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  1. I recently attempted to print a bearing out of Ultimaker's PC filament and had to cancel the print half way through. The filament had started to accumulate on the print head which lead to the silicone gasket at the bottom being split into two pieces. I changed the gasket and cleaned up the PC filament from the print head. Was there something wrong in my print settings that lead to this happening or could it be a flaw in the model? I have not played around yet with the print settings of the S5 Pro, just use the default or engineering options on Cura.
  2. Hello, The past year I printed sporadically with my UMS5 (Pro Bundle) machine. All this time without any issues. In the last 3 weeks I ramped up printing to almost 24/7. Shortly after this I encountered more and more 'The material seems to be stuck in print core 1' errors after each print. At this point it's happening after each print. When completing the wizard and removing the stuck material I can't seem to notice why the material is stuck. The end of the material looks normal when I inspect the ejected material. At the area where the material was in the feeder I can see some grinding damage. I regularly perform maintenance on the machine, following the Ultimaker instructions. This includes cleaning the print cores (hot and cold). The machine runs the latest firmware and I'm using Cura 4.13.1. I'm using a CC 0.6 print core and am printing Fillamentum Extrafill PLA. (I tested with Ultimaker PLA, this also results in stuck material) Any input on how to solve this issue will be appreciated.
  3. Printer: Ultimaker S5 Material: Ultimaker tough PLA Firmware: The first strand of a bridge always has very bad drooping, but the second strand is near perfect, lost on which setting to adjust. Using Cura slicer with experimental bridge settings enabled. Tried lower temps, lowering speed, and lowering flow rate. All seems to only apply to the strands after the first, leaving a single strand drooping from what is otherwise a very decent bridge.
  4. Hallo zusammen, mein Ultimaler S5 macht neuerdings Probleme. Plötzlich verfahren die X und Y Achsen nicht mehr. Hab das Troubleshooting lt. Anleitung gemacht, Endschalter funktionieren, Riemen sind gespannt. Wollte den Druckkopf in Homeposition fahren, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Die Schrittmotoren machen kein Geräusch. Fehlermeldung ER33
  5. Hi everyone! I am helping my company in looking for a new 3D printer, and I have heard a lot of good things about the Ultimaker S5 printer. For anyone who uses this model of printer (or any other models by Ultimaker (just curious!)), I just wanted to know: How long have you had the printer for, and how has your experience with it been so far? Have you had any issues with the nozzle getting clogged? if so, is it a frequent occurrence? Thank you so much!
  6. Hello Dear Community :), yesterday I spend couple of hours on running back and forth between my laptop and S5 Pro Bundle trying to upload Basf Ultrafuse PLA profile to the printer. I restarted the printer, Cura, imported/exported edited (GUID) profiles, I duplicated profiles... but no luck :/. Today I received an email from Sander about "Ultimaker Transformation Summit" with (I am quoting): - "How Ultimaker is becoming a platform company – a lot of great things are coming your way!", - "How we enable ecosystem partners to innovate on the Ultimaker platform". I would like to ask the Community: is uploading of custom filament profiles finally working for S5 Pro Bundle (or S5 with Material Station)? What is the easiest, confirmed-that-working way to upload filament's profile and then being able to select it on S5's screen? Thanks, Artur. PS: S5 firmware 6.3.0, Cura 4.8.0
  7. Hi Ultimaker Community! 2 days ago I got my Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. A great printer but I already have my first problem. The job was done and suddenly the printer crashed against the printed part. The crash was so hard that even the glass plate was moved (see picture). I don't understand why the printed part stays so close to the printing nozzle after the job is done. Do you have some idea what went wrong here? I don't expect this kind of failure for such an expensive printer..... I'm a bit disappointed. Thanks Vasile
  8. My s5 continuously fails to level the bed. The bed will raise until it experiences resistance of the nozzle intermittently. Sometimes it will fail on the 1st extruder 2 test, sometimes the 2nd extruder one test, and sometimes as it surveys the bed with extruder 1 nozzle. I have greased and lubricated the guides and drive screw, Restarted, factory reset. Nothing seems to fix this issue. I can run a print 20 times without being able to complete a leveling, and then randomly it will work. The bed never reaches the nozzle when it fails. It seems like it experiences enough resistance to make the printer think it has met the nozzle, although it is approximately 1/4" away. I have a video of this but cannot seem to upload it
  9. Hi, I am new to plastic printing and have been running into one problem consistently. This is the that the printed surface directly above the supports often comes out loose and rough. Please see the attached image. I am assuming that I need to play around with the parameter settings in order to improve this surface. I don't ever expect it to be as good as the top or horizontal surfaces but I hope to get it to a point that it is not loose in some areas. Does anyone have common settings they use to improve upon the quality of surfaces printing above supports? Thank you.
  10. I have some bad ringing in my S5 that I can't seem to improve. I have tried different speeds, accelerations, and jerks. When I get the ringing to fade, my corners bulge. I tried to take a picture to show the ringing and bulging corners, but the features are hard to see in the picture. I recently replaced the head assembly after a bad crash. I did not notice the ringing prior, but it could have been there, and I did not scrutinize the prints as much as now. Any advice on how to eliminate ringing while keeping sharp corners? I looked for an input shaping function but could not find anything saying the S5 supports it. RingTest.3mf
  11. I was performing some routine maintenance and saw there was a firmware update. Updated and now the touchscreen is not responding to touch at all. I've power cycled the entire system multiple time and still can't get it to work.
  12. Good morning! I have this error on my US5 printer. i followed all the steps and the only solution to solve it is to finally replace the fan. In the attached image I learned that Ultimaker will change the fan fee of charge. I raised I think 4 tickets but since the merge with Makerbot none of my initiated requests have been recorded either answered. is somebody here that can guide me in the right direction? kind regards, Marius
  13. Hi I have a problem with this printed box. Why is the outer wall, as high as the bottom of the box, printed wavy? How can I avoid that? I used the following print parameters: Filament: PETG Ultimaker Layer height: 0,1mm Infill: 20% Adhesion: Brim
  14. Hi, Everything is in the title, i've lots of old materials profiles in my printer (S5) settings, my Cura settings doesn't have them anymore but i don't find how to clean this mess, you can synchronise the materials profiles but it seem it just add new materials it doesn't remove any or at least it doesn't work for me. Any guess on how i can proceed ? Thanks a lot.
  15. I wanted to try an experiment by printing with only single core installed in my S5 printhead. The reason for this is to lighten the print head and try to print faster. But it seems the firmware will not start a print with only the left core installed. Does anyone know of a workaround to print with on one core installed?
  16. I have run a few parts from a few different manufacturers' nylon filaments on both an Ultimaker S5 and an older Fusion3 F410. Where I have had a few issues with warpage, the primary (and most expensive) issue I have been having is actually from too much bed adhesion. I have shattered two beds for the Fusion, and pulled chips out of the glass in the Ultimaker about 3 times. The most recent, I left most settings at default for the Ultimaker nylon with the AA 0.4 core, only increasing the number of walls to 4, infill to 75% and type to gyroid (the part in question is actually a structural component, so I want near-solid without ending up with over-extrusion problems). A single layer of PVA glue stick on the bed. Part printed great, no warpage, but when I removed the part from the bed the next day (was not held on very tight, putty knife had no issues lifting it) There was a loose glass chip sitting off to one side and I had to try to scrape more of it off of the bottom of the part. Once there is a chip that can end up under the part, it ends up being progressive, with any extrusion that happens over it taking a little bit more glass with it on removal. What am I missing that could keep me from needing to replace a bed every few nylon prints? Thank You,
  17. Hello, I have some experience with this ultimaker model in the past and I'm in the process of starting up and using a new ultimaker 5s in our office. I can only see older ufp models load up on the usb. Any new ufp models I save on the disk today do not show up after I click "select from USB". I am using the original usb drive that came with the computer. It's running 7.0.3 firmware. I don't have the ability to connect it to digital factory. This is why I am using the usb option. Any help is appericiated. Thanks.
  18. I have created some custom material profiles on a cura on one computer that were downloaded onto the printer. When I use cura on another computer, I am not able to see the new material profiles I added. How does one synchronize two different cura's on two different computers? BTW, I am using Cura 5.2.1 with an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Making new material profiles with this version of Cura has been very handy for the material station.
  19. My newly purchased Ultimaker S5 prints will a slight skewed effect on parts. I have tried to run a XY calibration but this has not fixed the issue. This effect can be see in the attached images, a square paper is used below the build plate for reference. Does anyone know how to fix this or the potential cause?
  20. I hoipe someone can help me. I'm trying to print this simple keychain, but my walls are red like they need support. How can I improve this and make it print correctly?
  21. Is there any way to remotely turn off the S5? I ran a long job but it's seemingly had issues and now I have no way to kill it, it's just hung in limbo. I'm not able to get back into the school for another 3 weeks and I'm worried the head is still running hot. I've tried to abort but it's just hung. Is there any way to just power this thing down?
  22. Hello, I am writing with hope to get more information on how to send python code to my ultimaker s5. I have got a python code for printer to send notifications from 3D printer to my email. Unfortunately, I don't know how to install this python code to my ultimaker s5. Any ideas? Kind regards, Easyq
  23. Hi there - using my new UMS5 Pro Bundle. When selecting a print (sliced in cura) on my flash drive, I have green check marks for everything ACCEPT "unknown" build plate type. Do you know what is causing this? Is there a way to change this setting in Cura? I cannot find a setting that enables me to specify build plate type when slicing. I am using the standard glass plate - which I specified during printer set up.
  24. Hello, I have a Ultimaker S5 pro bundle for about 1,5 year. It was working OK until now. I don't know what happened, but the filament can't pass feeder on both feeders. I don't know what happened, but the filament can't pass feeder. First I thought motor is down but it happened on both sides. I tried to lose the tension but it didn't work. Simply el. motor that should push the filament is not working at a time the filament comes to the feeder. Does anybody have any clue what is wrong? Thanks
  25. We started having an issue with our UMS5, whereas the build plate is dislodged to the right, at the end of the print. We observed the following: At the end of the print, the printer head moves all the way over to the left to purge a little material out and cool down the left side print core (i believe). At the same time, the bed raises to a higher point. After the left side is cooled, the printer head moves over to the right side to purge and cool down the other printer core. During the move to the right, the bed stays raised and the printer head collides with the printed part. Any ideas what might have caused this, or how to resolve?
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