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Found 343 results

  1. We recently published this story about using adaptive layers for business (special thanks to @XYZdesign pro for sharing his story). This is a callout to any other users who have adopted Ultimaker to their workflow. Are there any significant time/cost savings that a particular feature in Ultimaker Cura/Cura Connect has afforded you? Feel free to get in touch and share your story.
  2. Hi, We would like to integrate an industrial computer with the Ultimaker 3 printer, wherein we have planned to send the GCode via an USB out of industrial computer to the USB of Ultimaker 3. Can you please provide us the settings that are needed to be performed to achieve this.
  3. Hi I am possibly looking at printing with abrasive filament (Glow in the dark, Carbon Fiber etc.) in the future as was wondering what the best Print Core would be to ensure I do not damage my UM3. From my research it seems like the "UM3 HardCore Pro" would be the way to go with "UM3 Hardcore 5- Nozzle EVERLAST Ruby Sapphire Kit". Is this still the case or are there other better options available? Do I need to be concerned about this damaging my extruder in any way? Also, would using a 3rd party Print Core impact my guarantee on the printer in any way? Thanks

    Estamos teniendo problemas con el distribuidor de Girona (España) con una impresora totalmente nueva U3. Desde el primer día no funciona correctamente y no nos dan ninguna solución, todo lo contrario, ni nos atienden ya al teléfono. Tr3sDland Carrer d'Emili Grahit, 15 17002 Girona +34 692 10 33 98 Alguien se ha encontrado con el mismo problema? Llevamos 6 meses y ninguna solución por parte del distribuidor. Quedo a la espera de vuestras notícias
  5. OK so I received my Ultimaker 3 in late may 2017 and i never updated the firmware around early September. After the update I noticd that the printer was significantly louder and thought it was normal. Just recently I checked how hot the steppers were because when I first got my ultimaker I remembered the steppers got warm on long 10+ hr prints. To my surprise the motors were too hot for comfort. I measured the temp with a multi-meter it it measured at 55 degrees Celsius. I have also been getting skipped steps which i'm starting to think is somewhat related to how hot the motors are getting.
  6. Today, a new stable Ultimaker 3 firmware will become available. SvG is out of the office, so I will do the firmware post this time Firmware 4.3 mainly contains Cura Connect improvements, but also includes a new accessibility feature for the UM3. It is available for download through the menu on your Ultimaker 3 / Ultimaker 3 Extended. Go to ‘System’ => ‘Maintenance’ => ‘Update firmware’ and select ‘Stable version’. You can also follow this guide to install via USB. The blog post is here. As always, let us know your reactions in this thread. The full release notes, including bug fixes, are below: Embedded Mouse accessibility. To give greater accessibility to users with physical disabilities, a wired USB mouse can be hotplugged into the Ultimaker 3 USB port, as an alternative interface to the Ultimaker 3 button. Moving the mouse in X/Y directions is equal to rotating the button, and a left mouse click is equal to a button click. Cura Connect Extended language support. Improved translations for English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish. Due to lack of community support, Finnish has been removed. Optimized JavaScript bundle.js. The size of the JavaScript bundle.js has been reduced to speed up Cura Connect page loading time. Material color and type. Jobs sliced for generic materials are printable on any grouped printer with a matching material type, regardless of brand or color. This brings the behavior in line with Ultimaker Cura. Manage outside jobs. Jobs started from USB, or reprints after an abort are now manageable from the Cura Connect UI, giving the user more control. Pause, resume and abort. Jobs can be paused, resumed or aborted from within the Cura Connect UI, giving the user more control. Custom confirm dialogs. Default JavaScript dialogs have been replaced with a new popup component, which brings the language, look, and feel in line with Ultimaker Cura. Mobile view. The mobile view has been optimized to show clearly on small screens. Firmware version visible. The firmware version of each printer in a group is now visible on the printer details page, offering a centralized overview for users rolling out firmware updates. Bug fixes Updated tooltips. The tooltip content has been updated to fix spelling errors and clarify messages. Prevent group ‘stealing’. New rules have been implemented to prevent problems caused by adding hosts, or printers already in an existing group, to a new group. Recursive printer groups. New rules have been implemented to prevent manually adding a printer to a group that it is already in. Edge browser IP address formatting. Fixed an issue where Edge browser formatted IP addresses as phone numbers. Sticky reservations. Fixed an issue where rescheduling jobs wouldn’t work after "move to top" or "override configuration" operations. Umlauts in file names. Fixed a bug where umlauts in file names caused crashes.
  7. Hi, I am facing the issue that when I start my print job, UM3 move to switch the nozzle. Before it could reach, there seems to have a power trip causing UM3 to stop. See video on YouTube https://youtu.be/Fi_AXEE4Mg4 It had occurred during my last 3-5 prints where it still can print for about 15min before power trip. And now, it just failed whenever I start my print. Need help to debug this issue. Thanks & Best regards Eric
  8. From testing the Ultimaker 3 seems to have problems with high poly stl files. Such files result in g-code files created by cura with lots of really small moves. A lot a small moves mean that the main computer needs to send many command to the motion controller in a short time. If the motion controller has run out of commands the print head will stop until it gets a new command. Such small stop can relate to print artifacts. A possible solution would be to implement the G2/G3 for arch as this would mean fewer commands -> no short stops. There has been a request for cura a long while ago: https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/issues/429 Attached the stl files I used for testing. I always printed three at a time to not have cooling issues. I also did set the speeds to be all equal. cylinder-resolution_fine.stl cylinder-resolution_coarse.stl
  9. I am having a wierd issue today, where I setup Cura (3.2.1) to set extruder 1 to 210°C. I save the file normally to a USB. Then insert it into my UM3 and print the file. After everything warms up I go to the tune menu to check to see if the build plate and extruder temps are set correctly and 2 of 3 settings are perfect but extruder 1 is not. They should be set to: Extruder 1 = 210°C, Extruder 2 = 220°C and build plate at 60°C. Extruder 2 and the Build Plate are perfect. Extruder 1 only goes to 100°C and that's it? Obviously I could manually edit it up to 125°C, but that is obviously not going to be enough. Do I have some sort of configuration setting issue, or any feedback on what may be going on would be appreciated. Thanks, rkehler67
  10. Wine Rack Project

    I received my UM3 in December and I've been having a great time with it so far. It's an incredible machine with incredible support. Although I'm new to desktop 3D printing, I've been designing for SLS printing and sending parts off to i.materialize for output for a few years now. Here's a link to my YouTube Channel that has videos of some of my previous stuff. A year ago or so I designed and built a wine rack out of aluminum for our kitchen wall. I always intended to have some sort of storage on the middle shelf, but didn't know for sure what to do. Once I got the UM3, I came up with a design for a set of 5 removable storage containers that snap onto the aluminum shelf. All of the printed pieces for each of the containers also snap together. Each one has a hinged door for access. Some of the storage containers have hangers for keys, one has a scotch tape dispenser. I used parts from battery operated work lights for the lighting. The scene that lights up across the front depicts a scene from the upcoming alien invasion. Printed in black and transparent nylon. Each container, made up of 8 separately printed pieces, represents about 4 1/2 days of printing. Created using SketchUp Make, sliced using Cura. Lots of fun to make and I'm happy with the result.
  11. Cura 3.2.1 has some important state indicators that are challenging to see and interpret. It would be very helpful if these were a more visually obvious. For example: When selecting which nozzle for a specific part, the difference between the selected nozzle and the non-selected nozzle is just a few pixels in size and a change in the line segments. Selecting the nozzle (on the right of the screen) for the configuration of each nozzle is also very subtle. Just the addition of the cyan inlay on the button. I have started prints with the wrong materials on more than one occasion - even though I am aware of my poor vision. It is possible to toggle the display using the "Layer View" option. But this is not the default setting for the "View" options, and there is a lag in this display as the object is re-sliced. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Mark
  12. I would like to report a bug, which can be seen occasionally on the Ultimaker 3. I think @kmanstudios and I already reported it when firmware 4 was released. It didn't get much attention because it wasn't seen after reflashing the firmware a couple of times. The bug: After aborting the print with the "abort this print" command the machine makes a blob and does a huge (way to long) retract (up to the error). Attached are all the logfiles as a zip (had to add .log in order to upload it). I hope this helps to locate the bug! Logfiles.zip.log
  13. PLA not sticking to Breakaway

    Hi everyone! I need a little help here with the Breakaway material. I have recently bought my first spool of Breakaway and tried my first print, which came out a total failure. I am trying to print a PLA part on a Breakaway support, however the PLA does not adhere to the Breakaway at all. Both PLA and BA stick to the built plate fine, but not to each other. On this batch I've tried printing parts both sticking directly to the build plate and ones that lay only on the BA surface, the outcome is the same. I do not know what is the problem. Maybe it is not the adhesion it self but the gap (interface) between PLA and BA is too big? Did any one had the same problem? I use default Cura profile for PLA and BA. Do I have to modify something in the settings?
  14. Ugly bad prints

    Hi Guys Since a few weeks our Ultimaker is making some really bad prints. All the prints look rough and are quite "hairy". I already tried: - Hot/cold atomic pull - Updated firmware and Cura - Cleaned nozzles on the outside - XY-calibration I've attached some pictures of prints I tried to make, but they just look awfull. Anyone got an idea what could be causing this problem?
  15. Hi, Is it possible to set a password to protect accessing the printers over the network? We've just recently connected ours to the network to allow remote monitoring, but I don't want anybody on site being able to connect and potentially print/watch prints. Thanks,
  16. Test print on UM3 with generic PVA printed at 0.15 layer height. If you look closely at the wall you can see gaps between the inner and outer walls. You can actually see three extrusion lines with a gap between each. It's hard to see in the photo but it's there.What causes this? You can also see some really rough layering. This makes the thin parts of the model really weak. Any suggestions?
  17. GrabCAD Print and UM3

    Hey All, Has anyone tried using GrabCAD Print for slicing with an Ultimaker, specifically the Ultimaker 3? GrabCAD has already been qualified and approved for use at my work but they only list Stratysis printers on their officially supported list. My department is getting a UM3 as a Stratysis printer is overkill for our needs. Getting Cura through IT Security review and CIO approval would take a while though so we are hoping that GrabCAD and UM3 are compatible even if unofficially. Any info on this is appreciated
  18. Hi all! I am trying to print a PLA+PVA (AA0.4/BB0.4). The PLA has a partly rough surface, which I have never seen when printing on UM3 without the PVA. After dissolving the PVA, the print looks like this: This is printed with the standard Cura "Fine" profile (without prime tower). Has anyone encountered a similar problem and has been able to fix it? Cheers! T
  19. Diamètre filament rectitude

    Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir quel est la tolérance du diamètre de filament à ne pas dépasser ? J'ai mesuré plusieurs filament Utlimaker (PLA, PC, Nylon). Il me semble que ce si sont plus proche de 2.80 mm que de 2.85 mm. Des problèmes commence à apparaître à partir de + 0.05 mm, +0.1 mm, +0.15 mm ou +0.2 mm? Merci : )
  20. Support PVA méthode "l'entre deux"

    Bonjour, je viens de cramé des neurones pour façonné un support, comportant la méthode que je nome "l'entre deux". J'ai mis le projet en suspend et vous le partage, en espérant avoir quelque piste de conception. L'idée de l'entre deux mais venu avec l'option " Toit de support ". Celle-ci est intéressante, mais utilisable que pour des surfaces plane. L'objectif est de réduire l'utilisation de PVA, pour réduire le coût.Et utilisé sur des surface dynamique. Je suggère de crée une couche de PVA entre la pièce en PLA et le support en PLA. Je pense utilisé cura pour généré le support, car pour moi le coût du PVA est réduit à 3-4 euros le kilo. Par contre je suis curieux de savoir comment vous concevez vos propres support pour des pièces avec des formes dynamique. J'utilise Solide Works et me suit battue avec les fonctions : emprunte, fractionné, surface décalé, épaissir la surface. C'est complexe.Vos méthode m’intéresse.; ) Et j'espère que la méthode l'entre deux peut aidé économiquement quelques Maker! Merci
  21. PVA support tower breaks

    I'm using PLA with PVA for support on this. I've been having a hella problem printing this model. The slicer creates a support tower below the protrusion shown in the pic. But it always breaks off before the tower meets the model so it just extrudes material into the air. I created a test model that isolates the problem. It's five little balls hanging in mid air so that it forces support towers under them. The tiny square in the back is just to trick the slicer to keep it from moving the balls down to the build plate. I have never gotten this test to print successfully. Somewhere between one third and half way up, one of the towers breaks off and then it all goes to hell. In a few more passes all of the towers are broken. Often, but not always, they break right at the join between the brim and the wall. I attached the test print STL if you want to play. Any help would be most appreciated. test4.stl
  22. i want to print faster

    high guys, i am trying to print faster but i don't know how, i've only printed with the recomended ones but i hear it can go a lot faster. i just need a complete list of settings i need to change, to make decent quality fast prints but faster than the recomended ones. can anyone help me please?
  23. ColorFabb CPE_HT Printing With Burn Marks

    Hello all, We are trying to print clear CPE+ but so far have not had much luck. The main problem we are having is the scorching marks seen in the images and also large clumping of material on the prints. It seems it builds up on the print nossle before dislodging itself and getting stuck inside the print. Does anyone know of a way to improve the print result for CPE+? Settings / Hardware / Filiament used are below: Ultimaker 3 Filament: ColorFabb_HT 2.85mm CURA Version: 3.2.0 AA 0.4 head 0.06 Layer Height 100% infill Print Temperature: 262 C Build Plate Temperature: 110 C Flow: 110% Retraction Enabled Print Speed: 20mm/s Thank you all in advance.
  24. Problème de nivellement actif

    Bonjour à tous, Je suis en stage dans une entreprise qui dispose d'une imprimante Ultimaker 3 depuis maintenant quelques semaines. Au début, tout fonctionnait parfaitement. Cependant, depuis hier, le nivellement actif ne fonctionne plus. Le plateau monte, rentre en contact avec les buses et ne s'arrête pas si on appuie pas sur abandonner. Je pense qu'il y a un problème au niveau du capteur. J'ai effectué le nivellement manuel, qui lui a l'air de fonctionner. Pouvez -vous m'aider ? Merci beaucoup d'avance
  25. Hi everyone, I am running into an issue where during my prints the PLA becomes too tightly wrapped around the spool and gets stuck under the rest of the filament, which then causes the material to grind in place and halts feeding. Is there any way to overcome this issue? It's almost as if the spool was too loose at one point so now the leading filament gets stuck under the rest of the spool as it gradually tightens. Thanks in advance!

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