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  1. It's actually my second machine, I had a S5 Pro Bundle at work for 2 years that was always flawless, now retired I boought my own S5. Despite going through calibration and manual leveling procedure, the first layer is bad.. I tried spinning the glass 180 degrees, printing on the other side, re-doing the calibration... it changes a little but is still uneven about the same way each time.. it goes through the multi-touch drill each time and doesnt fail.. everything looks normal. using UM plain PLA. thoughts?
  2. Bonjour. possesseur d'une Ultimaker S5, la page Analytics dans le Digital Factory est désespérément vide alors que l'imprimante fonctionne presque tous les jours. Quelqu'un aurait il une solution pour refaire fonctionner ( ca a fonctionné au debut ... ) cette page d'analyse ? Merci
  3. Hi all, I had an issue this afternoon and can't find anything on it, might be looking for the wrong topic. The x-axis axle popped out of it little black plastic holder while a print was running. I noticed it only when I walked in front and there were no warning messages, it kept trying to print as if nothing was wrong. I noticed a small crack on the black plastic holder (on the left side), so it seems it was either cracked or cracked after this happened (there's a good chance it was after as the thing kept running for a while). What would cause this to happen? I do regular maintena
  4. Hello all, I've encountered an annoying problem on my brand new S5. It happened to all my first 3 large prints (ran a small test and it worked fine) - the extruder motor keeps pushing the material but the hot end decides to stop spitting filament mid print, resulting in this huge mess of entangled filament on the back. The pushing force is so strong that it dislodges the feeder tube. Please see attached images - (sorry for the sideway pics)... Everythiing was set properly. AA for PLA, no BB in use. The printer doesn't even send an error message, shows it was done printi
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble enabling the Ethernet connectivity on my Ultimaker S5. I've recently upgraded the firmware to version 6.2.0. I'm using the 'Setup network via USB' method. The contents of my ultimaker_network.config file are shown here: The file seems to be read correctly because the machine name updates. But the status is always 'not connected' and it is not pingable. There are limited tools to trouble shoot this problem. Can someone offer some advice on steps I can take? PS - WIFI connectivity is n
  6. Hi All! i am trying to send a pause print to my UM S5 over a local network from my PC, and for my application I don't want to use the Digital Factory or third party software for this command, i have looked into The local API possibilities but no Pause POST/PUT command can be found in the docs. does anybody know if it is possible to send a Pause command over a local network? Thanks a lot! cheers, Jos
  7. Hello all. So I had some feeding issues with my S5 grinding divots in my filament. My own fault, I'd taken the feeder unit apart to clean out gunk and not reassembled it properly. But now I'm having a problem where as that feeder pushes filament down the bowden tube it's pushing the tube out of the feeder. After a few seconds the tube pops clean out, even with the little retaining horseshoe in place. Means that feeder is essentially out-of-order. My first plan is to replace the bowden tube, in case the end has got too mushed up for the retaining clip to grasp, and also to replace
  8. Hi all, We've released 6.5.0 for the S-line printers to the latest firmware channel. There's some real nice updates in there, check out the release notes page. Just to highlight a few: Scan USB drive for material profiles. It will now be possible to add a material profile to the S-line printer from a USB drive. The printer can update its material list with any missing material profiles found in the print job files (UFP files) of an inserted USB stick. Import the profile by navigating to maintenance -> import material profiles. This allows for offline
  9. Hi all does enyone know if the printbed springs are the same for all these Ultimaker printers? I can order springs (DR2160) for UM2 / 3 but wonder if they fit in the S-line and 2+C. Thanks in advance - Yvonne Ultimaker 2 Ultimaker 2+ Ultimaker 2+ Extended Ultimaker 3 Ultimaker 3 Extended Ultimaker S3 Ultimaker S5 Ultimaker 2+ Connected
  10. Hi guys i have a bad leveling sensor. i guess.. almost every time i try to print it will fail its initial bed leveling procedure and therefore stop. when i then go to diagnose the bed sensor it tells me about 50% of times it has a bad connection 50% is says beeing at error.. (also, that diagnose takes for eever to run...) Wiggling the cables, replugging, restarting the hole machine sadly has no effect. so i cant print. i found i need a new bed-sensor board. does somebody know where i can order that piece?
  11. Hi All, I am having a couple of issues with my print. Any idea why this is happening? 1. corner of the model has warped upwards 2. There are bumps along the section where infill pattern meets the wall I am not sure if these issues are due to the mechanical issue (loose mechanical parts) or using wrong settings. The printer is pretty much new & only printed about 1kg material UMS5_CFESS0125 RIGHT2.3mf
  12. Ich versuche nur das zu machen wozu der Drucker verkauft wird... ein simples Teil zu drucken. Natürlich mit original Ultimaker Filament. Abgesehen das es eine Katastrophe ist wie PLA Natural gedruckt wird (bin nicht der einzige der das bemängelt). Kommt jetzt die ganze Zeit die Meldung Feeder 1 ist leer dann wieder Feeder 2 ist leer. Ich will drucken nicht experimentieren! Wenn ich experimentieren wollte, würde ich für 150 Dollar einen 3D Drucker Bausatz auf kaufen.
  13. Hi, We recently installed the fine knurl feeder for our second extruder. We use the second extruder exclusively for PVA and I am happy to say it fixed the issue with PVA filament breaking in the Bowden tube. Only issue is that when it prints pva, the printer pauses and spits out error 65. I made it resume the print from my phone as nothing seems to be going wrong on the actual print. And as long as I don`t clear the error on the touchscreen, it prints fine. But once it finishes a layer after clearing the error, it pauses again and gives the same error. I tried tighteni
  14. Ciao, è da un po' di mesi che cerco una soluzione per un ingranaggio testando vari materiali tecnici, come Tough PLA, Durabio, Nylon, Policarbonato e CPE+ finalmente ho trovato una soluzione perché il doppio ingranaggio si rompeva sempre nella parte più piccola, ma ho dovuto fare un mix tra la stampa 3D e un altro ingranaggio in acciaio. La stamapante che sto usando è una ultimaker S5, non ho provato con materiali caricati perché attualmente non ho l'ugetto C-C necessario per quei materiali. In questo video trovate i vari test. https://youtu.be/WH3fH85vcqo Saluti Marco
  15. Printed excellent Ultimaker TPU 95A, but tried to unload filament just moved about 5 mm and stopped hearing the gear still working until normal end cycle. Tried relief the tension on the filament by flipping the level and pulling the filament but no go ....it stretches repeated the above two methods several times but no go what's the best next step? Thanks
  16. I got tired of whisps of filament jamming the front fan so I designed this. Used 0.015" stainless steel mesh.
  17. Hi, has anyone ever used the Material Station for the S5 to expand the effective number of materials you can print with during a print to 5? Kind of like how the Mosaic Palette and Prusa MMU(2S) material-switchers work (but those unfortunately only work with 1.75mm filaments-yes you can get an adapter, but because it uses a Teflon tube you're limited to a max print temperature of 260°C). I'm sure this isn't a formally supported use of the Material Station, but it would greatly add to the functionality of the Material Station and justify its high cost. I don't see why it wouldn't
  18. Hi, my UM S5 extruded plastic up past the silicone seal and into the space in the print head surrounding the extruders. I eventually got the plastic out, but I seem to have broken something in the lower fan bracket tray, because there is a sheet metal part floating around, and I cannot get the new silicone seal to lock into the various slits for the tabs on the seal as a result of this thing floating around. My S5 is the older version (has the UltiBot logo on the sides, rather than the newer version with the U) if that's relevant. Here's a brief video clip showing the
  19. Hallo zusammen, vor einer Woche haben wir uns auf Arbeit einen Ultimaker S5 mit AirStation gekauft. Mit den default Einstellungen hat er fast perfekt ein Kalibration Cube gedruckt. Lediglich "Ghosting" ist ein kleines Problem. Es liegt vermutlich an dem Tisch. Dieser wackelt schon stark während des Druckvorganges. Deswegen habe ich die Geschwindkeit auf 22,5mm/s für die Außenwand gestellt. Dort sieht man nur noch minimal das Ghosting. Als nächstes habe ich ein Benchy gedruckt. Der Druck hat natürlich 7h gebraucht bis er fertig war. Eini
  20. Dear Community, I received the ultimaker S5 yesterday and would like to install the printer as a network printer. I have a Windows Server 2012 print server. in the manual there isn't anything about this point. In the FAQ idem. In dowloand section there is not a section drivers. I found only this guide: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012609519-How-to-connect-your-printer-to-the-network but it really simple and not enough guide. So is it possibile to configure the ultimaker S5 in a printer server? if yes, how? W
  21. Hi all, Havent posted in a while due to taking a bit of time out during covid, but now am back and more motivated than ever hopefully, Just finished this off for a friend, and the compartment was a last minute addition, just drilled out and slotted in, I havent made many functioning parts but it works well and the tolerance is so tight inside that the pot slides out like the lid of a new iphone box, smooooothly. So satisfying. Ill post a quick vid soon, but have already given the it to the new owner and not taken enough photos lol. Not sure how much ashes actually go in an urn so maybe if
  22. I have purchased a spool of the BASF Ultrafuse 316L and was able to add the material on Cura 3D along with the recommended print settings. However, the printer (Ultimaker S5) was unable to detect the material upon loading. I tried adjusting all the settings using Cura to overlook that and still attempt a successful print; however, the print always ends up extremely distorted from the original design. How can I let the printer detect the material so it could automatically set the optimum settings. Also, if that may not be the issue, what recommendations would you suggest when printing using thi
  23. Jabil is selectable in Cura but does not show on selecting a material on my S5.....there are other third party filament available...uninstalled and installed Jabil but no luck What's the next step? Thanks Cura 4.9.1
  24. Hi all, We've release firmware 6.2 for the S-line printers. It's got some neat performance improvements, and as a user you can now choose which firmware release channel you want, latest, which is greatest, or stable, for updates 3-4 times a year. Check out the full release notes here: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012055979 Download it in via your favorite method, either on the printer directly or get the .swu update file here. Thanks!
  25. Hi guys, is it possible to start a print without an installed second print core in bay two? I lost my BB Core and I want to start a print over night with only one material. Thanks in andvance for your answers 🙂
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