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  1. I found the device as in the figure below after leaving a printing process for about 9 hours. The glass mat had come out of the device and fell to the floor. The print core had pressed strongly on the heat table and deep scratches were formed. The filament was stuffed into the print core and clogged. Before starting the process, the device was calibrated. Even if it wasn't calibrated, shouldn't the print head be able to recognize the surface and stop? Couldn't the distance sensor have prevented such massive damage? The clogging problem could be solved somehow, but how t
  2. Hi all, We've released 6.5.0 for the S-line printers to the latest firmware channel. There's some real nice updates in there, check out the release notes page. Just to highlight a few: Scan USB drive for material profiles. It will now be possible to add a material profile to the S-line printer from a USB drive. The printer can update its material list with any missing material profiles found in the print job files (UFP files) of an inserted USB stick. Import the profile by navigating to maintenance -> import material profiles. This allows for offline
  3. Hi all, Approximately 8 months ago, I purchased a new Ultimaker S3. Ever since, I've been printing daily at least 8h. The printer never failed and from the beginning also produced a superb print. For about a week now, however, the printer has been acting up. I first had the problem that half way through the printjob, the S3 would simply stop extruding filament (the print head moves without filament exiting the nozzle). In the meantime, it's worsened. Now, half way through the printjob the bowden tube gets loose and rips itself out of the feeder. I've been using the same t
  4. Hi - After many issue wrt adhesion with my UM2+ ( ), I really decided that I had enough and broke the bank to buy an S3. I did a first large print and the result is interesting... once it was fully cold (a few hours to cool down) the print did not popup easily from the bed so I removed the bed to try out of the printer and when turning it upside down, it looks like the print sticks so well that, even before I tried to remove it (I really did not exercise strong force), some thin layers of glass were already detached and pulled by the print (chipping?), from the bed. Putting the whole thi
  5. Hello, I'm using CPE+ a lot and the results are really great. However, with fresh spools it happens quite often that the filament slips off the spool and entangles somewhere. That happend on a UM3 and on a UMS3. I'm using the ultimaker CPE+ filament. And with PLA or other materials I never observed this issue. Does anybody have experience with this behavior and knows how to avoid it? Thanks in advance! Johannes
  6. Hi, As you can see below, I always get a start around my model which I don't design. Can somebody help me with the setting to turn this off please? I can't find it myself in the settings.
  7. I have been having some issues with the right feeder (labeled 2) on my S3. I looked up how to increase the tension on my S3. When I tried to increase the tension, I noticed that the tension screw is different from my left feeder (labeled 1) and doesn't seem to function correctly. It looks like one of the normal screws used to attach the feeder itself. I've attached a picture. Is this normal? Can I buy the correct tension screw separately somewhere?
  8. Hi there! I am new to this forum and also quite new to printing - until so far, quite exciting! We just got a UMS3 at our work and we have only been printing with PLA and PVA. Mostly it has been going fine, but lately, the PLA sometimes just seems to give up. It happened already a few times that it starts printing, but then after a few layers, somehow it just seems to stop. And then the Bowden Tube also comes out in the back (see img. 1 and 2). I have then also tried to clean the nozzle with the hot-cold pull, and to clean the feeder. Sometimes it works then again, but sometimes no
  9. Hi all does enyone know if the printbed springs are the same for all these Ultimaker printers? I can order springs (DR2160) for UM2 / 3 but wonder if they fit in the S-line and 2+C. Thanks in advance - Yvonne Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2+ Extended Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5 Ultimaker 2+ Connected
  10. I kicked off a print over the weekend, and came back to print stopped because the filament wasn't feeding. I assume the nozzle is clogged, but the problem is I can't get the filament out of the core. I saw a similar problem where it was suggested heating the core up to 280 to soften the filament. Tried that, heating it up for 30 minutes, but still couldn't work the filament out. Any other ideas on getting the filament removed would be very appreciated!
  11. Hey all, I’m getting a loud “CRRRRIK!” Noise in my relatively new UM3. the noise happens when the lifter switch lifts the support head. Sounds like gears grinding almost. The sound seems to be getting louder, but not sure what it is. any thoughts on what I should look at?
  12. I got tired of whisps of filament jamming the front fan so I designed this. Used 0.015" stainless steel mesh.
  13. Hi there, I’m trying to print a design I made in Ultrafuse 316L, a stainless steel material… I have downloaded the Cura settings, but I don’t no what to choose when loading the material on my UM S3 please advise, thx
  14. Does anyone have experience w Print Cores coming from Shenzhen? Will they work on the UM3, S3, S5?
  15. Hello, I was wondering if there will be an Air Manager for the S3 Printer like the one on the S5? There is a third party option from Accante which I’m interested in but I would like to go with the original and "controlled" one from Ultimaker. Or is there someone who already made some experience with this cover? Thanks
  16. Hi Everyone, I am helping someone out with the UMS3. When I tried to print, all that came out were some blobs here and there. They weren't even big blobs, but they were pretty small. I did that a few times, but it still didn't work. I found out I chose the wrong material: from generic pla to colorfab Color on Demand. (I am using AA .4.) However, when I tried with the right material, it still didn't print at all. I am not sure if it is because the nozzle clogged or something else is wrong. I did notice that when I was loading the filament. When I tried to push the filament in with the
  17. Hi everyone, I am trying to load and unload the filament. When I press unload, the gear didn't retract out all the filament. This happened to me last time and I had to do a hot/cold pulling cleaning procedure. There was some clog. I don't think it should be a problem this time, because I just did it. I don't know, but could this cause the nozzle to not be printing too much? The loading process extrudes out some, but when I print, it prints out little dots. I also noticed that when I was able to unload it, there were some bumps at the end where the gear and the filament m
  18. Hi all, We've release firmware 6.2 for the S-line printers. It's got some neat performance improvements, and as a user you can now choose which firmware release channel you want, latest, which is greatest, or stable, for updates 3-4 times a year. Check out the full release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012055979 Download it in via your favorite method, either on the printer directly or get the .swu update file here. Thanks!
  19. Hello, I have an issue quite similar to the one mentioned here. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/36621-please-help-pla-filament-stuck-in-brand-new-aa04-print-core/?tab=comments#comment-286978 Although my print head fan was not working due to filament debris caugth in the fan, the filament wasn't melted between print core and print head enclosure. Instead it was kind of bent between print core and the lifting mechanism above print core 2 in a way that I wasn't able to pull it out or push it through the core. By disassembling the print head I
  20. Dear all, Long story short: I accidentally didn't put the glass plate on the heating plate. I printed for about 3 min on the heating plate before I realised I left a plate on the sink after cleaning. Could you please tell me how can I remove it without damaging anything? Is it too far gone? Thank you, Paulina
  21. Hey, i have some problems with my last print. The surface of the inner circle is nearly perfect. BUT the outer ring and lower surfaces are as bad as you can see in the pictures. Is there a quick fix by settings possible? Thanks, Mike.
  22. Hi everyone, I have an UMS5 and I would like to know if anybody already uses or used a different extruder in the original Ultimaker print core (AA 0.4). I found this extruders: https://www.3djake.com/micro-swiss/coated-nozzle-for-ultimaker-3 https://www.3djake.com/brozzl/hardened-steel-nozzle-for-ultimaker-3-aa Do anyone has some experience that can share about this topic? Thanks!
  23. I'm trying to print a 3d file that has two parts that join together like a dovetail joint. When I print the file on an Ultimaker 3S using PLA, the pieces are a couple millimeters too large and don't fit together. However when I print the same model with similar settings on a FlashForge (also with PLA), the pieces slide together snuggly. I can provide some more details but generally speaking, is there a simple solution to preventing 3D prints from slightly expanding? Again, most of the settings for the model are similar (I'm using Cura for the Ultimaker and Simplify3D for the FlashForge).
  24. Hello, I just received my Ultimaker S3 and was putting it together to test everything out, and the initial set up all went fine, however I am getting an error that says "NFC Spool Holder Error". I have tried unplugging it, plugging it in, restarting the 3D printer, and adjusting the NFC cord. The printer went through all of the tests with the Tough PLA and PVA just fine. I'm not sure what else to do, any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  25. Hey there, I've just got my new UMS3 set up. I've had a handful of successful small PLA prints (Benchy etc) but have started printing larger projects (7-8hrs) and I'm getting consistent failures. The failures happen both with PPVA support and using the PLA for support structures as well. Here's what's happening: Print seems to kickoff just fine, and I'll watch it for a while, then somewhere down the print something happens to cause the printer to stop extruding. A couple of times the bowden tube gets pulled out of the feeder on the back of the
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