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which firmware to use for an update

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as there were recently some issues with the firmware if I am not mistaken.

is it currently save to update the firmware (have not done if for a year or two)?

if so which way is the best?

cura, GitHub zalm or GitHub Ultimaker, GitHub Daid or robot fuzz?

I have an OMU, dual extrusion, self build heated bed old electronics 1.5.3 .

any advice would be great,

thanks in advance.

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@amedee and @gr5

great thanks I think I will go with amedees as I have a standard 100k thermistor with 4.7 pull-up so this should work and the marlin is a bit more recent than the one on robot fuzz builders. I let you know how it went.


This builder is also easy to use.  It has a somewhat older version of Marlin though but it has more choices for temp sensors and such I believe than Amedee's.  If Amedee has the temp sensor you have then definitely go with his.



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thanks for your builder works like a charm. Only one question. In my last firmware the beeping sound at my ulticontroller was much more pleasant than with the new firmware. Can you tell me where this in the configuration file might be as I think I have to reupload the latest firmware (building it from scratch) or would it be possible to add a switch to your firmware builder.

That would be great. Thanks again.

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This is interesting...

It is not the first time somebody is 'complaining' about the sound, but I never touched it, this part is exactly the same as the original Ultimaker one and it sounds like it always sounded on my UMOs since I have them :)

I need to check if Daid changed something at some point in time to see if I can make something configurable...

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No, it is not that one. AFAIK we don't have LCD_USE_I2C_BUZZER on the UltiController...

Interestingly enough, Daid implemented a configurable beep (See this commit), but I see no evidence that these parameters were ever used...

The only other evidence I see from a change is this commit where we go from 150 to 5000Hz...

Need to experiment a bit with all that...

[Edit] Actually this last commit is probably the explanation. The standard Ultimaker builds (and mine) are with the 150Hz -- delay(3) -- beeps while the Robotfuzz one uses 5000Hz -- delayMicroseconds(100).

So when people move from the one to the other they get a different beep experience ;)

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Here is a short video comparing the 'Ultimaker' beep with the 'Marlin' one;


The sound quality of the video is not very good, but there is definitely a difference, the 'Marlin' one sounds more like a keyboard click...

@greengecko can you confirm this is what you were referring to or is there another beep?


hi @amedee yes this is exactly the sound I prefer a short keyboard click and yes the "old" sound is longer and to my liking a bit annoying.

if possible you could let the user decide on the duration with a short explanation and a suitable default. though I would assume everyone would go for the short more pleasant version anyway.

but that is maybe only me and my strange taste...

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@greengecko for now I have update the builder with a simple choice: Marlin or Ultimaker beep. If really needed I can make a more complex choice, but I try to keep the builder as simple as possible for the users.

Incidentally I also fixed a bug in Daid's configurable beep -- the loop counter was wrong due to integer arithmetic.

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