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  1. Bonjour ! J'imprime avec une Ultimaker S5. J'utilise du support en PVA. Quand il sort de la buse, il est déjà rigidifié. Cela fait donc des "paquets" et les filaments de plastique ne se lient pas entre eux. De plus le PVA n'adhère pas au PLA. (J'utilise le PVA pour le plafond support). L'imprimante se situe dans une pièce ou il fait + de 25°c. (Cela pose-t-il un problème? Est-ce la cause?) Dois-je modifier la température d'impression? (actuellement à 225°c). J'ai déjà tenté de mettre le PVA à l'étuve à 52°c. Auparavant, le PVA était dans une piè
  2. Hello all, Our new Ultimaker S5 shows the error ER61 "Fehler bei Verbidnung von Materialladefach A mit Extruder 2." directly after startup. Sometimes the error ER63 comes up with the same text. The only selectable menu option is then the restart. The material in tray 1 is already loaded in the print core. The printer has successfully completed a print before. Tray 4 is loaded and works fine. How can I solve this problem?
  3. Good Afternoon All I have been printing fine for a while now but I took one print off the glass bed and went to restart the print again to print exactly the same but was not successful. It seems like the feed was not working correctly When printing a calibration print to align print cores this is the effect which I get. The bundle feeds the filament fine when setting up, the first few lines print good but then the quality fades and the lines start to be come dots as seen in the photos I have tried to resolve this by changing the filament, print core, cleanin
  4. Hi all, We've released 6.5.0 for the S-line printers to the latest firmware channel. There's some real nice updates in there, check out the release notes page. Just to highlight a few: Scan USB drive for material profiles. It will now be possible to add a material profile to the S-line printer from a USB drive. The printer can update its material list with any missing material profiles found in the print job files (UFP files) of an inserted USB stick. Import the profile by navigating to maintenance -> import material profiles. This allows for offline
  5. I bought Ultimaker S5 pro bundle from UAE reseller but the wifi settings are not accessible, the wifi settings are grayed out. I contacted Ultimaker but no reply, so i though of connecting a wifi extender and then connect it to the printer though Ethernet, is it possible? If yes then can i connect my this Ethernet connected printer to my digital factory?
  6. Just bought Ultimaker S5 pro bundle from UAE reseller but the wifi settings are not accessible, the "start wifi setup" option is grayed out, it can not be selected. I have factory reset my printer multiple times, have updated firmware front stable (6.2.1) to lastest (6.5.0) but still the same issue. I can not select the wifi setup on boot up as well as through network settings.
  7. Hi all, I’m 35 hours into a 36 hour print and my tough PLA Red has run out. I have no more red spools, but do have tough PLA green. However, I can’t figure out how to make the material station use the green. It keeps saying to load red. Help!
  8. Hi everyone! First time posting :) I have the UMS5 Pro Bundle, and I'm experimenting with printing with Polymaker PA6-CF filament. I downloaded the material settings from the Ultimaker Marketplace, but have run into a few issues, and I was wondering what settings I can tweak in Cura/on the UMS5 to fix the issues. The biggest problem is after any print (or abort) while the Ultimaker is displaying "Finishing..." on its screen, the CC 0.6 nozzle I use for the PA6-CF cools down for a minute or so before the material station tries to retract the filament. By the time the UMS5 Material S
  9. Hi, We recently installed the fine knurl feeder for our second extruder. We use the second extruder exclusively for PVA and I am happy to say it fixed the issue with PVA filament breaking in the Bowden tube. Only issue is that when it prints pva, the printer pauses and spits out error 65. I made it resume the print from my phone as nothing seems to be going wrong on the actual print. And as long as I don`t clear the error on the touchscreen, it prints fine. But once it finishes a layer after clearing the error, it pauses again and gives the same error. I tried tighteni
  10. I'm stuggling to get the Material Station on my S5 to allow me to use the BASF PET CF15 material. I have installed the profile for it from the Marketplace but it isn't showing up in the materials list when i try and install a spool of the material. I've got the CC0.6 nozzle so all good on that front, just can't get the material loaded to no profile appearing on the actual printer. Any help would be great.
  11. I started this print Friday afternoon and it was done by Monday morning. It was supposed to be a U channel. At some point either in cooling down or printing it warped. Why did this happen? What can I do to fix it? I was printing four at the same time. Approximately 12" x 2" x 3.5", UMS5 Pro, UM PETG, 0.8 mm nozzle, Standard Cura settings, either 20 or 100% infill.
  12. Hi all, We've release firmware 6.2 for the S-line printers. It's got some neat performance improvements, and as a user you can now choose which firmware release channel you want, latest, which is greatest, or stable, for updates 3-4 times a year. Check out the full release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012055979 Download it in via your favorite method, either on the printer directly or get the .swu update file here. Thanks!
  13. I'd like to add NFC tags to some of the common material I buy. Ideally I could set it up to be a profile in cura, buy a couple of cheap NFC tags that i label appropriately, and slap them on spools when I load them so my material station knows whats-what. Is it possible to do this?
  14. For some reason I have a problem with my material station on the S5. When it powers up, it starts pulling back bay A. Even when there is nothing in there. It stops with an error saying it cannot unload Bay A. If i insert material by myself when powered down. It will unload it when I turn it on. But after that, I cannot insert material in any other bay. Only bay A gives a white light. The others just won't respond to material inserted into 1 or 2.
  15. Hi you all, during maintenance I removed the Air Manager and now I'm not sure if the Air Manager is working properly. I needed to clean the feeders and couldn't properly access all screws, notably the feeder tension bolt, so I removed the Air Manager while the S5 was powered off. I used this guide to remove the Air Manager and this guide to clean the feeders. After powering up the S5 the prompt pops up according to the guide: but in the settings menu it still says "Install", so I click it, the S5 then needs to reboot, and after reboot I'm to square one a
  16. Hallo, I have a spool of filament that is mostly made of metal (BASF Ultrafuse 316L). It fits in the Material Station, but it is a lot heavier than normal filament: 3kg. Is it OK to put this in the Material Station? The user manual mentions a maximum size for filament spools, but no maximum weight.
  17. Just picked up an s5 pro bundle for work, I am currently trying to figure out the nylonx material along with the Ionic hybrid support material, I have everything up an operational but I'm having a hard time trying to dial in the setting for a good finish. What is the highest recommended layer resolution for a carbon filled material? I have tried to look up what settings people are using with carbon filled material but usually only mention the nozzle temp, bed temp etc. I tried on the recommended profile settings .2mm and it just wasn't cutting it. I'm looking specifically for tips
  18. Bonjour, J'imprime avec une Ultimaker S5 pro, avec du Tough PLA. Voici quelques exemples de pièces qui comprennent le même problème : un défaut au niveau du contact avec le support (aussi en Tough PLA, j'ai essayé avec du PVA soluble, j'ai également eu le problème). (Je pense qu'il y a deux problèmes en un, d'une part le gondolement de la pièce et d'une autre part les fibres qui ne sont pas collés entre eux). J'imprime de cette manière: mais le résultat est le même (il y a moins de gondolement sur celle-ci mais les filament ressortent beaucoup :
  19. I have started 3-D printing with a UMS5 Pro Bundle at work. I currently have 6 materials in the Material Station but need to print another material/add a spool of the same as I near the end of the original spool. What is the shelf life of all the UM materials? I currently have tough PLA, ABS, TPU 95A, Nylon, CPE+, and PETG in the Material Station. What is the best material to remove that won't get bad from sitting in the open? I do have PVA but have not opened it yet. I believe I had read that Nylon or ABS does not like siting in the open. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
  20. We have now a full Ultimaker S5 with material loading and air control. when a material filament break inside the loading station (where all 6 loading tubes converge in 1 tube), it gives a ER54 and we have 2 options : 1) disassembling the material loading machine, which requires to put the ultimaker with air manager on the floor, which requires to unplug and unscrew about 10 screws, and 10 cables (electricity, filament tubes and data cables). Once the loading machine opened from bottom, clear all filament ways (again minimum 4 screws and 4 tubes) 2) or test all the materials ways
  21. So, purge towers. They love to break. Every time I've done a tall print, the tower always fails, making the part extremely ugly and introducing a looooot of post processing time. I have tried to make the tower diameter thicker, increase the minimum volume, etc. At this point, I do plenty of prints without the tower but I would still like to have one. Has anyone figured out a way to make a custom prime tower in Cura? Currently my approach is just importing 2 stl's of my own towers (one for each material) and then importing my actual part. Non-uniform scaling allows me to adjust the
  22. Can anybody recommend a high-quality ABS with spools that fit in the Material Station. The Matterhackers PRO spools are a bit too wide. They fit if you sort of jam them in, but they don't turn freely. They sort of work while unspooling, but it's a mess when they need to roll the filament back up. I've had good luck with IC3D ABS over the years, but their spools are too big also. Ultimaker spools are guaranteed to fit of course.
  23. Hi all, I have this list of problem with my brand new Ultimaker S5 pro bundle and I don't know what can be the cause. The firmware is up to date (version 5.8.2). First problem: The printer is preparing forever when I start a new print. I often need to hard reset it (after several hours of preparing...) in order to try a second time. 2nd problem: When I finally manage to start something, sometimes, the material station is telling the printer that breakaway support material spool is empty when in reality it is brand new. When I get this error, the pr
  24. Hello, We´re using some Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundles in our factory for printing Prototypes out of PA6 GF30. Unfortunately, there are always problems with the Material Station. As soon as an error (ER59, ER58, ER57, ER61, ER70) with the Material Station pops up during printing, it is not possible to continue printing. Thus, we often had to throw away almost finished prints, which often took days. And this only because the firmware is not able to resume the print by a wizard at the same place after correction. Ultimately, the problems were mostly related to third-party mate
  25. Hi, I have lost 15 hours work in the middle of a 25 hours job. We had a sudden power glitch for a few mili-seconds causing the printer to go through a complete reboot. I could not resume the job. Other than adding a UPS is thee a way to recover from a power outage? If I add a UPS and I manually pause or stop the job, then turn off the unit, can I resume later on when the power comes back?
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