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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, I am having a problem: I recently started working at a school with a dusty old UMO. Most functions seem to work properly, but I am having trouble with the motors. When using Cura to move the X/Y, they are working just fine. But after I do a Z-home, they do not work and start producing electric noises. The problems: the motors start missing steps. When moving by 100mm for example, they move for 1 second, pause for 1 second, and move for 1 second. This means it doesn't complete the 100mm movement. Also, it starts making noises like a capacitor overcharges and discharges,
  2. Hi guys, So I’ve got this old machine printing, however some of the prints weren’t great. Here’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve put a new 0.4mm nozzle and ensured the feed tube is completely free. I’ve repositioned the X axis limit switch 5mm to the right as the nozzle block hit the frame. It now auto homes without issue. I printed a cube and it was leaning to the left slightly, so I used my callipers and noticed the Y axis wasn’t straight, so undid and adjusted the truck to get it as straight as possible. I’ve lowered the print speed fro
  3. Hi All, I've very recently acquired a Ultimaker Original plus printer from a friend and I'm having some issues with the PLA feeder. I've used a brand new sealed reel of PLA, removed the bowden tube off the feeder and it still wont feed the PLA up, I can't even feel the PLA up using the manual extrude wheel. If I apply pressure like in the first picture, I can manually feed the PLA through the feeder, however when I release the pressure, it no longer feeds. The little latch that comes down, should this hold the black part where the thumb is in
  4. Hi everyone, First post here! I've tried to print with my Ultimaker Original + but the printer gave Err: Maxtemp. So I decided to change the heater cables. Turned the printer back on and it seems to be fine until the bed couldn't heat up. So I panicked. And here I am. This is a printer I bought but I've only ever worked with Ultimaker 3+'s from school. All help appriciated.
  5. I dug out a UM original But the previous owner has supplied the wrong springs (yellow) . They are too long and too hard Does anyone have an idea which ones might fit
  6. When doing some other repairs on my UMO+ I managed to damage the connector on my heated bed, resulting in detaching all soldering connections (yeah, stupid, I know). Obviously I want to fix this, so I can bring my printer back to life. Only I'm not much of a hero in soldering electronics (and missing the right tools), and I'm not sure if it can actually reverse the damage done. So I think my best option is to replace the entire bed with a new one. But every UM upgrade kit out there is either sold out or sold for ridiculously high prices, so that's not an option. My only source so far seems to
  7. I have an UMO+ that I have had for 4/5 years now and I think my nozzle has finally had it after printing a load of Carbonfill. So over the last half a decade there seems to be a lot of changes so I'm hoping that someone can give me an idea of my best option. I wanted to get a hardened steel nozzle but it seems that they don't make them for the UMO+? So how much of the hot end do I need to swap out to use more up to date nozzles? I can't actually tell if the replacement hot end kits I've seen are just a replacement that puts me back where I starte
  8. Hello! I'm facing a new issue with my UMO+ after years of good jobs: it stops randomly and I can't find why. The prints start normally and before the end of the job almost everytime the printhead suddenly stops moving, the screen becomes blue with nothing displayed for a few seconds, before going back to normal as if I just turned it on, and the build plate can go down. I can get very small prints to the end but when I relaunch it the second time this problem occurs. I've no idea of where it can come from. I wanted to update the firmware but I can't connect it to Cura v
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