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Found 6 results

  1. I am runing into constant under extrusion with my UM3. The nozzle is cleaned and I tried a new Print Core. Everything so far with no noticeable changes. The first layer is just a mess with way to little material being extruded. The extruder itself appears to be working properly. It is grinding away the material. The nozzle definetly gets hot but maybe not hot enough? The macheine says it reaches the desired printing tempretature of 215°C. I am runing an identical machine next to it with the exact same settings and it is working properly. It might be an issue with
  2. Hello! Does anyone know where to get a good quality but relatively cheap 0.4 mm nozzle? I ordered some from amazon but they are too short and are not the best even though it had good reviews!
  3. Hello, i have had this printer for little over 2 years. I have hardly used it. Am willing to sell it for 3000 flat. Thank you this printer does not deserve to be collecting dust.
  4. Hello I am very new to this community and just got my ultimaker s3 set up yesterday. I am running a 1.75mm PC filament print using the aa .4 nozzle with the bed set to 115c nozzle at 180c and a flow rate of 140%, I have great adhesion using a brim but after the brim and first 2 layers of the parts were printed I get a strange error message where it thinks the filament has run out, I can resume the print, and get maybe 1 min of run time with the printer, but then the same error message. The filament is in the feeder and has good tension on it, maybe too much (i can see the teeth marks in the fi
  5. I get this error on a brand new S3. Checked the movie on this error and this didnt help. What can i do? Johan
  6. Have owned S3 for about 7 months, reliable until now. The past few days I have ran into extrusion issues where part of the first layer prints nicely, but at some point on the first layer it stops extruding or just extrudes a tiny amount which doesn't even stick to the plate. Its a weird issue, because the for the first 10 minutes, the first layer (the brim) looks great.. However, extrusion usually fails during the first layer. Things I have tried: 1) Swapped out print cores and cleaned print cores several times. 2) Cleaned feeder mechanism thoroughly.
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