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Printing Issue- Does not start

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Hi There I just bought a printer for my company but I cannot get the printer to even start. I printed all the loaded parts on the sd card that came factory. When I add my gcode file it shows "no information available" versus the other ones that show completing time that came already on sd card. Then I see "This file will override machine setting with setting from the slicer" when I click on the model I made to start print. After I click print nothing happens and it just freezes up.

This is how my gcode file looks at beginning......





;Layer count: 246



G0 F9000 X20.958 Y14.195 Z0.300


G1 F1200 X-24.506 Y14.195 E5.45568

G1 X-24.507 Y14.185 E5.45689

G1 X-25.048 Y14.185 E5.52181

G1 X-25.569 Y14.178 E5.58433

G1 X-26.537 Y14.055 E5.70143

G1 X-27.535 Y13.800 E5.82503

G1 X-28.494 Y13.420 E5.94882

G1 X-29.397 Y12.923 E6.07251

G1 X-30.232 Y12.317 E6.19631

G1 X-30.981 Y11.612 E6.31975

G1 X-31.611 Y10.853 E6.43811

G1 X-32.162 Y9.993 E6.56068

G1 X-32.606 Y9.067 E6.68391

G1 X-32.931 Y8.090 E6.80747

G1 X-33.131 Y7.080 E6.93102

G1 X-33.197 Y6.142 E7.04386

G1 X-33.200 Y-6.103 E8.51326

G1 X-33.154 Y-6.837 E8.60151

G1 X-33.134 Y-7.072 E8.62982

G1 X-32.957 Y-8.001 E8.74330

G1 X-32.648 Y-8.971 E8.86546

G1 X-32.217 Y-9.905 E8.98890

G1 X-31.670 Y-10.782 E9.11293

G1 X-31.017 Y-11.580 E9.23667

G1 X-30.241 Y-12.320 E9.36534

G1 X-29.397 Y-12.933 E9.49052

G1 X-28.494 Y-13.430 E9.61420

G1 X-27.535 Y-13.810 E9.73799

G1 X-26.537 Y-14.065 E9.86160

G1 X-25.515 Y-14.195 E9.98523

G1 X25.515 Y-14.195 E16.10883

G1 X26.537 Y-14.065 E16.23245

G1 X27.535 Y-13.810 E16.35606

G1 X28.494 Y-13.430 E16.47985

G1 X29.397 Y-12.933 E16.60354

G1 X30.232 Y-12.327 E16.72734

G1 X30.981 Y-11.622 E16.85077

G1 X31.611 Y-10.863 E16.96914

G1 X32.162 Y-10.003 E17.09171

G1 X32.606 Y-9.077 E17.21494

G1 X32.931 Y-8.100 E17.33850

G1 X33.131 Y-7.090 E17.46205

G1 X33.197 Y-6.151 E17.57501

G1 X33.200 Y6.094 E19.04441

G1 X33.154 Y6.827 E19.13254

G1 X33.134 Y7.062 E19.16084

G1 X32.957 Y7.991 E19.27433

G1 X32.648 Y8.961 E19.39649

G1 X32.217 Y9.895 E19.51993

G1 X31.670 Y10.772 E19.64396

G1 X31.017 Y11.570 E19.76770

G1 X30.241 Y12.310 E19.89637

G1 X29.397 Y12.923 E20.02154

G1 X28.494 Y13.420 E20.14523

G1 X27.535 Y13.800 E20.26902

G1 X26.537 Y14.055 E20.39263

G1 X25.515 Y14.185 E20.51625

G1 X21.658 Y14.185 E20.97909

G1 X20.958 Y14.195 E21.06310


G0 F9000 X20.925 Y10.395



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gcode looks fine. Is this the file copied from the SD card? I'm thinking maybe you pulled the SD card out of your computer before it finished copying? maybe you should backup the SD card and reformat it.

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I already reformatted it and same thing happens. I bought 2 more sd cards and I have the same issue. Sucks that customer service responds once a day :/

Kind of frustrated now with my boss forking up the budget to buy one and not being able to print my 3d models.

I've done factory reset multiple times but I think somehow something might be wrong with software? All I have done when I opened and set up was do the platform calibration and that's it. Not sure if I had to do anything else. By the way I am using windows 7 if that makes any difference?

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Then I see "This file will override machine setting with setting from the slicer" when I click on the model I made to start print. After I click print nothing happens and it just freezes up.

Well that right there is very messed up.  The first line of code that mentions "ultigcode" is somehow not being read by the printer.  Did you say you were able to print other things on the SD card?  This is very very strange.  Yet you were able to locate your print job on the SD card, right?  did you use the SD card that came with the printer or a different type?  I don't think the arduino chip can read just any SD card.  You should stick with the one that came with the machine.

Maybe there is a loose cable.  There are 2 ribbon cables that go from the main PCB to the display PCB.  I would re-seat those.  Start by removing the bottom cover.  There are just 2 screws holding that in.  Locate the 2 ribbon cables and fiddle with them a bit.  Next remove the smaller cover underneath and then take the display out (it's tricky don't force anything - I forget how to do it but I remember it confused me for 10 minutes) and reseat those cables.  The whole thing comes apart without much force and only using 2mm hex wrenches.

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