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  1. Hello, I have some problems with some of my S5 printers, and I wanna see if you have any recommendations. Firstly, I have some serious grinding noise coming from the 2 motors. It sounds like they are coming from the belts, as if they are grinding on to something. I have tried tightening the belts as per UM's instructions, and sometimes it works for a few days, but the noise just comes back afterwards. For this, I am not sure if there is something I can do. If it gets worse, I'll just send them back to the supplier, but since our business is providing 3D printing services, I wish to not do that if possible, as the printers gone for a few weeks would hurt us. Secondly, where I hope I can do something quicker, is that the whole printers and print bed seem to be vibrating pretty hard. When I have 2 color prints, it's obvious to me that the extra movement made by the print-head is messing with the whole print, and leaving some nasty stripes on my prints. The printers are placed on a VERY solid piece of furniture, but without any silicone feet or dampeners (would these help? something to dampen the vibrations in between the printer and the furniture) Any other advice as to how to stop everythng from vibrating and leaving nasty traces on my prints? I added some photos for reference. Thanks a lot. Cheers!
  2. Update --- Very good news! I'm pleased to announce that all reported problems with the Ultimaker S5 have now been fixed! Read my full post for more information. Greetings to the Ultimaker community. This is my first post. I decided to join and share my experience in evaluating the Ultimaker S5 3D printer. This is going to be a very long post, in which I'd like to share in detail what I observed, the various issues that came up, and my overall impression of this machine. Also, I would really like to hear your own experiences and how they relate to mine, in the hope that I can determine if my observations were the exception, rather than the rule, and to help me decide whether or not this printer is suitable for our needs. tl;dr: Received two (2) brand-new Ultimaker S5 printers in the space of one month. Both experienced frequent freezes/crashes in the touchscreen/UI, had to apply numerous power-cycles (i.e., turning the machines off/on using the power switch) to make them operate. In one machine, the BB print core was DOA. During the first couple of prints, both printers caused the print head to freeze mid-print, and deposit a big lump of molten PVA right on top of the printed object. Did I just get two bad apples in a row? Am I the only one out there experiencing this? Your feedback is greatly appreciated, many thanks. The long version I work in the defense sector, and was asked by my department to recommend a good, reliable 3D printer for our laboratory. I had heard of Ultimaker several years ago, as a well-respected company in 3D printing, that make high-quality, reliable machines. So, after reading about the biggest member of the family, the Ultimaker S5, it was an almost instant decision to recommend it. In fact, I recommended we purchase the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, but was later informed that there were some delays in production for the entire Bundle, but we could have just the printer first. Was really looking forward to the day when the local reseller would come to our lab to deliver and demo the printer for us. Here's what happened: 1st Ultimaker S5 (December 2019) Day 1: Reseller came to our lab, unboxed and installed the Ultimaker S5, installed print cores, loaded filaments, etc., and prepared to do the first test print. Waited 10+ minutes, nothing happened. Bed was not warming up. Touchscreen was unresponsive, s/w inside the printer had crashed. Had to power-cycle the machine. Upon powering up the machine, a "Finished Printing" message appeared next to a checkmark, which was odd, since it never actually started printing anything. Reseller had to do several power-cycles because the touchscreen/UI kept freezing and becoming unresponsive several times. Updated f/w to the latest version, nothing changed. Eventually, the printer managed to make a small print (one of the examples in the official USB stick). The print was good, I was impressed, but also worried about the odd behaviour and frequent crashes of the machine. Day 2: I tried to print a simple, small object. Everything started fine, printing commenced, several layers were completed without issues. Suddenly, the print head froze in the middle of the print, and right on top of the object being printed, but the extruder kept extruding molten material. The head stayed frozen for several seconds and then resumed printing. As a result of this, a blob of material was formed on top of the object where the head had frozen, thus destroying the smooth surface of the current layer (see first 3 photos). This exact same thing (freezing-resuming) happened 3 more times, and eventually the head froze completely, and could never resume. Big blob on object, printout ruined. UI had crashed, had to power-cycle machine, "Finished Printing" message appeared. Not good... Took photos/videos and spoke to the reseller, who agreed to take back the printer and replace it with another one. At least the reseller accepted there was a serious issue with the printer. I thought, "doesn't matter, it's a one-off, such things can happen, will be sorted out". Christmas holidays were coming, both of us would be away, I was assured the new printer would arrive in January 2020. And so it did. Read on... 2nd Ultimaker S5 (January 2020) Day 1 (morning): Reseller came to our lab, unboxed and installed the new Ultimaker S5, installed print cores, loaded filaments, etc. As he was doing all this, the printer's stepper motors suddenly started making a loud noise, as if they were vibrating. Print head didn't move. He was surprised, had to power-cycle the machine to make it stop. Eventually, we came to the stage where the printer was preparing to do the first test print. While waiting for the printing to commence, I smelt something burning, which was something I wasn't expecting, as the previous printer hadn't done it. The printing never managed to start, but instead we got an error message (maybe ER28, can't remember for sure) about overheating in the BB core (at position 2). That's where that burning smell was coming from! Tried a second time (removed and reinserted BB core), same error message. We then swapped BB cores between the old and the new printer, and eventually (after at least 5 power-cycles due to the touchscreen/UI freezing), we managed to do a small test print, and it came out OK. "It was the BB core", I said, "we nailed it". Sent another, much larger print, which started OK. Reseller left the lab, I stayed until late afternoon to keep an eye on the printer and make sure everything's in order. Day 1 (afternoon): Everything was going smoothly, until... BANG! The dreaded blob issue again! Print head stopped mid-print for around 5-10 seconds, leaving a blob of material on top of the object being printed (see last 2 photos). Subsequent layers gradually covered it, and printing continued. I left the printer to continue printing overnight, at the suggestion of the reseller (would complete the next day around 1:30 pm). Left the lab puzzled, frustrated and disappointed. Day 2: Printing from previous day completed successfully and came out beautifully. Really nice to see! But still, the freezing of the head the previous day just spoiled the fun. The blob of material is now buried deep inside the object and cannot be seen. But, what if it happened on an outer surface? What then? My conclusion The Ultimaker S5 is a beautiful machine. Large build volume, dual extruder, choice of easily-swappable print cores, good selection of standard and advanced/reinforced materials, auto bed levelling, Wi-Fi, semi-enclosed chamber (fully enclosed on the Pro Bundle), quiet, aesthetically beautiful, it has it all. Or, has it, really? Well, my experience on 2 brand-new Ultimaker S5 machines painted a somewhat different picture. My impression is this: when this printer works, it prints beautifully, and can produce stunning output. But the problem is that it doesn't always work! The f/w (the software running on the small computer inside the printer) appears to have many bugs and freezes far too often to be considered acceptable. During printing, the print head can freeze right on top of the printed object, releasing a big blob of molten material and thus ruining an otherwise near-perfect print. The most worrying part of my entire experience, though, was that the problems happened on both printers! Not one, but two! I really thought the first one was just a bad apple, the exception to the rule. But seeing the second printer having issues too, I'm beginning to suspect that this is something that really has to be looked at by Ultimaker's design team. 2/2 of problematic machines may be an indicator that something may be wrong in the design and quality control of this printer. It's just very worrying to me, that two (2) machines came out of Ultimaker's production line exhibiting the above problems. Being an Electronics Engineer, with 25+ years of embedded systems design experience (PIC, ARM Cortex-M4/M7), I worry that there may be something bad happening in the embedded system inside the printer. I read about a Linux mini PC that communicates with an Arduino. This may sound OK from a makers' perspective, but may not suit a professional-grade product. If that's true, then there may be bugs that cause those freezes and crashes. The UI crashing regularly during routine operations, such as changing print cores or loading/unloading filament is not a good sign. Most importantly, the print head freezing its movement mid-print and making blobs of material on the print is a major issue that needs to be addressed, no matter how rarely it may occur. The design should be robust enough to guarantee that such a thing is never allowed to occur. Back to my story, the reseller agreed (in fact, they requested) to take back the printer and test it at their own lab, with special G-codes that Ultimaker will send them, so that they are able to observe and address any issues. I must say that I was satisfied with the reseller's customer service. I had to suggest to them that we may have to look at another brand of 3D printer, to which they agreed. However, despite what happened, I really like the Ultimaker S5 (when it works as it should). Cura is also a very powerful slicer. There's a lot to like in this setup, and that was one of the reasons I recommended it. I really hope I get flooded with replies from happy users saying that they've never experienced such unstable behaviour from their machines. Request to the Ultimaker community Please let me know what you think about all this. What are your experiences with this printer? Has anyone had (or is still having) issues similar to mine? Am I the only one to experience such unstable behaviour from an Ultimaker S5? Could it be that I was just too damn unlucky and got two bad apples in a row, while the majority of machines out there work as they should? Be harsh, be critical of my methods, I don't mind. Just tell me I'm wrong. Tell me I did something wrong... If you want any more specific information, just ask. Many thanks for reading my story. I see that the first two posts of a user are moderated, and I hope that my post makes it to the public forum for everyone to see. It may sound negative, but the intent is wholeheartedly positive. What I'm saying above is the honest truth. I can back it up with photos and videos. I have nothing against Ultimaker, and I do hope that the 3rd time the printer comes to our lab, it works flawlessly without any issues. But I want to know if I'm alone in this, or there are others that can relate to my story.
  3. Hello, I have an S5 and I'm just starting to do longer prints which are lasting for about a day, so i was hoping to use the camera fitted in the S5. However, when i click on the little camera in the monitor section of cura the screen goes a bit faint. I then clicked on the manage printer in browser link which led me to cura connect and there was my printer with a video camera button next to it, so i clicked it but still nothing happened. A black screen appears with a small page icon in the corner or a cross. I have reset cura connect on the printer as some people have suggested but it still doesn't work. It would be nice to use this feature to check on my printer remotely. Thanks in advance, Ewan
  4. There is not much more to say. If you can help, please do so. This was intended to be a vase made out of black Tough PLA.
  5. We have been using the U5 for a while now. I recently got around to printing out a 20mm calibration cube to check the accuracy. I found that it was off slightly my cube turned out to be: 20.34mm x 20.25mm x 19.93mm. I simply wanted a way to tweak the steps/mm instead of using the fancy offset calibration grid (which is highly subjective - if leaving the ladder grid on the glass bed, there is parallax viewing error). What I did was measure the actual cube with calipers and wanted to change the steps/mm value to correct. I found that the firmware can be unpacked easily with 7zip so that I could look around (it is a squashfs unix filesystem). I eventually found the steps/mm values in a file here: /usr/share/griffin/griffin/machines/9051.json New X value = 144*20/20.34 = 141.6 New Y value = 144*20/20.25 = 142.2 New Z value = 400*20/19.93 = 401.4 (although I may leave this at 400 because I can't remember at what layer height I printed the cube) After a day of playing around with it, I enabled SSH in developer mode and found how to log in (there are 2 accounts which have very different capabilities). I used the "ultimaker" account and the list/set commands to alter these 3 parameters: list set steps_per_mm_x = 141.6 set steps_per_mm_y = 142.2 set steps_per_mm_z = 401.4 You have to be careful where you measure a part that you aren't measuring on any highpoints because of printing artifacts (ie. over extrusion, ringing near sharp corners, squish adhesion to the bed on the first layer). I will poke around with the "root" account where I can make a copy of the original file and alter the defaults directly. I haven't yet found all the linux commands that are available because this OS is slimmed down a lot. It looks like vi is an available editor.
  6. Hello Ultimaker Community, Our UMS5 is currently running and we are attempting to update to the intermediate firmware version (5.1.94) and we are unable to. We would download the two files required (.tartar and .tar.xz.sig) and place them in the root directory of our USB Flash Drive and when we went into Gear Icon -> Maintenance -> Update Firmware on our UMS5, it would show a blank screen and not give an option to update. Is there anything I can do to `fix this issue?
  7. Hello All I am after some Ideas / Support on The Ultimater S5 Pro Bundle more specifically with the material station. As we change from PP to PLA to PVA plus other materials we were really looking forward to this. But at the moment its letting us down. 2 main points. D, E, F dont work. This will be raised with our resailer. more importantly and frustratingly is material profiles are not available for all materials, and there is no way to know if it will work until you get your material and try load it in. So there in lies my Biggest question. I would like to print with Xstrand PP GF30. This works if the material is connected direct to the printer, but not in the material station. I have extracted the profile and reviewed in in notpad, and compared with the um pp profile, and there seem to be many missing parameters. So, like I had a play, and tryied to edit the profile / make my own/ Which is ok in cura, but it doesnt seem to send the new profile to the machine. (This may be because I didnt change the <GUID> So what are you lads all doing? Just sticking to UM materials, Any help appreciated.
  8. After we installed a Ultimaker Material Station, we been having problems with the priming filament getting stuck in the S5 Z-axes lead screw. Is there a fix coming for this problem?
  9. Hallo zusammen, als ich heute via Cloud auf meinen S5 Pro schaute wurde mir gesagt, es gäbe ein Firmwareupdate. Die Versionsnummer ist jedoch unter der aktuell installierten, die der Drucker selbst findet. Was hat das zu bedeuten? Vielen Dank und beste Grüße!
  10. Hi, we try to print a support with overhang which needs support. Unfortunately, Cura does not put support on the whole area but leaves an area with no support in the middle. I assume, that Cura wants to save support material and thinks, that the printer will use bridging. This works in 20% of the prints, in 80% not. The first layer which is placed on the support fails quite often. I attached some photos and some cura screenshots. Is there a possibility to improve the slicer in a way, that it does not leave areas with no support? Or can one improve bridging? We are using Ultimaker PLA material for print and Ultimaker PVA for support. Does this bridging fail because of bad adhesion of PLA on PVA? As already mentioned, I attached photos, screenshots of slicing and of the support settings (basic settings from Cura) Thanks in advance for your help and ideas :)
  11. Hello, We have just unboxed our S5 and installed the air handler and material station, neither of which is recognized by the device when fully assembled. The air handler is not recognized even when it is plugged directly into the printer. The printer came with firmware 5.4.6, and we installed the latest version, 5.4.27. We have factory reset the machine several times and have plugged / unplugged everything and checked the cables, everything looks good from a physical connectivity standpoint. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this peripheral challenge? Thank you, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station IT Department
  12. Hello Friends, I am hoping someone can help me out. I updated the firmware on my S5 last night. This morning it was on this screen. I powered on/off the machine. Same black screen with the ultimaker logo. I cannot access any menu options and the machine is not connected to my network. It's essentially frozen on this screen. Any Ideas? Thanks
  13. Hi folks The build plate of my brand new Ultimaker S5 undergoes active leveling before each print. It results in either of my 2 extruders over or under extruding. Is there a way i can disable this active levelling process before each print, as i personally prefer manual leveling. The prints doesnt look that cool compared to the price i paid for this printer. Hope there is a solution to this.
  14. Hi there, Last week, I started working with a UMS5, after some former experience with a UMO/UM2E. The first models, I did in TPLA, supported by PVA. After dissolving the support, I sometimes have a very unconsistent and warped layer. The bottom of my model that faced the build plate (rounded corner in the left is warped as well) looks quite terrible: Unfortunately, I don't have the gcode files saved. The settings in Cura are like this (translation below): Translation: Generate support / Support extruder / Support interface extruder / Support roof extruder / Support floor extruder / Placement support: everywhere Setup: UMS5 with glass build plate with glue, TPLA/PVA, air manager. I've been looking into this problem, but I cannot find a solution. Anyone any ideas? T_D
  15. I'm struggling for a while to make my ultimakers S5/3 print better with a consistent skin quality with cura. I found changing the jerk and accelerate settings helped me a lot here together with some other small tweaks like lower themps and 25mm/s print speed (i printed around +-50 xyz test cubes to see what is happening with cura settings). But for some reason i get artifacts in the skin on places that i cannot explain (On the picture i pointed out what i mean with these artifacts). Its not always on a position were are bottom or top layer would start for example. The thing i'm looking for is a really high skin quality that is consistent i don't care about print time, consistent good quality is everything to me. I hope some one can advice me what to do to get a better consistent surface quality with cura.
  16. I just got the Material Station (and Air Manager) installed yesterday. I attempted to load materials into all 6 slots, but for some reason slot D does not seem to recognize the loaded filament. I have tried several different spools of filament in slot D, but each time I get a big yellow/orange exclamation point icon on the screen. On the "Select Material" screen, it keeps showing the "Detecting" indication with the spinning progress (or activity) wheel. Each of the rolls tested work in other slots as expected. I can manually set up the material on the display, but it is a generic profile (no color associated with it), so I worry about the impact that has on my workflow since I am alternating colors between jobs, all using the same base material (CPE). Does this mean I have a failed NFC sensor in slot D?
  17. Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe zwei Teile mal zu lange im Wasser gelassen um das Stützmaterial weg zu waschen. Dabei haben die Schichten angefangen sich voneinander zu lösen. Ist das Normal oder ist da ein Fehler beim Drucker/Cura?
  18. Hi, I have problems printing a box with a lid. The corners aren't perpendicular to each other, therefore I can't assemble the box. The box is totally slanted when assembled and I can't put my finger on it, why this happens. The Box and the lid individually lay flat. I printed the box three times so far with no luck. At first I thought the large bottom area causes the problem, so I designed a big hole in it. That did not help either. Maybe the filament is the problem? Please see attached pictures. I printed the last model upside down with a ton of support. The top layer isn't ideal either, that's why i think the material could be a problem. I hope someone has an idea.
  19. We just purchased a S5 for the purpose of printing TPU, but have been getting lackluster prints. Our primary prints are GoPro mounts, so they have overhang in some dimension, almost always. The symptoms of our prints are general "stringiness", breaking prints when bent and messy joints where supports are needed. We've tried Ultimaker 95A TPU, as well as stuff from Sainsmart. Does anyone have settings that they have proven to work with this material? Or any suggestions for us?
  20. Hi, I have a problem with my ultimaker s5, I tried printing a few very simple pieces with the new air manager installed, in PLA with a filament and a profile super tested, but the pieces warped inside after few layers, but in a really strange way: increasingly towards the right side. In the photo attached you can clearly see the first on the left cube in good shape, and then the others start warping more and more, on the right the last two totally detached from the plate. Any idea what could be the problem? What can cause the right/left differences?
  21. Hi I have an S5 Material Station that behaves like there is something caught in the filament feed sensor at slot A / extruder 1. That seems like a pretty common sort of issue to have. Obviously I have absolutely no idea if this is the case or not. It's just a guess at this point. It *is* a feeder and they *do* get junk built up in them. To see if my guess is correct or not, I would need to get inside the Material Station to look at the gizmo. Then I could tell if it needs a clean or something more dramatic has happened. So - how do I disassemble that part of the Material Station? If I go into the various "error number" diagnostics, I quickly hit a bunch of "our repair partners are qualified to work on this" sort of verbiage. If that's the case, and this an every two weeks sort of cleanup (the device has been here less than 2 weeks), *somebody* will be paying a lot of postage ....... Given that the shipping box arrived with one side caved in, just the cost in replacement shipping boxes will get a bit crazy. I realize that there is a desire to keep poking fingers out of here and there on these printers for safety reasons. I also realize that some tasks are more difficult to do correctly than other tasks. I feel pretty confident that after designing and manufacturing electronic gear for the past 50 years that I can stay safe. My ability to follow instructions may be open to debate 🙂 Also - this is in no way a knock on the support people either at my supplier or at higher levels. I've dealt with a number of them over the years (this is not my first printer ...) and they have been very helpful. My point is that users *do* need to be able to do routine cleanup type work. Bob
  22. Came in this morning to find the screen blank on the s5. Just a white screen. restarted the machine. Now I only see vertical stripes. Have restarted several times. Several different patterns of stripes, but nothing else. Pics below. Camera in machine still works and Cura can find it. All software up to date. Tried restart without materials station connected and it started as normal. Turned off machine and reconnected materials station and it failed to restart properly, back to vertical stripes. Tried again without materials station attached, back to vertical stripes. So it fails whether the materials station is attached or not. In the middle of a projects. Lots of deadlines. Need this this to work.
  23. Hello Ultimaker community, I just recently realized that our S5 printer is not square on the X axis. Three weeks ago I spent time to readjust everything. Yesterday I did a quick look and found out that squaring was off again... Do you have any tricks to get a printer square ???
  24. Hello community! Eager to start with our newly aquired S5 Bundle, we are unable to update the firmware, thus Material Station and Air Manager are not recognized. So we tried updating the factory firmware ( to 5.4.27 using USB: Firmware file as well as File1 and FIle2 (rootfs-, rootfs- were placed in root dir of usb-stick -> failed to verify WIFI: The Wireless setup is not greyed out, however the Hotspot is never created (it says it "takes a minute", unfortunately after an hour all we see is a blue frozen progress bar) Ethernet: not possible at the moment unfortunately Factory Reset didn't help. Any other tricks that come to your mind?🙃 Thanks!
  25. Hello All, after doing some testing with the new UM Materil Station I found that after a print has been completed the Material Station Primes / Extrudes some Material before unloading. From my view this makes no sense to me except waste of material. I understand the MS does this before printing to prime / extrude the material, but why after the print before unloading? Cheers DPX
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