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PM not Working & How to insert Images

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Ok, I give up: PM is now so slow that I prefer not to be contacted via PM, that is I will read but not reply.

Question: How do you guys inser photo into postings?

I have copied image URLs from other posts; nope it does not work.

I sit here in Greece currently, on my Ipad. There are tiny icons on top of the input screen.

YOU who designed them must be 17 years old. Is this your target audience??

Can the average teenager in Germany afford an UM2?

Even with glasses it is hard to see what they mean. And they do not work as expected.

And need to "learn" and "guess" what these icons which are supposed to bee cool mean.

They look like hierglyphs.

And inserting pictures in a post is so fiddly that I have to ask how to do it.

It is probably simple. Why do you not make it simple, then?

Why do you try to "overcool" the site and inventing everything a-new?

Why can I not just copy an url and it is clickable and works?

Why does it take 20 secs to "return" after posting a PM?

What are you guys up to?

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Hey man,

For pictures, if it's an external image, selecte Add external image if you have it in the gallery, Image gallery.

I don't know how it looks like on an Ipad, it's true that the icons are small on a computer screen.

Here's a very nice picture (paint skills) with the explanation of the icons:


There's a big improvement coming, url auto recognition is part of that.

Work is being done don't worry ;)


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Thank you Didier.

How do you insert a link and make it clickable?

Why does it take 17seconds after posting a PM, do you know?

I copeied a link from someone elses image and tried to post it, Nope.

I tried the hieroglyphs, it inserts lots of html, unclear what is the link itself and what is what they call " display text" or similar.

In any case, I was unable to take an existing picture URL and post it.

There must be something you are forgetting to tell me because  you assume it must be "of cours".

Now I understand why newbies generally do not stay, and only hardliners actually like that it is a bit difficult.

As a newbe here, you feel syupid, you do not get a sense of accomplishment, and are generally scared away from the forum.

I finally understand now what the criticism has been about.

New questions every new person will ask, and I too:

What is the difference between "link" and "external image"?

Why does inserting a http-link to picture which someone else has posted , not work?

Is it necessary to upload picture to gallery before posting?


What is then the use of links / "external image"?

Please Didier, you do not have to answer all these questions.

I am simply highlighting some of the troubles new people have here.

And PM does not work right. In 1984, in OSLO on a DEC-10 with a PDPD-11 front server we had PM system that could handle 100.000 messages per second. This PM system here, can handle 1 message in 15-20 seconds, and that is only on the posting side...

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Not sure how it works (or not) on an Ipad, maybe it's linked to the ipad browser or OS? I really don't know. I can try on an Android Tablet maybe when i'm home.

To insert a link, click on the link icon, a popup should ask the Url, copy paste it there, then click Ok the other popup asks for the text (if you want something different than the url) click ok and it should insert it


Link to Ultimaker

For the pm, for me it's not really fast but not that slow. I count something like 4 to 5 secondes after replying a message...

I will raise the issue to the dev team (or they will see this message) @TheDeugd

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What is the difference between "link" and "external image"?

Link will post a link like this:


External image will add the image in the post like this:


Why does inserting a http-link to picture which someone else has posted , not work?

This will work in the update that will come this week normally. Inserting a link simply by copy paste will translate it automatically to a link (as if you clicked the link icon).

Is it necessary to upload picture to gallery before posting?

If you have a link, just add it with External image. If it's on your computer upload to the user gallery and select Image gallery. Or use a hosting service (but images could be lost).


What is then the use of links / "external image"?

The first answer explains the difference ;)

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Dear Didier!

Thank you for the explanation!

I have to read and re-read it several times.

Is it necessary to make this explanation to many new users, or only to half-wits like me?

Let me try: Use link to add external image, external to .. eh..

Of course all this is not your fault!

BTW it is now since some time back not possible to zoom using fingers on ipad/iphone.. so things are very small.

My God, I would want to be a teen-ager again, like those central Europeans with their keen, smart and sharp little eyes!

Thanks for taking the time to explain.

I guess the only thing I will be able to manage is to first add to gallery, then sue the hieroglyph to the right to insert image,

when I am not tired.

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Or buy glasses ;)

Maybe it's a good suggestion to increase theses icons?


We're increasing the size of the icons a bit in a near future release. If they are still unclear we're going to look at improving the icons.


With the "image from gallery" button you can directly upload an image to your gallery .... so I think it's better not to use external links for pictures.


Some images have copyright, so you can't really go downloading and uploading them to your gallery, you would need to use the external image option.

@swordriff most of your questions are answered here and here. Please let me or @SandervG know if you have any more questions or feedback :)

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