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  1. Hallo, Ich habe einen S5 direkt am Netzwerkkabel. Wenn ich den Drucker neu starte habe ich den Kamerastream sowohl in Cura als auch über IP-ADRESSE/print_jobs. Nach einer Weile ist dann der Stream unter Cura nicht mehr verfügbar (Kamera-Button vorhanden, aber beim Klick drauf keine Reaktion) und auf der Webseite über die IP-Adresse zeigt es lediglich das Kamerabild, jedoch komplett schwarz an. Was mache ich falsch. Ist das ein allgemeines Problem oder muss die Kamera nach einer gewissen Zeit wieder aktiviert werden und wenn ja, wie? Danke, Roli
  2. I'm trying to create profiles for custom materials in Cura But when I want to print with those profiles, Cura Connect asks the following: Since I inserted PLA and don't see a reason why the material should now be unknown, is this intended? Will I loose my warranty or what is the purpose of the message? Is there a way to create custom profiles in the printer (not only in Cura) ?
  3. Hallo Zusammen, Wenn ich im Cura die Teile Lade zeigt es mir zum Teil bei den ersten paar Layern an dass das Part mit Beiden Materialien gedruckt wird (siehe Bild). Habe ich eine Einstellung fallsch oder könnte das am Modell selber liegen?
  4. Hallo Zusammen, Wir haben bei uns in der Firma seit neustem Einen Ultimaker S5. An sich funktioniert er super, jedoch haben wir auf den Teilen solche Spuren (siehe Bilder) welche vermutlich von den Startpunkten der einzelnen Layer herkommen. Da die Teile jedoch zum Teil perfekt aussehen müssten wollte ich fragen ob ihr einen Tip habt wie wir diese Spuren verhindern können? Ich hab bereits gesehen das es möglich ist die Teile nachzubearbeiten, aber es wär natürlich schön wenn wir die schon voher verhindern könnten. Vielen Dank für schon mal für eure Hilfe 🙂
  5. I have a CC core on my UM5 and have downloaded the CURA material profile. I am printing with a brim as always and using a product called PRINTASTICK - from APRINTPRO. The am getting some wrapping on the part edges on all size of parts, from parts as small at 2-3 cm to 10 cm. I am looking for ideas and recommendations to start using this material successful and for larger builds. Does the fact that I am not running a top cover be the number one cause of this? should I be using another adhesive - can someone please recommend one? Last but least, are the sides of Nylon prints, as opposed to ABS, PLA and other plastics typically feel a little abrasive? Thank you
  6. Hi there, My company bought an Ultimaker S5 to compliment some other 3D printers we have. Whilst the S5 works great overall - we are having a major problem whereby the machine constantly says it's run out of filament and pauses the print... yet there is plenty of filament left on the spool. Not only this - but in the actual machine settings/overview on the display - it says there are many tens of meters of filament left! I am wondering if this is a software issue as the machine obviously knows it has meters of filament left... yet somehow thinks it has run out. Could someone please advise what to troubleshoot? We have lost several days worth of prints as many of our prints are 15hr+ and run overnight... meaning that if the machine stops, it won't be resumed until the next day... and may even stop again, and again, and again... We updated to the firmware yesterday and there was no change in behaviour. I am happy to upload any required log files, etc. Thank you!
  7. The roll I have running on the roll holder on the backside of the S5 comes off, resulting it in getting stuck and a paused print. How do I prevent this?
  8. Hello, I have 3 S5 printers, and have connected all of them to the Cura Connect feature, with the app downloaded on my phone, with notifications enabled etc. etc. This is very useful for me, as I've had cases when the printer had some sensor error and it aborted the print, sending me a notification to fix the issue. However, the printers keep disconnecting. They are connected via WiFi, if that matters. Do you guys have any idea as to why this keeps happening, and what I can do to make it stop? When this happens, I need to switch the printers off and on again, and then run the connection setup again, which is mildly frustrating. Thanks! Cosmin
  9. Two questions: 1: Is it normal that for almost every material (PLA, ToughPLA, ASA, ABS) the flow rate has to be changed from 100% to 95% in order to achieve decent layers? 2: When printing with FilRight ASA Engineering filament, I tried using the quarter cubic infill. However, during the print, I can see 'blobs' of material showing up along the infill lines. See attached pictures. Am I printing too fast? I have attached the CURA profile that is currently in use for this print. ASAEngineering.curaprofile
  10. UPDATE: We have confirmed this is not a firmware issue. We have tried 3 different firmware versions with no change in results. I recently began seeing some under-extrusion in both my printers (S5 and 3E) while printing in CPE. After re-leveling the beds (issue was worse on corner compared to others), cleaning the nozzle (hot and cold pulls with cleaning filament), the issue hasn't went away. Feeder tension seems right (pin in the middle, no grinding or clicking, nice consistent impressions on the filament. The S5 is about 9 months old, and the 3E is about 2 years old, and this has not occurred before, and seems to have began on both printers at the same time. And at first, I thought it was just the first layer, but it is consistent across all layers now. As it lays down lines, the adjacent lines have a gap between them. Strands are separating from the bottom layer of the part after removal from the printer. This seems to have come out of nowhere, and I am at a loss. I have tried adjusting extruder temp, tried slowing print speed, and even increased material flow with no noticeable change. However, I don't see any "classic" indications of under-extrusion on the outer walls (i.e. no gaps, outside walls look fine). I am realizing now that this issue seemed to popped up after installing the latest firmware about 2 weeks ago. This is not 100%, but it is how my memory is piecing this together. Anyone have similar issues?
  11. After a year of use, I started to have an issue with extrusion. During the first layer, the print core will start to clog and the filament will grind up in the feeder. The first layer seems to be pretty thin, but I'm not sure if this is my imagination. The printer is up to date for the firmware, and I went through the whole list of maintenance to try to troubleshoot the issue. After replacing the print core, manual leveling the bed, cleaning out the feeder, adding magnalube to the feeder gear, and greasing or lubing all of the axis, I'm still having the issue. To top it off, Cura is now unable to connect to the printer. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi, We recently received a new S5 for our small company. The single part prints have been easy and turned out great. The multi part attempts (same small part in 6 piece arrays) fail every time. The failure modes seem to indicate software issues. The Cura preview looks great, but the #1 nozzle will almost always fail to extrude anything, the #2 nozzle will not be lifted and drag around harshly on the glass. Once the support material did extruded a good few layers, then instead of a #1 extrusion, the #2 nozzle was dragged over them like they were speed bumps, making a ratcheting sound. I have tried several recalibrations and retuned the lift lever, nothing has worked. We ran a 23 hour, single part print that finished this morning and it came out beautifully. I have Cura 4.4.0. Any tips would be appreciated, otherwise I just wanted to flag these issues for the developers. Ed
  13. I am using CPE+ and PVA. Generally I have been printing my supports from CPE+ entirely, but in order to get better results on complex support surfaces, I am trying to use PVA as the interface layers. This is causing issues because it does not bridge well at all on top of the gaps of the support below where the interface starts. For this reason I was hoping I could print the first layer of the roof with CPE+ then the other support roof layers with the PVA. Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to get some advises/experience from you with the Tough PLA (white) . Printing on a brand new S5, I'm getting always the same problem on each part I'm printing with the tough PLA (see attached pictures). I'm printing in closed room with aspirated air. To resolve the issue, I've made the common verification...Bed Level, Stable support, No play in the axles of the printer, sliced the model on latest Cura 4.4. The issue seems to be less important when I lower the temp, but I'm getting very far from the initial print temp as I'm now printing at 200C with a bed at 40C but still the problem remain and I'll give it a try at 195C. I've tried to print the support with Breakaway or with the tough PLA without real success in any of them...even with a supported overhang of 45... I'm trying to get out of solution, if any of you have some advices ? Thanks for your help, JR
  15. Hello, We are having some issues with the prints coming off our S5 machine. It has been getting progressively worse with each print. We have swapped out the material for brand new PLA from Ultimaker and also tried swapping to a new print head and calibrating it. The issues is the print surface is very rough and appears to have lots of what seems to be vibrations running through it. I have tried slowing the print speed down and adjusting jerk and acceleration but it still happens. We actually have two S5 machines and it seems to be happening on both Settings used are - Layer height 0.2 Walls/Top and Bottom 0.8 Infill 15% Speed 60-65 Jerk 30 Acceleration 4000 Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  16. I have 2 Ultimaker S5s, and for the most part they have been quite reliable. However, on one of them, the front facing fan inside the fan bracket has stopped working. I'm not sure if the fan itself is the problem, or the printer just isn't activating it. Are there any utilities for verifying that the fan is working? I adjusted the fan speed while printing and it only seems to adjust the side fans used to cool the bed. This has become a real problem because my PLA keeps melting inside the feed tubes, or above the nozzle. This jams the whole printer, and I have to spend a lot of time cutting out bits of filament without damaging the printer. I've attached a picture of the melted filament the last time everything got stuck. Any guidance would be appreciated. -Max
  17. It seems like it should be an option on Cura 4.4 but I don't see it. If I load the same filament into both materials, it seems there should be a way for the UM5 to auto switch if/when filament runs out mid print. I would love to have this feature. we have ordered the material handling station but they have not actually released it yet...so I am stuck. We run 2x UM5s nearly 24/7. With the machines not pushing notifications to us that filament ran out, we have to keep a very close eye on things and I find myself with many almost out spools that I have to manage trying to find good times to use up. Thanks for any help on this...
  18. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem und keine Lösung. Ich drucke z.B einen Ring mit Solldurchmesser 110mm, in X-Richtung kommt 109,82 raus also OK, in Y-Richtung kommt 109,98 auch OK, wenn ich aber in 45° zu X und Y messe, dann stimmt es nicht mehr, 1x 110,76 also zu groß und in der anderen Richtung 109,00 also zu klein. Woran liegt das ? Was kann ich tun ? Anbei ein Bild vom Ring
  19. Hello, I've been using my S5 for a few weeks now, doing small quick prints which have come out just fine. Last week i had a problem of material grinding, but the wonderful people on here helped me sort it! I have a rather unusual problem that's cropped up now..i switch the printer on and the screen flashes a few times as do the lights, then it says 'Ultimaker' for a split second then it stays as a blank black (but visibly still on) screen. I've tried unplugging and plugging in again but i still have the same issue. What do you think this issue is? I thought it could be the printer reacting to a firmware update but i haven't updated it recently. Hope you can help, Ewan
  20. Hi I have been trying to print the Ultimaker Nylon but the parts keep warping from the bed, First I tried with Glue stick as recommended, then tried it with the Dimma fix adhesive spray and the part still warped. The part had a brim, first the bed was at 70 degrees and I tried it at 95 degrees with the Dimma fix as well but they all warped. The prints tend to be very long about 10 hours, even with the Dimma fix at 95 degrees the part warped after about 6 hours of printing. Anyone have experience printing large Nylon prints? Thanks.
  21. My now old attempt at a sculpt of herbert west from reanimator. Glasses will come later. They are very thin i want to thicken them. Post acetone.
  22. My scan of gaudys bust from one of the attractions on my visit to spain earlier in the year. Came out ok. Did it a while back. Shame i overdid the acetone and the base warped a bit on the sides. My fault entirely.
  23. Hi im trying to check align on the axles using the alignment pins. (have been done before) but the right side x axles the one over the camera i cant get in a position where i can get to the screw. its almost like it have jumped a tooth on the wheel. but the the printer wassent that off alignment. so dont think it have skipped a tooth. So big question is if i should skip a tooth to get to the screw. i can also make a new alignment pin where the groves have ben shifted half a spot, but then i'll probably get the same problem on the other side. so any suggestions?
  24. Hallo, Yesterday I printed a very small and fine torsion spring. I was very surprised how well that worked and how easily he printed the torsion spring. The spring has a diameter of 0.6mm theoretically and practically are 0.58-0.64mm. She is printed with a 0.25core and pla and breakaway from Ultimaker. The threaded nut has an M4 thread
  25. Hello, I've recently bought an Ultimaker S5 to use at work. The first few prints went great, but then on later prints the material either wouldn't extrude or would do so extremely slowly. When the material retracts from being in the print core after use i could see a few fairly large grinding marks on the filament, i would say half of the filament's diameter deep. I had a look in the feeder, cleaned away from the dust then made sure the tension gauge was in the middle. The material extruded but then seemed to have a grinding mark after it had stopped, so i relieved a bit of tension, just a few twists. How do i know how much tension to have and how to ensure i don't have problems like this again? Thanks in advance, Ewan
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