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Using ColorFabb filament and struggling to get adhesive to bed as opposed to hot end

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Using colorfabbs red and white PLA variants I'm struggling to get even the first layer to stick to the bed, it seems to want to follow the hot end and drag along until eventually it clogs and then gets deposited elsewhere on the bed. I've increased the temperature to 225 degrees on the nozzle, and 75 degrees on the bed, and that seems to have helped some but the problem remains (particularly the first layer - the brim I have to sacrifice all to often) and I can't help but imagine there must be a problem as I was printing at default settings previously fine.

I've re-seated and cleaned out the filament feeder, used the atomic method to clean the hot end, and tried so many failed prints I'm close to binning it.

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You might be overextruding. Colorfab colors and quality it's ok but more than one roll here had 1.76-1.72 variance. In you case being 2.85 it might be 2.90 etc. Pick a caliper and check the filament on sifferent places to be sure and adjust the filament size. I think on um2 it's on advanced settings? No idea, on my umo+ I change it in the slicer.

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