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  1. I am trying to 3D print a diving canister used to store battery packs that power underwater torches, heating elements, etc. Traditionally these canisters are machined with a lathe using Delrin acetal homopolymer (Polyoxymethylene POM). They are often rated to 200 or even 300 meters (600-900 feet), which means 21 to 31 bars of atmospheric pressure (300-450 psi). This is how a Delrin machined canister would look like: And this is one of the 3D model to be used for 3D printing: I know POM-C is available from FrontierFila and Uayella as
  2. Do you know how can I get rid of this support structure from the inner holes? Didn’t been removed with support blockers and has no purpose to be there. Support material is ultimaker breakaway and dual extrusion, Cura 4.8. Thank you!
  3. On the surface, this looks straight forward, but allow me to give some history. User Story I want to be able to print objects I design, with a +/- 0.5mm dimensional tolerance, and have circles and regularly polygons print with a consistent radius and all lines and angles within the polygon are congruent. Symptoms See the photo attached to this post. About 2 weeks ago circles began printing ever-so-slight out-of-round. Evidence This is a standard S5. It's about 2 years old, and has around 250hrs of print time on it. It's always printed small objects smaller than t
  4. Hi, I sent a print job with tough PLA. It was working normally. When I went to check the printer the material wasn't coming out the print core 1 (AA 0,4mm) The filament was broken in several parts inside the bowden tube. I remove it Then I heated up the core to 240ºc and push down with a piece of filament. It didn't come out. Also pushing in with a needle. It seems it doesn't melt. It might be stuck in a position where it doesn't get hot. After a lot of work with a small utility knife and managed to cut the filament right above the print core to
  5. Hi All. I have a S5 with materials station, running Cura 4.8.0. S5 running 5.8.2. When adding material to Cura from the Marketplace, it does not show up in materials. Not even after restarting Cura, logging out and in again. The material I was adding is the generic HIPS. Please help!
  6. I have purchased some Igus filament (iglidur® I180-PF) and am trying to run it with my Ultimaker S5. I have attempted it several times, each with the same outcome.. grinding the filament. I have ran the tension all the way off, all the way on, and every possible place between.. to no avail.. Does anyone have experience using this filament on a S5 (or any gear-fed/bowden tube printer)?
  7. khkl

    3D Druck bei uns

    Hallo Zusammen, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen. Wir setzten bei uns in der Firma einen S5 ( seit Ende 2018 ) ein. Was zu Anfang nur zur Herstellung von Modellen unserer Maschinen und Anlagen gedacht war, hat sich sehr schnell auch für uns bei der Entwicklung von Detaillösungen als sehr hilfreich herausgestellt. Nun werden auch Teile direkt gedruckt und in diese Maschinen eingebaut. Dabei wurden durch Einsatz von anderen Werkstoffen ( faserverstärkt ) deutlich höhere Standzeiten erreicht. Auf Grund der hilfreichen Tipps aus diesem Forum habe ich mich nun entschlossen uns auch ( endli
  8. We have been beginning our work creating American Made components, Its been a journey. We are just getting started. After PLA and ABS printing and looking for ways to get the best surfaces, I thought I would share some of it. https://imgur.com/z6X9wpk Matte Black looks great but the surface will require too much post-processing. Copper wire goes around the bobbin but the top surface obviously looks not great. After changing some settings and working with ABS, its maybe a bit soft or not resonant enough so we tried annealing it. Bad Idea! PLA anneals well but it is
  9. Hallo, ik ben in het bezit van een S5 met material station. Nu wil ik graag gaan expirimenteren met woodfill filament van Colorfabb. Een printcore CC Red wordt aanbevolen. Nu zie ik dat de material station niet wordt ondersteund. Wordt hiermee bedoeld dat de materials station geen NFC kan uitlezen en dat je dit handmatig moet instellen òf kan de filament niet in de material station. Wie kan mij helpen met deze vragen en wie heeft er hier ervaring mee? Alvast bedankt voor jullie support!!
  10. Greetings, I am running into an issue with the AquaSys 120 and Ultimaker PC filament, with the support autogenerated by Cura. The AquaSys 120 support filament is not adhering to the Ultimaker PC material at all on the sides of the part. The AquaSys 120 filament is bunching up in chunks. I have attached the Cura project which is the latest attempt with slightly slower print speed, 10% reduction, as recommended when having this type of issue. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Note: The brim, composed of the AquaSys 120 looks good, its clear
  11. Hello, I have been trying to trouble shoot this Z-axis issue for this part; and after long hours and much frustration I have determined that the Z-axis is not advancing for this particular model. I Ran into this issue once before but I solved it by rotating the part 180 degrees. In this particular instance the geometry does not permit rotating the part to test if this would solve the issue. I am printing with Ultimaker PP. Its a part that I designed in SolidWorks (I haven't had issues with any other parts I made). I used cura 4.8.0 to slice the part, and it doesnt give
  12. Hi, When I'm trying to print quantity of the objects (in my case multiplied), during printing, especially during first layer job, some plastic didn't stick properly to the printing plate. Obviously that could be happen in many situations so it's nothing what would worry me however in some cases I have to abort print and restart the job from fresh. I wonder, if there is any possibility to tell printer to cancel print one of the objects during job so bad prints could not be continued where other will go until finished?
  13. Hallo zusammen, habe einen neuen Ultimaker S5, leider ist das Druckergebnis mangelhaft. Die Einstellungen sind nicht verändert, verwende schwarzes PLA mit 205° Drucktemperatur. Geschwindigkeit lt. Vorgabe Engineering Fein ( 0,1mm ). Druckgeschwindigkeit ist dann 70mm/s allgemein bzw. 30mm/s an den Außenkanten. Modell ist ein Würfel mit 20x20x20 Druckqualität siehe in den angehängten Bildern. Da ich die Cura Software noch nicht wirklich kenne vermute ich das hier noch was eingestellt werden muss. Bitte um kurze Hilfestellung/Lösungsfindung
  14. Hallo zusammen. Hab gestern und heute versucht auf dem UMS5 die Schafigur "König" und auf dem UM3E den "Bauern" zu drucken. Leider gefallen mir die Ergebnisse nicht besonders. Mir fällt auf dass die Figuren linksseitig Super sind und rechtsseitig verfranst sind. Ich nehme an das es was mit der Bauteilkühlung auf dem Extruder 2 Seite zu tun hat. Beim drucken konnte ich sehen wie die Ecken und die gewölbte Seite sich nach oben verformt haben. Cura 4.8.0 Filament Tough PLA schwarz 0,4 Düse UMS5 Speed 40 mm/s, Temperatur 220C°, Fronttüren geschlossen, obere E
  15. Simple question. I just upgraded to an S5 from a hobbyist system (Creality Cr-10S Pro V2). I love the S5 but one thing I did like about the CR-10S Pro was that their glass build plate had a textured and a smooth side. There are times when I want the bottom to be slightly textured, which occurred naturally with the pebbled glass bed I had before on the CR-10S. I can't seem to find a borosilicate glass bed for the S5 that is textured on one side. If one doesn't exist, I might try to have one custom cut to size. I can take the glass off and measure it, of course, but I assumed th
  16. Bonjour J'ai récemment acquis une S3 d'occasion très peu servi. Aujourd hui j'ai voulu imprimer du PLA Soft de chez orbitech, un matériau souple proche du TPU. Malheureusement, ça n'a pas fonctionner longtemps. L'imprimante s'arrête en me disant qu'il n y a pas de filament. Y a t il quelque chose a faire de spécifique pour imprimer ce type de matériau au niveau du feeder?
  17. Hello, Is there ANY way to disable to the comparison of the extruder heads? Virtually every print, I get this error. Run it again and it is fine. Tired of re-calibrating over and over. Tim
  18. Hello, I've been using a Prusa i3 mk3s for about 6 months making custom IC shipping containers and decided to upgrade to an S5 a little under a month ago. I've had issues with interlocking prints being oversized, which is pretty well documented around this forum. Most people recommend simply using a negative horizontal expansion value to bring the print size closer to the .STL size. While I have some success using a -0.1mm horizontal expansion value for outer dimensions, my model has some fine 0.4 mm wide lines on the surface which get completely removed by using this horizontal ex
  19. My S5 randomly disconnects. I don't know if the problem is in Cura or the S5 itself? When this happens it is totally random. Should I run ethernet cables to both my computer and the printer? Will it solve the problem? Thanks, Tim
  20. My S5 recently finished a successful print. I have come back to the machine with a black screen. I have tried cycling the power, the print head fan spins for about a second then all switches off. The screen never displays anything.
  21. Hallo, vor kurzer Zeit habe ich auf der Rückseite meines Ultimakers eine Schraube gelöst, weil daran ein ein Stück von einem Plastikzip dranhing. Mich störte dieses Stück von dem Plastikzip schon immer aber ich traute mich es nie ab zumachen. Heute aber habe ich mich getraut dies zu tun. Nun ist das Stück von dem Plastikzip weg. Allerdings hat es beim Ablösen der Schraube geklackert. So als würde eine kleine Mutter auf den Boden (Unterseite des Druckers, also noch im Drucker) gefallen sein. Ich dachte mir nichts dabei, weil die Schraube sich problemlos wieder in das Loch schrauben lies. D
  22. Okay after a horrid horrid horrid try at using a Craftbot it is going back to the hell that spawned it and S5 #2 is winging its way to me as we speak. It is used with less then five rolls of filament passed through it, so I am not worried but just in case anyone know of a refurb service for S5 or better yet a Maint Kit for the S5 I checked MH and Dy nothing found.
  23. It is often not so clear how to use 3rd party materials with the UM3 or S5 printers. So I want to give some hints and answers to the common problems and questions. Ultimaker materials Ultimaker materials come with an NFC tag in the spool and the printer is able to read the NFC tag and can detect the material and color during the loading process. Internally the NFC tag contains a unique ID which is then matched against a material database or something like that in the printer software. So if you have loaded UM material which was automatically detected by the printer, then
  24. Hallo liebe Community, Ich arbeite mit einem UM5 und habe es geschafft, den gesamten Printcore AA0,4 zu verstopfen. Sprich wenn ich den Printcore herausnehme, dann kann ich das Material oben sehen. Es ist soweit dicht, dass die normale Reinigung von Ultimaker sowie als auch die Möglichkeit die Düse auf 250° aufzuheizen nicht funktioniert. Meine Frage an euch: gibt es eine Möglichkeit das Material wieder herauszubekommen? Vielen Dank schon mal.
  25. Hi, When I printed with CPE+ on Ultimaker S5 with the default profile applied glue stick on the bed before printing. The first layer looked really bad and I don't know if that's normal. Could you take a look and give some advice? The nozzle was also covered with white CPE+ filament when I abort the print. Is this because the bed is too hot? How can I change it so it can look as good as I print with tough PLA? Best
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