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  1. Are you a fan of tree support, but dislike the removal process and the amount of filament it uses? Then we would like to invite you to try this special release of UltiMaker Cura. Brought to you by our special community contributor @thomasrahm We generated a special version of Cura 5.2 called 5.3.0 Alpha + Xmas. The only changes we introduced compared to UltiMaker Cura 5.2.1 are those which are needed for the new supports. So keep in mind, this is not a sneak peek for Cura 5.3 (there are some really cool new features coming up) but a spotlight release highlighting this new version of tree supports. New tree support implementation These new tree supports use significantly less filament than our current version of tree supports. Where our current tree supports have a tendency to merge multiple branches into one larger branch to limit the amount of retraction, these trees have a different shape and have smaller branches that are able to reach tricky corners. With less filament extruded, you’ll also see a significant decrease in printing time. How can you start testing? You can try out these new tree supports today. 1. Download UltiMaker Cura 5.3.0-Alpha-Xmas 2. Run some tests with prints that you are familiar with. We’ve enabled tree supports by default for testing purposes. 3. Share any feedback or bugs via GitHub Notes to keep in mind when you start testing The following settings have been introduced: - Tree Support Preferred Branch Angle - Tree Support Maximum Branch Angle - Tree Support Diameter Increase to Model - Tree Support Minimum Height To Model - Tree Support Initial Layer Diameter - Support Interface Priority - Tree Support Limit Branch Reach - Tree Support Optimal Branch Range - Tree Support Rest Preference Please note Due to the holiday season, responses from UltiMaker might be slower than usual. Please remember that this UltiMaker Cura alpha is not suitable for ‘normal’ use. It should be only used for testing. There is a higher chance that you may run into one or more bugs (some known, some unknown). These might reduce print quality. For example, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that profiles get migrated over to UltiMaker Cura 5.3 stable correctly. So be sure to save them before upgrading. A HUGE thank you to anyone who contributes to this alpha test and don’t forget to give Thomas some love for the incredible work he has done to improve UltiMaker Cura.
  2. The stable release of Ultimaker Cura 5.2 has arrived! In this release, there are multiple collaboration improvements for teams and classrooms using multiple Ultimaker printers. You can download it here Additionally, three new settings have been introduced that allow you to tune and improve your initial layer flow, allowing you to improve your first-layer adhesion and reduce elephant’s foot. We have also made it easier than ever to build and run Ultimaker Cura from source. Improvements to the way that Ultimaker Cura is built, and the associated documentation, will help open-source members of the community to contribute to the future of Ultimaker Cura more easily Abstract printer types allow you to match the printer you want to use, with the settings you’ve selected Ultimaker 3D printers which are remotely connected to Ultimaker Cura can now be accessed using a new workflow. When working with multiple Ultimaker 3D printer, they are now automatically bundled by printer type. You can select this abstract printer type when you start slicing your part. If you preferred the old workflow, that is still available. It’s now possible to see the loaded materials and print cores of all printers available to you via the Ultimaker Digital Factory, without selecting each individual printer. When you’ve finished finding the right print settings for your part, you are shown which printers are able to print that part for you. It is also possible to print the same print job on multiple printers without needing to switch between printers. Print approval when using roles in Ultimaker Digital Factory Organizations with a large number of users gain access to new moderation tools in Ultimaker Cura 5.2. When using an Ultimaker Professional, Excellence, or Education subscription, you can now assign ‘Guest’ roles. Colleagues or students in a ‘Guest’ role can still prepare print jobs in Ultimaker Cura and send them to the printers via the Ultimaker Digital Factory like normal. However, print jobs sent using the Guest role will not start immediately, but will instead require approval from a user with the 'Member' or 'Admin' roles. Print job approval helps organizations using Ultimaker Digital Factory with lots of users control what is printed, and when. Guests can attach notes to each print job which the moderator can use to determine if a print should be prioritized. Guests only have the rights to interact with their own print jobs and cannot interfere with other printers or print jobs. Learn more about the available roles in an organization here. Better control over initial layer flow We have introduced three new settings that will help you tune your initial layer. These are appropriate for when you are not able to use a brim or when using a flexible build plate that does not require a brim. These settings can be used to tune your first-layer adhesion and should enable you to decrease or eliminate elephant’s foot. The three new settings are: · Initial Layer Outer Wall Flow · Initial Layer Inner Wall Flow · Initial Layer Bottom Layer Flow Additional improvements The following improvements have also been implemented in the Ultimaker Cura 5.2: · Building from source is now more accessible. If you want to contribute, it’s easier than ever to get started. Read more about it here. · Fixed a bug so that the random Z-Seam setting is now more random · Fixed a bug where tree support had infill by default where it was supposed to be hollow · Fixed a bug where Windows users saw pointless notifications when they left Ultimaker Cura running in the background Happy Printing 😃 You can download the latest version of Cura here:https://ultimaker.com/software/ultimaker-cura
  3. Hi everybody, Today we release the Ultimaker Cura 5.0 beta. After multiple special beta releases to test the Arachne Engine, the new slicing Engine is finally here. This new engine uses variable line widths when preparing files for printing, meaning you can now print thin and intricate parts more accurately and with greater strength. In the past, sliced files would use a consistent line width, with the exact width depending on the nozzle diameter and the line width settings used. This meant that when slicing a file, if part of the print was two-and-a-half lines thick, Ultimaker Cura would generate two lines and leave a small gap between them. In certain cases (such as with extremely small details) areas of less than one line thick would not be able to print at all. This issue has been completely solved with the latest release. Your printed parts will now have fewer internal gaps which means they’ll not only look better, but they’ll be stronger as well. The following improvements have also been included: Renewed the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace We have streamlined the workflow for accessing the Ultimaker Marketplace inside of Ultimaker Cura. The UI has been improved and it’s now easier and faster to find and install plugins and material profiles. Support for Apple M1 chips We have fixed a number of visual bugs meaning that users of Apple M1 chips can now enjoy improved compatibility. Improved print profiles for Ultimaker printers New Cura Icon and splash screen Bug fixes: Fixed a bug where Monotonic Ironing breaks Ironing, contributed by BagelOrb Fixed a bug where modifier meshes didn't work in one-at-a-time mode Fixed double scroll bar, contributed by fieldOfView For all improvements, bug fixes and known issues, check the release notes. Or rewatch our launch event to learn more about Ultimaker Cura 5.0 beta: Download the beta now Let us know what you think of this new engine and show us your results here in the comments below, you can report your bugs on GitHub!
  4. I downloaded 5.2.1 and it installed without issue. When i launch it, the window is blank and if I try to click on it, I get a "not responding" message.
  5. With the release of the Cura 5.0 beta, a lot has changed in the core of Cura. So much so, that in order to be compatible with Cura 5.0, all plugin need to be updated and resubmitted to the Marketplace. I maintain a number of plugins, and you can imagine that it takes a while for me to update the plugins but also for the Ultimaker dev team to review them. I will use this post to share with you a growing set of pre-release versions of my plugins so you can test them with Cura 5.0 beta. Edit: All plugins are now in the Marketplace, and the prereleases for these plugins below should no longer be used (but will remain available on github) OctoPrint Connection: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Mesh Tools: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MeshTools/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Sidebar GUI: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-SidebarGUIPlugin/releases/tag/v4.3.0-DEV Measure Tool: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MeasureTool/releases/tag/v1.1.0-DEV Z Offset: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ZOffsetPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Linear Advance: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-LinearAdvanceSettingPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 4/23: OctoPrint Connection: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-OctoPrintPlugin/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV (updated) Arc Welder: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-ArcWelderPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Start Optimiser: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-StartOptimiser/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Titlebar Info: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-VersionInTitlebarPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Automatic Slicing Toggle: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-PauseBackendPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 4/25: Printjob Naming: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-CustomJobPrefix/releases/tag/v3.7.0-DEV Material Cost Tools: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MaterialCostTools/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Setting Visibility Set Creator: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-SettingVisibilityProfileCreator/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Printer Settings: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-PrinterSettingsPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV Edit 5/6: Material Settings: https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-MaterialSettingsPlugin/releases/tag/v3.6.0-DEV I will update this list with prereleases of other plugins, or when a new prerelease is necessary to fix a bug. To download these prerelease versions, go to the linked page and scroll down to the 'Assets' section. There you will see curapackages compatible with different versions of Cura. For Cura 5.0 you will need to download the file ending with `Cura5.0.curapackage`. After downloading that file, drop it onto the 3d viewport in Cura 5.0 as if you were opening a 3d model. You will then be prompted to restart Cura. You can drop multiple curapackages one after the other without restarting each time if you want to install multiple plugins. If you want to test these updated release in an older version of Cura, please download the curapackage labeled for that version. It is quite early days, and some of the plugins required extensive work to make them compatible with Cura 5.0. Feedback is welcome, either here or in the issue queue for the respective plugins.
  6. My 3D Printer is not listed in the configuration setup for UltiMaker Cura 5.2.1 for Windows 64-bit. Does anyone know what would be an acceptable configuration for a Weedo Tina2 3D Printer - Version 2.16.1 I'm not familiar with some of the selections, when trying to set up a configuration, manually. Here is the link to the manufacturer's product: http://www.weedo.ltd/product-detail/tina2 Below is some basic information concerning the Weedo Tina2 3D Printer - Version 2.16.1 Printing Layer Resolution 0.1mm Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm Build Volume 100x105x100mm Nozzle Speed 40 mm/s Positioning Accuracy Z Axis 0.0025mm; X,Y Axis 0.011mm Mechanical Product Dimensions 210x210x290mm Weight 3Kg Voltage 110-220V Power Supply 60W Extruder Quick Release Single Nozzle Filament Supply External Filament Tray Filament And Software Filament Compatibility PLA Printing Mode USB, TF Card, WIFI Software Wiibuilder 2.1.6, Cura 3.3.0 Supported File Type STL / GCODE/ OBJ
  7. I have tried to install the latest version of cura on my iMac, but it won't open. The icon bounces and I then get a message saying it can't open the software. I searched the forum and followed the instructions to uninstall and reinstall, which I have done, but it still won't work. Any advice or help to overcome this issue will be gratefully appreciated.
  8. Hey there, I'm using the AA 0.8mm PrintCore and I've seen in CURA that the Print Temperature for PLA Tough is 225°C : isn't it supposed to be in the range of 210-220°C ? I've even seen plenty tier-sources that mention 200-215°C and so on. Is this 225°C all right ? 'Cause so far i'm reaaaaally struggling having "OK-ish" prints with the AA 0.8mm, also using a BB 0.4mm in accordance for PVA Support. The AA 0.8 is causing so much oozing, that's crazy, and it actually leads to blobs big enough that when the head goes over it, it shift the position and I have X/Y misalignment, like, about 1mm on the left for instance oO Even using the PrimeTower to purge and wipe the head for both material. So, apart from temperature, do you have some tips using AA 0.8 with the very very casual PLA Tough, to avoid so much oozing ? Where am I wrong ? Attached some pictures featuring all the issues encountered, focus on the oozing, blobs, defects in walls and, obviously, the X/Y shift that I think were caused by a massive hit on blobs. I've also included a 3mf file of the last print. Thanks in advance ! Edit : UMS5 Firmware was 7.1.0, I've just updated to 7.3.0, maybe that will help (don't see how haha) and CURA is show as 5.0.0 UMS5 was set at 75% speed, as I had a night to let it run and wanted to maximise the chance to get something. I tend to use a bit faster speed settings in CURA cause I find the UMS5 soooo damn slow compared to every other machine I use... UMS5_Stockage-V3.3mf
  9. So, basically I needed a pause at layer script for my Ultimaker 2+ Connect, to be able to start printing in a different color from a specific layer. Well, as the Connect is a very closed product (for a reason, but I believe it is too closed tbh!), there are no pause functions available, no material change etcetera. So I decided to take the FilamentChange Script and created my own emulated pause script, that simply moves to a certain location, makes some box shapes and in the mean time you can pause the print and after the resume the printer head resumes to the saved position. Let me know if you want the code, it seems to work quite well for my purposes.
  10. Created a model in Blender say 20cm by 15cm and Cura does not convert to same size like 100 x smaller then scale model up cuz too small. When importing model Cura gives the warning, model too small, scaling model to fit, and displayed on build plate. it size is about 50mm by 100 mm. What's the trick to convert it right ......I am brand new to Cura..... Just bought S5 delivery in a few days....Also can Units be changed to imperial instead of mm? Thanks for the help Bill
  11. Hi, I have Cura and trying the Pause at layer height, I do the preview to get the Height I require I then put the parameters in Layer Height 159, Raise the Nozzle 20mm, Move the Nozzle 130mm (Y axis), from print to avoid purge on the print I have Park Print ticked my machine is a Voxelab Aquila X2, slice the settings then save to Memory card. when printing It gets to the layer Pauses, Raises the 20mm and moves 130mm from print. I change the filament color and hit resume print the Nozzle moves back above the print in the correct position, but the Nozzle won't lower back down to continue printing it just starts printing midair? I have Alex's Firmware for my Printer It's a 9-hour print so a bit difficult to pause the print change the color and continue the print as I could be in bed or out at work. I live in Australia so it's hard to get direct support Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Do you want to let us know about your experience with Ultimaker Cura? Please use the correct platform so your feedback reaches the right people. Have you discovered a bug or do you have a feature request? Please go to our GitHub page. Before posting, please check if the topic already exists via the search bar above the currently open issues. If it does, comment there so we keep everything together. On GitHub we keep track of bugs and feature requests. When you report a bug we mostly need a project file (file - save project) if it is a slicing issue and a log file. Your log file can be found here: Windows: %APPDATA%\cura\<Cura version>\cura.log or usually C:\Users\\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\cura\<Cura version>\cura.log MacOS: $USER/Library/Application Support/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log Ubuntu/Linux: $USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log If you have an idea for a new feature in Cura please let us know why this feature should be in Cura. Do you have a question about a certain feature or do you have feedback regarding your user experience? Please use our forum, where Ultimakers experts and other users are ready to help! Thank you for using Ultimaker Cura and helping us to make it even better!
  13. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is something on my end but it seems as if the model i uploaded to cura has very strange layer issues. i uploaded all the information related to this specific print. once it is done printing i will show the outcome. If anyone has any recommendations id appreciate it. CCR10SPRO_Squirtle.3mf squirtle bugged profile.curaprofile
  14. When I first opened up my Kingroon KP3SPro it suggested I use the firmware from Ultimaker Cura and have never had any issues opening up and runnning the program before yesterday 12/10/22, I've been endlessly troubleshooting my printer to get it to work and now that I'm ready to test the calibration with a print I can no longer open up the Ultimaker Cura program and it just endlessly load with no hope of ever responding. I have restarted my computer multiple times as well as reinstalled the program twice, I'll try a different version but I'm really quite baffled as to how this could've happened as nothing has changed and I had no issues prior to yesterday operating this program
  15. I have created a cooling pipe for my printer. There should be four empty spaces for the air, but Cura puts walls there and fills the space with infill. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  16. Hi, Is there anyway to avoid filling small gaps in CURA 5 ? In previous versions I REALLY liked the "Fill gaps between walls" & "Filter out tiny gaps" setting, so I could avoid filling these gaps. I have a decade old ultimaker II ext Mark II w Octoprint (which I have a love hate relationship with), but it prints way better when I can avoid the unnecessary blobs of extrusion, travel moves, and print in continuous loops. Here are a few examples: I've recently been using large nozzles (.8/1.0/1.5) so I can get through a large part quicker. As a work around I've been creating modifier meshes, that change the print parameters (to 1 wall, no infill, no top/bottom), but it's really a pain in the neck and not always feasible. It would really be great if we could re-introduce "Filter out tiny gaps" back into Cura 5. or any advice as a work around would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi everyone, i'm under Win11, When I go to the settings for my printer or to add one, when I go to the extruders to add a new material or in Profil, Cura, at best starts to slow down seriously, and at worst, I I have this: Does anyone else have this too when playing in the settings menu?
  18. I just installed Ultimaker Cura on a new laptop, selected my printer, Ender 5 Pro, and added my chosen STL. Before I could go any further this popped up on the screen "Make sure the g-code is suitable for your printer configuration before sending the file to it. The g-code representation may not be accurate.". I checked to make sure it was not a previously sliced item... Instead of getting the option to slice the item, I only get the option to save it to a destination. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  19. Hi, I am using Ultimaker 5.2.1 and lately the performance has been very slow, after changing over to a new PC, but only after using the software for a few minutes, do I see the slowdown. It starts out responsive, and then gets "laggy". I have installed the extensive logging plugin, but I'm not sure where the file is located to share the results. I have also turned off all the addons that I can reasonably think might be causing the issue, but it still seems slow. I'm on a Windows 11 PC with relatively good performance. The software ran much more smoothly for me on a far slower PC that I had been using before. Any tips are much appreciated.
  20. I upgraded to 5.2 cura and all the file sliced, when plugged into print unknown build plate type. Is there an option to pick what kind of build plate your are using and if there is where is it? I cant seem to find it. Thanks
  21. I've tried both 5.2 and 5.2.1, and it simply will not launch. Running Mac OS 10.15.7. Last stable build is Cura 5.1. I've read this topic, but there isn't even a 5.2 folder appearing.
  22. I am trying to print a wheel from blender with my ARTILLERY GENIUS printer. On Blender, the wheel is 50mm in diameter and 20 mm thick. After loading into Cura it displays a message "your object is too small and got scaled up to minimum print size." The rescaled object is 12.5mm in diameter and 5mm thick, ie it has been scaled down by 25%! what has ahppened?
  23. Dear community, is it possible to print a certain number of layers inside a pre-existing cavity (model fixed on the printing plate) at a certain height (z locked)? After that, continue to print regularly (the build plate will drop a certain amount with each layer). Thanks in advance for your reply! CT
  24. Hello! I am new to 3D printing and I am having this issue that I can't figure out. I am trying to make Lithophanes for my grandma, but I've noticed on my last two litho prints, these horizontal lines appear near the bottom of the print, but then seem to go away after a certain point. FYI, I have an Ender 3 Pro. I thought it might be a physical print issue but I noticed in Cura, the lines seem to appear on the BACK of the model, but aren't visible on the front. But the lines do just about line up with where they appear in the final print. I have included images of the actual print, the model showing the lines, and the model/image settings I have set for generating the litho model. Any help resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  25. In every version of Cura until today there is needed a modification of the AutodetectBaudJob.py in the share\cura\plugins\usbprinting folder, to connect to the Ender 5 or the BigTreeTech Mainboards via USB. To get them to work you need to outcomment these lines: programmer = Stk500v2() serial = None # try: # programmer.connect(self._serial_port) # serial = programmer.leaveISP() # except ispBase.IspError: # programmer.close() Please fix and use in following versions.
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