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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I have recently started a new job for a company with 2 S5 printers and cabinets. Both these machine seem to have the same to issues, when the tension is centred the feeders grind badly and at any tension the motors for the extruders make a loud noise. I have managed to get one out of 4 to work properly by cleaning the print cores however this doesn't seem to fix the other 3 feeders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  2. I am having a problem today. I am using all ultimaker branded materials with the NFC tags. I switched materials and the new material didn't work with my profile settings so Cura gave the appropriate message and the little orange triangle. Yay! Cura won't let me do something stupid. BUT, the link for "learn more" went to a page which contained a link to find material profiles. I followed that to a blank blank screen. I expected to see a grid of what can be used with what nozzle etc. I've seen it before. But instead I was led to this page https://support.makerbot.com/s/article/1667411313529 which wasn't very helpful. that article did contain a link to " can be found on the "How to print" information of the Ultimaker materials." I followed the how to print link... which is a blank white page... here https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/categories/360002336619-Materials Then I tried to go to ultimaker.com and the materials section and find petg. BUT there is hardly any info on the petg on the petg page. not what I need anyway like bed temp, matching nozzles (ultimaker brand nozzles like aa or whatever), print temp... print speeds etc. There is only minimal info on compatibility, properties, applications, but NOT the info a person using the stuff would really need! The site is pretty and has a lot of white space (too much white space which isn't white space from a designer standpoint, it's just wasted space from a usability stand point. Anyway, I 'm a recovering web architect who is now doing other stuff besides web development and as a consumer of ultimaker materials (and hardware) I'm really frustrated by the current state of the website. It's much less helpful that in the past iterations. Please bring back the information we need to actually use Ultimaker materials. Ease of use is why I bought into Ultimaker but it's getting less easy. note: Your tags available for this topic are an example of lack or loss of usability also. Most non web geeks do not know what a ux is. And um.com is not ultimaker.com, It is entirely a different site (and for sale by the way).
  3. Windows and Linux both can utilize multiple desktops. I think it'd be extrememly useful if a Cura "project" would include multiple print beds..... A folder of projects of sorts. Then complete prep work can be done within a single file for very large projects while the initial print is taking place! Maybe we could mark a specific print successful or failed (or even specific pieces) to help with transparency within business applications? Big lift, but just spitballing some ideas.
  4. Hello, I noticed whenever I set a different infill layer thickness in cura with a concentric infill, cura tends to skip printing infill at lower layers and then start printing infill on empty spaces above areas that ought to have infill. Please kindly suggest what to do. Note: I am printing layer height of 0.1 mm with an infill layer thickness of 0.3 mm Thanks
  5. Is there a way to save in my online account all the settings of my printer? So if I need to change computer I can only login with my cura account with the other computer? Not only the marketplace plug-in, but also filaments settings, printer profiles, custom start code... ecc... Like all the application with an online account. Thanks
  6. So I use an Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle at work, and have a Prusa MK3 at home. The one feature that I really wish Ultimaker had (that is on my Prusa) is the live Z adjust - Prusa lets you twist the input nob to adjust the Z mid print by .1mm per click of the knob. What's super nice is that it adjusts at a controlled rate across the entire bed vs. trying to twist the adjustment knobs on the Ultimaker and hope you keep the bed level and you have no idea of exactly how far you adjusted. Ultimaker could build it into the firmware so there was a menu you could access during printing that let you use the up and down arrow to make the adjustments. The actual adjustment is made with the Z stepper motor. Anyway just my two cents on what I think would be a really nice feature to have! 😀
  7. Hello, I am looking to reach out to another community member, and they have not replied to a post on their thread. Their activity shows they were last present in 2017. I would like to send the user a direct message, but as I am a new member (perhaps?) I am not allowed to send messages. What are the criteria to be able to send another user a direct message? Cheers, Adam
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