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  1. Hi all, Today we have a patch release for Ultimaker Cura 4.12! Ultimaker Cura 4.12 contained two major bugs that needed to be fixed immediately. Many thanks to the community for reporting these issues. Here’s what we’ve fixed: Updated Shapely to version 1.8.0 Which, among other things, fixes multiplying objects on MacOS Montery Lighting infill was printed multiple times We have fixed a bug where lighting infill was printed multiple times under certain circumstances. You can download Ultimaker Cura 4.12.1 now! Let us know your feedback here in the comments or on Github.
  2. Using OpenSCAD, I've been putting some raised text labels on my designs. When I print them with my Ultimaker 2, the text is often has gaps. I thought this was a printing problem, but I recently realized that the slicer is dropping parts of the text. I assume that's because these parts are very small. Are there Cura settings that control which small features are skipped? Here's an OpenSCAD script that illustrates the problem by generating a string of digits in the Arial typeface at sizes of 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm. module sample(size=10) { cube([8*size+2, size+4, 2]); translate([2, 2, 1.9]) linear_extrude(2) text("0123456789", size=size, font="Arial"); } for (i=[0:3]) { size= i + 2; translate([0, 14*i, 0]) sample(size=size); } The attached photos show how OpenSCAD renders the STL and how Cura is slicing it with the normal profile. The 2mm text is missing completely, which seems reasonable. The 3mm text is also missing, but the slicer instructs the print head to travel to where it would be. At 4mm (which is the size I keep ending up with in my designs), the text is mostly present, but the figures are broken: the diagonal from the digit '4' is missing and the curves at the tops and bottoms of the round digits are broken. At 5mm (and above) the text remains intact. I've tried using the Fine and Extra Fine profiles, but those mostly just change the layer height, which is not the issue here. I've tried to search for settings related to small or fine features, but I haven't found any that seems to affect the slicer's behavior in this regard. In many cases, I can increase my text size, but, when I'm constrained to a slightly smaller size, are Cura settings I could adjust to reduce the skipping of the fine strokes of small-ish text? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, Ultimaker Cura 4.12 is here! We have improved our Ultimaker print profiles together with our material engineers, this will increase first-time-right results. Here's how: We’ve tweaked the Monotonic setting and made adjustments throughout print profiles. This removes occasional scarring on models and improves top surface quality by default. We have also looked at horizontal print quality, processing several improvements. This results a reduction of ringing, improving resolution and overall print quality. Lightning infill We have a new infill type called Lightning! This infill setting enables you to print high-quality top layers while using less material and increasing your production speed. It’s an ideal setting for visual models, as reduced material usage will result in a reduction part strength. Lightning infill was a research project inside Ultimaker and is based on this paper. Thanks to rburema and BagelOrb! App switcher: The new app switcher provides a simpler way to navigate and use other Ultimaker applications, including Ultimaker Digital Factory, Ultimaker Marketplace, and Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. Reporting bugs to Github is now just one click away, and it’s easier to find the application you need. Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug with monotonic ironing that causes fan speed jump to 255 for ironing pass - Fixed an engine crash when using monotonic ordering with zigzag skin pattern - Fixed inconsistent material name in the header and material selection dropdown - Fixed a bug where a random zero was added in the g-code For more information read our blog post, the full release notes or watch our video! Download 4.12 now!! And don’t forget to give us your feedback here in the comments or on Github.
  4. Hi everyone, Earlier this year, we released the first beta of Ultimaker Cura Arachne engine. Which received an overwhelmingly positive response, thank you for all your feedback! Since the first beta release we've been working on improving the Arachne engine. What is the Arachne Engine? Our new Ultimaker Cura engine allows you to create parts with ground-breaking quality, strength, and speed. This is made possible by fundamentally redefining how the inside of a model is generated – through adaptive line widths and optimized line positioning. New features in Arachne second beta: Back pressure compensation Print quality is improved through dynamically adjusting print head velocity, which slows down or speeds up depending on the pressure of the material through the Bowden tube. Printing order filling gaps Gaps in models are now filled in after placing the outer wall, resulting in less over-extrusion. Print quality enhancements All print quality improvements from Ultimaker Cura 4.12 have been added. Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug where blobs in g-code were generated - Fixed a bug where the Inner Line Width was wider than the end of the model - Fixed a bug where the Seam placement was not on the correct corner Read the full release notes for all the bug fixes and the known issues or read our full blog post. Download the 2nd beta now! Share your feedback, show your results and/or provide us your input for print profiles for your preferred 3D printer with us here in the comments below or on GitHub
  5. Hi, With Cura, I am trying to use relative extrusion. I have found the setting and it was already ticked. I made sure to slice my model with the setting enabled, yet looking at the GCode, it's using absolute extrusion? (Extruder argument clearly counting up) Does anyone know if this is a bug? Thank you
  6. I'm working on a new plugin that adds a simple measuring aid to Cura: In its current incarnation, the tool lets you pick (and drag) two points and shows the distance between these points. A test-version can be downloaded here: MeasureTool Download the file and drop it onto the buildplate in Cura as if you were opening a 3d model. Then restart Cura as instructed. The plugin is now available in the Marketplace.
  7. Hi every Here is the code generated by UC ;FLAVOR:RepRap M190 S80 heat bed and wait M104 S250 heat nozzle ans skip M109 S250 heat nozzle and wait In this way, bed heats first and after it's hot, nozzle heats. Every time, I modify it as this wiht editor M104 S250 heat nozzle and skip M190 S80 heat bed and wait M109 S250 heat nozzle and wait The heating process is faster on this way because nozzle and bed heat in same time Where to modify this in ultimaker cura to invert M104 and M190 ? The custom code does'nt seem able to do that.
  8. Cura 4.12 was working great. After the last Windows 10 update it will no longer load. It stops at initiating build volume. I've uninstalled it multiple times, removed all traces of it from my registry and other places on my computer, installed earlier versions, and nothing is helping. I went as far as formatting my computer and doing a full system restoration. Cura loaded after that, but then stopped again after Windows performed an update. The closest I've come to getting this thing to load again is installing version 4.10. It loads, but will not slice. It gives no error message. It just freezes while loading. What is the problem here?
  9. Hi! Now I have used Ultimaker cura for many, many designs I have made. There is ALWAYS the same problem. As soons as I use the "support", and is doesn't matter what support I chose to use, it ends up with a very, very ugly and bad bottom above the support. Why is that? My printer is new, has no problems and I have no issues besides this. Do not blame the mchine I use, there is nothing wrong here. Take a look at the image. The photo is from a bottom of an uplifted bottom. It is supported by 2mm high support made out of "lines". The bottom that is not in the image here is very good when it is printed directly on the print bed, but always when I use support the bottom area or whatever the support is supposed to carry during printing, gets this ugly and un-smooth. I mean ONLY the area in the square shape in the middle of the image, nothing else. The area inside the bottom is SOLID for 2mm thickness. Does Cura not understand that an uplifted bottom needs to be flat as well, and does it just print something it thinks or is there a setting error by me? I have used the Support roof but it does not help, still the same issue. In short: How do I get a flat bottom even if I use a support when it is needed? The area in the photo you see is 35 x 35 mm. Hope someone can help me finding the problem here. I have printed more than 100 objects so far, with different settings and still I have not found a solution for this.
  10. I just loaded up version 4.12.0 I went to my Marketplace tab (Materials), from the menu you select from the 9 small dots, and went to Ultimaker Breakaway. It sais "Added to Cura" which it should because That's what I did. When I go to Cura, it's not in my materials selection anywhere. (Yes, I have restarted Cura several times) If I go to Preferences - Materials - It's no where to be found. If I hit Import and search my Cura materials folders, (or anywhere on my computer) it's no where to be found. Inside my Marketplace tab (The rectangular one now. Don't get confused) I can go to "Installed" and scroll a long way down and find "Ultimaker Breakaway" in the list with no way to click on anything here. (It's a list called "Bundled Materials" and none of them are selectable.) But, just a short way down on this list is a section called "Installed Materials" and the only one there is 3D Universe Nylon Carbide Fiber. Not sure, but I must have selected it at some point a while back to look at it or see if importing materials worked or something like that. (I've never had an opportunity nor a desire to print with Carbon Fiber) So if my Marketplace tab (The 9 dot one) sais it's installed, but my Marketplace tab (the rectangular one) sais it's not, what have I done wrong and where can I find it? Thank you, - Jason
  11. Hi everyone, Today we release the 4.12 beta and we have improved our print profiles together with our material engineers. We’ve tweaked the Monotonic setting and made adjustments throughout print profiles. This removes occasional scarring on models and improves top surface quality by default and will increase first-time-right results. We have also looked at horizontal print quality, processing several improvements. This results a reduction of ringing, improving resolution and overall print quality. 3D model credit: By Gerardorl is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license Lightning infill: We have a new infill type called Lightning. This infill setting enables you to print high-quality top layers while using less material and increasing your production speed. Lightning infill is based on this paper and was a research project inside Ultimaker. Thanks to rburema and BagelOrb! App switcher: The new app switcher provides a simpler way to navigate and use other Ultimaker applications, including Ultimaker Digital Factory, Ultimaker Marketplace, and Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. Reporting bugs to Github is now just one click away, and it’s easier to find the application you need. Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug with monotonic ironing that causes fan speed jump to 255 for ironing pass - Fixed an engine crash when using monotonic ordering with zigzag skin pattern - Fixed inconsistent material name in the header and material selection dropdown For more information read the full release notes or our blog post. Download the beta now And don’t forget to give us your feedback here in the comments or on Github. Please note this version of Ultimaker Cura is in the beta phase and still under development. Be sure to use the latest stable release if you’re working on an important project.
  12. Do you want to let us know about your experience with Ultimaker Cura? Please use the correct platform so your feedback reaches the right people. Have you discovered a bug or do you have a feature request? Please go to our GitHub page. Before posting, please check if the topic already exists via the search bar above the currently open issues. If it does, comment there so we keep everything together. On GitHub we keep track of bugs and feature requests. When you report a bug we mostly need a project file (file - save project) if it is a slicing issue and a log file. Your log file can be found here: Windows: %APPDATA%\cura\<Cura version>\cura.log or usually C:\Users\\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\cura\<Cura version>\cura.log MacOS: $USER/Library/Application Support/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log Ubuntu/Linux: $USER/.local/share/cura/<Cura version>/cura.log If you have an idea for a new feature in Cura please let us know why this feature should be in Cura. Do you have a question about a certain feature or do you have feedback regarding your user experience? Please use our forum, where Ultimakers experts and other users are ready to help! Thank you for using Ultimaker Cura and helping us to make it even better!
  13. Hi everyone, Today we release Ultimaker Cura 4.11. In this release we’ve implemented more than 100 new icons, added monotonic ordering, and improved the digital library. But before we dive into the new features, I want to take a moment to give a special shout-out to you – the Ultimaker community. In the last year our slicing software has seen tremendous, exciting growth, with 87 unique community members contributing a total of 119 new features, bug fixes and third-party additions and updates. A special thanks to Github users fieldOfView and SmartAvionics, who contributed 15% of all contributions. Without our community, the last year’s growth would not have been possible, so thank you very much again! Together, we will continue to make Ultimaker Cura the best slicer possible! Iconic update We’ve implemented more than 100 new icons throughout Ultimaker Cura and aligned them with icons used throughout the Ultimaker platform. These icons are designed specifically for clarity, resulting in a simpler and more informative slicing experience. Also, when scaling the Ultimaker Cura window, the UI will adapt, resulting in less visual clutter. Monotonic ordering The new monotonic top/bottom order setting enables users to print parts with soother, more aligned top surfaces. This is especially useful for parts that need good aesthetics, such as visual prototypes. Or for parts that benefit from smooth surfaces, such as those that contact sensitive components. You can find this feature under the top/bottom print settings of custom mode. This setting is disabled by default. Improved digital library integration Collaborative workflows using the Digital library are now simpler. Every users with a cloud-connected Ultimaker 3D printer can access stored projects. And we have added a “search” function to make finding files easier. Save material profiles to USB Users can now save all third-party material profiles to USB. This feature is for Ultimaker S-line printers only and is especially useful for cloud-connected (or offline) printers. Notifications for beta and plugin releases Users can now set notification preferences to alert them to new Ulitmaker Cura beta and plugin releases. Bug fixes: - Fixed the setting visibility button to make it easier to click - Fixed crash when Cura crashes on exit when languages is not set to English on macOS - Fixed a bug where the infill goes through walls - Fixed the rotation direction of the 90 degrees rotation arrows, contributed by fieldOfView Read here more information in our blogpost, watch our video or read the full release notes here! Download Ultimaker Cura 4.11 now We are really looking forward to hearing from you! Please leave your feedback in the comments below or on Github. From version 4.11 onwards - Ultimaker Cura is only supported on operating systems actively maintained by their software manufacturer or community. This means Windows 7 and MacOS 10.13 will no longer be supported. Technically this means Ultimaker will stop testing and developing for such operating systems. However, even though it is no longer supported, there is still a high likelihood the application keeps functioning.
  14. Hi - im trying to make some custom profiles for printing flex pla. But when I try to access Printing Temperature settings in CURA it says: "this setting has been hidden by the values of Auto Temperature, Enable Nozzle Temperature Control, change the values of those settings to make visible." When I search Nozzle Temp Control I find nothing. When I try to make Build Plate Temperature changeable it syas: "this setting has been hidden by the values of G code Flavor, Has heated buildplate, change the values of those settings to make visible." Where do I change these settings? thanks
  15. I would suggest the support and wire fill
  16. Hi guys, i'm new to the 3d world, i just did my first prints with my ender 3v2 and results are awesome, i did the cat and dog from the card that came with the printer.. now i've download the lastest Cura software, Now here's my problem.. i want to make a temp tower so i load the .stl file in cura, then i slice the tower. i go in preview mode but i only have the xray view, i don't have any layer view and the layer scrollbar on the right doesn't appear. -I tried so far to: uninstall the cura 4.11 version and went with the 4.9 which doesnt help, -I tried to enable force layer view compatibility mode ( my selection won't stay enabled, as soon i close the windows and go back the choice is not enabled.. (still i restarted cura after and didn't change anything) Here's my computer spec: Windows 7 pro 4gb ram Inter pentium dual cpu e2160 @1.80ghz 1.80ghz Geforce GTX 550 Ti
  17. Hi good day. I have a rather strange situation (don't know if someone else has crossed with it) . I'm running Cura Engine from a ubuntu 20.04 terminal which (at first) it seems like it is delivering a proper gcode. However when I check the file in Ultimaker Cura I discover that actually the height of the objects is smaller. For instance if the piece is 24 mm tall, with a 0.1 layer height, it should deliver 240 layers, however it is delivering 199. What I do is this: in the terminal (to set CURA_ENGINE_SEARCH_PATH as stated in https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine) export CURA_ENGINE_SEARCH_PATH=/snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/share/cura/resources/definitions:/snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/share/cura/resources/extruders then I call CuraEngine like this /snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/bin/CuraEngine slice -v -p -j /snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/share/cura/resources/definitions/creality_ender3.def.json -o output.gcode -l my_stl_file.stl The output is this [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting machine_disallowed_areas [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting nozzle_disallowed_areas [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting machine_head_with_fans_polygon [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_feedrate_x has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_feedrate_y has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_feedrate_z has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_feedrate_e has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_acceleration_x has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_acceleration_y has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_acceleration_z has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_acceleration_e has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_acceleration has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_jerk_xy has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_jerk_z has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting machine_max_jerk_e has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting acceleration_print has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting acceleration_travel has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting acceleration_travel_layer_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting acceleration_roofing has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting jerk_print has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting jerk_travel has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting jerk_travel_layer_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting acceleration_enabled has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting jerk_enabled has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_print has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_infill has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_wall has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_wall_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_wall_x has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_topbottom has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_roofing has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_travel has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_layer_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_print_layer_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_travel_layer_0 has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_prime_tower has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_support has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_support_interface has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting speed_z_hop has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting skirt_brim_speed has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting line_width has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting optimize_wall_printing_order has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting material_initial_print_temperature has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting material_final_print_temperature has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting material_flow has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting travel_compensate_overlapping_walls_0_enabled has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting z_seam_type has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting z_seam_corner has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting infill_sparse_density has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting infill_pattern has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting infill_before_walls has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting infill_overlap has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting skin_overlap has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting infill_wipe_dist has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting wall_0_wipe_dist has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting fill_perimeter_gaps has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting fill_outline_gaps has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting filter_out_tiny_gaps has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_speed has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_retract_speed has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_prime_speed has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_hop_enabled has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_hop has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_combing has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_combing_max_distance has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting travel_avoid_other_parts has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting travel_avoid_supports has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting travel_retract_before_outer_wall has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_enable has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_count_max has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_extrusion_window has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting retraction_min_travel has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting cool_fan_full_at_height has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting cool_fan_enabled has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting cool_min_layer_time has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting adhesion_type has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting brim_replaces_support has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting skirt_gap has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting skirt_line_count has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting adaptive_layer_height_variation has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting adaptive_layer_height_variation_step has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting meshfix_maximum_resolution has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting meshfix_maximum_travel_resolution has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_angle has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_pattern has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_infill_rate has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_use_towers has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_xy_distance has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_xy_distance_overhang has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_z_distance has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_xy_overrides_z has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_wall_count has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_brim_enable has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_brim_width has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_interface_enable has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_interface_height has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_interface_density has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_interface_pattern has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting support_interface_skip_height has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting minimum_support_area has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting minimum_interface_area has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting top_bottom_thickness has no default_value! [WARNING] JSON setting wall_thickness has no default_value! [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting machine_disallowed_areas [WARNING] Unrecognized data type in JSON setting machine_head_with_fans_polygon [WARNING] JSON setting gantry_height has no default_value! loading 'plato_geometrico1.stl' took 0.058 seconds Loaded from disk in 0.086s [WARNING] -s mesh_rotation_matrix="[[1,0,0], [0,1,0], [0,0,1]]" -s mesh_position_z="0" -s mesh_position_x="0" -s small_feature_speed_factor="50" -s wipe_move_distance="20" -s wipe_hop_speed="10" -s wipe_hop_enable="true" -s wipe_pause="0" -s wipe_retraction_prime_speed="2" -s wipe_retraction_extra_prime_amount="0" -s wipe_retraction_amount="1" -s bridge_fan_speed_3="0" -s bridge_skin_density_3="80" -s bridge_skin_material_flow_3="110" -s bridge_fan_speed_2="0" -s bridge_skin_speed_2="25" -s bridge_skin_speed="15" -s bridge_wall_material_flow="50" -s bridge_wall_speed="15" -s bridge_skin_density="100" -s bridge_wall_coast="100" -s bridge_skin_support_threshold="50" -s bridge_settings_enabled="false" -s wall_overhang_speed_factor="100" -s wall_overhang_angle="90" -s adaptive_layer_height_threshold="0.2" -s adaptive_layer_height_variation_step="0.01" -s wireframe_nozzle_clearance="1" -s wireframe_up_half_speed="0.3" -s wireframe_flat_delay="0.1" -s wireframe_bottom_delay="0" -s wireframe_top_delay="0" -s wireframe_flow_flat="100" -s wireframe_flow_connection="100" -s wireframe_printspeed_up="5" -s wireframe_height="3" -s wireframe_enabled="false" -s flow_rate_extrusion_offset_factor="100" -s magic_fuzzy_skin_point_dist="0.8" -s magic_fuzzy_skin_outside_only="false" -s magic_fuzzy_skin_enabled="false" -s support_conical_min_width="5" -s support_conical_angle="30" -s cross_support_density_image="" -s max_extrusion_before_wipe="10" -s cross_infill_density_image="" -s cross_infill_pocket_size="2" -s coasting_min_volume="0.8" -s wireframe_strategy="compensate" -s coasting_volume="0.064" -s conical_overhang_hole_size="0" -s conical_overhang_angle="50" -s draft_shield_height="10" -s draft_shield_height_limitation="full" -s conical_overhang_enabled="false" -s draft_shield_enabled="false" -s wall_x_material_flow="100" -s skin_material_flow="100" -s skirt_brim_minimal_length="250" -s skin_no_small_gaps_heuristic="false" -s speed_wall_x="60" -s speed_wall_0="30" -s speed_infill="60" -s sub_div_rad_add="0.4" -s machine_feeder_wheel_diameter="10" -s infill_material_flow="100" -s wall_0_material_flow="100" -s material_no_load_move_factor="0.94086" -s jerk_wall_x="20" -s material_flush_purge_speed="0.5" -s support_tower_diameter="3" -s material_break_preparation_temperature="50" -s machine_steps_per_mm_y="50" -s jerk_travel="30" -s material_break_preparation_speed="2" -s adaptive_layer_height_variation="0.1" -s meshfix_extensive_stitching="false" -s wireframe_drag_along="0.6" -s material_shrinkage_percentage="100" -s material_surface_energy="100" -s machine_max_jerk_e="5" -s jerk_wall_0="20" -s material_print_temperature_layer_0="215" -s material_print_temperature="210" -s wireframe_printspeed_bottom="5" -s coasting_enable="false" -s ooze_shield_enabled="false" -s wipe_retraction_retract_speed="3" -s infill_before_walls="true" -s gradual_infill_steps="0" -s adaptive_layer_height_enabled="false" -s support_tower_roof_angle="65" -s machine_start_gcode="; Ender 3 Custom Start G-code G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G28 ; Home all axes G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X0.1 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to start position G1 X0.1 Y200.0 Z0.3 F1500.0 E15 ; Draw the first line G1 X0.4 Y200.0 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move to side a little G1 X0.4 Y20 Z0.3 F1500.0 E30 ; Draw the second line G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder G1 Z2.0 F3000 ; Move Z Axis up little to prevent scratching of Heat Bed G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish" -s machine_firmware_retract="false" -s infill_overlap_mm="0.04" -s outer_inset_first="false" -s raft_interface_line_spacing="0.9" -s infill_sparse_thickness="0.1" -s infill_offset_x="0" -s infill_angles="[ ]" -s zig_zaggify_infill="false" -s infill_support_angle="40" -s machine_extruders_share_heater="false" -s bottom_skin_preshrink="1" -s raft_surface_thickness="0.1" -s support_xy_distance_overhang="0.2" -s extruder_prime_pos_abs="false" -s top_skin_preshrink="1" -s adhesion_extruder_nr="0" -s skin_overlap_mm="0.02" -s skirt_brim_material_flow="100" -s speed_equalize_flow_enabled="false" -s mold_angle="40" -s infill_line_width="0.4" -s fill_outline_gaps="false" -s infill_wipe_dist="0.04" -s speed_topbottom="30" -s magic_spiralize="false" -s ironing_pattern="zigzag" -s ironing_only_highest_layer="false" -s wireframe_fall_down="0.5" -s default_material_print_temperature="210" -s wipe_repeat_count="5" -s infill_mesh="false" -s retraction_enable="true" -s skin_outline_count="1" -s roofing_material_flow="100" -s raft_surface_line_width="0.4" -s wipe_retraction_enable="true" -s speed_roofing="25" -s material_standby_temperature="150" -s infill_extruder_nr="-1" -s skin_angles="[ ]" -s ironing_monotonic="false" -s jerk_infill="20" -s top_layers="8" -s machine_width="235" -s roofing_layer_count="0" -s machine_always_write_active_tool="false" -s layer_height="0.1" -s machine_max_feedrate_x="2.99792e+11" -s material_adhesion_tendency="10" -s support_roof_line_width="0.4" -s machine_max_feedrate_y="2.99792e+11" -s meshfix_maximum_resolution="0.5" -s material_flow_layer_0="100" -s machine_nozzle_size="0.4" -s machine_heat_zone_length="16" -s ironing_flow="10" -s ooze_shield_dist="2" -s support_zag_skip_count="5" -s cutting_mesh="false" -s wipe_brush_pos_x="100" -s connect_infill_polygons="true" -s machine_endstop_positive_direction_y="false" -s roofing_extruder_nr="-1" -s gantry_height="1e+11" -s meshfix_maximum_travel_resolution="1" -s machine_extruders_shared_nozzle_initial_retraction="0" -s magic_mesh_surface_mode="normal" -s machine_minimum_feedrate="0" -s wall_line_width_x="0.4" -s machine_name="Creality Ender-3" -s material_bed_temperature_layer_0="60" -s machine_max_acceleration_e="10000" -s material_end_of_filament_purge_speed="0.5" -s support_bottom_height="1" -s machine_max_acceleration_y="9000" -s machine_show_variants="false" -s gradual_infill_step_height="1.5" -s machine_nozzle_temp_enabled="true" -s raft_smoothing="5" -s wall_min_flow="0" -s wireframe_top_jump="0.6" -s machine_steps_per_mm_z="50" -s machine_nozzle_cool_down_speed="2" -s material_anti_ooze_retracted_position="-4" -s material_bed_temperature="60" -s prime_tower_line_width="0.4" -s material_bed_temp_prepend="true" -s travel_compensate_overlapping_walls_0_enabled="true" -s material_print_temp_prepend="true" -s jerk_print_layer_0="20" -s machine_buildplate_type="glass" -s center_object="false" -s material_flush_purge_length="60" -s material_break_preparation_retracted_position="-16" -s xy_offset="0" -s carve_multiple_volumes="true" -s material_break_speed="25" -s infill_randomize_start_location="false" -s acceleration_skirt_brim="3000" -s acceleration_ironing="3000" -s extruder_prime_pos_z="0" -s jerk_ironing="20" -s retraction_extra_prime_amount="0" -s machine_heated_build_volume="false" -s support_bottom_line_width="0.4" -s wireframe_roof_drag_along="0.8" -s material_final_print_temperature="195" -s speed_slowdown_layers="2" -s skin_edge_support_layers="4" -s bridge_skin_density_2="75" -s machine_nozzle_id="unknown" -s layer_height_0="0.3" -s material_diameter="1.75" -s machine_max_acceleration_z="100" -s wall_0_extruder_nr="-1" -s retraction_hop_after_extruder_switch="true" -s material_flow_temp_graph="[[3.5,200],[7.0,240]]" -s machine_gcode_flavor="RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)" -s top_bottom_pattern="lines" -s machine_nozzle_expansion_angle="45" -s material_bed_temp_wait="true" -s bottom_layers="6" -s machine_nozzle_heat_up_speed="2" -s material_break_retracted_position="-50" -s retraction_retract_speed="25" -s extruder_prime_pos_x="0" -s support_bottom_pattern="concentric" -s machine_depth="235" -s machine_nozzle_tip_outer_diameter="1" -s min_infill_area="0" -s machine_height="250" -s support_connect_zigzags="true" -s machine_extruders_share_nozzle="false" -s build_volume_temperature="0" -s initial_bottom_layers="6" -s brim_outside_only="true" -s min_skin_width_for_expansion="0" -s extruders_enabled_count="1" -s infill_line_distance="2" -s retraction_count_max="90" -s minimum_polygon_circumference="1" -s machine_end_gcode="G91 ;Relative positioning G1 E-2 F2700 ;Retract a bit G1 E-2 Z0.2 F2400 ;Retract and raise Z G1 X5 Y5 F3000 ;Wipe out G1 Z10 ;Raise Z more G90 ;Absolute positioning G1 X0 Y{machine_depth} ;Present print M106 S0 ;Turn-off fan M104 S0 ;Turn-off hotend M140 S0 ;Turn-off bed M84 X Y E ;Disable all steppers but Z " -s skirt_brim_line_width="0.4" -s brim_line_count="20" -s bridge_skin_material_flow_2="100" -s support_conical_enabled="false" -s machine_nozzle_head_distance="3" -s material_break_temperature="50" -s optimize_wall_printing_order="false" -s speed_support_roof="40" -s support_roof_offset="0" -s material_extrusion_cool_down_speed="0.7" -s infill_pattern="grid" -s machine_steps_per_mm_x="50" -s material_maximum_park_duration="300" -s support_brim_line_count="20" -s machine_heated_bed="true" -s machine_use_extruder_offset_to_offset_coords="true" -s machine_max_feedrate_z="2.99792e+11" -s retraction_hop="1" -s machine_max_feedrate_e="2.99792e+11" -s travel_compensate_overlapping_walls_x_enabled="true" -s clean_between_layers="false" -s cool_fan_enabled="true" -s material_anti_ooze_retraction_speed="5" -s z_seam_type="sharpest_corner" -s raft_interface_line_width="0.7" -s speed_print_layer_0="30" -s raft_interface_acceleration="3000" -s machine_endstop_positive_direction_x="false" -s support_enable="false" -s bridge_skin_material_flow="60" -s speed_travel_layer_0="60" -s wireframe_roof_outer_delay="0.2" -s top_skin_expand_distance="1" -s speed_prime_tower="60" -s machine_endstop_positive_direction_z="true" -s default_material_bed_temperature="60" -s cool_min_speed="10" -s material_initial_print_temperature="200" -s layer_0_z_overlap="0.22" -s ironing_inset="0.35" -s flow_rate_max_extrusion_offset="0" -s acceleration_roofing="3000" -s alternate_extra_perimeter="false" -s gradual_support_infill_step_height="1" -s machine_max_jerk_xy="20" -s wall_line_width_0="0.4" -s bridge_sparse_infill_max_density="0" -s acceleration_enabled="false" -s slicing_tolerance="middle" -s machine_max_acceleration_x="9000" -s travel_avoid_distance="0.625" -s support_line_width="0.4" -s support_skip_some_zags="false" -s support_infill_angles="[ ]" -s speed_travel="120" -s support_bottom_material_flow="100" -s alternate_carve_order="true" -s cool_fan_full_layer="2" -s material_print_temp_wait="true" -s wall_line_count="2" -s wall_0_wipe_dist="0.2" -s top_bottom_extruder_nr="-1" -s support_material_flow="100" -s material_end_of_filament_purge_length="20" -s machine_acceleration="4000" -s wall_0_inset="0" -s machine_center_is_zero="false" -s smooth_spiralized_contours="true" -s acceleration_travel_layer_0="3000" -s skin_line_width="0.4" -s speed_z_hop="10" -s raft_interface_jerk="20" -s connect_skin_polygons="false" -s wireframe_roof_inset="3" -s cool_min_layer_time="5" -s raft_base_line_width="0.8" -s support_top_distance="0.1" -s machine_min_cool_heat_time_window="50" -s xy_offset_layer_0="0" -s z_seam_y="100" -s speed_ironing="20" -s z_seam_relative="false" -s jerk_skirt_brim="20" -s ironing_line_spacing="0.1" -s skirt_brim_speed="30" -s coasting_speed="90" -s speed_equalize_flow_max="150" -s acceleration_infill="3000" -s acceleration_wall_0="3000" -s acceleration_wall_x="3000" -s acceleration_topbottom="3000" -s infill_support_enabled="false" -s machine_shape="rectangular" -s support_bottom_stair_step_min_slope="10" -s acceleration_support_roof="3000" -s prime_tower_enable="false" -s infill_wall_line_count="0" -s minimum_bottom_area="1" -s raft_surface_jerk="20" -s material_crystallinity="false" -s multiple_mesh_overlap="0.15" -s acceleration_print_layer_0="3000" -s jerk_enabled="false" -s jerk_roofing="20" -s support_bottom_distance="0.1" -s raft_base_speed="15" -s support_offset="0" -s jerk_support_infill="20" -s support_supported_skin_fan_speed="100" -s jerk_support_roof="20" -s magic_fuzzy_skin_thickness="0.3" -s support_initial_layer_line_distance="2.66" -s jerk_support_bottom="20" -s jerk_prime_tower="20" -s speed_support_infill="60" -s ironing_enabled="false" -s machine_extruder_count="1" -s retract_at_layer_change="false" -s z_seam_corner="z_seam_corner_inner" -s machine_max_jerk_z="0.4" -s retraction_amount="6.5" -s retraction_prime_speed="25" -s retraction_min_travel="1.5" -s support_meshes_present="false" -s retraction_extrusion_window="4.5" -s acceleration_travel="5000" -s limit_support_retractions="true" -s bridge_wall_min_length="5" -s retraction_combing="all" -s retraction_combing_max_distance="0" -s support_bottom_stair_step_height="0.3" -s travel_avoid_other_parts="true" -s wall_x_extruder_nr="-1" -s travel_avoid_supports="false" -s layer_start_x="0" -s retraction_hop_enabled="false" -s retraction_hop_only_when_collides="false" -s retraction_hop_after_extruder_switch_height="1" -s cool_min_layer_time_fan_speed_max="10" -s ooze_shield_angle="60" -s cool_lift_head="false" -s fill_perimeter_gaps="everywhere" -s support_infill_extruder_nr="0" -s speed_support_bottom="40" -s support_extruder_nr_layer_0="0" -s skirt_line_count="1" -s filter_out_tiny_gaps="true" -s support_tree_branch_diameter_angle="5" -s raft_surface_line_spacing="0.4" -s top_bottom_pattern_0="lines" -s support_roof_extruder_nr="0" -s jerk_travel_layer_0="20" -s support_bottom_extruder_nr="0" -s support_structure="normal" -s support_tree_angle="40" -s wall_min_flow_retract="false" -s support_tree_branch_distance="1" -s support_tree_branch_diameter="2" -s support_roof_line_distance="0.4" -s wireframe_straight_before_down="20" -s meshfix_maximum_deviation="0.025" -s support_tree_collision_resolution="0.4" -s small_feature_speed_factor_0="50" -s support_type="everywhere" -s hole_xy_offset="0" -s support_angle="50" -s prime_tower_brim_enable="false" -s wipe_hop_amount="1" -s support_pattern="zigzag" -s bridge_enable_more_layers="true" -s support_wall_count="1" -s small_feature_max_length="0" -s draft_shield_dist="10" -s raft_interface_fan_speed="0" -s support_line_distance="2.66" -s support_brim_enable="false" -s raft_base_acceleration="3000" -s travel_retract_before_outer_wall="false" -s switch_extruder_prime_speed="20" -s initial_layer_line_width_factor="100" -s support_xy_distance="0.7" -s support_xy_overrides_z="z_overrides_xy" -s zig_zaggify_support="false" -s support_bottom_stair_step_width="5" -s remove_empty_first_layers="true" -s support_join_distance="2" -s acceleration_prime_tower="3000" -s support_infill_sparse_thickness="0.1" -s mold_width="5" -s gradual_support_infill_steps="0" -s jerk_topbottom="20" -s minimum_support_area="0" -s support_roof_enable="false" -s bridge_skin_speed_3="15" -s support_bottom_enable="false" -s support_roof_height="1" -s support_interface_skip_height="0.3" -s support_bottom_line_distance="0.4" -s support_roof_pattern="concentric" -s meshfix_keep_open_polygons="false" -s support_roof_angles="[ ]" -s layer_start_y="0" -s support_bottom_angles="[ ]" -s support_fan_enable="false" -s wireframe_roof_fall_down="2" -s print_sequence="all_at_once" -s support_use_towers="true" -s prime_tower_wipe_enabled="true" -s cool_fan_speed_min="100" -s support_tower_maximum_supported_diameter="3" -s cool_fan_speed_max="100" -s support_mesh_drop_down="true" -s prime_blob_enable="false" -s bottom_skin_expand_distance="1" -s extruder_prime_pos_y="0" -s adhesion_type="brim" -s bridge_fan_speed="100" -s skirt_gap="3" -s brim_gap="0" -s acceleration_support_infill="3000" -s meshfix_union_all_remove_holes="false" -s infill_enable_travel_optimization="false" -s raft_margin="15" -s prime_tower_position_x="200" -s skin_monotonic="false" -s cool_fan_speed_0="0" -s brim_replaces_support="true" -s raft_airgap="0.3" -s support_mesh="false" -s prime_tower_flow="100" -s raft_interface_thickness="0.15" -s raft_base_thickness="0.3" -s raft_base_line_spacing="1.6" -s wireframe_printspeed_down="5" -s z_seam_x="100" -s prime_tower_position_y="200" -s raft_surface_speed="20" -s infill_multiplier="1" -s raft_interface_speed="15" -s raft_surface_acceleration="3000" -s material_guid="" -s raft_base_jerk="20" -s raft_surface_fan_speed="0" -s wireframe_printspeed_flat="5" -s raft_base_fan_speed="0" -s minimum_roof_area="1" -s prime_tower_size="20" -s switch_extruder_retraction_amount="20" -s raft_surface_layers="2" -s prime_tower_min_volume="6" -s switch_extruder_retraction_speed="20" -s switch_extruder_extra_prime_amount="0" -s meshfix_union_all="true" -s infill_mesh_order="0" -s machine_steps_per_mm_e="1600" -s support_bottom_offset="0" -s mold_enabled="false" -s mold_roof_height="0.5" -s anti_overhang_mesh="false" -s relative_extrusion="false" -s support_roof_material_flow="100" -s roofing_line_width="0.4" -s acceleration_support_bottom="3000" -s roofing_pattern="lines" -s roofing_monotonic="false" -s infill_offset_y="0" -s roofing_angles="[ ]" -s mesh_position_y="0" -s material_flow_dependent_temperature="false" -e0 -s machine_extruder_cooling_fan_number="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_y="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_z="0" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_y="0" -s material_diameter="1.75" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_x="0" -s machine_nozzle_offset_y="0" -s machine_nozzle_size="0.4" -s extruder_nr="0" -s machine_nozzle_offset_x="0" -s machine_nozzle_id="unknown" -s machine_extruder_start_code="" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_abs="false" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_x="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_x="0" -s machine_extruder_end_code="" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_y="0" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_abs="false" -g -e0 -l "0" -s machine_extruder_cooling_fan_number="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_y="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_z="0" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_y="0" -s material_diameter="1.75" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_x="0" -s machine_nozzle_offset_y="0" -s machine_nozzle_size="0.4" -s extruder_nr="0" -s machine_nozzle_offset_x="0" -s machine_nozzle_id="unknown" -s machine_extruder_start_code="" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_abs="false" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_x="0" -s extruder_prime_pos_x="0" -s machine_extruder_end_code="" -s machine_extruder_start_pos_y="0" -s machine_extruder_end_pos_abs="false" Progress: start accomplished in 0.035s Starting slice... Slicing model... slice of mesh took 0.001 seconds slice make polygons took 0.001 seconds Progress:slice:1:1 0.018531% Progress: slice accomplished in 0.007s Starting layerparts... Progress:layerparts:1:1 0.023922% Progress: layerparts accomplished in 0.001s Starting inset+skin... Progress:inset+skin:0:100 0.023922% Progress:inset+skin:0:100 0.023922% Progress:inset+skin:1:100 0.026447% Progress:inset+skin:2:100 0.028973% Progress:inset+skin:3:100 0.031498% Progress:inset+skin:3:100 0.031498% Progress:inset+skin:4:100 0.034024% Progress:inset+skin:5:100 0.036549% Progress:inset+skin:5:100 0.036549% Progress:inset+skin:6:100 0.039075% Progress:inset+skin:7:100 0.041601% Progress:inset+skin:7:100 0.041601% Progress:inset+skin:8:100 0.044126% Progress:inset+skin:9:100 0.046652% Progress:inset+skin:9:100 0.046652% Progress:inset+skin:10:100 0.049177% Progress:inset+skin:11:100 0.051703% Progress:inset+skin:11:100 0.051703% Progress:inset+skin:12:100 0.054228% Progress:inset+skin:13:100 0.056754% Progress:inset+skin:14:100 0.059279% Progress:inset+skin:14:100 0.059279% Progress:inset+skin:15:100 0.061805% Progress:inset+skin:15:100 0.061805% Progress:inset+skin:16:100 0.064330% Progress:inset+skin:17:100 0.066856% Progress:inset+skin:18:100 0.069381% Progress:inset+skin:18:100 0.069381% Progress:inset+skin:19:100 0.071907% Progress:inset+skin:20:100 0.074432% Progress:inset+skin:20:100 0.074432% Progress:inset+skin:21:100 0.076958% Progress:inset+skin:22:100 0.079483% Progress:inset+skin:22:100 0.079483% Progress:inset+skin:23:100 0.082009% Progress:inset+skin:24:100 0.084534% Progress:inset+skin:24:100 0.084534% Progress:inset+skin:25:100 0.087060% Progress:inset+skin:26:100 0.089585% Progress:inset+skin:27:100 0.092111% Progress:inset+skin:27:100 0.092111% Progress:inset+skin:28:100 0.094636% Progress:inset+skin:29:100 0.097162% Progress:inset+skin:30:100 0.099687% Progress:inset+skin:30:100 0.099687% Progress:inset+skin:31:100 0.102213% Progress:inset+skin:32:100 0.104738% Progress:inset+skin:33:100 0.107264% Progress:inset+skin:35:100 0.112315% Progress:inset+skin:36:100 0.114840% Progress:inset+skin:38:100 0.119891% Progress:inset+skin:39:100 0.122417% Progress:inset+skin:40:100 0.124943% Progress:inset+skin:42:100 0.129994% Progress:inset+skin:43:100 0.132519% Progress:inset+skin:45:100 0.137570% Progress:inset+skin:46:100 0.140096% Progress:inset+skin:47:100 0.142621% Progress:inset+skin:49:100 0.147672% Progress:inset+skin:50:100 0.150198% Progress:inset+skin:51:100 0.152723% Progress:inset+skin:53:100 0.157774% Progress:inset+skin:54:100 0.160300% Progress:inset+skin:56:100 0.165351% Progress:inset+skin:57:100 0.167876% Progress:inset+skin:58:100 0.170402% Progress:inset+skin:60:100 0.175453% Progress:inset+skin:61:100 0.177978% Progress:inset+skin:62:100 0.180504% Progress:inset+skin:63:100 0.183029% Progress:inset+skin:65:100 0.188080% Progress:inset+skin:66:100 0.190606% Progress:inset+skin:68:100 0.195657% Progress:inset+skin:69:100 0.198182% Progress:inset+skin:70:100 0.200708% Progress:inset+skin:72:100 0.205759% Progress:inset+skin:73:100 0.208284% Progress:inset+skin:74:100 0.210810% Progress:inset+skin:76:100 0.215861% Progress:inset+skin:77:100 0.218387% Progress:inset+skin:79:100 0.223438% Progress:inset+skin:80:100 0.225963% Progress:inset+skin:81:100 0.228489% Progress:inset+skin:83:100 0.233540% Progress:inset+skin:84:100 0.236065% Progress:inset+skin:85:100 0.238591% Progress:inset+skin:87:100 0.243642% Progress:inset+skin:88:100 0.246167% Progress:inset+skin:90:100 0.251218% Progress:inset+skin:91:100 0.253744% Progress:inset+skin:92:100 0.256269% Progress:inset+skin:94:100 0.261320% Progress:inset+skin:95:100 0.263846% Progress:inset+skin:97:100 0.268897% Progress:inset+skin:98:100 0.271422% Progress:inset+skin:1:1 0.276473% Layer count: 198 Progress: inset+skin accomplished in 0.019s Starting support... Processing platform adhesion Progress: support accomplished in 0.012s Starting export... Multithreading GcodeLayerThreader with 4 threads. Progress:export:1:198 0.458613% Progress:export:2:198 0.461359% Progress:export:3:198 0.464106% Progress:export:4:198 0.466852% Progress:export:5:198 0.469598% Progress:export:6:198 0.472345% Progress:export:7:198 0.475091% Progress:export:8:198 0.477838% Progress:export:9:198 0.480584% Progress:export:10:198 0.483330% Progress:export:11:198 0.486077% Progress:export:12:198 0.488823% Progress:export:13:198 0.491569% Progress:export:14:198 0.494316% Progress:export:15:198 0.497062% Progress:export:16:198 0.499808% Progress:export:17:198 0.502555% Progress:export:18:198 0.505301% Progress:export:19:198 0.508048% Progress:export:20:198 0.510794% Progress:export:21:198 0.513540% Progress:export:22:198 0.516287% Progress:export:23:198 0.519033% Progress:export:24:198 0.521779% Progress:export:25:198 0.524526% Progress:export:26:198 0.527272% Progress:export:27:198 0.530019% Progress:export:28:198 0.532765% Progress:export:29:198 0.535511% Progress:export:30:198 0.538258% Progress:export:31:198 0.541004% Progress:export:32:198 0.543750% Progress:export:33:198 0.546497% Progress:export:34:198 0.549243% Progress:export:35:198 0.551990% Progress:export:36:198 0.554736% Progress:export:37:198 0.557482% Progress:export:38:198 0.560229% Progress:export:39:198 0.562975% Progress:export:40:198 0.565721% Progress:export:41:198 0.568468% Progress:export:42:198 0.571214% Progress:export:43:198 0.573961% Progress:export:44:198 0.576707% Progress:export:45:198 0.579453% Progress:export:46:198 0.582200% Progress:export:47:198 0.584946% Progress:export:48:198 0.587692% Progress:export:49:198 0.590439% Progress:export:50:198 0.593185% Progress:export:51:198 0.595932% Progress:export:52:198 0.598678% Progress:export:53:198 0.601424% Progress:export:54:198 0.604171% Progress:export:55:198 0.606917% Progress:export:56:198 0.609663% Progress:export:57:198 0.612410% Progress:export:58:198 0.615156% Progress:export:59:198 0.617903% Progress:export:60:198 0.620649% Progress:export:61:198 0.623395% Progress:export:62:198 0.626142% Progress:export:63:198 0.628888% Progress:export:64:198 0.631634% Progress:export:65:198 0.634381% Progress:export:66:198 0.637127% Progress:export:67:198 0.639874% Progress:export:68:198 0.642620% Progress:export:69:198 0.645366% Progress:export:70:198 0.648113% Progress:export:71:198 0.650859% Progress:export:72:198 0.653605% Progress:export:73:198 0.656352% Progress:export:74:198 0.659098% Progress:export:75:198 0.661844% Progress:export:76:198 0.664591% Progress:export:77:198 0.667337% Progress:export:78:198 0.670084% Progress:export:79:198 0.672830% Progress:export:80:198 0.675576% Progress:export:81:198 0.678323% Progress:export:82:198 0.681069% Progress:export:83:198 0.683815% Progress:export:84:198 0.686562% Progress:export:85:198 0.689308% Progress:export:86:198 0.692055% Progress:export:87:198 0.694801% Progress:export:88:198 0.697547% Progress:export:89:198 0.700294% Progress:export:90:198 0.703040% Progress:export:91:198 0.705786% Progress:export:92:198 0.708533% Progress:export:93:198 0.711279% Progress:export:94:198 0.714026% Progress:export:95:198 0.716772% Progress:export:96:198 0.719518% Progress:export:97:198 0.722265% Progress:export:98:198 0.725011% Progress:export:99:198 0.727757% Progress:export:100:198 0.730504% Progress:export:101:198 0.733250% Progress:export:102:198 0.735997% Progress:export:103:198 0.738743% Progress:export:104:198 0.741489% Progress:export:105:198 0.744236% Progress:export:106:198 0.746982% Progress:export:107:198 0.749728% Progress:export:108:198 0.752475% Progress:export:109:198 0.755221% Progress:export:110:198 0.757968% Progress:export:111:198 0.760714% Progress:export:112:198 0.763460% Progress:export:113:198 0.766207% Progress:export:114:198 0.768953% Progress:export:115:198 0.771699% Progress:export:116:198 0.774446% Progress:export:117:198 0.777192% Progress:export:118:198 0.779939% Progress:export:119:198 0.782685% Progress:export:120:198 0.785431% Progress:export:121:198 0.788178% Progress:export:122:198 0.790924% Progress:export:123:198 0.793670% Progress:export:124:198 0.796417% Progress:export:125:198 0.799163% Progress:export:126:198 0.801909% Progress:export:127:198 0.804656% Progress:export:128:198 0.807402% Progress:export:129:198 0.810149% Progress:export:130:198 0.812895% Progress:export:131:198 0.815641% Progress:export:132:198 0.818388% Progress:export:133:198 0.821134% Progress:export:134:198 0.823880% Progress:export:135:198 0.826627% Progress:export:136:198 0.829373% Progress:export:137:198 0.832120% Progress:export:138:198 0.834866% Progress:export:139:198 0.837612% Progress:export:140:198 0.840359% Progress:export:141:198 0.843105% Progress:export:142:198 0.845851% Progress:export:143:198 0.848598% Progress:export:144:198 0.851344% Progress:export:145:198 0.854091% Progress:export:146:198 0.856837% Progress:export:147:198 0.859583% Progress:export:148:198 0.862330% Progress:export:149:198 0.865076% Progress:export:150:198 0.867822% Progress:export:151:198 0.870569% Progress:export:152:198 0.873315% Progress:export:153:198 0.876062% Progress:export:154:198 0.878808% Progress:export:155:198 0.881554% Progress:export:156:198 0.884301% Progress:export:157:198 0.887047% Progress:export:158:198 0.889793% Progress:export:159:198 0.892540% Progress:export:160:198 0.895286% Progress:export:161:198 0.898033% Progress:export:162:198 0.900779% Progress:export:163:198 0.903525% Progress:export:164:198 0.906272% Progress:export:165:198 0.909018% Progress:export:166:198 0.911764% Progress:export:167:198 0.914511% Progress:export:168:198 0.917257% Progress:export:169:198 0.920004% Progress:export:170:198 0.922750% Progress:export:171:198 0.925496% Progress:export:172:198 0.928243% Progress:export:173:198 0.930989% Progress:export:174:198 0.933735% Progress:export:175:198 0.936482% Progress:export:176:198 0.939228% Progress:export:177:198 0.941974% Progress:export:178:198 0.944721% Progress:export:179:198 0.947467% Progress:export:180:198 0.950214% Progress:export:181:198 0.952960% Progress:export:182:198 0.955706% Progress:export:183:198 0.958453% Progress:export:184:198 0.961199% Progress:export:185:198 0.963946% Progress:export:186:198 0.966692% Progress:export:187:198 0.969438% Progress:export:188:198 0.972185% Progress:export:189:198 0.974931% Progress:export:190:198 0.977677% Progress:export:191:198 0.980424% Progress:export:192:198 0.983170% Progress:export:193:198 0.985916% Progress:export:194:198 0.988663% Progress:export:195:198 0.991409% Progress:export:196:198 0.994156% Progress:export:197:198 0.996902% Progress:export:198:198 0.999648% Progress: export accomplished in 0.611s Progress:process:1:1 1.000000% Total time elapsed 0.69s. Gcode header after slicing: ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:20121 ;Filament used: 12.1514m ;Layer height: 0.1 ;MINX:36.056 ;MINY:24.664 ;MINZ:0.3 ;MAXX:198.944 ;MAXY:210.336 ;MAXZ:20 End of gcode header. Print time (s): 20121 Print time (hr|min|s): 5h 35m 21s Filament (mm^3): 29227 I believe that maybe the problem is with the setting of the CURA_ENGINE_SEARCH_PATH variable. The truth is I'm still more of a mechanical engineer than a programmer, so most of the time I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. I have also tried with different settings in the command line but the result always missed some layers. Here are are the settings I've tried with: /snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/bin/CuraEngine slice -v -p -j /snap/cura-slicer/51/usr/share/cura/resources/definitions/creality_ender3.def.json -o output.gcode -s speed_print_layer_0=5 -s layer_height=0.2 -s speed_print=50 -s speed_travel=150 -s speed_infill=50 -s wall_thickness=0.8 -s speed_topbottom=25 -s speed_wall=25 -s speed_wall_0=25 -s speed_wall_x=25 -s skirt_brim_speed=5 -s acceleration_print=500 -s acceleration_enabled="true" -s acceleration_infill=500 -s acceleration_wall_0=500 -s acceleration_wall_x=500 -s acceleration_topbottom=500 -s acceleration_travel=500 -s acceleration_travel_layer_0=500 -s acceleration_print_layer_0=500 -s retraction_speed=45 -s retraction_prime_speed=45 -s retraction_retract_speed=45 -s adhesion_type="skirt" -s skirt_line_count=3 -s skirt_gap=10 -s line_width=0.4 -l my_piece.stl If anyone could provide me with some light about this issue. By the way I know that there are a lot of posts related the same topics but to be honest the information wasn't straightforward enough for a mechanical engineer trying to deal with programs... xD. So if anyone has a more detailed tutorial to work with the CuraEngine CLI it would be greatly appreciatted. Thanks in advance.
  18. I have edited my supports profile so that it's perfect and falls off perfect but when I switched to carbon fiber polycarbonate everything else prints fine but my supports are all messed up like they're under extruding. Does anybody have any suggestions on my supports?
  19. Is anyone actively working on getting Cura to run natively on Apple Silicon (M1?) Most of the major libraries seem to be ready. I've been playing with the source code and while I haven't managed to get everything compiled, that's more due to my incompetence than anything. I think someone who better understands the Cura build process could probably do it.
  20. Is there a way to keep Cura from trying to slice the current work piece until I have it positioned as I want it? I have opened a couple of fairly large .stl and .obj files and Cura insists upon slicing while I'm still trying to orient the piece in the work space. Some times I might want to print several pieces at the same time. It would be nice if I could get Cura to hold off on slicing until I'm through setting the work pieces up. Can I do that?
  21. When Cura asks me to install the new update, I politely comply. But I was completely stunned that in v 4.11 Tough PLA did not seem to exist anywhere. So I go to the Ultimaker page with the print settings : tough PLA settings, where I read to my astonishment: "Note: Ultimaker Tough PLA is not supported on the Ultimaker 2+ (Extended), Ultimaker 2 Go, Ultimaker 2 (Extended), Ultimaker Original+, and Ultimaker Original." What is this , Ultimaker? Printing UM material on an UM printer and its not supported? And I suppose you think now I am going to the shop to get me a UM 3 or 5? I am having a hard time staying polite now.
  22. I was wondering if someone could please help me out with an issue i'm having. I am running Cura 4.11 on Arch Linux and I am trying to setup my Prusa printer with it. I downloaded the profiles from Prusa and followed the instructions for the first three things, which is the following: 1. Copy the .json file from the Cura_printer_definition folder to the definitions folder in linux. I placed that file under ~/.local/share/cura/4.1`1/definitions 2. Copy the .json file from the Cura_printer_extruder folder to the extruder folder in linux. I placed that file under ~/.local/share/cura/4.11/extruders 3. Copy the .stl file from the Cura_meshes folder to the meshes folder in linux. I placed that file under ~/.local/share/cura/4.11/meshes (I had to create the 'meshes' directory since it did not exist) At this point you now go in and add the printer but I do not see the "Original Prusa i3 MK3/MK3S" under "Prusa Research". All I see is the Prusa3D that comes with Cura. I saw somewhere else that you have to place those folders under ~/.config/cura/4.11/resources but that did not work for me either. Could someone please help me with getting this configured properly? Thanks, Van
  23. When I go to add a non-networked printer, there are numerous profiles under Creality3D category that are CR-10's, but none of them are the CR-10 Smart, which is what I have. What would be a proper profile to use for it, or should I create a custom one - and is there a good guide for translating the settings from Creality's slicer (where it had one prepped for this machine) into Ultimaker Cura?
  24. I understand that gradual infill helps to save material by using less at the bottom, but why specifically does it use less material at the BOTTOM, when wouldn't it make much more sense to use less material at the TOP, allowing the denser bottom to provide more support? Is there a benefit to having most of the material and mass at the top of the print?
  25. Everybody is good, ask a question: after filling line, how to make it in the nozzle, through the algorithm to fill line has order (not print a few lines before and after the jump to the last to print a few section of the line segment, and print the middle line), blocked the place for a long time, ask an expert to help give a train of thought, thank you very much!
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