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Found 208 results

  1. I am having a consistent issues with my feeder grinding filament rather than feeding. What does this grinding/feeding issue look like? When the filament gets stuck at the extruder head or flattened by the feeder axis, the toothed wheel grinds a semi-circle into the filament. See here. This is occurring nigh-constantly on Feeder 1 of my machine. It always occurs during the same point of the cycle: about two layers in, the surface of the print begins to look sputtered as it is failing. Then nothing comes out. The device in question is an Ultimaker 3 Extended with up-to-date firmware. I am running PLA to an AA core. The issues have occurred across multiple brands of filament. I doubt there are any humidity issues; brand new filament has problems too. To date I have attempted the following to fix the issue: Hot/cold pull of AA print core (the core pulls cleanly, so I doubt it is clogged). Feeder spring tension adjustment. Info at the bottom of this page. (When the gauge is at the top of the meter on the side of the feeder, it exhibits the issues described above at ~layer 2. When it is below that point, it doesn't feed anything from the beginning.) Use of compressed air duster to clean ground PLA material from feeder. Info at the middle of this page. What's going on here? Is there something I have not tried to remedy this? Does anyone have a tensiometer which can be used to check the force applied by the spring of a working feeder? Should I contact the distributor at this point to request help? Thanks for your assistance. I'd be happy to provide additional info upon request.
  2. Theisborg

    Printer connection problems

    OS: linux mint 19 Hi guys I am having problems connecting to my UM3E. I can find the printer on the network but not connect to it. I have tried cura 3.1 installed from the build in software manager but that did not work. I also tried the following AppImages: Cura-3.3.1.AppImage Cura-3.5.1.AppImage Ultimaker_Cura-3.6.0.AppImage A colleagues also could not get 3.6 to work and recommended 3.3.1 that works on his Ubuntu. I have attached the cura.log file If anyone has any hint on how to solve this problem please let me know how to move forward... BR. cura.log
  3. Bonjour, j'ai un gros problème lorsque je j'allume mon imprimante... elle ne démarre pas. J'entends le ventilateur l'espace d'une demi seconde et plus rien. L'écran de contrôle ne s'allume pas, rien... J'ai débranché, re-branché plusieurs fois, j'ai vérifié l'alimentation, ras. J'ai beau éteindre, attendre, rallumer, rien... il doit y avoir une mise sous tension l'espace d'une fraction de seconde et puis plus rien... si quelqu'un à une idée?!???? Merci par avance!
  4. LeviathoanOne

    Carbon Fiber Filament ?

    I've heard that carbon fiber filaments can damage your extrude nozzle. If so what will I have to be do to my UM3E to be able to print in carbon fiber safely? (Any recommendations of carbon fiber filiments would also be appreciated)
  5. Hi, I am having an issue with this error message on the Ultimaker 3+. It is in both printcores at alternative times. I have had a look at this https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/51185-printcore-taking-too-long-to-warm-up and i'm pretty sure that the temperature in the room is ok and the silicone covers seem to be in the correct position. I have dumped the files onto my USB but i dont know what to do with them after that haha. Has any one encountered this before? It has only started happening since I dismantled the Printhead and put it back together again as the spring in the right hand side had fallen. Never-ending problems at the moment!! Any help or advice would be apprecitated.
  6. Hi, On the BB side of my printer there is a spring that has fallen through the hole from were the PVA is extruded. It is causing issues when trying to get the print core in and also when the filament is coming down it is getting stuck on it. Is it possible/easy to get this spring back to were it should be?! Would anyone have had a similar experience and maybe instructions on how to do so? Thank you
  7. Hello, I'm coming up to you about an issue I have with a UM3E that I tried to use after few months of inactivity. I installed the last firmware normally via the printer but, when I wanted to start a print, the UM3E failed during auto levelling step. Actually, the build plate stops at 10 centimeters from printheads, even if I try to level it manually. I tried every "normal" ways to solve the problem, user reboot, factory reboot, second setup of the firmware, via USB this time… nothing changed. The printer acts as if it was an UM3 not Extended, but it is… Every print I launch is considered too big for the printer, even the smallest thing. Maybe there is a conflict between Cura, where the printer is correctly set, and the firmware of the printer, set on the UM3 height instead of UM3E height. I really don't know how to check in the firmware and if it is possible to fix my UM3E… Please, help ! Build plate "raised"
  8. I am finally getting around to posting this. We bought our UM3E about 12 months ago. The first time I ran a print over night, the filament jumped over the edge of the spool, got bound up around the spool post, and caused the print to fail (in the last 60 minutes of the 20 hour print job). I was very frustrated. So I designed a simple add-on to prevent this from happening again. The factory equipment restrains the filament at one point around the spool, leaving it free to jump the spool around the rest of spool. To fix this, I created two additional restraint arms. To make sure it fit correctly to the existing components, I downloaded the part CAD files from Ultimaker. It fits over the spool post, and positively locks into place against the existing retainer arm (to prevent it from rotating with the spool). When changing spools, you just sit the retainer on the side of the spool, and load it normally. A little turn ensures it is locked in.
  9. Hello, I'm coming up to you about an issue I have with a UM3E that I tried to use after few months of inactivity. I installed the last firmware normally via the printer but, when I wanted to start a print, the UM3E failed during auto levelling step. Actually, the build plate stops at 10 centimeters from printheads, even if I try to level it manually. I tried every "normal" ways to solve the problem, user reboot, factory reboot, second setup of the firmware, via USB this time… nothing changed. The printer acts as if it was an UM3 not Extended, but it is… Every print I launch is considered too big for the printer, even the smallest thing. Maybe there is a conflict between Cura, where the printer is correctly set, and the firmware of the printer, set on the UM3 height instead of UM3E height. I really don't know how to check in the firmware and if it is possible to fix my UM3E… Please, help ! Build plate "raised"
  10. studioAdhoc

    Plateau à 10cm des buses... UM3E

    Bonjour, J'ai récemment tenté de remettre en service une UM3E qui n'avait pas fonctionné depuis quelques mois. À l'allumage tout semblait bien se passer, le dernier firmware s'est installé sans souci, jusqu'à ce que j'essaye d'imprimer une petite pièce pour la forme. Au moment du nivellement automatique du plateau, celui-ci monte et s'arrête à 10cm des buses, ce qui mène à un échec de l'opération. J'ai tout essayé, réinitialisation avec paramètres d'usine, réinstallation des pièces comme au premier allumage, etc. Rien à faire, même lorsque je met le plateau en position haute, via le moniteur sur la machine, il s'arrête obstinément à 10cm des buses. Aussi chaque impression lancée, même la plus petite, est détectée comme étant hors format. J'en viens même à croire que la machine se prend pour une UM3 au lieu d'une UM3E, mais je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre pour vérifier ça... le plateau en "position haute" Je ne sais pas si l'attribut "unknown" est très bon signe non plus, ou si c'est normal. Si vous pouviez m'aider à refaire fonctionner cette jolie bécane...
  11. Twice in the last few days, I have started a print on my UM3E, only to have the machine basically stall during the initial filament purge (the glob it puts down in the front/left corner). In both cases, I had to shut the machine off to get it to stop. Normally, it purges for a few seconds, then lowers the print bed a bit while purging for a few more seconds, then moves to begin the actual print. The total time is normally no more than 10 seconds. The first time, it purged for about 30 seconds (at the initial height, and never lowered the bed) before I realized what was happening. It made quite a mess on the nozzle. After that was cleaned up, I started the print again and it worked fine. Today, I went to run another batch off the same G-Code file, and it did this again. I caught it quicker this time, so less of mess. As with the previous time, I started the print again and it worked fine. Any ideas? I have had this machine for 12 months, and have never seen this before. The firmware has not been updated recently, and the same Cura version has been in use for months.
  12. kcel

    Early Priming

    Hi, Using the latest cura (3.5.1), I've noticed an odd problem. I'm printing using Tough PLA with Breakaway. I'm printing with a raft. What I'm seeing is that the Breakaway filament is primed (good), first layer of raft laid down (good), and then the PLA is primed (still has a couple of layers to go before it would need it) then drags a thread of PLA across the build plate (Tough PLA seems more stringy) so it can go swap back to the Breakaway and complete the raft. I'm left with a thread of PLA embedded in my raft. I've even turned on a prime tower and when it primes the Tough PLA it doesn't go near the prime tower to wipe or anything. So it is priming just for the sake of priming. In this particular case it doesn't really cause a major problem because the raft is, of course, throwaway. But it is odd behaviour and is not consistent with previous behaviour where it would prime the filament only when it first starts to print with it. Cheers!
  13. Hi there, So my print core seems to be completely blocked after a period of dormancy and i think the PVA has fully carbonised inside. I have tried hot and cold pulls but the material seems to me only just melting in the nozzle and nothing coming out the other side. I have tried to unblock with a needle (a thinner one may actually be the solution) Dismantling it looks like a chore but just wondering how close i may be to the last chance saloon or if there was a way to more easily remedy the problem? If anyone has had a similar experience it would be great to know how you solved it - and if it is time to maybe just buy a new print core? Thanks!
  14. thomasbennett

    Printed Laptop Keys

    Good morning Everyone, First, if this is posted in the wrong area; I do apologize, Mod / Admin please move to the correct location. Thank you. We have a need to print out replacement laptop keys and the laptop key hinges / scissor jack for our HP Stream 11 Pro G1 - G4 laptops. This project has been created to fulfill that need and I have several students working on modeling now in www.tinkercad.com. We have an Ultimaker 3 Extended; this is going to be some very fine work are there any suggestions on any settings that I should be using in Cura 3.5? Would any of you suggest this type of project for this printer? Currently we are able to get it to print out a blank key; but for some reason the edge / lip around the key won't print. Please let me know if I should attach some of our test .stl files and thank you for your time. By the way, happy Friday. Thomas
  15. I've been having an issue with cura connects monitor mode for as long as I can remember, where the status of one of the printers with change every other second, and the other will never show that its available, even when it is. In the screenshots I have attached below, both the printers shown are not printing. This has been an issue that has persisted through multiple updates. I am currently running 3.5.0.
  16. I got my UM3 Extended just some weeks ago and I`m still struggling with radii and this big tube. I have tried to print this part with PVA support but the surface between the first layers of the PLA print look really ugly because of the mixture of these two materials and the radii around (picture). Is it possible to print the first layers with pure PVA support and then print the PLA? If I turn the part 180°, I have a big loss of the PVA. What about a Z off-set? Does it work? How to insert it? I have already installed the plugin but I could not find the correct window.... Is there a general solution? If you print a ball there must be the same issue. Thank you in advance for any weekend saving advice ? Best regards, Thorsten
  17. Hi, I'm looking for some pointers as what to check/adjust to get this issue resolved on my prints. These prints are done in PLA, but aren't material specific. Cura versions: this happens with 3.5.0 and the previous 3.4.1. I don't think it's Cura version specific, I've had this issue for a while. This is printed at the default 'fine' setting of 0.1mm and a modified fine setting where initial layer height was decreased and print speed reduced to 35mm/s When I print, the bottom/100% infill layers seem to be dimensionally smaller than the layers higher up which are printed with infill. I even aborted a print, as you can see in the pictures where it shows the dimensional wideness changes at the infill printed layers. Any thoughts or ideas of things I could change to fix this issue? Picture 1 through 4 some examples where the first layers are smaller than the subsequent ones. Picture 5 through 7 you can see it starts when printing infills. Upload of pictures will be after posting as I need to do that from my phone. Cheers, Richard
  18. Moin liebe Forum, ich arbeite nun circa eine Woche intensiv mit Carbon und habe mir hierzu wie von IGO3D empfohlen das Düsenset von 3D-Solex gekauft. Vielleicht ist ja für den ein oder anderen von Interesse wie der Printcore arbeitet.. 1.) Die Installation ging recht einfach. Das erste was mich wunderte, war dass die Düse 0.4mm nach Anleitung max 220 Grad fahren kann wo ich doch 235 Grad für mein Carbon PETG brauche. Also Rücksprache hier im Forum und beim Lieferanten und siehe da, das Düsenset hat nur beschichtete Düsen aus Stahl und würden max. 400 Gramm Carbon erreichen. Lösung wäre eine Everlastdüse von 3D Solex die aber leider nicht zu bekommen ist. Diese hat einen Saphir im Kopf und ist das was man braucht. Kosten 80 Euro. Oder das Kit mit unterschiedlichen Größen für 330 Euro. Wobei der UM3 nur Carbon ab 0.4mm drucken kann. 2.) Beim anstossen des ersten Drucks meckert Cura 3.21 das Handlung erforderlich ist. Häää.. ? Drauf geklickt und man wird eine Fehlermeldung bekommen, das die Düse nicht kompatibel ist und der Druck auf eigene Gefahr starten würde. Dies muss bei jeden Druck bestätigt werden, Da Cura den Printcore von Hardcore Solex nicht anwählbar in der Printcoreauswahl hat. Die vorsichtige Nachfrage bei IGO3D Support lies mich dann doch schmunzeln. "Stellen Sie den Düsendurchmesser auf 0.36 ein, dann klappt es. Jo das war nicht Lustig. 3.) Der erste Testdruck gelang allerdings auf Anhieb recht gut was natürlich als sehr Positiv zu bewerten ist. Als Stützmaterial hatte ich PVA gewählt. Dies ist leider nicht in Verbindung mit Carbon zu gebrauchen. Der Wechsel auf Breakaway brachte eine leichte Verbesserung aber noch nicht was ich mir so vorstellte. 4.) Carbon hat die Eigenschaft das es stark klebend ist. Sprich es klebt auch an der Düse und verschmiert diese doch recht schnell. Das Resultat war ein ständiges reinigen und von längeren unbeaufsichtigtem drucken sind abzuraten. Ein simples Beispiel ist das direkt beim Druckstart ja ein dicker Tropfen Filament ausgestossen wird. Dieser klebt zu 80% am Druckkopf fest und zerreist das Brim das sich ja schon auf der Druckplatte befindet. Das Carbon wird dann unmotiviert in einem Klebeknäuel gedruckt Hier sollte Cura endlich mal darauf verzichten diesen Hundehaufen am Anfang zu drucken. Und nein ich will nicht im G-Code herumfummeln. S3D macht es ja auch anders. 5.) Beim Versuch den Printcore zu wechseln, zeigte sich das der Solex 3D sich auf Grund irgendwelcher Filamentreste, die sich mittlerweile im Printhead befinden nicht mehr lösen lies. Hat mich eine Stunde Arbeit gekostet. In meinem Bild zeige ich wie die Solex3D nach 50 Stunden im Vergleich zu dem originalem Printcore nach 400 Stunden aussieht. Nämlich total verdreckt. Nun könnte man sagen, ist ja auch Carbon gedruckt worden. Aber ja, den genau dafür wurde der Solex Printcore gekauft. Fazit: Sicherlich ist der Printcore von 3D Solex eine Interessante Lösung für alle UM 3 Nutzer, da nun die Düsen getauscht werden können. Würde aber von einer Nutzung für Carbon abraten da zu viel Ausschuss durch Printcoreprobleme entsteht. Hat jemand eine bessere Lösung würde ich mich sehr freuen davon zu erfahren.Und wie bekomme ich meinen Solex Printcore wieder vom Carbon befreit ? Viele Grüße Michael
  19. Hi everyone ? I have a problem when printing with two colors (PLA). The first layer in both color, no matter what layer they are on, are moved about 1-2 mm in Y direction. I have the newest firmware and done the xy calibration. The build plate is not loose and I use the newest Cura. Using 0.4 nozzle on both, and have tried 0.25 as well. The problem is only on two colors. I tried using raft, it does not solve the problem but it helps because the movement is done on the raft, but raft is only one color so the other color will have the wrong moving as well. The modell looks fine in Cura. Any suggestions? Using Ultimaker Extended 3
  20. Hi all, I am looking to purchase a used Ultimaker 3 or 3 Extended located in the U.S. Preferably in Los Angeles or California, but I'll take what I can get. Only request is that machine works well and has no issues. I'm an artist and creative director and its time to finally invest in my own machine. If anyone has one for sale in the U.S. please let me know. Cheers, Jonathan www.polygonfuture.com mail@polygonfuture.com
  21. teleporteur

    Calibration hauteur plateau UM3

    Je reviens sur la question de réglage de la hauteur du plateau. Comme j'ai changé le plateau en verre contre un plateau avec aimant du système https://www.geckotek.co/product-category/build-plates/ la hauteur n'est plus la même et la calibration ne fonctionne plus, ce qui est étonnant puisque bien avant quel tête touche le plateau celui-ci monte très très lentement... il devrait pouvoir détecter la tête qui est repoussée en arrière ? Autre question, est-il possible de régler la hauteur de la première couche d'impression dans l'UM3 sans relancer toute la procédure de calibration manuel ? Il arrive des fois qu'il y a une mini erreur de réglage... Est.il possible aussi de changer le réglage de l'épaisseur du plateau afin que la calibration automatique fonctionne ? (peut-être est-ce un rêve ;-)) ) merci Alain
  22. Hi Everyone, I had a similar query about a week or two ago and received some great tips which I tried but the problem still remains. My issue is that when trying to feed the PVA, it will feed all the way down the tube but then stops before it reaches the print core and starts grinding, not able to move any further. The spool spool is loose and I have been there each time to check if it is getting stuck on anything. The issue started with the PVA getting jammed in the feeder completely and me having to take the feeder apart to get it out. I was given the advice that the PVA might have had too much moisture so I dried it and it wouldnt feed through after this so then I tried a new roll of PVA and I am getting the same issue. Any advice would be appreciated! I have tried to clean the nozzle and make sure that it is not blocked and have ordered a new print core in case this is the issue but the PVA doesnt seem to be even getting that far for this to be the problem. I feel like it is getting jammed in the feeder itself. Thank you!
  23. Hallo allemaal, Ik heb hulp nodig in ""eenvoudige"" (ik weet dat er geen eenvoudige software zijn vandaar tussenhaakjes) software om 2 kleuren te printen. Belangrijk nieuws, ik ben een beginner weet niks van modelleren of evt 3D software. Het is mij gelukt om via TinkerCAD een eenvoudige dobbelsteen te printen. Maar nu wil ik in 2 kleuren printen. Bijvoorbeeld de cijfers die op de dobbelsteen staan een witte kleur geven en de dobbelsteen zelf rood. Hoe kan ik het beste uitvoeren en met welke software wat ""eenvoudig"" is. Ik heb gelezen als men 2 kleuren wil printen dat je dan 2 STL bestanden nodig hebt, dus 2 keer printen. Maar dan is er een software nodig om te checken dat deze 2 bestanden ook werkelijk op elkaar passen of in elkaar. Welke software kunnen jullie mij het beste aanraden? Waarbij ik gemakkelijk kan leren en/of tutorials volgen.
  24. Well, I cannot find my tension feeder guide whilst cleaning out the feeder. I am searching to see if I can find one to print, but so far, no luck. going through youmagine right now, but no luck so far.
  25. In past versions of Cura I was able to generate gcode with another slicer and then send it to the printer (UM3e) over the network using Cura. In version 3.4.1 it goes through the motions of uploading the gcode to the printer but nothing else is happening. The monitor page shows that the printer is doing nothing and the printer display shows it is idle. Is this a bug or some configuration has changed?

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