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  1. Hello community, we recently got a brand new UM S5 in our company which now begins to show weird behavior... After firing up the first time it updated to 5.2.11 and printed its first 70 print jobs without problems. But now it constantly produces auto leveling errors, but beginning with the second print of the day. So, first print of the day works great every time, then auto level error every time. There are three different behaviors causing the error: - glass plate not touching printcore 2 (stopping like 10 mm underneath it), but touching the first PC: error - glass plate touching PC2, but stops 10 mm underneath PC1: error - glass plate not touching PC2 and PC1, but starting auto level anyways, just to cancel after 2 points: then error EDIT: The automatic print job restart, that the printer is doing by itself after an error is also failing every time. When I shut off and restart the printer completely, the first job prints flawlessly. But then the errors above start again... Even more weird is, that the sensor test in the maintenance menu says the sensor works totally fine. But when I start a print job right after that, the errors still happen. What I tried already: - changing out the printcores, no effect - changing the material, no effect - check for loose cables of the sensor (red and white one), they are tight, no effect - moving every piece of electronics like computer and cellphones away from the printer, no effect Do you have any more ideas? Is the sensor broken, even though the test says it's fine? Is it a software bug? Thank you in advance! Greetings, Cymon
  2. On Swagger I am able to change the name of the printer with the following command curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '"zaaf77"' '' But When I run the same command into the command prompt (by changing the single quotes into double) it gives the following error {"message": "Authorization required."} How do I authorize it? I am struggling with the logic as well as syntax mainly! I know the id and key you can get from the following command: curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d 'application=laravel&user=mughalz1' '' How do I use this id and key? Or would the id and key be the "root" and "ultimaker"? again if it is "root" and "ultimaker", how do i use it in the cURL command, Can anyone help with the syntax please? Actually, i am trying to develop my own interface so that someone can print a model from my website directly. Any thoughts please... ..?
  3. I've been having issues with some dimensions in my prints where it is up to 2mm out in some dimensions. I have calibrated the printer (S5) a couple times in the past week after already having problems printing PVA supports which were solved. I am printing with PLA as the main structure. Unusually the dimension issues are not uniform. I.e. I printed two items at the same time but one was too short while the other was too tall, both were too thin. Is there a way to view the actual data that was sent to the printer as it seems like it could be some kind of scaling issue? Print settings are on extra fine 0.06mm so I would expect much more accuracy than ±2mm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi Just wondering is Ultimaker launching a new add-on for long prints where it loads a new spool automatically, say if you had a large print overnight or a weekend so there is less downtime. I see the Parusa now has a mutli material device that can load 5 different material/ spools. https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/upgrades/183-original-prusa-i3-mk25smk3s-multi-material-2s-upgrade-kit-mmu2s.html?search_query=multi+material&results=11 Can you do this with the second extruder, if the first runs out of material can the second extruder continue on.
  5. Hello. I would like some help troubleshooting some printing issues I have recently been having. My hospital got a 3D printer several months ago and we have been successful with our prints and making complex models with tough PLA and PVA support (I also attached a previous successful model printed with same settings). Recently, my models are not adhering to the print bed to itself. I have tried with PLA supports and PVA supports. I have unloaded and reloaded the filaments as well. I also reset the print settings to default. I have tried all different recommended settings with no help. My printer continues to print strings that are not adhering to anything. Sometimes it starts to adhere to bed and then fails or will not adhere to plate at all. The only causes I can think of are the following: Filament hydration? I am in New Mexico, an arid climate but do not store the filaments in a desiccator. Perhaps this is the issue? Settings not correct? Print speed too fast? We recently tried ninjaflex 3.0 mm and did not have any success with this. We attributed this to the size of 3.0mm. Print head clogged? The print heads seem to be extruding fine... Should I be doing regular cleaning?
  6. I am looking for a high temp filament that is fairly easy to print on our Ultimaker S5, that will be able to print at 0.06mm layers. We currently outsource these parts in a SLA resin called Accura Bluestone (which has a HDT of 270°c once thermally post-cured). We need it to take about 145-150°c without warping. The parts will be under NO load, and will be metalized most of the time. Is there any such filament out there? Thanks in advance!
  7. @Ultimaker: So today I took a closer look at the TPU print, where after the first layers I switched the old, nearly empty TPU spool I had dried with a PrintDry previously out for a brand new one that was still in its plastic packaging. *After* the switch, the print quality gets much worse, with very bad stringing, surface irregularities and the like - in short, everything that you would expect of a spool of wet material. I find it outrageous that the premium Ultimaker materials are packaged this way (just cardboard and thin plastic shrink wrap around it, which sometimes even has holes in it). Every single competitor I know of, even if their materials cost half or even a third of the Ultimaker ones, manages to use reasonably air-tight packaging for their spools, so you can use the materials for what you bought them for - to PRINT! (Not to dry them first). Seriously, this has to change! This is no way of working, especially for industrial customers who have to actually *deliver* parts!
  8. Hi, I am currently experimentally trying to find optimal settings to print TPU with PVA for the model shown below. What my main problem is that whenever I remove the PVA from the structure after it is done printing, the TPU has very poor quality (i.e rough and uneven surface). I tried increasing the distance between the support and the main material with marginal improvement. I would be glad for any advice on how to fix this issue. Thanks
  9. Weiss nicht wirklich ob es jemanden Interessiert. Ich habe nun schon das zweite mal einen Bowden Clip am UM3 verloren. Schnipp und wech 😉 Nun reicht es. Habe mich hingesetzt und einen gebaut. Vielleicht kann ihn ja jemand gebrauchen ? Vielleicht gibt den auch schon hier irgendwo. Hier der Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3769242/files Viele Grüße
  10. Hi, I am curious on if there are any non stick surface materials that I can apply to my structure. Basically, I want the structure to "pop-up" to resemble something like this: The issue is that I want to print this structure in one step, so I was looking into ways that I can 3D print this without support materials. A solution I was thinking was to separate the structure into two layers as shown below: After printing L1, I wanted to know if it was possible to apply some sort of material that would allow me to print L2 on top of it and give me the "pop-up structure." If not, are there any other methods I can pursue? For reference, I am using TPU on an Ultimaker S5. Thanks
  11. I recently managed to firmly clog my bowden tube with custom filament and in trying to remove the offending material i slightly damaged the tube. i would like to order a replacemnt for the S5 does anyone know where i might find this in the UK as i have not been able to find any anywhere? Many thanks
  12. I was trying to use up some left-over materials (like 2-5m of filament left on spools) by taking advantage of the material feed detection on the S5. It seemed to be working well, but after the second material change, I noticed an X/Y shift in the print. My assumption is that I somehow bumped the print head in the process of changing materials. My question: Is there a way to re-zero the X/Y position of the print head after changing material mid-print, before resuming the print job? The print head parks in the front / middle position to change the material, then immediately resumes the print job after the material change. What I am hoping you can do is somehow command the print head to return to the home (back / left position) to validate it's X/Y position before resuming the print job. I think that would prevent this issue, because my thinking is that my bumping the print head (cleaning off a couple of globs stuck to the nozzle) introduced a small bias into the X/Y position the print head thought is was at, then caused the X/Y shift when print resumed. My understanding is that the print head position is not dynamically measured, but is based on change commands from the known "zero" position.
  13. Made this model to go into space! Yay! Makes a change from my usual black background! The black of space!!!
  14. Hallo zusammen! Ist ja kein Geheimnis, dass wir vom S5 nicht begeistert sind. Das er neben der schwachen Druckgeschwindigkeit jetzt auch noch Schwächen bei der Haltbarkeit zeigt ist mehr als enttäuschend bei dem hohen Preis den Ultimaker dafür aufruft. Wie auf den Bildern zu sehen ist, ist jetzt die Halterung für die Y Achse derart ausgeschlagen, dass diese beim Druckvorgang ihre eigenen Wege gegangen ist. Selbst nach 4-Jahren halten diese bei den UM2 immer noch durch. Vor kurzem hat sich, wie gewohnt, die oberste Schicht der Glasplatte abgelöst. Hatte erwartet, dass es beim automatischen Leveln länger dauert oder ganz vermieden wird. Hält aber auch nicht länger als bei den per Hand justierten UM2. Wäre da nicht der große Bauraum, hätten wir den Drucker längst verkauft. Bis zum UM2 hatte ich jedem zu Ultimaker geraten, alles was danach kam ist in punkto Preis / Leistung nicht empfehlenswert. Nun aber zur Frage, wie tauscht man diese Teile beim S5 aus?
  15. We very recently received this ultimaker S5, and I have encountered an issue that I can not resolve. We are trying to print an object with physical dimensions of (XYZ): 229 x 230 x 295 mm. I have checked and all these values correspond with the volume of the device, which are (XYZ): 330 x 240 x 300 mm. My issue lies with the Y-Axis scale. I can not seem to go over 218 mm to print. Everything else is fine with no problems. If anyone can help me. I would very much appreciate it.
  16. Today we're at the TCT show in Birmingham UK, and we have the first CC Print core Red on display. If you are in the area, please come and check them out. The CC print core Red has wear-resistant ruby cone insert that protects the nozzle from highly abrasive composites like XSTRAND and DSM Novamid ID1030 CF10. The CC Print core red fits in both the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5, however if you want to use it to print abrasive materials the Ultimaker 3's feeder is not wear resistant enough to withstand these materials, and the knurled sleeve will wear off. The Ultimaker S5 feeder (knurled sleeve specifically) is enforced and coated, and therefore it is recommended to only use the CC Print core Red with the Ultimaker S5. It will be available to purchase in just a few weeks, but since it's on display now I wanted to share this news with you already. If you have any questions about it, feel free to post them below ?
  17. Release: Teaser: Rumors, thoughts and comments are welcome!
  18. My workspace has an Ultimaker S5 in addition to several other 3D printers and in-house tracking software that relies on data obtained via OctoPrint. I have attempted to connect OctoPrint to the S5 using Ethernet and following instructions for the 2 on the internet, without success. I have also found indications that Cura Connect should have an API, but I cannot find this either. Can anyone point me to instructions to (ideally) control an Ultimaker S5 via Octoprint, or to access Cura Connect's APIi? System Configuration: Ultimaker S5: hardware type: 9051-0 firmware: on WiFi developer mode enabled connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with an Ethernet patch (crossover cable) (after attempting with a std) Octopi (Raspbian) v. 0.16.0 Octoprint v 1.3.11 Samba version 4.5.16-Debian Cura 4.1.0 Octoprint plugin - latest Thank you for your assistance.
  19. This morning we successfully launched the Ultimaker S5 at the Hannover Messe. It was quite a big turnout from the press and it has been the center of attention throughout the whole day, and probably the rest of the week. (I'll share some photo's later!) If you are in the area of Hannover, Germany make sure to stop by. The Ultimaker S5 is our biggest 3D printer as of yet. It offers a grande 330 x 240 x 300 mm (13 x 9.4 x 11.8 inches), comes with a new touchscreen and has similar connectivity as you know from the Ultimaker 3 so you can fit it perfectly with Cura Connect. And now the build volume has increased, we felt it necessary to introduce a new buildplate to improve the adhesion of some of the engineering materials when you want to use all of that new space. So with the Ultimaker S5 there will also be an anodized aluminum buildplate for this reason. The S in Ultimaker S5 stands for Studio, which means we have designed and built this 3D printer to be the perfect fit for any office/studio. It is quieter compared to previous generations, has front doors to protect it from draft and cold air and similar print cores as on the Ultimaker 3, cause they just work like a charm The Ultimaker S5 is also labeled as future ready, which means you should expect both software, material and hardware 'accessories' in the future. Besides all this, the Ultimaker S5 has a flow sensor too. Which helps you when you are about to run out of filament. When you are connected to Cura Connect you can receive notifications when your print is finished or when it needs assistance. Which should give you all the peace of mind to focus on your other tasks and let your Ultimaker quietly do its magic in the background. Let us know if you have any questions for us! We're happy to help. And keep an eye on us, because more news is to follow! (Maybe as soon as tomorrow? :O)
  20. Hallo Community, ich bin neu in dem Forum und hab bisher keine Lösung für mein Problem gefunden. Ich hab einen Ultimaker S5 der in der XY-Ebene eine leichte Verzerrung drin hat. Nach meinen ersten Recherchen habe ich geschaut, ob alle Schrauben am 3D-Drucker festgezogen sind. Da habe ich nichts auffälliges finden können. Die Zahnriemen sind auch alle straff, bzw. haben die ja einen Mechanismus, der die Zahnriemen straff zieht. Den XY-Versatz habe ich auch kalibriert. Auf dem Bild sieht man bei dem Y-Feld recht gut, dass dieses nicht rechtwinklig zum X-Feld gedruckt wird und im Vergleich zur Abbildung des Kalibrierungsblattes auch nicht rechtwinklig ist. Habt ihr noch weitere Ideen, woran die Verzerrung liegen könnte? LG Stefan
  21. Hi I have a problem with Cura "monitor / webcam" almost maxing out my CPU. When Cura is idle it uses around 1.0% - 1.5% CPU, but activating the webcam brings it to 398% (400% = 100% 1core x 4) Using the stream from Cura connect is around 60% (Chrome) Still high for this bad quality. macOS 10.13.6 (10.14.5 same problem) CPU: 2.3 GHz Core i7-3615Q GPU: GeForce GT 650m Cura 4.1 (same problem 4.0) Printer S5
  22. hello community! using extrudr MF PLA as the mainmaterial and UM PVA as supportmaterial, i always get tiny holes in the surface of the MF PLA, at the places where the two materials touch. the rest is acceptable! anybody is fighting with the same problem? how could i get rid of those? hopefully the attached photos will help! greetings
  23. Does anyone have any ideas as to the causes of the visible layering in the picture? I'm using eSun PLA+ filament with the settings shown below and Ultimaker PVA (with built-in standard settings).
  24. I'm trying to create profiles for custom materials in Cura But when I want to print with those profiles, Cura Connect asks the following: Since I inserted PLA and don't see a reason why the material should now be unknown, is this intended? Will I loose my warranty or what is the purpose of the message? Is there a way to create custom profiles in the printer (not only in Cura) ?
  25. Hi all! This morning, I got a startup screen which looks like the attached image and says: "U-Boot 2016.05-ultimaker-00017-g68b3b1c (Apr 09 2018 - 14:28:14 *0200) Allwinner Technolo....U-Boot 2016.05-ultimaker-00017-g68b3b1c (Apr 09 2018 - 14:28:14 *0200) Allwinner Technolo....". And after that I can't read anymore because the text continues off screen. We have had the printer for a week and run 5 successful PLA print with only the AA core. We have not used the printer in developer mode. We have only printed with PLA so far. The longest print it has done is ca 4 hours. The last thing I did to it yesterday was finishing a small print (40min), pressing "Confirm print removal" and turning it off. Removing the print afterwards. The only thing that I can think of which I might have done incorrectly is doing the actions too quickly and the last ones in the wrong order. I usually let the printer cool down for 15 min before removing the print. Please let me know if you guys think these actions might have caused the presumable firmware issue and I will be less hasty next time. The startup will not continue after this. I tried restarting it and waiting for 20 minutes. I tried re-attaching the power cable and the Internet cable. I've tried turning it on with the original USB in it and without (read a forum post about that helping). I've also read this and am thus not trying the re-flash: And sent an email to the company which we bought it from to receive support, still waiting for an answer. I'm posting here to that people in the future will receive an answer to this problem, and it would also be great if anyone on this forum knew about a fix I can perform and not have to send the printer away to be repaired/firmware recovered for at least a week. I'll keep the post updated and write an answer in it if I receive one outside of the forum. Oh and by the way, if you buy the US5 in Sweden, make sure to save the box and everything it came in! The official supporter in Sweden just told me that if we send the printer to them for repair without the original box, they cannot guarantee that it will survive the shipping. Which seems logical enough, but most people don't save the boxes. So, keep the cardboard if you ever need to send it for repair. Thank you all very much! Best Elin
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