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Which speed settings are in effect?

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There's something I'm not getting about the speed settings.

If I have specified these speed settings:


then does this one actually matter?


IOW, are there any speeds other than Travel, Bottom, Infill, Top/bottom, Outer, and Inner? I think that covers everything*, meaning that if the detailed ones are specified, then the simple one never comes into play. Is that right?

(In fact, it appears to cover bottom twice, but that's a more obscure question.)

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The print speed parameter is taken into account if you specify 0 for infill, top/bottom, outer and inner shell.

If you specify a specific value there it will override the print speed parameter.

Bottom layer speed is the speed of the first layer, it should always stay low for good adhesion.

Top and bottom represents the speed for the top and bottom layers (depending on the top and bottom height (or number of layers for top/bottom if you prefer)).

By the way your travel speed can be increased to 150 (default) or more up to 250mm/s, this is the speed of non printing moves

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I've got a TweakAtZ that doubles all speeds at later 4, so I'm at 150 travel after that.

Ah - so 75mm/sec might be wise. Although even if you ask for 500mm/sec Marlin has a max XY speed setting which I think defaults to 300mm/sec which should be fine.

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