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  1. Hello, as part of my thesis, I have to print tensile test samples in vertical and horizontal direction. The vertical ones turn out fine but I am having an issue with the horizontal ones. As you can see in the pictures below, when it gets to the small overhang at the upper mid part, I get some sort of warping and layer displacement. So far I have tried: -Increasing brim adhesion lines -Lowering the printing speed from 30 to 10 mm/s -Lowering the printing temp from 210 to 202 degrees celsius -Printing with support Even though the first two helped a little, I still get th
  2. Hello here. I'm working in a start up that makes scientific outdoor systems and we do use 3D printing for a few production parts, the most important one being a box cover that embeds different sensor. And we a have a very specific design to integrate those sensor. So we are using ASA for the system is outdoor, needs to be very UV resistant as we have systems installed up to 3000m in tough (ice) environment. Up to now I was using a Zortrax M300Plus with their specific Z-ASA-Pro. The Zortrax is running fine, we can print thread that works (even small like 0.3mm
  3. Our Ultimaker S3 is continuing to have issues with filament from spool 1 wrapping around spool 2 and stopping extrusion. Are there solutions for this that anyone is using? If anyone can point me to filament guides or other solutions I'd appreciate it. I've searched the forum and 3D print repositories and haven't anything for the S3 in particular. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, Somehow something was broken in my printer and I wasn't sure of what but the printer was working fine, It was just producing small sounds with Y-axis movement in extruder. I started a new print and actually got into a bigger problem and whole print core is effected now and its in pretty bad shape. Please see attached pics and if you have any suggestions for solution of it that would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Irfan Mustafa
  5. I really want to purchase a Mosaic Palette 2 Pro, but am concerned that I wont be able to access or download the profiles for the 1.75mm material I would need to print with, should I buy. Does anybody have any experience with the Palette or any recommendations for where to purchase materials to use with it? Thanks, I really want to upgrade my S3 to be able to create multi-color prints, but don't want to spend hundreds on the Palette just to run into problems.
  6. Hi all, We've release firmware 6.2 for the S-line printers. It's got some neat performance improvements, and as a user you can now choose which firmware release channel you want, latest, which is greatest, or stable, for updates 3-4 times a year. Check out the full release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012055979 Download it in via your favorite method, either on the printer directly or get the .swu update file here. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I've noticed on a number of prints from our UMS3 that the first layer seems to be a bit uneven. When this happens on the corner of prints, I'm usually able to solve it with the typical anti-warping tips and tricks (adding chamfers to the 3D file, putting glue on the build plate, etc). But I've noticed more recently that it seems to be happening away from the print edges in some cases. In the attached photos, I think it's most clear in the blue print - tough to get a good image of this with the lighting in my office, but even in the gray prints (paused after first layer went
  8. Hi all, We've released new firmware to the latest firmware release channel. Its a small update which mainly contains bug fixes and allows for better software integration with the cloud, no functionality changes included in this one. Check out the release notes here, and if you upgrade via USB get the file from here. Enjoy!
  9. Hi, I have a new S3 that is about a month old that is experiencing active leveling issues. If I start a print from my S3 that has been off or idle for a few hours, it passes active leveling and prints without any issue. However, if I then try to start a new print soon after the first print finishes, I will run into active leveling issues and receive the "Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values" or "nozzle offset probe failed. Please check the nozzles and bed and try again." Here are two videos that demonstrate the behavior: https://photos.app
  10. Hello All Back to printing after 5 years and glad to be back in the UM community! I bought a UM 2 in 2015 and I learned to print on these forums. Comforting to come back and see the same folks active. I hope to contribute with my passion for 3d stuff. So... I got back into 3d modelling and got my S3 two weeks or so ago. It's amazing, but seems to be broken... I'm in the US and I bought a refurbished S3 from Dynamism, (fantastic reseller, fast, established, warranty, money back guarantee, etc.) and its manufactured by the well known, but mysterious Illuminarti at F
  11. I seem to be having a recurrent and persistent error which has severely limited the utility of my S3. I continue to get "line errors" on simple geometries I'm trying to print. I have been in contact with service and have really seemed to have tried everything without finding a solution. I have designed using different programs (tinkercad, MOI), updated firmware, used print over network, used local printing with two different USB drives, redesigned the object from scratch, etc etc. Finally I sent the machine into service for an overhaul last month despite it being less than a year old. It worke
  12. With firmware 6.1.1 we’re bringing static IP, an upgraded OS and more features to all S-line printers. Let’s dive right into it! Network and security improvements. Upgraded operating system Since the release of firmware 6.0, Ultimaker S-line 3D printers have been upgraded from the Linux Debian Jessie distribution to Linux Debian Buster distribution. This new OS comes with some security improvements and we believe it elevates our existing firmware to be more future-proof and allowing for a more secure 3D print environment. Important: Due to the upgrade i
  13. Hi! I am not new to 3d printing but new to my S3 Ultimaker. My ultimaker PLA will load but it won't unload. Help! I've got a big project for my students that I have to print out this weekend.
  14. S3 printer will complete its leveling process and right after that light turns off and print is completed but nothing printed. I have printed these items before, this has all started with firmware 6.1.1. PS: already did a factory reset, and i've also tried printing other pieces with same result
  15. Hi there, Is there any way to connect the S line to WPA2 Enterprise WiFi? That is, WiFi that requires a username and password? Perhaps I'm just missing something, but the option to add a username just doesn't seem available through any of the automatic or manual setup options. Just entering my password without a username fails to connect. But I do know that WiFi works, because I can connect to my WPA2 Personal network at home. If connecting to Enterprise WiFi is not possible, is it an option that can be added? Seems like a pretty big missing feature for larger organisat
  16. As part of the rebuilding of this printer I noticed the wires to the capacitive sensor were frayed. The white wire in the photo was down to one strand. Replacing the wire looks to be relatively straightforward, but given the nature of this sensor, I wanted to cross check if there is a specific gauge and type of wire needed for this link. Thanks!
  17. Hi folks, I am looking for a pair of compatible Ultimaker filament for dual extrusion printing a flexible member such as TPU into a rigid plastic such as ABS. This is an example application: https://youtu.be/9hix87v8LDo He used NinjaFlex Midnight Black TPU (2.85mm) with Silver PRO Series ABS (2.85mm). Is there a similar recommended and compatible combination with Ultimaker filament? If not, can I get similar results on the Ultimaker with this combination? Thanks.
  18. Hi I have g-code (merlin) to print a 3D structure for lulzbot. In my work place, I have Ultimaker S3 (Griffin). I like to know how to convert merlin-flavour gcode into Griffin-flavour g-code to print the 3D structure.
  19. Hi, When starting a new print I sometimes get a camera icon that gives me still images of a print with a long loading time between each updated image and other times I can get a video stream. Why/how is this changing? Is there some way I can choose this? Many thanks in advance 🙂 Sam
  20. Hello! I'm trying to calibrate the flow since the default settings was over extruding. I printed a 20mm test cube with only single walls with layer thickness: 0,2 line width: 0,58 flow 100% Measured the walls to 0,9mm and changed the flow to 64% and printed again. Now it is under extruding with small holes here and there and not very good layer adhesion but still the walls are too thick, I measure them to 0,7mm. What can I do to adjust this? Jesper
  21. Hi, I have a brand new ultimaker S3 printer and I notice that the printhead wobbles along the Y axis but not the X axis rods. I tried tightening the four screws at the top of the printhead and it did not make a difference. Do other people's printheads on the S series have this wobble as well? This causes the printcore tips to probably shift about 1mm along the Y axis. I would have thought this is just my printer but this is the second S3 that I recently tested (the first one had to go back for a few hardware issues) and that printhead had the same wobble along the Y axis.
  22. I use my printer regularly, powered off 2 days ago with no issues. Today it doesn't work anymore. After powering it on it stays stuck at boot logo. Any chance to unblock it and how?
  23. For about a year I have been fighting with a build plate heater problem that comes and goes. The intermittent nature and various errors have made it hard to pinpoint. However I think I found the error and it makes sense. Symptoms, The mainboard thinks the bed heater is at the correct temperature. when It is actually not. Over temperature errors. ER14 Build plate taking to long to heat up error. If I go to the menu - system / build plate / set temperature / enter, and set the temperature with the dial, the left display (actual temperature)
  24. I just recently got the Ultimaker S3, and the filaments that I started with were PVA and PLA tough, and PLA tough was working fine. Then I switched the PVA with generic PLA. That’s when the generic PLA wasn’t adhering properly, and I made the fatal mistake of manual leveling to see if that could help. After the manual leveling, I’ve been trying to make prints throughout the day, and when it does the auto leveling before it starts, it pushes the nozzle too far down towards the bed, and the left side of the bed keeps rising a little further after the right side of the table already hit
  25. Hi there, I bought a spool of PA 6 GF 30 black By Ensinger and am trying now to download/implement the material data into my cura 4.8.0 On the Ultimaker Marketplace https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/DilaraYuece/Ensinger_PA6GF30black_2019 there is a button + add to Cura which changes to v Added to Cura (and can be toggled back) but nothing else happens. No (visible) download happens nor can I find any new xml.fdm_material (full PC search) Cura doesn't show any new materials entry, restart doesn't help at all. I tried Chrome and Firefox, same behaviour. Chrome swit
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