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Increase in Extrusion Temperature... What next??

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Hello everyone,

I have a printrbot printer, and I want to print material that has a melting point above 300 C. I bought a micron3dp extruder to print at such temperatures, but how do I alter the firmware to accept temperatures higher than 300 C? For instance, when I enter a temperature value above 300 C, the software will immediately revert the entered value back to 300.

Any insight?

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You can set the temp up to 15 degrees lower than max temp in the Configuration.h file.  You have to make a custom Marlin build.  So if you want 310C to be the max set the max temp in the Configuration.h file to 325C and then rebuild Marlin.


Thank you for the quick reply... I am not too familiar with the process of "rebuilding" Marlin. Are there any good internet resources I should check out pertaining to this?

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I don't know where to get the source code for the version of Marlin that printrbot uses. You should contact them. It's probably on github somewhere. Once you have that you can play with Configuration.h - it's very simple - just read the file and it's full of detailed comments.

Building Marlin is a little tricky but not too bad. You have to know what kind of arduino is on the printrbot. For example the UMO has the mega2560 which at the time was the most powerful arduino you could buy but now there are more powerful ones I think and the UM2 has some newer arduino. The rest of the procedure I know how to do...

Basically you download and install arduino ide:


Then copy the sanguino software as explained in README file. Open Marlin.ino file in Arduino IDE by double clicking it (not pde file as stated in README - I think that's old). Select board as "Mega 2560" (for umo only) as explained in README file. Go to "file" "preferences" and select "verbose output" so you can find your hex file. Then build it by clicking the check box in the upper left corner. At the bottom you will see it compiling Marlin. At the end of this it says where the hex file is. If you are currently connected to your UM through USB you can just click "file" "upload" and you are done! But you should locate that hex file and save it somewhere along with the Configuration.h file used to create it so you can recreate the same version with maybe one change. Also you can upload the hex file using Cura in expert menu.

Alternatively you can build Marlin with somewhat more detailed step by step instructions the command line way (which I don't prefer):


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Thank you for the insight; this is actually very helpful!

Since you are very articulate and helpful, may I bring up one more issue? When I go to move the individual stepper motors for my printrbot, such as x,y, or z, Cura won't recognize the task. However, when I select a home position, such as x-home or y-home, Cura will respond nicely.

So, I know I do not have an issue with the motors. I am not sure though why I cannot move a particular motor. For example, if I want to simply move the z-motor, Cura will not respond.

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You should really talk to printrbot people.  Not this forum.


Or get an Ultimaker! ;););)

Seriously, this is one of the best forums, I believe, and the open source availability and usability (UM has really improved it, of late) is a very compelling selling feature of the Ultimaker. Though any 3D printer comes with a road full of bumps, I have never regretted buying an Ultimaker almost three years ago.

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