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UM2 Intermittent Underextrusion

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Posted (edited) · UM2 Intermittent Underextrusion


Sorry for the rather generic title but I really couldn't think what else to put this under.

I am having some issues printing with a UM2, and I am looking for ideas to get things going again, as I am really at a loss.

So I have a UM2 that seems to under-extrude intermittently during a print, this very rarely happens on the first layer, but will pretty much occur on every other layer, no matter what size print.  Bit of background to hopefully help:

Material: PLA (never used anything but PLA)

Materials: Seen with both ColorFabb (black and white) and Faberdashery (grey, new)

Atomics: I have done a number of atomics, last time 5 in a row and the filament was coming out very cleanly

Temps: Seen at all temps from 200 to 230, tried all the way between these at 5 increments

Speed: Seen from 30mm/s upwards, I have not tried slower

Layer height: Seen from 0.1mm upwards, I have not tried lower than 0.1mm

Feeder: Is not grinding or jumping back

I have very good first layer adhesion, and have adjusted the bed up and down in small increments, and the results are the same.  Until I go too far and get a failed first layer.  The printer has printed OK in the past, no setting have been changed on the printer.  I have printed about 3 spools in total, all PLA.  I have had good prints from the ColorFabb in the past, but now these will not print correctly either.  I just purchased a spool of Faberdashery to see if it was material related but I get the same results with this too.

I have even tried printing a model that printed OK previously using the same GCode and filament and this also fails.

Its hard to get a good picture of but I have put one on to see if it helps anyone.  I will get others as needed etc.  I have printed the test print and this is OK from 3mm/s up to around 7mm/s then 8mm/s is a bit of a fail, 9mm/s and 10mm/s are OK ish.  

All and any ideas appreciated.






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Posted · UM2 Intermittent Underextrusion


do you have some more picture which display your under extrusion?

On the prints you have displayed I can see some room for improvement, but I wouldn't necessary relate them to under extrusion.

Looks like the small key chain has some retraction issues, and the top layer seems to be something wrong with it. How big is the entire thing?

On the cup it actually looks pretty OK, except for the back.

Was that an incident or do you have delamination every time?

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Posted · UM2 Intermittent Underextrusion

Thanks for the reply, I will try to get better pictures. I do have to admit these are not the best ones! Been getting a little annoyed and just been binning the failed prints, these have been quite a few recently.

I will print something a little larger to make it more obvious and will update a bit later on.

Sorry for the slow reply I missed the update.

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