commencé à rencontrer des problèmes non-négligeables rendant souvent les pièces méconnaissables — par rapport au dessin de base et à l’aperçu du slicer. Je ne sais pas trop commen
  2. It is often not so clear how to use 3rd party materials with the UM3 or S5 printers. So I want to give some hints and answers to the common problems and questions. Ultimaker materials Ultimaker materials come with an NFC tag in the spool and the printer is able to read the NFC tag and can detect the material and color during the loading process. Internally the NFC tag contains a unique ID which is then matched against a material database or something like that in the printer software. So if you have loaded UM material which was automatically detected by the printer, then
  3. I inhereted gcode models from a previous colleague. However, the models are no where to be found. I'm trying to see if I can export the model from the gcode file. I've tried stl, obj, etc. but keep getting an error message, "There is no mesh to write". Does anyone have any suggestions? How can I export the data to a usable format? This was created with the Ultimaker 2, and we now have the Ultimaker 3. There is no separation in filament types. The current model allows for a dissolve-able filament, while the previous one didn't (to the best of my knowledge). I've also seen th
  4. Does anyone knows if it´s possible to create own nfc tags for the UM3? The tags from the UM spools can be read from my Samsung S7, but the data format is unknown.
  5. I want to connect the Ultimaker 3 to our LAN at work, however we use static IP addresses only - the server doesn't use DHCP, and there is no WiFi available (for security reasons). Is it possible to configure the IP address, Subnet mask, and Gateway info on the Ultimaker 3 manually?
  6. I purchased the DDG Bondtech extruders due to worn out feeder wheels from abrasive material. My issue is I am having difficulty getting in to change the new updated firmware; 5.2.11 that is now installed. I have followed Bondtech's instructions; https://www.bondtech.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Bondtech-DDG-Ultimaker-V2.0.pdf I am on page 10 in this manual and I am successfully connected to my UM3+ printer (in developer mode) and there is no command line associated with my 5.2.11 firmware download. The manual offers to copy and paste one of the command
  7. Moin, ich habe seit einiger Zeit störende Geräusche bei meinem UM3, hauptsächlich in der X-Achse die ich nicht lösen kann. Ich habe die beiden Lager X und Y Achse im Druckkopf erneuert. Riemenspannung der Achsen geprüft Riemenspannung der kleinen Riemen / Motor geprüft Achsspiel geprüft. Kalibrierung ist perfekt. Wenn ich mir das Druckbild anschaue, dann ist auch laut IGO3D Support ein Ringing zu sehen, was ja wohl auf Vibration bzw Achsspiel hinweisst. Mit anderen Worten ich weiss nicht mehr weiter. Der Drucker is
  8. Copied from someone else - I didn't write 99% of what is below but I think it's very useful - especially if you are messing with json files on your UM3 and it stops booting. you'll find a recovery image here: recovery.img. You can install this update by putting this image in a micro sd card - but don't just copy the file there you have to do a special process to make it a bootable sd card. here is a nice guide on putting a disk image on a sd card: https://www.hifiberry.com/build/documentation/create-sd-card-from-img-file/ If you are working with MacOS, you can better use ApplePie baker:
  9. Dear All, I hope that you can help me to solve my printing problem. I want to print multiple slider in one "go" and in the past this worked with an acceptable result. Now, the print gradually gets more and more holes. How can this be happen? Do you have an idea? I am using: Ultimaker 3 extended Ultimaker TPU95, white Cura 4.7.1 (although the file might be one version earlier) The Cura file as well as a photo are both attached. I performed already multiple prints prior, using or not using the "support" function/ same material as wel
  10. I have about 1Kg PLA from the old 3D printer and I made a profile for it in Cura. But when I try to print over network I get "Change Material 1 from PLA (Generic) to Unknown." Where do I change this? On UM3 there is no material option called "Unknown" in any of the menues. As I understand it, the material profile is sent by Cura together with the print job, right? EDIT: If I instead save the print job to the USB flash drive and print from there, it doesn't complain at all?!? Is there a bug in Network printing?
  11. Bonjour à tous, Étant « apprenti maker » j’aurais besoin de pas mal de conseils et de retours d’expériences de votre part me permettant de résoudre les quelques problèmes que je rencontre. Je vous joins ci-dessous quelques photos de mes trois premières œuvres d’art. 🤪🤪 Photos : https://www.dropbox.com/s/wba9i1gevadrnue/IMG_6409 2.JPG?dl=0 PS : le décalage visible sur la partie supérieure de la première impression est dû à la chute du cache buse en silicone — qui a par conséquent tout emporté. Merci d’avance.
  12. Hi guys, Lately we are encountering a lot of bonding issues with breakaway and nylon (see pictures). We got the same issues with Tough PVA and breakaway. I do not understand how this can happen, knowing that on the lower side, it is impossible to remove all the breakaway material. But on the overhang side, it seems that there is no adhesion at all.... Also I'm using standard profiles with no modifications. with 0.4 print cores, at 0.15mm height. UM3E, Cura 4.6 Please help 😭
  13. Hi, just found another bug that I would like to share with you. Reproduction steps with Ultimaker 3 Extended connected via WIFI): - Start print via Cura over Network - While printing, pause print via Cura - Abort print via Cura - Clear build plate and select "NO" retry on printer panel - Start another print via Cura over Network Problem: The printer makes a way too big prime blob that will cover the hole nozzle in filmament (about 4 times the size of a normal prime blob). The extruder will mill into the filmament. Would be great to get a f
  14. Hi, ich drucke mit einem Ultimaker 3 Extended und mache seit kurzem ein paar Testdrucke mit einem TPU85A Filament. Es lässt sich gut drucken nur kommt irgendwann kein (oder sehr wenig) Filament mehr aus der Düse (siehe Bild im mittleren Bereich), sodass eine offene Struktur entsteht. Ich habe den Druck dann gestoppt und beim Extruder hinten den Druck erhöht. Dieses hat zunächst für diesen Druck geholfen (siehe Bild im oberen Bereich). Beim nächsten Druck ist das Problem wieder aufgetreten. Ich hoffe ihr habt eine Idee, was ich noch ändern könnte, damit dieses ni
  15. Hi everyone, We have been having a problem with ABS prints breaking our print plates using the recommended settings. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also do you know if there is a way to keep your print plate warm overnight after a print finishes? Best & thank you, John
  16. We are two trainees in the Planetary and Robotics Laboratory at the European Space Agency and we built ExoMy, an educational mars rover: It is completely 3D printed on an Ultimaker 3 and an Ultimaker 2, which took us around two weeks of print time. We set up a website and a Github Wiki to guide through the whole build process. So we hope to see some ExoMy clones soon :)
  17. Bonjour à tous, Sur mon UM3, en ce moment j'imprime en ABS : un coup en noir, un coup en blanc, un coup en noir, un coup en blanc... Et ce, avec des pièces identiques, ou pas. Aussi je me suis dit que pour gagner du temps qu'il serait bien de monter le filament Blanc sur un core et le noir sur l'autre. Mais je n'ai pas trouvé de moyen pratique pour basculer d'un core à l'autre facilement. Afin d'éviter de devoir refaire 1 par 1 tous les réglages de Cura savez-vous s'il est possible de copier les paramètres du core 1 sur le core 2 (et inversement) ?
  18. Hi I recently bought some 3DXTech ASA filament. Very happy with it, it's been printing very well. I wanted to print some parts using PVA. and was wondering if anyone knew if it was compatible to use with Ultimaker PVA
  19. Buenos días, tengo un problema de precisión de las piezas que imprimo, hice una prueba con un cuadrado de 40mm x 40mm , como se ve en las fotos en el eje X mide los 40mm exactos pero en en eje Y mide 39.65mm , los imprimí en Fine y Sfine y los resultados son los mismo, gracias de antemano y que debo hacer para mejorar la precisión,
  20. So, i've never done any modding via 'developer' mode on my UM3, nor have i done much more than 'look around' at the Cura online settings... and tried a few times (with mixed results) in making my own material settings for Cura. Lately however, i've noticed this oddity: When changing filament spools on my UM3, it asks for the new type (after the RFID fails to detect the spool), and i can choose "PETG". However, no where in Cura that i can find, does it have an option to select "PETG", unless i load the esun profile from the marketplace. What's up Ultimaker? Couldn't be bothered to co
  21. Hallo Leute, habt ihr Erfahrungen mit Bauraumheizungen? Wenn ja, gibt es Materialen, die ohne Bauraumheizung überhaupt nicht druckbar wären? Danke
  22. I find it confusing that the menu's are rolling over while scrolling. Very often the requiered menu item is skipped. IMO it would be more user-friendly when there is a return> on de top of the menu and at the bottom and the menu sticks there. So a linear menu instead of a rolling menu
  23. Imagine printing a 'T' shape. The skin for the current layer is printed along the middle of the T (|||||). So as it's printing there's a short up and down path at the top of the T, and a long up and down path through the main part. When printing the short path, constant back and forth, it's too thick. When printing the long path, it's too thin. I assume this is what linear advance/flow compensation is for. But I've experienced this to some extent with just about every printer and material I've owned. The printers that support linear advance seem to have minor improvements, b
  24. Hey guys! I am quite new to the Ultimaker and the community. A few years ago I had a different (selfbuilt) 3D printer, but things got very frustrating, so I paused until I bought myself an Ultimaker 3, two days ago. Yesterday I did the whole setup and everything went well and worked perfectly fine. In the evening I did a Firmware Update and shut the printer down afterwards. After shutting everything down for the night, I tried to print today and noticed, that the printer was not showing in Cura anymore. So I checked the network settings on the printer and noticed that the printer was not
  25. Hello all. I have a rather small piece 30mm x 30mm x 10mm I am printing on my UM3 and have a question as tree supports never did what I am getting now with newer Cura s/w. The piece is of a bridge superstructure brace that basically is 2 beams with an 'x' cross brace between the beams there are several of these making up the total piece simply as a test piece to see how it prints. My issue is with support material almost solid filled into the printed piece throughout the cross bracing and there is so much I cannot break it free because it is so thick between the beams and cross bra
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