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  1. I have been using an S5 for about 2.5 years now (using two S5 Pro Bundles for the last year). Since I got the first S5, I have been using basically the same glass print bed for all our prints. Our original S5 has about 6000 operating hours on it, and our newer S5 has about 2000 hours on it, so they have been used quite a bit. Overall all of that time, I have had a couple of small glass delaminations occur, but we were basically still using the original glass beds. I started using Vision Miner's Nano-Polymer Adhesive about a year ago, because it held both the CPE that we print 95% of our jobs with, as well as BreakAway. I haven't had any issues with it, except that it holds the BreakAway really well, meaning I have some scraping to do between prints. In most cases, the CPE only prints just pop off after they cool down. Anyway, about a month ago, I came into work and found that both machines with finished prints, but when I removed them, significant portions of the glass delaminated with the print. I thought it was odd, but the glass was old and had a few chips in it, so I thought it just finally gave out. So I pulled out the brand new spares. The few days later, the same thing happened with brand new glass. - I reperformed the manual leveling on both machines, thinking maybe it was a thermal issue with colder weather causing the first layer to print too close. - I also switched over to using the UHU stic provided from UM on the CPE only prints. We got 4 new pieces of glass from our distributor, and got back to work. Today, I come into work and find both prints again caused significant delamination. One print is about 8" x 8" square with a solid bottom layer. The other is a 8" diameter circle, with about 50% of it being a solid bottom layer (with some openings). So they are both "large" prints with solid bases. But I have literally printed hundreds of items like this without an issue. I am running 6.5.1 on both units, and have not updated firmware in about 2 months. Any ideas on the causes of this? I have shreaded 5 sheets of glass (at about $45 each) over the last month, after not losing a single one over 2.5 years. I am printing the same things, with the same materials, using the same techniques that I have been using for a long period of time. But something seems to have changed.
  2. I'm thinking it's time to replace the desiccant in my material manager. It doesn't seem to be maintaining the 40% humidity level it is supposed to. I have a 5 lb jar of color changing desiccant beads that I could use. Are there any instructions for doing this? I seem to remember something not being shielded that I could zap myself on. I think my warrantee was out around September so I won't be endangering anything regarding that..
  3. Someone please help me, so far I have lost atleast 11 3D prints and a big waste of time. material 1 feeding stops and the print head runs without any material, and thus the print is incomplete. the reason is shown in attached picture, the tube comes out or material flow stops,...... so far I have taken different steps to solve this 1. initially there was Tough PLA Black when this problem first seen, thought tough black has some problem, so changed to PLA blue. but on the new print also , the same problem occurred 2. checked outer tube end portion, thought may be a bit worn out, so I did cut that portion. but problem still continued 3. did reset on factory settings of the machine, but problem still continued 4. did calibration of build plate/glass, but problem still continued 5. continually monitored material flow right from easy of spool rotation, to print head, everything seems normal but still the material feeding stops as the tube comes out as shown in picture. the only thing happened since yesterday is now the feeding stops every 5 mins and things have got more worsen. Not sure what to do. Request your sincere guidance on this issue please @Smithy, @GregValiant, @SandervG, @gr5, @Philler, @RogueWave
  4. HI All, I gave a 3D print on Ultimaker S5, kindly refer below pic wherein you will see that cura did not pick any supporting material, it is printing on PLA blue only. I was just wondering how to take this print out of the glass. so far, on other prints there was initial layers of PVA natural supporting material, once the 3D print is done, I would immerse the print along with glass into the water and after few hours the parts comes out easily. but in this scenario where there is no supporting material, and main PLA blue material is sticked to the glass, now I do not know how to take the part out of the glass. request some guidance on this @Smithy @SandervG @jbrownlee @GregValiant @gr5
  5. From here: This material is NOT COMPATIBLE with the material station Seems like it was and then was removed: Release notes Version 1.0.1 Version 2.0.1 changed marketing text and brand name version 2.0.2 changed name on cura slicer version 2.1.0 change material station temperature version 2.2.0 take out material station Why?
  6. I have an Ultimaker S5. When printing, my support material is printing PVA (Natural) where Black PLA should be and printing black PLA where my support should be. The settings I have look correct to me in Cura? I have support set to Extruder 2 (which is my Natural PVA) and it looks correct in Cura...and I am on the latest firmware and software. When I print it the materials are reversed?
  7. Got a new S5 pro with air manager and material manager. When printing with 1 extruder got no issues. But when printing using both extruders one of them will not extrude first couple of layers. Prime tower is On with 6mm³. Exact problem. Both extruders are loaded and primed correctly. Brim is applied using extruder 1. When second extruder starts printing nothing comes out for the first layers. After it will start producing small blobs. Rectified issue by increasing the prime volume to 42mm3 on both extruders. Problem is not extruder dependent as I reproduced problem by swapping extruders settings. Meaning doing brim with extruder 2. With brim on extruder 2 problem is reproduced on extruder 1
  8. The first filament loads fine the dual filament of any kind - PLA, breakaway, etc - always gets to the feeder before being transferred to the bowden tubes and stops. It's as if the gears inside the box aren't working. I have taken the box cover off, looked for any obstructions and can't find any. Please help.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been experiencing layer shifting when I print with extruder one, specifically when the material changes through the material station. I originally believed that it was due to the CC 0.6 core I was using, but I was eventually able to narrow it down to extruder one through some extensive testing. All of the hardware has been inspected and tightened and nothing has changed. What I don't understand is the layer shifting doesn't occur when I use extruder two, even when the material changes. This leads me to believe that there is a firmware issue with extruder one. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Thank you.
  10. I recently got a spool of Breakaway material. Every time I've used it I found it extremely difficult to remove the print. I mean difficult to the point that I sometimes thought the only option was to break the buildplate. Even a simple print like printcore calibration, with only single lines on breakaway on the buildplate (and PLA in the other printcore), and no glue or anything else, resulted in the PLA peeling away easily, while the Breakaway needed a sharp knife to loosen it, then an abrasive sponge to remove the residual from the buildplate. How can I reduce its adhesion? By the way, I'm using the S5 bundle and all standard profiles. thanks, Richard
  11. Hi all, We've released new firmware to the latest firmware release channel. Its a small update which mainly contains bug fixes and allows for better software integration with the cloud, no functionality changes included in this one. Check out the release notes here, and if you upgrade via USB get the file from here. Enjoy!
  12. I have had an S5 for a few months. Today, the printer raised an ER54 error, and it cannot load any filament for material two from any bay in the material station. The printer can pull a short bit of filament from the roll before I hear grinding noises, and then it stops. The Bowden tubes for material two that I can see are empty, so it seems something is wrong inside the material station away from my reach. I tried pushing the filament myself, and it did not go through. The online solution for ER54 (link) is not helpful. Is this something I can fix myself, or do I need to contact my reseller?
  13. This is an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle (though it wasn't ordered that way). The black filament is Ultimaker Tough-PLA, and the blue is MatterHackers PLA-Pro. Settings are default Cura "Normal" 0.15mm layer height. The stringing (if that's what it is) is only in the direction of the Print Core Switch. In other words it only seems to be happening when the printhead moves to switch between colors. The rest of the print is nice and smooth. The stringing is happening with both colors/materials and appears to be happening both on the inside and the outside of the object, which is a "dragon egg" that's hollow. Actually looking at the second pic I can see one string on the left side, but on the last one of these I printed the entire thing is smooth except for about a 45-degree arc. . This does not happen at all on single-color prints. I haven't noticed it on PLA/PVA prints, but then PVA is usually pretty messy anyway and the PLA would be encased in the PVA most times I've done that. Any ideas?
  14. Hello, Using S5 pro bundle. A TPLA spool is loaded on way 1, in "standby" position a few centimetres above the print head 1. On the screen, the line connecting the material station and the print head is blue. There is absolutely no way to remove the material: - The appropriate buttons are grayed - Removing and/or changing the print head don't help - Rebooting don't help - Updating the FW don't help I have already mentioned this bug more than one year ago : post 6 This issue happens regularly. Sometime changing the print head help. Sometime not.
  15. I am running into a lot of trouble trying to get the S5 to load NinjaTek Cheetah TPU through the material station. The feeding unit grabs the filament in the bay, and is able to make it feed through the tube to the printer extruder drive unit. When it reaches the drive unit, however, it seems the extruder is not 'seeing' the material, as it sits idle until the lower drive triggers the flow sensor and forces the upper extruder to move. Once the upper unit starts to move, the filament feeds to around halfway through that section of Bowden tube to the nozzle and stops. Manually sliding the flow sensor unit forces more material to come through, but I still end up with ER56. Upon the necessary reboot to exit ER56, I have to release the upper extruder drive before the unit tries to unload the material, as it does not activate that drive to back the material out and will cause another error if the drive is still engaged. Does anyone have any idea how I can make this material feed properly? I am wanting to print a TPU 'shell' on some surfaces of a composite print to prevent an scratching that may occur or cushion a structural part. Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle on Firmware 6.5.2 Parts are programmed in Cura 4.11 using the generic TPU profile for a 0.4mm AA nozzle in extruder 2 and a 0.6mm CC for the composite. Thank You
  16. Hello, Have about 1 year service on an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. One issue we have been unable to resolve so far is oversize print result. Outside and OD of parts are always 0.3-0.4mm oversize. Inside features or ID, always 0.3-0.4 undersize. Most of our parts are designed in house, in that case we compensate in CAD to get the desired result. Problem is, for some work we are given only an .STL file. Some are print in place or have internal and external features that must be on size. Scaling alone will not resolve the issue. Ideally, we would print the part on size. In my personal life, have a Prusa and Ender printers. .STLs mentioned above come out on size on Prusa and Ender using Simplify 3D and Prusa Slicer. Have tried many profiles and materials on the S5 with similar result. Have searched for some time, please forgive me if there is a resolution here that was missed. We have reduced flow previously with little or no improvement. Appreciate any advise from similar experience. Thank you, Steve
  17. Hello, I'm a bit of a newcomer to ultimaker, I've done some printing a few years ago and I'm working again now with an UMS5, and I'm trying to print our some models I've created. I've attached photos of my print, and the initial model. I'm not even sure what parameters to mess with, does this look like stringing?
  18. May I request you all for directing me to access the raw data from Ultimaker Digital factory Cloud; for processing it separately & monitoring the print parameters! We are using ultimaker S5 Bundle FDM printer since almost one year. Thanks in advance. best regards, Ajit Biswas CPDM, IISc Bangalore.
  19. Hi I have some problem with the dimension of printed object in X Y I print calibration objects and the measure are not good. On other printers, I can change the number of step to have the good dimension. On Ultimaker, I didn't find how to do it? Can you help me? Regards.
  20. Is there are recommended replacement interval for the Bowden tubes that connect the Material Station to the S5? The recommended interval for the printer itself is one year, and Ultimaker sells replacements, presumably of the correct length. Ultimaker doesn't sell replacements for the Material Station to Printer tubes. I had some PLA that broke in multiple places. One of the pieces got stuck between the Material Station and the printer. I managed to get the filament out of the tube thanks to advice on the forum, but in the meantime I ordered a replacement tube, but that one will be too long for the Material Station. I'll use it for the S5 now that the Material Station is fixed, but that's what got me to thinking about a maintenance interval for the Material Station tubes.
  21. Firmware version: I made my second print with CPE+ (and breakaway) overnight. This morning the printer has an error ER61. I followed the linked troubleshooting guide, but this doesn't help because the cause is not covered. The material is still in the print core (both of them are actually). The only choice on that screen is to reboot. After several mechanical noises suggesting it's trying again, it returns to the error page. Power-cycling has the same end result. I can't access any other function and the trouble-shooting guide does not cover my case. What can I do? Thanks, Richard
  22. hi guys. Ive been driven daft by the following. We have an S5 with material station. We rarely (never) use material with NFC chips in. So to load in multiple spools of "generic" PLA and have it correspond to actual materials in Cura i have been changing the GUID of new cura profiles to have "Generic PLA Yellow", "Generic PLA blue" etc and they all reside under the "Generic" material on the S5 list. Its annoying but ok. What i really want is to create my own material "Brand" that shows up on the S5 and i can have it correspond to the materials in Cura. I cant for the life of me work out how to create my own brand. I do it in Cura, change the GUID of the materials within it, export it, remove it. Reimport it, but it just wont show as a new brand on the actual machine. Is what im trying to do actually possible? I swear ive seen it happen when i was messing around previously.
  23. Hi everyone, I have some particular files at work that we've printed on other printers (UM2, UM3, UMS3). We have them sliced in S3D so that they work...they are a part of a piece of camera-based automation, so things like the clarity, light transmittance, etc are very important. We just acquired an UM S5 Pro Bundle. I've tried a bunch of different test prints with Cura and Cura just isn't getting it done, so I'd like to try S3D on the UM S5. How is S3D going to play with the Material Station in the Pro bundle? Would it be best to just unplug the Material Station and print off of the spool holder on the back? Thanks! Dustin
  24. Printing Ultimaker Red TPU on my S5 Pro Bundle. The RFID chip was not recognized so I had to print it as "Generic TPU" but I believe I have used all of the settings of the Ultimaker TPU print profile. The infill doesn't seem to build on itself correctly. Part images and ufp attached. Appreciate any advice, thanks! UMS5_supportonpart2.ufp
  25. I have a new Ultimaker S5 Pro set up and it was running just fine for the first couple of weeks and now the material station has a very odd error. Bay A in the material station has an illuminated blue light but there is no material loaded to that bay. It seems to think there is material loaded but there isn't. I have tried to load material in that bay but it will not accept anything into feeder 1, it doesn't do anything when I try to load the material. And if I try to load material into feeder 2 it actively repels it. Has anyone got a suggestion to fix this. That blue light is annoying me and I am down to only having 5 usable material bays
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