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  1. Hi all, We've release firmware 6.2 for the S-line printers. It's got some neat performance improvements, and as a user you can now choose which firmware release channel you want, latest, which is greatest, or stable, for updates 3-4 times a year. Check out the full release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012055979 Download it in via your favorite method, either on the printer directly or get the .swu update file here. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am printing with an S5 and the company I work for wants to print some things out of Vinyl 303 from Fillamentum. Has anyone had any experience with this material? Is it safe to use for the printer? We have a separate enclosed ventilated room for the printer, so I'm not concerned about human safety, just the components on the printer. Vinyl 303 — Fillamentum INDUSTRIAL Thank you!
  3. Hi 3d Printing enthusiast, I've recently purchased the Ultimaker S5 Bundle. After a while of printing, I started to improve efficiency, quality and reliability. I came up with a profile that works perfectly for PLA, but only when both extruders are set to PLA, so when I want to print different materials, such as TPU and PLA, the changes in the PLA profile will also affect these of the TPU and printing TPU with speed up to 100mm/s isn't a good idea. So it there a way, when only PLA is selected, that the profile changes setting such as print speed (in / outer wall )(print temp at layer 0 ) a
  4. During the double extruder printing, this happens in the last few days. Solutions?
  5. I tried to change my material this morning because I have a 9 day print that's 2 days away from being done. But now it's stuck on 'paused' despite material being in the loading bay. I feel like I need to somehow 'reboot' it to wake it up, but obviously I don't want to mess up the print that's paused. Is there anything I can do?
  6. We just recently bought a S5 Pro bundle (w/the air manager and material station). It was working great until we updated to Cura 4.9.0 a couple days ago and it sent the 'new material profiles' to the printer. Now whenever we try to send the machine a print via network or usb, it aborts the print with the reason "Material 2: ? ? ? is not compatible with the AA 0.4 print core 2". We have tried both the breakaway and PVA we have loaded in the material station (and the material station registers both as the correct materials in digital factory/on the touchscreen), and both are genuine UM filaments.
  7. Hi All, We have a S5 pro bundle and when printing, print core 2 got full and got an Error 65. Apparently the material got stuck in the print head between the print core inlet tube and the rest of the housing. And I saw a small white plastic part laying on the print bed. It had broke itself off while printing I think. Because I have never touched that part before. I was able to pry out the material from between the print head housing and the print core tube. Then removed the print core as well and cleaned it out again. After placing it bac
  8. I'm setting up my printer for the first time and want to check that the differing nozzle heights is normal. I installed the BB 0.4 nozzle on the right side of the print head when prompted, but it appears to sit lower than the AA 0.4 which was already installed on the left. Is this normal? Should I have inserted the extra AA 0.4 on the right side? What is the difference between the two?
  9. I am very intrigued with Nylon G. After recent success with regular Nylon, the Glass fiber filled variant fits better with a project currently using ABS. The problem is when I look at the output in Cura, the CC 0.60mm nozzle makes thin walls disappear and holes appear. This would be unacceptable in the part as it is a end use part and not a prototype or reference. I see I can buy the 0.40mm ruby nozzles on Amazon BUT! Do I want too? Does 0.40mm compromise the material's properties? Does it just look ugly? Thanks for the help! Maybe th
  10. I wanted to try aquasys 120 with nylon but I cant even get it to load half the time just gives me a E54. When I do get it to load it doesn't extrude for the first few layers then starts... What do I need to do to get this filament to work? Thanks, Kevin
  11. So, purge towers. They love to break. Every time I've done a tall print, the tower always fails, making the part extremely ugly and introducing a looooot of post processing time. I have tried to make the tower diameter thicker, increase the minimum volume, etc. At this point, I do plenty of prints without the tower but I would still like to have one. Has anyone figured out a way to make a custom prime tower in Cura? Currently my approach is just importing 2 stl's of my own towers (one for each material) and then importing my actual part. Non-uniform scaling allows me to adjust the
  12. I had an issue today while printing a tough PLA + PVA part. At layer 147 of 167, between a layer of PVA and PLA, they were bumps on my print, a sort of mushy finish. (see pictures and video) Any ideas why ? 35 mm/s, 0.3mm layer height, 50% infill PLA, 20% infill PVA. Photos (12).zip
  13. Hi, I am working on a project testing material resistance to aviation hydraulic fluid (Skydrol/Hyjet V). I am looking for recommendations of materials which may have some resistance to such a chemical. I know that GF30-PA6 fairs well when exposed to these chemicals but equally that materials such as ABS and PLA degrade extremely quickly. Any material suggestions or data sources would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Soph
  14. Hello, yesterday I changed the Filter of my Air Manager. Today I heard that the steppers are still enabled. (Motors warm and cant move head) So I testet it again.. and yes after the Filter change the printer homes but not disables the steppers.
  15. I love my new S5. The print quality is exceptional. But, I have discovered a simple design "issue." The issue is when printing close to the center front of the build plate with ABS. I was having adhesion problems so I found Magigoo for ABS. Works like a charm! Except, center front of the build plate. I have solved this with blue painters tape. The issue is the air manager pulls cold air right in through the gap in between the two doors. If you have anything thin right in that area to back about 2 inches it will peel up, Magigoo or no Magigoo. Ultimaker folks
  16. Greetings, I am running into an issue with the AquaSys 120 and Ultimaker PC filament, with the support autogenerated by Cura. The AquaSys 120 support filament is not adhering to the Ultimaker PC material at all on the sides of the part. The AquaSys 120 filament is bunching up in chunks. I have attached the Cura project which is the latest attempt with slightly slower print speed, 10% reduction, as recommended when having this type of issue. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Note: The brim, composed of the AquaSys 120 looks good, its clear
  17. I did a print last night and it failed, and it blew out past the bowden tubes and coiled all around the inside of the printer. Aborting the job is fine, but now the printer is stuck saying "Extruder 2: Material in use" so I can't make it unload it. I've tried rebooting it several times (the material station, the UM5, everything) but it's still jammed. How can I fix this?
  18. Hello Dear Community :), yesterday I spend couple of hours on running back and forth between my laptop and S5 Pro Bundle trying to upload Basf Ultrafuse PLA profile to the printer. I restarted the printer, Cura, imported/exported edited (GUID) profiles, I duplicated profiles... but no luck :/. Today I received an email from Sander about "Ultimaker Transformation Summit" with (I am quoting): - "How Ultimaker is becoming a platform company – a lot of great things are coming your way!", - "How we enable ecosystem partners to innovate on the Ultimaker platform". I wou
  19. Hi, I am fairly new to 3D Printing, and have so far done about 15 Prints with the Ultimaker. Every time I tried to print with PVA overnight, the next morning I found the Printer with Error ER61 and PVA stuck in the tubes. The Print finishes, but I have to clean out the pipes after every print which gets tedious. The used PVA is straight from the Package, so I don't think the material can be the Problem here. Because the print finishes, I suppose the problem is with the Material station when rolling up the unused Material. Also, after the print the Material doesn't get p
  20. Im getting a issue when printing with ultimaker tpu where i get er65 error messages. Do the feeder gears need to be tighter then the middle line?
  21. My company semi-recently bought an Ultimaker S5 pro-bundle. We had planned on using it mostly for fixtures, and have since printed some rudimentary parts with success. We have taken on the assignment of 3D printing a furnace gasket. We bought some TPC to prototype the parts, yet when I went to print it, the print time registered 0 on the printer. I thought this was odd, but just let the printer go and obviously it did not print anything. When I looked back at my Cura (4.8) slice, it said 8 hours and 45 minutes. Does anyone have previous experience with an issue like this? I am stil
  22. Hi all, We've released new firmware to the latest firmware release channel. Its a small update which mainly contains bug fixes and allows for better software integration with the cloud, no functionality changes included in this one. Check out the release notes here, and if you upgrade via USB get the file from here. Enjoy!
  23. I recently wrote the attached thread, and the advice given to me by support was to reboot the printer. I did, but now it turns on, shows the Ultimaker S5 logo and the material station lights up (notably not the load/unload buttons though), and doesn't progress. Can I somehow factory reset this? Note the web portal doesn't seem to load either. )
  24. I'm stuggling to get the Material Station on my S5 to allow me to use the BASF PET CF15 material. I have installed the profile for it from the Marketplace but it isn't showing up in the materials list when i try and install a spool of the material. I've got the CC0.6 nozzle so all good on that front, just can't get the material loaded to no profile appearing on the actual printer. Any help would be great.
  25. I'd like to add NFC tags to some of the common material I buy. Ideally I could set it up to be a profile in cura, buy a couple of cheap NFC tags that i label appropriately, and slap them on spools when I load them so my material station knows whats-what. Is it possible to do this?
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