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reduce current motor

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on my UM2, the temperature of X,Y motors is too hot (i can't let my finger on it 1s), my printer is clean and i put some oil. I intent to reduce en the firmwire the current motor max from 1300 to 1200 mA but i didn't find the line in the files...i just find in configuration_adv.h :

// actual motor currents in Amps, need as many here as DIGIPOT_I2C_NUM_CHANNELS

#define DIGIPOT_I2C_MOTOR_CURRENTS {1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0}

can someboby tell me how i can reduce the current motor max en Marlin (UM2) ?

thank you so much !

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Your motors are probably fine. I think they can be up to 80C which is very hot. It's normal for them to be too hot to touch.

You can reduce the current with a simple gcode but if you do you will need to also lower the acceleration and jerk settings. I don't recomment you mess with it.

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Stepper motors do run hot. I would avoid dropping the current, there is a danger of them missing steps. I was surprised that UM2 allows changes to the currents, you could easily get very unexpected results.

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My motors get really hot especially when printing ABS, because I keep the whole thing toasty by blocking all the big holes. The longest ABS print I have done is around 22 hours I think, no problems to report. So don't worry.

Another thing is the UM2 is really superbly balanced; avoid messing with anything other than what's available via the UI. Even then, take cautious steps. I have reset to factory defaults on more than one occasion when my enthusiasm outpaced my knowledge :-)

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Ok, thanks to all of you.

I built a reprap BCN3D+ last week and fixing the pololu i was able to use the printer for a long time without heating that much the motors. So i get surprise to see how hot are the motors of my UM2 during a print in ABS or PLA.

really kind of you to respond with details

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