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  1. Hello, It has been a week that i am trying to print with the ultimaker Nylon black and after 5-6 layers of printing it stop and display the error 15 on the Um3E and 31 on the S5.(I use the ultimaker profile for the Black Nylon in cura) I tried on 2 different S5 and 2 different UM3E multiples times and it always display an error. I already tried to decrease the temperature of the core but it didn't work. Any suggestion?
  2. Since the new firmware update, our S5 will not successfully complete a print containing multiple objects to be printed at once. The project will slice and transfer over the network with no issues. It will perform its bedleveling and preparatory heat-up, however after this it will fail. We are printing PET-G with a 0.25mm Ultimaker core. We have had bed leveling errors, undefined errors, etc... All help appreciated, thank you! Aäron
  3. Hallo, wie kann ich die Geschwindigkeit so anpassen das sowohl Radien, Kurven und gerade Strecken mit der selben Geschwindigkeit gedruckt werden? Bei mir werden Außenradien extrem langsam gedruckt deshalb erhalte ich solche Knubbel auf der Oberfläche... Grüße,Liba
  4. Hi Experts!!! There are problems with using Printcore CC-0.6 with PLA, ABS, Nylon and other ultimaker materials to be printed with AA Printcore? Ultimaker says: " Since the print core CC Red 0.6 is specifically designed for use with composite materials, it is not supported with any of Ultimaker’s own materials." What do you think? Someone tried? Thanks a lot.
  5. bonjour gros soucis de plateau avec l'um5, après une impression qui a finie en catastrophe, le plateau est HS. explication des évènements: durant l'impression un morceau de support c'est détaché. le reste de l'impression (20h) a donc généré beaucoup de fil support en vrac dans l'imprimante. la dernière fois que j'ai observé l'impression, il restait 7h et tout était correct (sauf le fil support en vrac à l'endroit du support défectueux). le lendemain matin, l'impression est inachevé, la tête est remplit de plastique. heureusement la fin d'impression était proche donc peu de dégât dans la tête. le nettoyage c'est bien passé. sauf le plateau. en voulant faire le nettoyage sous le plateau, j'ai fait une monté plateau en manuel. et la c'est le drame. le plateau couine, fait des secousses rapide de quelques millimètres sans bouger. le bruit est inquiétant. la mise hors énergie et le redémarrage de l'imprimante se passe bien. mais dés que je veux bouger le plateau il fait les secousses. une idée ?
  6. Hallo zusammen, wir nutzen einen Ultimaker S5 in unserem Unternehmen. Die klare Anforderung unserer IT-Abteilung ist die Vergabe einer statischen IP-Adresse. Daher wurde dies seitens der IT am Gerät (wie in diesem Forum beschrieben) eine statische IP-Adresse vergeben. Mit dieser Einstellung wurden am Gerät keine Updates zur Firmware angezeigt. Daher hat die IT die statische IP-Adresse für einen kurzen Zeitraum deaktiviert. Nun stand das Update zur Verfügung und konnte durchgeführt werden (neuste Firmware installiert). Der Drucker hat nun wieder eine statische IP-Adresse, nun hatte ich ebenfalls bemerkt, dass eine Verbindung mit dem neuen Cloud-Service nicht möglich ist. Laut unserer IT, hat der Drucker alle Rechte die benötigten Funktionen auszuführen, lediglich die IP-Adresse ist fixiert. DHCP ist leider an dieser Stelle definitiv nicht erwünscht. Daher die Fragen, ob zu diesem Thema ein Workaround besteht, alle Funktionen trotz statischer IP, zu nutzen? Ungern würde ich auf diese Funktion verzichten und bei jedem Updatet die IT um die Aufhebung der statischen IP bitten. Sollten für dieses Thema Informationen fehlen (erster Community-Eintrag) kann ich diese gerne in Erfahrung bringen und Nachtragen. Vielen Dank vorab.
  7. Hallo zusammen, derzeit habe ich ein Problem mit der Stützstruktur. Ich verwende Breakaway als Material. In letzter Zeit hat es sich entwickelt, dass über die Dauer eines Druckes immer weniger bis gar kein Stützaterial mehr extrudiert wird. Ich habe den Feeder gereinigt und eingestellt, die Düse (AA 0.4) gereinigt und auch gegen eine neue ausgestauscht, Bowden Tube gereinigt. Ich habe auch mal alternativ PLA als Stützmaterial verwendet. Aber alle Versuche helfen nicht. Man kann auch deutlich am Materialstrang erkennen, dass er nicht bis in die Düse kommt, das Ende ist stumpf. Die Einstellungen für Temperatur und Geschwindigkeit sind die von Cura zum jeweiligen Material vorgeschlagenen. Hat jemand eine Idee, woran die Unterextrusion liegen könnte? Vielen Dank schonmal für eure Hilfe. Liebe Grüße
  8. Hi guys, The nozzle is full of material around, I can not take the nozzle out , what should I do? Thank you very much.
  9. My S5 makes a brief creaking noise when the build plate is rising and lowering during active bed leveling and sometimes in the middle of a print. I am thinking it has to do with wear and tear on the z-axis screw rod, but I am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help, jmcgee96
  10. Hi all, I'm new to the forums and fairly new to the S5. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the S5 to find and use the Lift Switch properly, and it seems to have started with a 20 hour print job (Tough PLA, PVA) I had on recently. The parts had warped, the print bed had been knocked about 1 inch to the right, the silicone cover on the print head had been pulled out, and the print was offset on the X and Y axis part way through (but despite all of this it was still trying to print!). Just to be safe I performed a full maintenance cycle, including XY offset calibration and a lift switch calibration, but I'm still having issues. When I set a print to go the print head moves to the lift switch to change print cores, but seems to miss on the Y axis by about an inch (toward the back of the printer), even after all of the maintenance and calibration. Does anyone know why it might be doing this, and what I can do to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello, I printed 2 objects, but they fail. I used layer height 0.3 and infill 10% for the first image which is print raft, but on the opposite side print flat. I used layer height 0.15 and infill 20% for the second image, the printer seems get lost, but when I print next one with same program, it seems print good. So I just wandering anyone can tell me what is the reason could be cause those problem? Thank you
  12. Hi friends, I have a question. If I print many components with different Print Sequences (all at once order one at a time), will it affect the quality of the product, such as mechanical properties? Thank you
  13. Saaimon

    Problema con S5

    Ho un problema con la mia S5. Mi è capitato di eseguire stampe di 10 giorni filati senza avere alcun problema. Ho sostituito recentemente l'estrusore BB. Ho stampato ulteriormente dopo averlo sostituito senza alcun problema. Ora, mi ritrovo con un problema di adesione del PVA sul PLA, inoltre il PVA mi "incide" il modello sotto in PLA lasciando il segno. Qualcuno che ha una soluzione o un consiglio al mio problema? Ho provato di tutto, calibrazioni, parametri di stampa, temperature, velocità di stampa, qualità di stampa varie. HO fatto un sacco di prove modificando più variabili ma nulla. Il problema persiste. Ah, dovrei stampare il modello in qualità extra fine 0.06mm Vi ringrazio anticipatamente
  14. Hello, I print an object size: 180.0 x 118.0 x 6.9mm, but it takes 7h15min, is too long. In the cura sofeware shows print speed 70mm/s,Travel Jerk: 50mm/s. How can I increase the speed to print an object? which speed should I change? (infill speed, wall speed, outer wall speed or inner wall speed...........) Thanks
  15. Hello everyone! My name is Nick, and I'm new to 3D printing. I was super excited when I got this Ultimate S5 couple days ago. However, as I was printing, I started to discover that there is a problem with the PVA print. Every time, it didn't come out correctly from the feeder as the image shows. It either clogged or suddenly fed out a large pile of PVA during printing, which was very frustrating. The 3D printer is covered and placed in a room with closed windows, so I don't think that internal temperature is a problem. What could the problem be? Moisturized material? Broken feeder? Bad Cura set-up? The printer is broken? I need to solve this issue asap so I can replace the machine if the machine itself is broken. Sorry for taking your time. I truly appreciate your help!
  16. When I send a job from Cura or try the Print head xy calibration and the printer completes the leveling and then the head just goes home and sits in the corner. I have let this go for hours. I have also reset the printer to factory setting and reloaded the material. What am I missing?
  17. Just got a brand new S5 from Newark Element 14, and as I was lifting it out of the box base the right-hand, blue-tinted glass door popped off the hinge. Glass is intact, hinge is intact, but the adhesive between the two failed. It seems dumb to return an otherwise functional machine just to get an intact door assembly (nor can I afford the time to do so), but what other recourse do I have? Is there any way to get a replacement door+hinge? I would prefer not to attempt to repair it myself (nor do I feel like I should have to).
  18. Hi all, I seem to be having some trouble with my feeder in my Ultimaker S5. What seems to have happened is that there was a blockage in my AA 0.4 print head that stopped this blue Ultimaker PLA from extruding. This in turn must have started this grinding problem in feeder one of the printer as the feeder tried to push through filament and just ground it away instead. I have cleared the blockage in the print head now but every time i try to extrude the PLA using the feeder controls the PLA extrudes a little bit absolutely fine for a small amount as seen in picture 4 but then the feeder starts to grind away at the filament again until it is stuck. I have tried increasing the feeder tension and decreasing it but neither of these have worked as the filament get ground away after a small amount has extruded again. Last week the printer was fine and there were no feeder issues so i don't know what has happened for the feeder to fail every time. How do i stop this from happening?
  19. Hi I have some bowl like shape i need to print. I know the best way (quality) is to print it with the opening down. but to save in support material and time I would like to print it with the opening up. and here comes the problems. This gives me a very bad finish on the underside. I know it will never be as godt as the top side print, but again when using pva I think it should / could be better. so im looking for some tips. 1: Warping and deformation on the underside, special in the curved part. I can se that the pva is printede fine. so the pla must lift detach from the pva. I have tried to lift the whole print 10mm and 15mm from the build plate (ideer was to give it a more uniform tempter) I see some improvements, but not sure if is a coincidence. Changing "Support z/x/y distance" to give a better grip on the pva. don't know if there some settings overriding this because i don't see any changes. Speed, I have all set to 25mm/s so should not be a problem. minimum layer time is 10sek not sure if this should be higher or I will benefit more from a prime tower. (don't really use prime tower they have a tendency to break of midway) 2: Shape simplifikation. perhaps it's also due to warping! but parts of the bottom seam to be simplified. e.g. if you print a ball the bottom will be more edgy like if the polygon count is smaller then the top half. if that makes sense. In general I have problems with the print quality at the underside og my parts. so any tips will be appreciated. Printer: UMS5 PLA: localbrand temp 200-225c (I see same problem with Ultimaker pla) PVA: PrimaSelect PVA+ temp 180-210c (I generally print a bit over recommendation 215c at lover temp it tends to stig a bit in the print core, same with Ultimaker pva. don't know if the temperature gauge can measure incorrectly on the B core?) UMS5_150319.3mf
  20. Hi guys! I'd like to ask for your help. One of our client reported that his UmS5 can't boot up, after powering it up it shows the linux logo. This started happening after the last two firmware updates. I guess the second update got interrupted. Now on the Um3 you can reflash the firmware from a recovery image using a micro sd card and the "hidden" sd card reader on the bottom of the olimex board. I'd like to ask if the same is possible on an S5 and if so could you point me in the right direction to the S5 recovery image file, please. (Pictures show the Um3)
  21. Bonjour. J'ai en charge au sein d'une entreprise une UMS5 neuve depuis une semaine. J'ai réalisé l'installation de celle-ci en suivant scrupuleusement la notice. Malheureusement quand je lance la calibration XY, la procédure se met en marche, la machine se met en mouvement pour imprimer le dit motif mais le matériau (PLA) ne s'extrude pas. Arrivé au milieu de l'impression l'extrusion commence timidement ne me permettant pas de réaliser la lecture pour régler la calibration. Pour ce qui est du PVA l'extrusion est encore plus timide, seulement quelques lignes se déposent en toute fin de cycle. J'ai l'impression que les printcores ne sont pas à la bonne température à temps. A savoir que tout est automatique dans ce mode "calibration", je n'ai pas la main sur les réglages. Je pense que le firmware ne gère pas correctement le préchauffage des extrudeurs ou la poussée des feeders. J'ai tenté des nettoyages des printcores, ouvert les feeders, nettoyé les bowdens, refait 3 fois le nivellement du plateau ou encore réglé le lift switch. J'ai même passé les bobines à l'étuve 40 °C pendant 5 h comme recommandé. J'ai imprimé des pièces en PLA sans problème,mais rien n'y change. HELP!
  22. hi I started a print yesterday. it's a large one (7days) but when i came in this morning it looks like this. did I do something wrong or.... br Franklin
  23. I'm trying to create profiles for custom materials in Cura But when I want to print with those profiles, Cura Connect asks the following: Since I inserted PLA and don't see a reason why the material should now be unknown, is this intended? Will I loose my warranty or what is the purpose of the message? Is there a way to create custom profiles in the printer (not only in Cura) ?
  24. Hi Maker! My name is Markus and I’m a student of the university of applied sciences in Kufstein – Austria. I am seeking your assistance with my Master's thesis, where I examine the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the success of 3D printing. Since I need a large number of experiments that are carried out under different climatic conditions, I would like to ask you to help me with this. I developed a test object with elements of the standard DIN EN ISO ASTM 52902 and additional features. I would send you the STL file of the test object, description of the settings for the experiment and a test report for evaluating, if you contact me. Additionally, I would be happy to hear about your experiences with the influence of different room temperatures and humidity values on the result of 3D printing in case you have findings that you would like to share (i.e. limits, critical environment, reliability). Thank you very much for supporting me with my master’s thesis, I highly appreciate it! If you like to receive the results of the thesis, I will gladly send it to you once it is finished. For this feel free to send me a message to markus.ehrlenbach@fh-kufstein.ac.at Best regards, Markus Test Procedures 2019v42.pdf Test report_2019v42.pdf Test_Object_v4_2.STL
  25. Hi We bought a new shiny Ultimaker S5 printer a few weeks ago. I did an object today which is basically a tube. It should have a 8.2mm bore and an outer Diameter of 25mm. It looks perfect, but doesn't fit in the end application. So i took out my caliper and checked the dimensions. The 8.2mm bore is actually 7.7mm and the outer Diameter is 25.0mm +/- 0.1 depending on where you take the measure. I used the default settings and printed with ultimaker Black Though PLA that was delivered with the machine. The Calibration print, which was in the box, looks nice but i cannot find any description what dimensions it should have. I called my local support partner in germany and he told me to adjust the "horizontal expansion" parameter in the shell settings. We bought this printer with the expectation that a decent accuracy is achievable without tuning parameters in Cura when using a Ultimaker program to slice and Ultimaker materials to print. See attached images.
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