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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I have 2 spools in the material station. My print is finished and I can see that both materials are retracted up into the bowden tubes approximately 2 inches above the cores. I want to remove these two spools. The eject button lights are blue. The eject button gives no response when I push it. I checked the material menu and all buttons are grayed out. For each material it says it is in use. I have rebooted and have the same situation. What am I missing? I'm sure its something simple. Thank you in advance, Mike
  2. So here I am again with another issue that popped up at the end of spool on a long print. When I saw the machine was sitting idle, I assumed it was the material (UM CPE) stuck in the printhead again. That has occurred multiple times since a recent firmware (5.7.2 and 5.7.3) update, but can be recovered without losing the print. But to my surprise, it was a new error (ER34). This seems like an odd error to have on a when the machine is used frequently. The printcores have not been moved in over a month. The machine hasn't been moved. I checked the connection at the top of the printhead, which looked fine. Anyway, I seem to be stuck. I am at the end of a spool in the material station (filament is not visible at the front). The printhead is positioned like it was in the process of unloading. I am wondering if the unloading somehow unseated the printcore connection. And the troubleshooting guide for an ER34 doesn't really tell you how to recover mid-print. Seems like this isn't an error you should get while printing... I guess I have to shut the machine down (and lose a partial print that has already used a full roll of CPE filament - $$$). Then I have to manually remove the filament, and hope all recovers well after this. I am still wondering about the "cold pull" routine done by the Pro Bundle. While I was not here for this occurrence, since I updated to 5.7.2 the material change process has not worked well at all. I am running about 50% on successful transitions between spools (with UM CPE). On the successful ones, there is a pretty significant "pop" when it starts the unload. On the rest, the filament is stuck in the printcore, requiring me to manually free it before the unloading will continue. While this works most of the time, it is really annoying, especially on big print jobs. And I have lost significant amounts of material due to these errors. While I understand a "cold pull" is required to keep the material station running smoothly, can someone please look into the dynamics with CPE material specifically? If I recall correctly, the process is cooling down to 75C before pulling the material out. Is it necessary to cool down that far? For all materials? In the instruction manual, it says to cool down to 75C when using PLA to do a cold pull for cleaning the nozzle, but CPE is not PLA. I have to think higher grade materials, like CPE or PC, probably don't need to cool down that far to get the desired result. In my brain, cooling down too far is likely requiring too much force to do the required cold pull by the machine, resulting in the "stuck filaments" and possibly even this phantom ER34 error. And I also have to think the temp it cools down to for the cold pull should be material specific.
  3. Hello all, I just received my air handler and material station a couple days ago. I have printed a few things successfully with Ultimaker ABS…but I can’t get the print to end gracefully. Each time the print ends, I get the following error: At the end of a 14-hour print, I decided to video the end of it to see if it would happen again - and it did. It has happened each time. Here is that video: You will notice that the filament begins to pull back away from the hot end and it stops in the Bowden tube right as the Ultimaker displays that error. I am not sure if it’s normal for the filament to stop at that point, but I am unable to get that spool feeder (A in this case) to respond to the eject button. Nothing works, the unload button and the eject button are either greyed out or unresponsive, respectively. Here is a video at attempts to unload the filament using the interface after reboot. (Also notice that, upon starting after the hard shut down), the printer shows the print was successful and allows me to confirm removal. Even the app on my phone confirms it completed successfully. Here is a video showing the success notification and in my inability to eject the filament gracefully: At this point, the only thing I can do is to forcibly restart the printer. Doing so, forces me to have to open the lever on the feeder in the back of the printer and pull it out physically. What’s more, I can no longer use the menu system to swap the core in slot 1, the core that was used for this print. When I choose to UNLOAD or CHANGE, it moves the head to the center of the bed, into position to have me open the front door, but the printer never prompts me to…just hangs. I again have to reboot. The only way I could get past this point was to reset the printer settings back to default. I am hoping you can help me here. To verify my settings, I am running the latest firmware of 5.8.0. I have reinstalled using the network and, the last time, was with USB. I have tried connecting to the printer with wifi and, my default, wired…both produce these results each time. I would love to know what else I can do here. This is beyond frustrating and feeling nervous about the sizable investment.
  4. Hallo out there. Got this error code during process "Line nr = 0"? tryed to start again but got the same error so the job nerver got started?? Any tips? Best regrds
  5. Using an AA0.8 hotend, our S5 Pro produces irregular shapes on what is supposed to be a vertical or near-vertical face of the geometry. The print layers shift erratically. It appears that some layers or groups of layers are inexplicably adding steps: However, layers shift both in and out but mostly out, thus eliminating the possibilty of a single axis losing steps and shifting an entire layer profile: Sometimes the shifts are more gradual. It still destroys the dimensional integrity of the component: Another issue that I am getting is a "warty" surface texture. Tuning extrusion flow rate down to 95% seemed to help, but resulted in a bulging print wall and inadvertently redefined the print geometry and dimensions (severe layer shifts continued to plague the print after tuning): The above photos are of a PLA print for a machine shop fixture. Dimensional accuracy, or at least consistency, is highly desireable. PLA is not the only material to suffer layer shifting. This print is PETg: If anyone can translate what I'm seeing, I'd be grateful to be able to address these issues. (P.S. Perhaps this is under the wrong catagory, if so feel free to retag it.)
  6. Is there a way to bypass the material station when running materials that have not been optimized for it? Also, It would be very nice to be able to run head 2 on bypass, but still have head 1 fed from the material station.
  7. Hi all! I have noticed that sometimes NFC recognition of the spools in the material station is a bit tough. I mean: if i push the spool on the left of the bay is easier for the sensor to recognize the material spool, but even if the spool is recognized, when you turn off and then back on the printer, sometimes it recognizes wrong some spools and you have to unload and re-load back the material. It would be nice to have an "override" feature (just for ultimaker materials of course), where you can manually set the spool type and color when NFC does not work good. For automation and feasibile remote printing could be very useful in my opinion.
  8. I've run into a recent issue in which the end of the filament on our filament spool did not come free from the spool a the end of the print. This caused the print to fault out, with ER62 ("Filament Sensor Error"). I had to manually pull the filament out of the material station and then cycle the printer power to clear this error. After inspection, I discovered that a notch had been ground into the filament, due to it being stuck on the spool and the pre-feeder continuously attempting to feed it. Once the notch was ground in, it couldn't have been retracted by the pre-feeder, as there was no material left at the pre-feed gears. I had trimmed the filament end flush to the inside of the spool, but it apparently still wedged in the triangular opening (ColorFabb spools) and failed to dislodge. To minimize this issue and improve the chance of an automatic recovery; Could a software update be implemented to assume the material spool is empty if the pre-feeder feeds a certain number of steps (or time, if not using steppers), and then automatically acts the same as if the material sensor detected a filament run-out. How can I open the pre-feeder to clean out any debris from it grinding of the filament. Can there be an option configured to automatically switch to the 2nd head, if I have the same material and print core loaded for it and the material station pre-feeder faults for head #1? This would allow it to continue, even if the material station encounters a jam for position 1.
  9. Printing with Kyma petg C loaded from Market place does not show up in the menu on S5. rebooted machine print will not print because it give error that kyma is not loaded but gives me no option to load it this happens a lot that I am unable to get a material onto the list
  10. Late last week, I had a print where the X position between printcores 1 and 2 was significantly off. This showed up as the prime tower looking like two interlocking rings instead of concentric rings. I re-did the X/Y calibration, and printed another job requiring support material (Breakaway), and the same thing happened. The only "change" before this happened is that I finally tried out the CC 0.6 printcore on a job using. I used it for one job, then went back to the AA 0.4 printcore that I had been using. Both of these instances occurred after that. What else could be causing this? In both cases, the "offset" distance was approximately the same.
  11. Our UMS5 Pro has been running long enough to need bearings and bowden collets replaced. Having purchased it new less than 6 months ago, these machines apparently are high-maintenance and finicky. (I documented 5 errors and nearly as many shutdowns within the last 12 hours.) Is there any preventative maintence that should be done to keep the material station happy? I'm concerned about clogged feeders and blocked sensors causing errors mid-print. My search for UM documentation on the subject has not landed any results. I'd be glad to hear what other Pro users have found helpful.
  12. Facts: I have not changed any speed/feed/material settings. Printer is now intermittently seeming to lose steps. A few days ago it printed and looks like in the front to back axis it lost a good number of steps and shifted the whole print forward between 1 and 2mm. yesterday it seems to have dropped the build plate too far by at least that amount. Oddly, the front of the print is significantly more gaped between layers (so the build plate is leaning forward? I have no idea how many print hours are on this machine, the printer does not store that kind of data. My guess is that the increased heat environment is causing issues with the components over time. I also assume the only solution is to slow down my speeds in all directions to reduce the chance of stalling steppers....and start looking for a water cooled printer :D Any other thoughts/experiences welcome!
  13. I have a Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Recently I have 2 problems. 1. At the end of the print the printcore moves away. But when he does that, it moves against the top of the print, so it gets pushed away. The result is the glass plate gets pushed out of the mount! It only happens with higher prints. (say, > 50mm height) 2. After the print is done, the filament is unloaded from the core. It gets pushed into the materialstation, but the filamentspools are not rotating backwards. So the filament pushes into the open space in the material station. I can see the wheels of the material station rotate. But the spool doesn't. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Of what I have to do to fix this? Thanks!
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