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Unable to save mesh file...

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Hi all

Just purchased Ultimaker 2 and having fun.

I've loaded up a big STL file (120MB) into Cura 15.04 and I'm unable to save a mesh file. Generates file of 0Kb. Generates G code fine.

Is there a limit to the size of model data allowed?

thanks, Steve

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Cura has a save mesh?  I didn't know it had that.  Why would it have that?  To save scaling and rotation maybe?


It essentially functions as a way to save a print target, so it saves scaling and rotation as well as positioning of multiple models and so on. This way you can easily save and replicate what exactly you print!

There is no hard limit on what you can save, but it might be difficult to handle such amounts of data. The saving is done in Python with Cura but the slicing is done with the binary CuraEngine, which is able to work much more efficiently. That could explain the difference.

I've just tried it myself with a 600MB ASCII-STL file, and replicated your problem. However, I saw that the file was also held open by Cura as if it was still being written. I haven't got the time to let it run for longer (it's been this way for 10 minutes) but Cura uses 0% processing power so it doesn't seem to be actually writing.

I suspect that the next Cura version under development has re-written this code from scratch. Still, it's helpful for us if you file a bug report :)The currently bleeding edge version runs out of memory when I open the file... Its memory management hasn't quite been optimised yet.

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Explained test on beta version.

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