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Error on running "Could not load LUA"

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So when I try to run NetFabb it says:


Then I click ignore, when running there is a big red warning triangle on the screen next to the model and I cannot

see any icons for machine calibration or settings ?

Have emailed support at NetFabb but Im not hanging around if they takes ages to come back to me.

Running Windows XP64 Pro

Ideas ?

Calum Douglas

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So....6 days and nothing from NetFabb.

Not even a "sorry you had a problem, we will get back to you later with an answer"

In the end Ultimaker have very kindly agreed to email them for me, to accellerate the process....but

so far I have to say that considering the expenditure and I less than impressed with this service from


If you are reading this Netfabb people, right now you are off the Christmas Present list.

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well it seems you cannot get support until you submit a "ticket" on the Netfabb website...which is really

brilliant, because when the program crashes it gives you a nice info window from Netfabb...which says:

"please email support on...xxx.com" and mentions NOTHING about going to the website and submitting a ticket.

Great, 8 days later and nothing.

Way to go guys with the error window message, seriously.


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everything here in 3D worls is a bit on the move so things go missing and take longer. I had my days wating for the UM delivary (almost a month, still working with a hacked bowden/feeder until I get a corrected bowden tube ... going on 3 weeks) and vented publicly a bit (a lot). For now, it's up to us to keep things moving, part of cutting edge, but cut a bit of slack.

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as a software engineer working in the 3D measurement field I can assure you that this is very common (not supporting XP x64) That was an oddball OS and is significantly different than Vista and Windows 7 x64 versions. It is not easy to justify the work required to make an application support XP x64 properly. Things get even more complicated when you rely on system DLLs that may only appear in service pack 3 of XP (a major service pack that has really given XP the long life it has enjoyed) but there IS no service pack 3 for XP x64 :( Bad mojo all around. I'm glad you finally got your answer though!


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