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  1. Cura slices and sends file to my S5. But S5 won't print: "Exceeds Build Volume". Why? Is this a bug?
  2. UPDATE: I have now tried 2 prints since I updated to 5.7.2, and both have failed in the same way. At the end of a spool, the material is "stuck" in printcore, so it cannot change spools. The wizard does appear, but even after freeing the stuck material from the printcore, it does not fully unload, causing an ER61 error, and a lost print. I installed 5.7.2 because I thought "Great, I will save a few cents per print since it doesn't prime as much material, especially when printing with the same color material over and over". Well, at this point, I have lost about $125 worth of material in the two failed prints!!! This is a job that I have printed dozens of times over the last few months with no issues. In the two weeks prior to this, I have had atleast 5 material changeovers in the Material Station with no issues. At this point, I want to roll the firmware back to the previous version because I don't trust this machine now, and I have work to finish. ____ I installed the latest firmware (5.7.2) yesterday. I started a print, and all seemed well. When I get to work this morning, the print was paused saying the current spool did not unload due to being stuck in the printhead. It took me into the Wizard, and walked me through a couple of steps to free the material. The procedure says to release the bowden tube at the top of the printcore, and then cut the material. As I was trying to free pull the end of the bowden tube, the material pulled free from the printcore, so I didn't cut it. With the material now released, I continued but it stopped unloading when the free end got the feeder, and gave me an ER61 error. So the Wizard worked (sort of), but didn't save the print. Also, on the ER61 page, it seems to give you two options if the material did not fully unload. One is if the material is visible outside of the Material Station, and the other is if it isn't visible. In the case of it being outside the Material Station, it seems to imply I should be pulling the material out through the small tube before the Decoupler. In my case, there was about 15 inches of material past the Decoupler. It seemed to work fine to pull the material "forward" through the Decoupler (I removed the input line to the Feeder). Perhaps you should update that troubleshooting page to indicate options that include the material being stuck in the Feeder.
  3. Hi all, I am experiencing the issue pictured below. What I find odd is it prints the brim perfectly every time but when it then moves on to printing inside it the walls don't meet and the adhesion seems to get non-existent. Any suggestions?
  4. Tengo una S5 con las otras boludeces "para material y para ventilar" Desde que la compre (octubre 2019) solo puedo imprimir cada 4 o 5 días y solo la primera impresión ya que vuelve a tirar todos los errores. Tira 3 tipos de errores siempre de forma aleatoria, si la uso sola, con las demás cosas da otros problemas. Nivelación de cama Diferencia entre print Desplazamiento de Tobera NECESITO QUE ALGUIEN ME AYUDE
  5. My personal day ruiner... 10 trys, no start. 3 Months everthying was great. Now again that ..... How can Ultimker think its an good idea to put an that susceptile sensor into an "industrial" machine The "test" says Sensor is good.... I have to print something and cant use the printer.....Thats extremly annoying In the "best" case just a dirty printer, in the worst case an blocking Z axis. Please fix this.... An reliable printing would be much more usefull than any cloud funktionality
  6. Hi folks The build plate of my brand new Ultimaker S5 undergoes active leveling before each print. It results in either of my 2 extruders over or under extruding. Is there a way i can disable this active levelling process before each print, as i personally prefer manual leveling. The prints doesnt look that cool compared to the price i paid for this printer. Hope there is a solution to this.
  7. Got the S5 bundle a coupe of weeks ago. I'm able to get WiFi going, but I'm in the outskirts of our WiFi's signal so it's iffy. When I try to enable the Ethernet, the little slide-button on the touchscreen goes green, then goes back off a half-second later. No indication on what the issue is.. I verified the Ethernet is working by plugging it into my laptop so, I'm stumped. Is it possible to check the IP address? My network is not using the typical usually seen with consumer stuff... maybe that's the problem?
  8. I would like to add our 2 printers to the new Digital Factory console, my question is will I still be able to send jobs to the printers when connected locally via IP or once added to the cloud only through the cloud? I can't much documentation or explanations regarding how to use the new site. And from what I can see it logs me in with the same account I use here on the forums, does that mean I need to create an ultimaker account for every coworker that needs access to the printers?
  9. Hat noch jemand das Problem das der S5 bei der AutoBed Nivelierung ab und zu nicht merkt wenn er den Core berührt ? Firmware ist aktuell. Er fährt teilweise so weit mit dem Bett hoch dass er den 2. Core so weit rein druckt dass er den ersten Core mit dem Bett berührt. Erst dann stoppt er, macht den zweiten und bringt dann eben auch eine Fehlermeldung. (Was ja Sinn macht da es offensichtlich nicht funktioniert hat. Kann man den Sensor irgendwie einstellen? Kann irgendetwas verschmutzen etc.? Manchmal muss ich den Drucken ewig oft neu starten bis es klappt. Echt deprimierend......
  10. Hello, I've been using my S5 for a few weeks now, doing small quick prints which have come out just fine. Last week i had a problem of material grinding, but the wonderful people on here helped me sort it! I have a rather unusual problem that's cropped up now..i switch the printer on and the screen flashes a few times as do the lights, then it says 'Ultimaker' for a split second then it stays as a blank black (but visibly still on) screen. I've tried unplugging and plugging in again but i still have the same issue. What do you think this issue is? I thought it could be the printer reacting to a firmware update but i haven't updated it recently. Hope you can help, Ewan
  11. Hi all! while the material station is great, the S5 firmware is seriously flawed to not allow selection of the color for a 3rd party material that doesnt have the NFC based color info. Not even the official partner material that is available on Ultimaker marketplace like FormFutura ApolloX can be used out-of-the box with material-station due to this lack of color selection problem. The Problem: firmware does not show color variants of materials, despite providing a unique GUID <name> <brand>FormFutura</brand> <material>ApolloX</material> <color>black</color> <label>ApolloX BLACK</label> </name> <GUID>c99377f5-fbb4-4c3b-8f91-7a1d2c32e44f</GUID> <name> <brand>FormFutura</brand> <material>ApolloX</material> <color>red</color> <label>ApolloX RED</label> </name> <GUID>1403a419-2a22-4d6c-ad80-3ea3252d2496</GUID> so the above leads in the S5 printer display to only showing one line of "ApolloX black" and the red AppolloX cannot be selected. But selection is mandatory to allow assigning same materials with different colors to different bays of the material station. The Workaround: postfix material with color information <name> <brand>FormFutura</brand> <material>ApolloX BLACK</material> <color>black</color> <label>ApolloX BLACK</label> </name> <GUID>c99377f5-fbb4-4c3b-8f91-7a1d2c32e44f</GUID> <name> <brand>FormFutura</brand> <material>ApolloX RED</material> <color>red</color> <label>ApolloX RED</label> </name> <GUID>1403a419-2a22-4d6c-ad80-3ea3252d2496</GUID> while this this workaround at least allows to use the material-station with by hand edited materials (curas 4.4.1 duplicate function leaves a mess, truncates data, ...) it provides suboptimal material management. But this reveals another annoying item, that the color is not shown duplicated!! The Request: display color variants for same material types with unique guids so if for multiple materials <material> is the same, but <color> and <guid> are unique, then display the color variants in the S5 display so it can be assigned to the material stations bay. Thanks, FG p.s. i have my material profiles up here https://github.com/flyinggorilla/ultimaker-s5
  12. Does anyone have any ideas as to the causes of the visible layering in the picture? I'm using eSun PLA+ filament with the settings shown below and Ultimaker PVA (with built-in standard settings).
  13. I have a issue with the filamant sensors. they seem to work if the filamant jams, or is held on the end of the spool, but if the filamant is not held on the spool and flows through, it does not detect it- will happily keep printing air and stuffing the print. theres very little detail in how these detect and work, which makes it hard to work through fault finding. any ideas on how to fix this?
  14. Hello. We have recently bought the AA0.8 nozzle for our s5 to speed up productivity. We have been attempting to print visor straps but cant get the required quality. We have tried with the cura presets but to no avail. on inspection during the print i noticed that the nozzle was dribbling in some areas, never the wall but subsequent material would push these blobs to the surface creating a rough outer surface. we have tested with temp changes and speed, does anyone have any ideas? any advice would be gratefully accepted! Thank you
  15. Hi, I've been having this issue for a few days now. I get the "Nozzle offset probe failed. Check the nozzles and bed and try again. When auto-leveling, the bed comes up and pushes core 2 into the print head. No matter how high I manually level the bed, I get the same issue. Here is what I've tried so far. Manually leveled the bed, at numerous different heights (tight springs to loose springs), re-seated the print head wire harness, re-seated the sensor plug, unplugged the fan and tried without it, updated firmware, changed print cores out with brand new ones and reset to factory settings. I'm not sure what else to look at. Any help would be great!
  16. Heinz-S5


    Wir haben einen neuen Ultimaker S5, welcher mit PLA und PVA ausgerüstet ist. Bei der XY-Kalibrierung wird das X-Kalibrierungsmuster und das Y-Muster mit PLA gedruckt. Nachdem der Drucker auf PVA umgeschaltet hat fährt der Druckkopf alles ab wo gedruckt werden sollte aber es wird nichts gedruckt. Das PVA Material wird dann die ganze Zeit vom Feeder zurück gezogen und dann wieder nach vorne gestossen. Wenn ich allerdings ein Teil mit einer Stützstruktur drucke, dann funktionierts mit PVA. Hat jemand eine Idee was das Problem sein könnte?
  17. Hi guys, I hope somebody can help with this really annoying problem. We're trying to hook up the UMS5 to our companys WiFi. When we follow the WiFi Setup instructions (connect to hotspot, insert country and name, enter network information of hidden network), the browser setup screen on the browser end up saying "setup complete, wait for UM to connect to WiFi network" but the UM never succeds to connect. The setup screen stays at the "connect to your Ultimakers hotspot and follow the instructions in your browser"- screen. Never moves forward from there. What we tried so far: - restart UM (with Ethernet enabled/disabled, with USB-Stick and without USB stick) - Setup from Laptop or Smartphone - different browsers on laptop The result was the same at every try. Firmware Version is: the latest one ( Ethernet connection works and network information are correct, connection to the network with other devices works. Glad for any help!
  18. hello everyone, for about two weeks now, the image quality of the camera is getting worse, more blurred and cloudy, what can I do to get a top picture again? Many greetings
  19. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, ich bin recht neu in der sache 3D Druck arbeite mich aber durch die vielen Informationen im Netz oder auch hier im Forum recht schnell ein. Ich bin gerade dabei mich am PA6 zu versuchen (Gewindebohrungen klappt mit PLA nur mäßig , gerade die Maßhaltigkeit nervt) ... das ist bis jetzt das schwierigste Material für mich komme aber damit eigentlich gut zurecht... gut ist auch erst das 2te neben PVA Folgendes Frage: Durch die hohen Temperaturen der Düse und des Heizbettes ist mir aufgefallen , das wenn ich den Druck abbreche (Einstellung passen zu Beginn nicht / Warping od. ähnliches) es ca. 10- 20 min dauert (gefühlte Ewigkeit , vielleicht sind es auch nur 5-10 min) bis der Druck dann wirklich abgebrochen hat, dann kann ich einen neuen starten und es dsauert wieder "ewig" bis alles hochgeheizt ist... Nebensächlich ist mir hierbei die Energieeinsparung , aber kann man das irgendwie Beschleunigen (Systemeinstellung) ... habe im Cura nichts gefunden od. ist das über G-Code möglich ?? Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung
  20. Brand New 5S bundle owner. Can anyone tell me what this bracket is for? the head makes lots of trips over to it, almost like there's supposed to be some cleaning gadget there (like my old stratasys had)
  21. On Friday, I printed a file with 2 materials, and it worked great. Then I tried to print a different file using 2 materials, and suddenly there is a LARGE offset in the X axis between the two print heads, meaning the Breakaway (core 2) is printing on top of the CPE material (core 1). The "shift" is close to 0.25 inches in one direction. I didn't touch the printer settings, in terms of the offsets or calibrations. I didn't touch the print cores. The only thing that I did between prints was change from Red CPE to Light Gray CPE. I aborted the print after I noticed this (about 2 hours in). I also re-sliced the file, and tried to reprint it, but it was doing the same thing. Has anyone seen this before? I have had this machine for about 15 months, and an 3E for about 2.5 years, and I have never seen something like this. I am pretty frustrated by this. I guess I need to re-do the calibration.
  22. Hello, I've been using a Prusa i3 mk3s for about 6 months making custom IC shipping containers and decided to upgrade to an S5 a little under a month ago. I've had issues with interlocking prints being oversized, which is pretty well documented around this forum. Most people recommend simply using a negative horizontal expansion value to bring the print size closer to the .STL size. While I have some success using a -0.1mm horizontal expansion value for outer dimensions, my model has some fine 0.4 mm wide lines on the surface which get completely removed by using this horizontal expansion value. I have to say, this is very disappointing. I will echo the many other reports I have seen of people running into XY dimensional accuracy issues with this printer and say that I am very surprised a Prusa mk3s produces much more accurate prints with less work. At this point I would not recommend anyone purchase the S5 if dimensional accuracy is important to them. It seems like a software or firmware fix would be appropriate to solve this issue; does UM plan to address this issue, or are there any plugins that will adjust outer and inner walls only and leave single wall features alone? Thank you, Gabriel
  23. Mods, please delete this thread.
  24. Hi guys! I'd like to ask for your help. One of our client reported that his UmS5 can't boot up, after powering it up it shows the linux logo. This started happening after the last two firmware updates. I guess the second update got interrupted. Now on the Um3 you can reflash the firmware from a recovery image using a micro sd card and the "hidden" sd card reader on the bottom of the olimex board. I'd like to ask if the same is possible on an S5 and if so could you point me in the right direction to the S5 recovery image file, please. (Pictures show the Um3)
  25. Hello, I have an S5 and I'm just starting to do longer prints which are lasting for about a day, so i was hoping to use the camera fitted in the S5. However, when i click on the little camera in the monitor section of cura the screen goes a bit faint. I then clicked on the manage printer in browser link which led me to cura connect and there was my printer with a video camera button next to it, so i clicked it but still nothing happened. A black screen appears with a small page icon in the corner or a cross. I have reset cura connect on the printer as some people have suggested but it still doesn't work. It would be nice to use this feature to check on my printer remotely. Thanks in advance, Ewan
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