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  1. Hello everyone, I am having a lot of issues this past days, Cura suddenly is not launching anymore, I was running the v3.6 then it happen I don't know why, same issue with another colleague, then I tried updating to the 4.0, same issue, then tried in admin mode, same issue then erased the Appdata cura 4.0 folder, and it worked, but just a few times, then stop launching again. We also tried reinstalling also.... I saw some posts with the same issues since January or before... Same thing on some french posts.... We also tried compatibility modes... PS: running win10, i7, latest graphic drivers etc...
  2. Our team is working on developing a web application for accessing The UM3E remotely in PHP, We tried implementing the POST print_job part using the multipart/form-data but it doesn't work. It shows no file received. Here is the code. Any help is appreciated! $curl = curl_init(); $filedata = $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["tmp_name"]; $data_array = array( "jobname" => "test", "file" => "@$filedata" ); $headers = array("Content-Type:multipart/form-data"); $options = array( CURLOPT_URL => $url, CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH => CURLAUTH_DIGEST, CURLOPT_USERPWD => $username . ":" . $password, CURLOPT_HEADER => true, CURLOPT_POST => 1, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER => $headers, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => $data, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER => true ); curl_setopt_array($curl, $options); $result = curl_exec($curl);
  3. Bonjour, Je viens de m'équiper d'une ULTIMAKER 3 Extended. Lorsque je lance le calibrage ou bien une impression j'ai le message suivant : "La différence entre la hauteur détectée des deux printcores dépasse les valeurs réalistes " Je ne sais absolument pas ce que ce la signifie et ce que je dois entreprendre. Des idées , conseils ? merci d'avance David
  4. Hello, It has been a week that i am trying to print with the ultimaker Nylon black and after 5-6 layers of printing it stop and display the error 15 on the Um3E and 31 on the S5.(I use the ultimaker profile for the Black Nylon in cura) I tried on 2 different S5 and 2 different UM3E multiples times and it always display an error. I already tried to decrease the temperature of the core but it didn't work. Any suggestion?
  5. Hi there everybody, i hope someone can help me before i lose my sanity with this one. on my UM3 extended, every print has recently been printing the first layer perfectly, and then suddenly printing like it cant extrude properly (shown on the photo). im using PLA 2.85mm, printing at 50 mps at 210 degrees as suggested by other forum posts, along with a print bed at 60 degrees that ive leveled more times than i can count in an effort to fix the issue. any suggestions would be greatly appricated and to help get me printing again!
  6. Hello 3d printers, I make you a brief paragraph for the history: I recovered an Ultimaker 3 Extented which was neglected by his buyer who did not want more (an unscrupulous industrialist). He gave it to me saying that it did not work anymore ... Anyway, I decided to make it running. So I reset it, get started, configured, etc ... However, I have a problem with the next one raised by the printer: "The difference between the detected height of the two printcores exceeds the realistic values". Indeed the error is raised when I want to make an print or even make an XY calibration. I checked, the nozzles were not clogged, I cleaned the tray and made a leveling adjustment manually. However, still no way to print ... Then I discovered that my nozzle AA - 0.40 was unusually flat (Attached some photos as evidence). I thought maybe it was the Ultimaker design, but looking at the new ones on the shop, I see them more conical. Mine seems to have been ... damaged ?! I would like to have your opinion ... Do I have to buy a new print head? Can this flat nozzle be the cause of this error? How does the utimaker 3 detect the tray exactly? Is the probe inductive?
  7. Hello I´m selling my Ultimaker 3 Extended. On the build plate there is the "BuildTak Flex Plate System" I have also an original build plate. Printtime: First Printcore AA: 5D 1h und 119 Meter Second Printcore AA: 2D 12h und 11,99 Meter Printcore BB: 2D 1h und 8,91 Meter What´s in the Box: Ultimaker 3 Extended 2x Printcores AA und 1x Printcore BB Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets Ulitmaker Cleaning Filament Glue stick Usb Stick Verbatim (16gb) Ultimaker Tough PLA 28m Ultimaker Breakaway 82m Ultimaker Blue PLA ca 80m Ultimaker White PLA 90m Ultimaker PVA (only tested) colorFabb red (new) colorFabb green (only tested) colorFabb yellow (only tested) colorFabb brown (only tested) Rec orange (new) InnoSolve PVA (new) Price: 3899€
  8. Ultimaker 3 was released in October 2016, so when can we expect an upgraded version that is not targeted for professional users (5s) but for consumers? Any indications if / when an upgrade to UM3 can be expected? I hope it will have all the smart features like Prusa printers have (e.g. magnetic sheets, filament sensor) which should be expected for the price Ultimaker usually charges.
  9. I am concerned with the following 404 messages showing up in the event log every 3 minutes or so: Apr 01 18:13:05 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:13:05,919 INFO systemUpdate Comparing firmware 'stable' old version '' with new version '' with result: True Apr 01 18:13:04 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:13:04,964 WARNING systemUpdate HTTP error 404 during updating of the update version strings for release type 'testing' from url 'http://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/9511/testing/um-update.swu.version?current_version=': Not Found Apr 01 18:12:48 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[830]: 2019-04-01 18:12:48,820 INFO timeEstimator getTimeRemaining() total_time 4:22:43 scaling_factor 1.000563029451881 compensated_total_time 4:22:51.875033 time remaining 3:57:51.134417 pure_cura_time_remaining 3:57:42.259165 Apr 01 18:12:48 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[830]: 2019-04-01 18:12:48,306 INFO timeEstimator getTimeRemaining() total_time 4:22:43 scaling_factor 1.000563029451881 compensated_total_time 4:22:51.875033 time remaining 3:57:51.648284 pure_cura_time_remaining 3:57:42.773022 Apr 01 18:11:03 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:11:03,565 INFO systemUpdate Comparing firmware 'stable' old version '' with new version '' with result: True Apr 01 18:11:02 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:11:02,453 WARNING systemUpdate HTTP error 404 during updating of the update version strings for release type 'testing' from url 'http://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/9511/testing/um-update.swu.version?current_version=': Not Found Apr 01 18:09:01 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:09:01,361 INFO systemUpdate Comparing firmware 'stable' old version '' with new version '' with result: True Apr 01 18:09:00 ultimakersystem-ccbdd30052e1 python3[182]: 2019-04-01 18:09:00,137 WARNING systemUpdate HTTP error 404 during updating of the update version strings for release type 'testing' from url 'http://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/9511/testing/um-update.swu.version?current_version=': Not Found It seem that the system is looking to confirm a 'testing' versionof the firmware. The front panel check of the latest firmware tells me that I have the latest stable version I went logged into the printer in Developer mode and cleaned up any core dumps, etc. And did an apt-get to clean up and update any software on the printer. Also the system clock seems to be set on GMT, vs local time (CDT) US.
  10. Hi, I´m having some problems when print with PLA, firstly the piece goes well but when it has built some layers, appear a defect of undercontruction, the amount of filament that is deposited is less than the neccesary, and at the end it seems that the error dissapear for the top layers. Any idea or suggestion why my ultimaker 3 is doing this? Thanks in advance
  11. Hallo. Verkaufe meinen Ultimaker 3 Extended wegen Zeit und Platzmangels. Wurde fast nie benutzt und ist daher wie neu. Auf einer Glasplatte befindet sich das "BuildTak Flex Plate System" und es wird noch eine zweite originale Glasplatte mitgeliefert. Druckdauer mit den einzelnen Printcore´s: 1. Printcore AA: 5T 1h und 119 Meter 2. Printcore AA: 2T 12h und 11,99 Meter Printcore BB: 2T 1h und 8,91 Meter Lieferumfang: Ultimaker 3 Extended 2x Printcores AA und 1x Printcore BB Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets (Originalverpackt) Ulitmaker Cleaning Filament Uhu Stick Schraubendreher Maschinenöl Usb Stick Verbatim (16gb) Ultimaker Tough PLA 28m Ultimaker Breakaway 82m Ultimaker Blue PLA ca 80m Ultimaker White PLA (fast wie neu) Ultimaker PVA (nur getestet) colorFabb Rot (neu) colorFabb Grün (wie neu) colorFabb Gelb (wie neu) colorFabb Braun (wie neu) Rec Orange (neu) InnoSolve PVA (neu) Bei weiteren Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung Preis vhb 3900€ Privatverkauf, keine Rücknahme oder Garantie
  12. Bonjour, J'ai un rouleau de PVA qui arrive au bout, il doit en rester un peu plus de deux mètres, ce qui donne environ 1,5m utilisable en comptant la longueur du tube bowden de mon UM3E. Vu le prix du PVA, j'aimerais assez ne pas perdre ces quelques mètres de matériau et pouvoir les coller/fusionner/autre avec un rouleau neuf. Ça me permettrait aussi de ne pas avoir plusieurs rouleaux de filaments presque fini qui trainent dans mes armoires. Quelles solutions existent pour répondre à mon problème? Je recherche plutôt des solutions 'fait maison', assez simples et pratiques, que des appareils qu'on peut acheter en magasin. Même questions pour les autres types de filaments: PLA, Nylon, etc... Merci.
  13. Hi everyone, in order to print a thin PVA support structure I wanted to change the BB-0.8 print core with a BB-0.4. My UM3E sent a warning, saying that "AA-0.8" print core is not compatible with PVA material. I double checked that the print core that I had just inserted was actually a BB-0.4. I have cleaned the contact points on the PCB with a cotton swab and some alcohol, but my UM3E stills wrongly recognizes the BB-0.4 print core as a AA-0.8. Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
  14. Hi guys, My PLA filament is badly stuck inside the AA 0.8 Printcore and I am unable to pull it out (neither filament nor Printcore). Any suggestions/help on this will be greatly appreciated, photo attached (the extruder on the left). Thanks! Any suggestions on how I could remove the print core will help as well 🙂
  15. Bonjour à tous, Je viens de relancer dasn la foulé une impression de la même pièce, même matériaux et je viens d'avoir ce message : "There is a commnuication errot with the print head go to ultimaker.com/ER18. " et ce lien me donne une erreur :( qq un aurait -il une idée, une soluce ? merci d'avance david
  16. Moin, ich habe mal wieder ein Problem mit meinem UM3E. An sich habe ich an der Druckqualiät nichts auszusetzen.. bis auf die scharfen Ecken, an denen ist Ringing aufgetreten, oder Ghosting, wie auch immer. Zu dem Problem hab ich hier ja schon einmal einen Beitrag gepostet. Jetzt glaube ich allerdings dass das eine andere Ursache hat. Ich bin nämlich der Meinung, dass die Schatten durch die inneren Wände entstehen, also dort wo eine Wand endet, entsteht ein schatten. (Ich hoffe das ist so einigermaßen verständlich?) ich habe nun ein Mal versucht nicht von außen nach innen zu drucken, das hat auch etwas verbessert, aber richtig gut ist das immernoch nicht. Hat jemand eine Idee, mit was für einer Einstellung man das in den Griff bekommen könnte? Liebe Grüße
  17. Hello, I want to try and do a dual print using woodfill and standard PLA. I have one Hardcore Everlast 0.6 for abrasive like the woodfill, bought before the CC core was made and sold by UM. So, since I have only one Hardcore, and can't buy another one at the moment, I'll have to use the standard AA 0.4 as the second nozzle for the PLA. Would that create some problems and is there anything specific I should do to ensure a smooth printing? I have created specific profiles in CURA to print the various abrasives I tested with the Hardcore 0.6, won't that create some problems in CURA since line width is not the same for the two cores? Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Hallo. Habe heute den 20mm Calibration Cube mit PLA gedruckt. Druckgeschwindigkeit 20mm/s Temperatur: 200 °C Layer: 0.1 Drucker: Ultimaker 3 Ext Wie auf den Fotos ersichtlich, druckt er jede Seite zu groß. Meines Wissens sollte er ja eher kleiner drucken, oder liege ich da falsch? Was kann man gegen machen, dass er nicht mehr so groß druckt?
  19. I have a printer ultimaker 3 Extender which has had problems especially in long impressions when it stops saying in the indicator ER15 which is something related to the temperature sensors of the print core as I understand, we try to change the print core as the page "https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23149-heater-error-on-printcore" said but the error happened again, by checking the monitoring of the print I noticed that in a flash shot to 700 someone could help me with this thanks
  20. Guten Morgen, kennt jemand den Fehler "communication error with the print head"? Kommt bei uns immer mal wieder. Drucker stoppt dann mitten im Druck. Nach Neustart alles wieder i.O. Ich vermute Kabelbruch, außer ihr kennt eine andere Schwachstelle? Gruß Andy
  21. Not sure what to call this one. This is what I came into this morning after doing an all night project: This is actually a 2nd print job. It did it on a long job over night, so I reseated the bar on the black pieces on both sides and ensured it moved appropriate and then started this 30 minute job. Came back to check on it later and this is what I walked into. The bar (Y axis, i guess) has slid completely back past the belt that moves it back and forth. What causes this / where do I even start with trying to fix it? Just putting the bar back on the black pieces on the belt didn't do it, so there's got to be something else causing it.
  22. Hallo zusammen, in letzter Zeit setzt sich unser Druckkopf immer öfters zu und es entsteht Unterextrusion. Im Forum gibt es einen Beitragen zum Ultimaker 2, worin geschildert wird, dass dies auch am Coupler liegen könnte, wenn sich dieser nach einer gewissen Zeit abnutzt. Hat jemand Erfahrungen ob dieses Problem beim Ultimaker 3 und Ultimaker 3 Extended auch noch auftritt? Auf dem Bild kann man auch erkennen, dass sich oberhalb des Druckkopfes immer wieder Materialstaub absetzt, welcher aussieht, als würde er abgescheuert werden. Vielleicht kommt jemand dieses Problem bekannt vor? Vielen Dank.
  23. Hallo alle zusammen. unser Ultimaker 3 Extended macht standardmäßig vor jedem Druck ein active leveling. Dabei kommt es seit kurzem dazu, dass das Druckbett mit dem zweiten Extruder kollidiert. Dabei beendet er das active leveling nicht, sondern fährt fort bis zum Error Code. Uns ist aufgefallen, dass er nicht, wie normal, den zweiten Extruder hochklappt und mit dem ersten beginnt. Er fährt zwar zum Umschalter bleibt aber davor stehen, legt den Hebel nicht um und heizt die Extruder auf. Anschließend beginnt er mit dem Levelling und kollidiert. Ist dies ein Hardware Problem oder würde es helfen den Drucker zurückzusetzen? Vielen Dank schonmal im voraus!
  24. It appears the print core has a jammed full of the extruded filament and it has continued to extrude filament for the entire print causing a mass of PLA plastic to form between the print core and the nozzle. I've found similar such errors on Ultimaker forums here and have contacted them for advise and approach to repair whilst in warranty. Has anyone been able to get this covered by warranty? What is the suggested approach, heat the PLA with an airgun and remove? The explanation on the forums is that the part failed to stick to the bed despite using the recommended settings. The part was dragged around on the bed and the nozzle kept extruding on the same large mass of plastic.
  25. Hello! - Who would be the authorized reseller with faster shipping available in and around the Bay Area? Thanks in advance!
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