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Feature Request: Please support OctoPrint

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Posted (edited) · Feature Request: Please support OctoPrint


A while ago Daid stated that there is some work to be done on the UM2 firmware in order to support OctoPrint:


As Gina (OctoPrint developer) does not have time for it (and thinks it should be implemented as a plugin anyway), I personally guess Ultimaker 2 <-> OctoPrint won't ever happen.


Ultimaker, please reconsider this issue. OctoPrint is very very useful and convenient when the printer is used on a daily basis. SDcard shuffling is cool and all, but dragging a .gcode file on the browser and hitting print is way better.

Supporting OctoPrint would also fulfill the marketing statement about the UM2 beeing "wifi ready" that seems to still float around...

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Posted · Feature Request: Please support OctoPrint

That pretty cool!

I just downloaded and tried it. Now I hardly have any reason to get up off my butt or even turn my head to look at the printer!!! :p

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Posted · Feature Request: Please support OctoPrint

Octoprint Plugin Bug

The plugin is in constant use and communication with your OctoPrint server (including VIDEO) even when your not using it.

I noticed that my Internet/Intranet speeds were pretty bad today. Trying to find the culprit (of course thinking its my ISP), I noticed my RainMeter Network monitor was showing my Windows PC was receiving 5Mbps almost constantly.

So I started shutting down my Windows Apps to see who was the culprit.

I had 3 instances of Cura running and image my surprise when the Network traffic when to 0 when I closed all Cura instances!

So I removed the plug-in and restarted Cura. No more Internet traffic jams.

P.S. I know it wasn't Windows 10 update because I have that turned OFF (you can do that in Win10 Pro).

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