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New Cura, Overriding settings !?

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I generate a file from Cura 15.06.01 to a SD card.

Then I open the file in my UM2 and get the following warning: "This file will override machine setting with setting from the slicer". If I ignore the warning and continue, it starts printing right away, but temperatures are set to zero, and the head starts moving in the XY plane without moving the build platform up!.

The same STL file works well when I use it under the old Cura software.

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;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine DEV



G0 F9000 X87.493 Y71.263 Z0.299

G0 X90.218 Y69.590


G1 F900 X91.692 Y69.478 E0.17680


G1 F3000 X92.503 Y101.554 E4130.59734



G0 F9000 X92.503 Y101.554 Z23.000

M104 S0

M140 S0

;Retract the filament

G92 E1

G1 E-1 F300

G28 X0 Y0


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