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Looking for Advice before I receive my new printer.

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Hey Guys,

I just ordered an Ultimaker 2 GO to help with my design and prototyping work (I'm an industrial design university student).

I was hoping that someone could give me some tips to get the best possible print quality. There also isn't a lot of information on the Ultimaker 2 go which makes me slightly concerned if I have a problem. It looks like the parts are the same as the Ultimaker 2 so are the repairs carried out in the same way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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The UM2Go is the same as all the new UM's, just smaller and without heated bed,

so setting can be used on all UM2, UM Go and Extended. and even on the original UM

The best way to start.....is just to start :), use the sample UM little robot, if you can print that without flaws then you are on your way :)

use one of the three standard setting, print and see what happens, if you see problems, post a pic and we can diagnose where problems lie.

and try to get familiar with the Cura advanced settings.


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Only use PLA filament, ( quality grade ).

Use the glue stick provided to stick the object to the glass. You will probably need a 'brim' round the objects to keep them in place.

0.1mm layer height gives the best quality in a reasonable time.

Use Cura in X-ray and layer mode to see if your design is sound.

Start small.

Use this forum - there are some really helpful and knowledgable people on it.

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I sometime get that, I can see the bed flexing a bit as the head moves along - not sure about its significance.

No need to recalibrate the bed, that is only for the 1st layer, after that the bed moves down the correct amount each time and is not affected by the initial bed height.

If the robot comes out OK, then you are all set to go.


Hi Guys,

I have just done the test print of the Ultimaker Robot and it came out great! However, whilst printing I think the nozzle is just hitting the tip of the plastic as it prints a new layer. Is this normal or should I calibrate it with the nozzle slightly higher?

Thanks in advance.


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If you print very fine layers, it might look like it is touching "scraping"the previous layer,

if you print big layers 0.2 0.3 you should really see the height difference between layers.

also the shadows of the print head can play tricks on you eyes, and it sometimes even looks like the print is moving during printing :)

But if your prints come out looking great, then just keep going :)

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For something like the Ultimaker Robot it can be curling of the edges that is causing the nozzle to hit the part. As the plastic cools, it shrinks and this can cause the edges of the print to curl up. There was a long thread on this issue a few months back but IIRC no one managed to really solve the issue in a straight forward way. Printing very slow helps as it re-melts the parts that are sticking up. And thinner layers are more prone to the problem I think.

I might be biased ( ;) ) but I think these guides I wrote are quite helpful:



And if you run into problems:


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Hey Guys,

My extruder seems to be excessively digging into the filament after a while. I start a print and everything is fine but as time goes on i start getting under extrusion and stringing. After I remove the filament, I notice it has a lot of marks in it. After changing it for some fresh filament the print is fine.

Any ideas on what I can do?

Thanks in Advance

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