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  1. It is often not so clear how to use 3rd party materials with the UM3 or S5 printers. So I want to give some hints and answers to the common problems and questions. Ultimaker materials Ultimaker materials come with an NFC tag in the spool and the printer is able to read the NFC tag and can detect the material and color during the loading process. Internally the NFC tag contains a unique ID which is then matched against a material database or something like that in the printer software. So if you have loaded UM material which was automatically detected by the printer, then
  2. Selling Ultimaker 3 Extended due to switching to resin-printing. This is an original machine (no customization) with 0.4 printcores (AA + BB). Price : 2.950 Euro Very good overall state of the machine. Firmware see images (dated 29-12-2019) Testing and pickup of the UM3 extended in Belgium - Sankt Vith (triangle Belgium/Luxemburg/Germany). Requests for information in Dutch, English or German. Extra : 0.8 core AA + BB 0.4 core AA Approx. 7kg of 2.85mm filament (mostly PLA) Approx. 1.2kg of 2.85mm PVA filament
  3. I have a fairly new UM3E and the only issue I'm currently having is that printing PVA supports is not working well. I'm only using Ultimaker filament and I've only printed from the same reel of PVA on the BB core. After printing Benchy and a couple of other prints, the PVA printing from print core 2 - the BB 0.4 (extruder #2) that came with the printer, has stopped extruding material. The first time this happened I followed the printer cleaning directions from Ultimaker using Ultimaker cleaning filament. I removed a lot of black carbonized gunk and was able to get the PVA to extrude a littl
  4. I purchased the DDG Bondtech extruders due to worn out feeder wheels from abrasive material. My issue is I am having difficulty getting in to change the new updated firmware; 5.2.11 that is now installed. I have followed Bondtech's instructions; https://www.bondtech.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Bondtech-DDG-Ultimaker-V2.0.pdf I am on page 10 in this manual and I am successfully connected to my UM3+ printer (in developer mode) and there is no command line associated with my 5.2.11 firmware download. The manual offers to copy and paste one of the command
  5. I have an Ultimaker 3e and purchased a couple of Hardcore nozzles to replace AA cores to get faster prints. I get max temp errors on both of the Hardcores randomly during and after prints. One of the cores is currently in the print head and I am unable to remove it as it trips the error before I can pull out the filament. At first I thought it might have been some dodgy soldering on the printcore pcb but after trimming the spaces between the soldered connectors and the smaller connector on the side it the problem persists. Could it also be the spring? The tension of the spring on the Hardc
  6. I am having a consistent issues with my feeder grinding filament rather than feeding. What does this grinding/feeding issue look like? When the filament gets stuck at the extruder head or flattened by the feeder axis, the toothed wheel grinds a semi-circle into the filament. See here. This is occurring nigh-constantly on Feeder 1 of my machine. It always occurs during the same point of the cycle: about two layers in, the surface of the print begins to look sputtered as it is failing. Then nothing comes out. The device in question is an Ultimaker 3 Extended with up-to-date firm
  7. It has 1,192 hours of printing time on it for the few years I had it- really wasn't used all that much. I'm also giving a few materials that I have for it, a bit of PLA and some of wood plastic and ABS materials that I have. My asking price is 2,900€ + shipping, (I'm from Serbia) The price is really a good deal, but I'm willing to talk. Pictures can be seen here: https://www.kupujemprodajem.com/big-photo-94311325-1.htm Selling reason is that I don't need such a big printer for my needs (mostly print minis). Everything is working and fine 🙂
  8. Hello, unfortunately, for the third time I have had the following problem with the Ultimaker 3 at my institute: the nozzle jams during printing and the print head gets stuck on the buildingplate. As a result, the UM3 keeps printing and "blows up" its own case (see the picture below). This error occurs with different materials (PLA, HIPS) and with different sized printing models. After that the printer was always sent in and repaired, the last time a completely new print head was installed. My question is if someone knows the reason for this error or how to avoid it. The failure
  9. Buenos días, tengo un problema de precisión de las piezas que imprimo, hice una prueba con un cuadrado de 40mm x 40mm , como se ve en las fotos en el eje X mide los 40mm exactos pero en en eje Y mide 39.65mm , los imprimí en Fine y Sfine y los resultados son los mismo, gracias de antemano y que debo hacer para mejorar la precisión,
  10. I recently had my Ultimaker 3 Extended printing over night and as I came back in the morning to look at the print I saw an absolute disaster. The Material didn't print properly and somehow managed to find its way back up the side of the nozzle and onto the heaterblock. I immediately tryed to remove the printcore which was a mistake because not only was I unable to do so because of all the plastic clogging the entrence, but the display now also showed an error message which stated a max temp. error. I restarted the printer which made the error dissapear. Then I heated the core up to 210C and re
  11. Hi, Is there a means to change filament type mid-way through a print? I want to print one part in PLA, and another in TPU. These require different temperature settings, it isn't as simple as inserting a new reel. The second print head of the Ultimaker 3E is occupied with PVA support filament. Thanks!
  12. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit der Qualität an den Ecken des Bauteiles. Es tritt jeweils dort auf, wo ein Wechsel des Layers stattfindet. Und am Abschluss des Drucks an den letzten Layer verschmilzt das Material förmlich. Testwürfel etc werden perfekt gedruckt. Drucker: Ultimaker 3 Extended Material: Original Ultimaker ABS Schwarz Slicer: Cura 4.6.1 Ich hoffe es hat mit dem Export des Profiles geklappt. Sollten doch alle enthalten sein, dann wäre das benutzte ABS-ULTIMAKER-SEITENTEILE Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr
  13. I am constantly struggling with artifacts in my cylinder walls on my UM3. Blobs, zits, random noise. This seems to always happen in the same places if I use the same model to test with, so it's got to be coming via Cura. I have tweaked retractions, coasting, z-hop, speeds... nothing seems to get nice smooth walls. I've cleaned the extruder. Swapped cores. Cleaned and lubricated every rod, and checked for play. Any ideas? I've tried printing down to 45mm/s at 0.2mm layers, and I feel like I was able to get this quality from much worse printers. Here is an illustration. T
  14. I have an UM3 for quire a while now and want to make some modifications to the firmware. After some reading on the forums I fount that the UM3 firmware is available on request, but Ultimaker is systematically ignoring my requests. So is there anyone who has gotten the UM3 firmware, or knows how to get it? I doubt that Ultimaker itself will be of any help, since they are still ignoring my emails.
  15. Bonsoir, Mon filament a beaucoup de mal a passer dans le tube bowden, auriez vous une solution ? Merci.
  16. Hi folks, This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you change the time on the UM3E? I've started pulling API data from the printer (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/api/v1/print_job) to monitor the status so I can plan when the next job can be put into the machine The "datetime_started" is 1 hour out against local time (Edinburgh) I'm not sure if it's not updated to British Summer Time (I use the word Summer loosely ) or it syncs with a time server in Europe. Any help would be great. Cheers Jamie
  17. Over the past few days I've had a new issue with my machine. During a print with CPE and standard UM print core (AA 0.4), the y-axis print head shaft fell out during the print. (This happened when the print was about two inches off the bed). I popped the shaft back in and did some basic diagnostics and everything seemed to be fine. I did some test prints and sat and watched and everything was good. Later, I switched over to a 3d Solex printcore (so I could print nylonx) and did more test prints. Everything was good. So I let the machine go for another print job and went
  18. Have an Ultimaker 3 Extended I purchased in Feb 2018. Used frequently For about a year - Maybe 1000 hours total on the machine. Includes - UM3E Original Packaging Printed Solid acrylic enclosure & Door w/Hepa Filter 2 UM Glass Sheets Print Cores AA 0.4 x 2 AA 0.25 x 1 BB 0.4 x 1 BB 0.8 x 1 Filament - Dried and vac sealed. Partial roles of PLA, CPE, CPE+, PC, Nylon, PVA. Meticulously maintained.
  19. The picture below was printed with PETG and was printed at 50 mm/sec on a UM3. but I also have the same problem with PLA. and if I slow the print down. Do the Jerk settings help that? I did try it but I didn't see any difference. Thanks
  20. Is there a way to have Cura switch extruders during a print for a couple of layers and then switch back to the other extruder(I have a UM3)? I wanted to use it on the drum pictured to print the drum skin a different color then the drum body. I haven't seen how to do it yet. Thanks for your help.
  21. Curiously my camera has not been working since the last firmware update. So after some poking around I did a few things. 1) Does my Ultimaker 3 Extended have a IP address (yes) 2) Can I connect to it (yes) 3) Can I view the live stream using the http://<ip_address>:8080/?action=stream (no) 4) Can I view the snapshot of the camera at http://<ip_address>:8080/?action=snapshot (no) 5) Reset cura on the machine (done) Still can't see camera 6) Restart machine (done) didn't help I've also left the machine unpowered for a whi
  22. Hello there, There were topics about the 0.6 print core CC and a lot of talk about how to use it with U3 (incompatible feeder). BUT, everybody just repeating the feeder issue and seems nobody tried it, at least I don't find any conversation about it. So I have an U3E, I replaced the feeders to Bondtech, which works fine. Now I have a CC print core, trying to play with the XSTRAND PA6 material. I have made the necessary modifications in the code for the Bondtech feeders, according to this: https://support.bondtech.se/Guide/01.+DDG+For+Ultimaker+2++and+3/16?lang=en And
  23. Ultimaker 3 extended de Juin 2017 (valeur 4434 €) Capot Ultimaker 3 avec porte (valeur 379 €) Pack hardcore Pro AA 7 3D Solex de mars 2019 (valeur 288 €) Print Core BB 0.8 mm (Valeur 119.95 €) Stock pva ultimaker 750 g (reste 80 %, valeur 101 €) Stock Pla Polymax 3 Kg (reste 80 %, valeur 168 €) Carton d'origine. Maintenance par Makershop juillet 2019 (3h de MO, + pièces + port = 406.80 €) si il y en a qui veulent repasser par un clean up Makershop. Depuis peu tourné, je m'en sépare car trop de mainten
  24. Hello, I have a broken hot end isolator voor the Ultimaker 3E. I can't find it as a spare part. I do find the part for the UM2. Is it possible to obtain one somewhere? So I don't have to spent 100 euro's on a new printcore . . . Thanks a lot! Onno
  25. Hallo zusammen Bei mir verrutscht in letzter Zeit immer häufiger die Glasplatte seitlich mitten in einem Print. Warum wird die Glasplatte beim UM3E nicht auch seitlich gehalten und wie kann ich dies nachträglich bestmöglich einbauen?
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