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Has Anyone had any luck with Wireprint?

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Hi everybody!

I just tried the new version of Cura, and tried to use the new wireprint feature. Unfortunately, it crashed the Cura engine on everything I tried to slice with it (even a test cube). Has anyone gotten anything to slice with Wireprint? If so, could you send along a gcode file or a model? I'm wondering if the feature is just broken, or if I'm doing something wrong.


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Tried a simple cylinder, within a second of flagging the wire printing checkbox Cura crashes (and will not close after you choose close program on the crash dialogue...) But hey, I don't even know why it's in at all, I feel a thing like this should be rock bottom on the prio list imho.

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It crashes when Wireprint is selected, no matter which object you have loaded.

Apparently this is a "beta feature" so I am not surprised it is not working.

I found other weird things like 'saving to disk' grayed out for no reason, or just hanging after completing calculation (the text 'Calculating' stays there forever). Some options available on the old version are missing here, for instance Split an object in parts is not available. Change the view to 'Layers' takes forever to complete...

I feel the software in general slow and not precisely smooth.

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I had the same problem, Cura crashes immediately as I try to enable wire print. Despite the crash I was able to save a gcode file from it. However, when I opened the gcode file in a gcode viewer it looked bad - a layer or two of wire grid followed by what looked like incoherent lines. I'm really excited to work with wire print for numerous reasons, hope it gets sorted soon.

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Some minor bugs caused the front-end to crash every time. This is fixed now and will probably be released next week in Cura 15.06.02.

Note that the layer view cannot handle wire prints, with their loads of Z moves. While developing I used http://chilipeppr.com/tinyg for viewing the resulting gcode.

Also don't be overwhelmed by the shitload of settings for wire printing. Just use the defaults (when using an Ultimaker 2).

You can control the density/accuracy/layerheight of the net structure with the 'Wire Print Connection Height' setting.

When tweaking, start with the 'fall down' and 'drag along' settings (for 'Wire Printing Strategy' = [Compensate]).

PS: If you call CuraEngine directly via the command line there is not problem. e.g.

./build/CuraEngine -v -j ../Cura/resources/settings/fdmprinter.json -j ../Cura/resources/settings/ultimaker2.json -s wireframe_enabled=1 -o "output/test.gcode" ".../3D_models/wireFrame/angles.stl"

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