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Temperature fluctuations - UM2

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So I decided to setup a dedicated E3Dv6 machine to play with higher temperature filaments (took down the magnetic dual extrusion setup for it for now...)

Its a E3Dv6, with a 25 watt E3D heater and the standard Ultimaker2 PT100.

Just did a first test print it it prints ok (non off the issues I had when trying the E3Dv6 with PLA..)

When I print at 255 Celsius, the temperature fluctuates between 249 and 259.

Any idea how to stabilize the temperature better ?



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Hoi Arjan,

Did you tune the PID or not. SInce the mass of the warm part is much lower the PID needs some tuning. I don't know how I did it last time but I see there is a gcode command for it like M303 see


Run this from Pronterface and you get the values back in the terminal output.

My values are Kp=18.79 Ki=1.34 Kd=65.87 I build them into my marlin build.

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Did the M303 auto PID (used simplify 3d and not proterface, but thats not to relevant..)

I gave a T1 first as the E3Dv6 is the 2th heater, but during auto PIDS the 1st heater (also) heated up. So I'm not to sure the values retrieved are correct.

To validate (and I wanted to do it anyhow) I'll remove the 1st UM2 head and use the E3Dv6 as only and first head, then do the auto PID again to see if the first results where ok...

Will share results later...

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Changed the printer today to have the E3Dv6 as first and only head.

Installed tinker 15.06, ran the auto PID (default, so at 150c I learned later)

first result was

#define DEFAULT_Kp 48.19

#define DEFAULT_Ki 7.23

#define DEFAULT_Kd 80.35

When printing (250/100, closed printer) the temp still fluctuated between 243-254 at the start of the print, getting better after about 5 layers, to 247-252 celsius.

In a attempt to get it even better I did another auto PID, this time with the enclosed printer still hot and auto PID at 250 target temperature (M303 S250).


RECEIVED : Kp: 30.80

RECEIVED : Ki: 2.59

RECEIVED : Kd: 91.72

Just did a test print, but the results are about the same, still fluctuates between 247 - 252 celsius.

I ordered a 40 Watt heater at E3D, so I'll see in a few days if this will have a positive effect.

b.t.w. the setup is the E3Dv6, 3mm bowden, with the pt100 block

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@sandervG, see above.... bit annoying these auto emoticon settings ..... maybe program them in a way that they only work when there's a space before the intended emoticon ??


Good point, I'll pass it on.

(I added a space between the 2 symbols so the message makes more sense).

By the way also saw the preview of edit doesn't work.

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If the heater is at its maximum temperature then you might be right going to a 40W heater. I have one too. You can see if you are the maximum if you would be able to visualize the electrical signal on the heater but you need a oscilloscope for that. Don't know if you have one.

Actually I don't know how much fluctuation I have. Have nothing to print at the moment too busy on other projects...

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Installed the 40 Watt heater and it had a positive impact. Roughly the first 5 layers still fluctuate, but a bit less (247-253 while set at 250), after that it stays nice and stable at 249-250.

I did notice that with the 25 watt heater things improved a bit with more fan. 100% was more stable than 30, but for mechanical strong parts you don't use 100% ....

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