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  1. With firmware 6.1.1 we’re bringing static IP, an upgraded OS and more features to all S-line printers. Let’s dive right into it! Network and security improvements. Upgraded operating system Since the release of firmware 6.0, Ultimaker S-line 3D printers have been upgraded from the Linux Debian Jessie distribution to Linux Debian Buster distribution. This new OS comes with some security improvements and we believe it elevates our existing firmware to be more future-proof and allowing for a more secure 3D print environment. Important: Due to the upgrade i
  2. Hi, I have a brand new ultimaker S3 printer and I notice that the printhead wobbles along the Y axis but not the X axis rods. I tried tightening the four screws at the top of the printhead and it did not make a difference. Do other people's printheads on the S series have this wobble as well? This causes the printcore tips to probably shift about 1mm along the Y axis. I would have thought this is just my printer but this is the second S3 that I recently tested (the first one had to go back for a few hardware issues) and that printhead had the same wobble along the Y axis.
  3. I use my printer regularly, powered off 2 days ago with no issues. Today it doesn't work anymore. After powering it on it stays stuck at boot logo. Any chance to unblock it and how?
  4. For about a year I have been fighting with a build plate heater problem that comes and goes. The intermittent nature and various errors have made it hard to pinpoint. However I think I found the error and it makes sense. Symptoms, The mainboard thinks the bed heater is at the correct temperature. when It is actually not. Over temperature errors. ER14 Build plate taking to long to heat up error. If I go to the menu - system / build plate / set temperature / enter, and set the temperature with the dial, the left display (actual temperature)
  5. I just recently got the Ultimaker S3, and the filaments that I started with were PVA and PLA tough, and PLA tough was working fine. Then I switched the PVA with generic PLA. That’s when the generic PLA wasn’t adhering properly, and I made the fatal mistake of manual leveling to see if that could help. After the manual leveling, I’ve been trying to make prints throughout the day, and when it does the auto leveling before it starts, it pushes the nozzle too far down towards the bed, and the left side of the bed keeps rising a little further after the right side of the table already hit
  6. Hi there, I bought a spool of PA 6 GF 30 black By Ensinger and am trying now to download/implement the material data into my cura 4.8.0 On the Ultimaker Marketplace https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/DilaraYuece/Ensinger_PA6GF30black_2019 there is a button + add to Cura which changes to v Added to Cura (and can be toggled back) but nothing else happens. No (visible) download happens nor can I find any new xml.fdm_material (full PC search) Cura doesn't show any new materials entry, restart doesn't help at all. I tried Chrome and Firefox, same behaviour. Chrome swit
  7. Is there a part number for the S3 replacement glass? My machine is brand new, less than 2 weeks old, but the "questionable" method of those metal brackets has already started to chip the glass, so it's only a matter of time before the chip gets bigger and bigger and cracks the glass completely. So, I'd like to get ahead of this and order replacements, wired to have to order replacements so soon on a brand new machine, oh well... 😞 Any other replacement parts I should get ahead of as well?
  8. I have a brand new S3, not even a week old. Using the included materials, i.e. Tough PLA, and default settings within Cura, please see the attached and let me know what is wrong with the printer? The "blobs" in the first image appear on the back, i.e. towards the rear of the printer. In the second image the "waves" appear towards the front. This is what I was printing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:398548 Thank you!
  9. I've used my Ultimaker 3 for a little while now and had good success with printing. I recently had a very bad crash on an overnight print. The print head seemed to stop moving and continued to dispense PLA. The PLA shot up into the printer head assembly and completely ruined. I'm in the process of replacing the printer head (I have purchased the spare parts for this), however, in doing so, I've noticed that the motion of the y axis is not smooth. The x and z axis both move smoothly when I move them by hand. When I move the y axis, it's choppy, somew
  10. We had purchased the Ultra Maker Cura 3 but have encountered an issue. The Specs read the Build volume is 215 x 215 x 200 mm https://shop3d.ca/products/ultimaker-3 But when we attempt to print something at 159 mm X 205.9 mm X 38.8 mm we cannot lay it flat. Version 4.71. The customer needs/want it to be printed FLAT. Can you provide an answer? Thank you.
  11. Hello, Here at work we just got an Ultimaker S3. It is working great with Ultimaker brand materials but the real reason we got the printer is to use BASF Ultrafuse 316L material. I've downloaded the material profile from the marketplace and it is showing up in Cura but it is not an option on the printer itself. I understand that Cura is supposed to automatically add materials to the printer but it does not seem to be working. The printer is connected through the cloud and I have tried powering off and on the printer and the computer several times. I've also reinstalled
  12. Hi, I am currently printing a custom material at temperatures much lower than usual (150 degrees Celcius) with an Ultimaker S3. I made a custom material profile for this with the right printing temperature. Due to not being able to change to a custom material on the Ultimaker itself, I just choose (Black Tough) PLA while loading it with my custom material. However - although the actual printing temperature is correct, meaning it is the same as the settings in Cura (so 150 degrees) - while preparing for the print the Ultimaker shortly heats the nozzle to 235 degrees (which i
  13. Which spare parts for the 3/S3/S5 printers do people typically keep on hand? I'm not talking about things like build plates or print cores, but things like fans and other little odds and ends that can fail. I have to replace the axial (hot end) fan on my S5, so of course the printer is down until the new fan shows up later this week.
  14. I recently started getting nozzle cover failures during prints. It's hard to pinpoint when it started happening. It possibly coincided with switching to the 0.6mm Ruby CC Core, and then the 0.8mm AA Core. Attached is a photo of actually one of the less dramatic examples. In this case the print completed successfully. In the other cases, a loose bed seems to have contributed to the problem. I have since tightened the 'clamps' on the bed and conducted manually leveling (because auto leveling was subsequently failing). Attached example of failed print due to p
  15. Hi is there average printcore life time (in print hours - lets say only PLA is used). I know it will probably vary a lot, but a rough range would be helpful - rather 300 hours or 1000 or more?
  16. hi! new to the UM fam. have a small farm of UMS3s for a higher-ed college. earlier today I put x5 machines on Digital Factory; they all appeared and I renamed them. One of them then went 'missing' (grey, circle-X) from Digital Factory. At this time the 'connect' button at Digital Factory menu is non-responsive. See: https://photos.app.goo.gl/KRcPcjdHgTk7KDBa7 I have attempted rebooting, Reset Digital Factory (via Settings), and Reset all printer settings (also via Settings) - I'm not sure what else to do, but the button is not responding I therefore cannot connect the printer to Digital F
  17. I have just purchased the Ultimaker S3 and am very interested in an Ultimaker air manager for it. I am aware of the two enclosures available on the internet now though I think that I would want Ultimakers brand.
  18. I am runing into constant under extrusion with my UM3. The nozzle is cleaned and I tried a new Print Core. Everything so far with no noticeable changes. The first layer is just a mess with way to little material being extruded. The extruder itself appears to be working properly. It is grinding away the material. The nozzle definetly gets hot but maybe not hot enough? The macheine says it reaches the desired printing tempretature of 215°C. I am runing an identical machine next to it with the exact same settings and it is working properly. It might be an issue with
  19. Hello! Does anyone know where to get a good quality but relatively cheap 0.4 mm nozzle? I ordered some from amazon but they are too short and are not the best even though it had good reviews!
  20. Hello, i have had this printer for little over 2 years. I have hardly used it. Am willing to sell it for 3000 flat. Thank you this printer does not deserve to be collecting dust.
  21. Hello I am very new to this community and just got my ultimaker s3 set up yesterday. I am running a 1.75mm PC filament print using the aa .4 nozzle with the bed set to 115c nozzle at 180c and a flow rate of 140%, I have great adhesion using a brim but after the brim and first 2 layers of the parts were printed I get a strange error message where it thinks the filament has run out, I can resume the print, and get maybe 1 min of run time with the printer, but then the same error message. The filament is in the feeder and has good tension on it, maybe too much (i can see the teeth marks in the fi
  22. Hopefully you enjoyed the onboarding course we’ve made for you. If you haven’t followed it yet, you can find it here. By registering your product you can get free access to this course. We recommend everyone who is just starting with an Ultimaker S3 to follow this course. In the course you will learn more about the product itself, the 3D printing workflow, Ultimaker Cura and maintenance. Did you follow the course but do you still have questions? Please feel free to write them below! We’ll try to answer them and use the input as inspiration to improve our cou
  23. I get this error on a brand new S3. Checked the movie on this error and this didnt help. What can i do? Johan
  24. Have owned S3 for about 7 months, reliable until now. The past few days I have ran into extrusion issues where part of the first layer prints nicely, but at some point on the first layer it stops extruding or just extrudes a tiny amount which doesn't even stick to the plate. Its a weird issue, because the for the first 10 minutes, the first layer (the brim) looks great.. However, extrusion usually fails during the first layer. Things I have tried: 1) Swapped out print cores and cleaned print cores several times. 2) Cleaned feeder mechanism thoroughly.
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