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sliced with Slic3r, new belt tensioners and printing at 350

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sliced with Slic3r, new belt tensioners and printing at 350

ok i had a small model of a stair case today that i need printed.

using cura, the gcode was giving me negative space from my 3d model.

so for fun i ran the same model through Slic3r direct.

created the gcode and found that the software had taken my model as simple and clean, giving me no negative space.

then being irish, i added my new belt tighteners to my office printer and started printing.

i also have to note, i am testing some pearly white from fabadashery.

every thing was going good, so on the ulti controller i slowly hicked up the print speed and also the flow.

at the moment the printer is printing steady with very clean results at.

speed 350

fan 150

flow 225

temp 230

Ian :D

ps. above is the office printer, i still have to work out the problems with my steppers this evening after work (home baby) :-)

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really cool.

third attempt and produced my stair case in 15 minutes with a speed of 353.

absolute 100% smooth perfect sides and no problems with lack of material or too much pressure.

the only small problem is, when it prints the balkony in the middle of the stair case, the infill is not covering it brilliantly.

but my first time printing at 350 speeds and producing perfect models with ultimaker !!!! :D:D:D

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ok im printing with perfect walls in my office at the moment.

the speed control stops at 400.... :(

if i can print at full speed with great quality, how can i make my ultimaker go faster ?

the printer is just asking me to push it a little more.

why print a nice big model in 10 hours, why not 3 ??

any ideas guys.

Ian :)

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ok im printing a big model, alsmot the full size of the print bed, blue ultimaker PLA 3mm.

fan 120

temp 240

speed 400

and after a gentle start from 80 to now printing 400, each layer is coming down beautifully.

also because im now running at full ultimaker speed with sharp results, the bridging between points is a lot better.

my next question is, how can i make my ultimaker go faster ?

I can really feel pla with the right temp and of course the right flow rate, can print... faster.... maybe ?? even twice so fast as 400... so a nice 800... im not 100% sure the motors could do it ?

how fast could the motors run compared to the limitation of 400 :-(

and is it possible to get a cracked version of the firmware to make this accleration possible ?

best wishes.

Ian :D

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I have it open and see Max acceleration rate at 9000 ?

Im not sure what the relationship between my 400 and this 9000 ?

Is there a idiots guide to how to apply the new firmware to the ultimaker ?

I am very curous to see how fast i can get my ultimaker running.. :-)

I think these are the maximum values that are hardcoded(?) into the firmware, IF you use the firmware the builder makes. I don't know if these can be overriden in software or not - but i reckon it to be a good idea, to set the values high if you want to be sure, that the firmware is not limiting you at _that_ point.

Applying is suprisingly easy - you get a .zip file which you unpack. There you will find a Batch-file - just click on it, enter the COM-Port of the Ultimaker (e.g. COM12) and then it flashes the firmware.

Did this just recently (also for the first time) and it went without any problems. Just check that you know the Comport and that you don't have any application using the Ultimaker at the time of flashing the firmware.

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