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Main Fan won't turn/stay on after PB replacement ..


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Posted (edited) · Main Fan won't turn/stay on after PB replacement ..

FINAL EDIT : This problem actually solved itself, as I ended up finding out that withthe new board I got, the electronics are wires in a different way that makes the rear fan only turn on when the nozzle if hotter than 40° ! (This is an awesome feature ! ). Thanks to anyone who took a look anyway, I'm letting this here in case someone had the same kind of issues, but if the moderators want to remove it, go ahead too

EDIT : The firmware is now updated (through the 15.02 version, couldn't manage to do it with the 16 one ..), but I still can't get the main fan back on. Anyone has some insight on which wire to check ? Any connection that could be faulty somewhere else ? Also, is it safe to print like this, or am I going to run into overheating problems real fast ? I don't want to risk damaging any other parts of the printer, but I'd like to have it up and printing again as soon as I can ...

EDIT 2 : I've checked the connectors from the fan that are inside the black mesh. Even when playing a bit with them, I can't get the fan to turn back on ... So I'm guessing the issue is somewhere on the PB or its connection (which would make sense as I didn't had that issue before ..) Anyone knows which connector I should be looking for ?

EDIT 3: I tried switching the wires from the sides fans to the rear one. The side won't turn on, so I'm guessing no power coming from the rear fan connection ... Could this be something on the PB ? (which is pretty mulch brad new :/)  Or just a cable to replace (can I cut it/pull the coating or do I need a new one ? ) Also, how safe is it for the components to run the printer without the rear fan on ? Otherwise can I run it with a side fan disabled by switching the wires ? No risk of damaging the fans with the voltage or something (I have few to no knowledge in electronics) :)

Thanks for any help you can get me !


Hi everyone,

After some issues with a faulty power cord that ended up damaging the Arduino board connection on my UM2, I've tried replacing it this morning. A bit tricky to move all the wires from a board to the other, but I got there. Everything is plugged in correctly, but not everything is working properly ...

I have two main issues at the moment :

-I've been told by the support that I should update the firmware of the board before running a new print. The printer connects to windows (I get the "new device" sound when I plug it in/out), but I can't get the printer to connect with Cura to install the new firmware. I tried with Cura 15.02 and the newest 16.01 (which looks awesome, even more frustrating not to be able to try it out !), and so far haven't been able to have Cura recognize the printer. I tried with auto port or selecting the one it connects to (COM10), activating/deactivating the port, rebooting the computer, and tried every baudrate combination available...Nothing worked so far. It either stays idle, waiting of the printer (when it's set on "auto"), or tells me that the printer wasn't found (when a specific port is selected) ....

-The "main" fan (he one behind the nozzle) won't turn on anymore ... It normally starts running as soon as the printer is on and keeps spinning as long as the printer is on, but so far it either won't turn on, or will turn on and shut off randomly ... I double checked the wires connections on the board and couldn't see anything wrong (I may be missing something though .. Not sure which connector controls this fan). From what I understood this fan is kind of a big deal as it prevents the head and electronics from overheating when printing, so for now I'm stuck with a "brand new" printer that I can't use ...

I'm unsure how "safe" it would be to use the printer as it is now (old firmware+cooling fan not running), and would definitely rather wait for everything to be back and running before trying a new print, but if anyone has some insight on how safe this is or not, let me know :)

Thanks in advance for any help you can get me, this community has already been really helpful to me in the past, hopefully it'll save me again this time :)


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