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Help Me Please..

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My Name is Fredhi, I'm from Indonesia.

I want to ask about if I want to print my product, I has a Problem.

My produt would not stick to the glass board.

Can anybody to help me?

Sorry if anybody not understand with my message, cos I can't speak english well.

Thank You.

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Hi Fredhi,

Welcome to the forum :)

First thing to check is the level of the build plate.

Yout first layer must be squished on the platform. If the first layer doesn't stick well and the layers are "rounded" then your buildplate is to low.

If the first layer is almost transparent then it's to high.

What printer do you have? Assuming you have an Ultimaker 2 you can fine tune the level of the plate during the print of the first layer (best when printing the brim or the skirt).

You can also apply the some glue that was sent with the printer. Put some on the glass and apply it smoothly on the glass with a slightly wet cloth.

Maybe some pictures could help, and tell us what material and settings you are using!

I hope you understand everything i write :)

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Thank You Mr Didier Klein For Your Attention.:)

My Printer Is Ultimaker 2.

I've done all the procedures from Ultimaker but the result remains the same.

and now I fell so confused haaa....

But your explain to me so after I apply the some glue and then I also apply smoothly on the glass with a slightly wet cloth, and I want to try your suggestion. Mr Didier Klein, I use

Cloth with warm water or cold?

Thank You Very Much

You've taken the time to help me


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What should I do?

There should be to setting in the Printer?

I was try to setting Speed till 80%, The print quality is a high quality. and then temperature at the plate is 95 C.

You have other settings? can you share with me?

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Haa... :D:D:D

I Was to try with My Ultimaker Setting but the result is same.

and now I try printing with PLA material and Binggo is so Good result Haa..... :D:D:D

But I'm Curious about ABS, why is very difficult to the setting??

Anybody to share the experience with ABS to me? haaa....

This is the result when I used PLA material.


Thank you very much for Mr. SandervG and Mr. DidierKlein



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Problem with ABS is that it will retract a lot, that's why it's difficult to print. Personnaly i don't print ABS because of this and also because it smells bad (only print in a well ventilated room).

I prefer to use XT filaments from Colorfabb for prints that require strength

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Yes XT is a type of material. XT, PET and CPE are all very similar.

Ultimaker supply CPE

If you try to bend PLA it will break but you can bend XT a lot more before it will break.

It also has a higher Glass transition temp which means that you prints can withstand higher temps. if you leave it in a hot car it wont warp.

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ABS is more difficult to print than PLA. They are almost opposite materials where PLA likes to be cold ABS likes to be warm. My advise use PLA to start with, as you noticed...

Use colorfabb XT if you need more temperature resistant parts. Only after that think about ABS.

I print ABS with 260 degrees (this is hot it will deform your teflon part in half a roll of ABS, my observation and that is why I use a E3D full metal hotend) and my bed at 110 and a good glue stick or ABS slurry. And always use a brim for ABS. Also note ABS shrinks so it can wrap and pull off the bed. So when you have been able to keep ABS stick to the bed getting it off can cause issues again. I once chipped my glass pretty badly when the ABS cooled off.

Keeping ABS warm in a covered machine also helps fighting wrapping, but you have to be careful with your stepper motors to run it covered.

So all in all don't start with ABS but start with PLA to build some experience, and then you can use ABS.

ABS is a nice material if you need to post process it. Although with PLA you can also do a lot just remember to keep it cold (I sand it or file it).

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XT is not as easy to print as PLA.

It's more prone to Stringing and layer adhesions issues. Can have some warping but not to bad

It similar properties as ABS but no smell, it's also meant to be food safe and recyclable.

there are many debates about what is hazardous to health and environmentally friendly with all filaments.

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