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Cura 15.10 Open Beta

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Posted (edited) · Cura 15.10 Open Beta

So I tested Horizontal Expansion.

With a value of -0.2 I can get very accurate holes, unfortunately it doesn't stop there.

It also resizes all the walls (even external ones!) too :(

I also noticed the infill doesn't seem to be resized so it's going over the edges (internally and externally).

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Posted · Cura 15.10 Open Beta

Would it be possible to offset the diameter of internal holes?

It's a very common issue with all slicers, they tend to print smaller for various reasons.



In my experience, offsets to internal hole diameters to get them to print accurately are variable with smaller holes requiring a larger offset. I have only been able to get them accurate by trial and error. on a 3mm hole, I might offset that ~.75mm larger. On a 25mm hole, the offset may only be ~.2mm. At some larger size I assume no offset would be required. It may not be a linear function. I doubt that the offsets built into a slicer are smart enough to achieve this. You would need to develop a scale for each different material (roll?)

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Posted · Cura 15.10 Open Beta

Stepped brim? Do you happen to have an image / picture that explains this better?


Kisslicer supports both a width and height input for brims. The best anti-warp / stress mitigation brim is not one layer. Rather, it is a a few or several layers with the width of the brim decreasing with height. Hence, from the build surface to the part, steps are built up the side of the part.

The free (as in beer) version of Kisslicer is available for download so it's probably best to just inspect the results of various settings there:


For me, this is a critical feature for printing warp prone materials (nylon, and PC). Without it, I must design a similar structure into my solid models. I view ANY separation of the part from the build surface as a print failure. (It causes dimensional errors in the base as well as above the base, due to the resulting overextrusion from the lifting of the part.)

BTW, Kisslicer dev, Jonathan, is resuming work on the program and plans to do a release soon, according to what he posted recently on the Kisslicer forum.

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Posted · Cura 15.10 Open Beta


I think he's talking about a brim with multiple layers.


I think in kisslicer the brim become smaller on the upper layers as well, i.e. fillet.


Yes--steps are essential. Without the steps, you can end up with a net "minus" by inducing even more cooling stress into the part by making the brim thicker!

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