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Manually lower build plate?


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Posted · Manually lower build plate?

Hi all! 1st post. I had a print going while I was out yesterday and came back to find the print nozzle had snagged a piece of the print and created a plug that was forcing the hot filament upwards around the print head assembly. It happened early on in the print so by the time I got back there was a fat glob of hot ABS filling most of the inside of the fan shroud, right back around the heat and temp probe wiring. This morning was spent carefully heating the disassembled print head so I could cut away the plastic glob. The plastic around the temp probe wiring had melted but overall everything seems to have come through ok but the nozzle had to come off to be cleaned, or, possibly replaced.

My issue then was the ABS was holding both the heat and temp probe firmly in the nozzle block. Again I carefully heated the head incrementally higher and tried for an hour or so to wiggle the probes loose. I then tried wiping an ear bud dipped in acetone around the seam of each hole. This finally got the heat probe loose, however it's cable crimp broke (I've not been able to test if it still works yet) and its not perfectly round anymore so won't slide into the replacement nozzle that came with the printer.

The main issue, though, is the top of the temp probe finally broke off inside the nozzle at which point the fail safes kicked in and the printer will only display the "temp probe error, visit Ultimaker.com". This is an issue as I can't access the menu to raise the build plate so I can access the screws to the housing underneath to plug in the new temp probe.

Is there a way to manually raise the build plate or override the error message so I can access screws beneath?



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