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  1. Dear all, this is my first Thread as new owner of S5 Pro Bundle, when I start a print job, regardless of whether it is from the cloud or a USB stick, the printer stops immediately and says the print job is finished. Why is that, especially since I've been printing permanently for the last 10 days. Since just now, as soon as I want to start a print job, the waiting circle on the display starts to rotate, rotates 360 ° and says done! even though he hasn't even started printing. Also when staring at an XY offset calibration, the same thing. he turns the waiting clock once and sa
  2. My print jobs are "completing" in a matter of seconds. When I send the job from cura to my ultimaker s5 pro bundle via Wi-Fi it starts to get ready for the print and then moments later it says "finishing". I do not get the print completion screen. I have tried printing different files, with other materials and by using a usb drive to import the file instead of the internet connection. I have also restarted both the printer and Cura to no avail .
  3. I'd like to add NFC tags to some of the common material I buy. Ideally I could set it up to be a profile in cura, buy a couple of cheap NFC tags that i label appropriately, and slap them on spools when I load them so my material station knows whats-what. Is it possible to do this?
  4. Hi All, Would appreciate some help. My ultimaker S5 pro bundle finished the first spool I used, upon finishing it appeared to have been unable to dislodge the filament end from the spool. Long story short - im 59 hours into a 62 hour print, I have no material (Because the spool was done) but the printer has not detected the end of the spool, I cannot change the material to a new spool, all available options appear blank, the material won't eject, and it now claims to have an extrusion problem (which I doubt after 2 prints). I'm also conscious maintainable on all parts will end u
  5. With firmware 6.1.1 we’re bringing static IP, an upgraded OS and more features to all S-line printers. Let’s dive right into it! Network and security improvements. Upgraded operating system Since the release of firmware 6.0, Ultimaker S-line 3D printers have been upgraded from the Linux Debian Jessie distribution to Linux Debian Buster distribution. This new OS comes with some security improvements and we believe it elevates our existing firmware to be more future-proof and allowing for a more secure 3D print environment. Important: Due to the upgrade i
  6. Just picked up an s5 pro bundle for work, I am currently trying to figure out the nylonx material along with the Ionic hybrid support material, I have everything up an operational but I'm having a hard time trying to dial in the setting for a good finish. What is the highest recommended layer resolution for a carbon filled material? I have tried to look up what settings people are using with carbon filled material but usually only mention the nozzle temp, bed temp etc. I tried on the recommended profile settings .2mm and it just wasn't cutting it. I'm looking specifically for tips
  7. Good Morning, I'm trying to print a 80mm x 80mm x 2mm film with a new material. It is the essentium TPU 90A Flame retardant. I've started with the TPU95A profile as a starting point. I've got this result (see piccture). As you can see, it has "brown" printing area and it seems not filling at 100% like I want to do. I've a band new printer and parts so it should come from the printing settings I guess. Any idea?
  8. Hi All I hope this is the right place for this. We are having issues with Ultimaker filament spools we tend to get through about 25 spools a month, and use a material station with our S5. Every so often (we now have 6 of these) we get a spool that will not recognise, so there is no point adding to the material station as it will never take from it if a spool that did recognise runs out. Is there a way to "fix"/ replace just the tag as we are starting to build up spools of perfectly good materials that are just increased hassle to use.
  9. Hi I have the filament above in the PC1 (I use the Material Station). After each print, the print head goes back to the PC Switcher and at this point the display shows "Print finished". If I've already started a new print and I touch the "finished" button, the next print starts immediatly (with the leveling first). If I forget to touch the "finished" button, 5 seconds later the filament (and only the filament) in PC1 will be pulled back into the material station. This malfunction is showed each printing and not only one time. That means, that every time the
  10. Hello, Let's say I have a basic cube i want to print. What would be the difference if I rotate the bloc by 45 degrees to always use x and y axis while printing VS Printing along x and y seperately. Will the resulting part be more precise since I used both axis all the time ? or not ? Hope it's clear, Thank you.
  11. I have noticed that when the S5 is starting a print, and does it's active leveling routine, it starts with a Z-height measurement for Nozzle 2, then repeats this for Nozzle 1. What I am concerned with is that it does both of these at the exact same spot on the printbed. While I get they should be done very close to the same location, I have had some issues with prints and I think this may be the culprit. I have been having issues with UM Breakaway material not sticking to the glass very well. As I use a nano-polymer adhesive on the glass, it is not really an adhesion issue. Its as if
  12. Hi, How do I get the material station to recognize Nylon X is loaded? I have the Nylon X loaded from the Cura marketplace and set up. When I go to load the spool in the material station there is no way to choose Nylon X. Is there a way to get Nylon X or other 3rd party material to be loaded properly in the material station? I'm printing from the USB, not over wifi. Thanks,
  13. Hi I have an S5 R2 Pro Bundle with 6.1.1. I recognized the following: I had 1 PLA Generic Filament in slot D. The same filament and also as PLA Generic Filament was in slot A. (Both for PC 1). And I use this filament since 2019 - until October 2020 without any problem. Now, filament in slot D was totally used. Before it was pulled back, it indicated to me that the filament was "stuck" in the extruder. I then cut it off 5mm in front of the Bowden tube and the filament was pulled back (this even happened to me twice in a row! But now I know that something that is co
  14. My older S5 (about 2 years old) just started making an odd noise at the very top and very bottom of the build plate travel. It seems to move normally, and no odd sounds except the last few mm either at the top or bottom. It sounds like a plastic squeaking noise, like when you try to run a screw through a tight piece of plastic. I cleaned the lead screw and re-lubricated it. I lubricated the two guide rods. And I visually inspected it to see if I could see anything stuck in the lead screw. Nothing, and it don't solve the issue. It sounds like a chunk of material got into the lead sc
  15. Webpage says this material is compatible with the material station, but it is not detected. https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/DSM/NovamidID1030CF10 I have added the material profile to Cura successfully. I have loaded the cc print core. I'm not sure if this is related, but in Cura I also get the message "Extruder 1 is disabled because there is no material loaded. Please load a material or use customer configuration" I have four materials in my materials station. Tough PLA Black (Ultimaker), PVA Natural (Ultimaker), Breakaway W
  16. I have a UMS5 Pro. It is connected via ethernet and I can't get the camera to work. It has worked before but then the ethernet went out do to an IT issue. Since fixing the ethernet and sending prints through Cura I can not get the camera to work, both in Cura and on the browser version. Any ideas? I have already reset the printer and unplugged the ethernet and plugged it back in.
  17. https://imgur.com/cYihrQY Is there a setting in Cura that lets you print these lines consecutively and not split up when there is a hole in the body? The sheen is not uniform when its split up like this. If not can someone who is very smart create one? I heard Prusa has this feature coming out soon.
  18. Greetings, I am running into an issue with the AquaSys 120 and Ultimaker PC filament, with the support autogenerated by Cura. The AquaSys 120 support filament is not adhering to the Ultimaker PC material at all on the sides of the part. The AquaSys 120 filament is bunching up in chunks. I have attached the Cura project which is the latest attempt with slightly slower print speed, 10% reduction, as recommended when having this type of issue. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Note: The brim, composed of the AquaSys 120 looks good, its clear
  19. I have a UM-S5 Pro. I am trying to print cylinders and have had a line going up the print every time. As the print head is going around I see it hit this glob and "jump" from the impact. I am not sure what settings to change to get rid of the line. Any tips would be appreciated. ABS with 0.4 nozzle, 1.2 mm wall thickness, standard Cura settings, haven't changed anything except type of infill.
  20. Hi people! We recenttly bought an S5 Pro Bundel and we are facing seriuos problems. I am in a city that the humidity usually reaches 85% on the summer ( south Brazil ). The printer is installed in a room with air conditioning ( 65% humidity in the room) The Material station (MS) is never turned off, and I only use original Ultimaker materials. I only open the MS when some spool finish, and is very quickly. My PVA, Nylon, TPU printing are horrible, I need to keep dry in an external device and keep on MS when printing. I'm dealing with my local supplier since 1
  21. Hi Community, My Ultimaker S5 often shows the attached error message when starting a print job. When restarting a print job, the printer works fine. How do I prevent this message from appearing? Best Regards, Flemming Lassen Nielsen
  22. Hi All. I have a S5 with materials station, running Cura 4.8.0. S5 running 5.8.2. When adding material to Cura from the Marketplace, it does not show up in materials. Not even after restarting Cura, logging out and in again. The material I was adding is the generic HIPS. Please help!
  23. Every time a print finishes it gets stuck in the hot end and I have to do the stuck procedure. How can I stop this?
  24. Hello, This morning my latest print has failed. In order to hold the filament, someone has slip the end of the filament under another filament spire (big mistake, if you don't know). It has resulted in a knot, stopping the flow and grinding the filament inside the Material Station. Now the Material Station mark this spool as empty (it's not) and do not allow to retire the filament. -I've unlock the S5 Printer feeder but it's still locked on the Material Station feeder, -I've unplug the power of the Material Station in hope to loose the
  25. Please does anyone know what the decoupler is and what it looks like? https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012325219 mentions it but didn't make it clear what it is only that it might by on the back of the printer.
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