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Fan starts by itself?

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?

I have placed a tweek at layer 3 that turns of the fan.

But it did start anyway.

Also tried a second tweek at layer 20 but still I found it spinning later on.

Is there any perticular layer I must reach before i can turn of fan for rest of print?

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?

And to bring in some light ;) in the dark:

How does your tweek look like?

(maybe you can show with the line before and after the fan-line)

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?

I haven't changed anything in code.

I used the Tweak At Z plugin.

I think this is the place where the tweek is suppose to happen.

But I dont expect any problem with that really.

It's more like there is some code somewhere that turns the fan on later in the print.

What is the code for setting fan speed, can take a look myself i I know what to look for.



G1 F1800 X118.955 Y114.147 E913.69491

G0 F9000 X119.500 Y114.126

G1 F1800 X137.726 Y132.352 E914.72593

G0 F9000 X137.942 Y132.002

G1 F1800 X120.044 Y114.105 E915.73836

G0 F9000 X120.635 Y114.130

G1 F1800 X138.150 Y131.645 E916.72916

G0 F9000 X138.320 Y131.249

G1 F1800 X121.245 Y114.174 E917.69507

G0 F9000 X121.842 Y114.206

G1 F1800 X138.491 Y130.854 E918.63685

G0 F9000 X138.661 Y130.459

G1 F1800 X122.459 Y114.257 E919.55337

G0 F9000 X123.052 Y114.284

G1 F1800 X138.789 Y130.021 E920.44359

G0 F9000 X138.908 Y129.574

G1 F1800 X123.600 Y114.266 E921.30954

G0 F9000 X124.144 Y114.245

G1 F1800 X139.027 Y129.127 E922.15143

G0 F9000 X139.105 Y128.640

G1 F1800 X124.666 Y114.201 E922.96822

G0 F9000 X125.187 Y114.156

G1 F1800 X139.160 Y128.129 E923.75865

G0 F9000 X139.215 Y127.618

G1 F1800 X125.709 Y114.112 E924.52267

G0 F9000 X126.230 Y114.068

G1 F1800 X139.215 Y127.052 E925.25718

G0 F9000 X139.186 Y126.458

G1 F1800 X126.788 Y114.060 E925.95852

G0 F9000 X127.332 Y114.038

G1 F1800 X139.149 Y125.855 E926.62699

G0 F9000 X139.000 Y125.140

G1 F1800 X127.947 Y114.088 E927.25221

G0 F9000 X128.560 Y114.135

G1 F1800 X138.851 Y124.426 E927.83436

G0 F9000 X138.585 Y123.595

G1 F1800 X129.268 Y114.277 E928.36144

G0 F9000 X130.046 Y114.490

G1 F1800 X138.296 Y122.740 E928.82813

G0 F9000 X137.858 Y121.736

G1 F1800 X130.903 Y114.781 E929.22156

G0 F9000 X131.968 Y115.281

G1 F1800 X137.271 Y120.583 E929.52151


G0 F9000 X136.149 Y118.896


G1 F1800 X133.593 Y116.340 E929.66610


M106 S15

G0 F9000 X133.910 Y116.390 Z0.600

M605 S0;stores parameters before tweaking

;TweakAtZ V4.0.2: executed at Layer 3

M117 Printing... tw@L 3

M106 S0

M140 S0.000000

M104 S240.000000 T0


G1 F2100 X134.684 Y117.017 E929.70595

G1 X135.850 Y118.225 E929.77310

G1 X136.783 Y119.450 E929.83470

G1 X136.892 Y119.588 E929.84173

G1 X137.526 Y120.681 E929.89228

G1 X137.750 Y121.063 E929.90999

G1 X138.160 Y121.986 E929.95039

G1 X138.444 Y122.636 E929.97876

G1 X138.764 Y123.593 E930.01912

G1 X138.992 Y124.261 E930.04736

G1 X139.116 Y124.854 E930.07159

G1 X139.328 Y125.881 E930.11354

G1 X139.373 Y126.793 E930.15006

G1 X139.405 Y127.450 E930.17637

G1 X139.241 Y128.989 E930.23828

G1 X138.852 Y130.448 E930.29868

G1 X138.273 Y131.794 E930.35729

G1 X137.550 Y132.963 E930.41227

G1 X136.715 Y133.979 E930.46487

G1 X136.212 Y134.463 E930.49280

G1 X135.822 Y134.839 E930.51447

G1 X134.928 Y135.548 E930.56011

G1 X134.121 Y136.118 E930.59963

G1 X133.370 Y136.611 E930.63556

G1 X132.720 Y137.041 E930.66673

G1 X132.125 Y137.457 E930.69577

G1 X131.545 Y137.897 E930.72490

G1 X130.921 Y138.374 E930.75631

G1 X130.366 Y138.785 E930.78394

G1 X129.426 Y139.491 E930.83096

G1 X128.863 Y139.874 E930.85820

G1 X128.119 Y140.360 E930.89374

G1 X127.412 Y140.817 E930.92742

G1 X126.965 Y141.099 E930.94856

G1 X126.489 Y141.402 E930.97113

G1 X125.870 Y141.776 E931.00006

G1 X125.406 Y142.065 E931.02192

G1 X124.686 Y142.513 E931.05584

G1 X123.970 Y142.968 E931.08978

G1 X123.252 Y143.413 E931.12357

G1 X122.530 Y143.848 E931.15728

G1 X121.782 Y144.294 E931.19212

G1 X121.307 Y144.586 E9

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?


I googled that that M106 is fanspeed and the S value after the speed in percent.

But I rather guess that the value on S is 0-255 as that's what it seems like from the gcode.

If I look at the gcode it goes something like this.

Layer 1 S5

Layer 2 S10

Layer 3 S15

Layer 3 S0 TweekAtZ (0 with the option to keep the value for rest of print selected)

Layer 4 S20

Layer 5 S25


Layer 20 S107

Layer 20 S0 TweekAtZ (0 with the option to keep the value for rest of print selected)

Layer 21 S112


Layer 47 S255 (this is the last Fan change, probably because it has reached max speed)

Seems to me as the Tweak has no effect at all.

Fan value rises with about 5 per layer.

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?

Put 'full fan at layer' to a layer number lower than the one you want to tweak. Cura ramps up the fans by setting an increased number every layer until the max specified.

The option to keep the settings to the end in the TweakAtZ settings means it does not actively change it back. However if something else influence the fan speed, e.g. Cura itself, TweakAtZ does not care about.

If you think the behavior of the plugin should be different, please issue a feature request at Github.

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Posted · Fan starts by itself?

Ok, I undestand.

What if I disable fan in Cura.

Would I then be able to take full controll by using TweakAtZ.

As far as I can see from the gcode no M106 commands except the one from TweakAtZ exists.

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