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Retracting way too far after print is finished?

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I just upgraded to cura 15.04 and now when I finish or abort a print my printer retracts the filament 20mm or more, removing it from the print head entirely.


20mm is the default "end-of-print" retraction on the UM2 - from the start on...?

AFAIK this is only relevant if you use Cura with the gcode-flavor "UltiGcode". Do you made any changes on this side lately? Which slicer do you used before?

In addtion - there was a firmware issue - if you pause a running print and subsequently abort it the end-of-print retraction was doubled.

This is fixed with Cura/Firmware version 15.04.1 (or later). I think, the current version is V15.04.3 - the last digit is important.

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Do i have to use Marlin with the Tinker firmware? and do i just simply click "install custom firmware" to fix the retraction after print?


Hi @craftee,

if you want to install this firmware you can download the appropriate *.hex file for your printer (from the link above) and install it with Cura and "install custom firmware"...

...but... ...

...it still does not automatically fixes all printing issues... (i'm working on it... :) )

I gradually made some minor changes on the user interface and - as a side effect - the amount of the "end-of-print" retraction is adjustable (V15.09 or later - Advanced -> Preferences -> Retraction settings)

BTW: there was a short - but similar - discussion recently.

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