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How to buy an Ultimaker 2 in Austria/Vienna? – Wie kaufe ich einen Ultimaker 2 in Österreich/Wien?

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Of course the question above has to be precised: is there – apart from the one distributor suggested on the UM-Website – a reliable company where I can


buy a new Ultimaker 2 in Austria

and, even more important,


that will properly fulfill any warranty claims, should they arise?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @xxxprod!

I ordered my UM2 at the begin of September and it was delivered just a few days later. Yes, this part of the deal was perfect. Unfortunately my brand new printer was not able to print larger (< 3 hours) models due to the "shifted-layers-problem", so I I had to contact their support. This was so remarkably unsatisfactory that I maybe will report my experiences to the community within the next days in detail. The short version: they were not able or willing to repair or exchange my new UM2 – after two weeks they told me "... wir davon ausgehen, dass auch ein neues Gerät nicht ihren Anforderungen entsprechen wird ..." and decided to cancel the contract.

Hey, I just wanted to make prints with a new UM2 I payed for?!

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No, I tried http://support.3dverkstan.se/article/23-a-visual-ultimaker-troubleshooting-guide#shifted instead, as it was an UM2 and Ultimaker recommends these routines.

But the point is: I want to print and not play with my printer – that's why I decided to buy the UM2, the assembled ready-to-print unit. I owned the UMO since 2012/06, assembled the kit, upgraded, tinkered, researched and posted in forums, and: sometimes printed models with it. I wanted to spin this ratio and was accepting to pay for it. But I can't see a reason, why I should disassemble a factory-new UM2 after unboxing it, before having been able to finish the first serious print. That's why I asked the support of the named distributor for help – they did not solve my problem. I really do hope that you will have more luck!

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Hello Agis,

I just noticed your post right now – so sorry for the delay. No, I have not solved it, as during searching for a reliable distributor I also began to think (again) about alternatives to the UM2. Especially I am (also) interested in the LulzBot TAZ 5, but have not found a decision by now.

So while I am waiting, maybe the UM3 oder the TAZ 6 will be released ...

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Go to 3dhubs.com and put in an order for a small test print from a hub and specify an ultimaker2+ and ask to if you can pick it up in person so you can see the printer and talk to the owner.  You should be able to do all this for 10€ if you pick something small.  At 3dhubs you put in your city and you specify ultimaker and it locates the nearest hubs with that printer for you.

The quality from the 2+ is pretty much the same as the UM2 and UMO so you should consider picking one of those as a second choice if it's a more convenient location.

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