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Ramps 1.4

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Posted (edited) · Ramps 1.4


I am  undergraduate student and i am new to 3d printers. I decided to build up my own Ultimaker original but i am confused about using Ramps 1.4 shield or using Ultimaker controller 1.5.7 because i can't find any documentation on how to make Ultimaker with Ramps 1.4 or what do i need to change in the connection or the firmware (marlin) to make it compatible with Ultimaker software (cura) especially i heard that ReplicatorG isn't supported anymore by Ultimaker.

So can someone explain to me what do i need to change in order to make it compatible??

And if i made an upgrade like making it with double extrudrer will it be easy to add this ? because when i installed cura software to try the wizard asks to upgrade to the latest marlin firmware and the firmware is in hex files so i can't edit the hex files.

Is it easy to do this or as a beginner i should buy Ultimaker controller 1.5.7 and later i make another one with Ramps 1.4?

Also i can't find any source to explain what are the main components i need , every time i search i find a lot of add ons like: thermo couple board , heating bed without finding what are the basics do i need exactly to make it work and then i upgrade it ..

Thanks in advance

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    Posted (edited) · Ramps 1.4

    Hello Mahmoud,

    Problem is not the simplicity of your question. It's the complexity of it, and also because it seems you have some misconceptions that needs to be addressed. But fear not :)

    Controller 1

    I'll strongly recommend using an Arduino + Ramps combination over the UM build. Partly because of the price, but mostly because you do not get locked down when going the Arduino way, and you can use the board for other projects later on.

    The UM2 controller board is based on arduino + something and is just their own package of the same with some added features.

    I'll bet it's easier to start out with Arduino + Ramps as it has much more info on it.. that said, you CAN find preconfigured Firmware for UM2 board https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2Marlin - if you go this route, you learn "nothing" though. But that can be ok if it is what you want.

    Controller 2

    You might even look at Rambo boards or similar, which are combined and extended arduino+"ramps", but lets say you go for the "Arduino Mega 2560 r3 + Ramps 1.4 road"

    Firmware Marlin

    Then you need the Marlin firmware, found on Github: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin you really only (mostly) need to edit just 1 file in there: "Configuration.h" you might want to change some info in the "Configuration_adv.h" and maybe pins file... but you can simply read through all the files. Some are just code, skip those, but others are filled with usefull comments.

    Mostly I just searched/googled if I needed to add some feature, to figure out where I needed to make some change (if it wasn't in the 2 standard files)

    Arduino IDE

    You use the Arduino IDE program to open the Marlin firmware files, which are really just a bunch of files. Each called a "sketch". You use the program to modify the firmware files, meaning you change parameters to match your build.

    Then you press upload and the Arduino IDE is going to Compile it and upload it to your device.


    Firmware HEX file

    That is just a precompiled firmware file, which you can upload using Cura.


    Cura is not a program you are using to setup/configure your printer in any way at all.

    Cura is a Slizer program, which means it opens the 3D object file, usually an STL, and slizes it into layers with information on print-speed, temperature etc, and outputs a .gcode file, which your printer uses to figure out how to move to print the object..

    Understanding all the parts of a 3D printer:

    That is the real challenge now :)You could read the instructable I made a while ago Complete newbie step by step, 3D printer with all parts lists and use Google a lot. My instructable has nothing to do with ultimaker, but then again, I've tried to cover all parts of a 3D printer and Ramps in detail, and should prove usefull in those aspects.

    What clone to build? I'm currently building the extremely cool clone Aluminum Extrusion (2020) UM2 Printer - which you might want to take a look at. - The most info for doing that project can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271 (not firmware wise though)

    I recieve notifications on this thread, so/and please ask if there's anything :)I can put the firmware somewhere as I'm just finishing it up

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    I am also building the aluminum version. I have the ramps 1.4 board with lcd display. I am curious if I could install the um2+ firmware on a tweak of it. It would be nice to have the same display and settings as the original.

    I am still awaiting my parts to arrive so I can not test the above. I would like after the build is going to upgrade to a oled display as is done here.



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