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  1. Hello people, One of my S5 printers has starting making a weird noise. Basically, when the print head moves on the X axis from left to right, a very weird and loud noise comes from somwehere in the top-right corner - my guess it's the small motor on the right, or the belt. When you put the finger on the belt connecting the motor to the axis, and the axis moves left->right, you can feel a vibration on the belt itself. This started about 4-5 days ago, and yesterday the noise started to be heard when the head moves from right-> left aswell. Same noise, only lowed in intensity, coming from the same part of the printer. I am 90% sure it's a problem with that particular belt. All of the belts are tight, inluding that one, all the axes were oiled and the the main Z axle got some extra vaseline (oil and vaseline used were provided in the Ulti pack). I am waiting for a reply from my supplier, but they are in a different city and can't come to check this out personally. Here you can see a video and hear what I am talking about: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/24a27e5b45dc5bda106f9f3dbf02aa3620191009120055/16dc8ea48e2baa956d12d68811abdc6920191009120055/093dcf *link will expire on Oct 16th* Let me know if you have any idea what causes this, and what solutions you recommend. The printer was used alot, it's practically new (<1 month), in an office building with good conditions. Recently the printer had some failed prints, once caused by bad filament (tangled on the roll, sad reacts) and another time it seems that one print head did not retract, and the whole print got ruined. tested everything I can, cleaned everything I can, everything appears to work normally, except for the noise. Thanks a lot. Cosmin
  2. Hi, we've got a brand new Ultimaker S5 at work and I've been experimenting with it so far. I've used tough PLA, generic PLA, PVA and Breakaway. We can't use PVA because of regulations of our towns water supplier. Therefore I started to work with Breakaway more and run into problems and I can't figure out what's going wrong. It seems to be either oozing or under extrusion and its never both at the same time. When the filament is oozing it results in a wrong distance of the nozzle to the bed during auto leveling, because Breakaway forms a blob which cools down and Ultimaker levels against the blob rather than the bed. When the filament is not oozing I'm dealing with under extrusion to the point that almost the entire first layer is only printed in small dots. Before I start a print I check if the material is able to flow out of the nozzle. After that I know I will be dealing with oozing. My setup routine is me standing beside the printer and wiping all oozing material away, hoping after calibrating the first nozzle no material will be stuck under the second one, because there is no time for me in between for brushing that blob away. I experimented with ooze shield and prime tower to deal with oozing during the print. The prime tower works best atm but it is far from perfect. There are some bits that get stuck in the main material. To deal with under extrusion I placed a helper disk and print it as support. I hope someone can help me figure out the problems as I don't know the normal behavior of Breakaway. Please see attached pictures of the problems i ran into. (Order of appearance: Breakaway wasn't printed, lost blob on print, Nozzle was too far away, under extrusion, under extrusion on first layer) Thanks PS I see that this is a recurring topic so this is somewhat similar to my problem.
  3. Hey there, I've some troubles with the support structure trying a dual print with PLA and PVA. I'm using the Fast profile in Cura 4.3.0 and except from the support settings I only changed the Layer Thickness to 0.15. I would like to print with a Support Interface to save some PVA. My support settings work well for using Extruder 1 only. But somehow when changing the Support Interface Extruder to Extruder 2 gabs in the support structure appear as if support wouldn't be needed there. I can't figure out which settings might cause the problem. I attached a few pictures. I appreciate any idea! Thanks, Birte
  4. I received this printed as a second replacement from my local reseller. First printer has scratches and scuffs. Now this second printer is showing imprint and dents (I can see and feel them) on the front panel from the bearing seats behind it. This is not what I would expect of a 5K+ product. I really want to give this brand a try, so please Ultimaker offer a solution.
  5. Hi! I am using UM S5 for my business last 3 months. While the printer, features and overall experience are generally nice, printing results are not. I am not new to FDM printers but can not resolve issues. Most of them are related to print quality, it is modest at best. May be I got spoiled by MakerGear M series, but... Here is the list - suggestion are welcome! 1. PLA (all materials are UM) not great finish, stringing, basically stopped using it 2. ABS - modest layer bonding, poor model strength; periodic non-extruding, not printed areas; top surface is full of strings, cleanable but annoying 3. PVA(dry) - similar non-extruding sometimes, typically at the beginning of the print 4. Nylon(Taulman) - some warping (layer bonding is of course great) Nozzles seem fine, got them cleaned periodically (couple of clogs recently). extruder seems not skipping. additionally is it possible to put alternative printing surface like glass laminated with PEI (want my shiny surface) or garolyte for Nylon ? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm using Cura 4.3 and an Ultimaker S5 printer, trying to print with PLA on extruder #1 and PVA on extruder #2 (both PLA and PVA are Ultimaker as well). The problem I seem to be having is that Cura adds SO much support. It is basically wrapping my models into PVA, for no apparent reason. I have made a videoto show you what exactly I am talking about: https://imgur.com/e2FnetL Basically, I want to ask if this is cosidered normal, and if not what settings should I try? Or better, what are the best settings you guys recommend you guys recommend using to get the best prints with my setup. (S5, Ulti materials, PLA+PVA) Current settings, used in the video above: Latest CURA model, latest firmware on printer, 0.1 mm layer, 10% infil, support everywhere using exturder 2 (PVA), brim made with extruder 2, the rest are basic, recommended settings. Thanks a lot. Cosmin
  7. Hallo Community, ich bin neu in dem Forum und hab bisher keine Lösung für mein Problem gefunden. Ich hab einen Ultimaker S5 der in der XY-Ebene eine leichte Verzerrung drin hat. Nach meinen ersten Recherchen habe ich geschaut, ob alle Schrauben am 3D-Drucker festgezogen sind. Da habe ich nichts auffälliges finden können. Die Zahnriemen sind auch alle straff, bzw. haben die ja einen Mechanismus, der die Zahnriemen straff zieht. Den XY-Versatz habe ich auch kalibriert. Auf dem Bild sieht man bei dem Y-Feld recht gut, dass dieses nicht rechtwinklig zum X-Feld gedruckt wird und im Vergleich zur Abbildung des Kalibrierungsblattes auch nicht rechtwinklig ist. Habt ihr noch weitere Ideen, woran die Verzerrung liegen könnte? LG Stefan
  8. Hello, I have 3 S5 printers, and have connected all of them to the Cura Connect feature, with the app downloaded on my phone, with notifications enabled etc. etc. This is very useful for me, as I've had cases when the printer had some sensor error and it aborted the print, sending me a notification to fix the issue. However, the printers keep disconnecting. They are connected via WiFi, if that matters. Do you guys have any idea as to why this keeps happening, and what I can do to make it stop? When this happens, I need to switch the printers off and on again, and then run the connection setup again, which is mildly frustrating. Thanks! Cosmin
  9. Hello Ultimaker Community, Our UMS5 is currently running and we are attempting to update to the intermediate firmware version (5.1.94) and we are unable to. We would download the two files required (.tartar and .tar.xz.sig) and place them in the root directory of our USB Flash Drive and when we went into Gear Icon -> Maintenance -> Update Firmware on our UMS5, it would show a blank screen and not give an option to update. Is there anything I can do to `fix this issue?
  10. Hi folks, is there a way to add custom materials to the Ultimaker S5 touch screen menu?
  11. Hello Ultimaker Community, Our UMS5 is currently running and we are attempting to update to the intermediate firmware version (5.1.94) and we are unable to. We would download the two files required (.tartar and .tar.xz.sig) and place them in the root directory of our USB Flash Drive and when we went into Gear Icon -> Maintenance -> Update Firmware on our UMS5, it would show a blank screen even though we have the files in the root directory of our drive as it is plugged in. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? Perhaps a missing update in between?
  12. Hello, I have 3 brand new Ultimaker S5 printers, and one of them seems to have a problem. Specifically, the Y axle, at the point where it is hooked into the black plastic cover (the one between the belts) seems to be lowered, and would sometimes touch the belt while printing. I have attached a video and some close up photos for you guys to see. I am not sure if I should just re-tension that specific belt, or if I need to also re-attach the axle properly, somehow, before doing that. Any help/input is appreciated. Cosmin Video: https://imgur.com/oaOXMc0 Pics: first one is of the faulty printer, while the 2nd pic is of a good one.
  13. Hello, I just got my new S5 printers, and am having some problems printing with both Ultimaker PLA and PVA. Basically, printing with only PLA works perfect, but when I try to use both, with PVA as support, the print head with PLA attached to it simply prints air, and nothing comes out. Note that I've tried cleaning it with cleaning filament, switching heads, pretty much anything of the basic solutions. When printing only with PLA everything works great, but when using both it just doesn't extrude. In cura I have the correct options: head 1 PLA, head 2 PVA (both pla and pva are Ultimaker), on the printer the same. Anything that comes to mind for my problem? Thanks a lot! Cosmin
  14. So every time I need a primetower (because I am printing with PVA as support material) I cant see all of the layers in detail. When in preview mode and go through the layers it stops at the height were the prime tower is. As you can see in the second picture(problem view 1) the detailed layer view wont go lower then the top layer of the support / the height of the prime tower. In the first picture (Full view) you can see the view settings, part, support and travel movements. In the last picture(Problem view 2 clear) I disabled the travel and helpers view to get a better shot. Does anyone have a solution for this? I can stil fully use Cura, I just want to be able to view all the layer. NickB.
  15. Hi there, I'm trying to print a part with an overhang and I really want to use PVA as my support material. I'm not sure if it's my printer or the material itself but it seems like my printer doesn't like printing PVA. I've attached some pictures of how my print when and honestly non of the PVA was sticking to my build plate. I believe that is due to a lack of PVA printed during the brim step. In Cura it shows the PVA on the brim but when it prints, there is not PVA part of the brim. I've only gotten the PVA to behave once before. I've noticed that whenever my printer tries to print PVA near the build plate, no filament comes out. The print head goes over the correct "tool path" but the PVA material doesn't extrude from the print head. If anyone knows what's going on, please let me know. Thank you!
  16. Hi, I had to pause a print for some hours today, I know it's not advised to do print quality wise. and its a really long time since I have don it last, so don't remember if it's normal. After pausing the the print, the head moves to the front side cools and shut down the fan. normally. After the fan have shout down theres still this weird hissing sound coming from the printer, that I can't locate wheres coming from. It doesn't sound like a fan, its more like a hissing / humming sound. but still quite loud.s5 sound video.mp4.zip It is possible that the sound is there all the time when printing, but that it just cannot be heard for the fans. Is this something I should be worried about and why doesn't it go away when the printer is paused? ps. bed temp is set to 0c printing on tape.
  17. Hallo zusammen! Ist ja kein Geheimnis, dass wir vom S5 nicht begeistert sind. Das er neben der schwachen Druckgeschwindigkeit jetzt auch noch Schwächen bei der Haltbarkeit zeigt ist mehr als enttäuschend bei dem hohen Preis den Ultimaker dafür aufruft. Wie auf den Bildern zu sehen ist, ist jetzt die Halterung für die Y Achse derart ausgeschlagen, dass diese beim Druckvorgang ihre eigenen Wege gegangen ist. Selbst nach 4-Jahren halten diese bei den UM2 immer noch durch. Vor kurzem hat sich, wie gewohnt, die oberste Schicht der Glasplatte abgelöst. Hatte erwartet, dass es beim automatischen Leveln länger dauert oder ganz vermieden wird. Hält aber auch nicht länger als bei den per Hand justierten UM2. Wäre da nicht der große Bauraum, hätten wir den Drucker längst verkauft. Bis zum UM2 hatte ich jedem zu Ultimaker geraten, alles was danach kam ist in punkto Preis / Leistung nicht empfehlenswert. Nun aber zur Frage, wie tauscht man diese Teile beim S5 aus?
  18. Hi! My Ultimaker S5 suddenly started extruding in the left corner and i pulling it back on my print - sometimes it result in a unusable print... It does it the same place, layer by layer. There is nothing there, in my Cura setup. I have set my UMS5 back to factory settings, but it did not help. I have attached pictures of the line that goes trough my print (is . Have anybody else tried this? I cannot find anything similar. Thank you! /Alek UMS5_Form nr 22 - facetteret kugle.3mf
  19. Hallo zusammen! wir verkaufen unseren S5 zum Ende des Jahres, also ca. Anfang Dezember. Weitere Details wie Druckstunden, bisher gedruckte Meter und verfügbares Zubehör folgen dann später. Wollte nur schon einmal vorab bescheid geben falls jemand die Neuanschaffung plant. Wir haben den Drucker seit Ende 2018 in Betrieb und bis auf wenige Ausnahmen nur PLA damit gedruckt. Technisch und optisch ist der Zustand entsprechend gut, Glasplatte wurde erst vor kurzem erneuert.
  20. Hi! My Ultimaker S5 suddenly started extruding in the left corner and i pulling it back on my print - sometimes it result in a unusable print... It does it the same place, layer by layer. There is nothing there, in my Cura setup. I have set my UMS5 back to factory settings, but it did not help. I have attached pictures of the line that goes trough my print (is . Have anybody else tried this? I cannot find anything similar. Thank you! /Alek
  21. I have been using good old UHU glue stick on my glass plates forever it just works. Now that I have my S5, I can work on orders that require filaments that are more exotic. I am building a fully sealed Chamber with a vent hood for the printer, complete with active carbon filters venting outside. I have 2X CC Red Ordered. My first Order is sample prints in Nylon, CPE and Poly Carbonate. I asked about the LayerLock Garolite no one has used it yep but I will pick one up once they are back in stock just for testing. (However, I digress) Let us talk 3d Adhesives. Which ones have you used and would you suggest for Nylon CPE and PC. Can anyone explain why 25ML of what is water-soluble glue is 20 bucks? That will alter my per part cost. Magigoo 19.95 for 100 Applications about 20 cents each time you use it and you have to use it in one month? Stick Stick? Dimafix seems to work bests for HIGH bed temperatures 75c+ Smart Stick Nano Polymer Adhesive?
  22. Ultimaker S5, got a 'Heater error on the print core in print head slot 2. Go to ultimaker.com/ER31' last night sometime. The touch screen will not let me exit out of this error. This is what the link says: A heater error on one of the print cores can occur when the print core fails to heat up. The printer is trying to heat up the print core, but the print core does not report an increase in temperature. The display will show which print core is affected. This refers to a problem with the thermal connection between the print core’s temperature sensor and heater. The cause of this problem almost always lies in the print core itself and can be fixed by replacing the print core. If the printer displays a heater error in the same slot again, but with a different print core inserted, there may be a different problem. If this is the case, it is recommended to contact your local service provider for additional support Any idea on how to actually go about fixing this? I can't get to the main screen to unload material or anything. Just turn it off & on again? If I do, can I continue with the print where it left off?
  23. Hi there, I am experiencing some dual extrusion issues. For some reason, my printer won't print my second material on the brim. In Cura, it shows under the preview tab that it will print the second material on the brim, but the actual print shows up without the second material on the brim. I attached a couple pictures. I just wanted to test the dual extrusion capabilities on my UMS5. The red PLA was my first material and the black PLA is my second material. As you can see from the pictures, the black PLA doesn't print out in the brim. Also, I'm not sure why the red side with the black circle came out clean whereas the black side with the red circle came out stringy. If anyone knows why these things are happening please let me know. Thank you!
  24. Hello, For the future use of an UMS5 I have a question about printing small cylindrical pins in nylon of D2 x 20mm which schould later fits in 2mm holes in a nylon part. Should the pins be printed in vertikal or horizontal orientation in the printer/cura? For a smooth fitting, how much thinner should be the diameter of the pin? For example 1.95 mm for a 2mm hole? Or less? The pins should be pused in with medium power and should not fall out on its own. Regards Hans-Peter
  25. Hello, I am new to Ultimaker and 3D-Printing. I am interested in Nylon/pva printing. I read a lot here about problems with filament drying and moisture protection. There are solutions like Polybox from Polymaker. But when using that,the original filament holder is unused. No use of NFC- filament detection. So wouldn't it be better to build a cover that is attached to the S5 back. It would contain a silicea pack and would hold the spools dry in their original positions. By the way: For the price of an S5 it would even nicer if Ultimaker build such filament cabinet into the S5 unit. Regards Hans-Peter
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