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  1. 2018 version S5, new owner, already had a Prusa. New firmware 5.8.2-R1, current version 5.4.27. Fails to verify by USB stick. Connected via ethernet to my computer but not sure how to get that to work. The instructions from Ultimaker lack detail such as specific menu selections or screenshots. Do push from the Cura to the printer? The firmware doesn't populate in the maintenance menu from ethernet connection, also can't get wireless connect to complete. I tried updates from Cura via Extensions/Update Checker/Check for Updates but said no updates available so I'm thinking that's just for Cura.
  2. Hi! I'm experiencing tons of problems using the material station with PVA material. Basically the problems I have are 2: PVA Brokes always somewhere in the path form MS to Extruder Flow sensor Error during print The first case obviously is the worst case, since sometimes in order to restore the printer i have to disassemble all tubes and push with ABS [i.e.] filament through the material station and get rid of broken pieces. This appened a few times using third-party filaments, so i decided to switch to Ultimaker filament of course, bu
  3. It is often not so clear how to use 3rd party materials with the UM3 or S5 printers. So I want to give some hints and answers to the common problems and questions. Ultimaker materials Ultimaker materials come with an NFC tag in the spool and the printer is able to read the NFC tag and can detect the material and color during the loading process. Internally the NFC tag contains a unique ID which is then matched against a material database or something like that in the printer software. So if you have loaded UM material which was automatically detected by the printer, then
  4. Hello, I have 3 S5 printers, and have connected all of them to the Cura Connect feature, with the app downloaded on my phone, with notifications enabled etc. etc. This is very useful for me, as I've had cases when the printer had some sensor error and it aborted the print, sending me a notification to fix the issue. However, the printers keep disconnecting. They are connected via WiFi, if that matters. Do you guys have any idea as to why this keeps happening, and what I can do to make it stop? When this happens, I need to switch the p
  5. Hi guys! I'd like to ask for your help. One of our client reported that his UmS5 can't boot up, after powering it up it shows the linux logo. This started happening after the last two firmware updates. I guess the second update got interrupted. Now on the Um3 you can reflash the firmware from a recovery image using a micro sd card and the "hidden" sd card reader on the bottom of the olimex board. I'd like to ask if the same is possible on an S5 and if so could you point me in the right direction to the S5 recovery image file, please. (Pictures show the Um3)
  6. Hi! Hope somebody might be able to point us in the right direction. We have 2 Ultimaker printers, both S5. We have them on the same firmware update (4.8.1) with the same setup for extruders. Now we printed a gcode file, for which we used extruder 1 with AA0.4 nozzle and a PLA filament. Both printers exactly the same setup and gcode file, but still the outcome is different > see images attached. One model is really rough on the edges, the other one (from the other printer) has smooth edges. We hope somebody might be able to help us figure out
  7. I'm struggling to get a consistent finish on my TPU prints. It starts and ends well, but if there is a break in the wall of the print, the finish is rough and not translucent. I've tried messing with z hop, reducing and increasing retraction speed and distance and raising and lowering temperature and none seem to help. Does anyone have any ideas? Attached are a couple pictures showing what I'm talking about. And my latest Cura settings. S5 Pro Sainsmart TPU
  8. I was wondering what was the best room temperature for day to day use, of an Ultimaker S5 printer. I am asking this, because I live in temperate zone. My workshop can get quite cold in winter (about 10°C during the night sometimes 5°C when it's really cold ) In summer it can get quite hot around 30°C (and little more at times) Regarding humidity it's Ok. I have checked. It's more temperature wise that I am concerned. And since winter in approaching, I was wondering if it's the right place to do some printing ? Or should I move m
  9. Hello folks, we purchased an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and started printing a few days ago. It is an late 2020 model (U on the sidewalls) running on the newest firmware. Problem description: When starting a print (or even XY calibration setup) the printhead moves to the front left corner. It loads the material and purges about 50cm of filament. I think up until this point everything is normal procedure. From here on out the printer continues to make strings of filament. It moves between front left corner to mid left corner and creates strings of filament until the pr
  10. I use Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle, generic PLA with a 'Fast' print profile for this work. Instead of a straight wall creates a step, This step seem to correlate with the model's bottom. How can I fix the problem.
  11. Hi I have got a S5 for about a week. However, when I print some large job, after the 1st layer, I have the error massege on the screen says" material is empty" whilst plenty of material is on the spool. I pull out the filement and noticed there was significant grinding. I did some research and have disassembled the feeder and cleaned it. Set the tension to the lowerest. But the same problem still not solved. So far I am having problems with PLA and tough PLA, haven't tried other material yet. It seems the grinding happened after retraction. My retraction setting
  12. What is the expected lifetime in terms of operating hours of a S5 given the fact that the recommended maintenance plan is fulfilled?
  13. Hello, I've been using a Prusa i3 mk3s for about 6 months making custom IC shipping containers and decided to upgrade to an S5 a little under a month ago. I've had issues with interlocking prints being oversized, which is pretty well documented around this forum. Most people recommend simply using a negative horizontal expansion value to bring the print size closer to the .STL size. While I have some success using a -0.1mm horizontal expansion value for outer dimensions, my model has some fine 0.4 mm wide lines on the surface which get completely removed by using this horizontal ex
  14. I am trying to clean extra TPU off of an Ultimaker s5 nozzle, and I want to know what the best way to remove the TPU is? Should I just heat the nozzle and wipe it off? Clean it with a sonic cleaner etc. Which is the best way without damaging the nozzle. Also what would cause so much of the TPU to stick to the nozzle? I have attached a couple of photos to show what it looks like. Could this be a calibration problem with the nozzle? Or possible a temperature problem with the special type of TPU I am using?
  15. I am trying to calibrate the extrusion rate for a kind of TPU that is not made by Ultimaker to use on an Ultimaker s5 printer. In order to do this I need to be able to control extrusion manually to tell it to extrude a certain amount. In addition to this I need to be able to send a command to change the extrusion steps/mm for each nozzle using something like pronterface. Is this possible for the Ultimaker s5? If so how would I go about doing this?
  16. Hi all i was wondering if someone could help me as to why my Nylon print came out fury. I used Ultimaker material with Ultimaker Natural PVA as support with the standard pre-set material setting and i have all these stringy/ curly bits all over the print. Can anybody help with setting change i might need to make to get a smooth consistent finish. I have attached some pictures showing my issues
  17. Hi, i am using ultimaker s5 from past 1 year. After updating the latest version of the firmware and Cura. i am unable to print the prints with PLA, but i can able to print with ABS material. I checked the nozzle its clean but still unable to print. some times the material even not extrude from the nozzle. some times its slips over the feeder grinder. While using ABS i not facing any of the issues. one time i can able to print with PLA with previous version of cura.
  18. Hallo liebe Gemeinde ich habe eine generelle Frage, ich bin mi den Ecken meiner Bauteile unzufrieden und hätte ein paar Fragen. (gedruckt mit Cura StandardFast 0,2, 0,4mm Düse) Ich habe dazu ein Bild angehängt und die betroffenen Stellen markiert, wie man erkennen kann sind an den Außenecken nicht im 90° Winkel gedruckt. Vermutlich läuft an den wird an den Stellen zuviel Material raus und es bilden sich diese Wölbungen? Allerdings passiert das ja in den Innenecken nicht ? Muß man hier in den Ecken schneller drucken, oder mit weniger Material ...
  19. Hi, my printer wont print and its giving me this message: Please reconfigure the printer to start the next print job. Extruder 1: Tough PLA Black (Ultimaker) I changed color from Tough PLA Black to Ultimaker Blue PLA. the printer has recognized the new material but still I get this message and it wont print. If you could help me in any way I would be very appreciative. Regards Dean
  20. Hello, I have a question about the rest API, When I try to authenticate using a key and id I got from /auth/request, It always returns the 401 authentication required, no matter where I enter it on postman. does anyone know what I am doing wrong? thanks in advance!
  21. I try to print this model with layer height 0.15 mm. and check the outer before inner wall feature too. And these are what I got. As the images, the layers are shift.
  22. Hi, Today we received our S5 printer.I noticed the x axis rod id not in straight line its in an angle .I guess it must have happened in shipping.Can anyone suggest how to straighten it . Attached image below.Thanks in advance
  23. Hello All I am after some Ideas / Support on The Ultimater S5 Pro Bundle more specifically with the material station. As we change from PP to PLA to PVA plus other materials we were really looking forward to this. But at the moment its letting us down. 2 main points. D, E, F dont work. This will be raised with our resailer. more importantly and frustratingly is material profiles are not available for all materials, and there is no way to know if it will work until you get your material and try load it in. So there in lies
  24. So I wanted to try out the New 0.08 AA print core I purchased in Aug. 2018 in our S5. (I never had a chance to try it out until now since the printer has been so busy.) Every time I insert the new print core it pops up with an error message "An unrecognized print core was inserted in the print head." and then the S5 display locks up. The only recovery from the locked up error message is to turn off the printer and then turn it back on again. I have cleaned the contacts on the print core as per the instructions from the online troubleshooting guide. The contacts looke
  25. This link https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles jumps to a page about "Installing the Extrusion Upgrade kit for the Ultimaker 2". Can this be fixed? I would like to align one of my printer axles which a slightly askew.
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