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No material coming out, and will not remove from nozzle, help?


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Posted · No material coming out, and will not remove from nozzle, help?

Ive only been running the Ultimaker 2 Extended for a week, and have come across my first problem.

No material is coming out of the nozzle, even though i have a roll of PLA fitted and used the same roll earlier in the week with no probs.

I have tried to remove the material but the machine just makes an awful noise and material doesnt extract, so i cant remove it.

Can anyone help? i dont know what to do

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    Posted · No material coming out, and will not remove from nozzle, help?

    There's many possibilities but the most likely is that the filament is ground down at the feeder. Peek inside the feeder to see if it looks all ground up in there like someone cutting half way through a tree with an ax.

    You'll have to remove the bowden at one end to get it out - I recommend removing it at the feeder in this particular case. First heat up the nozzle to 180C. Then, to remove bowden from feeder, first remove the horse shoe shaped colored clip that holds up the bowden-holder. Then push down firmly on the bowden holder - this is critical - if it won't go down push harder - certainly don't pull up on the bowden until the bowden-holder is moved down slightly. Once it is down pull up on the bowden tube while holding the holder down. Inside the bowden holder are 4 metal blades - if you do it wrong they will remove a little bit of material on the outside of the bowden and make it so that you can't hold the bowden down next time.

    Once that is out and you have exposed a few inches of PLA you can pull up on the pla from above the feeder at the same time as pushing from below. Or the other way around. Or pull from both ends and try to break it in the middle if you want but that might be too difficult. I's helpful to have the nozzle at 180C all this time.

    Once you get the PLA out, inspect the tube for a small piece of PLA just in case - you don't want that binding the new piece of filament on your next attempt at printing.

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    Posted · No material coming out, and will not remove from nozzle, help?

    Thankyou for the help, in the end i had to call my reseller. it was a combination of a blockage in the nozzle and the material grinding down and getting very stuck. I had to force it out by using pliers to move the white thing on the feeder mechanism as the material would not move at all.

    All sorted and working again now :)

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    Posted · No material coming out, and will not remove from nozzle, help?

    First to remove the material, pull on the filament below the feeder while it is removing material. You might need to remove the bowden tube if the filament is stuck in the printhead(happened to me)

    To clean the nozzle, follow these instructions:How to clean out the nozzle of an Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

    (1) First buy yourself some of these great little strong syringes !


    (or amazon.com, but eBay is cheaper. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0026MER5Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

    (3) Using the Maintenance->Advanced->Heat Nozzle menu on the printer, heat the nozzle to 250 degrees

    (4) When the hotend is heated fully. take the syringe with your fingers and gently slide the pin up the centre whole of the nozzle... You should feel a little resistance from the blockage.. Gently push up with the syringe and then move the syringe up and down. Repeat this process and remember to take out the pin of the syringe after every time.. so the loosened material can escape the nozzle.

    This whole process should take no longer than 1 minute !

    (5) Then in the control panel... choose change material and extrude your new filament... wait until the filament really flows nice and smooth through the nozzle... when you notice that the filament is running well... end the material change mode..


    You can also try the atomic method(just search it up on ultimaker.com), but that didn't work for me.

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