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Improve the Ultipanel

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I started to play a bit with the ulticontroller firmware. The reason to do this was:

1. I wanted long-filename support (works now, thanks daid).

2. I wanted to implement some tweak to have a progress bar (when I watch a print I like just to have a peek from further away from the room and this makes it easier to observe the progress

3. Think about other ways to improve the GUI (when someone selects a certain menu e.g. temperature in the control section, it would be nice to have a visual feedback/remembering as well, as sometimes you are not sure if you are still in editing mode or not. E.g. the > should change to another symbol as long as someone is changing the temperature.

4. Finally I would like to be able to set the temperature and the speed in the Main menu.

Hence my question as I am quite new to the git version control system: Daid, is it okay to clone and make a new branch from your github version?

To be able, I think I need to register at github (or am I mistaken). I guess I should start read their info on the website.

If someone else has a simple idea what should be implemented to the controller just let me know. As I am pretty new to the arduino language my ability to implement more complicated things are limited.

p.s. I also included that the nozzle goes up 5 mm after the auto home command to prevent the noozle burning into the bed after selecting auto home. I use autohome when I have to restart a print. I am also thinking of having a new submenu Prepare ->Restart (which could be pressed after stop->print) and then the noozle returns to 0,0,5, set temperature to preheat pla/abs and switches of the fan.

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Yes! Updates on the firmware are good. It can use a lot of improvements on the UltiController front. Long filename support was one major thing. But there are lots of more improvements to be made.

Main thing to consider is that the Arduino Mega2560 we use is almost out of RAM, so you should avoid using extra ram.

For github, I recommend reading the github bootcamp:


"Fork a project" explains how you can setup your own development branch.

"Be social" -> "Pull Requests" explains how to easy submit changes to the origin of your fork for review.

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Main thing to consider is that the Arduino Mega2560 we use is almost out of RAM, so you should avoid using extra ram.


Not sure about this. As does not each new line of code use more RAM? When I compile it, it says something about 96000 units of 250000 units are taken.

So how much of the RAM is left (I assume there is some set aside for the printing buffer?!)

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